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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. say hello to the golden boys. >> the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions. >> the warriors toppled the cavaliers this game six taking home their first title in 40 years. king james puts up a fight but falls short. mvp stephen curry leading the way for golden state celebrating with his biggest fans. this morning we hear from the world champs. >> we're the champs. good morning, america. new this morning, bridge plot. isis terrorists arrested in new york. the aeronautics student allegedly scoping out bridges and other landmarks for a major attack as abc news learns the fbi is about to launch a nationwide sweep of homegrown terrorists. balcony tragedy. new details from that deadly collapse at u.c. berkeley. the frantic 911 calls after 13 students freefall.
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>> we're on hit trij street in berkeley. our balcony just collapsed. >> what we're learning this morning about the victims and the warning signs that may have been missed. shark survivor. that 16-year-old boy mauled by a giant shark speaking out about his brush with death. >> i felt it on my leg and then i saw it once it had attacked my arm. >> his incredible spirit after losing his arm and how he plans to fight to live a normal life. good morning, america. and congrats to the golden state warriors. their first title since 1975. >> it was a very subdued celebration, wouldn't you say? >> yeah. >> afterwards in the locker room. you know no champagne flying. lebron james giving it all but falling just short. take a look "the cleveland plain
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deal he" headline all out. he was hoping for their first championship in decades and they came close. >> it's been 50 years for cleveland. paula faris there for all the action last night. she joins us right now from cleveland, good morning, paulg la. >> reporter: good morning, george. i have to say it is noticeably quiet here in cleveland this morning. this championship starved city will have to keep waiting for that title. their drought of 50 years without a championship continues whereas golden state quenched theirs doing it with the youngest team in over three decades. >> the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions. >> reporter: no need for game seven. >> their first title in 40 years. >> reporter: golden state snatching the tree fry from the cavaliers tuesday night. >> the mvp finding the igniter in transition. warriors on a 16-4 run. >> reporter: stephen curry leading the charge with 25 points. >> curry one man to beat drive,
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layup good. >> reporter: but andre iguodala stealing the show. >> iguodala for the wide-open three. >> reporter: the mvp of the series started zero games during the regular season but became the warrior to remember. >> this is kind of like solidifying your career as far as me having individual awards. >> he makes it look so easy. >> reporter: lebron and the cavs not going down without a fight. >> james drive, off balance. the follow. >> reporter: james scoring 32 points and 9 assists. >> james looks exhausted. >> reporter: and as the final seconds ticked down that cleveland crowd acknowledging their hometown hero. whose disappointment was clear. >> you know we ran out of talent. >> reporter: and at the end of the game lebron james walked over to the warriors bench and gave stephen curry a hug and as
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you just heard he retreated to the locker room, put a towel over his head for an hour and said we gave it everything we had. we just ran out of talent. guys. >> all right. we heard it. thanks so much. paula will have a lot more with the warriors coming up in a little bit. boy, lebron james, michael. >> he put it all out there. i've been on the losing end of a championship and i've been on the winning end. it's much better to be on the winning end but like he said he ran out of talent. there were four guys who were backups at one point and young. so he just did not have the guys he needed i think to back him up. >> they had the heart, though. >> stephen curry and the warriors great great championship. >> thank you, michael. now we move on to some major flooding fears this morning stretching from dallas all the way to st. louis right now. that storm moving inland now and soaking all hard-hit areas. abc's rob marciano is in houston this morning with the very latest. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, amy. a rough day and night for southeastern texas.
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6,000 people in the houston area without power. and bayous like this flooding out unable to hold all the water coming from tropical storm bill. overnight, tropical storm bill turning out to be a super soaker for texas. >> a lot of wind a lot of rain a lot of storm surge. >> reporter: rough waves crashing on the shore and onto the street. that with heavy downpours adding to an already flooded state. overnight in seabrook outside houston. >> i hope it won't get higher because it is going up in our staircase. >> reporter: these condos taking on floodwaters. in san luis pass street signs practically covered from the storm surge. visibility so poor from torrential rain this van losing control and ending up in a ditch. and it's the rain that's going to be the big story now not only for texas but points north and east. look at the radar. you see the rain band setting up from the gulf coast through houston and now beginning to
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rain through dallas. center of which will go through dallas throughout the day today and by tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon will be through oklahoma where we'll see a tremendous amount of rain there. flood watches are up all the way to columbus ohio so a huge swath of real estate going to get some moisture with this. some areas will see over half a foot and locally in some areas over a foot of rain and in areas like eastern oklahoma with saturated ground from the epic rains last month that's going to be an issue especially in the next 24 hours. george. >> sure is rob. right across the middle of the country. to that new case of homegrown terror. a college student from new york city arrested for being a for vent isis supporter plotting to set off explosives in new york. a look live at the george washington bridge one of his targets and pierre thomas tracking the case. >> reporter: that college student from queens who had been studying aviation electronics is accused of conducting surveillance on specific landmarks in new york city and they became concerned after they saw him two occasions walking
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across the george washington bridge at night with a lantern. the fbi says it then discovered omar saleh had been discussing allegiance to isis online and saying it was becoming too moderate and find designs for a pressure cooker bomb like those used in the boston marathon attacks. the arrest comes at a time of high concern. the fbi right now is in the midst of a broad intense campaign to disrupt potential terrorists encouraged by isis. hundreds of investigations are under way and one official i spoke to last night said many more arrests are likely coming before the fourth of july. again, officials are deeply deeply concerned. george. >> not taking anything for granted. okay pierre thanks very much. now turning to those new details on the tragic accident in berkeley california the balcony collapse at a birthday party that left six dead and seven others seriously injured. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. >> 911 emergency. what are you reporting?
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>> hi people just fell off our balcony. >> reporter: you can hear the terror in her voice. 911 calls from the moment that balcony collapsed sending 13 students on a four-story freefall. >> we're on kittredge street in berkeley. our balcony just collapsed. >> reporter: listen as the horror unfolds. >> there's people -- they're unconscious. >> reporter: a party celebrating a 21st birthday just blocks away from the u.c. berkeley campus. mostly students visiting from ireland here to work for the summer. parts of that balcony and students falling more than 40 feet to the ground below. >> just crushing and saw it and i just screamed. >> reporter: in all six killed including 2-year-old ashley donohue of california. seven other students injured. some critically. you think 1 people were on this balcony at the time of collapse. >> yes. >> that's a lot of people. >> right now we're just figuring out what caused it. >> reporter: the maximum weight 3,000 pounds. the 13 students who were on it would have had to weigh more than 230 pounds each to reach
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that limit. experts say dry rot may have weakened the wooden joints water leaking in until the wood was ready to break. ♪ and now grief in this college town as investigators try to determine what caused a night of celebration to go so horribly wrong. for "good morning america," cecilia vega abc news berkeley, california. >> such a sad story. thanks to cecilia for that. now the latest on the manhunt for those two escaped prisoners. authorities expanding their dragnet now that the prime search area around the prison has gone cold and the husband of the prison worker accused of the escape made a visit to her in jail. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: this morning as the sun rises on day 12 of the manhunt, sources say the case has gone cold. that must be very frustrating for you. >> i think it's frustrating for everybody. >> reporter: the ground search now scaling back after richard matt and david sweat seemingly disappeared without a trace.
