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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. tornadoes tearing through the heartland. >> tornado on the ground. >> on the ground? >> on the ground! >> destroying dozens of homes. this truck trapped in the middle of a funnel cloud, flash flooding turns roads into rivers. and the leve rks about to break, forcing people from their homes. and more severe storms on the way. abc news exclusive. dark secret. a sister saying her brother was a former victim of house speaker dennis hastert. capsized. a freak wave sends two teenage girls into the frigid water after a tragic boat accident. 70-mile-hour winds and rough sea. >> if we would have let fear overtake us, we would have never been able to get out. >> how they made it out alive and the song from a popular kids movie that kept them going. and overtime thriller.
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golden state knocking off cleveland as game one of the nba finals guys down to the wire. >> curry, for three, puts it in! >> the stars were out watching the warriors beat back a monster game from lebron james. and the good luck kiss from stephan curry's daughter that launched his big night. and good morning, america. boy, talk about living up to the hype. boy, the nba finals off to such a huge start last night. >> yeah and we know we saw the kiss. how about stephan curry's daughter, stealing the show again with that little victory dance, oh yeah you go. look at her. she's got like an elaine kick. i think. doesn't it look like it. we'll have more on the thrilling game coming up. we begin with the extreme weather. tornadoes across colorado and
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kansas overnight. eight reported on the ground. flash floods and hail cause something much trouble. neal karlinsky in colorado this morning. >> reporter: they're keeping us back because the scene is active. there are powerlines down in the area. look at the house. the roof has been ripped off. there's an suv over there that's been toppled upside down. this is one of roughly 30 homes damaged overnight. >> tornado on the ground! >> tripping across colorado. >> it's viability. >> oh wow. >> reporter: and watch this extraordinary footage captured inside this colorado funnel cloud. the winds whipping. seconds later, actually picking up this 4500-pound ford ranger truck with debris flying. the driver who was filming this is okay. his truck, severely damaged. and near denver you can see the aftermath. dozens of homes and farms
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destroyed. this house completely gutted. this suv picked up and dropped on its roof. and it wasn't just tornadoes. torrential rain and hail. hammering drivers including us. >> oh wow. it sounds like it's denting it. people are pulling over. and then there were these blinding bolts. overnight in kansas drivers unable to see the roads forced to pull over but still getting battered by winds and rain. and in missouri water has taken over many of the road ways making travel dangerous. this big truck, swept away. i can tell you the lightning, the hail the rain seemed to go on and on overnight. remarkably no reports of serious injuries at this point. more bad weather is expected later today, just what they don't need. amy? >> all right, neal karlinsky with the latest. more severe weather in the forecast.
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tornadoes and flash flooding possible. rob marciano checking it out. >> not only from these storms but from last week's storms rolling down the red river. now an alert in garland city. a levee there is leaking. there they're very very worried. this is in loveland. 25 homes damaged there. this will be day four where we expect to see the same areas getting hit. kansas nebraska colorado wyoming. the same areas getting hit likely for the fourth day. more on this throughout the broadcast. back to you. we turn to the massive data breach. the personal information for at least 4 million current and former federal workers stolen from government computers. that may be the tip of the iceberg. u.s. officials strongly suspect china is behind the attack? >> reporter: indeed.
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good morning, george. those 4 million current and government employees will get bad news. they'll be offered credit monitoring over the next 18 months because hackers broke into the office of personnel management. it's essentially the government's human resources division. names, birth dates, and social security numbering were likely taken. also at risk background information done for security clearances. investigators expect china was involved. chinese officials are denying the allegations. government agencies are increasingly under attack. sony pictures the white house, and the state department hit in recent months. >> a constant bat until cyberspace. now to a mysterious murder in colorado. man gunned down while walking near his home. it happened in the same area where a serial shooter is on the loose. clayton cansandell has the story.
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>> there's a male right on the sidewalk, not breathing. he's bleeding uncontrollably. >> reporter: overnight, police working this scene. the shooting death of 65-year-old william canold jr. >> there are enough likenesses to this case that we, as an age circumstances immediately reached out to a task force. >> reporter: he was on a nighttime stroll. >> it's kind of a shocker that he's gone. >> reporter: the shooting is one of several on roads across northern colorado in the last few weeks. a task force previously linking two nearby shootings. the first in april, along interstate 25. driver cory romero hit by a bullet in the neck. >> it's on both sides of my neck. i'm just really scared. >> reporter: she survived. >> i'm still in shock. you don't think something like that would happen to you driving home from work.
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>> reporter: in may, a second shootinging about six miles away. john jacoby shot twice. killed while riding his bike. >> my guess is it's probably the same shooter. that fits the pattern of other highway-type shooters. they keep doing it until they get caught. >> reporter: task force invers gators are attempting to connect seven recent reports of motorist motorists with shattered windows. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news loveland, colorado. now the abc news exclusive. new information about sexual misconduct allegations against former house speaker dennis hastert. he'll be in court next week facing charges of bank fraud and lying to the fbi to cover up some of the information. >> reporter: good morning, george. for the first time this morning we're learning the name and details of one of the alleged sexual abuse victims of the
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former speaker of the house. from the family of the then young man who says they've been waiting for his secret to be known. in steve reinbold's wrestling year book hastert wrote he was the right-hand man. he also became a victim of hastert's, according to reinbold's sister. >> i think he damaged steve more than any of us will ever known. >> reporter: the sister tells abc news that her brother shared his dark secret of abuse when he revealed to her that he was gay. >> i said, steve, when was your first same-sex experience. he looked at me and said it was with dennis hastert. i was stunned. i said why didn't you ever tell anybody, stevie? he was your teacher.
