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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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block of south chadwick street you can see them outside of a home here. u.s. marshals were here along with philadelphia police and most of the marshals pull away a moment ago and this raid is in connection with the investigation of a woman on the 1800 block of south rosewood early monday morning. "action news" was here on the scene when the police raided the home and they used a battering ram to go in and u.s. marshals and philadelphia police were on hand wearing bulletproof vests and at this point no one is in custody and they do not have an arrest warn for anyone right now, this is simply a search warrant as they work to identify the suspect, the man wanted for the rose wood attack may have committed normal attack on a woman in her home on the 1700 block of chadwick street, her
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car was stolen and found on chadwick street. we are live the crime scene unit is inside of the home here and they are conducting the investigation and all part of the work as they try to fine the suspect wanted for the sex assault on south rose wood street early monmorning, there is still a $10,000 reward out there for information leading to the arrest and convince conviction of the suspect. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> we have activity in south jersey and it will wear, and unlike yesterday the storms were moving quickly, they are just sitting there drifting at 15 miles per hour and that is causing problems with flooding double scan live showing this
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one line that extends from burlington county to ocean county 46 lightning strikes associated with this and near toms river it has been sitting here for the better part of two hours, it's just drifting a little bit to the east and we have heavy rain over the garden state parkway and route 37 and seaside heights 37 lightning strikes, we are looking at 4 inches of rain in parts of this region and south of route 37 because of the rain and the fact that more is to come, the national weather service has issued a flash flood warning for east of toms river additional rain 1 to 2 inches this is causing localized flooding. so if you live down there do not drive into flooded roads it's hard to tell how deep the water is and two feet of water can
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really push the car downstream we have one cell now crossing the delaware between smyrna and bay side, had is also moving to the southeast and east lake gardens all in the path of this system. this is what to expect for tonight, we are looking for more scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly in delaware and new jersey with heavy downpours and even gusty winds but behind the system a little bit of relief from the humidity tomorrow we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. >> we'll check back in later. thank you. >> changes in the weather at website/weather, you can see the weather and forecast and the latest from our team of meteorologists. well hurricane season officially begins next week and this year experts are predicting it will not be as harsh local officials are getting ready for whatever storms come up the east coast, john rawlins is live in
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ocean city to explain. >> reporter: hi rick for the pros at this point in time it's time to evaluate evacuation plans and shelter plans and check lines of communication and inventory and that sort of thing, what the pros are hoping is that they will pay attention to them should something come roaring out of the atlanticic. 30,000 year round residents add 6,000 visitors and mix in a hurricane and things can get busy fast. we are getting ready to roll in hurricane season in a week, and conference on an emergency preparedness and efforts are made to approve emergency information sites and sandy information sites that beaches had power but -- way too soon. >> but massive traffic jams into cape may county because not all the barrier areas were clear we
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had sink holes and gas leaks. >> a sink hole can knock out power. it can tell a customer when power might return. >> when we'll estimate their power will be restored. this mobile animal shelter, countless pets in the wake of hurricane katrina and some died as well when they refused to evacuate without their pets. >> people have and died because they would not leave their pets behind, because people would not leave without their pets. >> pet owners need to plan ahead, go to a website like ready pets go. there is a checklist and what to do before a storm arrives. >> well, the doctor is a vet, and pet owners need to have a bowl, food and carrier and that
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sort of thing if need be. that is reddy set go back to you all. >> thank you. in burlington county everyone made it out safely from a home that caught fire earlier today, this is the scene at 1:00 this after non-it took firefighters one hour to get the fire under control and the cause of two alarm blaze is under investigation. philadelphia is four months away from a visit from pope francis and visitors go the a safety lesson to prepare for the pontiff's first trip to the u.s. the annual safety summit at newman university usually focuses on school bullying and safety, but now it's staying safe in large crowds.
