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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  May 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, 6 a.m., saturday, may 3. an atv driver is dead after colliding with an suv in south jersey overnight. evacuations are underway in texas as the lonestar state braces for more severe weather and we're tracking possibly stormy weather moving into the delaware and lehigh valley this weekend. let's get to it. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the forecast. >> reporter: the good news it will come late in the day on sunday when the day is just about over anyway and time to go back to work. let's go live on sky 6 showing you what's going on. this is the ben franklin bridge, it's warm and sticky. note the haze out there. it's moisture accumulating in the air it has sticky feeling temperatures climbing into the 80s. 68 degrees in philadelphia.
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allentown, 68. reading closing in on 70. trenton, 66 and on the boards in atlantic city a much cooler temperature i should say of 61. you're expecting cooler highs as well. thanks to a sea breeze. winds will pick up on the sand. you'll get sandblasted if you're trying to layout today. here's satellite and radar, for the most part we're clear but we have a little bit of cloud cover out there patchy haze, a little bit of fog start to build across cumberland and cape may counties. phillies taking on the rockies. citizens bank park, 3:05 start time. it's going to be breezy and sticky. 87 degrees by the first pitch we're anticipating a high of 88, 89. the 9th inning, 85. decrease, you factor in the humidity it will feel warm than what you're actually seeing here. there's a check of the forecast
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for now, when i come back we're tracking rain in the delaware valley. >> police troopers have been injured in a crash their cruiser ran into the woods in freehold monmouth county. they were rushed to the hospital they work in hamilton township, mercer county. "action news" and will give you updates when we learn more information. new this morning an atv rider is fighting for his life after a crash in camden county. the accident happened on river road near cove road. the atv and suffer rolled over. the stv rider was -- atv rider was thrown on the road is in
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critical condition. they are questioning the suv driver. a man was shot four times in the logan section. the gunfire erupted after midnight on west duncanen street near 6th. he was taken to einstein in serious condition. police have not announced an arrest and they have no motive. more rain is predicted for the flood-wary residents of san antonio and houston and dallas. the death toll stands at 28 in texas and oklahoma. abc michelle franceen has the details. >> the body of the missing juvenile we located. 6-year-old andrew mccomb is the latest victim of the deadly flood water. this police lieutenant avoided
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becoming another victim. in dallas, rescue calls jammed scanner traffic. >> we're being blocked by higher water everywhere we go. >> reporter: over the past month enough rain in texas to cover the entire state 8 inches deep. this woman was trapped on the roof of her stalled car by rising floodwaters. police used a hover craft to pluck her to safety. in dallas flood waters overwhelmed this giant truck and made castaways of who retreated to the meridian behind them. >> i'm stuck on a freeway in five feet of water. >> reporter: they lifted the five feet barriers to end the impasse. army corps of engineers is
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running off 50,000 gallons a second. more rain is coming. the forecast says one to two inches widespread in the region, heavy over dallas. michelle france, abc new york. philadelphia police are investigating the death of a baby boy he feels born 7 months premature on thursday, he was taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania in a duffle bag yesterday. he was pronounced at the hospital. investigators say the 22-year-old mother is in the hospital, her relatives living in the home are being interviewed at this point. an autopsy will determine if the baby suffered trauma. 32-year-old rahime felder is not talking to philadelphia police. they think he carried out attempted sexual assault in south philadelphia and sexual assault. he later surrendered to police
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on a probation violation. he is not charged in the attacks. police are testing gloves, sneakers and clothing for dna evidence tieing him to those attacks. felder spent 12 years in prison for attempted murder. allentown school district are learning of an alleged rape at the high school and were not notified by the district. they learned about the sex assault on social media. school officials are not giving out any details except to do so it happened in may. a 15-year-old boy was arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl in the school's basement. a woman was victimized along the radnor trail. police are looking for a man who exposed himself. it happened while the victim was jogging yesterday morning. she was near conostoga road and brook side avenue. >> as she was running on the
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trail she passed a white male who had no shirt on. as she turned around the individual dropped his running shorts down to the ankles and exposed himself on the trails. >> motorcycle officers patrolling the trail. earlier a returner grabbed a woman on the trail. he is accused of slapping a woman's rear in media. many items fell out of luggage that was tossed around in the may 12th crash. amtrak is cataloging everybody that was recovered from the wreckage. white house is taking cuba off the list of state sponsored terrorism that had to be taken before u.s. and cuba could normal ides relations. the move was -- normalize
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relations. the move was severely criticized by house speaker john boehner. this will blatter was a 5th term. the fifa election comes two days after u.s. indictment announced top executives bribed r officials. martin o'malley will announce. hillary clinton have announced there campaigns. mega millions jumped it's worth a cool $350 million. the numbers 20, 27, 38, 49, 66,
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the mega ball was 2. 233 million was on the line. 253 million-dollar drawing on tuesday could be seen on "action news" at 11:00. 171 million will be up tore grabs you'll see that on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. what's caused iphones to crash. we have the answer to the problem and what they are doing to fix the problem. the new freedom to your observation deck is open. >> reporter: these expected rainfall totals anywhere from one to two and a half inches across the area. i'll have the details when i see you again right after the break.