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why didn't you ever tell anybody. he looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me? in this town who is ever going to believe me? >> reporter: was it your sense this happened more than once? >> mm-hmm. i said was it all through high school? he said yes. >> reporter: hastert became a father figure for her brother. as a member of an explorer's troop run by hastert, he was one of handful of young men that hastert took to the bajahamasbahamas. >> the man who was his friend was abusing him. >> reporter: steve reinboldt died of aids in 1985. she says she confronted hastert. >> i looked at him and i said i want to know whey you did what you did to my brother? he stood there and stard at me. i continued to say, i want you to know that your secret didn't
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die in there with my brother. and i want do you remember that i'm out here. and that i know. >> reporter: then, two weeks ago, after she says she had given up hope that her effort to expose hastert would ever succeed, the fbi showed up at her door to ask her about her big brother steve, and tell her dennis hastert was about to be indicted on federal criminal charges. >> there are no words to describe what it felt like to -- you know it was like stevie we've done it. it's going the happen. we got him. >> reporter: hastert's been in hiding since the indictment. messages we sent to his lawyer for comment were not answered. steve wienboldt's sister decided to come forward to others know they're not alone. >> she's been trying to get this story out a long time. >> she contacted us and other members of the news media off the record about nine years ago.
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she watched hastert rise to prominence. it made her angrier and angrier. >> he's not been charged for this misconduct. he's charged for the bank fraud allegation. how does this story affect the government's case? thnchts is another example of the misconduct he was alleged to be covering up. that's important when they make the case against the bank fraud and lying to the fbi charges. let's go to ""gma"" weekend anchor dan harris. a strong earthquake. >> more than 130 hikers and tourists are trapped on the top of a mountain after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit malaysia. triggering an avalanche of rocks blocking the way down the mountain. rescue operations happening as we speak. the so-called donkey ears at the top of the mountain were damaged. the damage after the quake on the right. also happening, crews have
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used cranes to turn the capsized cruise ship upright in china's yangtze river. the captain is one of 14 people that survived. he's in custody. the arsenal found inside the car of the man who jumped the fence of the white house last year and made it inside the built bilding. an munition tomahawks, and knives were found. two months earlier, weapons were found in his car in a traffic stop. prosecutors are recommending a 21-month prison sentence. check out this street fight in chicago. those sparks are from roman candles, which have a small amount of gunpound powder in them. a rough emergency landing in
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philadelphia. this private jet forced to touch down with nose gear broken. the five people on board, we're told are all okay. and finally, and i love this. the man who had a $136 million lottery tiktd and didn't know it anthony perosi is a plumber from statin island here in new york. true to form he had stashed the ticket behind a pipe in his basement. six weeks after he bought it he checked the ticket to see if it might be worth a few bucks. >> i thought i was having a heart attack or my heart stopped. i grabbed the ticket figuring they'll find it in my hand. then i finally exhaled. >> i'm glad that didn't turn out that way. he's sharing his winnings request his son also named anthony. he made it clear to the ladies of new york that he is single. >> yes. >> ready to make it rain ladies and gentlemen. >> a big girl alert.
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>> you sense it yourself. okay. >> i have a good filter dan. >> are you trying to say that one of us doesn't? >> no. not at all. not at all. >> she's going to tell us at commercial. we'll decide if we tell the world. >> a good way to do this. >> amy, don't do it. okay we're going move on now to major health headline this morning. the drug called viagra for women has won approval. after an emotional hearing. linsey davis here with the dekale. >> reporter: well male sexual dysfunction has a physical toent to it. for women, the answer was more likely more complicated than take one of these and call me in the morning. that may be just what the doctor orders if the fda gives its blessing. >> this is the age of taking action. >> reporter: move over blue pill. a little pink pill may soon allow women to join their frisky
7:15 am
male counterparts. it's surrounded by controversy. >> need does not create proof. >> reporter: dozens speaking before an fda advisory panel. many hope the once a day pill dubbed female viagra pill will help women. >> i had a wonderful, loving husband and no sexual feelings whatsoever. no negative side effects. only positive ones. really good once. >> reporter: her daughter inheriting the con. >> my marriage has suffered greatly. so much so that the conversation of divorce son the table. claiming from my low sexual desire. >> reporter: the drug can have side effects that include low blood pressure nausea dizziness and fainting spells. a storm of controversy was created with many crying sexism.
7:16 am
the panel's approval was met with cheers. and brings flibanserin one step closer to women. the fda usually follows the recommendations of the advisory panels. this drug tagts chemicals in the brain. if approved it's only meant for a certain segment of the female population. they might want to be ready with a little barry white just in case. >> go right to the closeup of me, thank you. really? game one of the nba finals. golden state and cleveland going into overtime. but even a huge game from lebron james could not stop the warriors. paula faris was there for it all. good morning to you, paula. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. cleanup is still under way. there is confetti everywhere
7:17 am
here. lebron james, the monster game most he's ever scored in the playoffs. not enough to stop the warriors from making their first finals appearance in the last 40 years. the warriors win was a star-studded affair. >> game one goes to the warriors. >> reporter: rihanna and magic johnson come out to watch james and the cavaliers take on the current mvp, sharp-shooting steph curry and the golden state warriors. riley curry with a good luck kiss for her daddy. 11 ties 13 lead changes. the cavs starting out strong taking the lead early behind king james. golden state battling back. the game going into overtime. the first finals ot in 14 years. >> and we'll go to overtime. >> reporter: james finishing with playoff record 44 points. >> they just made a couple more plays than we made. >> reporter: it wasn't enough to top the home team.
7:18 am
the cavs losing to the warriors 108-100. >> we win every game at home we'll be all right in the series. that's a start. >> reporter: little riley doing a post game victory dance. the cavaliers losing on two fronts. the team's second best player, ki kyrie irving going own. buried his head after the game and said he's worried that he'll play again this series let alone in sunday's game two. the team that wins game one in the series goes on the win the series about 70% of the time. a confident bunch. >> not so fast. this one is going to be a nail- nail-biter. game two tips off sunday, 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> the cavs will come back on sunday. more rain in the sprinkles try to get to new york, so the concert in the
7:19 am
park may get damp. washington d.c., rain now have throughout the day. that's a look at the national forecast. the weekend getaway is brought to you by kohl's. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. cloudy and cool and a couple of sprinkles and showers from philadelphia up toward trenton pushing toward the north. as we take a look outside cloudy skies do you want shore where a camera up high atop one of the condo buildings there is having a hard time seeing the
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boardwalk. things get better during the day. clouds in the morning, sprinkles and showers sun returning later, high of 74. 82 on saturday! the incredible survival story. two young girms speaking out. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody's moving to garmin. find the garmin that fits your life and join the movement.
