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tv   Action News Weekend 9A  ABC  May 31, 2015 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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that sent two people to the hospital including a young boy. >> tracking stormy weather. we're keeping an eye on the possibility of drenching rain moving into the delaware and leevrls. and we're looking at it starting tonight, right. >> sometime after 6 or 7:00 this evening and will lengthier till tuesday. things get interesting. live on sky6 we've been dry in parts of the area under drought conditions with amount of rain now being predicted some of latest forecast information coming in could cause flooding in parts of the area. right now there's a view of center city sky line. for the most part quiet out there. few clouds overhead. warm and sticky that's the big story once again out there. 77 in philadelphia. with a dew point around 67 or 66. very humid. wilmington 76. millville 76 and dover leading back at 78. here's satellite 6 and action radar as you can seat front is well up north. we have quite sometime before all this mess gets into the delaware valley. therefore, today looks like a nice one. warm humid, most of the
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daylight hours should remain dry. probably after a5, 6, 7:00 at that point some storms flare-up and slide east on the evening. warm cloud mix 89 soupy forecasted high. as we look ahead, thunderstorms developing drenching downpours with amount of humidcy in the air now and you get any kind of department. heavy downpours over the next 24 to 48 hours. could cause flooding. i have details in ten minutes. guys. >> chris, thank you. the big story on "action news" this sunday morning is death of beau biden. >> the 46-year-old are former attorney general lost his battle with brain cancer at walter reed in bethesda, maryland last night. he's remembered this morning business those whose lives he touched. "action news" reporter nora muchanic joins us live outside the biden home parish st. joseph on the brandywine roman catholic
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church in greenville with more nora. >> eva nydia heavy thaerts morning here. ment beau biden was long time parishioner here at st. joseph and he's being remembered as good and kind man dead indicated to family, faith and state of delaware. at st. joseph's brandywine beau biden home church prayers this morning for attorney general who will passed away saturday after battling brain cancer words from the pastor for the biden family. >> there's an empty chair at your table but full chair in heaven some place he'll westbound his own mother killed in that trijic accident and your father will be with his mother. >> he served two terms before leaving office in january ep hoping to run for governor and continuing health problems worsened and father of two suck onlyed to brain cancer. his death was announced saturday by his father vice-president joe
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biden. patrick leonard was on the golf course with beau biden's father in law. >> it was fifth hole and he gets a phone call, and he said he was told, get the grandchildren and go to washington. um you knew it was not good. >> funeral arrangements for biden a major in the delaware national guard were not announced yesterday. st. joseph's pastor says a family member contacted him hoping to secure a burial plot near biden's grand passenger parents and his mother. >> i'm very sorry to hear about this. i heard it about 3 thaem morning and i was devastated. he's too young to pass away. >> god brought him to few other close calls. maybe he still had more time this life. unfortunately, we don't run the clock. >> the pastor says he hoped biden might survive his illness. but it was clear in the last several months he was declining. it's a saturday here in the
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state of delaware with the passing of this be loved political figure in his own right along with his father, joe, the vice-president and governor markell ordered all flags lowered to half staff in honor of beau biden. live in greenville i'm nora muchanic "channel 6 action news." >> president obama issued a statement shortly after news of beau biden's death he said michelle and i humbly pray for the lord to watch over beau biden and protect and comfort his family here on earth. >> this is what jack markle had to say i feel privileged to have served with him and delaware is a better ambulance thanks to him. beau was a friend and unfailingly interested in the well-being of carla, my kids and my sxepded familiar limit my entire family is shattered by his death. >> it is 9:04 other news now a two vehicle crash sent two people including teen to the hospital in philadelphia last night 40 and girard avenue 11:
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15 p.m.. the crash called one of the vehicles to rollover briefly trapping two people inside. a 50-year-old woman and 12-year-old boy were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word yet if either driver faces charms. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting overnight that has left a man fighting for his life. the action cam was on the scene near the intersection of north 7 and green streets in the city northern liberties section. police say gunfire broke out 2:00 this morning and a 28-year-old man was hit and rushed to han than critical condition. so far police have no suspects or note knives this shooting. >> police are v. lesting a shooting that left two men hospitalized nearly a dozen shell casings were found at the scene 1900 block of north 28 in strawberry mansion. one bullet hit the front window of a truck. one man was taken to temple in critical condition and another man taken to hahnemann where he was treated and released. >> violence erupted at a country
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music concert in south jersey this weekend leaving several people injured. this is not the first time the concert has seen trouble. "action news" reporter dann cuellar explains. an ambulance carrying victims from second and balzano on way to cooper. con serlt goers say they were passing by when saw a big commotion. >> i was walking by the the scene cops everywhere ambulance some guy plead bleeding out his head and trying to breathe. >> a woman said she and her son in their 30s were in the parking lot when attacked by a group of 20 something year olds she was dragged to the parking lot and her son was beat. >> his face looks like a puffer fish. >> another person was stabbed in hand. both men were taken to cooper for treatment. others say there was a lot of drinking in the parking lot. >> alcohol. that's what it is. people drank a lot of alcohol and want to start fights. >> yeah. >> it's annoying it ruins
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everything all the fun. >> authorities say annual event is among worst ever for people causing problems and back in 012 a big fight broke out wxtu outdoor venue this captured two young women fighting on patco train on way to concert which draws 25,000 people and witnesses say fights broke out everywhere leaving pools of dmrod on ground and tailgate of pickup truck. emts treated people for various injuries a dozen or so taken to various hospitals. police arrested 11 people and in 2011 an officer was stabbed in the chest while trying to break up a fight. anthony >> she was put in a headlock. thrown to the ground. punched in the face and the other guy in the hospital came and punched her in the face again. that's when i put my arm around her tried to pull her away and i got stabbed in the hand. >> dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> those living near oyster