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officials say they know the large gathering could be an inviting target for people hooking to do harm. >> we know there are people that have evil intent. we are looking at those issues. >> and recourse logistics and extra crews in philadelphia for the pope could be deployed in other areas during his visit. the fbi is now investigating a surgical device that was found to spread cancer in some women, one local patient and doctor fought to stop the device. ali gorman has what women need to know. >> the device is a laparoscopic morselater it's used to remove design tumors in the uterus, it breaks it up in pieces so it can be removed with a small incision, if the mass is found to be cancerous, the device can
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spread the cancer the question is who knew about the risk and when. amy reed, a doctor from buck county fought to ban them, in 2013 while living in boston reed underwent a hysterectomy and was tested for cancer and then tested after. it made her prognosis much worse. >> i am angry this tool was on the market for 20 years and the fda did not look for issues with this. it was thought this risk was extremely rare but now the fda estimates that up to 1 in 350 cases the cancer is hidden in the fibroid. the agency issued its strongest warning in november saying it should not be used on most
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women, the fbi is looking into johnson & johnson. one of the main manufactures of the device the company was alerted of the risk first in 2006 and voluntarily pulled it off the market july of last year amy's husband a heart surgeon blames corporate greed. >> it's well marketed and money is flowing and there is no one to stop and say wait a minute what about the being harmed by this. >> reed went through cancer treatment and she wants change on how all medical devices are checked for safety. >> it's not good enough to check the majority. >> most hospitals are not using this device anymore because of this risk but if you are planning on have thyroids removed or a hysterectomy ask your surgeon about this. the fbi is looking into who knew
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what and when. >> thanks ali. all right time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. matt pellman in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down, we are not zipping our way home on this thursday, plenty of slow-downs, rick and monica, one biggy is on the schuylkill expressway, westbound especially between universe avenue and girard avenue, stacking up getting off the vine and getting on the westbound side of 76 an earlier broken down truck now cleared out of the way giving us slow speeds in the westbound lanes heading towards the schuylkill on city avenue approaching monument road the close of the landmark there, us channel 6, watch the crash near the station, the broken down vehicle by allegheny is gone and 95 in delco the crash is gone northbound by 320
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north of delaware state line on 295, an overturned vehicle crash is off to the side, a 20 to 25 min delay through the stretch and evesham township look for downed wires and a crash along jackson road and a 15 to 20 minute delays on the river line because of a disabled train. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, new jersey governor chris christie speaks out about the common corstarns that are used for years why it's not working. >> patco gives its trains a makeover, we'll have the stories and cecily tynan will be back with the full forecast from accuweather.
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new jersey governor chris christie is pulling his state out of the common core curriculum. he says that the federal system he once supported is not working, christie wants the state's kpigsner to gather a group of students parents and teachers to pull up more state
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standards. >> whenever federal government crowds out local control in these types of areas things get worse. we have to embrace the uniquely american idea that the people closest to the problem are usually, not always, but usually the best equipped to find the solution to the problem. >> well, the common core is unpopular with republican voters nationwide. christie a likely presidential candidate is likely to announce whether he will make a run for the white house next month. the first patco train to get a makeover is south new jersey and all cars will be restored thanks to a multimillion-dollar renovation project. eva pilgram has the story. >> reporter: the next generation of patco train cars rolled into wood crest station today. the first six newly rehab the cars are now in service, the plan is to have all 120 patco
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cars look like this one in 2016, the update looks like $149 million funded from federal dollars, earl williamson is here from the beginning. >> i'll be 72 in august. >> the cars worn well but the seats have seen a lot of people come and go the seats are newp the computer system is updated. >> the technology is different and more advanced but at the time that the oermg cars were put in service, they. >> reporter: were advanced. >> after the train derailment last month patco says these older cars were ahead of their time equipped with speed technology the day they rolled out 50 years ago. >> we have the train technology
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and well trained dispatchers and supervising dispatchers it will not happen here and cannot happen here and does not happen here. >> eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue
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there is a new perk for amazon prime members delivery service for free. for areas like philadelphia it guarantees a 9:00 p.m. delivery for orders placed before noon time. previously they had to pay $99.99 per order it's available again in philly a prime membership costs $99 a year. >> several churches and final based organizations in new jersey are concentrating their efforts in getting the area healthy. they presented seven different faith organizations grabs for $25,000 they are to make programs encouraging healthy eating and exercise and some will build gardebs. a year end celebration for
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the kids from the big sisters big brothers program. they spent time with their mentors from the department of justice and a fifth grader that conread at the start of the school year and he read martin luther king's i have a dream speech.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan is here and more storms. >> kent county and i posted pictures of the storm rolling through clayton, it's moving through route 13 right now moving to the southeast pretty slowly at 15 miles per hour and it's headed towards dover and has the potential for hail and devastating winds and if you live in kent county you do want to get inside. another cell i have been tracking is across ocean county 50 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes with this, this is an elongated line crossing the garden state parkway and as we
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zoom in toms river has received 3 to 4 inches of rain and we can show you the rainfall rates and this shows just to the east of toms river south of seaside heights, the rain is falling at 2 inches perfect hour and since that cell was sitting over there for two hours and that is why we are looking at 4 inches of rain, this is the photo, i hate to see this, chris sent this me to me from toms river when you see roads that are covered in water don't do this, do not drive through the flooded roads because you can't tell how deep the water is it can sweep you away. we have the warning for eastern ocean county because in addition to 1 to 4 inches you got you could get normal 1 to 2. all of this is with a cold front and it brings relief from the heat and 82 degrees and
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allentown 86 and reading 87 and millville 81 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing here is the cold front let me get that again as i draw it here is the cold front pushing in and a drier flow of drier air tomorrow. we get warm, and slightly muggy but not as oppressive as today. pop-up showers and thunderstorms east of the philadelphia and then partly cloudy and warm and 58 to 68 degrees and tomorrow warm and 85 degrees and less humid and saturday warm and muggy and 88 degrees, and sunday showers and thunderstorms moving through in the afternoon, 84 degree that system gets hung up on monday and it's cloudy and showers, look at this temperature, the high only 65 degrees, on the cool side, tuesday we begin to warm things up 69 degrees and i'm tracking warmer weather for the middle of
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next week in the accuweather forecast. >> get the sweaters ready. hello june. more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00, it's their job to race around the track but today a different speed for nascar drivers in delaware. and new developments in the massive data breach that put the information of thousands of u.s. taxpayers at risk. and in new england, it's still happeninging around and what crews are finding in the big snow piles.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. they rush to save citizens as another storm heads to texas and oklahoma. and a thief goes to great heights to burglarize a local business and we have the video to show you. and one town is voting on property taxes. what it will mean for a struggling school district.