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>> this is a case that's going to be settled with eyes and ears of somebody in the public. >> reporter: this as we meet the husband of joyce mitchell the prison worker accused of helping sweat and matt escape. she's pleaded not guilty. mr. mitchell gio benitez with abc news. how is your wife doing right now? lyle mitchell quiet but hiring a lawyer. visiting his wife in jail tuesday, law enforcement sources say investigators are looking into allegations that his wife may have helped the convicts escape because she believed they would help kill her husband. what do you think about all this? what do you make of the reports? what do you make of the reports she was trying to have you killed? meanwhile, this morning we're learning that the prisoners left notes for themselves underground as they rehearsed this whole thing perhaps like a trail of bread crumb, amy. >> all right, gio with the latest thanks so much. and now to a bombshell scandal in major league baseball. the fbi is investigating the st. louis cardinals officials for allegedly spying on the
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rival houston astros hacking into their computers and stealing key information about players. abc's david wright has that story. >> going for that himself right now. that's a base hit into left center field and cardinals have the lead. >> reporter: the st. louis cardinals at the top of their game. best record in baseball. but the cardinals now have a major league distraction. >> all news to me. we heard from the front office this is something that's going to be addressed. >> reporter: it is a cheating scandal broken by "the new york times." the fbi now investigating executives from the cardinals front office for allegedly hacking into the computer network of a rival, the houston astros and stealing trade secrets. >> this is the first time we've seen it in sports. most time we associate hacking with the chinese or the russians but it's just a team using passwords to break into another team's network. >> reporter: the astros learned of the breach last year when ten months of top secret team data suddenly leaked online including
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scouting reports, strategy memos and behind-the-scenes details of sensitive trades involving some of baseball's most popular players, propriety data. moneyball stuff. >> signing nine games in order to make it. >> reporter: houston's gm was furious. >> we're going to pursue it and try to find out who did it and prosecute. >> reporter: that gm used to work for the cardinals organization. authorities are now investigating whether officials with his former team used his old password from his days in st. louis to break into the houston computer. >> did the cardinals take that information and try and use it to their advantage? we don't know that yet. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> thanks to david for that. we turn to my interview with the newest candidate for president, billionaire donald trump. the real estate mogul reality tv star flirted with running in the past. yesterday he made it official for the first time ginning the republican field with a speech that ended with this conclusion.
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>> sadly, the american dream is dead. >> right after i asked him about that line. the american dream is dead. who you worried voters will hear that and say donald trump doesn't love america. he doesn't believe in america. >> i love america so much george and i see what's going on with regulation. i see what's going on with the hatred that everybody has for each other. you look at baltimore, you look at cleveland. you look at all of the places just exploding. we have an african-american president that we've never had it so bad. you look at what's happening. we're in a big bubble. we have a phony stock market. we have artificially induced interest rates that are low. >> polling shows you have an uphill fight, 71% unfavorable. >> it could be and you know what i've always heard if you're very successful if you're a really big success -- >> those numbers are as bad as vladimir putin's. >> well a lot of people are in those numbers because they said i'm not running.
7:14 am
you know that too. it said that. so those numbers are up there. now, in the meantime, i was number three in new hampshire in a recent poll. i was number four in new hampshire. i'm doing well in iowa. i'm doing well all over the place. >> you say you have a foolproof strategy to defeat isis. >> nobody would be tougher on isis than donald trump. nobody. >> i do. >> but you're not going to tell anybody what it is. >> i'm going to really have to and might as well start now. i hate to tell people because if i win, i don't want isis to know. i don't -- >> if your strategy is foolproof don't you have a moral duty to say what it is. >> somebody should call me from the administration. >> i'm asking right now. >> the problem is you'll see it and so is everybody else and so is the enemy but i will tell you that isis has taken what i said we should take the oil. and you knock out that oil. you just knock the hell out of the oil and you have to go in and take the oil, you kill them at the head. it's over. they took the oil --
7:15 am
>> you bomb the oil fields. >> i would bomb the hell out of them. >> let's talk about your potential opponents. instant reaction. jeb bush. >> i call him a stiff. i mean i think he's a stiff. i watch him. i think he's somebody that doesn't want to do what he's doing. i don't know. is he being forced to do it. >> marco rubio. >> i think he's highly overrated. i think he's an overrated person. they say he's a young ronald reagan. i say i don't think so and i have far better hair than he does. >> hillary clinton. >> what hillary has with the e-mails is scandalous. she has -- you shouldn't be talking to me about that in all fairness and shouldn't be asking me those but i don't mind. what she's done with e-mails is incredible. gets a subpoena and after getting the subpoena she cancels it. she cancels everything. what she did is illegal. what she did is totally illegal. i don't know how she gets away with it. >> and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you very much. >> you're running on reagan's
7:16 am
1980 slogan. let's make america great glen. >> no my slogan is different. mine is make america great again. he said -- he put the word "let's." by the way, he didn't. that's incorrect. he said let's make america great. my slogan -- i they have saw that. can i have it? thank you. you know i was a -- i was a friend of reagan. i didn't know about this. it's fairly close but mine is very simple. make america great again. >> off to iowa. thanks for your time. >> thanks very much. >> donald trump is actually trademarked that slogan now. >> well that's not that surprising. he's a businessman. >> don't forget the "let's." >> okay. he's going to go to new hampshire and south carolina as well. right now we have to go to dan harris for the other top stories starting with the massive wildfire in alaska. >> that is a hard act to follow george. yeah look at this guys. getting in video from the front lines as fire crews scramble to safety while fighting two
7:17 am
wildfires in anchorage. they burned 15 square miles and dozens of homes burned and more crews arriving to join the fight. breaking news from the country of georgia where dozens of zoo animals escaped during a flood last weekend. a tiger that escaped the zoo has killed a man in the capital city ofty ty oft tblisi. the under ground water reservoirs being depleted. the major concern including central california where drought is now forcing farmers to drill for water as you can see here. a big win for team usa. the women's soccer team beat nigeria 1-0 last night and advance to the knockout round of the world cup. and that does it for news. back to you. i still have donald trump on the mind? we'll go to ginger right now. she's at pictured rocks lake shore, michigan.
7:18 am
how is it >> oh, it is so stunning here. i standing about 200 feet above brilliant lake superior. the sandstone cliff. i cannot wait to show you. you'll explore them with me. first we have the rainy stacy brought to you by carmax >> good morning, i'm meteorologist karen rogers. 72 degrees comfortable humidity with the wind out of the north. let's take you outside right now. we're seeing early sunshine as you can see with our sky6 camera. some high clouds filling in. that will continue through
7:19 am
day. let's check the forecast. much less humid today. feels g84 for your high. sunshine fades behind clouds late today and overnight tonight into tomorrow we get some showers. looks like the first half of the day tomorrow is rather wet but cloudy skies and 77. nice on friday, 85. castle. you can see why it would be called a castle and looks like turrets and miners thought there might be gold. it's become gold for a whole lot of other reasons. i can't wait to show you the colors of the rocks, the waterfalls. lake superior this time of year. i'm so happy to be here but now back over to the studio. >> we cannot wait to see it. coming up here an abc news exclusive in that mansion murder mystery. the suspect's lawyer now says he was set up. an amazing rescue caught on camera. what one dad did when he discovered a carjacker was taking off with his son inside. then the teenage victim in that terrifying shark attack is now speaking out.
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what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> good morning, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 7:26 on this wednesday. matt pelman is taking a look at 422. >> and it has not been behaving. thanks not crash on the eastbound side by the pennsylvania turnpike overpass. the wreck is now off to the shoulder as you can see so both lanes opened moving toward 202 and king of
7:27 am
prussia. but damage is done. speeds like 9 miles per hour in the normally busy spot. basically from approaching royersford on into that point at the turnpike overpass you're looking at a long slow crawl this morning. have a new crash to avoid in lansdale along west second street at cannon court. 95 normal stuff normal of course is slow here on the southbound side from this point approaching cottman into girard. in pen salk can ken a crash early this morning took down a traffic light so the left lane is blocked both ways on 130 at cove road by the dunn king doughnuts. fire fly musikfest value. watch for extra traffic in dover. >> philadelphia international airport taking things down a notch in terms heat and humidity. >> it's so beautiful out here. we have a nice light breeze out of the north and temperatures are comfortable currently 72 degrees right now in philadelphia, 65 in allentown. 70 degrees right now in
7:28 am
millville and just in the upper 60's on the boards in ac. low humidity today. that's key when you step outside. it feels good today. 84 degrees for your high. we'll see more clouds fill in as the day wears on and then tonight we get some showers at last for the first part of tomorrow so tomorrow your morning commute is a bit wet. otherwise cloudy skies tomorrow and 77 matt. >> thank you karen. the guy philadelphia used to call the other a.i. wins his first nba championship. cleveland continues its 51 year drought. details on so get petprotect and let your pets be pets. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis.