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creek power plant can expect to hear siren this weekch plant is doing a saferty dril. oyster creek is olderest operating nuclear plants. in 013 it replaced all warning sirens around the plant. >> big chainings coming to septa service in delaware county. two major trolley lines are being relace placed by bus service for a few months. this is 101 and 102 lines. buses will pick up chuteers beginning on june 15 and continue through september 6 everyone is ak loued to allow extra ten to 25 minutes nor changes and crews will work up to grade the track. repair brjs and replace the overhead trolley wire and improve wawrning system. >> the delaware commission veteran as fairs took time to remember men and women who died certaining our country. action cam was at the mem or school plaza newcastle for
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memorial day ceremony yesterday. it features reflecting pool and memorial statute and memorial wax the wall contains names of 15,000 men and women from delaware and new jersey who died fighting wars. >> 9:09 now. much more to come sunday morning edition of "action news" and hardly having trouble with his or her speech. signs to look for and what to do if there's a problem. more rain in flood weary texas downpour in middle of houston astros game caused minor floodinged in the ballpark. >> sky6hd meteorologistle chris sowers has exclusive accuweather 7-day when we come
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>> flood-weary residents in texas may get relief. they expect the kol call and san asento rivers to flow below flood stage despite the rain falling since memorial day. there was minor flooding inside minute made park as the houston rockets took -- the majority in tem text where 11 people are still missing. dallas county a 7-year-old girl i died after she was swept away by floodwaters after a car crash. >> tragic story and good water is recedeing. feast or famine out there too texas has too much and california has not seen rain this quer and now we're moving
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into a drought. let's go live on sky6. we need a happy medium here to try to spread the wellth so to speak and get other folks rain. the pattern will change the next couple weeks and notice increase in rainfall in delaware county. cape may that's the shot now. gorgeous, sun glistening off the waves. quiet down. there sticky though and there's a bit of breeze. out of south at 15. double scan live crystal clear. nothing going on as of yet. we expect showers and thunderstorms flaring up later this afternoon. 77 degrees. dew point 66. that's very uncomfortable and you'll notice that what you step outside this morning. millville 76. same number for wilmington, reading, allentown, cooler 73. everybody will cool down as we get monday and tuesday. puff low is now down to 40s. front crossed there and it's starting to slice to northwestern portions of pa. as it dives south and east it will provide rain for us over
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the next 4 hours and two cool down temperatures. if you are already sick and tired of heat and humidity you have relief coming. lightning strikes starting to pick up and as this pushes east and south, into that warm being soupy air mass over the delaware valley that front ak visits. we'll see numerous showers and storms clearly shown on future tracker lights they are afternoon and by 5:30 in the clear. most of today is dry. if you have out door plans don't worry about. it looks like you'll be okay. the sky turns threatening heading indoors and looks like most daylight hours should stay dry. front pulls through across northern western lehigh valley and once it makes its way to city it will sit there and sit there for a long time. by 4:30 tomorrow look at the reds showing up on future tracker and that continues monday night to first thing tuesday morning and look how
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much rain these models are startsing to printout as a result. we're seeing anywhere from philadelphia has more, a little less than inch and a quarter and look at northwestern suburbs. reading 3.58, allentown 3.5 and tren tore closing in on 4 it depends where the front sets up. these higher amounts will drop further south one thing for certain there's quite a bit of rain on the way here. good news as long as we don't get it all in one shot f we spread it out over 48 hours we shouldn't be in clear as far as flooding is concerned and if it comes down in one chunk flooding issues out there. good news to all of this this is the drought monitor you can see northwestern suburbs are in moderate drought. this will all be gone next week. little bit of silver lining with wayne on the ray. nascar taking. 85 forecasted high. right on sand ocean temperatures still chilly 56.
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you enjoy a nice beach day combination of sun and clouds and seabreeze 15 to 20 miles around hour and high temperatures 74 to 78. 89 in city sun with passing clouds humid and late day thunderstorms possible again well after 5 or 6:00 this afternoon into evening and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. showers in store for the monday, 82. drenching downpours linger into tuesday morning clearing by afternoon. 78 and then wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday at this point all look pretty nice. refreshing and lower humidity levels with highs in the 70s and low 80s. >> refreshing that's a word we have not heard in a while. >> we need it. >> yeah, thank you chris. >> two took off this weekend on the longest leg of first attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. and they're doing it in their solar plane. the solar impulse, toured by the sun, took off from china yesterday and expected to take the pilot five days of flight across the ocean.
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the two are taking turn to promote renewable energy use
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>> welcome back this sunday, 9:19 76 degrees. sky6 taking a look at battleship new jersey on camden water front. we're expecting unsettled water and drenching downpours tonight into tomorrow. >> speech development is very important in toddlers. experts say by age of 2 a toddler should be able to speak 24 solid words. if not the child could have what's known as developmental speech disorder or aexampleia of speech. that's having trouble what they want to say correctly or consistently and often a speech pathologist will recommend therapy to treat it. >> there's a variety of activities that mostly try to
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keep his attention and try to work on the articulation needs that he has. >> the earlier the intervention for a speech disorder the better. new members from national health survey says whose likely to experience mental illness. 4% of women experience spd compared to less than 3% of men. ages 45 to 6 have higher rates and income made a huge difference. living below the poverty line had nine fold increase risk of severe mental health issues. it's hard to know whether living in poverty make it worse. >> you have ever forgotten where you left your keys or cellphone. you're not alone. being absent minded in middle age apparently is normal. there's ways to give your memory a boost. we're laughing because nydia can never figure out where her phone
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>> welcome back, 9:24. surprised morning time for travel forecast. starting with satellite 6 and action radar. as we talked about earlier the pattern is changing. we're seeing huge areas of high pressure bermuda highs set up shop off the coast of carolinas and acts as a block. what's happening as a result. clockwise we get moisture coming in out of the gulf and texas has been walloped time and time again. the entire front range severe weather, tornadoes whole nine yards everything is getting ready to change and you'll see that reflected in the 7 day forecast. the high will shift further off the coast and therefore it's going to on the doors a little more to the moylingt tour that's available in the gulf. that will push east. it will be everybody east of mississippi river from this point on that starts seeing the showers and thunderstorms. so good news for texas they'll dry out. also good news for us because we desperately need rain here. if you liver in deep south or know someone down there you'll see rain down there over the next few weeks. 45. very chilly degrees in chicago.