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and the storms that devastated texas and oklahoma are preparing for more weather tonight, the onslaught of heavy rains and winds will hamper efforts to find eight residents still missing, several communities are under mandatory evacuations now. brandy is live now. >> reporter: water is surging through a texas home earlier this week. it's the same river that swep away an entire vacation home trapping three families inside, eight people remain missing. >> right now we must focus on finding those that are still missing and just as importantly pray for the living whose hearts are broken. >> the blanko river is receding but others are rising. >> with evacuations underway in
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wharton. >> trying to save everything. >> at least 21 people are killed in texas and oklahoma the devastation is widespread, thousands of homes damaged or destroyed, this woman and child were pulled to shore safely sourpded by water in houston, several tornadoes touched down overnight hospitalized three texas drilling workers with the threat of more severe weather and rain on the way. >> the river behind me is not expected to rise as high as earlier this week, but search and rescue teams say that more rain will shift the debris fields, the mangled trees and twisted metal making it harder to fine survivors. >> a local member of the american red cross is in the texas flood zone tonight to help impacted residents. >> there are 700 red cross volunteers and staff members on the ground lending support to those that are impacted. more than 200 people spent their
5:32 pm
memorial day in red cross shelters in texas and oklahoma we are going down to lend support any way we can. >> anthony took off from philadelphia this morning and is helping those already there helping in north texas and oklahoma. one person remains hospitalized after being pulled from their burning home this morning, this is the scene in philadelphia's west logan section, fire was pouring from the first floor baltimore they quickly put out the flames and taken out with smoke inhalation. look at this video west goshen police say that two thiefs that stole $500 worm of games and software from classic junky store. are face ago rest. yesterday 20-year-old michael halflefinger was taken into
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custody and admitted his role in the crime his accomplice jack toro was arrested a short time ago. and now police are looking for a burglar that targeted businesses in south philadelphia the first was on may 12th inside of a cricket cell phone store the suspect broke into a base many window and rummaged through the business looking for cash and merchandise when he couldn't find anything he left and the second incident happened in the the early morning hours of may 16th he is seen scaling the wall of the flying fish seafood store on south 9th street and he climbed for a second floor window and when for the register the thief used several tools including a hammer and stuffed the change and money into a bag.
