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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  June 18, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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unlike ordinary diapers, pampers has three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier. so your baby can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers back to "world news now." our breaking story overnight. nine people shot and killed at a historic black church in charleston south carolina. police say this is a hate crime.
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the gunman described as a young, white man in his early 20s. he managed to get away after opening fire at the emanuel ame church. around 9:00 last night, during a prayer meeting. police calling him extremely dangerous, vowing to track him down. they were speaking with the victims' families last night. the mayor calling it the most heartbreaking scene he has ever witnessed. as we speak, a killer still on the loose. >> they are offering a reward for any details. moving on to the fcc which has levied a fee against at&t. it accuses the cell phone carrier to slowing down its internet speeds to some of its customers. >> jim avila with this story. >> reporter: cute or annoying -- >> what's better faster or slower? >> reporter: at&t claims of a faster internet, deceived its customers. the government announced its
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planned to punish the second-biggest cell phone company with a fine of $100 million. the beef that at&t slowed down the speed for its highest-paying customers. the ones opting for its unlimited plans after they use a large amount of data. making it more difficult to stream movies or make video calls. at&t told abc news in a statement today, it will vigorously dispute the charges, saying it had been fully transparent with its customers. the fcc called the company's warning vague. there is a way to tell if you're getting the speed you're paying for. download a speed app and test your phone. you can save money by restricting which applications can use cell data. and by prohibiting apps from operating in the background on cell data. and use wi-fi whenever possible. jim avila, abc news new york. >> customers are unlikely to receive money. it will go back to the treasury
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department. you were saying. i didn't know about the app that jim told us about. >> you get the app and it will tell you if you're getting the speed you're supposed to get. there's an of for everything. >> that's good. >> that's an app i want. >> you work on it and tell me if it works. >> i'll let you know. coming up, a race to the white house. >> for governor jeb bush. how he intends to separate himself from the pack and from his famous family. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ those running in the race to 2016 continue to find the road more and more crowded, with one presidential hopeful getting a lot of attention right now. >> that man would be jeb bush. a man with a familiar last name. his sights on the white house, something he talked about with david muir on the campaign trail. >> as you embark on this 509 days out, how easy is this going to be for someone who describes himself as an introvert? >> i'm a grinder. i'm competitive. i'm focused. i'm very disciplined. but it takes a lot of effort for someone who is introverted. >> our current president takes a lot of heat for being insular and not having a beer saying with members of the opposite
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party. having a beer doesn't sound like something an introvert would do either. >> it's work. it's required. >> reporter: i want to ask you about your brother, president george w. bush bush. you said i have to do the heisman on the brother i love. this is not something i'm comfortable doing. >> there's a fascination about where i'm different and where i'm the same. when you love someone as your brother, or your dad, it's not easy for me to say -- throw him under the bus to make myself look better. >> reporter: he said he will campaign for you. will you ask him to? >> he's been helpful already. he's helped in gathers that weren't inconvenient for him. >> reporter: he will be with you in the battleground states? >> i don't know. >> reporter: your brother, barbara bush said there have been enough bushes in the white house. she's come around on that changed her mind. but she did say something that a lot of the americans are saying to themselves which is you know a bush or a clinton, isn't there anyone else out there? and i'm curious when you hear that do you understand where people are coming from?
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>> absolutely i do. i'm totally self-aware and understand that i have a challenge. i intend to overcome it by sharing my life story. >> reporter: the supreme court set to rule on same-sex marriage any day now. i'm curious what you hope the court decide. >> i hope they decide that the state should make the decision. >> reporter: a lot of people think this issue is a generational issue. we saw your parents as a witness to a same-sex marriage in maine. i'm curious would you witness a same-sex marriage if you were asked? >> sure i would. if they were friends and i cared for them of course i would. >> reporter: in the car, driving me through iowa, i asked the governor about his cherished sundays with his grandchildren. how many of the sundays are you going to have to put aside? >> i'm serious about maintaining sunday as the afternoon for my grandkids, which is really important to me. so i can campaign really hard for six days. and take a day off for a while. >> that's a lot to overcome.
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>> that's a lot. that's a lot going on there. >> the fatigue. not just with the bush name. we need something new. >> we need an uber candidate. someone to come out from out of the lane to step up and say i'm running. >> it's to hard they will tell you, as well. establish name establishment candidate. you need these guys in there to make the money. he has an advantage in that regard in terms of being able to fund raise. you get a little guy in there jack sheehan, that nobody heard about. >> the fund-raising, a lot of people are wondering if a super pac will be able to hit a $100 million mark by the end of this month. we talk about the $10 bill. can you imagine how many $10 bills but need to run for president in this country. >> we never got into in a. what woman should be on the $10 bill. >> who do you think should say? >> i think she should have it all to herself. finally get a woman. have to share it with this dude. i understand the history there.
