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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 1, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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when their home exploded in 013 and latest in what sent air conditioning unit crashing 2 stories on a new york city sidewalk. >> details, rain and flooding hit part of our area over the weekend and continuing to do so today. >> it's not over. heavy downpours and thunderstorms are on the radar for later today. >> rain impact pacted drivers this morning and could impact drivers on the way home tonight. >> meteorologist david murphy is live outside timing it all out for us david. >> backed up storm drains this morning for the first round of rain. more on that in a moment. we're getting a midday break and things getting brighter out here. wouldn't be out of the question to get a peak or two of sunshine before the next rain comes in. stormtracker 6 double scan brightsening skies and lack of significant rain and spunklees beginning to develop and that could come through and that's a small of things to come as we go later into the afternoon. for the morning rain, you have
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to be up way early in the morning like i was to be able to catch most of this you can see between and 6 in the morning the heaviest rain filters through and but in some areas you get a quick inch or more of rain and that was enough to back up storm drains on roads and shut the blue route down for a short time. you don't see that that often from quick hit of rain. we did see it this morning. we're starting to taper off and getting into the lull. that doesn't mean that problem is over. there's a flash flood watch that dmikd at noon. it goes the rest of this afternoon and evening and we're expecting dexingt of another round of heavy downpours south of allentown and south ever reading but setting up close to philadelphia trenton wilmington and lancaster and slowly moving through the shore during the evening hour. and we could be into 1, maybe 2 3" of rain that as pops through and more street flooding and small creek and stream flooding. right now temperature in philadelphia a front is starting
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to push through philadelphia, 70. rain develops south in washington. we're up to 85 in washington. due point high. 64 means that it is muggy and if you start walking a round and exerting yourself today in particular you'll feel that. when i step inside we'll have another look at future tracker 6 showing you how the rain gets heavier later today and tonight and then finally gets better. >> thank you david, you can always keep an eye on weather by checking we have live stormtracker 6 radar and 7 day forecast. also our team of meterologists are always updating the web site. >> same front caused flash flooding from virginia to new york. last night new york staten island got more than 4 1/2" in two hours and it forced some to abandon their vehicles after submerged in the water. >> in other news we're he expecting please today from three pennsylvania state lawmakers as they face charges of conspiracy and bribery.
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state representative ronald waters pled guilty to nine kouts counts of conflict of interest and agreed to resign immediately and was innocenceed to 23 months probation and fine and pleas are expected from harold james and vanessa lauerry brown already up indicted back in march. they're accused of taking money from a lobgist working as undercover operative. >> right now the american red cross is helping five families after a fire tore through several row homes in chester delaware county. the blaze start around 1:30 this morning in vacant row house in 400 block of bixly place. firefighters arrived to find heavy flames on first and second floors. the fire spread to several adjacent houses before crews were able to get it under control. >> you could smell it. >> no one was injured. and just days ago another fire started in the unoccupied home right next to the place where the blaze broke out today.
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today people are remembering beau biden. tributes are powing in for the vice-president's sochbility he died saturday of brain cancer and the vice-president is expected to be in delaware today. abc jim avala has more on the special bond father and son shared. >> joe biden back at family compound in delaware today. no public appearances scheduled as democrats and republicans paid tribute to his son, beau the former delaware attorney general who died over the weekend at just 46. >> i would like to express my sincere condolences to the entire biden family. >> family bond forged by tragedy and the boys injured and mother and sister taken in a fatal car crash when beau was 3 years old. two days before announcing beau was in the hospital his father had these emotional words. >> the incredible pond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i
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not been through what i went through. >> beau biden's bright future could only be stopped by a five year battle with brain cancer at his bedside the vis president jill daughter-in-law hallie now mourning and joe and beau's tight relationship on display in 2008 when the son introduced father at the democratic convention. >> my friend, my father, my hero the next vice-president of the united states. >> a genuine moment chairished by the vice-president. >> a father knows he's a success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and knows that they turned out better than he d i'm a success i'm a hell of a success. beauy i love you. i'm so broud of you. >> president obama cancelled all events last night here at the white house to visit biden's at official residence in washing ton d. cx.
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president said beau biden was a frequent visitor of the whitehouse and close friend and man of honor. jim avela the whitehouse. >> a driver accused of injuring four is in court today attempted homicide carpals. he hit three officers while fleeing from an accident scene in olney last month. a fourth officer was hurt at second scene in west lobe lane. he was shot and crateicily injured during that incident. >> after a year and a half a south jersey family is getting almost $2 million after their home exploded the couple was severely mrurnd when the home in cape may was leveled in november of 2013. they filed a lawsuit against the contractor and fuel company blaming them for the blast. according to the lawsuit, months before the explosion the couple switched from propane goose natural gas and propane tank was never removed from the property. an investigation is underway after an amtrak train collided with a car in upstate new york.