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and wiped down the register. if anyone has information contact south detective division. we have posted the link to both surveillance videos on our website at over to monica. >> thank you. intel wear voters rejected a proposal to increase property taxes in the christina school district more than 1,000 people went to the polls to weigh in on the referendum, and without extra revenue christina schools will be unable to close the $9 million budget gap and have to make cuts. they will certify the results next week. time to see what is going on down the shore this week. adam joseph and melissa magee are live in cape may we latest. >> we are having a whole lot of fun, we had the impromptu cape
5:35 pm
may lighthouse challenge and very to believe that adam cheated somehow, this lighthouse was built in 1859 and is still an active lighthouse, mariners used this to guide their vessels through the water and there is a lot going on in cape may check it out. >> are you hungry? grab the whole family and head to cape may forest ran week, the eight day culinary event features a three course price fixed meal, cape may is the place to be and restaurant week starts sunday and continues through june 7th. >> they say every dog has its day and in ocean city it's this sunday, grab your furry friend for the annual barks on the boards enjoy a full day of fun
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and games at sixth street and the boardwalk you can hit the boardwalk with your four-legged friend for an afternoon stroll this benefits the humane society of ocean city, dogs walk for free. hope to see you and mans best friend down at the shore this weekend. >> reporter: so something else that is going on this weekend, is that in cape may they are having a jazz festival jazz at the estate this saturday from 11:00 right into the evening hours, something fun to check out and also national lighthouse day that takes place in august. i have adam behind me we made it to the top. >> it's freezing up here the winds have to be sustained 30 to 35 miles per hour, you are toasty inland we have free air conditioning 157 feet above the
5:37 pm
ground here in cape may. >> we made it. i'll have the full accuweather forecast and the seven day. >> we demand a rematch of this challenge. >> we are short on time kids. >> nice effort. thanks guys. >> thanks guys, thanks for nothing, follow the weather at fine storm tracker 6 radar and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. time to check the traffic story, matt pellman the man in the know. >> i was thinking in honor of adam and melissa, rick and i could race to the vending machine. all right, we are checking 422 i hope you are not racing home on 422 westbound from 202 to 29, a crash on both shoulders attracting attention a long slow crawl home in the westbound lanes of 422 in minneapolis
5:38 pm
township, a crash that sparked a vehicle fire, and a crash on the main line in wynnewood at remington road and we are working on the one on city avenue, channel 6 approaching monument road and falls township, emergency construction in mercer county and speeds headed towards that just 8 miles per hour, farther south on 295, near mount holly willing borough where they are doing the paving this week and because of the flash flooding in toms river route 37 is closed. windsor avenue is a possible alternate. >> still ahead on "action news," the fallout continues from that massive bribely and corruption scandal that engulfed the soccer federation fifa, we'll hear from the president.
5:39 pm
and chip kelly is addressing the quarterback situation and jaime apody has the story in sports and we head back down to the shore and check in with meteorologist, adam joseph and melissa magee.
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the irs traced a data breach says that russian thieves stole tax information from hundreds of americans, they used the information to get $150,000 in fake tax refuns and the fbi launched an investigation into the hacking and they want the commissioner to offer an explain ago about it next week. the president of fifa soccer's world body is facing pressure under the bribery scanal. top people, including extechives
5:43 pm
are facing corruption charges, they allegedly took 150 million there's in bribes for things like the location of the world cup. and now bladder is asked to step down and he is maintaining his innocence. >> you know many people hold me ultimately responsible for the actions and reputation of the global football community i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. >> bladder says he has no knowledge of the alleged actions. and russian president has accused the u.s. of meddling he claims that the u.s. wants to stop russia from hosting the 2018 world cup in the meantime major sponsors are threatening to pull support from russia if changes are not made and bladder is not backing down and plans to
5:44 pm
run for re-election. >> thank you. turning to sports and football the eagles hit the practice field and chip kelly talked about some of his new players. >> >> reporter: hi guys, it's a month sin we heard from the eagles and chip kelly a lot happened since then and the coach was accused of things by a former eagle star and we hear from the coach and new quarterbacks. jeff skversky is here with more from nova care. >> reporter: hey jaime after all the changes, are the eagles a better team today than they were this time last year, i asked chip kelly that very question his response 1,000%, of course chip kelly is kidding it's too early to say if they are a playoff team, it could come down to one guy quarterback sam
5:45 pm
bradford and if he can stay healthy, he is wearing a knee brace and is battling back from two knee surgeries. the number one overall pick is expected to participate in seven on seven drills them week and bradford is not ready to say he will be ready for week one in september. >> i think i get more comfortable out here every day, more comfortable with my knee every day and where it is at. it it would be nice to get out and take live reps and we are progressing towards that and one i get out there and take the reps with seven and seven things will come together. >> lets hope so with bradford limited mark sanchez taking reps and t bow working with the third stringers. tebow says today he has worked on his game and that arm. >> all i know is that i'm
5:46 pm
enjoying this process and i'm going to take it day by day and try to improve and get better and also enjoy this, enjoy the tun, sometimes when things get taken away you don't realize how fun it is to come out and play this game, you can't play it forever. i'm going to enjoy it. >> lesean mccoy a hot topic still out here. and the commons in espn magazine, that chip kelly got rid of black players faster than white players. >> chip did not common because he is wrong and not worried about the perception. >> you start chasing perception you got a long life ahead of you. if you are worried about perception you can control yourself and how you run an organization and it's not run that way. >> chip kelly has called mack coy twice and has not heard
5:47 pm
back. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. sfwlt nba finals are set and we'll have to wait a while to see it. last night the warriors beat the rockets in the conference final they will advance to face the cavs and they face golden state he wore a protective sleep on his elbow and he hopes to lead the team to their first title in 43 years you'll be able to wuch that right here one week from today at 9:00 p.m., the long he layoff in series in nba history. mark your calendar everyone. >> thank you. from our tell wear newsroom, nascar trifrers and pit crew members got a different kind of adrenalin rush, our action cam was there as they visited the air force base, a local training mission that gave the training team more about the mission.
