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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 29, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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(sighs) so... did y'all bag on sam once we left? what could we possibly say about her? we met her for, like, two seconds. well, that's all you're gonna get because she dumped me. go ahead. bad hair, weird nose thick neck. she shook my hand with her fingertips. what are you, the queen of france? her face made me want to learn how to box. man, there's a lot of love in this room. aw. sorry.
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feel secure in your dentures... feel free to be yourself all day. just switch from denture paste to sea-bond denture adhesive seals. holds stronger than the leading paste all day... without the ooze. feel secure. be yourself. with stronger, clean sea-bond. >> look at this. the pile of dirt. is that what you see? well it's what's left of all that snow that fell on boston over the winter. it's still there, reena, under all that fill is solid ice. plenty of garbage, other stuff frozen into it. the department of public works chief calls it science experiment waiting to happen. they say it probably won't
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completely melt for several more weeks. but yes here we are. about to be june. >> science experiment. do not put my child in that thing. >> but it's still there. all that snow. >> speaking of risks and health warnings there is a new warning about a potential health risk from tattoos. researchers say some inches can cause major long-term skin problems. itching, scalping and permanently raised areas. they say the longer lasting complications occur in areas with red and black ink. knows are actually two pretty common colors for tattoos. >> wow. what about your tattoos? what color are they? >> purple and pink. >> so you're good. >> where are they again? how many is it you have? >> you know my mom always said never get tattoos. >> but you didn't listen to mama. >> i always listen to ma moo. >> you don't have any tattoos? >> no. >> do you? >> you didn't know i have tattoos. >> i do actually. do you want to show the audience where it is. >> i have to disrobe slightly.
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>> in another health note this morning, a prominent hospital in texas is rethinking security measures after a con artist posed as a doctor. he even went as far as to visit patients in their rooms. >> he was playing doctor for real. abc's mara schiavocampo with this crazy story. >> dallas area hospitals on alert after the hospital officials say this man it, 23-year-old terrence king impersonated a doctor at children's medical center dallas. reportedly even entering a patient's room wearing a lab coat carrying ipad and two pagers, later allegedly fleeing from police in a stolen ambulance with its emergency lights on before crashing into a bmw, caught after a foot chase. it's not the first time we've seen this kind of medical misbehavior. in 2011 17-year-old matthewshite was arrested in florida for impersonating a doctor even treating patients. >> that's when he said can you take over cpr. >> now the hospital where he was
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busted says they have put their staff on be alert and will refine our procedures that help insure the safety of our patients. this may not be the first time king has done something like this. he was arrested in 2013 for impersonating a dallas firefighter. mara schiavocampo, abc news new york. >> coming up bruce jenner fighting back in court now. >> asking a judge to throw out the wrongful death suit against him in connection to a deadly car accident. what his lawyers are saying. that story up next.
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>> tt2wút3n@/4 bt@qx
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" lzt& > you know i'm losing my mind today. >> this is your morning. >> this is it. you know. >> ed sheeran. >> i found out about ed doing the show with you one night. i did a piece on him on "nightline." had no idea who he was. love this kid. ooze in the park. i can't wait. >> you've been talking about this for some time. pull it up pull it up. there's the pass. >> boom. >> that's going to get him in. >> all access. >> there's the pass that's going to get him arrest bid nypd.
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ed sheeran is going to be like who is this groupie. gma. >> i qualify as a groupie today. looking forward to it. but in the park. >> i'm not a groupie, but yes i'm a groupie about ed sheeran. got to go he said. i'm too excited about ed sheeran. >> bruce jenner going on the offensive in court fighting back against that is wrongful death lawsuit filed against him for that deadly car accident earlier this year. >> asking a judge to throw out the lawsuit all together. abc's linsey davis with the story. >> bruce jenner is fighting back against his involvement in the deadly malibu car crash that claimed the life of 69-year-old kimberly howe. >> are there any injuries. >> i'm going to say yes. it looks pretty bad. one car is destroyed. >> bruce, are you okay. >> the reality show star who after passing a police so bright star walked away from the collision unharmed objecting to a lawsuit filed by howe's 57 and 60-year-old stepchildren seeking compensatory damage claiming
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jenner was negligent, careless and reckless in the incident. jenner striking back filing court documents obtained by abc news calling the accident a terrible tragedy, but deny diagnose financial responsibility to howe's stepchildren saying they are financially independent, successful adult stepchildren who were not financially dependent upon the decedent for the necessities of life. >> bruce jenner's attorneys have a good argument to dismiss this case. >> jenner was one of many involved in the crash that took howe's life. jenner has not been charged in connection with the incident. police are still investigating. jenner's lawyers telling abc news we continue to express sincerest sympathies for the friends and family of kimberly howe adding the plaintiff's lack of standing to file this case is no comment at all upon their grief or affection. it is merely a statement of law. linsey davis, abc news new york. >> right. coming up two summer
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and grease is gone. ♪ >> time now for our favorite segment of the week checking out two movies opening this weekend. >> we start with "san andreas" starring dwayne johnson, also known as the rock. he's a rescue chopper pilot trying to save his estranged daughter. seismologist paul giamatti tries to warn the world the worst is yet to come. >> a quake. >> it's up to a 7.1! jesus, get the hell out of there!