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>> good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:26 friday, a little rainy on i-95. there's an accident. let's go to matt pellman filling in for karen. >> reporter: you would think that people would have had experience navigating wet roads. we have a crash on i-95 southbound approaching
7:27 am
woodhaven. it's facing sideways in the northbound left lane. northbound is locked up approaching woodhaven. southbound we have the vehicle fire near bridge street off to the side. the fire is out but extra heavy with speeds like 10. slow from academy to girard avenue. we have cardboard boxes people slowing down and swerving around them. power outage in philadelphia at 55 street. that's giving us problems with the traffic lights. northeast corridor service with up to hour and a half delays because of police activity. >> we have rain, let's get the details from accuweather and david. drizzle on the terrace matt, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you we have active showers in the vicinity of philadelphia and bucks county and trenton.
7:28 am
everybody beneath the clouds and drizzle and damp conditions across the region. 57 degrees temperatures are similarly cool to what they've been the last several morning. sunny breaks later today and all the drizzle and showers end this morning. 82 tomorrow, shower possible in south jersey and delaware, but mainly dry. >> the viewing for beau biden takes place today. we posted the details on that at and plus how people paid their respects at
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, we're tracking more severe storms targeting the heartland after tornadoes and flash flooding tear through the middle of the country overnight. right now, the fbi is investigating the massive data breach. information stolen. and american pharoah, ready to run for history. tomorrow, the horse will attempt to become the first triple crown winner since 1978. good morning america. happy friday. a lot to get to this morning. including a major car safety alert. gio ben neat tease is standing by. damage cars could flood the market. it is our giant peter inarty in the park. florence and the machine in the
7:31 am
park. >> another packed day in central park. we switch gears and begin with an urgent alert during the popular home-buying season. police inned iffed if severaling for man who held two real estate agents at gun point when they were showing homes. steve osunsami joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. the suspect had a handgun, wore a straw hat and sun glasses. they're worried he could strike again. this morning, police are sharing this sketch of the man they say robbed two different florida realtors at fun point while they were showing him homes. >> st. pete police department. >> i'm a realtor. i was showing homes and someone just robbed me. >> reporter: it was about 1:00 p.m. on wednesday when the attacker first struck. he scheduled the appointment under a fake name. >> hi this is robert evans. i'm calling about a proper the i you listed. >> there was a level of planning that went into both crimes. that causes us concern he'll
7:32 am
strike again. >> reporter: once inside he tied the realtor's hands and feet before calling her husband and demanding a ransom. >> she was coming up the driveway i've been robbed i've been robbed. >> reporter: he wasted no time finding a new victim. at an hour later, he was pulling his gun on this realtor. too afraid to show her face on camera. >> he put his briefcase on the floor, grabbed the gup, and pointed to me and said, get on the floor. >> reporter: according to police the roesh was interrupted again this time by another real estate agent, also planning to show the home. >> our fear sthat he moves from this area. because of the publicity. a realtor, again who is not aware of the situation, falls into the trap and meets him in the same circumstances. >> reporter: it turns out selling homes is dangerous work. in arkansas last year a real estate agent was found buried in a shallow grave, killed after she showed a home.
7:33 am
since 19979, more than 0 real estate agents have been murdered on the job. amy? >> all right steve osunsami thank you for that uptate. now to the former kentucky honor student convicted of murdering her boyfriend. sentencing set for a week from now. the question? whether shayna hubers will get life in prison. >> i gave him his nose job he wanted. >> reporter: this morning, shane that human beingers found guilty of murdering her boyfriend, 29-year-old lawyer ryan poston. will she spend the rest of her life in prison? >> am i crazy? >> i don't think you're crazy. >> reporter: hubers seen in this pi czar video. talking for 2 1/2 hours. singing. even laughing. admitting she killed poston in october 2012. shooting him six times with his own gun. calling 911 with an explanation.
7:34 am
>> ma'am, i killed him in self-defense. >> reporter: but the jury didn't buy it. finding her guilty. poston's emotional sister speaking in court. >> for us it with us -- your big brother is never going to be there. he's not going to be there. >> you picked up the gun off of the table. >> reporter: now this prosecute sir fighting to make sure she spends the rest of her life behind bars. was there behavior during the trial that sort of made you think, hmm, she shouldn't be acting that way? >> there was no sign of empathy. it was all about her. she didn't want to watch him die. that was hard to hear. >> how do you go on from here? >> one day at a time. >> one day at a time. one minute at a time one hour at a time. one day at a time. and you can see an exclusive interview with ryan poston's
7:35 am
mother speaking out for the first time tonight on "20/20." george? now to tin credible survive story. two young girls swimming for hours to safety after an accident left four others dead. kayna whitworth is here with their story. >> reporter: good morning the all of you. george, good morning to you. the local county sheriff is calling this the single worth tragedy he has ever seen on utah's bear lake. it was supposed to be a summiter kickoff celebration. this morning, two teenagers are speaking pout. >> we're like unbreakable. >> reporter: we're hearing from two teenage girls about their unbelievable story of survival. monday tiff any and tylin, best friended joined family friends lance, kathy, another friend from school on a boating trip. >> we've got at least two
7:36 am
individuals in the what person. >> the storm came in quickly. the waves were huge. >> reporter: 76-mile-an-hour winds and waves ten feet high threw all passengers into the water. the waves separated tiffany and tylin from the group. the two trying to swim six miles to shore. treading water for five hours. what kept them going? ♪ just keep swimming just keep swimming ♪ >> reporter: a song from "finding nemo." >> if we were letting fear overtake us we wouldn't get out. >> reporter: rescue workers found them in the water. the two girls and thatkathy, the only survivors from the original group of seven. best friends bound. >> it's nice to have good friends that keep on encouraging
7:37 am
you. if she was doubting the whole time i don't think any of us would have been able to make it. >> they were found more than a mile from the boat. paramedics think that by trying to swim the girls most likely kept their body tech chir higher which may have ultimately saved their lives. the storm was so severe it rounded doox on the lake and everything. >> it came out of nowhere. such a tragic story. lucky for those girls. back out to the park. rob marciano is there. a foggy start to the day if chicago. >> hey, george. we'rewe'll get to chicago where they are socked in with fog. temperatures in the 50s, and then you'll switch to warm and humid as you go into sunday. matt tra they have act --
7:38 am
sumatra they have evacuated ten thousand people because of the volcano. >> reporter: interesting pictures, rob, we have low-lying cloud cover and sprinkles and showers across the region. we're moving from the 50s to a better afternoon high of 74 and sunny breaks. 82 tomorrow. cars. they could be flooding the market. they're difficult to spot. a dramatic attack caught on camera. a teenage girl ripped out of a target checkout line. how bystanders saved her just in time.
