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tv   Action News  ABC  May 29, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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>> this is what he looks like than is the man police are desperately trying to capture. they think he could be suspect of rain of robbery of a woman on rosewood street early monday morning. >> they want him offer the street now. thursday night aunt big story on "action news" tonight is the drag net being set for suspect in two incidents one on rose wood and other on south chad wick street in point breeze. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the special victims unit with philadelphia police. dann police conduct aid raid today did that bring them closer to the suspect? >> well, as a matter of fact it d. jim they found new evidence now that they believed links him to the crimes. the guy they're looking for recently got out of prison after serving two years for attempt aattempted murder. his mother want him to turn himself in. >> i need you to come home son,
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turn yourself n get this over with. >> reason ert amaking that plea after u.s. marshals and police raided her home looking for 32-year-old son and 32-year-old son and >> after police released new and better footage ever the man they were looking for they got a tip. the footage allowed investigators to create a better timeline and they now believed he first burglarized victim's home. stole her car and parked it a few blocks away. then wentz back and sexually assaulted her as she slept. >> just goes to the boldness of this particular individual that he can feel he can enter the property not once, but twice and
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get away with that. >> police believe he's also responsible for similar crime a few blocks awe and in the 1700 block of chad wick in march. there he demanded money and attempted to sexually assault a 30-year-old woman and she fought back and he ran off. police say in both cases he was wearing red or orange gloves. >> it was devastating. i don't know where my son at. >> all right. >> are you concerned for his safety now knowing there's a manhunt. >> you can get killed for smrks anything, and i would be even more devastated if that happens. >> late today police hit three locations but managed to give them the slip. a 10,000 dollar reward is offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction. calls should be made toy 2 15-686-tips. live at the special victims unit, dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann. this evening's storms brought a torrent of rain to parts of new jersey shore dumping more than
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3" of rain in tom's river. police say tevrl people had to be rescued from the flash flooding. residents were twoornd find higher ground. dozens of cars were stranded needing a tow. storm trains could not keep up with the deluge and many roads were swamped and left impassable before water receded to tom's river and barnegat bay tonight. but, it's now over. meteorologist cecily tynan has been tracking it all with live double scan radar. >> and jim double scan live shows that the showers and thunderstorms have moved on and they were all triggered by a cold front moving through and there was one cell that sat east of toms river for 2 1/2 hours and double scan tliv shows rain amounts you can see east of toms river we had 4" of rainfall and pretty short period of time and that's what caused that flash flooding and a lot of cars stranded when they drove into the flooded water.
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part of the reason we had so much moisture it's been warm, it's been very humid. three days in a row, 89 degrees. high in philadelphia 1 degree short of 90 and that's 1 degrees above average and with all that humidity any downpour was really able to pull down a load of moisture in a short period of time. and so what's ahead. we will dry out for the next two days. and that cycle of building heat and humidity and building storms however i'm tracking a strong cold front that bription us a around of wet waej for second half of weekend and with that temperatures will really crash on monday afternoon highs won't climb out of mid 6 0s. details in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> cecily, let's talk about sex texas. it took 20 seconds for floods to burst through a door and flood through this home. remarkably they were able to goat safety and there was a real fear that the entire home might
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be flooded be flooded. >> and the family did manage to get out. they escaped through a window mean a waiting rescue boat. but, others were not so fortunate. in the town of womenbly, crews are serve for 7 people still missing after the home they were in was washed away. >> police in two delaware county khunties say they caught a man groping women on street corners and on jogging trails. the first known incident happened on the radnor trail at 8:30 in the morning on tuesday. the suspect ran alongside a woman asking if she want aid jogging partner after she turned him down he grabbed her buttocks and then took off. a similar incident happened the next afternoon media at orange and pearl streets just a block from courthouse. the victim report today right away and police were able to