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good morning, america. we're following a big story right now. abc news has learned the fbi is conducting a major crackdown on homegrown terrorists. a new york student already arrested for plotting to bomb the george washington bridge and other landmarks. right now that 16-year-old boy who lost part of his arm in that shark attack in north carolina is speaking out from his hospital bed. the nba golden state warriors return home to the bay area this afternoon. president obama tweets his congratulations to the warriors. we'll hear much more from them coming up ahead. we had a little mishap as we say, good morning, america. >> we have to tell you. >> dan -- go that may have been my fault. >> may have been your fault? >> may have been? >> there's a waterfall pouring over -- >> i don't know there was any evidence it was definitely my fault but -- >> i wish america could have seen that. the water pouring on amy as she
7:31 am
tried to talk about the news and i just want to say on the record it wasn't me this time. >> it's from that side of the room and it wasn't anybody on this side of amy so i don't know who that is. >> worst part is that lara is really enjoying it. >> we'll dry amy off. we're going to switch gears. >> sorry, amy. >> no worries. let's begin with the story on the mansion murder case. the lawyer for the man suspected is speaking out claiming daron wint the client claims he was framed and abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the lawyer says he's new to the case that he was just hired over the weekend by daron wint's family and met with went for the first time on monday but according to that lawyer police believe one person could not have pulled off the crime alone and that wint says he was set up. this morning, the new lawyer for the man accused of murdering four people in this d.c. mansion then setting it ablaze is speaking out. >> everybody deserves a fair
7:32 am
chance and to be heard. >> reporter: just hours after appearing in court with his new client for the first time shawn hanover sat down exclusively with abc station wjla and gave this hint about went's potential defense. >> i think it's fair to say that he feels he was set up. >> reporter: he's charged with first degree murder allegedly terrorizing then killing savvas savopoulos his wife amy, their 10-year-old son and housekeeper in their home may 14th linked to the crime after investigators matched wist dna to that on a pizza crust found at the scene. >> we don't know what other dna evidence exists. we've only learned thus far about the pizza. let's see what else is there. >> reporter: several sources close to wint have told abc news he claims to have played only a minor role in the tragedy. was not in the house at all and was not there the day of the murders and while hanover wouldn't corroborate those claims he had this to say about
7:33 am
the charges against his client. >> once people begin to understand who else was out there, what was going on they're going to see him in's very different light. >> reporter: the investigation into the murders still ongoing. wint is due back in court july 2nd. hanover says since he was just hired he can't yet give an overly detailed explanation related to wint's defense but he may have his work cut out for him. the prosecution has said it's likely that went will face even more charges, amy. >> all right, linsey thank you for that. now to the shark attack survivor. the 16-year-old boy who lost his arm in that mauling on the beach in north carolina is speaking out from his hospital bed this morning and abc's matt gutman has his story. >> reporter: 16-year-old hunter treschl says he was waiting in waist deep water when the unthinkable happened. >> i didn't see it coming. i felt it on my leg and then i saw it once it had attacked my arm. >> reporter: a massive shark jumping out of the water in north carolina sunday attacking the teenager ripping his arm
7:34 am
right off. >> somebody has been attacked by a shark. his arm is gone. >> reporter: this morning treschl is recovering speaking from his hospital bed about his brush with death. he says his cousin helped him out of the water. bystanders immediately jumping in helping to slow the bleeding keeping him alive until he was air-lifted to a hospital for emergency surgery. >> they kind of wheeled me into the er aennd 25 people there -- it was actually quite a spectacle because i was conscious through the whole thing and was aware. >> reporter: doctors cleaning up his wound but his arm was nearly gone from the shoulder down. >> it seems to me kind of like at a certain point i've lost my arm obviously so i have kind of two options. i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm or kind of let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin it in a way and out of those two
7:35 am
there's really only one that i would actually choose to do and that's to try to fight and live a normal life with the cards i've been dealt. >> reporter: he may have lost an arm in those waters, but certainly not his spirit. for "good morning america," matt gutman abc news miami. >> wow. >> remarkable at just 16 to have that much wisdom and grace in spite of so much. >> what a great spirit. thanks to matt gutman for that. we're going to turn to a hero dad springing foo action when his fiancee's car was stolen with his 8-year-old inside. the georgia man jumping on the moving suv refusing to let go. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: fatherly instincts caught on tape. watch as this man outside atlanta jumps on to a van desperately clinging on realizing a carjacker has stolen his fiancee's suv with his 8-year-old son inside. >> i felt confused who are you and what are you doing here? >> reporter: mall con milliones
7:36 am
says he was getting ready to pump gas. his fiancee heading inside to pay. that's when he realizes something isn't right. >> i was screaming my son is in the backseat. >> reporter: a brazen teenager jumped into the car when he wasn't looking taking off with young rashaan in the backseat. >> i was shrieking. i've never been scared before until now. >> reporter: milliones immediately jumping into action. >> and i'm kind of like this and hopping with it and running with it. >> reporter: clinging on to the side of the suv as the teen pulls out of the station. beating on the window holding on for about a quarter mile before falling off and breaking his arm. his actions enough to distract the thief allowing rashaan to jump out unharmed. >> the thought never crossed my mind to just let them go. >> reporter: rashaan says his father is a hero. >> i would say that was cool and brave of my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:37 am
america." jennifer lopez, abc news new york. >> ah looking okay this morning. boy, that dad is something. now we go to ginger back in michigan and, ginger you got storms coming across the >> yes, there are two pockets of severe storm activity. you can see the hail just coming down on the ground there. not only east of the rockies will we see the tropical storms but i'm worried this afternoon and this evening about parts of louisville, lexington, charleston virginia. the cold front back off east of the rockies. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> we're dry and clear. less humid today a high of 84. bright sunshine to start. more clouds as day wears on and some showers late tonight into the overnight hours into the first half of tomorrow.
7:38 am
shoreline also stretches from new york back to north dakota so there's a lot to show you here up along the canadian border. i can't wait to get to you coming up in just a couple of minutes in we can't wait for it either. ginger thank you. so much more ahead this morning. a fast and furious lawsuit. did someone steal more than half a dozen of paul walker's cars just hours after he died? that deadly balcony collapse. how can you make your you're safe on a balcony? the warping signs to look out for just ahead. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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we're back now at 7:42 with "gma" on the lookout. the safety risks of balconies after that deadly collapse in berkeley. abc's jim avila has the warning signs you should be looking out for. >> reporter: indescribable horror.