7:39 am
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we're back now with "gma" on the lookout. a new alert this morning before you head to the used car lot. some of those shiny new cars
7:43 am
could be hiding serious damage. gio benitez is at a salvage yard in mt. vernon new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. all of those flooded cars we have seen over the past couple of weeks. they're supposed to be ending up right here. at a junk yard just like this. this morning, gnaw warning for you. they're not ending up here. they're going straight to used car lots. and they're for sale. >> the rainfall here in texas, not a laughing matter. >> drenching rains and flash flooding. >> reporter: dangerous floosh floods turning texas and oklahoma into disaster zones. leaving thousands of cars submerge period submerged. >> i have another vehicle stranded. >> reporter: these damaged cars could start flooding the car lots. >> they'll make their way on to the market. starting rite now.
7:44 am
>> reporter: and they can be hard to spot. after a five-hour makeover this sandy, flood-damaged car looks shiny and new. but experts say don't be fooled. it might look great. but it's rot on the inside. >> the electrical systems can be compromised. the men canchanical components are ruined. >> reporter: bob worked with customers trying to trade their cleaned up flood-damaged cars. >> that information will decrease the value of their vehicle. >> reporter: this isn't only happening in flood zones. >> they can be moved to other areas of the country. a few miles or a few hundred miles away from the area that were flooded and sold to unsuspected consumers. >> reporter: what should you look for? do both the vehicle history reports, such as a carfax and have your car inspected
7:45 am
beforehand. and back out here live. we have another tip for you. look for rust or corrosion underneath the car. look for those nuts and bolts. if you find out it's a flood car, it's a piece of junk. lara? >> excellent timing and good advice, gio. we thank you. that was a drone, right? >> and a big car that fell behind him. >> a hollywood production. >> a lot of choreography going on. so much more coming on "gma." who knows what could fall next. serious news to get to. the duggar girls are speaking out. what they're saying. behind the scenes of the bell month belmont stakes. pre-treat and help get stains out. how about these stains? yep. what about this? sure. what about chili? no problem. oh yeah, how about this?
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7:50 am
and the preakness in. i spoke to the squokky. he said his least favorite part is a diet to he doesn't weigh down the horse. my plan for you. you win on saturday retire and eat cookies for the rest of your life. how does that sound? >> pretty good. >> my plan. i also designed a 401 ed aed a 401(k) for him. a horse on the run. claiming it made the break from the racetrack. it was a local horse who lost his way to the track. unclear what that means. we'll stay on it. >> that didn't clear anything up. >> that was not american pharoah, we can say that with some certainty. >> what happened to american pharoah's tail? ments it was bitten by another horse, probably jealous of american pharoah's natural prowess. i asked the owner whether he
7:51 am
wanted to put a weave on there, he said no. he took off his hat and showed me he's bald. we'll be right back. amy schumer coming up. aren't you christen press? that's me. great to see you off the soccer field. what's that sunscreen? it's coppertone clearly sheer. lightweight, breathable protection. your skin looks amazing - not greasy. try it. heads up! show off. i heard that! coppertone clearly sheer. before fibromyalgia, i was on the go. i was organized. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better and can be more active. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
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7:56 am
>> hey, everyone, good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 on this friday, still have problems on i-95. let's go to matt pellman. >> reporter: national donut day you might need several to get through this, northbound side near the betsy ross bridge. three left lanes getting by, northbound not pleasant. southbound on the bridge from approaching cottman to girard. everything is open on the southbound side. new crash byberry at warminster road. new had hanover montgomery county.
7:57 am
hour and half delay on the njt northeast corridor service trenton and metro park in middlesex county. the delays linger. >> taking a live look at cape may, new jersey, david murphy has the accuweather forecast, david. >> reporter: starting out cloudy and cool, matt. every nowfer and then -- every now and then a drizzle drop on the terrace. we have it pushing through southern bucks county into new york state. this afternoon accuweather says we'll improve. we'll see a high of 74. early morning sprinkles and showers should give way to sunny breaks today. it's milder. clouds and sun on saturday, 82. slight chance of a shower and rumble of thunder in south jersey and delaware, most of us dry. sunday pleasant, 78 degrees, partly sunny skies there. afternoon showers and
7:58 am
thunderstorms on monday, the weekend is looking good overall. >> thanks, david. a philadelphia diner made a waitress pay for dine and dashers that story is at
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. dramatic video just release ofd a supermarket horror. a teenage girl attack at target, ripped out of the checkout line. the two brave bystanders save her life just in time. new revelations from the duggars. two of the daughters speaking out for the first time about the scandal rocking their family. >> we're not a perfect family. we're just family. ♪ can't stop me no ♪ and amy schumer's bold words on body shaming. >> i'm not going the apologize for who i am. and i'm actually going to love the skin i'm in. i feel like i have burned all the bridges possible. >> the dog days are over. florence and the machine are live in central park. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. and look that crowd in central park this morning.
8:01 am
we are so excited for florence and the machine. and a whole lot of people in the park are >> including lara spencer and jesse palmer. tell us how it's going. >> get down here. the fans are starting. fantastic crowd. so much excitement. here's why. here she come florence. and florence and the machine. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is so cool. there is just so much energy here. i cannot wait to watch their performance here live and it is all just moments away. you can see, the crowd is so pumped up. george and amy? >> she just ambles out there. >> she's cool. very cool. i like it. >> let's go to dan. he's got ifthe morning rundown.
