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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara is off and in the news, a fall from grace, one man in line forck succession to the president. is under fire. but first there is a city wide han hunt for the pair wanted for sexual assaults in south philadelphia. as they search the suspect's own mother is urge you ing him to turn himself in. chad pradelli is live with the latest. >> reporter: sources pel me police know with who their suspect is and now they just need to find them. police raided the home on the 300 block of rosewood, looking for their suspect on surveillance here released yesterday, felder and her
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daughter identified him as rahim, and was just released from priss on for serving 12 years behind bars for attempted murder. >> i need you to come home son turn yourself in. >> his home is just two blocks away from the sexual assaults. they have uncovered gloves and sfeekers of a hoody. they believe he first burglarized the home early monday morning and took the victim's vehicle and parked it a few blocks away and then went back and woke the victim and sexual assaulted her. >> how do you feel about it that he is being sought for? >> i feel terrible. >> is it hard for you to believe? >> i'm still in shock. >> and there is a 10,000 reward
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there's leading to an arrest and conviction call police. i'm live outside of police headquarters chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." a barrage of bullets in chester left one person dead and three injured including two juveniles it happened on the 2700 block of west third street, all four all males were standing on the corner when someone opened fire, the ages range from 14 to 37 years old. three were rushed to crozier medical center and the fourth was pronounced dead on the street. >> one person was hurt in a fast moving fire in delaware county and crews were called here on conestoga road at 11:00 last night and flames broke out at a vacant building and no word on
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the victim's condition. and an autopsy is set for a decomposing body found in a suitcase in delaware county a man made the discovery just yard as way from philadelphia international airport in tinicum township. >> he came upon a foul order and came upon the suitcase at this point in time he called tinicum township police. >> authorities believe the badly decomposed body is a man in his 20s, they are awaiting autopsy results and the district attorney is calling the death suspicious. the death toll in texas could be up to 21 this noon after a body was discovered in houston, authorities believe its that of an 87-year-old man swept away earlier this week meanwhile they are rescuing people in
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homes and cars and people are forced to evacuate and pack what they can before the floodwaters arrive, and oklahoma and kansas are also getting heavy rains. closer to home, toms river new jersey is cleaning up from flash flooding several people had to be rescued and residents were warned to find higher ground and cars were flooded and needed a tow many roads were swamped and made imable before the water began to recede in the toms river and barnegat bay. time to get a check of the accuweather forecast for friday taking a live look from sky 6 hd at the jersey shore it's looking nice at cape may nice day to be at the beach and temperatures are cooler than we have seen earlier this week. but not a bad way to start the weekend, meteorologist melissa magee, is enjoying the day as
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well. she has our first look at the forecast. happy friday melissa. >> happy friday to you as well. it's a nice start to the beginning of our weekend the biggest difference today is that the humidity is much lower the temperature is pretty warm in much of the area we'll check out the numbers, 81 in philadelphia and 80 in allentown and 71 in the poconos and cool along the coast though, 66 in sea isle city and 71 in beach haven wilmington coming in at 76, check out the dew point this is the level of how much moisture is in the atmosphere and dew points in the upper 60s in some locations, any time there is a dew point below 60 degrees we have a comfortable air mass overhead and 58 in philadelphia and dew point of 54 in allentown. so pretty comfortable on this friday afternoon, looking ahead, 3:00 we have a temperature of 5-degrees and partly sunny skies and sunshine and clouds sharing
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the sky 85 and 7:00 p.m. tonight we drop down to 76 degrees with an overnight low of 67, lets talk about what is ahead ahead. it will turn unsettled especially for the second half of the weekend and a big temperature swing it's warm today but getting cooler nemt week. we'll have those numbers coming up in the full accuweather forecast. breaking news from washington this noon, where the state department has officially removed cuba from the state sponsor of terrorism list, the announcement paves the way for full diplomatic recognition and the opening of embassies and lift trade barriers of cuba and that today's action paves the way to opening embassies and in washington. an announcement on that move could come next week. he is the longest serving
