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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- manhunt. two convicted killers on the run. new details about their daring prison escape. cutting will you metal and concrete. and the sticky note they left behind. taunting authorities. caught on camera. a biki nirks-clad teen tossed to the ground by a police officer. a witness is speaking out this morning. smashed and abandoned. a damaged ultra luxury car discovered on the highway. the driver nowhere to be found. investigators focusing on the owner. another overtime. lebron james spiking the ball flexing his muscles at the end of a game two stunner.
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good morning to you all. thank you for being here. i'm t.j. holmes. >> and i'm brandi hitt in for reena ninan. the outrageous prison break in upstate new york. >> officials asking for help from the public. >> the commander of the state police heading up the surge admits they could be anywhere right now. elizabeth hur joins us live with the late e. >> reporter: good morning to you. officials say they're following up on every tip, including 150 leads and counting. and they say until the go are caught expect heavy police presence throughout the community, including extra security in area schools. two convicted killers, richard matt and david sweat are on the run. authorities are offering a reward of $50,000 for each prisoner for their capture. >> they could be literally anywhere.
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we're leaving no stone unturned. they'll be found and apprehended. >> reporter: the two discovered missing saturday morning after escaping from new york's largest maximum security prison in upstate new york. the pair using contraband power tools to break free through concrete wall steel grids, and pipes five stories high. getting out of this manhole and getting away. >> it's almost impossible to think this was done without phlegm someone both inside and in particular outside the prison. >> they're killers. they're extraordinarily dangerous. >> richard matt serving 25 years to life for kidnapping and beat mang to death, then dismembering him. david sweat behind bars for life convicted of killing a sheriff's deputy shooting him 22 times. from above and on the ground an all-out manhunt is now under way. police sweeping schools, searching houses checking cars
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for the daring and dangerous duo who left behind this note telling authorities to have a nice day. this prison has been around for 170 years and this is the first prison break in its history. get this. according to authorities, richard matt has escaped from another jail before back in 1986. brandi and t.j. back to you. >> thank you so much. we turn to weather now. veer storms moving from colorado into the midwest this morning with multiple tornado and thunderstorm warnings in effect. >> this is central indiana last night. lightning exploding across the sky. wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. as you can see on the radar, more strong thunderstorms on tap for today in illinois and indiana. that line of storms moving into the or not east. expect pounding rain large hail damaging winds. meanwhile, tropical storm
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blanca churning up the surf. paul williams tracking it for us as well as the extreme weather hitting the northeast. >> thanks a whole lot, brandi t.j. we're watching out for that old song stormy weather. pittsburgh charleston and cincinnati. a great deal of instability. these storms continue to move to the northeast. bringing hail, damaging winlds, in the range of about 60 to 90-mile-per-hour winds. downpours causing traffic delays. also, blanca making headlines. we're concerned about flooding from cabo san lucas and up the coast. don't start relaxes just yet. brandi? t.j.? >> okay paul thank you. police in riot gear
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responded to chaos outside a concert. people without tickets for this summer concert jam featuring chris brown and kendrick lamar tried to jump the fence and get in. state troopers were brought in. they first tried a piercing noise and then went to tear gas. a police officer is on leave. let me show you why. take a look. >> on your face! >> stop! >> yeah it was after this video was posted online. you can see him pushing a teenage girl to the ground and pulling her hair. also he pulls a gun on friend who is tried to intervene. that young lady 15 years old, in a bikini. police were called to a pool party that got out of hand. now, tatania rhodes is one of -- a party organizer. >> he was aggressive for no
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reason at all. it was horrible. everything could have been sofld entirely way better than what it was. i mean there were other officers that were actually nice to people. >> now, the young woman in the video tells a dallas police station that she fold officer's orders. he told her to walk away. she did. next thing she nose she was on the ground. detectives are looking into this. overseas to the growing crisis in the mediterranean sea. a flood of myigrants are making their way. nearly 6,000 people were rescued in 30 separate operations. alex marquardt got below deck to one of the small boats. >> reporter: we're told this is where 250 people made the journey. it's a very small space. they would have been crammed in here like cat. there's a strong odor. it's dirty. bottles of urine everywhere.