8:02 am
what could be the biggest cybertake in the nation's history. 4 million current and former federal workers have had their personal information compromised. the u.s. suspects china of being behind this take. the chinese call that accusation irr spornl. more than 30 homes damaged after a string of tornadoes ripped across northern colorado. the storms unleashing blinding rain and swirling hail. the winds were powerful enough to pick up a trauk. no injuries reported. near denver massive sink hole opening up. swallowing this police suv. the officer is okay. no official word if this was in fact weather-related. parts of the south dealing with floods. up with town in arkansas evacuated because a levee there could break. in delaware more than 1,000 people gathered to mourn the loss of vice president joe biden's son, beau.
8:03 am
he died of brain cancer. he was just 46. a guilty verdict this morning in a brutal knife attack. a teenager was snachd by a disturbed man. strangers put their lives on the line. we get more from mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: the newly released video shows the moment a mentally ill homeless man attacks a teenage girl at a target in pittsburgh. 44-year-old leon walls pulls 16-year-old high school sophomore alison meadows from the checkout line, before stabbing her repeatedly. moments later, two brave bistanders tackle wall. >> she was grabbed and gone before i could move. you're helpless because this man has a knife. >> reporter: this morning, walls has been found guilty but
8:04 am
mentally ill. a psychiatrist testifying in court this week he's schizophrenic, hallucinating, and hearing voice before the 2013 attack. alison a star softball player suffering a collapsed lung and several wounds. >> there is a sense of relief that this portion is one step behind us. >> reporter: now she's recovered from her injuries. is headed to college on an athletic scholarship. moving forward after a traumatic ordeal. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news new york. >> so glad alison is okay. a dramatic crash to show you this morning. everybody is okay here. take a look at this. a mustang is hit by another vehicle in lang and then plows into two teenagers on their bikes. we want to emphasize, the boys are recovering from their injuries. the people in the mustang claim
8:05 am
they were being chased by another vehicle at the time. pit bulls may be tough. you would expect them to take on somebody their own size. not, however, this one, chasing a bear out of its yard. the bear had probably already had dinner at this point. though there may have been a different ending. pit bulls get a really bad reputation. this pit bull was protecting its family. >> doing its job. >> a lot of pit bulls are sweet. >> the bear was headed out. >> going for lunch. a lot coming up this morning, including the duggar sisters speaking out. more from them. and now to lara and jesse, center stage with the morning menu. thank you, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." amy schumer trending high overnight. her bold words on body shaming
8:06 am
and the swipes she's taking at hollywood's standarding for women. and you don't want to miss this story. the huge surprise for this little girl. she thinks she gets to play with dolphins. she's about to get the surprise of her life. plus our crowd is going crazy for florence tapped machine. they're performing here live. it's just minutes away on "gma." hello. we're here in the tropics to tell you about our ocean spray cranberry mango juice drinks a perfect blend of cranberry and the exotic flavor of mango. they go together like warm waves and a cool island breeze. ♪ ♪ [ cracking ] ta-da! ocean spray cranberry mango, the tropical way to enjoy cranberry. if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent
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8:11 am
now two of their daughters molested by son josh are speaking out as well. david wright has the story. >> we're the duggars. >> reporter: this morning, get set for round two from the duggars. jill and jessa defending their brother, josh who molested them when they were kids in an interview with fox news channel's megyn kelly, airing tonight at 9:00 the duggar sisters bristle at the idea their brother was a predator. >> i said victims. you fur roed your brow a little bit. do you feel like the victim of a molestation? >> i want to speak up in his defense against people calling him a child molester or a pedophile or a rapist. some people are saying. that is so overboard and a lie, really. i mean people will get mad at me for saying that. but i'm like i can say this. i was one of the victims. >> reporter: the reaction to
8:12 am
michelle and jim bob duggar's explanation was taking heat. many lambasteing the parents for appearing to minimize their teenage son's behavior. >> this was not like rape or anything like that. touching people over their clothes. a couple of incidents under their clothes. it was like, a few seconds. >> reporter: on their reality show, "19 kids and counting" the dug gars put themselves outd there as models of christian chastity. the family frowns on front hugging hugging, among family members for fear it might stir impure thoughts. >> i think that some people i have heard them saying you're hypocrites. well, if you go back and look at everything that people have seen in our -- in television you know, we have never claimed to be a perfect family. my parents have always actually stated, you know we are not a perfect family. we're just a family.