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track down 26-year-old paul curtis within 15 minutes and police say she has a criminal history and is held after failing to post bond. they're concerned there may be other incident and reason asking fwhoyn may have brushed this office not worthy of reporting to police to call them rights away. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at tin couple township police. any, what are police saying about this? >> and jim, at this point, tin couple township police are working with the delaware countsy district attorney's office and trying to identify this man that was discovered. they say that they believe the pody may have been in a suitcase on side of the road for at least 3 to 5 days. >> and yards from philadelphia international airport a man walking his dog made the grizzly
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discovery. >> he discovered a very foul odor and came upon this suitcase and realized the smell was emanating from the suitcase and at that time called tin couple police. >> they quickly realized this stretch was now a crime scene. >> he looked at the suitcase and started to discover by slightly oning it and discovered a body was inside. >> authorities believed the badly decomposed body is than 20s and waiting for autopsy to determine his race. a skin graft may be the best chance at identifying him and neighbors say people jog walk and ride bikes here daily and mystery of the man in the suitcase as them on sglej i was scared and shocked. because you don't know what happened. you know? and that's something that you know is there someone around town that's walking a round that did. it you know, when did this happen? >> many of the same questions that police had tonight jim they tell us that stretch of road has
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no surveillance cameras if anyone has information they're urged to contact police that point they're calling it suspicious because they're waiting for autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death that autopsy is expected tomorrow morning. for now reporting live in essington, annie mccormick "channel 6 action news," jim. >> all right. any, thank you a female staffer at the malvern prep school in chester county was relieved of her duties. thor says take she was engaging in inappropriate telephone calls with an upper cool student. identity of staffer has not been revealed because the matter is still under investigation. >> couldn't vry overcome an core school standards erupted today in new jersey. governor chris christie reversed course and will move his state away from the federal academic standards for the county school children. of course, sharee williams virtually everything christie does these days and says these days will also be seen by many through the prism of his potential run for president.
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>> and for that reason everything he says and does, of course, is under national scrutiny. he's now critical of common core and the fact is new jersey was one of the first states to adopt the national guidelines. but, today christie said setting education standards should not be a one-time process and should be revisited. >> it's time to have standards that are even higher. and that komentz directly from our own communities. >> new jersey governor chris christie has a plan to abandon common core and it's a set of national standards that outline skills every child should learn at each grade level and he says the program rolled out under president barack obama is not working. >> whenever frl government crowds out local controls, in these types of areas. things get worse. >> christie was once a supporter of the national standards and signed off on the program in 2010. and now he says, education standards need to be set locally. >> i want new jersey parents and teachers to be the driving
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sglors long timed cater veronica joiner says she understands the criticism common core receives. >> there's too much emphasis on testing of children and not enough teaching particularly the basic skills. >> joiner is founder of the mathematics civics and sciences charter school in philadelphia which has been recognized for high achievement. pennsylvania no longer enforces common core and it still uses similar standards for the pssa or state test. she says common core is good idea but does not account for today's challenges in the classroom and social problems students face such as crime and poverty. she and christie agree it's time for local educators to weigh in more. >> in my view the new rear ra can be great are by adopting new standards in the state not 200 miles away on the banks for the potomac river. >> we spoke with the president of new jersey education association.
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and he says come on core standards if they're thrown out you have to throw out the testing associated with it and jim, so far christie said he would keep the current testing. >> all right, sharee we will keep track this obviously thank you. >> some of philadelphia's bravest men and women were honored tonight in northeast philadelphia. fraternal order of police held its awards dinner tonight and fop honored dozens of police officers who have gone beyond the call of duty to help keep the city of philadelphia safe. >> still to come on "action news" tonight the bomb shell indictment against the former speaker of the house of representatives. and plus, never lose a photographer again. a tech company you're very familiar with offers to store all of your photos and videos online for free. >> also, can you spell impasse. we'll show you why tonight's national spelling beacon test ants were so good that the judges could not ping a sing are winner.