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everybody get off. >> all right. action packed. it's a disaster flick. what do you expect? they're going to tear up another american city. scoring a splat on rotten tomatoes getting a 50%. andrew barker describes it as a movie that quickly disintegrates to fatally stupid. scott saying those merely wanting lookout, earthquake will get their money's worth. it's a disaster flick. >> "aloha" the comedy stars brady cooper returning to the site of his greatest career triumph, the u.s. space program in honolulu and reconnects with a love who got away while falling for the hard charging air force pilot played by emma stone as they try to stop a satellite launch. >> nobody wants to live where they are. they all want to be in a fantasy. she gave me the heave.
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>> boy, did she blow it. if i may. you have no to know that. >> i know what you're doing. you're not going to pick my brains. your attempt to get under my hood is frankly -- fantastic. >> well, if that doesn't make you want to go see it -- is this the only clip we have? >> that was the best one. volcano of controversy amid allegations of cultural misappropriation. it earned almost 7% on rotten tomatoes. andrew barker unbalanced unwieldy and sometimes nearly uninterrogate. i would still go see it. >> rachel mcadams is in it. >> and bradley cooper. >> there you go.
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this morning on "world news now," flood emergency. the rains in the south refusing to let up. thousands forced to three their homes escaping the dangerous and deadly waters. crews constantly working to rescue the trapped and stranded. forecast just ahead. >> renters beware. if that summer vacation deal seems to good to be true it probably is. one family's surprise when the real owner stopped by. >> he basically said sorry to tell you this but you have been scammed. >> how to keep thieves from sandbagging you this summer. >> and spelling success. the nation's best and brightest young spellers put it all on the line at the national spelling bee. the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. competitors doing everything they can to avoid a dreaded ding. >> nunatak.
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>> n-u-n-a-t-a-k. >> and for the second year in a row, a tie. just simply no more words. we'll meet the winners on this friday, may 29th. captions paid for by abc, inc. >> from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> well, happy friday everyone. there is breaking news at this hour. we are possibly talking about miriam webster changing their name to shivah shank car venkatachalam. >> we haven't had a tie in 50 years and now back to back years. they don't have enough words for the kids to keep spelling. their last names shivashankar and venkatachalam. it's a big thing. >> every year the day after the spelling bee, we're having to
3:02 am
look up the winning word. what does that word mean? >> these were not s.a.t. words we studied. >> we'll show you the words later. nunatak and something else. that's fun stuff. we have to start with the nasty stuff which is still the weather. this has been all week we've been talking about this stuff. deluge in the plains. more pouring rain rising rivers forcing thousands of people to leave homes and cars. >> texas and oklahoma the bull's eye again today bracing for more scenes like this one. southwest of oklahoma city. firefighters working around the clock, pulling off one rescue after another. at least two the dozen people are dead and 14 missing. here's more from abc's brandi hitt. >> new evacuations under way in texas along with water rescues near houston and now we're hear stag terrifying stories firsthand. >> oh no! >> from those who barely escaped the powerful force of floodwaters did earlier this
3:03 am
week in wimberley. the perez family trapped surrounded by water inside their vacation home. they later spoke to kdue. >> i was scared for my life and her life. >> we went into survival mode. i tied sheets together to make a lifeline. >> rescued by boat in the nick of time but three other families swept away inside their vacation home didn't have the same luck. seven remain missing >> right now we must focus on finding those still missing. and just as importantly, pray for the living whose hearts are broken. >> reporter: lieutenant governor dan patrick got an aerial look at the widespread devastation. thousands of homes across the can lone star state now damaged or destroyed. >> there we go. >> several tornadoes also touched down including this ef-2 that sent three drilling workers to the hospital. as 33 million americans now brace for more severe weather. blanco river behind me isn't
3:04 am
expected to rise as high as earlier this week but search and rescue teams say more rain will shift all of these debris fields mangled trees and metal and that makes it more difficult to find survivors. brandi hitt abc news wimberley, texas. >> another soaker today in some areas. >> for more on what we can expect let's turn to meteorologist justin pavek. hey there. >> thanks and good morning. very concerned about additional flash flooding over the south plains later on today into tonight. and then again heading na toward the upcoming weekend. we saw that very dangerous life-threatening flash flooding around lawton oklahoma yesterday. could see similar scenes around oklahoma city and dallas later on this afternoon. meanwhile heading toward the upcoming weekend, the northeast dealing with heavy rain and some gusty thunderstorms, as well. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thanks so much justin. stunning news a former speaker of the house charged with violating banking laws and lying to the fbi about it.
