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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  June 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> go to work, 6:00 a.m. sunday june 28. here's what's happening rain and wind move out. >> new overnight a hit-and-run driver damages a handful of vehicles in manayunk. >> an army of police officers continue to search for an escaped killer. he's been on the run for three weeks. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's going to feel like summer today, right? >> reporter: it can only get better, it was almost like a fall nor'easter that slammed through the area. the temperatures were chilly, holding steady in the upper 60s, when the rain came down
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in the afternoon it came down in buckets. the runway is wet. we have showers out there, for the most part things are starting to settle down. rainfall totals, atlantic city, 3 1/2 inches. wilmington, 2-point #. trenton, 1.7. philadelphia 1.4. allentown shy of an inch. we have a couple of left over showers in the lehigh valley and the philadelphia area. from philadelphia and crossing over the river into camden. if you're traveling along 295 or i-95, over the delaware expect a slow go as we have a couple of more showers again before it clears out. it's up in new england places like boston and albany seeing downpours, for today we'll see clouds limited sun during the
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morning hours you'll see more in the way of sunshine breezy and much, much milder with a high of 80 degrees, when i come back we'll talk about the potential for more drenching downpours in the seven-day forecast. guys. there's new video coming in from overnight from our delaware newsroom. three people had to be rescued from downed trees. all three people, two men and a woman were taken to christiana hospital. the red clay creek one of the waterways that hit flood stage because of yesterday's soaking. the good people of south jersey got drenched again. shore road in pleasantville atlantic county was flooded out. drivers caught in the rain took it slowly through the water for the most part. thousands in south jersey have no power because of last week's storm.
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so this new round of rain was kind of a slap in the face. staying in jersey, the action cam found a similar story in cumberland county. drivers making the treacherous trek on delsea drive the soaking was too much, too fast for drains to handle. if possible, turn around don't drawn. if you were out and about the wind was fierce, turning umbrellas inside out. some people including these people outside the art museum, didn't want a case of cabin fever. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: nonstopped rain hit center city. the winds knocked down a fence apt 19th and cherry and along penns landing it was time to exchange shorts and flip flops for rain gear.
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>> i wish it was summer. >> i drove my mother home and got dollar store ponchos and said let's go see the tall ships. >> reporter: they settled for a tour of tall ships without the fanfare. >> we came down here and got soaked. >> reporter: they found a perk, no lionels to see the ships docked on the delaware. who would come down here in this weather, but us. >> across the river the susquehanna center in camden, dave matthews is playing. we talked to a couple of people who said they were not going to let the rain make them skip the concert. at ppl park, fans made the best of it, patient dads stuck it out hoping for a break in the weather. >> if it weren't for my family i wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: the fire works display ask rescheduled for
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tonight, hopefully mother nature will cooperate. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> check out our live storm tracker 6 live radar images, will let you know what's coming and when, and follow the "action news" weather team they will keep you up to date with the latest information. new on "action news," the search for leads continues in a destructive hit-and-run in manayunk. police are looking for the driver and the vehicle that damaged five other vehicles. several front bumpers were sheered off on richie street. residents heard the crash around 11:00 p.m. the driver had taken off before the police arrived. police are looking at surveillance video to provide clues. all night police are scouring the woods in northern new york looking for david sweat. richard matt was shot to death
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on friday, the two men broke out of a maximum security prison three weeks ago it's about 40 miles from where matt was found. [shots fired]. the sounds of gunshots sending people running for cover near san francisco's annual pride celebration authorities think it started when several groups of men who had nothing to do with the event got into an argument and someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. a 64-year-old pride spectator was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. police dweh attained the possible suspects. this weekend gay pride parades across the country are celebrating the supreme court decision that struck down allstate bans on same-sex marriage. in cincinnati ohio, the plaintiff in the supreme court case was featured in the gay pride parade. thousands came out to celebrate the high court ruling. many held signs that said love
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win also. happening today, new york city holds it's gay pride march. 2 million spectators are expected to line the streets of the bigle. chicago -- big apple. chicago and from an will hold gay pride events. govern beer tom wolf is threatening to veto any budget that looks like the one that came out of the state house. house republicans passed their version of the budget calls for scaling back public pension benefits and private sizing the state liquor and wine stores. wolf wants more aid for public schools and attacks on the natural gas industry. inside story will dig deeper into the budget debate and the supreme court always ruling legalizing gay marriage.
