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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  May 28, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, may 28. here's what's happening. >> philadelphia police say three men were arguing and someone pulled out a gun and tried to end things. swiping scooters surveillance videos shows thieves targeting two wheelers in philadelphia. >> another warm and humid day could give way to showers and thunderstorms. >> let's get the details on that, david murphy is off and karen rogers has accuweather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning it doesn't feel too bad but it's sticky. the showers we had yesterday didn't break the warm and humid conditions we have. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're basically dry. we have one cell we've been tracking. it's heading near reading. be careful about a quick
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downpour right there. other than that most of the storms will occur later on. they will be spotty in nature. visibility is an issue. we're stuck with low clouds, the 2.5 in lancaster. thinks have improved in reading. 5 miles in allentown. 7 miles at philadelphia international. check as you're flying out. the temperature 71. it's very warm once again today feeling sticky. the dewpoint in the upper 60s that means it's humid. high 88 degrees, tempts a good ten degrees above average. 9:00 a.m., 77. noon # -- 84. # p.m., 87. after that we're expecting showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk about the area that's most likely to see them in the seven-day forecast in just a moment. >> reporter: sounds like a toasty day for sure. we have a problem to start off the early morning ride in washington township.
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it's the continued closure of route 42. black horse pike portion because of a bad accident that happened between watson drive and frys mills road. all lanes shut down in both directions. the vehicle ran into a pole. a person was injured and emergency crews are still out there. you want to stay far away. use frys mills or johnson road road as alternates around the black horse pike. we're watching a crash in the northbound lanes of new jersey turnpike approaching 7a for 195. one lane is blocked. our good buddy ben, betsy ross bridge, traffic if you're coming in from camden, traffic is moving well. the pedestrian tunnel closed through early july because of work. use the 6th street tunnel instead. schuylkill expressway near
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university avenue looking good, just up ahead at 34th and grays ferry. traffic lights are not working quite right. they are not out but they are flashing yellow. could see delays on 34th street and grays ferry. thank you matt. new this morning an argument between three men ended with a one shot in the arm. this happened in the mayfair section of philadelphia. a man was arguing with two other men when someone pulled out a gun and opened fire. the victim ran to a nearby 7-eleven store. he is in stable condition. police are interviewing witnesses. service on the septa paoli thorndale line is up and running after being shut down after a person was hit by a train near the devon station. authorities have not identified the victim or said why they were on the tracks. scooters are a popular way
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to get around philadelphia and it didn't take long for thieves to start capitalizing. eva pilgrim has the full story. >> reporter: matt, it's not unusual to see scooters an motorcycles parked in spots like this around the city. they are a popular mode of transportation and popular target. a new surveillance video shows how bold the thieves are. >> they are popular. i can get back and forth in ten minutes. >> reporter: motorcycle hims and scooters have been disappearing off the streets in south philadelphia and center city at an alarming rate over the past two months. this map shows it where it's happening. >> reporter: since april 1 we've had 19 scooters or motorcycles stolen in primarily south philadelphia. two have been stolen in center city. >> it makes me think twice when i park it. i actually do have a garage, so
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i'm fortunate that overnight it's not at risk. >> reporter: most of the bikes stolen have been lost. but the theives cut the weak locks or left them up. philadelphia scooters said that's what happened to this one. >> they picked it up over the pole, the bike weighs 200 pounds they put it in a van and off they go. >> if the bikes are out there they are not secure these groups will take advantage. you need to secure the bikes. >> reporter: 8 of the stolen scooters have been found in camden stripped or beat up beyond repair. if you know anything about the thefts, call philadelphia police. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. the son of allentown's police chief is on trial he is charged with pointing a gun at officers. the dramatic confrontation was
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captured on cell phone video against christopher fitzgerald while his girlfriend and one-year-old son were in the car. >> lay down! lay down! >> authorities say fitzgerald thought a car was tailgating him and pulled over and pointed a gun at them. inside the unmarked vehicle were two detectives. his attorney said he had fear for his life and was worried about somebody targeting him because of his job as a corrections officer and his connection to law enforce. >> internal revenue service was repeated warned about computer security risks before the recent cyber attack. there's one report that said
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computer security was problematic for the internal revenue service since 1997. news comes after hackers stole personal data of 100,000 people. used car prices for smaller models and minivans are falling. prices are down 1 point 2%. minivans were down 2%. stocks rebounded with tech shares leading the nasdaq to a new record. futures are pointing to a lower open. americans are more optimistic about their income this year. 29% of people polled said they expect to make more this year. retirement as is an issue many said they have no retirement saves or pension. >> i wish it was so easy to print money.
