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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  May 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the yellow boxes are far north in northern new jersey and parts of new york state, that is where they have the most upper level lift, the highest dynamic as we zoom in you can see three areas of downpours right now and even a little bit of lightning as well. live on double scan, nine lightning strikes, this cell moved through haddonfield across route 70 heading across marlton, this is generally moving to the east slowly and it is bringing heavy downpours, we have another cell that just crossed the river and moving into swedesboro and 24 lightning strikes in the last few minutes, it's small but bringing downpours as well. the rain is falling 2 inches per hour where you see the red and one cell that popped up just to the east of toms river at the shore, east of the garden state parkway and seaside heights,
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that one is just sitting there for the past 20 minutes and that brings much needed rain and at this point with the near drought conditions we really do need the rain. scattered showers and thunderstorms, and the best bet the areas that didn't get much yesterday i-95 and areas south and east, with brief downpours and the possible of isolated wind gusts as well. a breath of fresh air behind this system and rain for the weekend details in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. of course you can stay ahead of the changes in the weather by checking you can always find live storm tracker 6 radar and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. >> police have a bran new clue today in the search for the predator that attacked two women in south philadelphia, they are offering a reward now for anyone that can get that person off the
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street. chad pradelli is live with the latest on this fast moving investigation. >> reporter: since our report first aired at noon with the new images, police say they received several tips and they are following up on the leads and hopeful the arrest will be made soon, they are offering a $10,000 reward in this case. >> if you believe you know this individual, all we need is the tip. >> police say the sexual predator is brazen, the foot able allows investigators to create a timeline they believe the suspect burglarized the victim's home and parked it a few blocks away and then when back and sexually assaulted the victim while she slept why he moved the car is unclear but never moved it again. >> it shows the boldness of this individual to enter the property
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not one but twice. >> we have not developed any, but it could be an unlocked door or window. >> the suspect likely knows the area well and lives there and believe he is responsible for a similar attack in march not far from mon's crime in each crime he was wearing orange or red gloves we that that reward will encourage people in the south philadelphia community to assist us. >> reporter: and people have been coming forward sin that reward was announced at noon, police are following up on leads and hopeful that an arrest will be made soon, if anyone has information they are urged to call police. chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> of course we are continuing to follow this one tonight chad, thank you. a police chase ended with an arrest on a busy highway in
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wilmington the action cam was on highway south prince boulevard, that chase ended at 11:45, it started minutes earlier this chester and they did not say why they were chasing the car. there was a woman and two children at the scene and police have not yet told us the names of anyone involved here. philadelphia police are looking for the man that burglarized a pair of businesses in south philadelphia, they say he got inside of the buildings in unusual ways, the first crime happened at a cricket wireless on may 12th the man broke into a window at noon and looked for cell phones and cash and didn't find anything so ran off. he broke into flying fish seafood on south 9th street and this time he climbed a wall to get into through the second floor window and forced the cash register open and took money and
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ran off. so the eagles are hard at work at their first week of practice since the draft today for the first time they spoke to the media we heard from players as well as chip kelly who responded to criticism from former player lesean mccoy. >> chip not worried about perceptions about what anyone says about himself or his players and new faces from sam bradford to tim tebow and demarco murray but everybody is talking about the guy that is no longer here, lesean mccoy, before the eagles took the field for practice chip kelly the eagles head coach defending himself against the comments and harsh allegations lesean mccoy made earlier this month.