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that follows at 11:30. the grateful dead launches a final tour and the setting is a fitting one. welcome wawa america offers up some freebies. >> reporter: the drenching downpours are gone, but for how long, we'll have more in the seven-day forecast, i'll show you when when we come right back.
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welcome back on this sunday morning, 6:00 is 1 65 -- 6:11, 65 degrees, live look at cape may, new jersey, a woman so enjoying the walk on the beach right there. it's not been beach weather this weekend, the sun is coming back, and better today. >> reporter: it's got to get better, it was just miserable. let's go back outside and show you what's going on. this time we're in atlantic city. we're holding on to a few showers, it won't be the perfect beach day, but better than yesterday. here's double scan live, we see our sweep go round and round. we have a few showers passing through, sussex county in delaware, also one right over the city of philadelphia.
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crossing over into camden, i-95, route 130, drenching downpours right now from frankford to palmyra to riverside really that's about it. for the most part the heaviest moisture is well up here in upstate new york and new england. temperature-wise it's extremely comfortable. 57 degrees in allentown. there's humidity in the lehigh valley. look at the poconos 53, philadelphia 67, wilmington, 66 and then we have sticky stuff across south jersey and delaware, 73 in millville. dover showing 73 and the dewpoints are in the low 70s. somewhat uncomfortable down here very pleasant numbers to the northwest. this is where the cold front sits and push southeast during the day. all the comfortable air slides into south jersey and delaware as the late morning hours wear on. here's the upper level low spinning into pittsburgh, here's the shield of moisture, yesterday's monsoon into new
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england. the cold front looks like, the drier air is working in from the northwest. today promises to be a much better day. future tracker 6 we'll set it in motion, this is what we're seeing right now. the skies are brightening up, midday, combination of sun and clouds, probably more clouds than sun but you'll see sunshine out there. 4:30, clouds and sun a stray shower, in the overnight showers, very comfortable lows in the 50s, north and west, low 60s in south jersey and delaware. and for monday we'll pretty much do it all over again. combination of sun and clouds, very low humidity levels an comfortable temperatures with highs barely cracking 80 degrees upper 70s rainfall totals. atlantic city, 3 1/2 from yesterday, wilmington, 2.2. look at this, this is since june 1. remember we're coming off a dry
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may where we were talking about drought conditions in parts of the area, we have not seen a full inch of rain, now all of a sudden we get into june and wilmington has seen 12 1/2 inches of rain. atlantic city, 8. allentown, nearly 7 inches and trenton more than 6 inches, a dramatic change in the pattern over the last 30 days. the poconos lots of clouds, cool, stray showers possible high of 67 degrees. and for the jersey shore much better still a lot of cloud cover, limited sun, but at least you'll walk around on the boards and layout on the beach. clouds and sun breezy, 80 degrees for atlantic city. philadelphia, 83 degrees partly cloudy 59 degrees, in places like bethlehem and allentown. 62 for center city. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast, sunny and pleasant monday, 80 degrees, a heavy thunderstorm is possible for tuesday late in the day 86, same thing wednesday 86. thursday and friday, comfortable, 83, 84. fourth of july, thunderstorms late, warm and humid. >> happening today wawa's welcome america celebration continues in philadelphia. there's music in port richmond at the samuel rec center on golf street. franklin square hosts a screening of disney's big hero 6 at 8:30. wawa offers free hoagies on independence mall. the highlight of the week is the concert on the benjamin franklin parkway, the fourth of the july parade the fireworks and concert can be seen live on 6abc. the we're the broadcast partner of wawa welcome america bash.
