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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, in the news this noon, we're expecting pleas from three pennsylvania state law makeser months after indicted by a grand jury on bribey and conspiracy charges. >> and a investigation underway after an item broke free nearly 30 story to the ground below. >> and the one two punch marriage nature has in store for the delaware valley. >> wet weather soaked the entire tri-state and we're due for another round of rain this afternoon into this evening. and delaware county rain created flooding problems on the blue route. penndot crews had to on up drains along the highway manually by removing debris from the grates. a northwest ramp in upper darby was closed. traffic since returned to normal. >> in the state of delaware the rain caused power problems in wilmington around 6:30 this morning and at one point 1300
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customers were without power in the area. police will to direct traffic through major intersections. at this hour at least half those customers have power back on. delmarva power says electricity should be restored entirely by 2 p.m. >> now we're look ago head to the next round of rainfall. meteorologist david murphy is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. hey, david. >> rick, it's not here yet. stormtracker 6 double scan shows you a little shower up by allentown and another batch pushing from allentown north of eastern pennsylvania and the rests of the area for now looking dry. there's heavy rain that came through earlier this morning and gave problems across the region with flooded roadways. here looking for another round later on and as a result a flash flood watch is in effect starting now at the noon hour, extending through the afternoon and into the evening hours possibly until midnight or so. we now extended this through cape may county, new jersey and entire state of delaware and eastern shore of maryland. earlier it was only i-95
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counselees and national weather service having increasing concerns these downpours that develop around the i-95 corridor later this afternoon will push south to the shore. by about now until 3:00 in that time frame probably closer to 2 or 3 i expect showers to develop and produce another round of heavy downpours. this is all being caused by the way by a frontal boundary sleely pushing its way through the region. but going so slow you'll see in a moment the showers set up and really not move very far. the longer they stay in any given area the more rain you get and stream and creek flooding you could be seeing. areas close to philadelphia tonight showing up good with rain on models and then we go to 9:00 and it's starting to push further south. but keep in mind, even an other like philadelphia or willping ton after it says good-bye to heavy band of rain it will a long time for that water that build up on roadways and creeks and streemingz to recede partly
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because of the runoff still coming n that's typical pattern. it feels like we're looking at heavy rain threat. low risk but possible within the heavy downpour producing showers we could see a gusty thunderstorm here or there, a pretty small chance of that but nonetheless a chance later today. quickly i want to remind you today and tonight we're looking at heavy rain. possibility of flooding is there. if you're behind the wheel or on foot do not drive or walk through any flood areas. turn around and stay safe. that will be good idea for the rest of the summer, but especially later this either when we expect the downpours. i'll have more when this all ends rick, and what comes next in the accuweather forecast 7 day. >> thank you. meantime stay head of changes in the weather by checking and you can find live stormtracker 6 radar in the 7-day forecast and get the latest from our team of meterologists. >> in other news at noon several
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hours were damaged in a fast-moving fire in delaware county and it's the second fire in this area in less than a week and the flames broke out 1:30 this morning on 200 block of bickly and chest erin we find "action news" reporter ka katherine scott live on the scene with the latest. katherine. >> reporter: sarah, everybody got out safely. there's quite a bit of damage. you can see peco crews arrived on the scene here when fire crews arrived this morning they were met with heavy flames on first and second floors of vacant home and quickly spread. red cross is assisting 8 adults and 11 children forced from their home. >> it was flameding you could smell it. >> reporter: mrs. hen son rushed over after learning her aunt's chester home was on fire. four houses were damaged by flames overnight and one had smoke damage. >> the fire spread to the house next door along the roof line. >> the fire started in vacant row home 1:30 this morning days
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ago a different fire burned none occupied home next to. it chester city fire commissioner was on the scene this morning. five families are forced from their homes after this latest incident and assistancep at red cross. investigation is underway. >> we had a fire 420 just the other night. that's still under investigation. this one is still under investigation also so i cannot comment as far as cause and origin is concerned until police do their job. >> back here taking a live look at the kux on bickly peco crews arrived at the scene and restorationus all morning. firefighters had to tear out walls and ceels to make sure there were no hot spots. the fire crews are not saying whether they believe the fires are connected. we're live in chester, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news," rick. >> thank you katherine. a building fire left a
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firefighters third in montgomery county and flames broke out 11:00 walnut and york street. officials say the building was once a set of stores that since converted to apartments. one firefighters was injured and taken to the hospital and expected to be okay but no word yet on eye cause of the blaze. please are search firing pair of thieves that swiped a car from a repair shop in northeast philadelphia. it happened on the 4900 block of van kirk street on may 26. this surveillance video shows the two men combing the auto repair lot looking into vehicles. then they take off in a white 2012 chevy cruise in for repairs. if you recognize the suspects you're asked to call police. >> from our new jersey newsroom now. lawmakers in the garden state will consider a bill today aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of domestic violence offenders. proposed legislation will go before a vote today in the new jersey assembly law and public safety committee and it requires
