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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  June 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." deadly church shooting. the new website tied to the accused killer. photos of guns and confederate flags. the racist rant, fbi agents investigating now. on the trail. the two escaped killers spotted. hundreds of miles from the prison. what those witnesses say they saw. and now another guard placed on leave. fire and floods. from the out of control blaze to severe storms and flash floods. turning this play day in the rain into a dangerous rescue. >> she's getting sucked under the water! >> and ball battle. a-rod's historic 3,000 hits. >> he did it in style! >> and the man in the stands who caught it. tonight the contest over who gets to keep it forever.
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good evening. thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecilia vega, we begin in south carolina with what may be a chilling look into the mass mind of a murderer. dylann roof shows a manifesto espousing white supremacy. seen in many photos. this one here here he is, a confederate flag in one hand and a gun in the other. the hate-still filled rant calls charleston a target because of its large black population. tonight finally some hope. the doors of the church opening once again and members returning for the very first time. worshippers will be back for services tomorrow. that is where we find abc's steve osunsami. leading us off once again tonight. steve. >> reporter: families here prepare for their sunday service. investigators are looking at
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photos of the alleged gunman and what may be his words. tonight, both the fbi and south carolina authorities are trying to confirm if these pictures, and what appears to be a manifesto posted online, are connected to the 21-year-old accused of murdering nine people at that bible study. dylann roof, in custody tonight, is seen with a gun, and confederate flags. it's a long essay, railing against people plaque hispanic or jewish saying that, "i chose charleston because it is the most historic city in my state and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to white in the country. there's age jer over the trial of george zimmerman for the killing of trayvon martin. a story we also heard from one of roof's friends." >> i can tell you that he has talked about race, he telling me about how about the trayvon martin case how he didn't agree with it and that made him upset. >> reporter: we're learning tonight he may have had a black friend back home in columbia chris scriven says he never thought roof was racist, but
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admits he may have missed a sign when he says roof joked about shooting up a charleston college. >> i don't even think the church was his primary target, because he went, he told us he was going for the school, but i think he couldn't get into that school because of the security and all that. outside the ame church, in high heat, the nickerson family from maryland came with flowers. >> good people are pained by this. this kind of horror. it's just wrong. >> reporter: linda blankenship told me there's no color in the kingdom of god. >> no! we're all one. our hearts our blood's all the same, our hearts are all the same. >> reporter: but a high school teacher of one of the victims, and here adult daughter say they're worried another gunman could strike. >> are there more coming? is this going to start a civil racial war? >> reporter: they're expecting 1,000 people or more. for what they hope is a moment of healing.
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>> tonight hillary clinton weighing in in an address to the conference of mayors in san francisco. saying race remains a deep fault in america and she promises to fight for stricter gun control. >> bodies are once again being carried out of a black church. once again racist rhetoric has me as thety sized into racist violence. >> and republican contender jeb bush also speaking out today about a controversial symbol sparking debate. suggesting the confederate flag should be moved and put on display in a museum. we turn to the hunt for the escaped prisoners. the search covering 600 miles of trails 200 empty homes. here they are in photos showing what they might look like after two weeks on the run.