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miserable conditions. >> the people rescued have been taken to italy where they're allowed to disembark. alex said everyone he spoke with said they were ready to risk even death for a chance at a better life. president obama is in the german alps this morning. the leaders of the biggest seven economies shared a working dinner this weekend. it's the second summit without russia. today, they'll focus on terrorism. still ahead this morning, some good news for drivers out there. why it appears gas prices have already hit their summer peak. also ags car abandoned on the highway. now the vehicle's owner, an nfl player being asked a whole lot of questions. and shark attack. a young boy recovering after a scary situation in the water. what witnesses saw.
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[ explosions ] that didn't take too long. that used to be the bertolino building in harrisburg pennsylvania. the building was just 25 years old. it was imploded sunday morning why? we need more parking space. we turn to the federal government looking into whether private citizens could be victims of a major cyber attack from last week. did they have access to forms with background checks. just in time for the summer travel season gas prices are
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dropping to the lowest level in six years. drivers playing an average of $2.75 a gallon. that is about ten cents more than just last month but nearly a dollar cheaper than last year. gas prices drop in june typically or remain flat at seasonal maintenance is done. analysts predict the price drop will continue. and melissa mccarthy's "spy" took in an estimated $30 million. last week's flick, san andreas reiched in more than $26 million. and insidious chapter 3 was third. the other big weekend winner triple crown winner that is. american pharoah. well merchandise promoting his historic win is selling like wild cake online. among some of the items, you can get dirt from the track. how much can that dirt go for? at least 80 bucks. that is some historic dirt
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there, folks. some uncashed $2 tickets being offered. and photos autographed by the jockey, victor espinosa pinespinoza. >> do you know it's the dirt? >> i'm kidding pip have no idea. trapped for hour you paps woman in her 70s, stuck in a car. partially submerged in the river. how she made it out alive. a first in nba finals history. the first two games go into overtime. we have the highlights. plus, the half court shot that really got the fans going. there are thousands of ways into the complex health care system. and unitedhealthcare has ways
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my dog. yes, we can do that. real help from real people. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. yeah violent weather battering much of the midwest produced this funnel cloud near the university of south dakota. this happened over the weekend. extreme weather is moving away there that area today. it's heading east. commuters should look for wet roads and flooding in some spots from eastern oklahoma to the great lakes and into the northeast. slick conditions along the gulf coast. airport delays possible today in new york philadelphia and detroit. a newly signed member of the new england patriots has a lot of questions to answer this morning. brandon spikes joined the team last month. he played for the pats between 2010 and 2013. >> early sunday, a mercedes registered to him was found with
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damage and abandoned along a highway. nearby police responded to another car that had been rear-ended. the three people inside they say didn't see the vehicle that hit them. family's day at the beach turns terrifying when a young boy is bitten bay shark. he was attacked in waist-deep water of florida's cocoa beach. he was bitten twice on the leg. a few weeks ago, two attacks on florida beaches on the same day. >> it is one of the worst ones we have seen out here in recent years. >> the kid handled it as best he could. he did great. the family did great. >> apparently shark encounters are fairly common in florida. 28 attacks last year. the shark population is increasing up an estimated 42% over the last 18 years. a 74-year-old michigan woman is recovering this morning after what authorities believe were
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four dark hours trapped in a jeep partially submerged in the river. a fisherman saw the car. first responders found the woman buried in debris in the back of the vehicle unconscious. she's hospitalized in stable condition but has no memory of what happened. the u.s. women's national soccer team beginning the big world cup campaign tonight. we're ready. we'll have more about the team toward the end of the show. but, we have to get to the nba finals. let's turn to our guy at espn. i'm kevin connors. game two of the nba finals. a sparkling performance by lebron james. his costar matthew dell have a vedova was the one who stole the show. cavs and warriors. lebron, drain-o on the three. cleveland in front by 11. hang on. golden state coming back. andre iguodala a three. suddenly an eight-point game. harrison barnes, and one.