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>> here at the big board take a look at this video hundreds of people were hurt after a fire at a water park in taiwan. the flames spread into a crowd of about one thousand spectators, more than five hundred people were hurt be medics were rushing people from the scene, 8 people are in critical condition this morning. police are questioning several people including the two park
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workers who launched the powder. meanwhile, the premiere announced a ban on the parties that cruise the colorful powder. hundreds of tunisians are banning together against extremism. some held signs that said stopped terrorism while others lit candle for the victims of the friday attack. a gunman pulled an assault rifle out of his beach umbrella and killed 38 people before security forces shot and killed him. witnesses say he used grenades as he moved from the beach to the pool area in the hotel. 1,000 extra police are being deployed at tourist sites and beaches. we are learning grizzly new details about the friday attack in france. a suspect took a selfie with the head of victim and sent it to a
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canadian cell phone number. a truck driver with a history of radical islamic ties crashed the truck into a chemical warehouse and hung his employer's severed head on the factory gate. the warehouse is owned by lehigh valley based air products. >> well, there has been another shark attack off the coast of the north carolina's outer banks, the teenager was bitten in the calf, buttocks, and hand while swimming. it's the second shark attack in two days in the area. and the 6th in two weeks in north carolina. only friday, a 47-year-old man was bitten near hatteras island. crowds continue to show their support for the charleston dhurch -- church massacre. three more people were buried
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yesterday. mourners packed the church where a gunman killed 9 people. the community is sending a powerful message. >> you the family, and this community of prayer and love has sent a desperately needed message to the world and that is you respond to hate with love. >> activist jesse jackson was among the mourners.
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:23 sunday morning, you're looking a the double scan live. this is all that's leftover, a
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quick little downpour north of philadelphia into jenkintown, crossing over the delaware river from florence to riverside other than that things are starting to quiet down nicely. here's the area of low pressure still spinning around the pittsburgh area. we have a cold front moving in like this, so the air is real nice and dry on the other side of this front. very low dewpoints. it's breezy, winds are whipping around out of the west at 15 to 25 miles per hour. the she'd of moisture is up to the north. it's new england's turn this time around to see the drenching downpours, we'll quiet down and see the return of sunshine. a quick look at the day planner. we're up to 80 degrees, yesterday we topped out in the low 70s and most of the time we were stuck in in the 660s. we'll see an increase in sunshine. lunchtime, 77. 3:00 p.m., 79. same number for 6:00, we'll top
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out around 80. there's going to be a stray shower but most of us stay dry sun sets 8:34. >> phils and the nats play today, jeff skeverski has more on the interim manager not happy. >> reporter: when it rains it pours, the phillies can't do anything right. the interim manager and players were ticked off that the phils had to play because of the rain. the phils have to call up gone saps for the double -- gonzalez for the double header. don't expect big changes this season. >> we have a certain amount of talent, there's only to such we can do with them. it's easy to hang your head. you meant to make excuses and complain about the players or
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things like this, but you in the coaches room, when you talk to the players or the press you have to keep a positive frame of mind. he led duke to the championship and could be the most talented player in the draft. the new sixers big man is ready to get to work the first round pick will suit up for the nba summer league, he has big expect takes for the city and the team and by the way himself. >> i want to have the opportunity to make the layoffs get a feel for the guys, and see what goes on, as well. i want to be rookie of the year and work as hard as i can and make the city proud. >> hopefully he makes everyone
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proud. the sixers introducing a few second round picks green and jp soccers players will play just about anything, you can see the union taking on montreal. the goal and the back flip. 76th minute, union down 1 watch in front of the net how easy is that? the rebound union finish in a 2-2 draw in the rain. it's the last mls match for two weeks. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski, have a great day! >> grateful dead is celebrating it's 50th anniversary the mini tour has begun where it got its start.
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they entertained thousands in santa santa clara california. it took place at levi stadium not far from where the band played their first gig in 1965. the band will perform again in santa clara today and head to chicago soldier field for three shows. pretty cool. >> those shows will be legendary, just like the band. we have moore "action news" just ahead. we'll be right back.