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in all that time few reported sightings but new reports could be the tips that police need to find these murderers on the run. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: tonight fresh leads in the massive manhunt for two escaped killers. >> forest rangers see if they can assemble a crew for searches. >> reporter: state police setting up a new search perimeter. in allegheny county new york near the border with pennsylvania. after a reported sighting of the convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat. >> search of trunks of cars. >> reporter: the area 380 miles from the clinton correctional facility where the two men broke out two weeks ago. >> our plan is to pursue these men relentlessly and until they are in custody. >> reporter: police giving specific details of two other possible sightings. witnesses reported seeing the men walking near a railroad in
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irwin, new york on june 13th and a day later along a country road 11 miles away. and a second prison employee. a male corrections officer has been placed on leave into the priss break. >> he's not being detained. he's not hiding anything. >> reporter: the officer whose name has not been made public new the prisoners and joyce mitchell who is behind bars charged with helping them escape. that officer has been inside this state police barracks all afternoon answering question. his lawyer telling us he's been placed on paid leave. as of now has not been charged with any wrong-doing. >> so many questions. thank you. to new orleans, another accused killer on the run. a handcuffed suspect in custody managed to grab an officer's gun fatally shooting him and getting away. here's karen travers with the
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urgent hunt to find him. >> reporter: a frantic manhunt in new orleans for this man 33-year-old travis boys wanted in the shooting death of veteran new orleans officer daryle holloway. the incident took place less than two miles from the famed french corner. he was being transported, under arrest for a gras advocated battery and outstanding warrants. >> somehow was able to get his hands from behind his back where he was handcuffed from the front. apparently's double-jointed and able to do that from the back of the car was able to produce a firearm. >> reporter: boys shoots the officer inside the vehicle. holloway slams the suv into a utility pole. bringing down power lines. boys fleeing the scene. >> officer holloway put up a fight to get the subject to not exit the vehicle but succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: first responders rushed to the scene but holloway's pronounced dead at a local hospital a short time later. a member of the new orleans police department since 1992 he
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leaves behind three children. >> he was a personal friend of mine. great police officer. >> reporter: tonight a police department reeling and vowing justice. karen travers abc news. washington. >> to weather with 35 million people facing the threat of severe storms tonight. 12 states with flood watches at this hour. this time lapse of a supercell in south dakota. flash flooding left over from tropical storm bill triggering rescues in illinois and tonight storms on the move with a huge stretch of the country in their path. here's abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> reporter: severe weather slamming the northern plains hail bouncing off the ground like ping pong balls in south dakota. the biggest one's three inches in diameter. and in the last 24 hours five reported tornadoes in southern illinois alone. winds ripping the roof off this house. heavy rain causing this dramatic
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scene watch as three kids play in a drainage ditch filling with flood water passerby matt choat was there shooting this video. >> i could see their heads just bobbing in the creek. the water was all the way up here to the concrete. it was coming up over the road. now sensing danger two of the boys managing to get out but one. >> help! help, help! >> reporter: getting sucked into that culvert. his friend grabbing his arms trying to lift him but can't. >> he's getting sucked under! matt, run! matt's wife telling him to run, her daughter praying. jesus please help this kid right now! do not, do not let him drown! >> reporter: choate and other witnesses struggling frantically, but finally pulling him out of the pipe. tonight, that boy bruised and battered but safe. >> i just thank god for just placing us here at the right time. and rob is here now. thankfully a happy ending but so many others facing severe weather. >> yeah, both are bringing a severe weather threat. tornado watch for parts of iowa and illinois.
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with storm number one. this is part of what's left of bill. severe thunderstorm watches out for the d.c. area. including parts of north carolina as it spins towards the north east. a descent amount of rain fall. extending back into the high plains into new england along with the flooding they tend to bring a lot of water with flooding. across the i-59 corridor. >> the southwest is totally baking and doesn't seem to be letting up. >> yeah, five, could be six days where phoenix sees temperatures over 112. that is remarkable. excessive heat warnings and advisories remain. this includes much of the fire zone. we don't see any rain in sight to relieve some of the fires. >> rob, thank you. those dry hot conditions have firefighters in the west working around the clock. 11 fires burning out of control. in three states tonight. this video from california's biggest fire showing homes are at risk not just from flames but from the thick smoke.
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abc's ryan owens reporting tonight. >> reporter: so much of alaska's famed wilderness is burning tonight. 85 fires scorching the state nearly 30 homes have burned. >> let's get out of here! >> reporter: blackhawk helicopters the only way many of the rugged acres. drought-stricken california isn't fairing much better. just look at smoky haze over the san bernardino mountains east of los angeles. this blaze known as the lake fire is the state's largest more than 15,000 acres, big enough to see from space! on this summer weekend, firefighters have kept flames out of popular resort town of big bear. but tonight, the lake fire is just 10% contained. more than 1,000 firefighters are on the front lines here. >> the number one priority for the incident commander is to keep this fire south of the highway. >> as you can see large parts of the so called lake fire are burden of proving inside a national forest.