5:48 pm
and matt met with military members be signed auto fwrafs, the team is in town for nascar races at dover.
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june is just a few days away and this 75 foot high snow mown in boston it's turning into a pile of dirt on the edges they found bicycles and even some money in there they are working
5:51 pm
for six weeks to break up all the trash when it breaks free, they pulled 81 tons of debris just from that one pile. on a lighter note, lets head back to the shore, meteorologist adam joseph and melissa magee with this week down at the shore. hey guys. >> reporter: yeah, it's really windy down here at the top of the cape may lighthouse, it's a beautiful day on any day you see sunshine and as you take a look out you see the water it's extremely choppy and the winds are strong and i'm shivering up here and you can see the old world war ii world war ii bunker in the is sand as well. breathtaking views when you are 157 feet up in the air, looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan it's dry here in cape may
5:52 pm
and the southern parts of shore and we are tracking downpours and thunderstorms passing through dover and millville and fortescue, it's eastern ocean county that took a hit this afternoon we have a flash flood warning. we have seen over 4 inches of rain with slow moving thunderstorms, there are water rescues we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan street level there, the good sign here is that the storms have shifted off to the south and now between seaside heights and surf city it's damage is done and they are dealing with water in the roadways avoid that area of ocean county until 8:00 tonight. as we look at temperatures, the warm and muggy inland and 82 in philadelphia but here at the shore we are in the mid-60s with that cool ocean air, in reading 87 and wilmington a shower that passed by and temperatures there uch degrees the cold front on
5:53 pm
satellite 6 along with action radar draped over the i-95 corcorand arcs its way to charleston, west virginia and this is confined up to new england for the most part that is where the most severe weather is concentrated this evening, tonight we have a chance for early pop-ups south and east and partly cloudy 58 to 68 degrees with the winds switching to the northeast direction 85 degrees tomorrow and the start of the weekend on saturday looking good but a little toasty with the south-southwestly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour with a cold front in the ohio valley ahead of that 88 degrees and that front closes in the second half of the weekend, at the shore heading down here looking good a temperature of 72 degrees and on saturday partly sunny and not bad, we kick it up to 74 and sun
5:54 pm
we watch for afternoon downpours and thunderstorms arriving and the rest of the morning looks okay but the ocean is cold at 56 degrees, the exclusive accuweather forecast, mid-80s tomorrow and we lose a couple of degrees off today and it's a tad less humid than the last few days, 88 and the humidity comes back with the breeze on saturday and again sun afternoon the cold front comes through with a good tun of downpours and thunderstorms and 84 and the wave will develop along the front bringing us much needed rain and crashing temperatures only in the 60s and on tuesday a transition day and morning clouds and afternoon sun and 69 and comfy wednesday and 76 and warmer on thursday at 82 degrees, not a bad seven day with much needed rain, you are probably hearing the echo. i'm in the actual watch tower you see the beacon lights rotating around and in working
5:55 pm
order 24 hours a day and visible 24 miles out to sea as they flash every 15 seconds, are you the watch woman. >> i am making sure the beacon is functional. >> what happens if it is out? >> i am in big trouble. rick and monica if you have never been on top of the lighthouse, inside of the watch tower, it's breezy out there. >> lighthouses are so cool. thank you. >> okay. thanks guys, entertaining as always. a quick break and we'll be right back.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" news team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. >> more security in parking garages.
5:58 pm
for melissa magee adam joseph monica malpass, sharrie williams, i'm rick williams, have a good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night chris christie speaks out about the controversial common core standards and a newark college freshman is arrested for allegedly bringing a gun to school and the big story is an evening of unpredictable storms.
6:00 pm
this is the way it looks at the shore line in atlantic city, cells loaded with rain and electricity, the skies are ominous. >> lets get the latest from cecily tynan. >> these are isolated most of our area is rain free, but eastern ocean county is getting hit very hard and a flash flood warning remain effect from toms river to forked river and seaside heights and normandy beach, this is where 3 inches have fallen since 3:00 this afternoon, we have reports of numerous water rescues this is what you shouldn't do when they are flooded. route 37 is under water right now and a lot of cars have been stranded there with water up to their windows and the good news is though that


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