9:25 am
bismarck 47. atlanta much milder 7 4 as we look at major or hubs philadelphia on time. logan 71. no reported delays. chicago midway and o'hare everything in the clear and orlando looks nice and quiet sunny and 78. >> thanks, chris lambroghinis announced it will bring a high performance suv to market and ruxry sports car maimer has ton built at main factory in italy. this is not the first suv for lambroghinis. in late 1980s it made 300 lm 002. >> if you're looking for a good deal on college education look no further than our area. they are out with top ten list of great colleges that won't mack you take out student loans and three schools in the tri-state. >> in recent years 6 dozen schools adopted no loan policies. that means their financial aid
9:26 am
packages consistent tirely of grants and scholarships ninler of which have to be paid back. these programs don't eliminate loans altogether since financial aid packages are based on school estimate of what a family can afford to bay pay but at no-loan school the percentage of students that borrow is smaller and those that great with loans have balances below the national afternoon. the schooling on kiplinger top ten list offered it to all under graduates. there are no income limits. princeton university was first abolish loan and the average debt is lowest of all 300 schools ranged in the 0 15 best college values. swarthmore is in the top 10. school's generous financial aida wards reduce average cost for students that qualify to one third of sticker price and finally university of
9:27 am
pennsylvania made the list. >> loans also available for stwhubts need money for expenses not included in standard cost after tend answer things like health insurance full top ten list is on [ jaws theme ] are you afraid toy go in the water once again jaws is coming to the big screen the film that scared many from dipping toes into a water for a long time is swimming back to theaters for 40th anniversary. steven spielberg 1975 breach thriller will pay for limited run and frighten a whole new generation of beachgoers. that movie is why i don't like scary movies. >> i'm not going to have my daughter watch that not yet. >> more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." life flowing through a church in indiana. the surprising new owners. >> and plus the couple who golf together and gets a hole in one
9:28 am
together. we'll have those stories and more and chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day when "action news" continues
9:29 am
after violent protest of rally
9:30 am
in baltimore a rally was held for the women in blue. >> it's warm and sticky and we're keeping an eye out for storms to move through the area now. >> looking outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather details hi, chris. >> i have a better word than sticky it's gross out here now. it feels like we're in florida. humidity really came up. temperatures are warmer than they should be already during this time of year. and it looks like it will be another afternoon that will feel more like middle of july as opposed to ends of may. 69 we'll quickly check on shore points. if you are down the shore you love the weekend so far. yesterday georgous today a repeat performance. beach haven at 69 as well. seas will build 2 to 4 feet if you do fishing or boating later on and look at the difference here a perfect example you get right up on the water and it's cooler if you look at the blue number 56 that's ocean temperature. you see ocean influence on the boards only 69. you get away from water and look how warm it is at the airport.
9:31 am
78. that's the trend throughout the day in you're inland temperatures anywhere 10 to 15 warmer than what you experience right there on the water. here's boating forecast again. building seas, 2 to 4 feet thanks to trenton seabreeze later this afternoon and winds ouj 10 to 20 miles an hour expect combination of sun and clouds to high tide is occurring now and second high tide won't occur until 6 or 7:00 this evening and about an hour later on back base. here's double scan live what we're watching is you can see moisture there towards top of scene as a cold front. right now doesn't look too terribly active as it goes we see heating of day and showers and thunderstorms they'reing up and thunderstorms they'reing and thunderstorms they're flaring up. phillies taking on rockies, game three, sunny and passing clouds and humid. temperatures easily up into the mid to upper 80s at that point. you factor in the mutety and it
9:32 am
feels like low 90s. a quick check of the forecast for now and we'll talk about the downpours on the way and cooler temperatures in it 7 day forecast. >> thanks, chris. our big story this morning is passing of beau biden. former delaware attorney general lost his battle with brain cancer last night surrounded by his family. "action news" reporter nora muchanic joins us live outside st. joseph by brandywine and greenville where many remember beau biden this morning nora. >> ever athe biden family has long been parishioners here at st. joseph's and vice-president attends mass here when up from washington and buy bodeen children attend religious studies here. he was devout catholic and people at st. joseph remember him as good man who new importance of faith and family. >> it's a shock like anyone else. i thought the idea he's going to washington i thought they're trying something else you know. and i felt i am optimistic person i figured people are
9:33 am
praying for them. >> prayers aren't enough and buy bodeen died of brain cancer surrounded by his family in washington. st. joseph's this morning there were prayers for biden. son of vice-president joe biden. the 46-year-old is survived by hallie and two children hunter and natalie. >> he was a public servant and like bidens were spiritual family. they the whole tradition of family is super catholic. >> biden served two terms of attorney general before leaving office in january hoping to run for governor and continuing health problems worsened and the father of two suck onlyed to brain cancer. his death was announced by his father sunday joe biden. patrick leonard was on the golf course with beau biden's father in law. >> it was fifth hole he gets a phone call. and he said he was told, get the
9:34 am
grandchildren and go to washington. i mean you knew it was not good. >> funeral arrangements for bideen a major in the delaware national guard have not been announced yesterday. but st. joseph's pastor says a family member has contacted him hoping to secure a burial plot near biden grand parent and mother. >> i'm very sorry to hear about his -- i heard it about 3 a.m. this morning and was devastated. he's too young to pass away. >> reporter: so prayers here at st. joseph's for a man that had a bright political future who inspired to be governor of delaware and tragically did not survive the ravages of brain cancer. flags throughout the state will be flown at half staff today in beau biden's honor. live in greenville. nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news". >> sad morning indeed, nora, thank you. vice-president joe biden called his son the finest manny of us have ever known.