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the observatory at world's one world trade center. it gives you extraordinary views of new york city and you don't have to wait long to get to the 102 floor, the elevator will get you there in 27 seconds. visitors will learn something new this summer. police added signs along the boardwalk with this message for parents. please stop telling your children we will haul them off to jail if they are bad. we want them to run to us if they are scared, not be scared to us.
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they hear parents threatening their kids with jail every season. they want the reminder that officers are there to help. >> a visit to the shore yesterday to promote tourism to the summer. "action news" caught up with the governor in del mar where he said he is optimistic that the jersey shore has recovered. ris christy visited point pleasant beach his appearance comes after the unofficial start of summer because he was out of the state for presidential politics. the shore was packed last year. >> reporter: let's see if we can get people down there this weekend, hopefully that's the trend all summer long. yesterday was a warm day but humidity wise, dewpoints dropped into the 50s which is in not all that bad for this time of the year.
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now we're back in the mid 60s. the temperature and the dewpoints will climb all weekend long. upper 60s north and west, mid 60s south and east, because of the ocean influence. philadelphia, 65. reading, 69 degrees, dewpoints everybody is up in the mid 60s, we'll call it slightly humid this morning, look at how the numbers continue to climb. especially monday and tuesday becomes really sticky, not owe before he is pressive, but -- not oppressive, but a change in the humidity levels. tuesday night the cold front slides through and all the humid air works out to sea. wednesday and thursday, high temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. not much in the way of humidity at all. what we're watching is a series of low pressure system one is sitting here and another unfortunately across the lonestar state. there's a couple of cold front out here, all this works east
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over the next 48 to 72 hours you can see heavier downpours to the southwest of chicago, they are expecting anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain out of that. all this advance bees east over the next few days. the model wants to paint showers and thunderstorms across lehigh valley and the poconos later this afternoon. i can't completely rule that out. but i'm not favoring that. i think a good bet is for sun and clouds this afternoon throughout the entire area. warm and humid, that's the headliner today. sunday morning combination ever sun and clouds, warm and sticky. late in the day after 45:00 p.m. we'll see the showers and thunderstorms push into the western suburbs they will move east into monday morning. monday morning heavy showers set up across the garden state and heavy showers across the baltimore and washington, d.c. metro area. and rainfall totals could range
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anywhere from one to two inches across the area. it will depend on where the thunderstorms set up that will ultimately determine who sees the heavier amounts. right now the idea is for heavier stuff to the south and the north. nascar down in dover 85 degrees, sunny and muggy. no weather issues out there for tomorrow, as well. maybe a late day storm we'll hold that off until sunset in dover. for the jersey shore winds out of the south 15 to 20 miles per hour. hazy and sunshine expected for sunday 77 degrees. forecast for philadelphia, today, 88 degrees, warm and sticky out there trenton 87. reading, 89. allentown, 88. millville, 85. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll do it all over again tomorrow, 88 degrees, combination of skin and clouds, warm and sticky, late-day showers and thunderstorms, likely, especially across the western
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suburbs, monday, showers and thunderstorms, a couple of drenching downpours are possible 82. tuesday morning rain and cooler by afternoon only 75 the humidity drops off a cliff. it's going to feel great by wednesday and thursday, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we'll be dancing outside. >> reporter: it will be nice. >> it's family fun night in nicetown section. 38 police district hosted the evening of fun. smilessen on their faces and -- smiles on their faces and refreshment on their hands movie goers went into the makeshift theater.