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lending a hand while waiting for the power to come back, thousands of people are still in the dark this morning. and the heavy rain causes a boating accident in maryland, we've got new details and video from that scene. >> it is now 6:30, i feel so sorry for the folks especially in south jersey who are without power and more rain yesterday. >> reporter: and there's the possibility of more rain tuesday afternoon and strong thunderstorms, it's a repetitive pattern, and unfortunately south jersey and most of the viewing area for that matter, taking it on the chin over the last couple of weeks. there's the view on sky 6. it's gray an gloomy, leftover from yesterday's downpours it's you be pushing off to the east. these are doppler radar
6:31 am
estimates. take a look at the numbers millville, the radar is estimating over 4 inches of rain. same thing for mays landing. 3 to 4. hammonton, 3 inches. just to the west of surf city in atlantic, 5 inches you see that strip right there that dark shade of green that's a 5-inch band. brigantine 3 inches. glassboro, an inch and a half, wilmington, 2.5, middle town, 2 smyrna 1 1/2. the bulls eye was over south jersey and a lot of had to do with the drenching downpours that developed with the gusting thunderstorms. we had conditions that were ripe for thunderstorms from wilmington delaware, south and sure enough they fired up along a squall line here, they pushed east and the heaviest was felt across south jersey and dwyer. upper level low is up here, the
6:32 am
shield of moisture is passing by new england. maybe it triggers an isolated shower, but for the most part it's a drier day and quieter day and return of sunshine. quakertown, a comfortable 59, no humidity up there. south jersey, 60s and # -- 70s. still somewhat humid. the humidity levels will be dropping off as the cold front hits the coast. phillies 105 start time. sun and clouds, temperatures in the upper 70s. guys. >> last night's heavy rain caught three people by surprise along red clay creek in stanton delaware. the action cam was on the scene the victims were in the woods when a flash flood overwhelmed them. they climbed a tree and rescue workers reached two men and one woman, they are in stable condition at christiana hospital. steady rain is the last thing
6:33 am
people needed. ac electric said 27,000 customers are in the dark from the strong storms. >> reporter: red cross and other volunteers were out here all day at kingsly regional high school giving out water and ice to people who were without power since tuesday. bags of ice and cases of water were loaded into trunks. >> you go to wawa an different places and buying the essentials you need and everybody wants water. >> reporter: folks drove back to their homes settling in for another night without power. long and tiring. no electricity since tuesday. >> reporter: after tuesday's straight lined winds brought down trees and power lines thousands are without power and they are growing wary.
6:34 am
red cross and county agencies are giving out supplies until the lights come back on. >> they can come in and get something to drink and food we're offering. >> reporter: wewes kelly's power came on right as he was going out the door. he is stocking up for the next storm. while most people are desperate we found one person he is managing just fine. >> there's so much out there you have to be patient. you got to get everybody. >> reporter: that was trish hartman reporting. red cross will have volunteers back out at kingly regional high giving out ice and water they will continue to do that as long as needed. one person was killed in a crash in southwest philadelphia. the victim was in a car that took down a pole and wires on island avenue at 76th street. as you can see the car came to a rest on train tracks at
6:35 am
3:15 a.m. police are sorting out what caused the driver to lose control. a massive manhunt for david sweat is entering into its third week. police are hoping he will give up because of little sleep and stress and lack of food and biting bugs. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: an all-out manhunt for david sweat with helicopters in the air and army of officers on the ground. >> terrifying i've never been so scared in my life. >> reporter: law enforcement finding sweat is personal. the convicted cop can i remember has been serving a life sentence after shooting a sheriff's deputy 22 times. it is believed he is hiding in the woods somewhere near where border agents shot richard matt 20 miles from the canadian border and 45 miles from the
6:36 am
prison where the two disappeared from 3 weeks ago. bob called 911 after finding his cabin burglarized. according to police matt had a 20 gauge shotgun with him. >> abc news learned when matt was killed. he appeared to be intoxicated. his autopsy results are pending him as for sweat one official said he is prone to make a mistake now that's alone and desperate. elizabeth hur new york. >> "good morning america" is following the prison escape search. "g.m.a." starts at 8:00. there's a new store in south philadelphia where you can find all kinds of stuff at your house at a deep discounts. as you buy you'll be helping families in need. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: habitat for humanity knows about fixing up
6:37 am
homes, they have bargains for do it yourselfers and help complete a mission. >> this year we'll build 15 homes and repair 100. >> reporter: joyce. but the back a door. >> somebody can use this. >> the gross family frommal knee is in the middle of a home renovation. >> we're getting and giving the re-store and habitat for humanity does fantastic work. >> reporter: inside the re-store is the real deal. a wide variety of furniture and doors and everything you kneed kneed -- need to do your home. >> the prices are if a none of
6:38 am
themmal. they are reasonable, up get good quality things sphi you want to a major chain or store. >> the new location along busy washington avenue will boost traffic for the store significantly. more than 30,000 can pass by in a single day that means more business and more funds for the organization to help families in the philadelphia area. >> it is tremendous how much more visibility we have and how much more access customers have to buy all this great inside. they have been to successful they are looking to replenish the showroom, they are looking for new and gently used donations and all the doe -- donations are tax deductible. >> it's a great location and great store. 40 million-dollar school makeover in our area took some convincing. that story is next. karen rogers tells you
6:39 am
about a buyer and admission. the kitchen disaster paying off, a freezer on the fritz turned a woman's desert into a multimillion dollar hit. we have a look at the tall ships, and chris chris sowerses has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast fireworks for the tall ships tonight.