9:35 am
beau helped nominate his dad. >> tonight, mr. chairman, it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice-president of the united states, my father, my hero, joe biden. so i move to suspend the roles and nominate by acclamation joe biden as a democratic vice-president den shall candidate. >> he's exceptional father and exceptional vice-president and exceptional leader. i was honored to be part of it and do that. >> beau biden graduated from the university of pennsylvania. the four stints in military and as [ bell tolls ] as as delaware attorney general he served five years. >> man >> manry are reacting to his death. come carper said beau respected all that was good about delaware and our country. he was complete package bright, hard working loyal to his
9:36 am
family. loving son brother husband and father. principal, hand some, well spoken and and spuming. he had heart of a servant too his future seemed to know no bounds. >> and this from delaware senator chris coons throughout his life beau never signed away from doing the right thing even if it was the hard things. he served his community and family with hon oar and that's howl he'll be remembered. >> secretary of state john kerry is in a swiss hospital fol a bike crash. a state department said he broke his leg near genoeva. he was holding nuclear talks with iran's foreign minister and trying to clench agreement by june 30. kerry is calling off rest of four nation trip and plans to return to boston today. >> in syria a fuel tank exploded killing 25 people including children. 30 others were also wounded. and the explosion happened as the clinic was backed children
9:37 am
getting vaccinated against polio. no word on the source of the explosion. >> it was show of appreciation foremen and women that wear the badge in baltimore. dozens of police supporters walked in from the war memorial yesterday met in play. they were met with supporters of freddie gray. calling for justice and end to police brutality. >> the scandal involving form speaker of the house dennis hastetrt is growing. now, there may be another alleged victim. hsatler was trying to sigh lns a former student where he was a teacher and wrestling coach from 1965 to 1981 and now word there's a second individual vick nitioned in a similar way by hastert his friends say he's as
9:38 am
shocked as they are. >> he's baffled by it maybe it will work out in the long run. i don't know. >> second unknown accuser neither asked for nor received any money from hastert indictment says he tried make cash withdrawals to skirt reporting requirements and taking out under 10,000 during 100 separate transactions. >> the crowd vying for catic nomination is growing. former maryland governor martin o'maley threw his hat into the ring yesterday. he made announcement in baltimore and o'maley hit the campaign trail. he attended event in iowa last night where he is expected to become primary alternative to hillary rodham clinton in the leadoff caucus state. clinton and vermont senator sanders are the only others to announce so far that they are seeking democratic nomination. >> in the mayoral race for philadelphia the democratic nominee goes one-on-one on inside story later this morning. right here on 6abc. jim kenny faces questions about
9:39 am
his bid for mayoral office from "action news" brian brian crime fighting was among hot topics. >> does "stop and frisk" work. >> a police officer who feels in danger always has ability to pats someone down for weapon. problem with "stop and frisk" is that 83% of stops result in no weapon confy skaition and no arrest. >> you can see the entire interview on inside story starting. >> the u.s. senate is convening this afternoon a rare session that cuts short its memorial day recess week in order to keep patriot act surveilens in check. >> they expire midnight. kentucky senator ran paul who is running for precedential candidate said he would force bulk phone collection program to expire. house passed bill which is backed by white house is just
9:40 am
three votes short in the senate. >> and it is 9:39. more to come on this sunday morning edition of "action news." she met her fairly tail tale prince and while she happened on this prince charming while on vacation. >> and a powerful earthquake in parts of japan. sky6hd in beautiful cape may new jersey 76 right now at 9:40 meteorologist chris sowers has your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come
9:41 am
9:42 am
>> officials in japan warning of land slides after a powerful earthquake shookt country. the agency measured it magnitude 8.5 and more than 300 miles deep. twelve people suffered minor injuries and businesses rushed to normal. the tremor was powerful enough to rattle most of the country. and make buildings sway in tokyo and
9:43 am
make buildings sway in tokyo. >> that's a big quake. >> i was in tokyo when the earthquake came through. >> i can't math whain it's like to feel the ground moving when you're not moving. >> and in a city of that size. it takes a moment to realize what it happening. >> sky6 ki imagine there's the view now as we look live. city hall from temple the sky line looks gray as we have cloud cover overhead and haze. and representing all the moisture that is accumulating in the air right now. humidity is coming up. i'll be honest it feels awful out. there high humidity levels makes for stuffy morning around the delaware valley. we're seeing that now. 77 in philadelphia. millville coming in at 76. dover leading the way at 78 and allentown 57 and little cooler up there in the moun towns. we'll talk about the due point. this is how we measure amount of moisture in the air. scale, 50s you're in the clear. 60s starts become more humid
9:44 am
especially upper 60s what we see tomorrow and 70s feel awful. fortunately no 70s out there. cold front slides lieu monday night to tuesday morning and that point on tuesday and rest of upcoming week look nice. it's just today and tomorrow and it's not going to feel good out there. cold front which is responsible for that drop off in the humidity is just now pushing northeast. look at the temperature contrast here 47 right now in buffalo. with a wind chill of 39. much much cooler north. binghamton 55. d.c.p 8 and we're at 77. some cases we're nearly 25 degrees warmer than what we're seeing on flip side of front. that front where you can see all the showers and storms that front will push through south and east during course of day and it will contributory negligenceer showers and thunderstorms as we get into the late afternoon early evening hours. so surface maps here comes front pushing towards southeast sits over top of us as we get to monday and this is where some issues lie as front sits on us. that will be the folk ago point
9:45 am
for showers and thunderstorms interacting with that soup and see heavier downpours. future tracker 6 nothing going on today. most of daylight hours railroad dry. showers and thunderstorms develop later into the evening after 5 or:00 and that's far western suburbs first and marches east in the overnight hours. after midnight heavier showers and thunderstorms developing and then monday everybody is fair game for numerous showers and storms. look by 5:00 even though modeling has it mainly north and west of philadelphia everybody is going to get in on this. these will be heavy drenching downpours rainfall totals 1 to 3" when all is said and done monday night. risk for severe weather norm and west of i 9 a5 corridor. 74 degrees in poconos. you guys have best chances of seeing showers and storms up there today. probably 60% chance. if you camp up there in mountains keep eye to the sky.