7:43 am
>> it's unsafe. >> reporter: balconies, porches and backyard decks suddenly crashing to the ground. [ screaming ] >> reporter: these promgoers survive but in 2003 12 did not. >> there were people covering me. >> reporter: experts say the chances of surviving a fall from even a third floor is only about 50%. a 2009 study found more than 86,000 balcony fall-related injuries over a 16-year period. >> it's so important to have annual inspections especially of wood terraces and wood balconies. >> reporter: what to look for? building inspector larry ubell recommends the sway test. rock on it a little. if you're on a deck a balcony or a terrace and you swayback and forth and that moves with you, that's a real problem. because it indicates it's a failure of the structural
7:44 am
connections. >> reporter: on a concrete structure like this be on the lookout for any cracks. the biggest culprit on wooden structure, rot and water damage. >> rotting action is the biggest cause of balcony and terrace failures. you look at the corners of the decks and if you see little teardrops or little black marks like running of mascara, that tells you there's probably water that got into the building and now is leaking out. go over to the guardrail and i do one of these and see if it moves. if it moves, that's not a good guardrail. >> reporter: too much weight and too many people can also be a factor. ask your landlord how much your balcony or deck can safely hold. and then try the elbow test. >> if you feel claustrophobic on an outside deck there are too many people on that deck. you should have enough room around you that you're not shoulder to shoulder. you're not being pressed up against the guardrail. you shouldn't have people in your elbow space. >> reporter: and finally says the inspector, perform these checks and tests before hosting
7:45 am
every summer party. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, washington. >> important tips. our thanks to jim and still ahead on "good morning america" the people coming to the defense of that embattled naacp leader this morning. and we go one-on-one with the new nba champs. ♪ hi! what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button. all without missing a beat. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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7:49 am
all right, welcome back to "gma" and what a night for the golden state warriors. the team is celebrateing its first nba title in 40 years and our own paula faris spoke with the champs. >> their first title. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: stephen curry now world champion wreaking of victory. >> i probably smell really good right now. >> reporter: not good at all. a mix of sweat and champagne and championship. >> that's it. that's a good combination. >> reporter: the phenom still excited. >> to be able to hold the trophy. looks so much better in person. being able to touch it. kiss it. >> reporter: what else are you going to do it? >> strap it in the plane real tight to make sure it gets home. >> reporter: you think this is the start of something great for you guys. >> i mean you can't win multiple without winning the
7:50 am
first one. we found a recipe for success. >> reporter: a big part the mvp of the series andre iguodala. you're the first player to ever win this trophy without starting a regular season game. >> i don't even know how to explain it. the big trophy was the one. that's the great one. >> reporter: getting some help holding the gold from his son little andre. you want to touch that trophy one more time? is it awesome? are you going to take it from your daddy? >> i can hold it. >> reporter: andre giving fan favorite riley curry a run for her money. was she impressed by what her daddy diddy. >> yeah she had a little smile on her face. that's what makes it worth it. i have my whole family here. >> reporter: a little emotional for you too. >> i'm getting a little shaky. >> reporter: unbelievable experience for a team who put the gold back in golden state. and good news, you guys stephen tells me we will see more of riley in the off-season and be a big sister because stephen's wife is due to give birth next month with her second child and
7:51 am
tweeted she's had to be careful jumping and celebrating. >> no champagne for her. >> no. >> with father's day coming up that's better than winning the nba championship there. a lot more coming up ahead on "gma." madonna is back and bringing stars with her. an exclusive look at her new video when we come back. coming up "gma's" everyday heroes brought to you by wells fargo. what inspires you to work? share your story using #whyiwork. sales department? yes...i can put you right through. sales department-this is nate. human resources. technical support. hold please. [announcer]you work hard to grow your business. [man] yes!i can totally do that for you. [announcer]our new online business planning tools will help your business thrive. wells fargo.together we'll go far.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by pure michigan. your trip begins at immigrant
7:56 am >> hey everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this wednesday june 17. seems like we still have problems on 422 matt. >> stubborn crash on the eastbound side by the turnpike overpass. involved a couple peco trucks and maybe that's why it's taking so long to clear out much it's off to the side. they're in the finishing stages here. both lanes are opened but it's really slow on 422 eastbound from approaching royersford the whole way into that scene at the turnpike overpass you're looking at speeds in the teens. alternates like ridge pike turning into main street through norristown being one of them. issues in bucks county slowing on the westbound turnpike like normal but there's reports of
7:57 am
a crash in feasterville along street road at bustleton pike. were 91 bensalem along gibson road and one in bristol along 413 at western avenue. can coming in from bucks county on 95 southbound slow going approaching cottman to girard. normal delays on the schuylkill and our crash in downed traffic signal in pennsauken luckily that's now out of the way. matt. >> okay matt thanks. let's take a live look at the beach atlantic city great beach day, great anywhere day. here is karen filling in for david. karen. >> you had me at beach. gorgeous out here, nice and comfortable, a low humidity. we're still warming things up. we just jumped up to 75 degrees right now but we're still in the upper 60's in allentown and low 70's in millville. 72 right now on the boardwalk in ac. here's a look at your accuweather forecast. less humid feeling nice, lots of early sunshine and more clouds as the day progresses, 84 degrees for your high. and then tonight especially in the overnight hours we get some showers and tomorrow the first half of the day looks rather wet. lots of clouds and 77 degrees for your high. friday partly sunny and nice
7:58 am
with low humidity again and 85 matt. >> thanks karen. the phillies may have hit rock bottom again. details on their embarrassing 19 to three loss in which they had to use an outfielder to pitch on
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the woman who ignited a debate about race breaks her silence. >> i felt very isolated with my identity. >> so what is transracial really mean? the conversation sparked across america right now. also this morning, "fast and furious" lawsuit. new claims the late paul walker's cars were stolen just hours after his death. ♪ and brand-new, and only here, who is the only rock star who can bring beyonce miley and katy perry together? ♪ >> madonna is back. we got the worldwide look at her new video that will have you dancing. and thank you, dad. this morning it's all about those moments that new fathers will never forget.
8:01 am
>> pregnant? >> no way! >> our all-star lineup of dads answer your questions as we say -- >> all: good morning america! good morning, america. nice crowd out in times square and there is mindy kaling. she stars as disgust, her character right there in the new movie "inside out." such a terrific movie. always a lot of fun. will talk to her in a little bit. >> we'll go from her movie "inside out" to what's up with supposedly you spilled some water on the desk. we pulled the tape. we're going to the instant replay to see what happens. so we're going to -- >> yeah i don't know if you didn't see it america. there was a moment in the last half hour when we were not on camera and that is what happens behind the scenes when these
8:02 am
guys are trying to do teases. >> there's the proof right there on the tape. >> look at amy. you don't given. >> we learn that the desk slopes towards me because all the water came rushing in like a waterfall. >> the look i got from george in the middle of that was just enough to make me wither. george is like whether is wrong with you? >> now, but honestly dan, he's used to it so -- >> yes, because he sits next to you. i know which is why you enjoyed this so much. >> we usually label someone in our family the spiller. and that's you. >> you're blushing. >> you can see that through the makeup. >> thank you, michael. i appreciate that. >> we must move on. inside -- we take you inside the cryotherapy trend this morning. i know we've been hearing all bit. can you speed up weight loss and combat aging by climbing inside a freezing cold chamber. >> it sounds so fun.
8:03 am
>> look who we sent to go see if it works. our beloved sara haines. >> we'll learn about that. now we have to get the morning rundown from dan. >> actually george because of you i've been sent to a separate desk to do the news this morning so i can't spill any water. the big story this morning that drenching storm speaking of water hovering over texas for nearly 24 hours. tropical storm bill weakened to a tropical depression overnight but the rain is triggering flash floods across the already waterlogged state. downpours are hitting dallas and also expected to spread all the way to the ohio valley. heavy rain now being blamed for the death of a driver in missouri and rising river is prompting evacuations in northern illinois. we have new details about the man accused of plotting an attack on a mohammed cartoon drawing contest in texas last month. prosecutors call this man shgs of phoenix, off the charts dangerous." they say not only did he provide weapons to the two men killed in a shootout with police in texas.