3:05 am
dennis hastert allegedly was trying to hide huge cash withdrawals supposedly part of a $3.57 million in hush money by the illinois republican. hastert retired from congress eight years ago and a lobbyist since. >> with allegations of bribery swirling all around the organizers of world soccer are voting today who should be their leader. the vote happening in zurich switzerland where seven soccer officials were arrested on wednesday among the 14 people accused of taking $150 million in bribes. sepp blatter is the current head of the organization known as fifa. they're the ones that put on the world cup. he's seeking a fifth term. the u.s. and every european soccer nation expected to vote against him. blatter broke his silence yesterday blaming what he called the actions of individuals. >> a major twist in the trial of the movie theater gunman in colorado. a videotaped interview cast doubt on his defense.
3:06 am
james holmes and his attorneys claim he's not guilty by reason of insanity. the video undermines that. clayton sandell. >> for the first time jurors are seeing and hearing the gunman in his own words during an exam to determine whether he was insane or not. >> brings tears to your eyes sometimes? >> just regrets. >> regrets about? >> about the shooting. >> one psychiatrist who examined holmes says he is mentally ill but knew what he was doing. >> is it your opinion that the defendant james eagen holmes met the definition of legal sanity? >> yes. >> the testimony comes as prosecutors have focused on sections of the gunman's own notebook they say shows careful planning. here he considers targeting an airport, ruling it out because of substantial security. he diagrams several auditoriums but notes avoid theater one, too many exits. holmes attorneys pursuing an
3:07 am
insanity defense. >> my mind period. it is broken. i tried to fix it. >> nearly eight pages are filled with just one word why. that is the question still haunting families of the 12 people killed and dozens injured. >> it is not something that we can get over. >> during this examination, holmes was interviewed for a total of 22 hours. and in the coming days the jury will hear all of it. clayton sandell, abc news centennial colorado. >> a major bank is reportedly cutting back. "wall street journal" says jpmorgan chase eliminating more than 5,000 jobs 2% of its current workforce. insiders say the cuts have already started part of a move to rely less on human tellers and more on technology. the average branch would lose one employee over the next two years. >> george pataki joined the crowd of republican presidential hopefuls making his announcement on youtube.
3:08 am
pataki told supporters as a mod he can pull a divided nation together. he served three terms as governor of a heavily democratic state. the republican governor of another democratic state chris christie is changing his tune on education. christie now says the "common core national education standards aren't working." and new jersey should do something different. just a few years ago, he supported them. his latest effort to be more appealing to conservative voters as heconsiders a bid for the republican presidential nomination. >> how many are we up to now? is it seven officially? >> are we talking republican or just folks -- there are definitely more on the republican side. >> i think it's seven official flip unofficially probably what, 150 people thinking about running for the republican nomination? >> who knows. i'm waiting for you to announce one day at this point. >> why not. you know what? where's my shot. america, i'm just kidding. i'm sorry, no, no reena.
3:09 am
let's turn now. three torch relays to tell you about ahead of this summer's special olympics world games in l.a. one of them started yesterday in d.c. the others began in maine and miami. those torches will be carried through every state. the games in l.a. run from july 25th to august 2nd. >> just want to know if you have a run, i would grill new any sort of interview. >> would you vote for me? >> i don't publicly say who i vote for. >> you wouldn't. >> i like to remain neutral. >> what was the -- >> i don't want to give away my political leanings. >> i'm your friend. you wouldn't vote for me? >> you are my friend. >> no matter if i'm a republican democrat you wouldn't vote for me. >> grace was born with most of her right arm missing and her parents couldn't afford a hi-tech prosthetic. >> a group of high school engineering students created an artificial limb using plastics and a 3-d printer.
