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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> following a bunch of developing stories on this friday may 29. a barrage of bullets explode in delaware county overnight. one is dead, three injured. >> police are trying to identify a man whose body was stuffed in a suitcase. all new this morning how police used this video help them identify a blait tant violator. >> gets you so matt when you see that.
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>> reporter: let's go over to karen rogers who has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: if you're about to head out, you need to be careful. they are about to hit dover delaware. we have live lighting strikes heading toward south jersey, as well. one cluster that's out there this morning otherwise we're talking about dry conditions. let's check satellite and radar there you can see how the clouds have dissipated. while the few showers we had yesterday most of which left the coastline we're seeing a slow-moving cell that could be causing trouble as it brings down downpours in the area. as that front lifts out of here. look at the dewpoints. yesterday we were in the low # 0s. we're -- 70s. we are at 54.
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64 is the dewpoint in millville. dover, 72. so we are going to to see changes 57 in quaker torn. 61 in saint davids. 64 in hammonton. 71 in dover where you're getting the rain. here's what to expect, a bit less humid sunshine and clouds, temperatures in the mid 80s matt. >> reporter: at this point i've got one of the two coverages barely. don't go anywhere. for those going along i-95 looks like a good ride. the overnight construction zones have cleared out. we have our on going work zones like the one by girard avenue. this weekend we're getting a northbound traffic pattern shifting to the center of the roadway. watch out for that change over the weekend. by monday morning things will look different. no issues on the schuylkill expressway or the boulevard.
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phils are back in town that will cause congestion in south philadelphia. we have a festival that will be blocking polock street in south philadelphia. upper moreland crash has cleared out. there's construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between fort washington and willow grove left lane and center lane is out. burlington bristol wrij work has cleared -- bridge work has cleared. the ramble from the northbound side to the black horse is closed until 6:00 p.m. >> we're starting with a developing story this morning one person was killed three others were injured in a shooting in chester delaware county. in the last 15 minutes we received new information on the incident that happened on the 2700 block of west third street. 20 shell casings littered the streets around the crime scene. a 21-year-old man died after
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being shot several times. two juveniles and 47-year-old man were taken to crozier chester medical. we could learn more on a grim discovery in delaware county. an autopsy is set for a decomposing body found in a suitcase. annie mccormick has the latest. >> reporter: yarts -- yards from philadelphia international airport, a man made a grim discovery. >> he came upon the suitcase and realized that the smell was coming from the suitcase. he called the police. >> reporter: police responded and realized this stretch of second street in tinicum township was a crime scene. >> they try to discovered by opening that there was a man
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inside. >> reporter: they are waiting for an autopsy determining his race. neighbors say people jog and walk and ride their bikes here daily and the mystery of the man in the suitcase has them on edge. >> i was scared and shocked you don't know what happened. and that he is something is there someone around town that's walking around that did it? when did this happen. >> reporter: at this point the district attorney is scawlg this suspicious, they are waiting for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death. they are expecting the autopsy to happen friday morning. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> >> the hunt is on for a sexual assault suspect wanted for two attacks wanted on women in philadelphia. now the suspect's mother is pleading for her son to surrender. police released better footage of the man wanted for the attack. a tip came in with the suspect's name and address. u.s. marshals and police raided
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his mother's home yesterday looking for her son and any evidence. we'll have a live report at 5:00 a.m. when you will hear from that suspect's mother. prosecutors in ocean county, new jersey, filed charges against an impatient pick up driver who swerved around a school bus in lakewood, yesterday morning. another driver shared this dash cam video to make the arrest. 36-year-old now faces reckless driving and passing a stopped school bus charges. authorities have caught a man who has been groping woman on street corners and jogging trails in two communities. the man ran alongside a woman asking if he wanted a jogging partner, she turned him down, he grabbed her backside and took off. a similar incident happened in
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media. that victim reported it right away. police tracked down paul curtis within 15 minutes. police say he was a criminal history and want any other potential victims to give them a call. malvern prep in chester county have relieved a female staffer of her duties. the identity of the staffer has not been revealed because the matter is under investigation. new jersey governor chris christie is backing away from his support of common core saying the school standards don't work. he made the announcement yesterday, five years, new jersey became one of the first state to adopt common core. christy announced new jersey will look at adopting its own standards. >> i want new jersey parents and teachers to be the driving force behind the establishment of standards in our state.
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>> christy joined several other potential candidates to reject common core. national polls show that conservatives are opposed to the standards. >> former speaker. house dennis haster has been charged with funds inappropriately. seven top fifa officials were arrested, but the chief of brazil was not.
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blatter said yesterday he was not responsible for everything that happened on his watch. and believes he has enough votes to be re-elected. "good morning america" will have more on the fifa vote scheduled for today and the indictment of dennis hastert. two police officers are under fire after the arrest of a pregnant woman turns violent. a toddler has a frightening encounter with a free-roaming peacock at a zoo out west. >> reporter: we have a cluster of heavy downpours located west of dover. we'll have details on that and weekend kale coming up.