8:04 am
he also allegedly considered an attack on the super bowl in arizona last february. a stark admission from police searching for the two murderers. 12 days into the search for richard matt and david sweat, police say their case has gone cold. the search is now shifting as officers admit they've exhausted their search around the prison. meanwhile, no comment from the husband of the prison worker held as an accomplice. investigators are looking into allegations that joyce mitchell helped the men escape so they would help kill her husband. frightening moments during rush hour here in new york city. a taxi bursting into flames. look at this. the driver actually heard sparks and told his passenger to get out. both of them escaped. no word yet on how this started. there is a new lawsuit this morning against a man accuse of stealing luxury cars from paul walker. the now deceased star of the "fast and furious" movies. walker allegedly trusted this man with his personal car collection and abc's neal
8:05 am
karlinsky is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, lawyers for the estate of "fast and furious" star paul walker say that in death someone's been stealing from the actor's private fleet of cars. >> i want to see what it can do. >> reporter: walker famous for the big screen character that thrived on speed and loved cars owned at least 30 of his own in real life. but after his sudden death in 2013 in this tragic car crash attorneys allege richard taylor who helped walker with his cars may have actually taken seven of them including four valuable bmws and a porsche sports car. >> this is potentially millions of dollars worth of cars. >> reporter: walker estate claiming taylor was preparing an official inventory of the actor's collection and within 24 hours of walker's death intentionally and fraudulently concealed the existence and location of the now missing cars. lawyers for the walker estate claim the man sold the vehicles. this morning, he's not talking
8:06 am
and hasn't responded to a request for comment. walker's attorneys want a jury trial to sort it out and recover these missing pieces of the "fast and furious" star's legacy. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> neal thank you. one final note from the news desk over here on a much lighter note. apparently humans are not the only species obsessed with taking pictures of themself. look what happens to this young woman on vacation in bali. a mischievous monkey named donna grabs a camera to take a selfie and licks the lens. the tourist gets her camera back just in time for another monkey to climb on top of her head. yes yes, monkeys in bali very very cute. i like the licking of the lens. >> why mott. >> selfie go all the way. >> you're not supposed to do that? i didn't know. >> you're learning that now? that's what i'm learning about
8:07 am
keeping coffee cups in front of your laptop. >> you need to get over it. >> really? >> yes. >> aren't you the one that replayed the video. >> it's officially over. >> we love you. >> it's officially not over. i left the desk because i didn't want dan to spill water on me. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in our social square powered by samsung galaxy. rachel dolezal breaking her silence, what does transracial really mean? our experts weigh in. is this freezing chamber the secret to looking younger and losing weight? if so i'm lining up. we put it to the test. plus celebrating dads all week long. you sent in your parenting questions and we've got an all-star panel answering them. all that and mindy kaling is here live on "gma" in times square. [ cheers and applause ] perfect for a family of 2... ... 3... ... 4... ... or 5. with unlimited talk and text for everyone and 20 gigs of high-speed data for your whole family to share. that's double the data of t-mobile, verizon, and at&t.
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innovation and you. philips sonicare. welcome back to "gma." time now for "heat index." this morning's hot button rachel dolezal speaking out defiantly saying she's black raising questions about race and identity. and setting off a debate over the whole term transracial. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> are you black? >> yes. >> with a smile rachel dolezal is finally speaking out holding firm and not backing down. the former spokane chapter president of the naacp whose racial ethnicity continues to be questioned tells msnbc that she's been black for a long time. >> from a very young age felt spiritual, visceral just very instinctual connection with black is beautiful, just the black experience. >> reporter: saying when she was a little white girl in montana drawing pictures of herself she preferred the brown crayons over
8:13 am
the peach colored ones. >> i felt very isolated with my identity virtually my entire life. >> reporter: black girls rock and plenty famous people cheering her need to be one. whoopi goldberg. >> she wants to be a black woman, fine. >> reporter: it these questions over her race and identity has a now word going viral, transracial in the same way some are transgendered but can you choose your racial identity. >> i have really gone there with the experience in terms of being a mother of two black sons and really owning what it means to experience and live black. >> reporter: and the world is chiming in. sherri shepherd tweeting transracial, word not appropriate for rachel dolezal. transgender versus rachel dolezal, not the same thing. another twitter user writing the term transracial belittles and undermines everything our brothers and sisters in the transgender community have
8:14 am
fought so hard for. but dolezal says she doesn't hear any of that. >> the rachel that i was before thursday is still the rachel i am now and the rachel i'm going to be in the future. >> reporter: she says she's comfortable in her own skin living as a black woman. for "good morning america," steve osunsami abc news atlanta. >> okay let's get into this debate. joined by our newest contributor, senior writer of espn the magazine lz granderson. first appearance on "gma." welcome. >> thank you. >> also professor ann morning, professor of social olgs at nyu. this whole debate over the term transracial. can someone choose it? >> i think in the case of rachel she's probably mixing up or interchanging race with culture, with ethnicity. race by the scientific definition includes genetics. i don't think that's necessarily something you can transfer from one to another. but you can identify with someone else's culture and can
8:15 am
identify with someone else's ethnic group and feel like you're a part of that for a variety of reasons but i don't transracial is accurate. >> we hear so many in the transgender community reacting to this term transracial. what do you think? i mean is it possible if you can switch genders can you switch races. >> i totally understand people are offended by the comparison because they think rachel dolezal is lying but in fact racial identity is not something i'm going to differ here from lz. it's not something that's objective based on your biology fix. it's not a matter of telling the truth or lying because they're a fiction, they're made up. >> from a dna standpoint. >> there's no such thing as a black gene or white gene. no test that we can do to tell whether a person is asia shan orn or -- >> there is science that shows there is -- there are genes you can identify racially and that social scientists tend to think of race being a social construct
8:16 am
and not a scientific one? actually this is a highly debated question whether you can tell from genes a person's race and, in fact there are companies that are trying to make money out there by telling us that they can analyze your dna and tell what your race is but they're taking categories they've made. >> not that complicated. she was born to white parents. she claimed that somebody else is her dad. those are clearly lie. >> she has definitely been deceptive about a number of things. but i think her racial identity is not something where it's so clear-cut because the racial categories themselves are made up. the census bureau testing a different set of categories for our index -- >> i wonder if you're referring to this. she said she know what is it means to experience and live blackness. what do you think she means by that? >> well let's put it this way. so we as a society have a very clear-cut idea of who is white and who is black. we think it's in your genes and depends on your ancestors and what she is saying not coming
8:17 am
out of the blue. racial identity also depends on who you feel close to. who you're affiliated with. so by her life she can be a black person because who she feels she belongs to. >> the beginning of this debate. >> thank you so much. very interesting. next up on "heat index," though the hot new health and beauty trend that's all about getting freezing cold. it's called cryotherapy and it's been generating a lot of buzz since lindsey lohan instagrammed pictures of her and a friend doing it. what are the health benefits. sara haines has the story. >> reporter: it's the artificial arctic blast for your body. cryotherapy, a revolutionary subzero health craze that promises big benefits. on monday actress lindsay lohan instagrammed several chilling photos showing a whole body treatment for her complexion and she's not the first to admit to freezing her butt off for beauty. stars like mandy moore and minka kelly are fans of cryotherapy.