8:13 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> dan abrams joipning us. the daughters saying they're being victimized again. >> i don't think it's fair to criticize the daughters at this point. the sealing of juvenile records is not usually done for the purpose of the victim. it's for the deft. >> in victims are usually not named at all. >> exactly. because in this case you can identify the victims based on knowing who the deft was, it does change things a little bit. the family, in particular the parents are trying to make this out to be african attack on them. and the only reason this was released is because of who they are. there's a good argument to be made that under the freedom of information act, not only could they have released this but they had to. they can fight over that
8:14 am
legally. but there is certainly a legitimate strong rg ament. >> we know that the dug gars chose to speak out. their show is suspended. put on hold. in terms of public reaction what are people saying about what the parents and the victims have said? >> what the parents are saying often sounds almost leaguistic. what is the definition of a pedophile, battleing over that is not helpful. well a pedophile is over the age of 16. he was younger than that. i don't think the public wants to hear the defense of josh. the girls are a totally different thing. i think everyone has a level of sympathy and respect for them. when it comes to defending what he did. explaining it away. i think that everyone watches that and they say to themselves -- >> mine mizing it. >> yeah. was that worth doing? the reason to do an interview like this is to lay it out on the table and put it by heend
8:15 am
you. think they have put it front and center and cry ated potentially more problems. >> dan abrams, we'll most likely be talking about this for weeks to come. switching gears, we're turning to someone else in the headlines for very different reasons. comedian amy schumer taking the stage to accept an award at the "glamour" women of the year. rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: she's the woman who is capturing the zeitgiest at every turn. >> i had a mom who said you don't need to shave above your knees. >> reporter: making an acceptance speech >> like the uglies. you sfoupd us. >> reporter: in classic schumer fashion, she pushes boundaries. >> she's like a [ bleep ] supermodel. >> reporter: and much or what she says is not morning show
8:16 am
friendly. >> i was this jack-o'-lantern with [ bleep ] walking around. just like oh trick-or-treat. >> reporter: bemind all the blistering comedy. an important message, too. taking a stand on perceptions of body image. >> i mean like no i'm not going the apologize for who i am. i'm going to love this skin i'm in and not be striving for some other version of myself. >> reporter: even joking that her weight has never stopped her from being attractive to men. >> i'm probably like 160 pounds right now. and i could catch a [ bleep ] whenever i want. like that's the truth. >> reporter: this latest routine in line with her comedy central show "inside amy schumer." where she proves she's not afraid to take risks. ♪ ♪ around the corner fudge is made ♪ >> reporter: recently teaming up for a hilarious skit that
8:17 am
satirizes the day women are no longer deemed desirable in hollywood. >> is there anything you can do to delay snit. >> you can try it. 99 makes it worse. >> reporter: she recently tweeted that thanks to entertainment weekly for not air brushing her. she wrote, i am a size 6. and i have no plans of changing. this sit. stay on or get off. >> somebody was like do you feel out of place? i was like no of course not. >> reporter: her refusal to conform makes her the one to watch. >> yeah i feel like i burned all the brijs possible. all right. thank you so much. thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis abc news, new york. >> even though we couldn't hear everything she said -- beep -- i like what i did >> she's so funny. a life-changing surprise for one 10-year-old girl born
8:18 am
without part of her right arm. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: just like the dolphin winter from the dolphin tale is missing what you might call a limb so is this precious 10-year-old. >> i'm going to give you a bit of a tour, if i can. >> reporter: annie was born with a challenge. she's missing her right hand. she doesn't know it yet, today, she'll get a new one. she thinks she's here to see the dolphin from the film. that's near and dear to her heart. waiting inside the aquarium are a group of engineers, making last-minute adjustments to her bionic arm. she doesn't know any of this? >> no no. she doesn't know she's going to get the hand. >> so i have a friend for you the meet. >> reporter: a familiar face. she stars in the movie. >> do you want to come meet my friend winter with me? >> reporter: it was all too
8:19 am
much. >> we're going to have you feed winter some fish. reach inside and grab that. >> reporter: yet another surprise. the prosthetic rechargeable hand that will allow her to grab and touch. we met these amazing people who did all this too. they just love you to pieces. her tears broke our hearts. did you know that your parents have been tlig you? [ laughter ] >> fibbing. fibbing. that they were fibbing. >> i had a feeling, but i wint too sure. >> reporter: the people behind the prosthetics are amazing. all students from the university of central florida in orlando. engineers, architects and art majors doing this for free. the program is called limitless. they use 3-d printers. they'll adjust and replint as annie gets older. >> our goal is 100 solutions in
8:20 am
one year. >> reporter: 100 kids next year you're hoping? annie is learning now use her hand. >> you take a big flex on your arm. it will be better to control. >> reporter: she said she can't wait to go to school with it first thing monday morning. >> don't stop believing and you can achieve everything you want to do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami abc news clearwater florida. >> gotta love that story. >> beautiful. >> great. let's go we are waiting for the big show. we have some fans for florence and the machine. where are from? oklahoma city. severe weather threat north of you today, that come goodness. denver you're getting it, up through northern kansas and nebraska and eastern wyoming for the 4th day and night in a row, severe weather threat there. cool and cloudy in the northeast.
8:21 am
we'll warm up as we go through the weekend get back to summertime weather. 77 in the city on saturday for the high temperature. june gloom continues out west for california. nice and dry for texas and oklahoma. that's a look nationally, here's what's going on locally. >> reporter: we'll be running warmer around here this weekend too, it's cloudy and cold, teforts in the 50s -- temperatures in the 50s in most neighborhoods and showers in southern bucks county and trenton and mercer county. things are drying out here. moving from the 50s to a high of 74. warmer and clouds and sprinkles and showers during the morning we expect sunny breaks in the afternoon. 82 mainly dry saturday, and beautiful on sunday. h the 'stache? >> we just want a mustache.
8:22 am
we can say hello to our family in tennessee. >> but you're so proud, you want to be in disguise. that's the latest weather. hey, amy. what's going on? hi, lara. >> get over here rob. time for "pop news" everybody. y'all ready. there's the music. let us begin. the nba finals kicked off last night, as you probably heard. and even though the golden state warriors won the game, the real winner of the evening, would be jimmy kimmel with the third annual special nba edition of mean tweets. we love these. here are a few of the gems that you can catch go ahead and roll it. >> i'm convinced magic johnson has approximately 73 teeth in his mouth. >> people say lebron flops. have you ever seen this lid lithele french woman named tony parker? french woman. >> imagine the damage steph curry would be doing in the nba
8:23 am
if he didn't have such a girly name. #changeittosteve. steve is a terrible name. shoots that's my coach's name. >> mean tweets. you have to have tough skin. >> if his name is like a girl i want to play like a girl. and magic johnson, he's got some teeth. >> you i learned something new about our friend jesse. >> i have been on mean tweets before. i can tell you firsthand, it's a lot of fun. >> you have to own it. embrace it. we'll be watching the finals all week long. ever speak with your in-laws and find yourself wondering, i know what i heard. what are they really saying? now there's an app for that too. it's called the in-plau frans later. your mother-in-law says how is my son, you type in that question and voila, it translates into what she really means, i haven't seen him for weeks and it's your fault. [ laughter ] here are some of the other
8:24 am
little ditties. if they say, you look really well. that becomes in the translator, you have put on weight. maybe you'll change your blind. becomes you made the wrong decision. >> so confusing. >> oh you had your hair cut translates into you look like a thug. and, oh, i used to make it like this. becomes what is this junk i am eating? the creator of the app said just in case my in-laws with watching this this was not at all inspired by personal experience. >> i don't think you need translator. >> the guys tell it all. >> they're outed. >> it's out there if you should find yourself in need. and tinder is an app that allows you to find company in your area. what if you could swipe and be guaranteed get great company, cuddling, and the occasional lick on the face?