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>> record setting snow is lingering in the boston area even as weather starts to turn summer like. this 75-foot high snow mound is meting but it turned into a dirt and trash. they found bikes and traffic cones and money. they've working for six weeks to clean the trash. they have pulled 85 tons of
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debris out of the pile. >> you know what kelly ripa calls that stuff snerh. -- snert. >> reporter: let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, i want to go in closer on double scan. i want to show you the cell that creeping toward milford. it's nearly stationary. late in the evening along the coastline in ocean county. some storms that wouldn't budge and produced heavy downpours and eventually flooding. let's go outside and see what it looks like. the rest of the region is dry currently. we're looking at the center city skyline. you know what it feels better than yesterday. 70 degrees the current
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temperature. the dewpoint, 54. way down there. yesterday the dewpoint was near 70 in a a lot of spots. way down there. the moisture so down there that means the humidity is way down. the winds are out of the northeast that's a big swift from yesterday the southerly flow that brought in the warm and moist air mass. we have high pressure that's briefly in control. satellite and radar shows we're dry everywhere else, except you have that this cluster of downpours that doesn't want to leave the area. we're watching that closely. the clouds have expait -- dissipated. we'll have more sunshine. why not go to the shore. friday mostly sunny 72. saturday sunny 74. sunday, afternoon showers and storms, 77 degrees for the high. issues with nascar, i know a lot of time people are heading down there, today the forecast is a good one we're concerned for sunday, be careful if you're out there and if you're camping with
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the showers and thunderstorms that may be moving through we're getting a slow look at what will be a fast race for the dover forecast. partly sunny skies 81. saturday, warm and breezy, 84. it's sunday where we expect the showers and thunderstorms, that could be a problem if you're out there. you need to be careful and expect that as you head to nascar. it's a big weekend for a lot of people. a problem with the showers and thunderstorms coming sunday. now, let's look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast breezy and less humid 87 degrees for your high, tomorrow, warm and humid again 85. so you get a little bit of a one-daybreak. sunday, showers and thunderstorms developing. it could be at any time 84 degrees for the high. late in the day into monday, monday the first part of the day, probably looks rainy and much cooler. look at the huge temperature drop.
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canadian high pressure moves in. the we don't get the benefits of it on monday, tuesday is nice, it's cool and 70. looking at 76 after that. >> we have the geese all air long, but the canadian air no. >> a police officer in georgia opened fire on a man at a gas station. police say they were called to the gas station after a man was seen walking around with a gun. no officers were hurt. authorities are still investigating exactly what led to the shooting. the georgia bureau of investigation has taken charge of the investigation. a woman in california is filing suit over this arrest caught on video back in january. a city policeman wrestled the woman to the ground after she refused to give her full name. she was 8 months pregnant at the time. >> my name is michelle. >> let's go.
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don't touch me, don't touch me. don't touch me. i'm pregnant, do not much me. >> it started as an altercation between cooks and the other woman, the other woman was not arrested and she claims her arrest was racially motivated. she gave birth to a healthy daughter two months after the incident. >> how about this, ordered by noon have the by 9:00 p.m. at night. amazon will have the delivery service, the service is currently only in 14 cities that includes philadelphia, we had it happened the other day we ordered something it was there that same day. the service allows users to store all their pictures on a
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cloud. the passionates were down yesterday -- the markets were down yesterday slightly and they are pointing toward a lower open today, as well. 1967 impala featured in bee bee -- b. is going on the auction block. >> a man snatched a little girl from the steps of her home. the neverland ranch is going on the market. how much will it cost you? it's next on "action news."
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>> reporter: init was touch and go for a while but we made it to friday, congratulations. the weekend is almost upon us, and so far we're going pretty well on the schuylkill expressway. as you head eastbound toward center city this morning no construction in your way not a lot of traffic in in your way the road is dry kelly drive lincoln drive, in the clear. our construction on the pennsylvania turnpike, that i mentioned a little bit ago.
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eastbound between fort washington and ill will low grove has -- willow grove has cleared out. a disabled vehicle along nash avenue in upper moreland land has cleared. there's construction in galloway township route 30, pomona road going until 6:00. would you want you watch -- watch out for that at marla's mexican restaurant. construction 130 northbound past hollywood avenue. that card this weekend -- nascar this weekend rev your engines. port smith police say an officer noticed a car in a wooded area wednesday night. the officer approached a car and
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a man and a little girl got out. the child told the officer she didn't know the man. leon johnson approached the girl earlier that evening in the parking lot of her own home. he said he was a friend of her dads. the girl wases missing for two hours and not harmed. johnson is in jail. a fun day at a new mexico zoo turned scary for one little boy cut on his face by a free-roaming peacock. the father of 20-month-old said a bunch of kids was around the animals. he believed that one of the peacocks became agitated and ended up clawing the boy in the forehead. >> the security officer had a first first aid kit. he was taken to the first aid station up in front for the security officers that was a couple of minute walk. >> park officials are assessing
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the free roaming peacock situation to prevent future attacks. all new in the next half-hour of "action news," a big bang rocks a neighborhood down south. the explosive device went off in a man's suv moments after he left his house. another one bites the dust, seven months from their engagement, they have called it quits.
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>> the duggar family is feeling more backlash that their oldest son molested women when he was a teenager. the show has been pulled. no decision harsh made by the ultimate fate. michael jackson's famous home is up for sale for $100 million. the property that served as his personal fantasy land is up for sale. the 2700-acre ranch has been in limbo since his death back in 2009. he paid $19 million in for the property in 1988. he distanced himself from neverland after the acquittal on charges of molestation. another couple from the bachelor have quit.
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they called off their engagement after the finale of the hit reality dating show. they part with nothing but respect and dismirration for one another. investigators believe they know what started an overnight fire in delaware county that left a person badly hurt. >> super spellers battle it out at the scripts national spelling bee. find out what it took for not one, but two to claim that title. "action news" will be right back.
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>> hey, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, may 29. here's what's happening. new this morning a fast-moving fire leaves one person hurt overnight and investigators have pirn point the -- pinpointed the cause. police know who they are looking for in the hunt for a sexual predator. >> can you spell nunatak? the spelling bee leaves two


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