8:18 am
dancers derek hough and mark ballas use it post-routine and even the king lebron james, takes to the icy chamber so why do they do it and should you? the makers of this claimed it first gained traction as a post-recovery plan and found applications for improving skin tone reducing the signs of aging and even managing pain. >> all of the blood vessels in your arms and legs constrict and then when you come out, all that blood rushes back and in doing so it also releases endorphins and endorphins are your own body's way of managing pain. >> reporter: the chamber is filled with icy air as low as 290 degrees below zero. and once you step in you chill down for up to three minutes and results are supposedly instant. at cryo-life in new york city i got my own frozen makeover ♪ the coal never bothered me anyway ♪
8:19 am
>> it definitely helps with insomnia. simms of depression anxiety. kryolife saying it could help with weight lossment with your body submerged it has to fight to maintain warmth. that puts your metabolism in overdrive. the cost $90 a session. for best results, at least ten sessions over the course of three to four weeks. stepping into the icy chamber i have to wear gloves socks, clogs and no jewelry. woo. oh. it's cold and i have a glove on. >> reporter: and here i go. oh, so cold. ♪ all by myself ♪ oh my god. it's so cold. >> relax. >> oh, my god. it's so cold. >> reporter: the feelings in my legs taking a little while to return hence the quick bike ride
8:20 am
post-freeze but my energy level feels like it's at an all-time high. bam! okay i like to call it the magical phone booth which i just stepped out of but you'll see that i'm wearing these gloves and this fancy getup with my shoes because it's important to protect extremities. when i got out how did you feel people asked. it had be a waste of time to say i was cold. i was freezing but the other thing a few minutes after you get out the blood rushes back in and legs from my waist itched so badly i came back in and thought my legs were falling off so it's pretty amazing. i did feel revitalized afterwards but you should always consult a doctor before trying something like this because patients with high blood pressure or heart conditions probably shouldn't be doing this. >> yes. all right saar remarks you know what -- so thank you for taking one for the team for us we appreciate that. speaking of a doctor we have dr. jen ashton. you heard sara say her legs were
8:21 am
itching. go here the theory and bill nye the science guy, i'm coming for your job so if you consider this balloon like a blood vessel and bathe it in a liquid night to general environment, do not try this at home you get the technical term shrinkage. a constriction of -- >> that's the technical term. >> well here it is. >> or a "seinfeld" episode. >> get a constriction of the blood vessel s blood vessels theoretically all the bio markers get whisked away. temporarily but here come the qualifiers guys. we use cold therapy in various forms to cool down the brain, the heart, even to treat some types of cancers. there is very little data on this type of therapy. >> the risks. >> outside sports literature. risks, frostbite. thermal injury blood pressure heart rate issues and long-term effects of doing this once a week indefinitely, we have no idea. >> would you do it? >> let's just stick with the ice bath. >> that's cold. >> ow.
8:22 am
>> speaking of cold ginger knows all about that. she's live in michigan right now with the very >> hey, amy, can you guys see. >> i'm way up here hundreds of feet above lake superior. it's the deepest and coldest of the great lakes and all of the rocks around here picturesque. one of the most gorgeous spots. best with to see it cruises. kayaks are another way. i want to see that video. [cheers and applause] >> you got to do it with family and friends. "gma" viewers from all over drove here from wisconsin and michigan. we are so happy to have them. this morning also one more headline. dallas this morning two hour delays the remnants of bill making their way up and through. you can see a very rainy dallas. please be careful. don't drive if if you don't have to this morning much that's the big picture. >> thanks, ginger. we have a beautiful start to all right day. let's take you outside and see what it looks like out there.
8:23 am
lots of sunshine, blue skies as we look at the center city skyline and a comfortable 75 degrees. here's your accuweather forecast. it's less humid today 84 degrees for your high so still warm. we're starting with those blue skies and sunshine but clouds will fill in as the day progresses and then some showers tonight especially after midnight and into really the first half of tomorrow with lots of clouds and just 77 tomorrow. great michigan adventures and yes have the cute redheads on. >> thank you, ginger. gorgeous pictures out there and right here we begin "pop news" with this it's "bad lood" versus magge love. it has a similar look to taylor's sexy single and katy
8:24 am
perry may or may not be the subject of swift's song the frenemy not to mention in madonna's video beyonce, rita ora, miley cyrus, nicki minaj, sounds awesome. you want a peek? madonna's folks were nice enough to give us the first look. ♪ we get freak? ♪ ♪ madonna ♪ ♪ ♪ madonna ♪ ♪ tell madonna ♪ ♪ tell madonna ♪ >> i want you to -- ♪ tell madonna. >> that is not a technical difficulty. the name of the song is hmm, i'm madonna. as if any of us could ever forget that madonna. the video comes out officially today at 10:00 a.m. on the music streaming service title and madonna's "rebel heart" tour kicks off in september. thanks, madge for giving us the first look.
8:25 am
interesting, though the similar sort of graspings in them. i don't know. >> she's madonna. no one is going to say no to her. it's the offer you never refuse. hmm, she's madonna. >> just in case. i would be it's me. >> in the actual video i don't think that's a pause. i think she just says it. >> i'll change my twitter handle. i'm hmm jesse palmer. >> that's right. >> also in "pop news" this morning, a very important "pop news" investigation. that explains why we could watch skimle le skimbles the cat on a continuous loop. watching cat videos actually boosts energy and decreases negative emotion according to a new study as cat lover dan harris might say they make us 10 purr-cent happier. >> nicely done. any time you can get a book plug into "pop news." i'm much happier. absolutely. by the way, the woman who did that study actually owns a pug. she doesn't even have cats so
8:26 am
this thing is bulletproof. >> so legit. >> it's true though videos of cats make you feel happy. owning a cat, though can drive you crazy. >> oh! >> i would just like to say to skimbles and grumpy cat, all you cat-tastic stars of the internet who make our lives or nine lives happier, thank you. >> my response to jesse, hmm, i'm dan harris. >> here's the last one. what does the fox say, everybody? apparently not a lot. because he's too busy licking a window for some unknown reason and that is "pop news" on this gorgeous wednesday. >> thank you, lara. mindy kaling is coming up.
8:27 am
>> ♪♪ >> two men and a woman violently attacked a man in a logan neighborhood overnight they stabbed him robbed him and shot him he's in critical condition. police are interviewing witnesses and checking surveillance video as they search for the attackers. 8:27 on this wednesday. let's turn to matt pelman for a look at traffic. >> might be a beautiful wednesday morning weather-wise matt but not the same on the traffic front. big problems on the blue route 476 in delco. a southbound accident approaching the route one media bypass. lima springfield blocking all the lanes traffic squeezing by on the shoulder so traffic is barely moving southbound from villanova through this point approaching route one. northbound look at that travel time, an hour and seven minutes. should be 18 minutes. parking lot from 95 up to past
8:28 am
the route one media bypass. head for 320 maybe 252 or 352 instead of the blue route. on 422 the crash eastbound by the turnpike is gone. but still a long slow crawl basically from royersford on in and in bucks county watch out for a crash in bensalem along gibson road, also one in bristol along 413 by the wal-mart. matt. >> thanks, matt. meteorologist karen rogers is filling in for david with the accuweather forecast. karen. >> i'm enjoying a nice breeze out here right now. feels great with low humidity. it's still warm today with a high of 84 but less humid. we have lots of sunshine to start us off. in the afternoon more clouds and tonight we have showers into about the first half of tomorrow a.m. showers cloudy tomorrow and just 77 for your high. friday is nice again, partly sunny, 85, low humidity. saturday pretty nice, clouds and sunshine, more humid and 85. looks like we'll have a thunderstorm or two late in the day on saturday. matt. >> karen thanks and a man wearing a reflective vest and a hard hat and carrying a traffic cone pulled off an armed robbing and a carjacking
8:29 am
of a priest in south jersey. details on
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." i'm here with mindy kaling. she plays disgust. that's an emotion in the brand-new pixar movie "inside out." such a great movie. it goes inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl as she moves from the midwest to california and we'll show you how disgust has a pretty hard time when she fills in for joy. take a look. >> hey, riley, i've got good news. i found a junior hockey league right here in san francisco and get this tryouts are tomorrow after school. what luck right? >> hockey uh-oh. what do we do. >> guy, you pretend to be joy. >> want to be back out on the ice? >> oh yeah. that sounds fantastic. >> what was that? that wasn't anything like joy. >> ah because i'm not joy. >> yeah. >> mindy kaling joins us. >> just a kind of sweet effervescent character that you
