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tv   Action News  ABC  June 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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homes in mercer county. and storms in the region. ♪♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> it started as roofers were working on a house in the 1700 block of east state street. by the time the fire was under control, it had gone to six alarms and damaged as many as 20 homes.
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this was the scene in hamilton township and tonight, almost two dozen people are homeless. the big story is the disastrous blaze in mercer county new jersey and the firefighters have been pushed to the point of exhaust exhaustion. >> about a quarter to 4:00 flames tore through the roof of the complex on state street. >> we couldn't get them on scene fast enough that's how fast ofs running. >> as many as 175 firefighters from as far as burlington and hunterdon counties called to service to help put out the blaze. terrified residents tram tram -- scrambled to get out of their homes. >> by the time we got out and got the dog out, it was at my house that fast. >> alice leach with only seconds to get out. >> when i walked out and i
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turned around, and i was overwhelmed with what i saw. >> they tell investigators men were on the roof. >> blow torches on the roof right there. >> by the time it was under control as many as 20 homes were damaged 15 heavily. some residents lost everything. >> oh, man. that's too bad. >> my daughter lost her fish in the fire and is so upset. >> her fish? >> five of them. >> five of them? >> she lost her fish but her life is saved. >> for hamilton firefighters it was the end of a very tough day. only two hours earlier they were battling a three-alarm fire in the 100 block of waverly. and they tried to cool down wiping faces with towels. >> and you have the fires, and the guys are spent from the first one, and we weren't even back in service totally from the first fire. and that fire was three blocks over. >> it is safe to say your guys are beat probably now.
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>> probably yes. >> with the people displayed the red cross is assisting. and there were reports of men working on the roof with blow torches making a repair shortly before the fire broke out. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." and accuweather, many parts of the area with torrential rainfall and thunder and lightning lightning. looking in center city, as pedestrians were ducking for cover. and the tornado watches expired and for everybody that's good news. and cecily tynan is live at the big board and how long will the showers continue? >> jim the showers continue right into the early-morning hours. fortunately the national weather service about cancel the tornado watches early. the storm weakening as it pushed to the east. double scan live showing we are looking at heavy rain falling. as we speak, only one lightning
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strike in the past 15 minutes, and that shows it is really weakening. a moderate to heavy rain over philadelphia, and also media malvern norristown. and south jersey the heavy the with the patches of red. moving east it is beginning to diminish. we are looking at heavy rain especially new castle and salem county where the double scan live showing radar estimateses from 2-2.5 inches of rain. we do need the rain that is a good thing. not coming with a lot of severe weather. but getting pictures and videos tweeted to me and on my faceback page. monthly little send this on twitter from west chetchester and you see the lightning strikes lighting up the storm. and most north and west. and berks county 60 to
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65-mile-per-hour wind gusts bringing trees down. and skippack penny-size hail. and trees and wires down and about 1600 people without electric tries anytime lower macungie. and schuylkill county a funnel cloud. no report if it touched down. if it didn't touch down it is not technically a tornado. and whether it will clear up and the heat on the way coming up in accuweather. the most serious storm threat is over but join the weather team at 4:30 for rain tallies and lingering problems for your commute. and the philadelphia police on the hunt for a gunman shooting a 75-year-old man tonight in the back of the head. the senior citizen is alive. after being rushed to temple university hospital for surgery, the authorities are working under the assumption that the bullet was meant for something else. it happened on east indiana avenue in west kensington at
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8:20. candles and stuffed animals line the street where a 17-year-old was hit by a car and killed. and friends and family held the vigil tonight for him, hit by a car in the 600 block . and waiting for toxicology results on the driver. a suspect in a hit and run critically hitting a teenager confessed. 23 year old zachary mcdonough surrendered to the police say just hours after the officers say they found his heavily-damaged car hitten under a car cover. mcdonough accused of hitting 17-year-old kyle pszenny early sunday monday near hook road and lee avenue. >> and two arrest in the murder of a man whose body found in a suit. and the body of scott bernheisel
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found in a suitcase in essington near philadelphia international airport. in custody tonight is 25-year-old thomas brennan of fulsom. he is charged with robbing and beating bernheisel to death. 27-year-old crystal leibhart has been charged with robbery and hindering apprehension. former penn state student, james vivenzio of virginia today filed suit against penn state claiming the university ignored his complaints against sexual assault, hazing and drug use at a fraternity. kappa delta rho has been suspended for three years and 38 of the members expelled by the national organization. penn state denied vivenzio's claim saying neither he or his family were willing to file a complaint. a second lawsuit has been filed against st. joe's university in the wake of a hazings scandal involving the women's softball team. "action news" broke the store on april 2. following accusations of lewd
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conduct and drinking forced on the freshman players by the upper classmen. the most recent lawsuit similar to the first accused the head coach terry adams of doing nothing to stop the hazing and alleging that he actively impeded the investigation by informing the players on the team to "plead the fifth" while being investigating. the university says it is responding appropriately to the concerns raised and the investigation is ongoing. from the new jersey news room the garden state may offer $160 million in tax breaks for a company to move to camden. american water works employs thousands of workers across the country. to qualify for a grant of this magnitude, it needs to relocate at least 250 employees to
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camden. the proposal comes after a series of other companies were lured to camden by tax breaks by the economic development authority including subaru and the philadelphia 76ers to their practice facility. this surveillance video shows a robber firing its gun inside of the bank of america. the robber was fleeing with cash from the plymouth meeting branch last week when he turned and fired a shot toward the teller windows. fortunately nobody was hurt. the suspect drove away in a black vehicle and now a wanted man considered armed and extreme extremely dangerous. an alleged serial bank robber linked to jobs in pennsylvania, three in montgomery county. the 44 year old has been arraigned for incidents between 2009 and 2012.