3:10 am
when it came time to debut the work they decided to go big. little grace dolled up. she looks gorgeous arriving in a limo to demonstrate her arm in front of a sold out house. >> the process documented in a student film named "the hand of grace." >> she looks like a little princess. doesn't she the? >> they made something out of it. they made a whole scene out of it. >> they krafted two different prosthetic arms and enjoyed the project so much they're working on a third. >> very cool. >> coming up the wedding proposal at a wedding that ignited a heated debate. >> i hear that right? a wedding proposal at a wedding? >> yes she what the bride has to say. >> first all the drama pla from the national spelling bee. the contenders hoping all those hours with a dictionary paid off and why they just ran out of words. we'll meet some of the smartest kids in the country. >> also scam surprise that could easily ruin your summer vacation. rentals listed to rent but not
3:11 am
by the owner. also a rumor you can find us on facebook and on twitter @abcwnn. you are watching "world news now." now."
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welcomes you. and try resolve for amazing stain removal the first time. michigan at the site of a ship wreck that could contain a massive gold treasure. two hunters announced they found the wreck last year and now closer than ever to a long
3:15 am
lostload of confederate gold thought to be worth more than $2 million. no immediate plans to try to raise a safe thought to hold the gold. >> hmm. all right. turning now to a spectacular view from the top of the world. the observation deck at 1 world trade center. look at it there, it's now open to the public. new york city laid out. you can see this from 102 stories up. bad weather though and many spectators only got to see a glimpse of a white wall of clouds. still on a clear day you can expect to see up to 50 miles out. >> stunning. absolutely stunning >> they've been working on that for quite symptom time. it's there, ready, open to the public. >> that scares me though. >> that high up yeah. >> you see the floor where you look down. yeah. >> back here on ground a growing number of americans looking for ways to save a few bucks on vacation rentals but finding themselves stung by scammers. >> yeah this is called the scraping scams. aimed at people looking to rent homes.
3:16 am
now scammers are targeting vacanciers. here rebecca jarvis. >> many of us are now in the middle of planning those much needed summer vacations, even ditching fancy hotels for family friendly apartments or hopes. posted online. but renters beware. some ads may not lead to you vacation bliss. >> the better business bureau with a new warning for summer saying in the past year in the boston area alone, more than 400 complaints about vacation rentals. >> people will introduce properties that are not really for sale. >> i should have thought, wow, you know at $400 a night, this house is amazing. how could that be. i thought maybe we were lucky. >> cherry mcafter free ren this had beautiful home in lake tahoe for the summer for her family of 14. through an ad on the rental website home >> it's sprawling, big place. >> 4,000 square feet inside.
3:17 am
>> as her family members started to arrive so did the owner of the house, shaun, who it turns out did not put his home up for rent. >> he basically said sorry to tell you this but you guys have been scammed. >> the ad was a fake scamming cherry and her family out of nearly $1500. she says they weren't the only ones. >> i have confirmed episodes with various groups families believing they were renting my properties which indeed they had been scammed. >> home told us it suspends potentially fraudulent lent accounts and warns travelers about those listings adding we work on a case by case an basis to get go their money back but urge customers to educate themselves. >> the family says they received a full refund from their bank. so what can you do to make sure your vacation is safe? experts say do your research and get everything in writing before payment. reverse google search the image of the vacation rental. if it comes up on multiple
3:18 am
sites, keep moving. and never wire money. use a credit card or paypal instead. rebecca jarvis abc news new york. >> sounds terrific tips there. coming up in in your next half hour the pilot accused of being drunk in the cockpit. that pilot plowing his cessna into a shed with his son on board. what authorities found inside that plane. >> for the second year in a row, we have two winners in the scripps national spelling bee. you're watching "world news now."
3:19 am
all right. kids apparently are just getting smarter these days. >> we love this story. >> the story of the day. >> it is. till last year it hasn't
3:20 am
happened for more than 50 years. for the second year in a row there are two winners in the national spelling bee. >> abc's michele franzen on who had the last word. . >> c-r-a-n-n-o-g. >> correct. >> it's it the annual ordeal to see who can be letter perfect. >> correct. >> thank you. >> when even a momentary die spell. >> that's not right. >> can spell doom. >> for $37,000 in cash and prizes young people from all over the united states run an obstacle course of abcs to see who can spell success most often. >> i-e-s- >> s-. >> correct. >> >>. >> to tartarian, the bell tolled for each verbal victim until there were two.