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firefighters can afford to let some go but the fact of the matter is mother nature is not on their team. more hot dry weather in the forecast, just what they don't need. >> thank you. we turn now to yankee stadium. alex rodriguez, reaching the milestone. the ball he hit part of history. but not part of a-rod's trophy collection. the man who caught it plans to keep it. our resident die hard yankee fan ron claiborne has the details. >> reporter: a-rod did it in style. his 3,000th hit a home run blasted into the right field stands of yankee stadium. >> 3,000 is a special number. i'm happy to be in the club. >> reporter: the home run ball landed right in front of zack hemple. >> i looked down. it is touching my sneaker on the step. >> after he posed with fans. security officials asked him if
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he would like to give the ball to a-rod. >> thanks but no thanks. >> it turns out zack is an obsessive collector of baseballs. 8,000 of them and written a book called how to snag major league baseballs. and one thing he knew, the a-rod ball was worth a lot. >> that's a lottery ticket floating down from the sky. i had someone offer me $300,000. >> he decided if he's going to keep it, sell it or give it to a-rod. for those who want to catch a piece of baseball history like he did. he has this tip. get to the ballpark early and bring a baseball glove. you never know. ron claiborne abc news, new york. >> you never know. much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, a mystery deep in the mountains of new mexico. the former white house chef gone missing. the massive manhunt to find him and the clue he left behind. a first for america in if aloha state. what hawaii is about to ban that is sure to leave some people
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to unblock your system naturally so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. and next to a former white house chef who hasn't been seen since last week. the mystery over where he might be and the race to find him now intensifying but tonight a possible break in the case. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: tonight in these new mexico mountains, the search intensifying for a missing iron chef. walter scheib first hired by hillary clinton. spent 11 years cooking for presidents. rescue teams now in a painstaking search to find him alive. >> we typically look for things like water bottles or pieces of clothing or footprints, and we haven't found anything. >> reporter: tonight, a possible break. investigators tracing scheib's last cell phone signal to an area near snow- covered lobo peak. scheib climbing alone and without hiking boots along the steep yerba trail an area known for risk of rock slides.
6:47 pm
his family tells investigators the 61-year-old was in good shape, but an amateur hiker. >> we're not aware of any other gear that he had he may have had a water bottle with him. >> reporter: police also say scheib may have taken his personal fishing gear in search of nearby streams. his locked black subaru with florida plates, still parked at the trail head wallet under the seat. the mystery has stunned scheib's former colleagues who say he helped "americanize" white house cuisine. >> this is the dish that might have gotten me the job. it's a pecan-crusted rack of australian lamb. >> reporter: scheib, winning one of the most prestigious jobs in the culinary world, knowing the clintons and bushes like few do. >> the first ladies were always on diets in one way or another, it seemed like. the presidents really didn't care. >> reporter: tonight, his family clinging to hope for a rescue that lands scheib back in the kitchen. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. still ahead on "world news tonight," you know the music. ♪ >> those famous notes.
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a british red army double parachute display team performing in the skies over northwest england when the one failed to open. his teammates swooped in and grabbed his buddy's ropes helping him land safely. both men are safe, sound and probably feeling pretty lucky. and back here at home to a frighteningly big catch. 500 pound bull shark caught off the florida keys reminiscent of this hollywood scene that scared generations of swimmers out of the ocean, me included. it was exactly 40 years ago today that "jaws" was unleashed on millions of theater-goers. that movie considered the first summer blockbuster ever. when we come back, the church at the center going from a crime scene back to a house of worship. how the strength of this congregation has kept mother emanuel alive for centuries. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia!
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finally tonight. this is the church at the center of so much sadness this week. this historic landmark will come back to life tomorrow when the congregation fills its pews and one woman will be there as the doors open once again. >> reporter: they call her simply mother emanuel. one of the oldest black churches in the south. in the birthplace of the civil war, that steeple towering high above charleston. an icon.
6:57 pm
an anchor. a symbol of a nation's past. and now hopes for its future. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ the keeper of her history. ms. alston, hi i'm cecilia. church historian liz alston inviting me to her home because her house of worship is a crime scene. >> i just won't think of the bad stuff. >> you don't think of dylann roof? >> i try not to think of dylann roof. he will not be a part of my history. >> reporter: founded by former slaves nearly 200 years ago burned down by a white mob forced underground when black churches were outlawed. demolished by an earthquake. mother emanuel rising each time. >> i understand that this too shall pass. so i am unbloodied and unbowed. >> reporter: determined to keep going. >> determined to keep going! >> reporter: this church rises again? >> yes. >> reporter: martin luther king junior preached here.
6:58 pm
president obama praised it. >> mother emanuel is, in fact, more than a church. >> she lost so many friends this week they were gunned down she says reading this passage. >> and these are they which are sewn among thorns. >> reporter: and now among the flowers, the hugs and the tears mother emmanuel rises once again. and our thoughts are with them as they go back to church tomorrow. "gma" and this week in the morning. i'm cecilia vega in new york. i will see you back here tomorrow. enjoy the rest of your saturday. have a good night!
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