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if you've ever been hit for overdraft fees from your bank you're not alone. the biggest banks may $3 billion in a year. half of the people overdrawn on their checking country opportunity remembering to contending to the overdraft service, the consumer protection bureau is looking at overdraft fees. the typical charge for being overdrawn is $35. jp morgan chase is laying off 5,000 people two percent of the workforce. they are automating more of
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it'ses -- its operations which includes materials. iphones are crashing after being sent an arabic number. it's believed it's caused by an error in how iphone displace incoming messages. online retailers says it's expanding perishable foods. a.m. -- amazon is in talks to deliver milk, cereal and baby food. there's no idea when it will begin it's new brand of food delivery service.
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:24 saturday morning this is a quick look at may so far. as of now this will go down as the second warmest may ever recorded in history, we go back 125 years. this is the big headliner it's very, very dry. of course, the farmers rely on the water during the month of may for their crops. the pattern has been bone dry we're 2 1/2 inches below average. and some areas are 5 inches below average. the u.s. drought monitor includes much of south jersey. we have a moderate drought going on for the lehigh valley and the far western suburbs completely different story though, you go about 101,500 miles to the west. these guys are getting too much rain. oklahoma city, dallas, austin,
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houston, ten to 20 inches of rain over the past 30 days alone. this is storm tracker 6 live double scan we have a meso scale convective exreks, -- complex one part of the country is too dry and another part is too wet. eva. >> thanks, chris. the phillies return home opening a series from colorado. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, no team in baseball scored fewer runs in the phillies against the rockies scoring runs not the only problem getting a hit was as well. he goes 4 for 4. he hits two home runs off cole hamels. this is in the third making it 2-0 colorado. 8th inning, called back up from aaa.
6:26 am
phillies get two hits on the night. later in the inning, 2 on for darren rough. that's called a strike to end the inning. ryan sandberg is stunned. 9th, that is ruled a check swing. he wants the umpire to check their eyes. the phillies lose, 4-1. the in my opinion the umpire down the line has the better view. i know they have the right as the home plate you umpire to make the calls but both of them went against us. >> reporter: the eagles have the weekend off before opening another round on monday. demarko murray hadn't been here very long, but has a favorable impression of his teammates. >> this is a good team and young team we had a great first
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week, we have a long away to go, this is the first week of many. we'll have a better foundation, we started that a couple of weeks ago a couple of months ago with the workouts. >> reporter: there's nothing more exciting than a game 7 in the stanley cup playoffs. no score breaks the tie the lightning win 2-zip. they await the winner of the chicago anaheim series for the stanley cup finals. a pick up basketball game have a one of a kindly ending of two former college players going one on one. later johnson goes down with what appears to be a serious injury. moments later he is able to get up to a knee, just one knee and what does he have in his hand?
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>> a teenager becomes the victim of a stray bullet and now she is clinging to life at a south philadelphia hospital. a philadelphia baby is taken to the hospital dead in a duffle bag. >> meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it's not even summer yet. with the humidity up almost at the breaking point already and it's not june. i already kind of had enough. the philadelphia international airport. the humidity has come on like bang busters over the last couple of weeks thanks to a southerly breeze. if you're heading to the jersey shore, you'll be getting a sea breeze thanks to the southerly wind. yesterday we caught a break not so much today.