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when mccoy said kelly got rid of the black players first. chip is not hurt by the common but is not worried about mccoy. >> in that situation i think he is wrong we look at the characters and factors that go into selection and retention of players and color is not one of them. >> i have not even anything where race had an issue and i don't think anybody else here has either. not something that we talk about or we are dealing with. >> mccoy is gone, and a lot of new faces tim tebow getting a lot of attention seeing him in an eagles jersey for the first time. sam bradford expecting to be the starting quarterback before he can start he has to be 100% healthy we'll have his status at
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5:00 and 6:00 and we'll hear from bradford and tim tebow. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> patco riders in new jersey got a lock at their next generation of their commute, there were refurbished rail cars in cherry hill, they upgraded the interior of six cars and upgraded the operating systems, the first in $194 million project to rehab all of patco's fleet eva pilgram will have more on that coming up. speaking of the commute here is the traffic report we go over to matt pellman with the details. >> so close we can taste the weekend. yes, this afternoon commute could use a little refurbishment in spots northbound side of 95 a bad crash mostly confined to
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the shoulder and i think the emergency crews are right back here out of shot blocking off this right lane, that means the northbound side of 95 is not well up to the accident scene at 320 it's four times what it ideally should be looking at big delays in delco this afternoon. farm down 95 approaching allegheny, we have a broken down vehicle taking out the right lane crawling along at 14 miles per hour, heading towards that and port richmond look for a house fire along tilton street. and a crash in camden on 666 approaching 42 we have two jove turned vehicle crashes one in mown laurel approaching the turnpike knocking out the left lane and speeds of 11 miles per hour heading towards that and west hampton another car that
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flipped over past mown holly and willing borough, lets grab the ipad and check the commute on this friday eve looking at speeds at 11 miles per hour go through chester or baltimore pike route 1. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. still ahead amazon started testing a new service in select cities across america and philadelphia is on the list. >> plus, a medical warning that affects millions of women the surgical device that could help cancer spread through the body. >> and his dragons are helping to raise awareness for a special cause. he was honored by city leadered today. and another addition of down the shore adam joseph and
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melissa magee down in beautiful cape may. hi guys. >> and getting competitive. >> you'll find out why in a second we are tracking a few storms inland, here at cape may we have the world war ii bunker behind us and lovely folks behind us as well. >> when you come to cape may, you have to come visit the white house. >> we are going to find out if they are fast feet because we have the cape may lighthouse challenge, who can get to the top the fastest? is it me or adam. >> me right guys. >> i got it alicia.
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we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. more evacuations are underway today in flood ravaged
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areas of texas folks are watching as runoff rain water runs into several rivers and may cause them to overthrow if that happens more neighborhoods would flood and more people would be stuck. 17 people across texas are confirmed dead and eight remain missing. >> a surgical device is expected of spreading cervical cancer it's called a power morselater, used to treat tumors that affect half the women under the age of 50 it breaks them into pieces and can be easily removed but if there is undetected cancer present, it can spread the disease through the body and people say this risk was ever explained. >> at no point in time did anyone say because you had it done, it worsens your prognosis
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that is something we discovered on our own. >> the fbi is investigating the device made by johnson & johnson, the number one manufacturer and said it voluntarily pulled the device off the market last year. amazon is offering same day delivery for its prime customers and philadelphia is one of them. about 20 million items are gibl for same day shipping and the order has to be $5 or more, it gives competition to places like wal-mart that just launched a delivery service but said it would take three days to ship the products. now the closing numbers, the dow down 20 points and the nasdaq 9 and the s&p off 3 points on the day the makers of
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one wearable health tracker jawbone says that its rival fit bit posted to employees, they used clan defendantdestine to steal employees and information. so far fit bit has not responded to the issue. a little boy way lot of talent was honored today for his creativity and talent. and he is finding a special way to overcome his challenges. >> santino is autistic and artistic channelling his creative talents on these t-shirts. >> he is always creative since