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♪ finally this half hour, a military mom of three rewho turned the loss of her husband into a very special mission. >> she lost her husband three years ago. through running, she's honoring him and helping military families move on.
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abc's jesse palmer with the story. >> reporter: lisa halet is a military mom with a very important mission. >> wear blue provides that sense that we're not alone in remembering service members. >> reporter: when her husband was killed in afghanistan in 2009 lisa turned to running. >> when i was in high school i remember saying i'm going to marry john halet. >> reporter: lisa and john grew up together. they were married in their childhood church in 2003. >> it was the perfect match. >> reporter: the couple had three children. >> love you. >> love you. >> reporter: jock bryce and the youngest heidi, born just days after he deployed. >> john called and said i never heard her cry. >> reporter: three weeks later, lisa got the word that john had been killed. >> my world was rocked. >> reporter: she realized she wasn't running from her heartbreak instead, running through it. and she set out to help others
2:57 am
find that same strength. >> we have a community where we are going to heal together. and wear blue was born. >> reporter: that started as a few friends joining her saturday morning run, grew to 10,000 national runners. lisa working tirelessly to keep her husband and so many other loved ones' memories alive. >> keep it up. >> reporter: the group gathering at national races to remember share and heal. >> it's a happy day. i feel really good. >> they live because of wear blue. that is an incredible gift. >> what a powerful story. >> she turned that into something. that was my first time seeing that story. and it got to hear about the kids and -- it's just -- i mean people go through shouldn't -- >> it's so hard. >> it is. good lord. >> the president and co-founder of wear blue. run to remember. that's the news for this half hour.
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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♪ this morning on "world news now," the unthinkable in south carolina. a deadly shooting leaving nine people killed when a gunman opens fire at a historically black church in charleston. the white suspect still at large, as authorities try to piece together the latest here. we have special live coverage from the scene. and it starts right now. hello to you all. we need to get right to the breaking news coming to us out of south carolina charleston in particular. nine people shot and killed. they were at a prayer service at a bible study at a historically black church there in south carolina. >> and police are saying that the gunman escaped last night after opening fire at the emanuel ame church one of the
3:01 am
largest and oldest black congregations in the south. officials believe it's a hate crime. and this morning, they are vowing to find the killer. chaos in the streets of charleston wednesday night. >> active shooter. multiple people down. >> reporter: gunshots rang out at the emanuel methodist episcopal church at 9:00. police raced to the scene. it wasn't fast enough to capture the shooter, described as a 21-year-old white man wearing a gray sweatshirt or hoodie and blue jeans. >> he obviously is extremely dangerous. i believe this was a hate crime. >> it is the most dastardly act that one could possibly imagine. >> reporter: officers blocked off streets, as emergency crews rushed to get victims to the hospital. people in the immediate downtown were warned to stay away or indoors. >> the whole area is blocked off. the whole nine over here. there were several people that have been stuck over here since
3:02 am
about 9:00. around that time. >> reporter: just down the street from the church outside the courtyard marriott local pastors gathered together. an entire community praying for answers and a quick arrest. >> you teach people to go right. to do right and go to church. these people were in church. >> we want to get details from the scene. kristen mcfan is working the story. we know there's a manhunt at this hour. what can you tell us about the shooter that they're looking for right mow? >> they're saying he's a white male, 21 years old. sandy blonde hair. dangerous. they have every available agency fbi, charleston police, helicopters, police with assault rifles touring the streets. so far, he is still on the loose. no sign of him. but they said they're doing everything they can to find him tonight. >> kristen, like you said, still on the loose. i was struck by the police chief and his comments in that press
3:03 am
conference. didn't have a lot of advice, if you will, for the community. said essentially stay in your home and stay calm. are they giving you any indication? you have a man on the loose who is capable of gunning down people in a church. is he a further threat to that community? or has anything else planned? are you getting anything else from police on that? >> he's a threat to anyone in the community. extremely dangerous after gunning down nine people this evening, or ten. and there are college kids walking around because this is very close to the college in charleston campus, where the shooting took place. and they haven't told people that they have to stay in their homes. people are out. there's a lot of activity police patrolling everywhere and helicopters, as well. as far as we know from the last news conference about 35 minutes ago, still no suspect. there was a guy handcuffed earlier this evening. and he fit the description. we asked the police chief about that.