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>> tag a look at the center city sky line. drier more comfortable air moving in and dramatic changes offer the weekend. i'm explain in the accuweather forecast. >> and e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! ota. ducis rodgers takes us there when "action news" continues tonight
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>> he paid hush nonkeep unidentified person queue bet some alleged prior misconduct by master. indictment master paid the individual 1.7 million from various bank accounts. former new york governor announced candidacy this morning
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for republican nomination for president he is known as moderate and was governor during 9/11 era. >> montgomery county pharmaceutical power house teva will pay 1.2 billion in legal settle wment government over the wait fullness pill pro vigil. they auto caused one of the subsidiaryy companies of illegally blocking launch of again eric version and paying offer other companies. they gave generic drug makeser money ton keep the drug off the market. fts says industry so-called pay for delay deals drives up costs for patients. >> on "healthcheck" at 11 fb. a sake looking into a surgical device that was found top cause cancer in some women. and the device is a laproscopic power morslter used to remove fib roids or benign tumors in
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uterus and if the mass is found to be malignant the device can spread that cancer. johnson and johnson one of the main manufacturers of the device was alerted about the possible risk in 2006 and it pull the morslater off the market july of last year. >> amazon is now offering free same day delivery for prime members in 14 cities including philadelphia. the speedy shipping applies to certain category whys such as books, electronics and vacation gear. orders need to be placed by noon and are supposed to be delivered before 9 p.m.. and amazon used to charge $6 for same day service and prime membership costs $99 a year. do you want to store all of your photos and videos online for free? well goingal announced today will do just that providing unlimited storage space in the cloud. the service will be offered in google photos app on android and
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apple and on a web site. photos can be up to 6 mega pixels and hd video can be up to 10 adp and experts remind users google will likely scan photos to improve its search software and add targeting. >> all aboard. patco put six new train cars into operation today and the current fleet has been in service for nearly 50 years these upgraded cars departed from wood crest station in cherry hill and first of planned 100 next generation cars that should be riding rails by end of year. and the end of next year in total this is 194 million dollar improvement project for patco and about 40% of which is coming from federal funds. >> the scripts national spell >> the scripts national spelling bee was held tonight and it proved impossible to stump them.
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nunatak. >> correct. >> waep that vanya. shivashankar and gokul venkatachalam won and ended in a tie. until last year it had not ended in a tie. they're getting marter and marter every year. >> they could not get one to get one wrong. >> impressive. >> accuweather forecast. >> tomorrow will be a little cooler and more comfortable than it's been. still, 85. stromtracker doubling scan showed isolated downpours mainly across delaware and south yearsy have now left the region and action cam taking a look up and the clouds clearing up enough that you can get a really nice view of the waxing gibos moon. it's now 80% illuminated and it will be full moon on tuesday night. great looking shot. there temperatures, though, still pretty warm in
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philadelphia 78 degrees. wilmington 73. millville 68. allentown 69. sea isle city currently 67 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the cold front that moved through this afternoon, this evening, that brought those isolated downpours this is just stalled to the south. you can see that band of clouds and what this will do is allow slightly drier air to move in overnight. and in the meantime, texas yet another round of severe weather and heavy rain. the wettest may, wettest month really on record for the state of texas and near dallas more than 20" of rain and you can see another band of heavy downpours and severe thunderstorms working through there. and back at home tomorrow, decent day. still on the warm side. 85 degrees. dew points instead of upper 60s will be in the low 60s in philadelphia. and the 50s in northwest suburbs and so you will notice a touch less humid. and as we head into saturday though the humidity is back with winds out of the south.
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ahead of a cold front of the high warm 88 degrees and that front will move in on sunday. and that has a good chance of some round of heavy showers and thunderstorms and behind that system on monday a mainly your cool down as we begin the month of june. and a lot of people heading to dover this weekend. race weekend. and it's looking good tomorrow for the truck races and partly sunny, 81 for the qualifiers on saturday. warm and breezy. 84. for sprint cup series unfortunately there will be showers and thunderstorms around. could have a delay and high of 8 degrees. heading to the shore. 55 degrees ocean walter temperature chilly. on the beaches temperatures in the 70s. friday mostly sunny, 72 and saturday partly sunny 74 and sunday first half of the day probably okay. showers and thunderstorms developing in the afternoon with a high of 77. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. 58. so warm, but the humidity not as oppressive as today.