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house speaker in history. today dennis hastert is facing a scandal, he is accused of paying millions in hush money to keep someone quiet about the conduct in his past. >> the former house speaker accused of covering up a secret dark past, promising to pay $3.5 million in hush money for an unidentified person to conceal and hide his conduct. >> it's a shock. >> it's a dramatic fall for the 73-year-old who was one the most powerful man in congress. >> this is an astounding fall from grace dennis hastert is the longest speaker in history. >> it hints as his time as a wrestling coach be teacher in
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illinois. >> he is popular these days to ask political figures what mistakes they have made where they have failed. as a former history teacher i know that is best tempered by time and attention. >> now he is charged with bank fraud and lying to the fbi, the indictment alleges he tried to mask his cash withdrawals taking out just under $10,000 to avoid the reporting requirements he said yes i kept the cash yes that is what i'm doing. no word from hastert or his legal team, he stepped down from a high powered lobbying firm. if convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison. well, one of a kind global exhibit is taking over part of the ben franklin parkway this weekend, future sensations setting up shop at akins oval
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these days it commemorates the anniversary of saint coban the company is based in valley forge and the exhibit showcases the company's history and shows glimpses into future innovations. >> it's suppose to give us a sense for inspiration and give us reasons to believe for why there is such a fantastic future. the exhibit opens tomorrow and runs through june 6th "action news" reporter david henry will have more coming up in our next half hour. >> still to come at noon, a dangerous situation in the skies, why pilots of several planes were distracted while flying over new york. and why two contestants in the spelling be could not be defeated.
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>> five commercial planes leaving jfk airport were targeted by airports last night and they were at a flying altitude at 5,000 feet when they were hit with a green light and it came from long island.
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no arrests were made. an amazing video from a deputy's dash-cam showing him saving a man's life. this is from brown county, in wisconsin yesterday. he found a motionless driver inside of the burning car, the driver was in shock and would not leave the vehicle so the deputy grabbed him by the belt and pulled him out. if not for the officer the driver would not have made it out alive. tensions are building in arizona a man as organized a rally outside of the islamic building. the fbi says that it is aware of the event and the organizers claims he want its to be peaceful. members of soccer's governing body are voteling for their president, this comes after a scandal where top
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officials are arrested for fraud. and the president says he is not responsible for everything that happened on his watch and now they are looking into how the host cities were selected for 2018 and 2022 world cups. now a birds eye view of the big apple. the world trade center opens up today and can you see new york city from 1200 feet high with sight lines 12 miles past the new york city skyline. visitors that reach the observatory in sky pods that get them there in 30 seconds. it's 776 feet tall. the scripts spelling bee was held last nightp it was impossible to stump the fine at
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two contestants. >> nunatak. >> correct. >> and with that they became cochampions of this year's bee. amazeingly this is the second year in a row that ended in a tie and it hand in more than five decades. the ranch once owned by michael jackson is up for sale. the zoo is gone but this house has a lot to offer what you can get for a cool $100 million.
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checking business this noon, it's not an official holiday, may 29 and, but it's known as 529 college savings day if you don't know what that means you are not alone, two-thirds of americans don't apparently. it's a college savings plan that is responsered by states and today they are getting the word out, they will give baby's born today $529 towards their college savings and california is kicking in $50 in matching contributions. if you are in the market for a new home and have $100 million laying around here is an option. the never land, michael jackson's home is up for grabs. it has 12000 square feet and attached staff quarters. and the amusement rides are gone
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and so are the orangutangs and elephants but there say swimming pool and a cab an a, and a basketball court and tennis court and a stage with trapdoors for magic shows. a delaware jury ordered a medical device manufacturing to pay a woman 12 million there's, back in 2009 she had a vaginal mesh operation and it's still embedded in her body, and that they failed to warn doctors and patients of the poorly designed implants. "action news" is working on news stories for today at 4:00, alicia vitarelli is live now with a preview. happy friday. >> happy freebie friday.