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>> and go to jail. >> bad for inflation i guess. >> reporter: probably would be bad. anyway let's check the forecast for storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that we are basically dry through the region we're watching this one little cell i have a close up view with double scan. we can watch over the past 15 minutes, it lost a lot of its punch. a little shower about to hit 422. earlier it's all those shades of red, not happening right now. just a little shower near reading. let's go outside lots of clouds. i was telling you about the low cloud cover that we have. some of the visibility reduced in the area. temple university camera showing the sky cover. 70 in wilmington, 70 in millville. it's warm and muggy. you can see the temperatures rise quickly though, when we get
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the sunshine. 8:00 a.m., 76 mostly cloudy, 1 1:00 a.m., 81. 2:00 p.m., 86 degrees, 5:00 p.m. 85 coming down from a high of 88. this afternoon and evening we'll have a chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm. let's take a look at satellite and radar, you can see yes we've got lots of clouds around, the bulk of the showers we're seeing are well up to the north an not affecting us. here's the one little guy impacting us near reading. lots of clouds and chance of shower or thunderstorm. 3:00 p.m., maybe a couple of showers in a few spots. it's later on tonight it develops a little more and the best chance for a thunderstorm would be areas south and east of i-95. you can see that right here. this is a look at 9:30 tonight. much-needed rain we're getting at least a shot of it. clears on out tonight. it makes a difference in the weather. it will be less humid later on tonight. in the lehigh valley you'll have a spotty shower or thunderstorm
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around this afternoon. it's warm and humid 87. if you're down by the shore you have a better chance for a more enhanced thunderstorm later on tonight. the storms at the shore would be late and warm and humid and 76. let's take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the it's warm just a few shorts and ts, not everybody is going to see them today. 8 # degrees for the high. it's a bit less humid 85 degrees for the high tomorrow. saturday, warm breezy, muggy 88. temperatures up there again. sunday we've got showers and thunderstorms around a high of just 78 degrees, so rather wet. monday it may start off wet look at the dramatic change in temperatures. 65, can a -- can a -- canadian high pressure. tuesday, 70. wednesday, warm, 76. once we turn the calendar to june we anticipated summer and
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it gets warmer. >> 6:11. more stories you didn't see last night. including the disturbing connection between dating apps and rise in stds. if you heard a rumor that steven tyler is coming to town, police say it's just a scam. >> reporter: looking at dekalb pike, traffic moving fine through the intersection. we'll check south jersey and chester county after the break. >> apple is working on a computer glitch that allows someone else to shut down your iphone. that's next in tech bytes.
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>> pretty pretty good morning you're taking a live look the skies above atlantic city. 6:14, a hot and humid morning already. 71 degrees, we'll get up to 88. someplaces will see showers today. matt, what's the problem on the big board. >> reporter: i have an improving situation, believe it or not things have reopened along 43, the black horse pike portion the turnersville area, traffic getting by the earlier accident scene. go ahead and use the black horse
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pike you can get by. in berlin, though, you're not getting bien ramp the one -- getting by on the ramp, westbound to haddon satisfy. get to walker and to haddon avenue. we're watching a crash on the new jersey turnpike, northbound side 7a for 195. blocking one lane in the inner drive. speeds not impacted at this point. in pottstown don't forget you you cannot get on 724 to 422 you'll have to use the 100 interchange with 422. expect construction in chester springs. in about an hour they will close yellow spring roads between elbow lane and bodine road.