3:21 am
>> s-c-y-t-a-l-e. >> that's how good they are. >> vv vv and gokul venkatachalam in a war of words. >> if you spell this word correctly, the scripps national bee will declare you and vanya cochampions. >> they battled to a draw. >> you none na tack. >> n-u-n-a-t-a-k. >> correct. >> congratulations. >> the two share the trophy as cochampions. a spell binder to the very end. michele franzen, abc news new york. >> it wasn't even sweating it. nunatak. can we go home now? >> they study for so long practically account entire dictionary. it's not easy. >> every single word we had in that piece i have no idea what they mean. >> i think most of america has no idea. >> these kids are amazing. why do they put the pressure on the kid at the end? if you get this one right, it's
3:22 am
going to be a tie. come on man. >> he still nailed it. congrats to both. >> congrats. they get re-heated. re-nuked. and re-baked. and when leftovers are done... there's always stuff left over. new dawn platinum power clean calls dibs on those. it powers through tough, dried-on messes in seconds. even 48 hour stuck-on food. so go ahead, triple that recipe! a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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spelling. >> we're still stuck on the spelling >> love it. >> now it's time for the mix". interesting mix today. >> you've got a good one today. >> yes. would you be mad if somebody decided to take your wedding and use it as an opportunity to propose to their significant other? >> kind of showing you up right? >> that's what happened to a woman in iowa. fiancee proposed to her at her friend's wedding. pictures were uploaded to reddit. staggering number of almost 2 million people. this wasn't really any girl's nightmare. that was a headline. any girl's nightmare. the truth is had the woman, the bride actually wanted the maid of honor to be proposed to in this way. >> what do you think, reena, your wedding? >> the bride, it was her idea.
3:26 am
>> you as the bride? >> don't show the me up on my big day. >> reena? >> right. >> what would you think if this happened at your wedding that you saw them sitting at the table there. >> your wedding. >> i get why she did it. it was such a happy moment she wanted her friend to be happy. i'm for it. it's a special day for more than one couple. >> you wouldn't mind if one of your girls did it. >> no, i'd be happy. time for "the mix." polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow stuff you saw on koppel's show that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every
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anchor guy and gal do the world news pole cal ♪ everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka. >> insomniacs only ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ ♪ who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ when they yell it's half past 3:00 tell them hey it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka they make us work the graveyard shift that's why we go for broke ♪ ♪ so why not tune in abc and join our little joke ♪ ♪ five whole days every week we're here with the tonguing in cheek and the world news polka ♪ ♪ not lip sync it's the world news polka ♪ >> yeah.
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this morning on "world news now," bombshe this morning on "world news now," bombshell indictment. the former speaker of the house charged with hiding money from the government and then lying about it and plus the alleged bribes he offered to keep others quiet. the latest details ahead. >> little answers provided by the company responsible for that disastrous oil leak and the balls of tar washing up on other california beaches. could there be a connection? >> for the first time since his death, michael jackson's neverland ranch is on the market with some major upgrades. you got to hear this price tag. >> and a match made in tv haven has fallen back to earth. farmer chris and whitney making a big announcement just two months after the bachelor finale. the story ahead in "the skinny" on this friday, may 29th. captions paid for by abc, inc.
3:31 am
>> from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> farmer? >> yeah. >> happy friday, everyone. >> is it a happy friday? it is a superhappy friday. >> i hear breakups are in the air. >> breakups are in the air. we have spelling bee champions in the air, too. >> that's good stuff. >> that's good stuff. >> the breakup thing. didn't we just crown them and celebrate this couple? over already. >> you never know. it ain't over till you put a ring on it. >> did he put a ring on it? >> he put a ring on it, right? didn't they get engaged. >> i thought he said i have a ring and we'll maybe -- >> the ring is off of it. jack, this is your wheelhouse. jack? jack, two months, it's over. >> what's that? >> two months, it's over. >> it's over. >> two months. >> sorry, i'm emotional. >> what faith should i have in this bachelorette season going on now? they're going to break up. >> you never know what to expect. >> okay. >> you could be the next bachelor and your wife doesn't
3:32 am
even know it. >> she would know it. >> you're right, you're right. you're right. >> glad she doesn't watch the show. >> i'm glad both of our spouses don't. >> we begin with the federal charges, serious stuff. >> man, this was a bombshell. where did this come fromle? we've got a lot of questions still about this. it's a weird story in a lot of ways. >> we're talking about the former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. he's accused of violating banking laws and lying to the fbi. >> federal indictment hints at wrongdoing by hastert long before he was a heart beat away from the presidency back when he was a high school wrestling coach and teacher. let's get the details now from abc's devin dwyer. >> former house speaker dennis hastert accused of a dark past before his career in politics. federal prosecutors have indicted the illinois republican for trying to hide nearly $2 million in secret payments to an unidentified person and lying about it to the fbi. >> the indictment alleges hastert structured withdrawals
3:33 am