3:04 am
he said he would not say if that man had any connection to the crime. but then he went on to say that the guy is still loose. >> kristen, we know in addition to the shooting there was an ongoing threat believed to have been a potential bomb they were talking about. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah. i don't know a lot of details about that. i was talking to one of our state senators who is holed up in an undisclosed location because of that threat. i don't know if that's an ongoing threat and they're being cautious by moving people into different areas. but i spoke to him about 15 minutes ago. and he's supposed to stay where he was told to be because of the threat. >> last thing to you, kristen. it's important to get perspective on this church. it has a long and storied history. large church there. one of the largest and oldest black churches in the south. give some kind of perspective of what this place means to this community? >> it's right in the center of
3:05 am
the city. it is from what i know the oldest african-american church south of baltimore. very historic church here. has one of the largest african-american congregations of any church you could possibly find. and people are devastated. they're doing prayer circles on the hour. just praying and just trying to get comfort because it's devastating. the police chief said this is the worst night of his career. and the mayor was out here as well. mayor riley, who has been mayor forever. and he was distraught over this tragedy. >> who can't be right now? kristen mcfann for us. we'll continue to check in with our reporter there's on the ground throughout the show. ton fathomable headline there is that nine people dead shot and killed, while they were at a bible study at church on wednesday night there in charleston south carolina. a killer right now, still on the loose. we want to turn some other news we want to get to.
3:06 am
the faa, investigating a close call at chicago's midway airport. a southwest jet had been cleared for take jaapoff. rolling down the runway when a air traffic controller noticed a delta jet on an intersecting runway without permission. the controller yelled for the delta plane to stop. and the politician was narrowly avoided. the controller tells the pilots they keep answering for each other, suggesting there was some type of confusion. developments in the search for the escapees in upstate new york. prosecutors have confirmed that the prison employee plotted with two escapees to have her husband killed. they said that joyce mitchell had a sexual relationship with one of the men. with more here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: roadblocks reopened. the search surrounding the prison scaled back. police saying after meticulously scouring this 16-square-mile area there is no sign of the two convicted killers who
3:07 am
escaped from the clinton correctional facility in northern new york. now, the hunt branching out farther from the prison. >> there is no hard evidence they are outside the area. that being said i cannot rule that out. >> personnel are being redeployed in other areas. >> reporter: police releasing these photos of what david sweat and richard matt may look like now after 12 days on the run. and still trying to figure out if they had a backup plan someone to pick them up in a getaway car, when prison worker joyce mitchell didn't show. >> i think joyce mitchell has been a pawn throughout this. they manipulated her. the idea that she would have caved in at the 11th hour they may well have thought about. >> reporter: mitchell admitted she had sex with richard matt in the prison tailor shop where she was a supervisor. she is behind bars charged with smuggling the men tools. mitchell's husband, visiting her, despite investigators confirming she plotted with the
3:08 am
fugitives to have him killed. >> what do you make of the reports she was trying to have you killed? >> reporter: no comment from lyle mitchell. but police have interviewed him. and they believe he had no idea about the murder for hire plot or the escape plan. t.j. and reena? >> marci gonzalez, thank you so much. a brush fire around phoenix arizona, creating huge plumes of smoke. 300 residents have been forced to evacuate. fire crews have their hands full. flames being fanned by gusty winds. two shark attacks off of north carolina a town where they're considering a ban on shark fishing. the 12-year-old victim was near a peer when she was bitten. those piers can be a magnet for sharks. some places in the southeast have bans in place to protect swimmers. but fishermen say they should not be punished for such rare
3:09 am
attacks. there was another shark attack yesterday. this time in daytona beach, florida. gavin simpson was bitten on the calf when standing in waist-deep water. he was treated at the beach. he gave his family quite a scare. >> it was a great white shark that bit my leg off. >> he was screaming. saying i want out of the water. i thought he was joking. once he was crying and screaming, he grabbed on my arm. i pulled him up. >> gavin and his family were visiting from georgia. the fourth shark attack in that county this year alone. a ruling by california's labor commission could have far-reaching consequences for the ride hailing service, uber. a driver should be considered a company employee. the company has contended it's a technological platform. but the commission says it is
3:10 am
involved in every aspect of its operation. uber planning to appeal this decision. on the roads, here's street justice being doled out in britain. a female driver being referred to as a serial offender. she was spotted by a cyclist. the guy on the bike pulling up next to her suv, telling her she is breaking the law for eating cereal while she is driving. >> she shrugged it off. the cyclist turned the video into police who could issue a ticket for eating behind the wheel. do bananas count? i hope not. >> they do. we'll go from cereal to sushi, making gourmet roles on international sushi day. >> i didn't know it was sushi day. we have backlash against rachel dolezal, as to why she always felt she was black, despite being born to those two white parents. stay with abc news, as our lead story continues to develop.