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camera time in chester county. here in the exton area, the 30 bypass approaching route 100 they are working on the sinkhole in the eastbound lanes. during the midday we'll see delays, you about no delays at this point. >> there was no delay with catching up to this guy. a man took police in fort worth texas on a long and slow chase for two hours. at one point he was driving 5 miles per hour. police crashed into the car that disabled it. the suspect climbed out the window and was taken into custody. a psychiatrist is expected to testify in the case of the deadly shooting in aurora, colorado. neangs -- nancy young was at the theater with her boyfriend who pushed her to the ground while covering her body with his own. >> he pushed me down behind the
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seats in front of us, he said we have to get down and stay down. her boyfriend was among the 12 killed in the attack. superiors say the notebook was released yesterday that contains detailed plans of the attack which they say is evidence that holmes was sane at the time of the killings. apple has discovered an iphone glitch that will allow it to be shut down remotely. >> apple has confirmed that a bug in its imessage app has caused devices to crash. >> the company plans to correct the problem with a software update. >> social media leads to a rise in std. >> hiv rates rising 35% over the last two years other
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diseases up 80%. >> a new study predicts that within five years video will making up a whopping of all content online. >> it's all about the video. >> it makes sense we're going in this direction. >> those are your tech bytes have a great day. >> if you're hoping to see aerosmith this weekend dream on. police come together to uncover a crazy rumor that has rock fans crying. >> reporter: we have 2.5-mile visibility. 7 miles at philadelphia international. we'll see if there are any delays at the airport coming up.
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>> two big jackpots are up for grabs. no numbers were matched. it rolled to 1 # $1 million. 8, 15, 34, 53, 29, powerball 23, power play 2. mega millions stands at 233 million. for tomorrow's drawing watch that on "action news" at 11:00. >> reporter: i'm all in. all in. >> reporter: okay. i would say that we are having a ball on the roadway, i don't think that would true, we're watching a tire on the northbound side of i-95. not a huge deal at this point. but a big deal this weekend. nascar weekend at dover downs. watch for extra traffic along highway one and route 13. if you're taking to the tracks
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or riding the buses mass transit on on time. >> reporter: yesterday we had low ceilings, lots of low clouds today, but not causing delays. we're watching it currently along the eastern seaboard looking good. no impact with the weather. 73 degrees it's warm and humid high of 88. a day similar to yesterday. today we have a chance for spotty storms in the afternoon and evening. not as numerous as yesterday. best chance south and east of the city. tomorrow it's less humid and 85 degrees for the high. saturday, warm and breezy. matt was talking about nascar sunday showers arena thunderstorms. that will hold the temperatures down to 78. >> going on to "healthcheck," genetic testing may not be as definitive as people think it
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is. it may have people get surgery they don't need. sometimes different labs come up with different results. reachers say allowing your doctor to share your data anonymously and as more and more people get tested, accuracy will get better. >> a team that cruised to call philadelphia -- used to call philadelphia home is heading to the finals in 38 years. # abc is the home of the finals. watch game one one week from tonight on june 6th. more on the anthrax shipment scare. you'll here from the abc's chief medical editor about the biologic blunder and who was at risk.
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>> a major water main break shut off water to several communities in massachusetts that prompted one mayor to declare a state of emergency. the break flooded city streets creating sinkholes in some spots. area schools had to dismiss students early. residents who have access to water are asked to boil it before they use it. >> catholic school teachers have rejected the latest offer from the archdiocese. union tells "action news" the salary increase does not cover the rise in insurance costs.
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a farm in new jersey in wed windsor a supposed concert at the farm can steven tyler. as a performer at the windsor farm and market on saturday. the farm owner said, dream on dream on, dream on, it's not happening. i got a great assist on that, from steven tyler. >> matt o'donnell. >> it's teamwork, baby. karen rogers tracking the potential for storms today that's next. >> texas is experiencing severe storms, a local red cross member is heading there. we'll have more on his mission
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and the latest on the deadly storms in texas when we come right back.
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>> developing now on "action news," a fast-moving fire in philadelphia send one person to the hospital. >> hundreds head for higher ground as the threat for severe weather continues in texas. >> a mother threatens to sue a pennsylvania school district because it is telling girls to watch their sausage rolls when they dress for graduation. >> good morning 6:30, may 28, david murphy is off, karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, sticky out here this morning once again. i want to show you satellite arena radar. we have lots of cloud cover. we'll see sunshine breaking through. we have a shower near reading it's trying to fall apart right now. the rest


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