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stop telling your children we'll arrest them if they are bad. and we'll explain that coming up and campfires and smore's go together. and why the usda wants us to swap out to make it more healthy. >> and a man popped the question during a couple's big day, he did it in front of their wedding table, but the nuptial nightmare was not as bad as it looked. >> you don't want to miss that one, take it with you in our free 6 abc news app. it's freebie friday rick and we have good ones for you, 100% off. >> thank you alicia. we'll take a quick break and the
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accuweather forecast when we return, stay with us.
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meteorologist melissa magee, is here with a final look at the weekend in may. >> not a bad weekend to be out tomorrow will be my pick of the two over the weekend. go outside tomorrow we'll show you what is going on outside today too, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's dry and high pressure is in control and the biggest difference once you step outside is the humidity, it's much lower in comparison to yesterday. outside we go people are already there in old city at independence mall, out and about on a gorgeous friday afternoon, nice blue sky and sunshine overhead and comfortable conditions, in philadelphia 81 degrees, check out the dew point
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at 68 winds are out of the east at 6:00 miles per hour, and that pressure is holding steady currently in wilmington 76 degrees and allentown 80 and cooler along the coast in beach haven and millville in at 80 degrees, here is satellite 6 along with action radar high pressure remains in control in new england across the mid-atlantic region as well. a few showers and storms popping up in the virginias but these will for the most part stay u.s. pressed to the south and west for today. they will make their way eastward through the weekend. on our friday, a high temperature of 86 degrees a touch less humid but nice and warm, this area of low pressure we are tracking with the cold front making its way eastward on saturday a partly sunny day and high temperature of 83 degrees, there say threat of a pop-up shower west of the i-95
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corridor tomorrow but home the storms look more numerous that is why tomorrow is my pick of the two over our weekend. if you are traveling down the shore, today on this friday it's a mostly sunny day, with a high of 72 degrees on saturday partly sunny and 74 and by sunday afternoon we are tracking the cold front so showers and stoms are more numerous with a temperature of 77 a big race weekend in dover partly sunny and a high of 81 degrees and warm and breezy and 84 and showers and storms could delay the race on sunday with a high temperature of 83 here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy and less humid today and a high of 86 degrees turning more humid on saturday a high of 85 and threat of shower or storm west of the city and sunday showers and storms are more numerous but one the cold front moves on through, on monday rainy and a high of just
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65 degrees and tuesday clouds to sun and a high up to 70 we'll start to try out by then and wednesday mostly cloudy and high of 76 and nice and sunny on thursday with a high of 86 degrees. finally this half hour one of the most unusual weddings we have seen in a long time. >> and now by the power vested in me by the state of california and the puppeteers hand up my butt i hear by pronounce you husband and wife. >> that is right tammy and joe were married by a puppet. they wanted their wedding to be creative they were a huge surprise for the guests who expected a more traditional ceremony. it was a puppet dance at the end of the night. >> sounds fun more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at noon, a man is caught
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on video breaking into cars in point breeze that is not all he does see what happens moments after the person parks their suv at the scene. that story and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment. 14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could
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only be yours. baileys coffee creamers. this is the one. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again sara is off and here are the stories we are
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following for you. a shooting caught on video now the police need your help. and philadelphia is the only american city where you can see a one of a kind exhibit and it's taking over part of the ben franklin parkway this weekend. a sneak preview coming up and new concerns about riding in the backseat of cars, why it can be more dangerous. we begin with breaking news now less than an hour ago, the man accused of killing three people at a municipal meeting in the poconos plead guilty. he was accused of killing three people and wounded to others back in august of 2013, police say that newell was upset because the township condemned his property and put it up for sheriff's sale. details of his sentencing has not been release the. and someone pointed a green laser


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