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the breaking news out of south carolina. nine people confirmed dead in a church shooting. and the search for the suspect. our overnight coverage continues. you're watching "world news now." new outlast lipstick. long wear super powered by moisture. the super sizer the new mascara you twirl on to super size your lashes and your eyes. and new stay luminous foundation stay naturally luminous all day. makeup super powered. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. imagine if razors could move up and down and all around. behold, new venus® swirl™. the only razor with five contour blades and a flexiball™. to contour to your tricky places, bends and all.
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for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. ♪ and recapping our breaking news right now. nine people shot and killed at a historic black church in charleston south carolina. police called it a hate crime. gunman described as a white male around 21 years old. he managed to get away after
3:15 am
opening up fire at the emanuel ame church around 9:00 p.m. this evening during a prayer meeting. >> he is extremely dangerous. and they're vowing to track him down after speaking with the victims' family. the mayor, calling it the most heartbreaking scene he's ever witnessed. >> we'll continue to get updates and bring those to you. rachel dolezal broke her silence with a full-day media marathon. her parents were watching. >> they are speaking out about what rachel said and what they know to be true. steve osunsami as the details. >> it's all fabrication. it's rachel creating her own reality. >> reporter: they need to set the record straight about their daughter. the former ncaap chapter president, is not black, doesn't have a black father and never chose brown crayons over peach ones as a child. >> this did not happen.
3:16 am
this is a fabrication. we were in touch with our children. i was a stay-at-home mom. i was in touch with teachers at school. this simply didn't happen. she didn't ever draw herself as an african-american. >> reporter: they appreciate the conversation she started about race and identity. >> i felt very isolated with my identity. >> reporter: but say there was no confusion in their home calling this interview with msnbc painful. >> we always validated what she does for the cause of the african-american community. but we can't validate the dishonesty. >> reporter: here she is giving a lecture on black hair. >> for black women, much more than just an aesthetic. much more than just an acutement or appearance or a style. >> reporter: they say her lying is a pattern. steve osunsami abc news
3:17 am
atlanta. >> that story gets stranger and stranger by the day. >> you know she came out in an interview saying that she cried when she heard caitlin jenner who came out, of course went from a man to being a woman. her story resonated with her, as well. and she feels, in some way, a kinship to her tale. >> yeah. she was soundly and immediately criticized for making that type of comparison. >> yeah. >> all right. coming up in our next half hour we got a hero dad to show you. he jumps -- he jumps on to a car and won't let go. why? we'll tell you how this ends. first, international sushi day in a cooking class in our "insomniac ki
3:18 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. n" welcome back. join the party. you love sushi.
3:19 am
and we're celebrating international sushi day. >> it seems hard to make at home. but is it really? we go to our "insomniac kitchen" to give it a try. >> i'm here at duma in new york city, with a head sushi chef an expert. he's going to teach us everything about making sushi at home right? >> yes. >> reporter: one of the myths, perhaps, of sushi, it's hard to make. not true. >> not true. this is one of our popular salmon dishes. douglas is going to show us how to cure the salmon. you want to wait for the pan to get hot. you want it to be a quick, light sear on the outside. there's a nice beautiful color on the inside. >> reporter: not all sushi is completely raw? >> it's going to have a nice minty flavor with the salmon
3:20 am
seared meat. we're going to add it inside as we roll it. this is sesame. it's going to be applied to the end. >> reporter: a little texture. a little flavor. >> a little crunch. a little flavor. ♪ >> reporter: that's so good. and if you love salmon you will love this. what's next? >> we can go straight into the maaki. you have to have a very strong sushi rice. we cook our rice about an hour. then -- >> oh. >> we add the sushi vinegar. >> how much do you know how to add? >> it is trial and error. we're going to let this cool for five or ten minutes. >> okay. >> we will transfer it into a rice warmer. >> reporter: what are we going to do now? >> first up, you want to make sure you have a bowl of water.