8:31 am
come to expect from me. >> kind of a mixed blessing movie. it's going to be huge. it's a brilliant movie but you have to play disgust. >> i'm like how dare you. i'm an angel sent from heaven but i saw her and i'm like oh yeah i can play her. look at her eyelashes. >> she's really put together. >> her eyelashes are latisse central. do you know who latisse is? >> i work on "gma." are you kidding. >> we don't need to talk about my pharmaceutical products. >> it makes you grow eyelashes. the movie was amazing. my girls were completely engrossed because it really does make you feel like you're inside this 11-year-old girl. >> in a profoundly wholesome way, yes. >> and what was it like to be part of it? >> well it was amazing. i was so excited to be working with pixar. i think that there are certain people in hollywood, the koenig
8:32 am
brothers or pete docter who did "up" which is a beautiful movie and jonas rivera no matter what they want you'll sign up and do it. >> this great idea we have these core memories we hold on to from our childhood. what's yours? >> for me when i was little my mom who is an ob-gyn and incredibly busy there was one time she came home when i was like 4 or 5 years old and she brought home like some dunkin' donuts. i remember sitting on her lap and she introduced me to a jelly doughnut and shared it together and it's when i didn't want to share my mom with anyone so it was a magical experience. >> you love jelly doughnuts today i'm sure. >> too much. >> i'm so glad you're here. i can't believe you've never been on "gma." >> i know. excited to be here. >> brings back a great memory for me. ali and i went and saw, i think it was 12 years ago, ps 122
8:33 am
playing matt and ben where you play ben affleck. >> yeah. >> that was kind of a breakout for you doing that show and is it true it actually is how you got to "the office." >> it is. well i -- greg daniels saw that performance and then hired me to be a writer and a performer on "the office" like and -- yeah so basically i played this character. i played ben affleck. really played the range of characters. >> you sure have. we'll play a game right now that you have selling in stores right now. questions i ask when i want to talk about myself. throw a couple of them at you real quickly for a lightning round. >> okay okay. >> most embarrassing song you have on your ipod. >> that britney spears song "you better work bitch." >> you just said it on morning television. >> when i work out that's what i listen to. that's the name of the song. >> favorite awesomely bad movie. >> awesomely bad movie? >> i like "the goonies" although i don't know if that's bad just
8:34 am
good. >> you like it. most awkward thing you ever said. you can choose during an interview or job interview. >> had to replay this one and see if there's anything that i said. >> you're doing fine. >> like to ask my attorney. >> if you were cast in any reality tv show which would it be? >> obviously "real housewives." >> obviously, yeah. which classic movie should never be touched? >> "casablanca." >> or "you've got mail." another classic. >> what do you think is the biggest perk of being famous? >> money. the dollar bill y'all. you know what i'm talking about. >> that's a very honest answer. i know exactly what you're talking about and the movie is fantastic. >> being a role model is nice. >> that too. >> let's go back to ginger in michigan. >> mindy kaling i love t >> hello everyone.
8:35 am
come here and eat these and hold onto those. their hand would be so dirty they would throw crust away but that's best part. >> yeah. >> a lot of energy and happiness here. wanted to show you the video from the area. i wish i could show you two hours of this video because this is a picture of. (applause). >> almost like a rainbow its a place you have to get to. hot in the southeast and hot in the southwest. we have a get a check of that local weather. [cheers and applause] >> they may have that heat wave out west. not here. we broke the heat today and it feels pretty good out there. let's take a look at your accuweather forecast t less humid today, only 84 degrees for your high. early sunshine. behind clouds late in the day and some showers overnight.
8:36 am
i'm happy. i'll bring some pasties for you. >> that soups and looks amazing. look who i'm here with in the middle of times square. writer producer director judd apatow. 'behind blockbusters like "bridesmaids." he has "sick in the head: conversations about life and comedy" and it's full of conversations with some of the funniest people on the planet. judd thanks for being with us. >> great to be here with the judd apatow fan club. [ cheers and applause ] >> they're all here for you. are you sick in the head? >> you know i think i am. i think -- i haven't gotten healthier. i wish that all the self-help books worked but they're not. >> this book conversations, interviews with some of the comedic geniuses of our time except for will ferrell. >> exactly. will ferrell didn't make it in the book? why? >> most of the interviews when i was 15 in 1983 i was a comedy nerd and i hunted down all the
8:37 am
comedians from my high school radio station and interviewed jerry sign fell and jay leno and howard stern and did a bunch of new ones and didn't get to will so if you buy it there will be a sequel. you'll all buy the book clearly, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> some of these interviews as you said you did when you were 15 years old and recorded them so you had all the transcripts of them. why did you set out at 15 and how did you score them? >> i would lie to them. i would say i worked for a radio station and never said it was a high school radio staying and then i would show up with this giant tape-recorder from the av squad and they would be like oh no i'm talking to a child but couldn't black out. it was too late. >> what did you learn from them? >> i learned it takes a long time to be funny. everyone kept saying it takes ten years to even begin to know yourself and find your voice and that was a helpful. >> it takes ten years. what happens during that decade when you're trying to be funny.
8:38 am
>> you're just so not funny and slowly if you work hard and you don't quit because most people quit you get funny. >> someone who's very funny in your life wife leslie pann and your conversation with her is in this book as well. i want to know what's it like to constantly see paul ruud be your wife's husband? >> it's uncomfortable. it's uncomfortable. i keep saying why am i writing sex scenes for paul ruud and my wife? i should actually omit them from the script but i don't mind it because i know they don't enjoy it so in a way it's like torturing people by forcing them to make out. >> in "knocked up" leslie of course in that. this was inspired by your daughter's birth? ? well my daughter well it's mainly made up. most of it is made up of those things that happened but, yes, when my daughter was born my doctor just left town and we just -- we had to find --
8:39 am
>> the one you -- >> yes, we had to find a doctor to show up. he was annoyed with us because it was late at night and he was very annoyed. >> one of my favorite conversations in here is with amy schumer and, of course she is starring in your latest film "train wreck." can't wait for that. but you say when you heard her, you knew you had had to make a movie with her. why? >> i was just listening to the howard stern show. she was so funny telling all these stories about her life and relationships, i thought, i wish there was an amy schumer movie and realized it won't happen unless i make it so she wrote an incredible movie and she's brilliant. >> and lebron james is in it. is he funny? we know he's good on the court. is he funny. >> he's so funny it's irritating. i'm supposed to be the funny one and bad athlete. he's supposed to be unfunny. >> this is a great book "sick in the head," judd apatow. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, fan club. [ cheers and applause ] >> sikh"sick in the head: conversations about life and
8:40 am
comedy" is -- >> money goes to charity. >> for literacy programs. >> i should have kept it. >> you had made a lot of money for literacy programs. judd is staying with us or our big
8:41 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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tt2wút&mút4 btúnty, tt2wút&mút4 "aúnduh tt2wút&mút4 bmúnoíd tt4wút&mút4 " dzlq "pé tt4wút&mút4 " enlq rt< tt4wút&mút4 " gzl& ksd ♪ okay time now for our thank you dad series as we gear up for father's day. this morning we're all about advice. our superstar "gma" dads council
8:43 am
will take your question. you can decide whether you want to take advice from these guys. [ cheers and applause ] but first this morning, a look at the moment in every dad's life they will never forget. it's taking the internet by storm. check it out. ♪ >> pregnant? >> you're pregnant? >> no way! >> what! >> reporter: it's the moment your life changes captured by dove. >> i'm going to be a dad. ♪ >> reporter: these men hearing they will be fathers but after that moment the questions begin. so we put out a call for all those daddy lem mas. >> will i ever get a good night sleep any time soon? >> will you please give tips on how to train my son to ride a bike without trading wheels. >> how do i get my daughter to love sports as much as i do? question only our council of dads can answer. all right, we'll put these guys to the test. the "gma" dads council in position and ready to go. first up you know him superstar director guidice.
