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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  June 28, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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sunshine this afternoon it continues to be damp and dreary out here this morning. temperature-wise not feeling like june. yesterday reminded me after fall nor'easter as opposed to a summer drenching. double scan live all that is leftover is a couple of downpours across burlington county. there's one running parallel to the delaware river moving through trenton. we have showers in cape may county. we'll zoom into burlington county first, around the medford lakes area close to route 70. and downpours there west of browns mills and close to foarns and i-95 -- florence and i-95 and the new jersey turnpike. rainfall totals impressive, millville led the pact. 4.3 pinches. trenton, 1.7. philadelphia under an inch and a half and allentown shy of an
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inch. may was dry since june, wilmington that's a new record, 12.4. atlantic city, 8.04. philadelphia, 7.16. allentown, 6.9 and trenton 6.7. the soil was so wet you get any kind of wind gusts the trees start falling over because the root system can't support them. we have to watch tuesday closely there's another system that could come in and bring in gusty winds. clouds and sun stray showers possible, 80 degrees is the forecasted high. this is a look at how the day plays out. lunchtime, 77 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 79. and 6:00 p.m. 79, again, forecasting a high of 80. lowering humidity levels it will be breezy, but much, much better than what we saw yesterday. what's ahead the sunshine returns comfortable temperatures
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tomorrow, the drenching downpours are in the seven-day forecast again for tuesday we'll talk about that when i see you in ten minutes. guys. >> this new video coming in overnight from our delaware newsroom. three people had to be rescued from trees during last night's deluge. >> they were trapped by the red clay creek in stanton. all three people were taken to christiana hospital for treatment. they are going to be okay. red clay creek one of the waterways that hit flawj because -- flood stage because of yesterday's soaking. the good people of south jersey got drenched again shore road in pleasantville, atlantic county was almost completed flooded out. drivers caught in the torrential rain took it slowly through the water. thousand are without power because of the storm, so the new round of rain was a slap in the
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face. slarp story in -- similar story in cumberland county drivers making it through heavy rain in vineland. saturday's soaking was too much too fast for drains to handle him remember, turn around, don't drown. if you were out about the wind as fierce the battle was on, the wind win going turning umbrellas inside out. but some people including niece people outside the art museum didn't want a case of cabin fever. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: none stopped rain doused center city. people were out and about along penns landing it was time to trade summer shorts and flip flops for rain gear. >> i wish it was summer out. >> reporter: this doesn't feel like summer? >> windy wet not much more i could say about it. >> we were bored it was
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raining, i drove my mother home and i said let's go see the tall ships. >> reporter: they settled for a tour of tall ships without the fanfare. >> we came down here and got soaked. >> reporter: they found a perk no lines to see the ships docked on the delaware. who would come down here in this weather, but us. across the river the susquehanna center in camden, dave matthews are playing we talked to a couple of people who were shouldering on through said they were -- soldiering on threw said they were not going to let rain keep them away. at ppl park, this family stuck it out. >> if my family was the here, i wouldn't be here today.
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>> reporter: the fireworks will be tomorrow, hopefully the weather holdsous. and anne channel 6 "action news." >> check outm/weather for all the latest information on weather. police are looking for a driver and vehicle that damaged five other vehicles in the manayunk. several. front bumpers were partially sheered off on the 4500 block of richie street. residents heard the crash around 11:00. investigators are looking for surveillance video that could provide clues. all night police are scouring the woods in northern new york, looking for the remaining escaped killer. they think david sweat is not far from where they found richard matt who was shot to death on friday. the two men broke out from a
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maximum security prison three weeks ago that's about 40 miles from where matt was found. dramatic new video the sound of gunshots sending people running for cover near the annual pride celebration authorities thing several groups of men who had nothing to do with the event got into an argument near the united nations plaza when someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. a pride spectator was shot in the arm and taken to the hospital. police detained possible suspects. this weekend gay pride parades across the country are celebrating the supreme court decision that struck down allstate bans on same-sex marriage. in cincinnati, ohio, the plaintiff in the supreme court case was featured in the gay pride parade in that city. thousands came out to celebrate many holding signs that said love wins. happening today, new york