from his bank accounts to avoid detection. when asked about it, city told the fbi he didn't feel safe with the banking system. according to court documents saying yeah, i kept the cash. that's what i'm doing. authorities say the money was to compensate and conceal for some prior misconduct by hastert. the indictment says nothing about what hastert was allegedly trying to cover up, but it appears to be something he did long before he was speaker of the house. >> i never envisioned that this former teacher and wrestling coach from kendall county, illinois, would have the opportunity to lead the united states house of representatives. >> hastert has not responded to abc news requests for comment. who is the person hastert was paying? authorities won't say but the individual has allegedly known hastert most of their lives in the town where he taught high school. >> hastert has been a lobbyist here in washington, d.c. since 2008. after the indictment, his company removed his bio from their website. if convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison and a half million dollar fine. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. >> let's turn to the plains, the
3:34 am
flood weary plains. some towns rain will not let up. hundreds of families forced to leave their homes along rising rivers across texas. firefighters scrambling to keep up with the nonstop calls for help, pulling trapped men, women and children to safety. death toll has now hit 24. 14 others still missing. each new round of rain is making it that much more difficult for the certainly. this is just unreal. we've been talking about this every single week, all week, every day this week. it seems like we're talking about the same areas. it's not like it's moving along. it's been sitting right over the plains. look at some of these pictures. stranded residents being plucked from some of these flooded homes and cars across oklahoma. torrential downpour dumped 5 inches of rain in the town of lawton yesterday afternoon, filling up streets catching drivers off guard, roads vanished under flowing water from canals and creeks. rescuers had to use front loaders to get them out. another day of this stuff is on tap for that same area today.
3:35 am
>> it's so heart breaking. spots between dallas and oklahoma city will get more than 2 inches of rain this afternoon. scattered storms across the rest of the south. also some heavy rain in much of the upper midwest plan on mid 80 degree temperatures on the east and west coasts. southwest much of the midwest. phoenix the hot spot, soaring into the triple digits. >> new details this morning about that anthrax scare. the u.s. military sending a live anthrax spores via fedex. at least 26 people are taking antibiotics after possible exposure to anthrax. it was mistakenly sent to 18 labs in nine states and to an army base in south korea. before being mailed 9 anthrax was bombarded with radiation to kill account live spores but some of those survived lead together current scare. officials say the public, however, is not in any danger. >> the southern california beaches plagued by mysterious oily goo could be clean enough to reopen this weekend. crews have scooped up truckloads
3:36 am
of tar balls and clumps that washed ashore along a seven-mile stretch on wednesday. no new tar bells from been spotted from manhattan beach to redondo beach. tests on where it originated could take days. >> railroads have to continue notifying states about hazardous crude oil shipments. the transportation department was about to require that states ask for the information, first respond others though had expressed worries about the change in the wake of fiery accidents involving these trains you're seeing here. the railroads must continue to provide oil train routes and volume information. >> you may soon be able to find out whether your car was one of those potentially fatal air bags. four major automakers are at thing the federal government exactly which models need to be recalled. but abc's david kerley says the list is not yet complete. >> reporter: a week after that japanese air bag maker expanded the recall we're learning that ford mitsubishi bmw and
3:37 am
chrysler have told the government and it's been made public, which cars can carry potentially defective bag deplay thors. five have died in this country. but all the cars affected have still not been listed. >> for a manufacturer not to know which makes, models and vehicles have the takata inflater in it and the kind is just irresponsible. >> the government has said it could take days to weeks to collect all the millions of numbers from the carmakers. and the carmakers admitted once all the numbers are online, you may have to wait months if not years to get a replacement. >> depends upon the manufacturer. some like honda will be ready to do it almost immediately. some like chrysler will probably take a year. >> it could be another week or more. honda is telling customers to check its website june 15th to find out if they're on the recall list. you'll need the vehicle identification number. it's right here at the bottom of the dash through the windshield 1 numbers and letters that you
3:38 am
need to write down and enter into the website to see if your car is part of this recall. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> the secret service is working on plans to reinforce the fence around the white house. security experts are testing out seven-inch spikes that would be installed on top of the existing barrier. the idea to deter would be fence jumpers. the actual installation is set to take place sometime this summer. >> pope francis will visit the white house in september. he's also going to philadelphia where yesterday they unveiled plans for a massive mural featuring the pope along with plenty of parents and children. the mural when it's completed will be more than 4200 square feet spanning an entire wall. students from catholic schools will be among those doing the painting. >> if you're a fan after beer and music -- >> got my attention. >> i did. you might be interested in a little experiment under way. >> it has to do with music affecting the taste. but it's the beer that's doing the listening. let us explain here. music, what music should beer be listening to?