8:44 am
proud father of two back again. right next to judd our very own chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, father of two. and finally my friend the actor and co-founder of cafe mom andrew shue loving father of five and, of course husband to our own amy robach. good morning to all of you. let's dive in with the first one. this is for judd. it's on tape. comes from a new dad. also named judd and he's already thinking a few years down the line. judd here's the question. >> my we is for dads with daughters who may be a little older, four or five or six. when you're out in public and your daughter has to go to the bathroom. what do you do? take her into the men's room or do you ask a woman to take her into the ladies room? how do you solve that one? thank you. >> this is a very good -- weird because i shaved a week ago, recorded that and then grew the beard back. you know the best moment in a parent's life is the moment when they're old enough where you don't are to take them to the
8:45 am
bathroom. >> what age is that? >> for me it's like 3. i'm just like you're on your own, just go do it. i don't want to deal with that anymore. i'm done. >> we can't get through one dinner without one of those. >> i know. it's great to not care about it anymore. for awhile they were like dad, will you take me. i'm like, deal with it! >> i'm not sure that judd should be giving any more advice. let's move on here. our next question comes from a dad who joins us in studio. matt gutman come on out here. >> this is for george. matt, good morning. >> gentlemen, as a police officer i have no problem maintaining control out in the streets however on car rides with my three children a little difficult situation. i can't maintain any control. how can we survive long road trips? >> my answer was going to be police protection but i guess that's not going to work. the only answer is movies. i mean that's it. that's it. you want to do all these great things like play games, get interesting conversations, books on tape.
8:46 am
all this stuff. the movies are the only thing. [ laughter ] >> you load up the ipad with songs, blue is the warmest color, "american horror story." >> you're not an appropriate judge. thank you very much. let's bring in another guest here. this is more andrew. our next guest is sydney here with her dad sydney. good morning. sweetie. how are you? >> hello, sir. question for andrew. what is it? >> well my mom normally does my hair. but sometimes she has to go out of town. can you give my dad advice on how to do hair? >> okay amy has to leave at 5:00 a.m. and leaves me with two daughters and have beautiful long hair and i get yelled at if it doesn't look good so i keep one of these with me. wherever i go see, i even had it this morning. you just put this baby on and your hair goes back and see the beautiful jaw you have.
8:47 am
this solves it. comb headband. every dad should have it. >> good man. >> well done. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. we have time for a lightning round here. our first question now in the lightning round comes from 9-year-old evelyn. jump ball gentlemen. she asks what do dads really want to do on father's day? >> sleep. >> yeah, be left alone. [ laughter ] my wife says to me what do you want to do. i could sleep late then i watch a basketball game because i like watching basketball games then i'll just go eat bad food alone. everything is without us. what's the matter with you. it's father's day. >> fishing trip with two boats like my boat and their boat. >> i'm sensing a theme. george i'll save you and move on. it comes from andy. my 10-month-old son ronan has a lot of teeth he's proud of. how can i get him to stop biting my face? >> pull him away from your face. that's a start. >> a larger problem in there.
8:48 am
>> as a father of a 6-month-old maybe a light coating of tabasco sauce. >> i put salt across it. he never did it again. >> thinks you're a margarita. gentlemen, we appreciate it. we had to convince every female in the audience that men should not raise children. andrew will take questions all morning on twitter. [ cheers and applause ] woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation and the way it made me feel the discomfort the bloating the straining. i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about
8:49 am
my symptoms. i'd tried laxatives before. he prescribed amitiza (lubiprostone) for my chronic constipation. it works differently than laxatives. man: amitiza is clinically shown to help relieve common symptoms like bloating abdominal discomfort hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic constipation go more often. don't take amitiza, if you have a bowel blockage or severe diarrhea. tell your doctor, if your nausea or diarrhea, becomes severe, or if you experience chest tightness or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you.
8:50 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now with "gma's" everyday heroes and this morning, it's a military mom of three who turned the loss of her husband into a unique passion. jesse is here with her incredible story. good morning to you, jesse. >> good morning, lara. lisa lost her husband in afghanistan six years ago but through running she's honoring
8:51 am
him and helping military families move forward with every step. >> good job. good job. >> reporter: lisa hallett is a military mom with an important mission. >> wear blue provides that sense we're not alone in remembering our service members. >> reporter: when her husband was killed in afghanistan in 2009 lisa turned to running. >> when i was in high school i remember saying i am going to marry john. >> reporter: lisa and john grew up together and were married at their childhood church in 2003. >> it was just the perfect match. the couple had three children. >> love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: jackson, bryce and their youngest heidi born just days after john deployed. >> john called and he said i never heard her cry and i said oh my gosh don't worry about it. we have a lifetime for that. >> reporter: three weeks later lisa got the news that john had been killed. >> my world was wrecked. >> reporter: now widow lisa quickly realized she wasn't running from her heartbreak but instead running through it and
8:52 am
set out to help others find that same strength. >> we had this community where we were going to heal together and so wear blue was born. >> reporter: what started as a few friends joining her saturday morning run grew to 10,000 national runners. lisa working tirelessly to keep her husband and so many other loved ones' memory as live. >> sara keep it up. >> reporter: the group gathering at national races to remember share and heal. >> i'm honoring my dad. it's a happy dad and i feel good. >> they live because blue lives and that's an incredible gift. >> and lisa has said even now when moments are terrible i think we are so going to survive this and, of course we're all rooting for her and all the military families out there. >> her strength is absolutely remarkable. >> such a strong woman and true hero. >> thank you very much for bringing us that story and we will be right back.
8:53 am
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and before we go let's go back out to ginger in michigan. >> oh just a picture-perfect morning here george and thanks so much to our sponsor, pure michigan for making this happen. >> so glad you could make that work. look how pretty it is out there. >> yeah. >> we hope you all have a great
8:56 am
wednesday. >> ♪♪ >> hey everyone, it is 8:56 on this wednesday morning. i'm matt o'donnell. matt pelman has a look at the blue route. >> big delco delays on this
8:57 am
had you ever been day morning. a crash on the southbound side of blue route 476 approaching the route one media bypass much it's gone. southbound still heavy. northbound even heavier nearly 50 minutes from 95 up to the schuylkill. should be 18. so we're dealing with major jams in both directions. 320, 252 or 352 would be better bets. we've also been plagued with problems on 422. earlier eastbound crash by the turnpike is long gone but we're getting word of another eastbound accident approaching trooper road. speeds in the teens and there's a crash on the off-ramp from the westbound side to route 29. and there's a new wreck in bellmawr on the northbound side of 295 at 42 taking out the left lane. speeds in the 20's there. it's been a busy one for sure, matt. >> matt thanks. david is off. karen rogers is here with the accuweather forecast. >> bright sunshine, beautiful breeze low humidity, good looking start to the day. let's take a look at the numbers. we got an update. 77 now in philadelphia, 72 in allentown, 75 degrees in millville. and along the coastline right there.
8:58 am
as we look at the accuweather forecast now we can see that it's a good one. less humid 84 degrees for your high. lots of early sunshine but the clouds will increase as the day goes on. and then later tonight especially in the overnight hours we get some showers and it's showery tomorrow so a bit wet for your morning commute but lots of clouds and 77. friday is nice though, partly sunny skies. can't beat that matt. >> you're right. thank you karen. on "action news" at noon the search for three people who robbed shot and stabbed a man leaving him in critical condition. we'll have a live update on the violent attack in a philadelphia neighborhood. "live with kelly and michael" is next here on 6abc. emmy rossom, mark ruffalo james taylor all on the show. until next time have a great wednesday, everyone.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "infinitely polar bear," mark ruffalo. and a performance from legendary recording artist james taylor. and the hottest new toys for your summer fun in the sun. bus, "shameless" star emmy rossum takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are michael strahan and emmy rossum! [cheers and applause] ♪


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