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city holds its annual gay pride march. 2 million spectators are expected to line the streets. chicago, san francisco and seattle are among the other major cities holding gay pride events. >> the pennsylvania state senate meets today in a last ditch effort to pass a budget. governor tom wolf is threatening to veto any budget that came out of the state house. the budget calls for scaling back pension benefits and privateizing state lick liquor stores. wolf wants and i would for public schools and -- wolf wants aid for public schools and tax on the gas industry. inside story will follow up on the budget ahead after "action
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news." >> we take you to a new store in south philadelphia. find out how it could save you money. >> the grateful dead launches its final tour and the setting is a fitting one. wawa welcome america offers up some awesome freebies. >> nydia it's feeling like falls, with temperatures in time 50s and 60s we'll warm up into the 80s this afternoon feeling like summer tomorrow. we'll have the summer like downpours again i'll have that for you right after this. >>
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of america. >> welcome back it is 7:10, 64 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look right now at the delaware river. you tired of the rain yet? we'll get a reprieve today but we could get more rain on tuesday, right chris? >> reporter: great for the
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garden, we'll have big tomatoes and cucumbers. i can't wait to see the stalks of corn how high they will be this year they will be ten feet tall. my crops never work out too well the bugs eat them up. there's the view in cape may if you're down the shore it looks gray and gloomy, but things will clear out as the day wears on. this is the last of the showers working their way through cape may county now, we have a little batch toward trenton, we'll zoom into the cape may area, wildwood picking up a quick-hitting downpour, stone harbor, avalon to route 9, cape may to ocean city. heavy downpours all this continues to pull away at a good clip. within the next half-hour or so, we should see drier conditions. i want to show you something real quick. some of the rainfall totals yesterday were impressive, especially across south jersey and delaware, where some areas picked up more than five inches of rain. we had a bus eye area right
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here, you can see this strip this darker shade west of surf city. this is atlantic county right here, this would be southeastern burlington county. five inches there. north of mays landing five inches. millville picked up four. hammonton, picked up 3. traveling along route 40 it was closed, as you made your way into boon -- buena the road was flooded. wilmington, 2.5. of philadelphia, 1.5. you get into malvern two inches of rain. so portions of the viewing area got hit and hit hard. others didn't see all that much. everybody picked up at least an inch out of this. now with the cold front sliding through, temperatures are dropping off on the northern side. allentown down to a fall-like 59 degrees with no humidity whatsoever, feels fantastic in
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the lehigh valley. we have comfortable dew points in the north and west. this will change and slide to the southeast this will slide over the delaware valley and everybody feels fantastic. this is a canadian low this storm system is something you would see during the fall months october november, almost like a mini nor'easter, it didn't ride the coast it went along the spine of the appalachians and wrecked your saturday. you can seem the drying across the western portions of the keystone state. future tracker 6 showing that. clouds and sun, that will quickly pull away. this afternoon, clouds and sun high temperatures around 80 degrees breezy from time to time. we'll take that. the monday, clouds and sun very comfortable humidity levels, monday is a fantastic day.
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tuesday starts out already the humidity starts to increase, we have chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day. a couple of those could produce denching downpours -- drenching downpours and good gusts of wind. poconos limited sun stray shower it's going to be cool. 67 degrees is the forecasted high in the mountains. the jersey shore 70 degrees is the ocean temperature. seas four to six feet. it might be a good day for the surfers, if you're going into the water we have a moderate risk for rip currents. 80 degrees on the sand, clouds and sun, breezy. of delaware bay if you're going to do fishing high tide 7:20, winds out of the west at 7 miles per hour. the water temperature up to a very inviting 75. philadelphia 80 degrees, clouds and sun stray shower, winds out of west 15 to 20 miles per hour. most of us stay dry. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast shows comfortable conditions returning for monday, 8 old degrees heavy thunderstorm -- 80 degrees, heavy thunderstorm possible tuesday, 86. wednesday, sun, stray shower, 86. thursday and friday, 83 and 84. the saturday maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. >> happening today wawa welcome america celebration continues there's music and other fun on tap in port richmond. tomorrow enjoy free admission to the franklin institute for a free scening of disney's big hero 6. wawa offers free hoagies on independence mall and free admission to the national constitution center. highlight of the of the could not certificate on the benjamin franklin parkway -- highlight is the concert on the benjamin
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>> this fiery crash in spartanburg, south carolina killed three people. a tanker truck and two other people collided. all lanes were closed for hours. the firefighters battled the flames, there's no word on what caused the crash. hundreds of people are hurt in taiwan at a water park. a powder was thrown from the stage and it exploded. medics rushed victims from the scene, 8 people are in critical condition. police are questioning several people including the two park workers who launched the powder.