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>> heavy rain high winds and lightning caused flash flooding and power outages in the washington, d.c. area. almost 3 inches of rain fell in
6:42 am
the area. 12 imples has fallen -- inches has fallen on the nation's capitol this month the second largest accumulation in june. >> reporter: wilmington is closing in on their record and philadelphia too. it's been a crazy month. may we didn't have much rain at all. this month we had too much. as you look at the temperature university camera. you can see the low-lying clouds, you can hardly make out the skyscrapers. there's double scan live, for the most part we're clearing out, there's only a couple of downpours left over, the first one is over the delaware river places like langhorne bristol florence, slow it down if you're traveling this morning. but, again, this is the last of it.
6:43 am
we have a batch that is pushing close to cape may and wildwood. we'll zoom into there, looks like my clicker is not going to allow me to do that. we'll skip over that. we'll show you the live shot. showers are off to the west right now. quick hitting downpours over the mouth of the delaware bay. cross over wildwood and cape may. 72 degrees dewpoint, 71. winds are calm, it will pick up, it will be a breezy day with winds up to 25 miles per hour especially down the the shore. lots of clouds, 67 degrees, 50s and 60s up to the north. cooler conditions, more comfortable conditions for the lehigh valley with dewpoints in the 50s there's the cold front. you can see the counter clockwise swirl you can seem it again, that's the front arcing over the mid atlantic states. it's the air mass that will be
6:44 am
pushing through during the day and drying everything out and returning sunshine to the area. future tracker 6 leftover showers pulling away. later this afternoon, clouds and sun, breezy, winds out of the west generally 15 to 20 miles per hour. there could be a spotty shower in some locations. for the most part, i think we'll stay dry. monday, combination of sun and clouds temperatures very comfortable highs in the upper # 0s low -- 70s low 80s monday is a nice day. tuesday we increase the humidity as the cold front punches through and a trailing cold front moves in behind that the air mass becomes unstability the possibility for drenching downpours an thunderstorms. the poconos today, cool be stray shower, 67 degrees is the forecasted high. much better day especially compared to yesterday. the jersey shore seeing clouds,
6:45 am
also shades of blue, clouds and sun, 80 degrees, it will be breezy. if you're doing fishing or boating, here's the forecast, winds out of the south/southwest at 15 to 20 miles per hour. higher gusts with seas 4 to 6 feet. high craft advisory in effect. reading, 77. allentown, 77. clouds and sun breezy, isolated shower. dover, millville philadelphia checking in at 80 degrees this afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, monday is a good day tuesday for the most part is a nice day, it will be uncomfortable, the humidity starts to spike again. late in the day, however, a couple of thunderstorms barrel through, 86 degrees, one or two could be strong to severe. wednesday sunshine to start maybe a pop-up shower or thunderstorm by afternoon 86. wednesday is not a wash, but keep the umbrella handy if you have outdoor plans. thursday and friday looks good, right now the fourth, warm and
6:46 am
humid, clouds and sun yesterday we were watching a system that sat over top of us for the fourth that will bring us wet weather. we'll see if this is a trend or the model will flop around we'll see. >> it's the sign of a new era at plymouth high school but it's going to take time to finish the 40 million-dollar makeover. >> i feel some parts need to be updated. >> you see the same locker and same classroom we had over 20 years ago. it's great to have a facility that matches the quality of education we provide our students. >> reporter: the 40 million-dollar renovation will modernize the high school, but create problems for learning. >> i think we hit all the communication vehicles to be pro active to let them know ahead of
6:47 am
time. make sure the instruction is not impacted, we're doing the best we can with that. the first project turning this courtyard into a large cafeteria which was a stop priority for the students. >> we've taken polls of the student body and held meetings and all the major topics and interests of what the students need is being represented. there will be a mall-style fooled court and outdoor area for eating. >> we wanted to corporate power stations so kids with power their equipment during down time. the cafeteria should be finished by march of next year. the remaining projects will take longer dealing with the intern bones of the school. >> the school is not air conditioned, but it will be when it's completed. >> reporter: the entire project is expected to be completed for students 2017/2018 school year.