9:46 am
jersey shore, sun, cloud warm, stky dry 76 with seabreeze kicking in during the afternoon. water temperatures very inviting especially delaware bay and off the coast of florida gapdy's beach 76. cooled you down on the ocean front. 56 off coast of atlantic city. that's too chilly. delaware bay not bad for swimming. allentown 87 today and trenton 86 warm and sticky combination of sun and clouds. the accuweather forecast shows numerous showers and storms likely monday. 82. brenching downpour good bet. some lingers through the morning hours and clearing by afternoon. no issues wednesday and thursday. friday looks nice as well 83. and then saturday sunshine expected turning warmer and not humid and 86 degrees. not bad. little iffy over the next couple days. >> we can handle it. >> we can. >> police in montgomery county dime rescue of a duck in peril. it got stuck in a sewer grate in
9:47 am
abington township and the police department posted pictures on their facebook page. look at him there. he stuck behind is. officers were able toy safely retrieve the duck and then released him to a nearby sfx: (roar) ♪♪♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪
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sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> we're at the "action news" big board with this morning's big talkser this story is geting a lot after tension. army corporal haden harrington says he was denied a hotel room
9:50 am
although he already reserved and paid for it. harrington says his mom booked a room bay mont in and suites after his flight was cancelled and stuck overnight. the front desk turned him away because he's 20 and you have to be 21 to book a room. the desk attendant doesn't nowaktive military personnel were exempt from the personnel. the family describes encounter differently. >> anyone old enough to fight for our country should be able to stay in a hotel and not get turned away on the street. >> harrington ended up staying at a nearby hotel. >> talk about dreams coming true and miranda md from california was so fed up with dating scene she made a list of 16 things she wanted in a man on her must list she watch aid chivalarus knight and humbleble and man of catholic faith. fast forward 6 months she was
9:51 am
traveling and visiting vatican and she approached a hand some swiss guard responsible for protecting the pope. they hit it off and he surprised her with a private meeting with the pontiff. that was tractor-trailer rest as they say is history. miranda and knight and shining arm write a four year veteran of the guard will marry in rome in october and to top it all off pope francis himself will police their marriage in private mass two days later. pretty cool, madeia. >> pretty special thank you eva. >> a church in indianapolis has new life running through it after a brewer set up inside. st. joseph brewery and public house. the corner stone was laid back in 1873. that's when st. joseph became fourth catholic church in indianapolis and dwindling population forced e dioceses to decon she crate the church and last mass was 1949 it was empty
9:52 am
until now. take a look at bar. it's made of reclaimed wood from the parish and old pews line waiting area and holy water still is by the entrance. oh no, we have a dress code here, and it's not see through. next! whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween
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>> chicago blackhawks beat the ducks in the conference final score 5-chicago plays tampa bay wednesday. now here's jeff skversky with the rest of your sunday morning sports. >> can phillies finally stop pleading today when they finish series finale. they have got won since last
9:55 am
saturday and avoiding losing 7 in a row a season high it would be today and season worst are your philadelphia phillies. it's not only june and feels like dog days of summer. it was save a pet at the park day yesterday and phillies trying to keep the fans from barking against the rockies first inning ryan howard says go fetch doubled snapping 0-13 slump chase utley scores 1-0 phils aaron harran working for lead not for long. second inning gives up two homers including this to mc henry phils down one. out homeerd 10-1 last three games and in the 7th louis garcia, out goes van paulson into the upper deck. phils lose 5-2. sixth straight loss they hit a new low point. >> feature of the phillies may be right around the corner. how about jp crawford making di bu. rough patch there.
9:56 am
perhaps little butterflies nroyz -- made 9 errors last year and can swing a bat. how about this in the 7th. reading wins 4-3 over richmond. and after only one win over first two months of year union are finally getting it together. they're playing best soccer of the season last night going for three in a row. union on the road again versus d.c. uned r united. sebastian le toux, yeah, he's still on the team. chris roll of on penalty kick. they lose 2-1 ending two game winning streak. >> how about the soul arena football league in atlantic city against las vegas. america's favorite playground belongs to dan roden baw. marco thomas catches five of them. soul. winner winner chicken dinner jaws happy they win 51-43.