3:21 am
ball up the rice. an oversized lemon. >> reporter: i failed. mine is falling apart. his is a perfect baseball. and mine is this. >> from one end. apply evenly throughout the nori. you want to flip it over. and all of the ingredients inside. ♪ >> reporter: here is the moment of truth. now, let's see how i did. ready? >> when you're eating sushi, maaki, i do recommend customers eating it with their fingers. >> reporter: ready? this is a lot of fun. it is easier than it looks. but still, there's some things you need to leave to the professionals. you did a wonderful job helping us. thank you so much. >> no problem. >> we want to thank the folks at
3:22 am
zuma. this looks incredible. there's such things as sushi gloves to help you with the sushi. >> what? thousands of bacteria. but lysol disinfectant spray can help protect your family because it can also be used on soft surfaces. it kills 99.9% of illness causing bacteria won't stain and leaves your soft surfaces with a light fresh scent lysol the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. [girl laughing] life looks great with tampax pearl. it's built-in, back-up braid helps stop leaks by channeling them back into the core, protecting you in a way no other tampon does.
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♪ father's day. coming up in "the mix." >> you love your sushi. >> that's my favorite. we're done here. let me get through "the mix." father's day coming up. put together this list. it's the top movie dads out there. you have a favorite you can think of right now? a favorite movie? >> from the movies? steve martin maybe from "father of the bride." >> that is a good one. >> that's a good one. he's in the top five. the top five here. this is -- he's a great dad. will take somebody out for you. that's don corleone from "the godfather." and gregory peck in "to kill a
3:26 am
mockingbird." and number two mufasa. >> of course. >> only number two. number one -- >> drumroll. >> oh. >> chevy chase, clark griswold. it's hard to say why. >> that's a good one. you complain -- >> a lot of stuff. >> one of your top complaints is when you wear your cowboy boots in the summer you hate that your feet sweat, right? >> yeah. >> here's a good alternative for you. there's a cowboy in missouri that took away the material surrounding the toe. you can keep your ankles warm. you can get these boots. red neck cowboy boots. >> give me the name? >> red neck cowboy boots. all for $50. >> men and women live those? >> scottie franklin. you want a pair jack? >> men and women? >> i think you can do them for men and women. >> is that a man's shoe? >> it could be a man's shoe.
3:27 am
we'll get you a pair. you can try them out. >> i have cowboy boots. >> do you really? i was teasing him. >> of course i do. square toes. >> i dare you to bring in your cowboy boots. >> it's not a big deal. >> i'd love to see them. zookeepers having a good time with "jurassic world." they deal with their own animals. this is the scene. if you haven't seen the movie, it's been in a lot of promotional stuff. they're going around and re-creating some of the pictures. zookeepers. look at that. >> walruses? >> those are walruses. they are coming up with their own -- >> we have chickens. >> no. >> and one more. who else do we have here? >> ostriches. >> people having fun with this. it's become a thing among zookeepers. >> you know the movie is doing well when people are mimicking scenes from the movie. >> zookeepers are the only ones that can do that. hi, anne. how are you doing?
3:28 am
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breaking news this morning on "world news now," deadly shooting in south carolina. at least nine dead, as a white suspect opens fire at a historically black church in charleston. a manhunt under way right now. the shooter is extremely dangerous. we have live coverage, starting right now. we're going to get right away to the breaking news in charleston, south carolina. nine people dead at a historic black church. and police calling this a hate crime. >> shots started ringing out 9:00 last night. during a prayer meeting at the emanuel ame church. a historic and large church in charleston.
3:31 am
the shooter is still on the loose right now. police calling this person extremely dangerous. somehow managed to get away this morning. abc's liz kreutz is on the scene for us joining us by phone. and i can imagine, it is still pretty intense there, in terms of this search. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. and reena. yes. i'm out here a few blocks away from where the church shooting happen. the reason the media and all of the people have been pushed a few blocks away because there was a bomb threat. it is no longer -- the police chief said that is no longer the case. because of that, we have been put a few blocks away from the shooting. we just wrapped the first press conference with the police chief and the charleston mayor where we learned the news that nine people are deceased now. there were two people that were brought to the emergency room. one, unfortunately died. the other survived. we have not been told any information on the victims, who they were.
3:32 am
there was a very well-known and beloved poster at the church at this time. we don't know his state at this time, either. it's just a very sad and somber feeling here right now. there's prayer vigils, people singing. it's very sad. >> what's the sense, next, liz, in the investigation? we know they are ongoing, looking for the shooter. how is the community pulling together? the mayor coming out saying it was one heinous act. but they're asking for the help of the community. what is the sense of the ground right now? >> they are. charleston had the walter scott incident. there's a lot of emotions in this city. very tense. one of the pastor elders of the churches came out and said they have 50 preachers on the ground right now. the flood of people that heard about the shootings and came out here within minutes is really remarkable. and the community is pulling together.