8:25 am
that will happen on all they're calling this the tinder of pet adoptions. you can find and adopt. there are cats dogs horses to choose from. and already, a quarter of a million users so far. i love this. i'm a big fan of rescues. >> the pressure is on. those pups have to have a good profile. we'll be judging. >> you need filters. >> chrome is my favorite. a quickie. if your dogs are barking after a long week show this for a feel-good friday. look at this guy. does not move. i just laughed out loud. my dog would be running all over the bathroom. this dog -- >> not his first rodeo. he's done that before. >> and he likes it. >> it's like when you get a massage and you just pass out. that's what's happening with the dog. >> he's getting the blow-out. next week bigger than the
8:26 am
world cup, the oscars. the first annual backyard barbecue summer cookoff. we cook up our own favorite recipes and anything goes. it's getting hot in here.
8:27 am
>> 8:27 an off-duty philadelphia police officer fatally shot a robbery suspect late last night. it happened at the rising sun pizza in the city's lawndale section. the suspect fired at the officer so the officer fired back killing the man. a second suspect is on the loose. on this friday morning we check traffic with matt pellman filling in for karen. >> reporter: things are turning back to normal on i-95. the accidents are gone and just normal clays southbound side by allegheny avenue in each direction you're looking at 12 extra minutes. there are delays, but not horrific. several accidents white marsh at ridge pike. conshohocken at madson ford road. delaware says goodbye to beau
8:28 am
biden. as a result we have street closures in wilmington. portions of dupont, 10th, hallen scott and lincoln streets are blocked. and njt corridor service is running behind because of police activity. >> let's check the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with david murphy. >> reporter: matt, clear on the terrace, take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. we have showers pushing out of southern bucks county and mercer county and huntington county new jersey. 58 degrees, grab a jacket as you head out the door in the city and elsewhere in the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows improvement later on we'll see breaks in the clouds with sun returning later today we'll get up to a high of 74 not too shabby. 82 tomorrow, clouds and sun and showers and rumble of thunder south of philadelphia. dry on sunday. >> thanks, david. lilly pulitzer promises to
8:29 am
rub a better sale at the expo center in oaks. we have more information at
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." i think this crowd is ready out here in central park. for florence and the machine. >> they're warming up. the sound is amazing. let me give you a stat. the last two mallalbums went platinum in a dozen countries. the brand-new one is poised to break all the records. >> it's called "how big, how blue, how beautiful." here are florence and the machine with ship to wreck. ♪ don't touch the sleeping pills they mess with my head ♪ ♪ dredging the great white
8:31 am
sharks swimming in the bed ♪ ♪ here comes a killer whale to sing me to sleep ♪ ♪ this rashing the covers off it has my by its teeth ♪ ♪ and oh my love remind me what was it that i said ♪ ♪ and i can't help but pull the earth around me to make my bed ♪ ♪ and oh my love remind me what was it that i did ♪ ♪ did i drink too much am i losing touch did i build this ship to wreck ♪ ♪ to wreck to wreck to wreck did i build this sip to wroek ♪ ♪ what's with the long face oh
8:32 am
do you want more ♪ ♪ thousands of red-eyed mice scratching at the door ♪ ♪ don't let the curtain catch you cause you've been here before ♪ ♪ the chair is an aland darling you can't touch the floor ♪ ♪ and oh my love remind me what was it that i said ♪ ♪ and i can't help but pull the earth around me to make my bed ♪ ♪ and oh my love remind me what was it that i did did i drink too much am i losing touch did i build this ship to wroek ♪ ♪ to wreck to wreck to wreck did
8:33 am
i build this ship to wreck ♪ ♪ and good god under starry skies we are lost into the breach we got tossed and the water's coming in fast ♪ ♪ and oh my love remind me what was it that i said ♪ ♪ did i drink too much am i losing touch did i build this ship to wreck ♪ ♪ to wreck to wreck to wreck did i build this ship to wreck ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> come on! how good is that? i saw her once before. but not this close.
8:34 am
is she amazing or what? >> she's fantastic. >> big fan here. like a lot of folks. first time they're seeing her this up close. it's phenomenal. you're out west to the southwest we have moisture from the tropics coming in. i think most of california will be dry north of los angeles but there's the andres voice coming into phoenix where they had a rare dose of moist for june. hurricane watches likely to be posted later on today. that's a check of the what's going on, big picture here's the local forecast. >> reporter: having fun in the park rob there's no severe weather around here today. but there's a shower moving through bucks county and mercer county new jersey. 74 is the high, clouds and sun 78 and 82 sunday.
8:35 am
cancer. today, drive cosmetics is making this a big big day. and we have with us karissa bodnar. >> we're thrive cosmetics. we're beauty with a purpose. for every product sold we donate one to a woman going through cancer. the number one challenge of women in cancer treatment, they had lost their lashes. after losing my friend christy, we decided to do something better. our goal is to give away a million products this year. we're here in honor of national cancer tlifer survivor's day. >> and robin had something to do with the name didn't she? >> yes, absolutely. after watching "gma" goes pink i heard robin and amy say, that these women were not just
8:36 am
survivors. but they're thrivers. we spell our name c-a-u-s-e because we're for a cause. we're cause-metics. >> you just got out of treatment. you koumd bnt happier to be here? >> no i'm thrilled. >> you a big florence and the machine fan? >> yes, a big fan. >> so great to have you with us. keep thriving ladies. amy, back to you. >> thank you, rob. and thank you, thrive cause-metics. we want to go to a what would you do moment. what would you do if you found out a waiter touched or spit in your food? >> it's an incredible story. you have to see to it believe it. it's every restaurantgoer's worst nightmare. [ sneezing ]
8:37 am
>> reporter: a disgruntled worker destroying your food on purpose. last summer ken and his wife julie got a nasty surprise. they suspected their waiter of spiding in their drink. it turns out, they were right. the angry diners contacted police. and the investigators went as far as testing the waiter's dna, which matched the contents found inside the cup. the couple now suing for psychological trauma. this is an extreme case of course. what would you do if you witnessed someone mishandling your food. on tonight's episode, we get the scoop and see how far we can push these customers. >> can i get a scoop of the outrageous. >> oh shoot. >> reporter: it seems outrageous. >> five second rule. i think it's all right.