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he was little. and we are so proud. so proud. >> santino donates half the proceeds to autism awareness. >> #~ dragons are trending today. >> he has already sold more than 150 t-shirts and there are 500 more on order and some council members showed them off today. >> from one post on facebook it turned out to one great story and a reason to help others. >> santino's parents got emotional, great pride for both. >> love you all so much for liking my shirts. >> i am so proud. tears of joy that he got up and said that speech never would have happened six months ago. >> so proud that family, santino
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is also the featured artist at the festival this weekend, we have a link to pick up his t-shirts on half of the proceed goes to charity and help other kids with autism as well. >> a remarkable little boy. thank you. philadelphia's mural arts program wants pope francis to feel at home when he visits this september, the assistant director met with the world meeting of families today to plan murals honoring the pope, it will be created by caesar ramirez and they have a chance to bring that mural to life. now to the accuweather forecast another edition of down at the shore. adam joseph and melissa magee is live at the lighthouse in cape
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may. >> this is the cape may park state park and the old world war ii bunker there and i love seeing the kids have their flip-flops and shoes in their han as they walk across the stand, and dip their feet in the water but i'll tell you the water is 58 degrees that chop is bringing in cool air at the shore and right now holding off some of those storms that are inland. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, a live look, showers in southern parts of newcastle county we have two particular downpours and thunderstorms we are tracking, one near route 70 in marlton and heading towards medford, moving to the east, the last 10 minutes 15 lightning strikes, more of a downpour as we head to ocean county toms river and seaside
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heights, this particular storm has a healthy amount of lightning strikes, and not really moving it released 2 to 3 inches of rain along the shore there, a hefty storm north on the new jersey shore and not where we are in cape may, as we look at the temperatures inland 88 degrees, that is the high so far for the day and sea isle city, it's 65 i'll put long sleeves on in an hour. as we lock at the satellite and radar a cold front from vermont to the i-95 corridor triggering downpours and storms and pivots from west virginia and a strong thunderstorm and that is where it stays. early pop-ups south and east and partly cloudy otherwise, the winds switch to the northeast and as we look at future tracker
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at 7:00 tonight, just a couple of pop-ups here and there in dover as well as trenton, they fade off the radar scope when the sunsets and at 7:30 tomorrow morning cloud as long the shore when the front progresses to the south, this afternoon storms pop up west and southwest of baltimore and maryland while the rest of us see sun and clouds to close off the work and close the week. if you are heading around the city warm and sun and 85 degrees mostly sunny and cooler at 72 and in the poconos less humid air up there a beautiful day, with a temperature at 78 degrees as we look at your four day at 4:00, 85 in the city tomorrow and warm and breezy and we are heading up to 88 degrees and the second half of the weekend, especially the afternoon a front closes in and numerous downpours and thunderstorms to close the week and look at monday temperatures
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crash some 20 degrees, 65 for a high and many showers and downpours and thunderstorms will be around with some much needed rainfall. my hair doesn't move with all the hair spray but you can see we have the sea breeze coming up. >> i'm waiting for the next half hour for the anticipation the fun thing is we know our times but we know our times but we don't know who won? >> we'll see who won the challenge coming up. >> she said me. >> no no team melissa. >> here i thought they were clawing each other out of the way up stairs. >> no they each got their own shot. >> that would have made for fun television. >> we'll hedge some bets in the studio. >> and another candidate in the race for the white house. >> and anthrax send across
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america, including some here in our area.
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? former governor george pat acai announced they was running for president, he started with a youtube video and then held a rally in new hampshire. pataki was in the office during the september 11th attacks he is the eighth person to enter the race. police in evesham new jersey, are looking for a man that robbed the pizza shop on route 70 the man broke in through the front door of the store and once inside he stole the cash drawers, police are
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asking for anyone with information to give them a call. >> who came out on top when adam and melissa race one another up the steps of the cape may lighthouse. plus -- >> what is the deal with mattresses? they can be tough to shop for especially if you are shopping for them online. consumer reports has some help coming up. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm.