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people convicted of domestic violence they are not allowed to own guns. defenders would have to prove all guns and weapons have been surrendered. vice-president joe biden is home in delaware this noon privately mourning loss of son beau. beau biden served eight years as attorney general and he died over the weekend after a five year battle with brain cancer. beau shared a tight bond with his father after mother and sister died in a plane crash. they paused to remember biden's son over the weekend. >> i want to express my sincere condolences to the entire family after such deep and profound loss. >> he was 46. >> a stalemate nooet means nsa controversial surveillance program it off-line for now. lawmakers are back at work trying to renew parlingts of the patriot act. we turn to "abc news"
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correspondence karen travers live in washington d.c., hi karen. >> it got ugly in the senate yesterday with republican pouncing on ran paul forcing the patriot act to expire midnight. paul was playing politics with national security even as intelligence officials want this brief lapse could put americans at risk. >> snow show down left part of patriot act in limbo starting at midnight nsa could no longer collect in bulk phone records of americans. >> are we going to so mindly give up our freedom. >> keb ken senator ran paul was able to block a final vote on the extend and reform the program. >> i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people will take it anymore. >> also expiring fbi amrilt to use roving wire taps which allows them to monitor a
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suspect. and another pressure that allows officials to attack so-called "lone wolfs" any prek bawts the nation at risk. republicans and senator mc connell could not hide their frustration with ran paul. >> we should not be disarming unilaterally as armyes get more sophisticated and aggressive and we should not do so based on campaign of demgogrr. >> president obama accused some folks of trying to pour political points. >> this should not and can't be about politics. this say matter of national cure security . >> the senate is expected and extend the parts of patriot act expired. but, reshape the bulk data collection program. the house has already overwhelmingly passed the same
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measure. reporting live from washington, karen travers "channel 6 action news." >> karen, a former pennsylvania stay law maker entererd plea on conspiracy and drivery charges ronald waters this morning pled guilty to nine count of cop public of interest. he was sentenced 2 3 months probation and fine and police are expected from former state representative harold games and nesaa lauerry brown. >> still to come at noon turning gadget to cash. how to take seemingly use fes lrks and make them worth big bucks. >> a georgia police officer is hailed a hero after a night on duty. two lives he david. when "action news" comes back
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that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> parts of downtown atlanta were shut down over the weekend after they ended up underwater. around 1:30 yesterday a water main break shut down a busy stretch of highway. traffic was closed in both directions causing big delays for drivers around the city. the mess was cleaned up less than an hour later. >> rain and leftover flooding is still a big problem in parts of texas. houston and dallas were slammed with days of heavy rain causing
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widespread flooding and heavily populated areas. this weekend was drier allowing rivers to recede and overrule to make a big dent in the cleanup effort. more than 10" of rain has fallen in the last 30 days in parts of texas. funeral services underway for three members of a washington d.c. family who were held cap any their noem and killed. savopoulous and his wife amy and son philip will be tried rest this afternoon. the only suspect behind bars daron witness says he's innocent. they say police are focusing on one man. he once worked for savopoulous and said he harbored no negative feelings. >> he mentioned to me that no one would hold a grudge for 11 years. so he had nothing against the deceased man. he spoke highly of him. he said he never met the wife at all and would never hurt a child. >> that attorney was not
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officially hired by wint. funeral arrangements for the housekeeper have not been announced. >> a here owe saved two lives in one night. nathan erts responded to a call of a man that overdosed and gave him a life saving dose of narcan and a few hours later responded to call of home on fire. ernz along with another officer arrived first and two men call yerd elderly woman ought of a burning home before firefighters arrive. >> our job is to help anybody in any situation. >> officials will honor agent for his double life saving efforts. >> some bucks koumentsy students showed off their sophisticated side this morning . >> they performed opera desire for light this morning. the performance came complete
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with vok allege solos and special dance numbers and character roles. school administrators picked an operable perform as on stage to encourage people to work together as well as explore new art forms. >> very impressive. still to come on "action news" at noon a break through in breast cancer rear is. . more extensive surgery is showing big benefits. >> also new incentive for air tlinz get your bag to destination saferly. bigger bucks you could get for their mistakes when "action news" comes right
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>> gas prices are on the rice and experts say prices owe could be peaking in the summer weeks as summer driving begins. nationwide gas prices are up over the past five weeks. that doesn't seem to be the case in the delaware. >> val: valley. in the past month gas prices in philadelphia gone up 4 cents. prices spiked 6 cents per gallon in south jerz write and gas up 9 cents a gallon in the past months of the state of tell dell. department of is putting more pressure on airlines to transport your baggage saferly. they increased maximum payout for bags lost an damaged or domestic flights from 34 to 500 and upped compensation for passengers bumped off flights for over booking new rules take effect end of august. >> "healthcheck" at noon a new study could change the way doctors perform breast cancer surgery. doctors found that routinely shaving a little extra issue