3:39 am
all right. let's say wu tang clan. dot street brewery is hoping the legendary hip-hop group's beats help to develop an interesting taste. here's the method. own a few people will get that. the method. they've attached speakers to the keg in hopes the bass also move around the yeast during the fermentation and they'll be playing wu tang 24/7 on spotify. >> that is interesting. >> you like that? >> i do like that . notable wu tongue -- wu tong -- cream, cream which stands for, t.j., come back, please. >> that is what we call a wrap, reena. that is literally a wrap. >> wu tang songs. we're going back >> wu tongs. they make kitchen utensils. yes. they make wu tongs.
3:40 am
that's awesome. >> i'll help you with the spelling segment if you come back in. >> did you see, wu tongs. >> i'm better with my spelling. cream, do you know cream? it's a song by the wu-tang clang. >> what did you call it? >> end the segment. y'all go to commercial break. please. >> cream, cash rules everything around me. >> roll some spelling bee footage for her. >> cream ruled the money. dollar dollar bill, y'all. >> go to commercial, please. >> cream, i can also spell that. >> c-r-e-a-m. we'll be back. come on back, teej. come on. we'll be back. come on back, teej. come on. you are loved in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play.
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that detergent was like half the price! and we'll have to use like double! maybe more! i'm going back to the store? yes you are. dish issues? get cascade complete. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. now that's clean. ♪ >> who are we listening to there, reena?
3:44 am
>> this is the wu tang clan. i said wu tong because maybe we could partner with them and do a kitchen line of tongs and grill stuff. >> that's why you said it. >> they have fire. >> we've got -- >> it's friday, folks. there's some, it was -- >> it was a simple mistake. slip of the tongue. >> an honest slip. >> i could say shivashankar venkatachalamm. >> those are the kids who won the spelling bee. yes. you get that right. four-letter tang -- >> difficult. >> it's tricky. how about we move onto the faa investigating an incident actually out of this in melbourne, florida, involving a small plane. the pilot is actually accused of being drunk in the cockpit. >> yeah. the air traffic controllers here got concerned because the man had slurred speech. they were trying to communicate with him. authorities were tipped off by the pilot's young son actually. here now abc's linsey davis. >> police now revealing inside this small plane that slammed
3:45 am
into this shed before takeoff they found a half empty bottle of cognac, a bottle of wine and a plastic water bottle filled with liquid that smelled like alcohol. the pilot 57-year-old christopher hall now charged with reckless operation of a vessel and child abuse without harm because also board that twin engine cessna, his 10-year-old son. >> hold your position. >> moments before the crash, this terse exchange. >> hold your position. i didn't tell you to move. >> the plane then crosses restricted space. and hits the shed. >> turn your engines off, sir. kill your engines. >> according to the police report, hall, an engineer, had the smell of alcohol on his breath. was slurring his words and refused a breathalyzer test. it's his son who told police to check his father's computer bag where they reportedly find the stash of alcohol. >> that's a serious violation. he's probably done flying >> that plane towed away, the son was released to a family friend. linsey davis, abc news, new york.
3:46 am
>> when we come back, the ultimate piece of michael jackson memorabilia is now on the market. his prized neverland ranch. >> also the match made on tv. right here on tv is now on the rocks. >> not here. >> well, abc, excuse me. i should -- thank you for clearing that up. >> we'll be right back. skinny is up next. "the skinny" is >> "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> here's the skinny. topping our headlines, the final trophy of michael jackson memorabilia is now on the market. >> "wall street journal" reports that the firm that bought at king of pop's famed never, neverland ranch outside santa barbara, california, has actually restored the property and put it up for sale. wow, that looks really nice. >> it's the first time since -- the giraffe is there, as well. >> threw you off. >> the home has a giraffe. yes, it's real. this is a legendary home. it has everything you saw there. it had a ferris wheel and -- >> big price tag too, a cool $100 million. >> restoration erased pretty much all the telltale signs of the former michael jackson. those exotic animals are gone, amusement park now gone. >> what remains is the 2700 acre property. there are 22 structures including a 12,000 square foot
3:49 am
main home with six bedrooms along with two guesthouses. >> the property is going back to its old name before jackson purchased it. who knew it was sycamore valley ranch. what does remain is the train made out from flowers that spell out neverland. >> some sad news and some would say predictable news. another couple brought together by the bachelor franchise has called it quits. >> chris the farmer from iowa and whitney the fertility nurse from chicago fell in love. they seemed like a couple created in agriculture haven. it seems like yesterday they were in the barn together for that magic moment. >> yeah. >> will you marry me? >> absolutely. >> yep, he put a ring on it. the closest they might be getting to a wedding now is the wedding reception that they crashed during an all on one date. a one-on-one date. >> are you okay?