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>> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the pop super star that gave the lehigh valley mother -- in the wake of a tragedy. the pentagon admits they shipped live anthrax to labs throughout the world and why officials say that the deadly agent should not worry most of us. >> and no pay? no play. the "new york post" uncovers the baffling region that underprivileged kids were banned from their school's carnival. >> and the kaleidoscope of colors marks the areas getting hit with downpours and more may be on the way with a cold front. cecily tynan is at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: hi alicia and brian, double scan live showing activity popping up all the
4:30 pm
activity is south and east but we have some pretty intense downpours, one right now is moving out of newcastle county and crossing the delaware as we speak and just east of townsend and continuing to drift to the east 20 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes in this view it has intense lightning and has heavy downpours, also, this cell that is just south of marlton, nine lightning strikes the past 15 minutes, it's just crossing route 73 and i have reports from twitter that this cell does have some very small hail associated with that and our storm tracker did confirm that. this one is sitting over toms river for the past half hour, 17 lightning strikes you figure you are in seaside heights you have to get off the beach now and heavy downpours as we switch this to another mode, this shows the rainfall rates and the rain
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is falling 2 inches perfect hour, that is enough to cause ponding on the roads and i'll talk about the slight chances in the air mass behind this system coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> you can stay ahead of the changes in the weather by checking find live storm tracker 6 radar. >> we turn to the major mistake by the pentagon that exposed lab workers to anthrax, it was accidentally sent to a military base in utah and a military base in south korea and labs in nine states, two of those are new jersey and tell wear. for more on this international scare we go live to nora muchanic. >> reporter: alicia, the defense department has confirmed that a lab here in jersey and another one in delaware received samples
4:32 pm
from the same batch that had live anthrax in it that doesn't mean the samples they received were live. tests are being done. >> they will not identify the private lab where the samples arrived via fedex. but like 2001, hazmat teams responded and it was send to the center for disease control to see if it contains live anthrax and it's being examined by the state. >> they need more control and protection especially the people that work with this, if that were my job i would be nervous. >> that is scary i don't know how i would react because it hane happened to me. >> the anthrax samples were sent out as part ofa project to create field based tests the samples were killed to stop the bacteria but the process failed
4:33 pm
to kill it all. they found it and it triggered an alert around the country for others that got the samples. >> i feel like things like this happen more often than we think they do. >> we didn't know about the scenario. >> jim brownly is a retired commissioner with the new jersey state department of health he tried to coordinate the response when the anthrax was found in the post office in 2001. the only one that has concern are those that handled the sampling, the people in the lab and the ship doing the shipping. for the general public not at all. >> they worked with the lab to inspect and decontaminate it, they are emphasizing there is no risk to the public as a precaution the cdc is recommending anybody that was exposed should begin to take
4:34 pm
antibiotics i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> abc news will have much more on the anthrax scare and spongs coming up with david muir after "action news" at 6:00. there is promising news today from the family of a temple university student critically injured by a hit and run driver last month. rachel hall's mother says her daughter moved to a rehab center to receive occupational and speech therapy for her head trauma, she has been fighting mother her live since riding her bike the driver robert roberts turned himself in earlier this month. taylor swift was always good to her fans and this time a heart warming gesture for a super fan 11 years old who reacceptly passed away. she sent these flours to the
4:35 pm
family after she was struck by a car. she included a sweet note to abby's surprised and grateful mother. >> this is unbelievable. i can almost abby smiling. you know i felt like her presence and happiness. >> she is probably singing her heart out, she is probably so thrilled that this happened. >> taylor found out about the tragedy when her friends started the campaign with the #~ taylor remember abby. they are overwhelmed by the star's response. >> voters rejected a proposal to increase property taxes in the christina school district in delaware people went to the polls and those that opposed it won by several hundred votes without the extra revenue christine is a may not be able to close the 9 million there's
4:36 pm
budget gap and the board of elections will certify the results later next week. we are heading back to the beach waiting for the results of a head to head challenge from our meteorologist, both impressive athletes. >> they raced each other to the lighthouse today and melissa magee is live to tell us why they did this and melissa who won? >> well, here is the best part, we are not going to know who won, and we won't reveal it and you will know as the story starts to play. i love coming to the cape may lighthouse when are you here you feel like you are part of history. mariners used this to guide their vessels through the water and now at 6 abc this is a point of trivia more specifically trivia for myself and also for adam joseph we got carried away
4:37 pm
and we have the cape may courthouse challenge. let the games begin. >> we have climbed it before and have the pictures to prove it the cape may lighthouse is a frequent stop during our seasonal jaunts to the shore the lighthouse is a treasure since the 1800s a beacon mariners and the people in the studio, i was down in lbi last year and adam asked the trivia question. >> how many steps at the cape may lighthouse. >> let me preface the answer by saying you got the answer wrong to old barney. >> 202? >> 217. and 199 steps up the spiral staircase now we figured out
4:38 pm
the math it's fun to see which meteorologist can climb all the step the fastest. >> taking you down a.j. >> here we go. >> one man at a time. the journey begins up one sometimes skipping two, the feet keep moving 150 feet to the top. >> woo. >> i don't know if i can do this. >> but we'll find out. the camera has our time now it's time to reveal the winner. of the cape may challenge down at the shore. >> so here is the deal, you saw your time and i saw my time, we have the envelopes, lets have the winner please. open yours up. >> i was dizzy by the end going up the spiral staircase that fast. >> my time is 44 seconds.