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it happened at a railroad crossing out ever rochester. detectives believe the victim iing ford a crossing gate and drove around it it. amtrak officials are on the scene doing an investigation. >> an investigation underway after an air conditioner left lifted by a plane crashed on to a new york city street and fell more than 28 stories after breaking free from the crane. 7 people were injured. elizabeth hurd is live in new york city. elizabeth. >> reporter: sarah good afternoon to you and as investigators try to figure out what went wrong this morning we heard from to two victims. they've had close calls but never like this and today they are just glad to be alive. >> this according to authorities the damage done by an air conditioner weighing 4 tons tumbling from 28 stories. it happens when a crane cable carrying the unit snapped sunday morning sending the massive
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equipment crashing down on to the street leaving a gaping hole in one building and causing off chairs to fly out windows and debris crushing cars on the walk sidewalk. >> i looked out the window the street was not visible there was so much smoke it was like a bomb hit. >> this man shot video from his apartment across the vitae. >> cars destroyed i hope nobody hurt. >> in all 17 people. two construction workers and five others treated for minor injuries. officials are convinced it could have been much worse. >> thank god that this incident occurred at an hour of the day on a weekend when there were not too many people around. >> and now for the second thyme year new york city investigators are once again looking into what caused a crane accident n april a man inexpecting a crane died when mechanical failure had the boom collapse on him. in 2008, 7 people were killed
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with a crane came down flattening a townhouse. and as for what could have gone wrong in this case officials say so far they know that this construction site had no on violations and they know that this crane appeared nobody good shape. so their search for apps is continuing. live in new york, i'm melissa durr back to you. >> spns lawmakers are trying to hammer out a budgets deal. house and senate are set to begin debates over public employee mentions and they're looking at plans to overhaul benefit and also try to hammer out adroment on natural gas severance tax. the republicans could draw legislature sean facing enormous projected deficit and law makers in set to wrap up budget negotiations by jewel 1. more to come on "action news" at 12:0 a delaysy scene out of mopt real. >> and who does not want extra
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sesame place go before they grow. >> this afternoon police loss ankle less investigating after a car crashed into a terminal at lax a 9-year-old critically injured a child was standing outside a term that yesterday afternoon when she was hit and the driver kept going and hit a wall. police believe the 67-year-old driver may have mistaken the gas pedal for the brake. >> well it looked like a scene from movie and instead was surveillance that captured the moment a car flew over a row and cars and crashed into a building in montreal. the driver was transported to the hospital with serious injuries and is expected to survive. police think the driver accelerated accidentally. >> and scary moments at a circus were caught on video over the weekend a circus acrobat fell into seating area during perform naps houston texas the female performer is expected to be okay and it was squarey and
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happened during a show by the vasquez brothers circus. management says the performance failed to properly secure a safety cord during the routine. >> did you know your old cell phones and computers can be turned into cash. a california woman discarded a rare apple desktop from the 7 0s and ended up selling for more than $200,000. lyndsey janice explains how you can turn gaj need cash. new jersey mom liz lentis juggle add lex aa full time job and web site on the side. finding time to clean is no easy feat. lucky for her. >> my husband is away this weekend and it's a perfect time for some spring cleaning. because he's a little bit of a hoarder. >> hid anyone this house buried treasure. old electronic dwaj et cetera that can turn to extra cash liz can use for early father's day president for that husband. >> he needs a new computer it's
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not necessarily something he feels like he could splurge on now. >> enterser joanna stern wall street squurnal tech guru on advice how you may turn old device into serious dough. and use web sites to sell electronics, even if they're damaged. these sites will tell what you it is worth. gazelle buys straight from you and glyde posts them online for others to purchase. >> they tell you when you should sell because you should sell now and price lick toy to sell in 7 days. >> need instant cash head to food court. >> you can go to eco atm instead of online shopping bring it there and get cash on the sglot $30. >> glyde appraised phone $68 so passed on ecoatm. >> tip number three it pays to compare prices.