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saturday warm, breezy, more muggy, 88 degrees. and surprised, is a day you'll need umbrella and hours to and thunderstorms, 84. and future tracker timing out a band a real solid band of showers and thunderstorms around 4bg droping a lot of rain and behind that system it stalls on monday. so that means clouds with showers and temperatures really crash. first day of june the high only 65 degrees and we bump it up to 69 on tuesday. drying things out by wednesday. beautiful, 76 and by thursday, turning warmer, high of 82 degrees and we desperately need the rain. we need heavy downpours late on sunday sgln can we say waxing and i waning or just watching. wayneing is when you come off a full moon. waxing is when you head towards a full moon. >> i understand. >> thank you cecily. >> you're welcome. >> inspiring new documentary received star treatment tonight in northern liberties and the film is called glens village
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andit tells the story of pennsylvania sophomore glen casey that over came childhood trauma and life surround bid drugs and violence to neighboring into ivy league. casey was there for event tonight which also featured panel discussion after the screening. >> there was a slice of las vegas tonight at the pyramid dmrub center city philadelphia and they held a monte carlo night and the men get and keep jobs. they provide clients with new suits, career counseling, and job advice. and our own brian taff served asthmaer of ceremonies tonight for the annual young leaders event in honor of project home. more than 400 people turned out at the museum to help with homelessness in september are
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>> chip has spoken own a lot of
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eagles fans are listening. >> chip was a little upset today. so much has gone on with eagles since we last heard from chip kelly from the draft. the latest was sean mccoy ripping his former coach. jeff skversky reports as the birds wrap up ota. >> there have been so many change this off season. chip kelly says race does not blah a factor under who stays and who goes. chip depending himself for the first time from the comments sean mccoy said he gets rid of the black players the fastest. >> in that situation i think he's wrong. we put a lot of time in looking at character and factors that go into selection and retention of players and color has never been one of them. >> out is mccoy and new look offense will likely sent area round sam bradford. former number one overall pick is limited right now during off season training as we works his
2:05 am
way back from two torn acls in left knee. for now mark sanchez is taking first team reps while bradford is heads stant to say he'll be ready to go week one. he's confident he can bounce back from the two injuries. >> it feels great. staff here has dpon a great job. i would say in the past stoyx eight weeks you know things turned a corner and made a lot of progress and that's a credit to the plan they put together and to what the people in st. louis did before i got here and but i think as long as we continue to trend in the right direction then i'll be fine. >> there's another new face in town. that loves our 6abc camera. here's tim tebow up close today. tebow is trying to president correct his career after being out of work the last two years. for now he's fourth string quarterback and he's happy to be here. >> i think you go out and compete and try to earn you know whatever you can. so, it's just about competing and trying to get better every day and you know that's the goal. >> tebow will likely compete for
2:06 am
matt barkley for third string quarterback. when asked if he could be part of special teams he said oom a quarterback. jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> still to come, see what causes these people to fa
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. >> the felllies had the night off. tomorrow night they begin a three-game home series with the rockies phils lost four straight. friendly reminder watch more television.
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nba finals will be shown on 6abc game one cavs and war jurors set for next thursday 9 p.m.. finally tonight we take you to gloucestershire england and thousands turn up to watch the cheese rolling races. the rules are simple. roll cheese and chase. it purpose is not that simple that would require psychologist who likely charges $150 an hour official competition was cancelled in 2010 due to organizers fear of being liable for injury and people shown up anyway year after year and winner gets you guessed it cheese. no. yeah. yes, cheese. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on chapel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 4:30 for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner goodnight.
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