4:39 pm
>> wait that is wrong. >> 1:04. get out of here. this is wrong. this has been fixed. >> it does seem fishy. are those timers? 44 seconds? >> they some serious athletes. still ahead no cash, no carnival how $10 separated some school children from a day of fun with their peers. you don't want to miss this. and the law of the lan when it comes to mattress shopping but what if you want to shop online. and move over mary, this golden retriever is stealing your story.
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a car dealership at the dominican republic will probably not use this technique to show off its cars automatic braking technology. yes, that is what happened when the staff at this volvo dealership decided to check the car's pedestrian's safety system by putting a worker in front of the car and incredibly the worker was not hurt so what happened here? volvo says the technology says it works just fine and it turns out that that car is not equipped with the system and the dealer didn't realize it. >> he had trust in it i'll say that here at the big board the big talkers controversy over the school carnival in tears and
4:43 pm
even the new york city mayor was fuming, a "new york post" exclusive explained how a school in queens had a carnival but if their kids wanted to play they had to pay $10 and those that did not pay had to sit in the auditorium while their classmates had a ball outside. some teachers said the tears were flowing and hug some pretty devastated kids and the school says kids were sent home with reminders and made a list of those that paid and those who hadn't. and mayor deblasio says the! should be ashamed themselves because some could not afford to send their kids. no comment from the school and parent teacher association is looking to make good on the kids that were left out. kind of a bone headed move there
4:44 pm
alicia. lets get a check of the roads now matt pellman standing by in the traffic center, he must have an update. >> things breaking as we speak live at the schuylkill expressway a truck just broke down unfortunately in the westbound lanes by girard avenue taking out the center lane as you come westbound on the schuylkill, you are looking at heavy traffic coming away from university avenue from this point at girard with the center lane blocked and 33 minutes ideally should be 14 eastbound is congested as well with the normal afternoon volume and a broken down vehicle at allegheny giving us speeds in the teens and on the main line in ardmore by greenfield and spring and the planet fitness 95 in delco not looking good and northbound is looking good from naaman's road
4:45 pm
up to 320, that crash continues to block the right lane, as you head to the blue route this afternoon. in west grove chester county an accident brought down a pole. evergreen is blocked offp harmony gets you around it. big day in dover with nascar a dover downs it's going to continue the closures throughout the week. and in east windsor mercy county, a sinkhole near airport road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. a canadian farm dog has adopted a pretty unlikely best friend. friend. that's stormy the baby bird, and a new mom in tammy a 1-year-old golden retriever that lives at the same farm, they are
4:46 pm
inseparable since they met and they play together and nap together how cute. the owner is keeping both of them on the farm so nothing gets in the way of their bond. meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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4:48 pm
lets get over to cecily tynan tracking pop-up thunderstorms in the region all the activity is south and east of the i-95 corridor a cold front is moving in and that has drier air and it's hitting the warm humid air in place and one cluster is moving out of new casting county this is drifting to the south and east crossing bay side currently and 62 lightning strikes in this frame within the past 15 minutes, this
4:49 pm
has a lot of thunder and lightning, if you hear the thunder you need to get indoors immediately and we have a couple of clusters moving through burlington county and hail reports from this system and this elongated line of showers and thunderstorms heading towards seaside heights, 20 lightning strikes and this is dropping heavy rain, 2 to 3 inches of rain, much needed downpours for new jersey and delaware it's warm and humid and 88 degrees can you feel the moisture in the air, millville 84 and wilmington a rain cooled 76 degrees and trenton 85. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the cold front is moving through as we speak and once it does, it brings us a slightly drier cooler air mass tomorrow, you'll see a difference in the air but it will be a warm day, for tonight early pop-up showers and thunderstorms south and east of philadelphia otherwise partly
4:50 pm