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golden state down three. 11 seconds to go. the nba mvp, off shooting night for steph curry. he makes the finger roll. game tied at 87-87. lebron, a chance to win, great look. took to it the hoop hard. it does not go. we go to overtime. 17 seconds to go. james. kicks. james jones, no but matthew dellavedova, the offensive rebound. he's found on the put back. he made both. steph curry, has it stolen by iman shumpert. lebron spikes it in the end zone. the cavs without kyrie, win it in game two in overtime, 95-93. game three, on abc, tuesday, 9:00 eastern. the kafs fresh off their first ever nba fibls win, trying to win their first nba finals game in cleveland tuesday night. brand-new "sportscenter"
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9:00 eastern on espn. i'm kevin connors. have a great monday. golden state fans disappointed last night. >> yes. >> but not this guy. he had something to smile about despite his team losing. jason valdez. here he is during one of the tv time-outs. yep, you see him sink that half-court shot. >> nailing that get this he won a new bmw, lusted eded edlisted for more than 43,000. apparent lirks there's a lot of ballers in the bay area who know how to make these shots. >> a guy that came close got nothing. this guy is driving home in a new bmw. after taxes. >> after taxes, of course. up next in "the pulse." a celebrity couple creating buzz because he's taking her last name after marriage. >> a guy after my own heart right here. and the american woman paddling across the pacific right now in that.
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all right, time for "the pulse" now. we're talking tony awards. broadway's big night to shine. >> memorable performances. best musical going to "fun home." a story based on a novel about a young lesbian's relationship with her gay father. >> and "the king and i" won for best musical revival. kelly o'hara won best lead actress. she had been nominated five time previously. this was her first win. this one getting so much attention. actress zoe saldana and her husband, marco, could be considered a modern couple. >> saldana reveals husband marco took her last name when the pair
4:23 am
got married two years ago. but zoe saldana tried to talk him out of it. >> why? it's a cool thing. she said she told her italian-born husband if he used latin men. he said he didn't care. went for it any way. good for him. >> it's zoe saldana. you take her name. next up golfer phil mickelson had a rough weekend. he made fans for life because of what he did at a lemon aid stand. >> he stopped by the stand outside the dpat. 6-year-old roland and his sister say they were there when he arrived. listen to roland pick up the story. >> he opened the door and said can we have a -- a -- glass of lemonade. all it took was one little thing, for him to give us a good tip. >> good tip.
4:24 am
>> a good tip. can you imagine if he was a bad tipper hey, we know how much you made last year phil? that good tip, $99. he paid for the $1 lemonade with 100 bucks. >> she he could buy several nerf guns. his sister wants a kindle. start investing for requirement. >> enjoy your 99 bucks. you're kids. enjoy. an athlete from orlando is hoping to become the first woman the row completely across the pacific ocean along. >> here she is. sonya took off from japan yesterday. hopes to finish the 6,000 mile journey by september. >> she chose not to be followed by a support boat because it would cost too much money. but also waste too much fuel. doing this all on her own. >> we will follow up. we have a few months here. we'll try to give you updates. >> for some of you, your local
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is monday, june 8. charges are pending against an alleged drunk driver who hit and killed a teenager in philadelphia. people and police clash at the meadowlands. there's an all out-manhunt for two convicted prisoners who break out of -- in in a shaw shank prison break. to cheer on the women's soccer team.
4:28 am
>> they open up their world cup tournament tonight. here are detail from karen travers. >> reporter: the women's world cup is under way. the women's u.s. national team take the pitch against australia. ranked second in the world, team usa comes in as a favorite to win it all. to say this squad is hungry is an understatement. >> we want to come out fast. we want to come out strong. it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: 2011 team usa gave up two late leads in the title game before losing a heart breaker to japan on penalty kicks. the u.s. team has not won a world cup since 1999. it ended with this incredible moment. the heart and soul of this american team is abby wambach. playing in her fourth world cup. she's the leading goal scorer man or woman in international soccer history.
4:29 am
182 career goals. it wouldn't be international soccer without controversy. the women play on artificial turf. a decision that angered many top players. they say the ball bounce differently than on grass. and the rough surface can burn. and of course there's recent corruption scandals at fifa. the american players say they want to focus on the game. >> we want to shine a nice bright light on fifa and our sport, women's soccer, around the world. >> reporter: playing in canada gives team usa as close to home field advantage as you can get. american soccer fans are expected to turn out in force. trying to will this team to the title. karen travers, abc news washington. >> such a good team this year too. >> always high expectations for the women's team. nothing against the men. but the women are top notch and we have high hopes. i'll be there. that's what's making news in america this morning.
4:30 am
we are working on several breakerring stories on this monday june 8. debris goes flying from a building in center city as two people break into a construction site we're live with the breaking details. >> a driver accused of striking and hurting a south jersey teenager is on the run. >> high schoolers earn their diplomas stipulate clucks in las vegas -- strip clubs in las vegas are hoping to prevent a job offer they cannot refuse.


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