3:50 am
>> on "the bachelor." >> there was a picture that showed whitney in iowa on his family farm not too long ago. he's reportedly still there. this is our bachelor correspondent jack. >> he believed in them. >> he's upset. >> he believed in them. >> the truth is i don't know why he's crying because he just gave meet stats that out of 28 couples that came together on these shows -- >> the next season is starting up. you'll move on. >> they're going to break up too. >> you'll move on. it's okay. >> they're all going to break up. only 6 out of these 28 couples on these shows stayed together. >> what did you call it? this is like football for women. >> the bachelor stuff? >> oh, yeah. >> goodness. >> and -- >> stop, people. this is totally unforeseen. we've got another breakup here. celebrity chef bobby flakes, actress stephanie march. things are turning sour fast. >> the couple split last month after ten years of marriage. now march is challenging the pre-nup requiring flay to pay her $5,000 a month. in touch reporting that march is
3:51 am
accusing flay of cheating on her with three women including "mad men" star january jones. >> tmz reporting that march claims it's her amazing palate responsible for his food skez. no comment yet from the flay or jones. >> finally, to what could turn out to be the breakup of a lifetime for a professional bono look alike. >> u2 rocker was performing in los angeles when he spotted joe ayer in the audience. now, pulled him up on stage. look at this here. bono gave the guy the lead while he played piano for the band's 1998 hit "the sweetest thing." ♪ ♪ sweetest thing ♪ >> do you know which one is who? >> you know what, you wouldn't know the difference. >> after the song, bono told him that he had a great voice. >> he said he had been contemplating quitting his
3:52 am
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♪ >> been a week of incredible flooding, a christian reality show family's sex scandal, and new entrants into the gop presidential race. >> but there were also some somber words from the president and words of wisdom for new graduates. here now our weekly friday rewind. >> this is the highest flood that we've ever had. in recorded history in the state of texas. >> we saw what we thought was a rescue boat coming down the river and we kind of did a cheer. and then we realized it was a car. >> she called me. she said i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad i love you and pray. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer
3:56 am
enrich themselves. >> today is the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states has not engaged in a major ground war. >> i don't believe anybody felt that ramadi would fall, and i think it's of great concern to everyone. >> isis exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately. >> i don't expect to hear that from someone running for the republican nomination. i think that is just fundamentally a misunderstanding of the nature of the enemy we face. >> it is brelo's perception of a threat that matters. >> i think the people of cleveland handled this. they should be so proud of themselves and we should look at cleveland as a model. >> we're the duggers. >> if the show is canceled the duggar family stands to lose rather a lot of money. >> it should be something that isn't a lot. it's a huge part of being a mother and motherhood. mother. it brought tears to my eyes
3:57 am
because my worlds collided at that moment. >> your mantra, your battle cry next. >> you didn't get that part? that's my point. next. you'll get the next one or the next one after that. break a leg. >> all right. >> good advice. >> we got a look back at the week that makes us nervous. >> i know where you're going. >> it does. >> you got to go to our facebook page in case you missed it. and what do you call these moments we have? >> funny, they're strange. there are a lot of things of what we say to each other during the commercial break. please don't judge us. it's unfiltered really. >> don't judge us. >> it's too late. >> wu tong. i have a feeling that's going to make it in. a simple slip of the tongue. i know it's wu tang. like tang. did you ever drink tang? what? >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- texas soaker. another round of severe weather hitting the state right now. pounding rains, once again. where evacuations are still under way from previous floods. we're tracking it all. indicted. the former speaker of the house in the cross hairs of federal prosecutors. allegations of lying to the fbi, shady bank deals, and hush money. what dennis has territory is accused of hiding. happening now. massive volcano erupting. an entire island forced to evacuate. and spell binding to the very end. competitors so good there are two winner iss in the national spelling bee.


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