6:31 am
pottstown, 68. fleetwood 64. south jersey, gandys beach 68 degrees, seas of one to two feet. look at the bay temperature 75 degrees woodbine, 66. ocean temperature cooler thanks to up welling this morning. 57 degrees right now off the coast of atlantic city. satellite and radar, just a few clouds this morning, cold front off to the west, off the eastern portions of the great lake states, one or two thunderstorms late in the day sunday, 83 degrees, by lunchtime combination of sun and clouds, 3:00 p.m., 87 and by 6:00 p.m. 85 we're anticipating a sticky high of 88 degrees which is nearly ten degrees above average for this time of the year. good news, the pollen count today and tomorrow, medium high. monday and tuesday we'll not worry about it any more. on the low end monday, and tuesday it's so low it's almost off the scale.
6:32 am
we're getting that point in the year where we are moving away from the pollen and focusing on the lovely summer weather. thanks chris we're at the "action news" big board with an update on the breaking news, two new jersey state troopers were injured on a crash on interstate 195. half mile from route 539 in the eastbound lanes of 195 in freehold, monmouth county. we'll zoom in on the map. it's right here that exit is old york road, as we said it was to the east on 195. "action news" has learned that the police cruiser left the road and ran into the woods. both troopers are assigned to the division in hamilton township mercer county. 195 eastbound is closed near 539. "action news" and will give you updates as we learn more information built the situation. police are look are to two
6:33 am
gunmen who shot a girl in south philadelphia. shortly after midnight, two men unleashed 17 shots a bullet hit the girl in the stomach, she was sitting on the front steps of a neighbor's home on the 3500 block of stenton street. bullets pierced several vehicles and bedroom window. the police say the girl was not the target. no word who was or why. she was taken to temple university hospital. new on "action news," two men were shot in the chest overnight in camden. one of the men crashed car in mount eframe and kaign avenue. the men were shot near mount ephraim avenue and both are in critical condition. the hunt for the shooter continues. philadelphia are searching for answer after a dead baby was taken to the hospital in a duffle bag. authorities think the baby boy
6:34 am
was born thursday in the home in west philadelphia. they say someone walked the baby in a duffle bag at the university of pennsylvania where he was pronounced dead. the 22-year-old mother was 5 to 6 months pregnant and lives in the home with several family members. >> what are you most concern about right now? the baby, the baby's life. >> an autopsy is expected to be performed on the baby, police say the mother was taken to hup although it's not clear what she is sg treated for. a girl is recovering after being struck by a driver in frankford section at frankford and margaret. it appears the girl was riding a bike when she was hit. the girl was taken to st. christopher's hospital for children and expected to recover.
6:35 am
berks county, a four-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital by helicopter after she fell from a second floor window. it happened yesterday afternoon on lincoln court she also expected to be okay. -- she is expected to be okay. police in tinicum township identified the man found inside a suitcase, he was 40-year-old scott stephen bu rmplet n -- burnheizer of philadelphia. a man walking his dog found the body thursday when he smelled a strong odor. person have a person of interest wanted in connection with a sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in south philadelphia in their custody. detectives are waiting on the results of dna to link rahime
6:36 am
felder to the crimes. >> reporter: it was a ten thousand dollar reward and subsequently tipsters that led police to rahime felder. u.s. marshals and police raided his mother's home on the 3500 block of chadwick. sources tell "action news" it appears rahime felder was in the process of packing his bags and fled before lawmen could get there. >> how do you feel that's being sought for this? >> i feel terrible. >> reporter: is it hard for you to believe. sources say they did find gloves and sneakers and clothing that appear to match those warn in one or both of attacks. the rape and robbery of a woman on monday in the 1800 block of rosewood and attempted assault of a 30-year-old woman in the 1700 block of chadwick back in march. according to court records rahime felder had recently been released from prison for serving
6:37 am
1 years from attempted murder. police are waiting the results of dna evidence to see if rahime felder can be linked to the crimes. at special victims i'm indiana channel 6 "action indiana -- dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> well, the pentagon said the anthrax scare is more widespread than first reported. itit went to 11 states and south korea and australia. they were all supposed to be inactive. the cdc is investigating the dugway proving ground in utah where they shipped the anthrax. vatican officials in charge of the world meeting of families is under investigation for embezzlement
6:38 am
over the sale of a castle. philadelphia archdiocese said the investigation will not impact the pope's visit and the world meeting of families here in september. dennis hastert has resign from the board christian school that bears his name. in the aftermath of a federal indictment said he is accused of violating banking laws, however a person familiar with the allegations contained in the indictment said dennis hastert paid hush money to conceal claims of sexual misconduct. the daughter of devon stills suffered a setback as she recovers from pediatric cancer. the result of a complications of stem cell transplant. leah turned five earlier this week and a week shy of her initial diagnosis of