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>> we got original ipad, 64 gig and gazelle is saying they'll pay you 30 and glyde says should you should sell for 60. >> between liz's old back mook. >> 117. >> tablets phones and digital cameras she finds a whooping $427 worth of hidden cash. and that's money ton put toward her husband's new laptop and treat alexa to a new doll, too. >> i have old 8 track cassette player. think i can money for that. >> just keep it we know you use it. >> still ahead a solar plane attempting to fly around the world without a drop of fuel had unexpected stop. details about what forced it to land. >> meantime looking live outside taken is kind of a gloomy day for monday. sky6hd showing you ben franklin bridge in parts of penn's landing. cloudy and rainy and about to
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get cooler. david murphy keeping an owe eye on changes when "action news" at 12:30 continues. >> how wow listen to the b eeg ees. >> that's a good point
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>> bad weather is causing problems for solar impulse the experimental plane forced to land in japan. the plane is attempting to fly around the world powered by the sun. the plane headed to hawaii next toughest leg of journey and it's expected to take 130 hours. >> after a rainy morning we got even more rain on the way. >> that's what it looks like. storm tracker 6 double scan now you don't see a lot out there as last little blip of precipitation from this morning's heavier rain well norm of trenton and new york and pushing away. a couple other little cells starting to pop in up in lancaster county and we sxek the next couple hours we'll see more filter in and by the time the kids are coming nrom school and certainly by evening rush hour
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we'll see rain. >> let's get you outside and what looks to be maim maybe a little bit of sunshine trying to break through clouds there. ki not promise you a whole lot of that today. exercise brightsening over the next couple hours before we get ready for next round of rain. 70 currently in philadelphia. and northeast wind we really have been stuck on 70 the last couple hours and funny thing is down the pike to wilmington is 90. that cutoff is close by. 6 dew point feels humid and there's a bit of breeze. as we look at the rest of the afternoon by or 3:00 we'll allow for redepartment of line of showers and drenching downpour producing thunderstorms. now, this will have a tendency to sit over the same area for a while as frontal boundary comes from north and slowly pushes through. it's not able to dislodge that rain in a hurry. as you facts forward to 6:00 you still have decent sure and drenching thunderstormsp potentially closer to philadelphia and maybe more
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further north and west and then up to 11:00 that front is pushing this stuff closer to the shore. although at the shore you can be looking at heavy rain. and maybe a couple of other lingering cells. as we go all the way overnight we will start to have a tendency to dry out and by the time i'm back on the air 4:30 in the morning stromtracker i will have a lot less to show you although couple early lingering showers out there. what do we expect the rest of way? this doesn't include what happened. people getting an inch. still to come anywhere from 2 an a third inches on rpm model and same on euro inch on nam and overall we're in line 1 to 3" forecast and unfortunately lingering rain to come will be heavy enough to provide floyding on roadways and strawl creeks and streams. that's the big rest out of what we have to come to. there will be thunderstorms and chance of lightning perhaps he
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need strong, gusty wind. and it's bun of those afternoons and especially evenings if you live in a flood-prone area a place that tends top get floods you wanted to deep your eyes and ears out for any watches or warnings that come up. high of 78 in philadelphia, we'll be close to that with easterly flow in it continues pronounced enough app the front gets far enough past us we settle 3 degrees shy of that. wire into the 80 s and close that that and down by the shore upper 70s. looks likes low to upper 70s or mid to low 70s in lehigh valley and points north. 7 8 by 3 and 75 by 5:00 and 73 di 7 with showers and thunderstorms building in as i showed you on future tracker and 65 is overnight low. and tomorrow, we start out with a few sprinkles and showers through the morning into the afternoon but during the afternoon we expect drying even though it will be a bit on cloudy side. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 78, muggy heavy rain at
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times in parts of the region especially this afternoon and evening hours. we have nrosh flood watch in effect until later this evening. 70 tomorrow ees high. rain in the morning. not raetly as much as we see today. lighter, more spotty rain in the morning and then drying in the afternoon. and then mid 70s on wednesday and thursday. really nice weather there before we get a little bit warmer and humid on friday and saturday. >> okay. >> thank you, david you. >> thanks, david. >> on the "people scene" at 12:30 that major announcement from kanye west and kim kardsahian, expecting maybey number two. they mid at announcement on mid season finale on keep egg up with kardsahians. they welcomed north almost two years ago. it is congratulations for elizabeth smart they just revealed she is a mother. they welcomed their daughter is february. smart was 14 when tape from parents' home in salt lake city
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and held captive nine months before foundch the 27-year-old is since an advocate for amber alert. >> singer enrique inglacious's hand was sliced when he tried to catch a drone. he was injured while performing a concert from mexico. video from a fan captured the frightening moment when the drone got caught in the sharp rotating blade. he expects to be back on tour in .
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>> tonight on 6abc "the bachelorette" faces her fears a haunt house tests the relationship. six more bachelors have another scare waiting for them when they meet "the bachelorette" at elementary school. it's tonight at 8 here on 6abc.
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>> if you're looking for distraction this afternoon check out >> what is happening? hello. >> see the entire video showing the moment after 10-month-old baby met his mother's twin sister for the first time. look at his eyes. when felix saw his aunt he was clearly confused not understanding why this person looked exactly like his mom. >> one final work in your accuweather forecast. >> stormtracker 6 double scan trained to west. lancaster county and medical you're starting to see some of that next round of rain pop up. if we take a look at just the last half hour view further west a lot of specled precipitation beginning to form. and we are looking at some of that building in and giving us more heavy downpours later this afternoon and evening. so nrosh flood watch in effect now through the evening hours and these counselee from about philadelphia south we expect heaviest rain. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thanks david. >> here's a look at stories coming up on "action news"
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beginning 459 a florida father's message about publicly punishing your kid is spreading like wildfire online thanks to surprise twist. it has everybody talking later today. >> and tire tantrum 8-year-old man caught on cram vandalizing van of 88-year-old woman. why he says it was revenge for something he did during a bingo game. >> and that's going to do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us later today "action news" at 4, 5 and 6. >> for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist have a great
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