3:33 am
they plan to be here almost all night, through the morning. they have prayer vigils planned every hour. there's truly a sense of community. but also, it's so sad because, i mean, they're just -- you know, what more can they do? if we can't be safe in our church, where we can we be safe? is what one man said. >> and to that point, where can they be safe tonight? what's the guidance to the community with a man on the loose who is capable of shooting up a church, killing nine people? police have any indication this was his only target? could other people be targeted? what's the community supposed to do right now? >> reporter: absolutely. there's a huge amount of fear here. the police chief wouldn't go into specifics on what they thought he could do next. he just said he is extremely dangerous. and there's a manhunt under way to find him. they believe it's a hate crime. i think what's also interesting -- the church is just a few blocks away from king street, one of the biggest, touristy streets in charleston.
3:34 am
all of the shops and the bars and restaurants are on this street. it's really the heart of charleston. there's a courtyard marriott across the street, a little over from the church. families were gathered on vacation in charleston and came back from dinner and saw the church cordoned off. and i talked to families, a dad with two kids here on vacation. they were terrified. now, there's a man on the loose. and it's actually this hotel becoming the staging ground. the coroner and the people involved. now, the people on vacation have gotten roped into this, too. i think there's a lot of fear. there's no sense on what to do because they don't -- the police don't have any idea where he is at this point. >> and we do know, liz, the police chief said they are offering an award for any information to lead to this suspect. we want to thank you. liz kreutz on the ground in charleston, south carolina. we'll keep you updated as new information comes in.
3:35 am
the faa investigating a near-collision at chicago's midway airport. two jets taking off at the same time on intersecting runways when an air traffic controller yelled for one of the planes to stop. abc's david kerley. >> reporter: at chicago's midway airport, two jets on a collision course with similar flight numbers, trouble on the radio. >> clear to take off. >> reporter: that's a southwest jet, flight 3828, getting cleared. but a delta flight, 1328, is lined up on an intersecting runway and it starts rolling for takeoff, too. the two jets, gaining speed, heading towards each other. the controller sees it. >> 1328, stop, stop. >> i am holding. >> he's stopping. >> both jets slam on the brakes, stopping short of each other. >> for southwest on 3-1 center. are we the ones clear for takeup? >> yes. you were doing what you were supposed to be doing. >> the delta was rolling? >> somebody kept stepping on you. i couldn't figure out who it was. >> reporter: the pilots pull off
3:36 am
the runway. collision avoided. the pilots and the controller will explain what happened to the faa, which is investigating. david kerley, abc news, washington. the fbi is conducting a crackdown on american terror suspects who follow isis online. part of the crackdown, a man who is accused of attacking a fbi agent with a large knife during a search of his apartment. authorities called fareed mumuni a fervent supporter of isis who was part of a plot to carry out a terror attack against new york city landmark. last since last month, seven alleged supporters of isis have been arrested in the u.s. sources tell us, many more arrests are anticipated before the fourth of july holiday weekend. doctors who treated patients in syria are calling on the u.s. to punish the government for using chemical weapons. the syrian medical society released these photos.
3:37 am
they claim this is a basement of a house hit by a chlorine-filled barrel bomb dropped by the syrian government. another image, showing doctors treating victims earlier this month. abc news cannot independently confirm the authenticity, however, of these photos. the remnants of tropical storm bill moving out of texas. the pouring rain now coming across oklahoma. triggering flash floods from the coast to houston and dallas. more now, from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: crashing surf and flooding rain in texas. flooding roads all across the strait. this coast guard chopper over the galveston area just after tropical storm bill made landfall. our kendis gibson right there. >> listen to how strong the winds are here 24 hours after bill. and as for the waves, they're just as rough. >> reporter: the relentless rain in a saturated state that saw a record wet may. >> last couple of weeks, saw a lot of water. >> reporter: parts of texas almost completely under water.