6:39 am
neuroblastoma. her father announced in march that she was officially in remission. mosquitoes can be annoying as the weather warms up and we great outdoors, they are carry west nile virus. this is mission is part of a yearlong mission to fight the population and keep it at bay. experts say you can do your part. >> the best prevention to mosquitoes in the backyard is to take care of those trouble spots, the vacant tires or the pots of water. >> if you have an issue with mosquitoes in your neighborhood you can report it online. we provided a link on our website, breaking news, we have an update on our information on the new jersey state police trooper accident one trooper is dead following that accident in monmouth county. their cruiser ran into the woods
6:40 am
along 195 eastbound in freehold after hitting a deer. the other trooper was injured both of them work in hamilton township, mercer county. 195 eastbound was closed at mile mark 1.7 for the investigation. still much more to come on "action news," dwayne johnson desperately trying to save his daughter after the san andreas fault rips apart california. how much would you a pay for a rare stack of cheese, how much this cheese will cost you it's not cheap. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> we have a video of from a police officer in southern mississippi who was driving down the road when a lightning bolt strikes a bridge in front of him. the officer said the intense close up flash nearly blinded him. check out what he saw a chunk of singed concrete. it's amazing to me that's the only damage from all that bright light. >> reporter: let that be a reminder even if the storm as is not on top of you the lighten
6:44 am
can strike. you hear the thunder you could be struck by lightning. let's go live on sky 6. this is the view in center city. it's hazy this morning. lots of humidity in the at, uncomfortable again. philadelphia, 69 degrees at 6:00 a.m. hour. the dewpoint has come up. it's in the 50s today it's in the mid 60s. winds out of the south. cape may down the shore you can't see a thing. fogged in, wind are calm. ocean water 57 degrees, here's a look at the visibility. it's hit or miss, we have areas that are socked in pretty good. medford lakes that area here, seeing quite a bit of fog on the southern tip of cape may county. wildwood 6 miles, cape may you saw the view, you can't see a thing down there. hopefully that will lift and burn off in the next a couple of hours. we'll see sunshine later this
6:45 am
afternoon. allentown 68. poconos, cooler, 66. millville, milder, 67. satellite and radar showing nothing out there this morning just a few clouds across the western portions of the keystone state. other than that, that's about it. the wider view shows a couple of systems we're watching which could impact our weekend plans the second half of the week. this guy right here. this is rat cold front and this across texas is shifting east and some of it will arave before the weekend -- arrive before the weekend is out. today is nice day. tomorrow, the frontal system gets closer, most of the time we're dry after 4:00, 5:00 p.m., the showers move in. monday it sits over top of us, municipal bond, an unstable day, numerous showers and thunderstorms, drenching downpours, wouldn't be surprised if we had flood advisories come
6:46 am
monday afternoon, as well. future tracker later today one or two showers for the thunderstorms for the lehigh valley. i think that will stay farther to the north. tomorrow, warm and sticky, clouds around in the morning. clouds and sun by the afternoon. thunderstorms developing late. even though the modeling doesn't show it, i would expect to see showers and thunderstorms at that point. monday heavy downpours and thunderstorms start to finish. monday looks like a miserable day. poconos a beautiful weekend. spotty thunderstorm this afternoon, i wouldn't cancel the plans, 78 degrees, it will be sticky in the mountains. 70 degrees for the forecasted high. jersey shore, we'll keep the entire weekend dry breezy and sticky, 74 degrees today. winds out of the south at 15 to 25 miles per hour. hazy sunshine, 77 degrees is the forecasted high. taking a quick look at water temperatures, if you're doing boating or fishing, looks like
6:47 am
bath water off fortescue and agenda beach. 75 degrees, the up welling it's cooler ocean temperatures off the atlantic city you're stuck in the mid 50s. 88 degrees, sun and clouds, humid, breeze from time to time, wind out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. quickly warming through the mid 80s, 3:00 p.m. sitting at 87 degrees combination of sun and clouds. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 degrees for tomorrow. monday, showers and thunderstorms, 82. tuesday, maybe some morning rain cooler, 75 degrees, wednesday, thursday and friday, at this point all very nice and comfortable. high temperatures each and everyday in the upper 70s and low 80s. no humidity levels. the only day we have to watch is late sunday night into monday, there could downpours come monday. >> thanks, chris. $209 a pound that's 20-year-old piece of which he cheddar
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a massive earthquake destroys california and bradley cooper takes on hawaii, and pierce bron son hunts down a spy. he is in search of his daughter after a massive earthquake strikes california. san andreas. >> don't worry i'll get you. we're going down!