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they say that he was linked to the crimes by d.n.a. from a fake mustache falling off during one of the hold-ups. still to come tonight. >> on your face! >> sharrie williams brings us details from the police investigation questioning an officer's actions. hearing from the teen who recorded this now-viral video. apple singing a different tune after losing its dominance in the music arena. and coming up, pillow talk. a study showing how to fall asleep faster without sleeping pills. and showers and thunderstorms moving through. more on the way and the details on the timing and what it means for the morning commute in the "action news" forecast. and shopping short. the phillies pick in the draft, 10th overall.
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in the suburb of dallas tensions were on the rise today. people of that community were asking is this the case of a racist white cop using force on a black 15-year-old girl? or a police officer reacting reasonably to a pool party gone out of control? and "action news" reporter sharrie williams. >> jim, this latest incident is raising fresh questions about racial bias in policing. and tonight, we are hearing from the teenager who shot that video. and while there are those who say the officer needs to be fired others say he was doing his job. >> >> this is serious! >> a rally tonight in texas as dozens gather to express their concerns about this video that has now gone viral. >> get on the ground. i told you, stay!
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>> tense moments at a pool party in the dallas suburb in texas captured on a smart phone by this teenager who was also a guest at the party. >> that's when i started filming when the cop is running back he trips and drops his flashlight, and going crazy putting people in hand cuffs. >> residents called the police after they say the teenagers did not have the permission to be at the neighborhood pool. and the officer is suspended for his actions. seen shoving a girl's face into the ground and pulling a gun. >> at the party -- >> he was aggressive for no reason at all. it was horrible. >> in watching the video we did want to conduct a full investigation. >> but not everyone is outrage ted officer. >> i have think he deserves a medal for what he did. >> and she says he made the
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right decision. >> i completely support him drawing his weapon or taser or whatever it is he did pull because he was attacked from behind. >> and also living in the subdivision and at the pool party -- >> what this is was a teenage party out of control. >> the teen who recorded the video says that he was not treated like the other teenagers at the party. >> i was one of the only white people in the area when that was happening. and you can see in part of the video where he tells us to sit down. and he kind of like skips over me. >> and the officer in the video was once named officer of the year. they have ordered an internal investigation. >> thank you. a former police officer from north karls son indicted.
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michael slager fired eight times at walter scott as he fled a traffic stop on april 4. it is the fourth time in less than six months that a sitting grand jury in south carolina agreed that white officers stand a trial. a manhunt continues for two convicted killers making out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york. the authorities say that david sweat and richard matt used power tools to make their escape over the weekend. and they have interviewed an employee, joyce mitchell about the break. it is unwe are how sweet and matt do the their hand on power tools. a reward is offered for what lead to their capture. and a thief may are tired out after crawling around during a burglary. it happened in kensington last
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friday. stealing cash from the register before making his somewhat slope getaway. after releasing surveillance the detectives hope that somebody can identify the suspect. an "action news" viewer with an unexpected visitor in her backyard. a black bear believed to be about 500 pounds. mary jane rossy says that he didn't seem to be afraid of people. even though it was probably a typical day for the bear mary jane said it is the first time she has seen one in the neighborhood after living there 30 years. police in ohio have to round up at least 200 tonight after the tractor-trailer carrying them overturned near dayton. nearly 2,000 piglets were from
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the truck and at least 2200 got loose but seem to be ok tonight. apple trying to take a bite out of the growing music streaming market. the tech made making its mark with ipods anditunes. and now an all you can listen to music subscription. the minimum is $10 a movement and apple with a fee upgrade to the mac operating system along within increased activity for siri. on "healthcheck" at 11:00, pills aren't the only solution to getting a good night sleep. it turns out you may be able to talk tut -- it out. and they found that patients fell asleep 20 minutes faster on average and got an additional 30 minutes of rest.