3:38 am
the center of bill almost completely over oklahoma. torrential downpours driving through houston. the rain turning streets into lakes. many drivers taking their chances. this one stalling out. has this ever happened to you before? >> no. >> reporter: and in dallas, the city using this line of 11 portable pumps, trying to move floodwater into the trinity river. although it's weakened, the circulation of what's left of bill is still huge. texas being impacted. but the center getting in oklahoma and missouri. that's where the flooding situation is going to progress. and even into parts of the lower great lakes. rob marciano, abc news, houston, texas. here's the rest of today's forecast. dangerous heat from southern california to arizona. dangerous conditions in the southeast, with heat indexes topping 110 degrees. thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds in pittsburgh and buffalo to d.c. >> and areas of red all over that map. triple digits in phoenix, 90s in memphis salt lake city and hot-lanta. 70s in new york and minneapolis. >> you called it hot-lanta. i like that. move over alexander hamilton.
3:39 am
you may soon have to share space on that $10 bill. the treasury secretary jack lew announced that the redesigned bill will feature a female face. lew says he's considering leaving hamilton son some of the bills. the change won't take place until 2020. the treasury will be seeking public input about which female should be featured. presidential candidate jeb bush has canceled events that were planned in the charleston area because of the shooting there. yesterday, bush sat down with an exclusive interview with abc's david muir. the former florida governor was asked about the dream act, which would provide a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants. >> there ought to be some recognition we're not going to send them back to a country they know nothing about. >> path to citizenship for them. >> absolutely. >> not their parents? >> not their parents. >> bush said he may have trouble criticizing his former brother former president george w. bush on the campaign trail, saying it's not easy to throw him under the bus to make myself look
3:40 am
better. i just can't do it. stay with presidential politics here. when he announced his candidacy on tuesday, donald trump said he would create more jobs in the u.s. and he might already be doing that. how? he is putting actors to work. apparently -- apparently -- reportedly, to beef up the crowd at his event. >> a casting company's e-mail leaked. it sought actors offering $50 for less than three hours of work. it called for wearing t-shirts, carrying signs and cheering. >> the campaign director says he doesn't know about that. the casting company says it doesn't know anything about this, either. there you go. he shouldn't have to pay people to show up. people want to see the donald. that shouldn't be an issue. coming up, a scary scene caught on camera. a hero dad jumping into action as his son is caught in the middle of a carjacking. and keeping a close eye on the breaking news in south carolina. there is a killer on the loose. a mass shooting at a church prayer meeting. nine dead. the shooter being sought now. the latest, next on "world news
3:41 am
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♪ recapping our top story. breaking overnight in charleston south carolina. nine people shot dead at a black church. at least one injured. emanuel ame church is one of the oldest and largest in the south. the gunman came into the church and participated in the bible study before suddenly starting to shoot. >> a chaplain told those families that a pastor at the church is among the dead.
3:45 am
a a-year-old meanwhile, survived by playing dead. police are calling this a hate crime. fbi is on the scene. they warn the suspect is extremely dangerous. and he is still on the loose. >> family members are now waiting for the coroner to notify them about those who were deceased in this deadly attack. a surveillance camera at a gas station in georgia caught a father's heroic act when a car jumper jumped in his fiancee's suv and took off. >> the carjacker didn't know, that his boy was in the backseat. he would risk everything to get him back. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: fatherly instincts caught on tape. watch as this man outside atlanta jumps on to a van, desperately clinging on, realizing a carjacker has stolen his fiancee's suv with his 8-year-old son inside. >> i felt confused.
3:46 am
what are you doing here? >> reporter: malcolm millowns said he was getting ready to pump gas. his fiancee, heading inside the store to pay. that's when he realizes something isn't right. >> i was screaming at him. my son is in the backseat. you got my son in the backseat. >> reporter: a brazen teenager had jumped into the car when he wasn't looking, taking off with young rashaan in the backseat. >> i was shrieking. i've never been scared before until now. >> reporter: milliones immediately jumping into action. >> i'm hopping with it. running with it. >> reporter: clinging on to the side of the suv, as the teen pulls out of the station, beating on the window, holding on for about a quarter mile before falling off and breaking his arm. his actions, enough to distract the thief, allowing rashaan to jump out unharmed. >> the thought never crossed my mind to just let them go. >> reporter: rashaan says his father's a hero. >> i thought it was cool and brave of my dad jump on a car
3:47 am
and get his arm broken for me. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. when we come back, it's "skinny" time. an a-list hollywood couple calling it off. also, janet jackson's teaser. a clip from her first album in seven years. that's next. stay with us.