6:51 am
johnson plays a rescue helicopter pilot for the la fire department. an -- san andreas fault awakens causing sky scrapers to crumble and fires he and his ex-wife try to get to san francisco torched their daughter. up next, aloha stars montgomery county native, bradley cooper written by cameron crow. >> do you have a partner? >> i've lone wolfed it all the way. >> he is a military contract who was sent back to his old stomping ground. but he falls for an air force
6:52 am
pilot. rachel mcadams and emma stone and bill murray. >> does anyone claim responsibility. we found this. >> he is a foreign service officer newly posted to the uk foreign office. shepolice are chasing along with a vicious assassin played by pierce. enjoy your day or night at the movies, that's what's new at the box office, channel 6 "action news."
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>> reporter: welcome back, most of the southeastern seaboard is quite, the west coast is quiet. we're showers and thunderstorms stretching from the great lakes all the way down into the lonestar state. they have picked up 20 to 30 inches in the past 30 days, more heavy rains on the way. temperature-wise i thought this was a misprint. # 2 degrees bismarck. chicago, on the other side of the front. 68 degrees, very sticky through here, lots of sunshine expected up and down the east coast. atlanta, 67, raleigh 68. philadelphia 69 degrees. major hubs are quiet. philadelphia no reported delays.
6:56 am
chicago midway and o'hare, rain is moving in. no delays right now. orlando is quite -- quiet. atlanta is quiet newark no delays. live well network shows you a dazzling head board idea. >> >> reporter: do you dream of a super style head board? wake up, we have an inexpensive double layer head board we're making. to start we put the larger one together by wrapping 2, 4 by 8 foam boards and attaching it to the wall this is foam insulation, this head board we did not care about the feeling ever it, because your head is not against it.
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the second head board we do care how it feels. we are going to wrap them with egg crates, it's just as soft an way more cost-effective. the next step is staple the fabric tightly on the board. >> awesome! lastly we're putting wood trim around the edges the high end retail price for a head board like this would be $2,000. but it only cost us 85 bucks he is that one heck of a knockoff. for more budget-friendly ideas go to live well the performing arts life music and soul, it's the culmination of celebration of black writing.
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philadelphia's own who received the gamble and h up ff award for black writing. here's the story we're working on for you a new jersey woman shows you're never too old to try something new even as if it's something as grueling as a triathlon. there are magazines that issue advise on indict and exercise making a dent in the obesity crisis. those stories and more in just a moment.
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., saturday, may 30th. here's some of the stories other following on "action news," breaking news, a new new jersey state trooper is dead following a crash overnight. an atv driver collides with an suv driver overnight. we're tracking stormy weather moving the delaware and lehigh valleys later this weekend. let's go outside to chris sowers with the check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: that image you just saw was down in texas with thundershowers and thunderstorms. that system will push through sunday evening into sunday night and on monday, that's when we have the best bet of seeing heavier showers and thunders


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