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the idea is that talking to a therapist resolves anxiety, a root cause of insomnia for many people. and 1/3 of americans are not satisfied with how much sleep and the quality of their sleep that they are getting now. veterans across the country and here in coatesville getting a chance to share thoughts and learning more about benefits. and similar meetings are held across the country. a world war ii veteran calls it one of the best days of his life. finally receiving the recognition for his service all the years ago. the 90 year old received a purple heart and bronze star at the veterans museum in media. he was wounded after landing in italy in 1944. >> i am no hero i am a
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survivor. >> many veterans records were lost in a fire in 1970s and he could never find enough in evidence for a purple heart and that changed when a letter he wrote to the red crossing turned up. and finally receives of the appropriate honor, the purple heart and bronze star. >> congratulations to him. accuweather forecast we have some turbulent weather going on in the tri-state area. >> the steadiest rain over new jersey, stormtracker live double scan showing we're not looking at severe weather now but have heavy downpours moving into new jersey now. philadelphia on the cusp but west of philadelphia part of delaware, chester county drying out. however i zoom further down i-95. and that cluster of some thunderstorms moving through baltimore. that is really moving up
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straight i-95. and i show you a great photo from the facebook page from mra ma -- melissa. and you see the ground-to-ground lightning strike and also on the road ponding of water. about 2 inches of rain in new wasle and salem county. heavy rain as it slowly moves east. and the temperature 69 degrees in philadelphia down from the humid, warm high of 85. the same in allentown. wilmington 68. and millville currently 72. satellite 6, along with action radar, showing what we have been dealing with tonight is really the leading edge ahead of a cold front. a prefrontal trough. if you look to the west more scattered showers on the way. not quite out of it but not quite as widespread tomorrow. and futuretracker showing 6:30 in the among, lots of clouds
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with a few spotty downpours. could complicate the morning commute. heading into the afternoon, some areas seek peeks of sunshine. and we will get another round of showers and thunderstorms before everything begins to clear. and we get a breath of fresh air on wednesday. it will still be warm with a high of 86 degrees. but with the high pressure building in, with winds out of the northwest, humidity a lot lower. and the high pressure on thursday and friday temperatures back up into the low 90s with high humidity. so we're getting back into a very steamy air mass. so the excuselusive accuweather forecast tomorrow unsettled with a few showers and thunderstorms. not as widespread as this evening. high of 86 degrees. warm and muggy day. behind that system warm, but thursday and friday is when we get back into the steam path. 92 both days possibility of
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pop-up showers and thunderstorms. heading into the weekend, keeping the warmth saturday. and again, a pop-up thunderstorm possible, 89 degrees. the second half of the weekend more comfortable. if we do have thunderstorms tomorrow morning slow down the morning commute, david murphy tracking them beginning at 4:30. more than 400 students at haverford high school in delaware county looking forward to a bright future. doctors graduated tonight at villanova university. excited friends and family filled the stage and the stands to cheer them on.
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baseball something happened tonight that never happened before. >> cole hamels had owned the reds. >> never lost. >> never lost. "had" being the operative word. not winning much at home let's on the road. the eight-game road trip first stop cincinnati. the first inning howard drives in revere with the double. the last lead of the game. and in the third, cole hamels facing cozart. and first r.b.i. in nearly three weeks tied at 3-3. in the sixth, dejesus, still paying for the trade, and the
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hamels first loss to cincinnati. and the 10 pick in the draft taking randolph. the phillies plan to convert him into appear outfielder heard that before. they say they are happy with the pick. >> a great kid. we have done our homework as far as character, make up is concerned. we believe that this kid is wired such that he will be a winner at the major league level. a word is a synonymous with intriguing? anything jim? on the spot. how about eagles? is worked so well during rehearsal. and how about bradford do?
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he is limited due to the knee injury, but glad he made it back to this point. he has been waiting a long time. >> it feels good to be back out playing football. routes that i have thrown over the past couple of months it is good to be out there with the guys getting a feel for the offense. i know the knee feels good. a special guest, brett brown on head and the great coaches pick the minds of other coaches regardless of the sport. and lebron james with a message for the fans in cleveland. and the women's national team off to a good start at the world cup. (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester.
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with the nba finals shifting to cleveland for game three, the cavs look to take a 2-1 lead over the warriors. lebron james feels the home crowd will be something to see. >> i'm looking forward to seeing our fans and i can't wait to see our fans. and i've heard our fans pretty
11:34 pm
loud before so i know we can be much much louder. i know they're getting ready and i can't wait to see them. >> game three slated for tomorrow night at 9:00 here on 6abc. game three of the stanley cup finals chicago and tampa bay in the third period. and scoring with three minutes left the lightning win to take advantage. and setting up for the go-ahead goal and the americans win 3-1. the next match is friday. and that's sports. >> thank you. "jimmy kimmel live" live next on 6:00 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with and for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. >> "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's paul dano. the national spelling bee champs. and music from hiatus kaiyote. with cleto and the cletones. and now, once again, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome.


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