6:48 am
that cafeteria looked real cool. >> she summed it up pretty well, it will be worth it. we'll be right back. and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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>> investigators say heavy rains caused a deadly boat accident in new market, maryland. a boat carrying nine people went over a dam. a 62-year-old man drown. a helicopter pulled others out of the water. people along the banks helped rescue the victims. the 8 survivors are being treated at a hospital. no word on their conditions. it's been more than three years since a mother of three have been heard from and her parents are desperate for your help. here's rick williams with crime fighter's report. >> susan primavera has not heard from her daughter jill in over three years. >> i put feelers out for her and nobody heard from her.
6:51 am
>> reporter: the 30-year-old was seen talking to a friend at the intersection of a and allegheny. she has a history of being bipolar and being involved in drugs. she said none of that matters. >> i want her to come home. our family wants her to come home. >> reporter: she has three daughters and her family says she they miss her. >> reporter: she is described as 5'5" 140 pounds. she has blonde hair and red highlights. she has tattoos one on the right arm the picture of jesus and on the back of of her neck is a police power that says gina,
6:52 am
grandmom. the crime commission is administering a five thousand dollar reward on the whereabouts of jill. call 215-546-tips all calls remain anonymous for crime fighters i'm rick williams. channel 6 "action news." >> 6:52, a college party near the lehigh valley university campus got wilder when an unexpected guest showed up. take a look at the black bear. the bethlehem police department took the photos after the bear was tranquilized. it was seen near lehigh athletic facilities, the bear was tranquilized and moved from the area.
6:53 am
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if you can't afford to buy a house try essay contest. the couple is offering 6200 square foot house on the five acres of handle to the best essayist. write essay about a life well lived. the deadline is november 16. if they get right number of entries they will give the house away. the four bedroom log cabin has an indoor pool. a woman's desert disaster paid off earning millions of dollars speaking of brilliant. abc's david muir got a taste of her mistake. nearly 4,000 grocery stores sell them the mistake cooked up in a california kitchen. >> reporter: i love things that start out as accidents. we opened the freezer door and
6:56 am
there was the proof. it started when jennifer was making desert custard. >> my refrirnlg -- refrigerator disagreed. solid as a rock she was about to throw it out. your house walks in and takes a bite and says, oh, my god you need to do something with this. >> that's why you married him. >> reporter: he's got goodied. >> smart guy. >> reporter: the desert mistake coming down the line, 48,000 a day. >> i seen it in the grocery store it makes me smile. >> reporter: arthur on the job two months, there's a company out here to give a chance to produce. >> reporter: she is up to 34
6:57 am
employees hired by 22. you're hiring people laid off by nestle. >> reporter: i do. we got to do what we wanted to as kids open the ice cream right there in the aisle. >> i want some ice cream. there's another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead. >> video from overnight flawshing leads to a rescue in delaware gunshots sending people for running near san francisco's gay pride event. >> chris sowers says we're in for a drier day and the sun will make an appearance once again. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on on this sunday, june 28. here's what's happening on "action news," holding on after a soaking, a lot of rain and the wind gusts are moving out. new overnight a hit-and-run driver damages a handful of vehicles in manayunk. an army of police officers continue to search for an escaped killer on the run for three weeks. first outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast, it would be nice to see some sun today, chris. >> reporter: that would be nice, we'll get a little bit of sunshine this afternoon it
7:00 am
continues to be damp and dreary out here this morning. temperature-wise not feeling like june. yesterday reminded me after fall nor'easter as opposed to a summer drenching. double scan live all that is leftover is a couple of downpours across burlington county. there's one running parallel to the delaware river moving through trenton. we have showers in cape may county. we'll zoom into burlington county first, around the medford lakes area close to route 70. and downpours there west of browns mills and close to foarns and i-95 -- florence and i-95 and the new jersey turnpike. rainfall totals impressive, millville led the pact. 4.3 pinches. trenton, 1.7. philadelphia under an inc


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