8:38 am
>> reporter: that's because it is. >> you want to they will me how much you want? >> reporter: while some customers were more passive. this couple wasn't having any of it. >> excuse me i'm sorry. >> yeah. >> you just licked his ice cream. >> it was dripping down the side. >> yeah but you licked the ice cream. i'm sorry, can you get another one. >> you caught it right away. we were won'tering what people would say. >> i thought, this cant be happening. >> i i was stunned. >> we tackle all issues. race fosterror care abuse. even parental bullying. "what would you do? yts "is back. >> it airs tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. coming up more florence and the machine live just ahead. ♪ ♪ what kind of man ♪
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♪ what kind of man ♪ back now with florence and the machine. the new album, "how big, how blue, how beautiful." inspired by the l.a. sky. here with florence going to brag a little bit about this album. already number one on itunes in 18 countries. predicted to be number one on the billboard chart by next week.
8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] tell us a little bit about this album and what it means to you. >> um -- i think because it's always quite hard to describe an album because when you're making it you're figuring out what it means to you as it's going along. it can mean anything to anyone. it's very personal to me. but it's kind of out there now. >> i was reading -- [ cheers and applause ] that your var good pal, taylor swift, encouraged you to write about your feelings and what you're living right now. >> she was good at giving me wise relationship advise, as you can can imagine. >> yes. in song probably. how is your foot? i heard you had a boo-boo at coachella? >> yes, i jumped off the stage and i broke my foot. but it's definitely on the mend now. i haven't quite tried jumping up
8:43 am
and down on it. they've given me stairs today. so -- >> we won't have any -- you left out the part of the story that everybody was taking off their clothes and you anted to be in the crowd. you were really feeling it. that's why we love your music. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] so what do you think? are you ready to sing for us? i believe this song is -- what kind of man. ♪ ♪ i was on a heavy tip trying to cross a canyon with a broken limb ♪ ♪ you were on the other side like always wondering what to do with life ♪ ♪ and i had already had a sip so i'd reasoned i was drunk enough to deal with it ♪
8:44 am
♪ you were on the other side like always you could never make your mind ♪ ♪ and with one kiss you inspired a fire of devotion ♪ ♪ that lasted 20 years what kind of man loves like this ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ whoa ♪ ♪ to let me dangle at a cruel angle are my feet going to touch the floor now ♪ ♪ sometimes you're half in and then you're half out but never
8:45 am
close the door ♪ ♪ what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ you're a holy fool all colored blue red feet upon the floor ♪ ♪ you do so much damage how do you manage have you crawled back for more ♪ ♪ and with one kiss and with one kiss you inspired a fire of devotion that lasted 20 years 20 years what kind of man loves like this ♪ ♪ what kind of man loves like
8:46 am
this what kind of man ♪ ♪ what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ but i can't beat you cause i'm still with you oh mercy i implore oh mercy how do you do it all ♪ ♪ i think i'm through it then i'm back against the sachl back against the snoets what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ oh what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ man, man, man, what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪ ♪ oh oh oh what kind of man loves like this what kind of man ♪
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ]
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] florence and the machine are rocking our party in the park this morning. now it's time for their breakout hit off their first album, "dog days are over." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ happiness hit her like a train on a track ♪ ♪ coming towards her stuck
8:50 am
still no turning back ♪ ♪ she hid around corners and she hid under beds ♪ ♪ she killed it with kisses and from it she fled ♪ ♪ with every bubble she sank with her drink ♪ ♪ and washed it away down the kitchen sink ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog days are done ♪ ♪ the horses are coming so, you better run ♪ ♪ run fast for your mother run fast for your father ♪ ♪ run for your children for your sisters and brothers ♪ ♪ leave all your loving your loving behind ♪ ♪ you can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ ♪ the dog days are over
8:51 am
the dog days are done ♪ ♪ can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come ♪ ♪ and i never wanted anything from you ♪ ♪ except everything you had and what was left ♪ ♪ after that, too, oh run fast for your mother run fast for your father run for your children and for your sisters and brothers ♪ ♪ leave all your love and your longing behind cow can't carry it with you if you want to survive ♪ ♪ the dog days are over the dog
8:52 am
days are done can you hear the horses cause here they come ♪ ♪ here they come ♪ ♪ here they come ♪ ♪ here they come ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
a big thank you to florence and the machine for an incredible friday in the park. >> what a show. we thank you. how about one more song? shake it out, everybody. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ regrets collect like old friends ♪ ♪ here to relive your darkest moments ♪
8:56 am
♪ i can see no way i can see no way ♪ ♪ and all of the ghouls come out to play ♪ ♪ and every demon wants his pound of flesh ♪ >> there will be two viewings for beau biden at anthony of
8:57 am
padua church a mass of christian burial will be tomorrow morning. >> reporter: we have street closures in effect that will last until tomorrow afternoon. do you you dupont and 10th and hallen and lincoln streets are blocked and will remain so until tomorrow afternoon. had a crash on lincoln drive block the northbound lanes at gypsy lanes. it's clearing out now but i would avoid it for the next few minutes. the schuylkill expressway westbound lanes heavy morning traffic heading westbound toward belmont avenue. have a good weekend. >> you too matt. let's go outside to david murphy. >> reporter: we're off to a cloudy and cool start but a better finish. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you most of the showers are out of the picture. in bucks county and transport you're seeing lingering stuff. cool, 59 degrees a light breeze out of the northeast. this afternoon 74 degrees it
8:58 am
will be comfortable a bit warmer than the laflt couple of days, and there is the chance of sunny breaks coming back as we head into the afternoon hours. clouds and sun saturday, 82. a rumble of thunder or shower in south jersey or delaware, perhaps. pleasant on sunday, high of 78. a good looking weekend ahead matt. >> i would agree with that. coming up on "action news" at noon, the search for a second suspect in the attempted robbery in lawndale. a policen off-duty police officer shot and killed the other suspect. "live" with kelly and michael is next. have a great friday and great weekend, i'm matt o'donnell.
8:59 am
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