9:57 am
>> how about nascar dover 200 these drivers may not like the monster lap. scott comes back down the track and he's t-boned by jamie dick and chris bushier races scott free. wins the race at dover. matt finishes second monster mile a big race today can you wait denny hamlin is on the pole. that's sports i'm jeff skversky have a good day. michigan couple celebrating rare feet in gold. they hit a hole in one same hole same day they try to play a ground of golf each week last week they played a round they will never forget when shot back-to-back knoll ones. he nailed the first ever eight m when jeanette's turn came up. it was her second career 8th.
9:58 am
tony says hole in one helped him to tie things up with his wife until he hit her hole in one. always staying one ahead. >> there's more to come on sunday morning edition of "action news." security for our schools has a million people converge on philadelphia for world meeting of families and what officials in the is they and surrounding areas are doing to ensure their safety. >> and there's something not quite right with this lane painting yeah what went wrong in this washington state highway. those stories and more. chris sowers has the forecast
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> state of delaware mourning loss of attorney general and son of america's vice-president. >> a car happened on roof following an accident that sends two people to the hospital including a young boy. >> track ago stormy weather keep ago an eye on drenching rain moving to delaware and lehigh valley chris sowers is at the "action news" big board with details, chris. >> good morning, nydia. so far so good we're in the clear. spotty showers novrj philadelphia. for the most part seeing mainly cloudy conditions north and west
10:01 am
and sunshine across south jersey you see yellow shades where showers cooled you off. 76 pottstown. st. david 75 and chester in center city 74. warping ton 76. cinnaminson 77. gandy's beach 7. dover 79. you'll pick up nice breeze out of south today 10 to 15 miles an hour that's bay breeze and your seabreeze there it should be strong enough to keep all the fly as way. strawberry flies are bad on the ocean front and bay. wind shoulding strong enough to push them away and it keeps areas near the water cooler today. highs only top out in let's say the mid 70s as opposed to upper 80s inland. satellite 6 and action radar cold front right there starting to arch like this. it will push south and east during the course of the day and that will ultimately trigger those showers and thunderstorms overnight tonight into tomorrow. for now you can see we're in the clear. forecast for today we'll go mostly cloudy skies and sunshine
10:02 am
mixed in warm and sticky late day thunderstorm possible high 89. >> thank you. >> the big story on "action news" sunday morning is death of beau biden. >> the 46-year-old former delaware attorney again rl and son of vice pretz joe biden lost his battle with brain scan cancer at walter reed medical center in bethesda, maryland last night. he's remembered this morning by those whose lives he touched. >> nora muchanic joins us live outside the biden family home parish in greenville with more. hi nora. hi, there heavy heart this morning, beau biden was long time parishioner here st. joseph's by the brandywine. he's remembered as good and kind man dedicated to family, faith and state of delaware. st. st. joseph's brandywine beau bidenp home church prayers this morning for the former attorney general that pass away saturday after brain cancer and words from the pastor for biden
10:03 am
family. >> there's an empty chair at your family now but an chair filled in heaven and he's with his own mother killed in this that tragic accident. >> biden served two terms before leaving office in january hoping to run for governor. continuing health problems worsened and father of two suck onlyed to brain cancer. his death was announced saturday by his father vice-president joe biden. patrick leonard was there on the golf course with his father in law. >> it was fifth hole and he gets a phone call, and he said he was told, get the grandchildren and go to washington. i mean you knew it was not good. >> funeral arrangements for biden a major in the delaware national guard have not been announced yet. but st. joseph's pastor says a family member contacted him hoping to secure a burial spot
10:04 am
by his grandparents and mother. >> i heard 3 thaem morning and i was devastated he's too young to pass away. >> god brought him to a few other close calls you know? i figured maybe he still has more time in this life. unfortunately we don't run the clock. >> now the pastor says he hoped biden might survive his illness but it was clear in the last several months that heed been declining. it's a saturday in the first state with a passing of this be loved political figure and governor jack markle ordered flagged to be flown at half staff. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news". >> all right. thanks nora. >> president obama issued a statement shortly after the news of beau biden's death. he said, michelle and i humbly pray for the good lord to watch over beau biden and protect and comfort his family here on earth. >> this is what delaware governor jack markell had to say i feel privileged to have served with him and delaware is a
10:05 am
better place thanks to him. beau was a friend and unfailingly interested in the well-being of car larks my kids and extended family. my entire family is shattered by his death. it is now 10:05 other news now a two-vehicle crash sent two people including a teen to the hospital in philadelphia last night. and it happened near 40th p and girard avenue in the parkside section 11: 15 p.m.. impact of crash caused one vehicle to rollover briefly trapping two people inside. 50-year-old woman and 12-year-old boy were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word if either driver faces charges. >> philadelphia police investigating a shooting overnight and left a man fighting for his life. the action cam was on the scene north 7th and green streets city's northern liberty section. gunfire broke out 2:00 this morning a 2-year-old man was hit and rushed to hahnemann hospital in critical condition. so far police have no suspects or motives in the shooting. >> and police are also investigating a shooting that
10:06 am
left two men hospitalized and nearly a dozen shell casings were found at the scene on the 1900 block of north 8 street in strawberry mantion. one bullet hit front window ever a truck. one man was type taem pl in city can condition and another taken to wlopt he was treated and released several were injured outside a melee in a parking lot near the susquehanna bank center. wxt radio anniversary concert was held there last night. a woman not want to talk on camera said she and her son were attacked by a grew of people an a third man was stabbed in the hand. >> i walked over trying to break up the fight she gets put in headlock by dude with knife thrown to the ground punched in the face and other guy in the hospital came over and punched her in the face again. that's when i put my armed around her and tried to pull her awe and i got stabbed in the
10:07 am