cloudy skies and a warm night 58 in the suburbs and 68 degrees for center city, and for tomorrow 85 degrees and partly sunny and a warm day and a little bit lower humidity than today it will feel a little more comfortable. partly sunny and the wins outs of the cold front it will get more humid on saturday and that moves through on sun and that brings us the next round of showers and thunderstorms and stalls over us on monday bringing us some cool rainy weather if are you down the shore, 55 is the ocean temperature and chilly but a nice beach day tomorrow, mostly sunny and 72 degrees, partly sunny and 74 and sun the morning looks fine and by the afternoon keep your eye to the sky and better for showers and thunderstorms popping up with a high of 77 degrees it's race weekend at dover and we look nice tomorrow and partly sunny and 81 degrees, breezy and 84
4:51 pm
degrees showers and thunderstorms could cause problems athe the track with a high of 84 degrees, the exclusive accuweather forecast, sun and clouds tomorrow and warm and not as humid as today 85 degrees and warmer and muggy on saturday 88 on sunday and that cold front brings us showers and thunderstorms and 84 degrees, look what happens on monday that front stalls near us and that means clouds and showers and look at that temperature 65 degrees, you may want to it consider putting the heat on on monday a transition day and 76 and warmer by thursday with a high of 82 degrees, people complain about this heat and humidity and monday we are not complaining. >> lets send it back out to adam and melissa, getting a breeze outside. >> yes and i just want to
4:52 pm
remind everyone it it took me 44 seconds. >> i'm feeling a kind of way about that, i demand a rematch. lets look and pan out a rematch? we'll go back up to the top it's a live view and spectacular view of all the tip of cape may as you look at the bay. all right she gets a head start. >> what is the deal coming up next.
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it's risky to buy a mattress you have never seen felt or tried. so consumer reports test aid few for you they tested three queen size foam mattresses sold on the internet. the casper for $850 made of latex and memory foam and the needle 10 for $600. consumer reports tested to see how well a mattress holds up to eight years of simulated use, showing support on your side and back and if the mattress supports bouncing and resists from one side to the other, the mattresses sold online are impressive. >> it got high scores and it resists bounciness. if you don't like it the company will pick it up for free and refund your money and they call it a bargain buy, it offers
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decent size and back support, 30 days instead of 100 consumer reports says that a month is plenty of time to decide if you like it and returns are free. if you prefer an ier spring mattress consumer reports found best buys, and the saint regis pillow top for 1200. >> time for a nap. now for alicia vitarelli melissa magee and adam joseph we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at 5:00. >> thank you coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, hurricane season is upon us and emergency officials are getting prepared early by focusing on your pets. coming up tonight, tips on what to do for your beloved animals
4:57 pm
if and when a storm hits. and a new way to keep the president's home secure and banning a medical device after it was found to spread can in some women. ali gorman has that story in health check.
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware
4:59 pm
valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the search for a sexual predator police served a search warrant in an investigation of a woman assaults in her south physical home earlier this week, police released clearer pictures of the suspect in the aattack. it happened on south rosewood street and the new video appears to show that the suspect may have committed a burglary in the victim's home and then the assault happened. sara bloomquist is live in the city's point breeze section where the warrant was issued. >> reporter: that is right we are here in the 1300 block of
5:00 pm
south chadwick street you can see them outside of a home here. u.s. marshals were here along with philadelphia police and most of the marshals pull away a moment ago and this raid is in connection with the investigation of a woman on the 1800 block of south rosewood early monday morning. "action news" was here on the scene when the police raided the home and they used a battering ram to go in and u.s. marshals and philadelphia police were on hand wearing bulletproof vests and at this point no one is in custody and they do not have an arrest warn for anyone right now, this is simply a search warrant as they work to identify the suspect, the man wanted for the rose wood attack may have committed normal attack on a woman in her home on the 1700


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