3:48 am
♪ skinny
3:49 am
so skinny ♪ topping "the skinny," the couple that is no more. charlize theron and sean penn. reportedly ending their relationship after a year and a half. rumor was they were engaged but never made an announcement to it. >> this does has some impressive exs. he's been married twice. to madonna and then "house of cards" star, robin wright. he was surprised to be in love at this time of his life. >> he described his feelings for theron as passionate, deep and true. charlize was the one who apparently called it off, after their time together at cann film festival last month. a big announcement from "the fashion police." the show will return to the e! network, with a surprising new host. melissa rivers will be in front of the camera for the first time. she's been behind the scenes as executive producer since the show started. back in 2010. >> her mother, joan rivers, was the original "fashion police" star. but since her death there's been
3:50 am
trouble in the talent pool. host giuliana rancic got in hot water, commenting about a disney actress' dred locs at the oscars. kelly osbourne left after the incident. and kathy griffin left, too. >> melissa rivers will be co-hosting with rancic. the first episode will air on august 31st, with coverage of the mtv video music awards. nasty -- is that how you say it? janet jackson back. >> what did you call her? >> anyway, she's announced she is starting her own record label. everybody has her own record label. that's what i'm talking about. that's classic 1980s. producing a new album. she's launching a 36-city world tour to begin in august. >> her first big burst of energy, if you will, since her brother, michael, died in june 2009. her last album in 2008. here's an excerpt from a ballad that will be on the album. take a listen. ♪ i say it through my mistakes
3:51 am
this is part of growing ♪ ♪ i never sought it did i have to go without your love ♪ >> different take. it's good to hear that voice again. the album will be released in the fall by her label, rhythm nation records. >> people will be excited to see her on tour. see some of the classics. also, it's a boy. alec baldwin is a dad again. his two daughters have a little brother. baldwin and his wife, they welcome their second child, rafael thomas baldwin. >> the couple already have a 20-month-old daughter, carmen gabriela. alec has a daughter with ex-wife kim basinger. >> the announcement of baby rafael's arrival, posted this photo on instagram, her hand holding -- this isn't the one. >> there you go. >> they will have a good father's day weekend. that's a cute picture. >> very cute picture. coming up, "broad city," the comedy central hit. not to be confused with "sex and
3:52 am
the city." >> meet the millennial misfits that call themselves imperfect role models. you are loved in so many ways pampers
3:53 am
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♪ finally, comedy central's "broad city" started as a web series. got a big boost from amy poehler. now, it's wildly particular. and the two broads -- to use their words, have a lot more in the pipeline. we're "up all nightline" with katie couric. >> reporter: two broads. one city. and a whole lot of funny. "broad city" is a new take on the classic comedy. >> are you asking me if i'd make love with that dog? >> if you were a dog. >> reporter: ilana glazer and abbi jacobson, drawing on the real-life highs and lows of millennial
3:56 am
misfits, for crafting unique, refreshing -- and at times shocking comedy. celebrating female friendship. >> we are, like, feminist heroes right now. >> okay. >> it's 36 guys we've been rejected by. and one lady. >> reporter: everyone wants to know, where do the crazy storylines come from? >> we try to make sure to keep the seeds of stories from things we experience. things the writers have experienced or friends. >> even major storylines like ilana's relationship with lincoln. >> this is purely physical. >> hey. >> reporter: what started as a web series has become a comedy central hit, going into its third season. in part, thanks to the support of one comic powerhouse. how did amy poehler see your web series? >> we e-mailed our teacher. saying do you think she would ever be on our finale?
3:57 am
and he said, i will e-mail her for you. and she's like, i love "broad city." >> you're really in the zone. just go with the flow and live your dreams, okay? >> reporter: a show that every week, without fail, tries to keep it real. maybe a little too real. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: do you worry about the role model thing? >> i think there's something to be an imperfect role model. ♪ >> reporter: there's no telling where this series will take them. but for now, these broads are keeping busy. ♪ four and three and two and one ♪ >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm katie couric in new york. >> that's funny. >> i shouldn't have used broad. >> never. it was a good clarifiation. you knew when to step in. >> who gave me that read? >> we did that on purpose. >> to see if i would fail miserably? >> don't miss our updates on facebook at more news, coming up.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, nine people killed inside a historic black church. a gunman opening fire during a prayer service. >> these people were in church. they were in church in church and they violated the saptsty of that. >> police chief calling this a hate crime. the all-out search for the suspect. the child also who survived by playing dead. severe flooding up to a foot of rain in some areas. the rising waters rushing down streets, even taking the bus away. we're tracking today's threat. airport scare. the boeing 737 catching fire at the terminal as terrified passengers watched. money makeover. a female face soon gracing an american bill.


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