hand. >> two victims were september to cooper for treatment. "action news" reached out to live nation the company that put on the event but has not responded to request for comments sglept residents living near oyster creek can expect to hear sirens this week. the plant plans to test emergency sirens tuesday morning around 10. part of safety drill it does twice a year. oyster creek is nation's oldest operating nuclear plant. in 2013 they replaced all 42 emergency warning sirens in ten mile radius around the plant. >> there's big changes cometoing to septa service in delaware down they. two major trolley lines replaced by bus service for a few months. this is 101 and 102 lines between 69 and end of roult. buses pick up commuters june 15 and continue through september 6. everyone is being asked to allow extra ten to 25 minutes nor changes and crews working to upgrade the track. repair bridges and replace trolley wire and improve the --
10:08 am
>> the upcoming visit has countless ram fashions in the city and beyond. security is obviously a major concern and that extends to keeping kids safe in and out of school. and "action news" reporter david henry attended safe school summit in aston delaware county and has all the details. >> with an array of tactical gear outside and uniformed officers inside this was no ordinary school safety summit. school administrators and staff are here to learn about security for student and families during the hope pope's visit in september. they had an array of concerns. >> large crowds and what to haep as far as transportation and if something should happen. >> it's estimated upwards of 2 million people will pack the parkway to celebrate mass with pope francis it's in philadelphia but ripple affect is felt by you ounding countyes. >> we're on alert in delaware county and ready to assist
10:09 am
philadelphia. there's a five county regional effort going on right now. >> surrounding countyyes committed resources and personnel to the pope visit. school administrators here today were briefed how to keep children safe in large crowds and briefed on how authorities are preparing for possible terror attack. >> i'm still a little cautious. but as they said earlier in you give in to fear than the terrorists win. >> it's not just the terror threat there's extreme weather and medical emergencies to worry about as well. most of the throng headed to parkway will use public transit and delaware county authorities are expecting massive traffic jams. they're working on logistics to make sure crews are get around quickly. >> they really this willing biggest event we'll face from five county regional aspect in our lifetime. >> the hope is none of this will be necessary and the clock is ticking and they've got to make sure they've got all the bases
10:10 am
covered before spts. "channel 6 action news." >> stay with "action news" and for all the latest information on september's world meeting of families here in philadelphia and the visit from pope francis. >> delaware commission of veterans affairs took time to remember the men and women who died sebing our country. and the action cam was at memorial plaza in newcastle delaware for mem arial day ceremony yesterday. memorial plaza features reflecting pool and statue and wall. the wall contains names of 15,000 men and women from delaware and new jersey who died fighting wars. >> and still head on "action news" sunday morning taking over the role of mom. how the owner steps in when baby lamb was abandoned at birth. >> trees snapped in half and cars tossed like toys. this is aftermath of tornado in midwest this weekend. live through sky6hd tennis courts there we're looking at
10:11 am
temple university from temple university camera. meteorologist chris sowers has your forecast when we come back
10:12 am
>> flood weary resident texas may get some relief. national weather service expects colorado river to recede be employee flood stage today despite the rain falling offer and on from memorial day and there was even flooding in minute made park last night.
10:13 am
at least 31 people were killed in texas and oklahoma. the ma'amty in texas where 11 people are still missing and dallas county a 7-year-old girl died after she was swept away by floodwaters after a car crashed. power crews are working to restore service to thousands of customers affected by severe storm damage in central indiana drenching raindz and sdruktstive winds tossed cars and toppled treesz. national weather did not issue a tornado warning but are expected to look at the damage today to see if tornado touch doundz. >> we're expecting rain tonight and tomorrow. no winds like that. >> there's possibility, there's a slight risk of severe activity tornadic activity no, there's only slight winds. here's the view center city as we look back towards the sky line. you can see gray out there. lot of haze. lot of humidity. it's very uncomfortable temperature 80 in philadelphia,
10:14 am
dew point 66. we want to see that number comes down to 50s that will not happen until tuesday. heat index when you combine dew point and temperature you get heat index number that's 8 in center city down the jersey shore. cape may 70. winds ouj south southwest 3 miles an hour and ocean temperature, you can see the sun glistening off water and decent breeze later on and keeps you cooler here than n inland kox locations where you're 80. trenton 80. mill vel close to 80. dover 81. lancaster 76. reading 79 and fair of 7s for allentown and breezing right now generally on the light side 5 to 15 miles ahour all out of the south and increasing in humidity and at least all are exacting look a fan out there. it's making it feel somewhat bareable. you start factoring in that kind of humidity and you have a calm wind and it just kind of feels awful out there at times. but the wind should help things out later this afternoon. and softball game later this
10:15 am
afternoon and t ball game your son out in the heat make sure he has plenty of water and gator david. it will be easy to to do it today. satellite 6 and action radar front collapses over 24 to 36 hours and produces heavy drenches downpours and not the time frame. 5:30 this afternoon still nothing going on non immediate delaware valley. most of today dry. front collapses from the north west. it will push far northwestern subshz by 11:00 this evening. so meteorologist mill mill more than likely will have something on rate dar for you "action news" tonight at 11 the. that will continue to push south and east over next 24 to 48 hours. monday, stalls over top viewing area and waves of moisture. high humidity levels squall heavy drenches downpours when you have a front on top of you like this the red and orange and yellow looks like very unsettled stretch of weather here as we get to monday. late this afternoon into evening again there's slightest chance
10:16 am