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around a tomber greatly lowered risk some cancer will be left behind. women's whose surgery was done this way were 50% less likely to need second surgery to deal with cancer that was left behind. there's been an effort to make cancer treatments for kids more general. in a new study gentler treatments are more effective. more children are surviving than ever before and without the long term complications. researchers tracked more than 34,000 childhood cancer survivors over the last several days they gave spairl more targeted doses of radiation avoiding certain drugs and changed the way chemo is given. and they found despite the easier treatments survival continued to improve. >> the "action news" team is out working on new stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. a man from our area wentz to jail for something he posted on facebook. his case went all the way to the supreme court and today the justices made a decision. we'll break it down at 4. >> also a baby picture found in
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a pennsylvania flea market and this one was not just dropped on the ground. turns out it had been there for decade and set off an incredibleer is to much find the man in the photo. >> and now a live look to sky6hd showing you the ben franklin bridge this noon. cloudy out there now. meteorologist david murphy is track august round ever wet weather headed our way. accuweather is
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>> meteorologist david murphy is here now with the latest from accuweather. june is here like a penguin i guess it is. >> or a duck. >> or a duck, laughing fathers in the waters. >> stormtracker 6 double can -- okay okay, so we have no more rain from this morning. that's all gone. there's a little bit of green on the radar north and east of allentown and a new cell starting to form in harrisburg
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will be watching western skies and for the redepartment of another round of rain a little later this afternoon. for now as we head you outside we have sky6 in hd and looking south along broad street from new camera temple university and obviously it's gray. clouds lifting a little from this morning where you can't see the tops of sent city sky scrapers and rain mills back in litter on. temperatures holding dew points high enough to give you noticeable humidity. winds in philadelphia turned out of northeast because frontal boundary is is in the process of pushing through the city. if this pattern ton kins we'll hold our temperatures in the 70s today instead of 80s however you don't are to go too far south to find the 80s. 82 millville 86 dover. wilmington delaware almost there and winds turning off the ocean as the front tries to push through. still think we have a decent shot at heavy downpours in and around the i-95 core done and increased concern there's a lot
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of that action will slide down over millville and down over southern delaware and south jersey as we go into this evening. so future tracker 6 with the latest look at this between now and 3:00 we're looking for potential of that formation of a line of precipitation very close to where that front i just showed you is set up and where this does set up it will produce heavy downpours that could produce street flooding and small creek and flooding as well and gusty thunderstorms as well. the model has heaviest of this pushing further south of philadelphia and although philadelphia will still be recovering if mod tell right from earlier heavier rain and so i look for street flooding lingering through this the 6:00 hour and all the way to 11, 11:30 and most action is down the shore although there could be a lingering shower that could produce one more hit of drenching downpour producing rain. downpours are big risk we're look the at out of all this moderate chance ever lightning and winds that form and not look are for hail or isolated
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tornadoes out of this atmosphere is not setting up that way. allentown, 74. there is a chance of periods of rain and perhaps a thunderstorm. but less rain up north in the lehigh valley than what you have further south you go. and shore region 75 for the high. rain and thunderstorm possible. in philadelphia, we're going for a high of 78 this afternoon. clouds mixing with sun. and if that front hold past and continues to slide south we'll shave a couple degrees off that. in any event rain and thunderstorms part of the package later this afternoon and in through this evening. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 78, beards of heavy rain an a problem past the evening are you hour. then tomorrow lingering rain possible an drying out fairly quickry and maintaining cloudy skies and cooler high of 70. humidity you drops during the day and most importantly heavy rain will be gone. both wednesday and thursday look like nice days highs in 70s, low hugh humidity. muggy friday and saturday and highs in 80s and scattered popup
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thunderstorm late both days maybe a storm sunday. >> another half hour of "action
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>> hello again some of the stories we're following for you on "action news" 12:30 new details of a settlement the reached in a south jersey family
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when their home exploded in 013 and latest in what sent air conditioning unit crashing 2 stories on a new york city sidewalk. >> details, rain and flooding hit part of our area over the weekend and continuing to do so today. >> it's not over. heavy downpours and thunderstorms are on the radar for later today. >> rain impact pacted drivers this morning and could impact drivers on the way home tonight. >> meteorologist david murphy is live outside timing it all out for us david. >> backed up storm drains this morning for the first round of rain. more on that in a moment. we're getting a midday break and things getting brighter out here. wouldn't be out of the question to get a peak or two of sunshine before the next rain comes in. stormtracker 6 double scan brightsening skies and lack of significant rain and spunklees beginning to develop and that could come through and that's a small of things to come as we go later into the afternoon.


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