of severe weather north an west of i-95 corridor and lightning downpours and strong gusty winds that would be main culprits here. we can't completely rule out large hail and isolated tornado but you see they're on the lower side of things again the big story would be drenching downpours. this is what this particular forecast model is painting out as we get to tomorrow afternoon. when all said and done over" reading and 4 trenton and more than an inch in philadelphia and.66 for allentown. again that's a lot of water and in a short periods of time that could cause flooding issues by monday evening. poconos today, sun and cloud thunderstorm around from time to time. later this afternoon a steky 74. jersey shore, staying dry today. combination of sun and clouds. and warm. and humid. but again with seabreeze cake kicking in 76 won't feel dad. philadelphia 89. warm and humid sun and clouds, late day thunderstorm after 6:00 and exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows numerous showers and storms monday. 8. morning rain for tuesday
10:17 am
clearing by afternoon 78. wednesday nice. thursday nice, friday, saturday all nice. temperatures in the 70s and 80s and big story there as we get to second half of 7 day forecast will be dramatic drop-off in dewpoint. it will feel comfortable by middle of this week. >> thank you chris. >> habitat for humanity rolling up sleeves and getting work on five new homes in north philadelphia. "action news" reporter kenneth moton has the story. >> soon shovels will be replaced by construction machinery and labor of love to build five new homes for five north philadelphia families courtsey of habitat for mumty. >> as first time home buyer or homeowner it's excitement big excitement. >> in khunty working against bright and abandon home habitat teamed with with darryl dloork represent this district they're call hope village to come to 1900 turner street. and people like this michelle
10:18 am
will own one of these homes. >> as immigrant in this country united states of america that helps for me a lot and i learn a lot to habitat for humanity. >> one of the five houses on this property will be dedicate dodd a man who has made it his religious mission to provide shelter for those in need. pope francis. and the boys of st. joe prep will lend a hand to build the house months for the papal visit. >> they need to know there's people who struggle that don't have everything they have. and they get to understand that. >> habitat for humanity rehand 80 homes in philadelphia and nearly 200 city wide in 30 years. >> families that come into our program earn between 30 and 60% of median income. that's 25 to 45,000 and they're normally first person in their family or immediate family to be a homeowner and it changes things. >> construction of hope village
10:19 am
starts next month and habitat expect homes will be ready for move move in by christmas. reporting in norm philadelphia ken, "channel 6 action news." sfx: (roar) ♪♪♪ sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
10:20 am
>> welcome back this sunday we're taking a live look at cape may. you can see folks enjoying the beach there. 76 is the high in cape may today. ocean temperature 65. not bad. and tag a look now at our odd
10:21 am
unusual picture of the week. take a look at this we're starting with cheese races the traditional cheese racing in england and every year thousands gather to watch people roll cheese down cooper hill and each participant rolls 8 pound wheel of cheese down a hill and cheese rolling dates back to early 19th century and it was official event until 2009 when more than 15,000 people turned up and sparked safety fears. so many love the event this tradition continues in unofficial capacity. take a look at this one. one case you definitely don't want to follow painted lines on highway. a wobbly yellow line was left running down hov rain in everett washington caused when a hose broke on restripeing truck cause math thin caused a bit of confusion for drivers during the busy commute. workers plan to recover the stripe later this morning when less traffic they'll use black paint and correct middle lane with correct paint. this say cute story one of my
10:22 am
favorites from this week. a baby lamb at small farm in canada found a surprising new family. the little gi was rejected by mother as birth two weeks ago. fortunately the lamb named stormy was not alone for long. a 1-year-old golden retriever came right in and bonded with stormy and now the two animals are inseparable the two sleep together, play together and never leave one another's side and stormy the lamb will get to live out his life on the farm. that's a look at odd unusual pictures of the week. eva, back to you. >> thanks, nydia. >> meteorologist chris sowers takes another look at the exclusive accuweather forecast in a moment.
10:23 am
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>> brian taff with a preview. >> coming up 11:30 inside store a special conversation with a man that could well be the next mayor of of philadelphia. jim kenny won the democratic primary for mayor and pretty decisive fashion earlier this month and for the first time since that very big victory he's going to sit here today with us and talk about everything from crime, education, how to fix the city schools to the economy. how to bring and keep jobs in city of philadelphia. it'sen lightning conversation with a man who as we mentioned could be the next most powerful man in the city of philadelphia. a special edition inside story coming up 11:30 back to you. >> time for keep youing an eye to the sky. >> storm tracker 6 double scan as you can see moist tour well off northwest. hundreds of miles to the northwest. that front will collapse towards southeast closer to the delaware valley over the next twevrl to
10:26 am
24 hours and we expect to see some wet weather around here probably after 5 or 6 pbg this evening and western suburbs first and into the city by about 8, 9 10:00. it will be very, very late most of the day today is dry. your forecast, 89 this afternoon. 82 for tomorrow. numerous showers and storms drenching downpours and would not be surprised if small streams flooding out. there queue et cetera today and active tomorrow. >> all right. thank you, chris. >> this week with george stephanopoulos is next on 6abc. george has more on secretary of state john kerry injury me swits hard and beau biden's death. >> good morning nydia eva secretary of state john kerry hospitalized after a serious biking accidents and vice-president's son beau biden suck onlys to brain cancer at 46 and later on stunning indiet the of house spor dennis hastert covering up his past.
10:27 am
and martin o'maley and republicans ben carson and bobby jendle all coming up on this week nydia eva, back to you. >> thank you, george. >> "action news" continues at noon. here are stories we're working on for you. remembering beau biden much more on the life aand legacy of former general. >> for chris sowers and eave avenue and entire "action news" team i'm nydia han have a great morning we'll see you at
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
starting right now on abc's "this week," breaking news. secretary of state john kerry hospitalized after an accident overseas. the very latest on his condition. also breaking overnight, remembering beau biden. the vice president's son loses his battle with cancer the tributes pouring in this morning. then candidate close-up martin o'malley announces, does he hold the secret to beating hillary? then carson why a big-time outsider could be a big contend contender and bobby jindal is he about to jump' in. carson jindal and an exclusive. plus hastert hush money. the indictment against the


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