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meanwhile, there's a ban on the bands that cruise the colorful powder. in tunisia hundreds gathered to ban terrorism. some held signs saying stop terrorism we love tunisia. authorities say a gunman pulled an assault rifle out of his beach umbrella and killed 38 people before security forces shot and killed him. witnesses say the gunman used grenades as he moved from the beach to the pool area inside a hotel. 1,000 extra police are being deployed at tourist sites and beaches in the north africa nation. we're learning new grizzly details about the terror attack in france. the suspect took a selfie with the beheaded victim and sent it to a canadian cell phone number. investigators say the truck driver with a history of radical
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islamic ties crashed a truck into a chemical warehouse and hung his employer's severed head on the factory gate. he and his wife and sister remain in custody. that company was owned by lehigh valley based air products. there's another shark attack off the coast of north carolina. a the teenager was bitten in the but thetics calf and hand. it was the second shark attack in two days and the 6th in two weeks in north carolina. on friday a man was bitten near hatteras island. crowds continue to show their support to the families. charlie ton church massacre. three more people were laid to rest yesterday. mourners packed the ame emanuel church. mayor joe riley said the
7:21 am
community is sending a powerful message. >> this that is, you the family, and this community of prayer and love have sent a desperately needed message to the world and that is, you respond to hate with love. >> activist jesse jackson was among the mourners.
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body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. >> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:23, sunday morning temperatures around the region are quite cool and comfortable almost fall like. martins creek 58.
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coatsville, 60. warrington, 61. leave he let town, 63. -- levittown 63. buena where we had flooding problems, 69. woodbine 72. avalon, 71 on the boards in atlantic city, 71 degrees, here's what's left, double scan live, a couple of showers from atlantic city to wildwood and cape may, most of the heaviest is working out to sea. sea isle city, avalon reporting a spritz and sprinkle. big day in avalon, the charity golf classic is today. eva and i will be golfing this afternoon, breezy conditions, the greens will be soaked. clouds and sun winds out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. the temperatures nice and comfortable. 10:00 a.m., 73. 2:00 p.m., 78. high temperatures in avalon top out around 80. >> i can't believe you guys are leaving me. >> sports now the phillies and the nats play two today. jeff skeverski has more on the
7:25 am
interim manager not happy. >> reporter: when it rains it pours, the phillies can't do anything right these days, interim manager and players are ticked off the team enstarted yesterday's game -- even started yesterday's game when the forecast called for heavy rain. both teams burned their starting pitchers. game one. coria will go for the phils. >> we have a certain amount of talent there's only so much we can do with them. it's easy to hang your head, you want to make excuses and complain about the players or things like that. you vent in the coaches room, but at the same time when you take the field you talk to the players or the press or anything, you have to keep a positive frame of mind.
7:26 am
>> reporter: it's tough to be positive. okafore led duke to a championship, what does he have to work on? he said all sperveghts of his -- aspects of his game. he'll suit up for the nba summer league. he has big expectations for city and this team and oh, by the way, himself. >> i want to have the opportunity to make the playoff i want to meet me teammates and get a feel for those guys but individually i want to be rookie of the year and work as hard as i can ene and make the city proud. >> hopefully he makes everyone proud. >> reporter: the sixers introducing their second round picks, sean homes. soccer players they will play in
7:27 am
just about anything in shorts, you can barely see the union taking on montreal on channel 6. 8th minute, the goal and the back flip. 76th minute, union down one watch in front of the net. how easy is that. the rebound union finish in a 2-2 draw in the rain. it's their last mls match for two weeks. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. >> it was a hiking trip a woman in arkansas will never forget. she found 8.5 carat white diamond that's actually pretty. she was searching in the crater of diamond state park for 20 minutes, she said she plans on keeping the gem. >> finders keepers right? >> 7:27 we have newer "action
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it's what you do. put the fish in the cooler! >> lending a hand while waiting for the power to come back, thousands of people are still in the dark this morning. >> and the heavy rain causing a boating accident in maryland. we've got new details and video from the scene. 67:29 outside to meteorologist chris sowers and the accuweather forecast. the sun making an appearance
7:30 am
today. >> reporter: it's actually starting to make an appearance now, over my shoulder it's completely blue, the cloud line is right there five minutes later i would be standing in sunshine. we'll see sun mixed with clouds, it will be a much better day than what we experienced yesterday. double scan live if you're new south jersey and delaware, stay patient, give it another hour, hour and a half your skies will brighten up as well. we have showers from atlantic city to cape may, they are racing out to sea. no lightning strikes these are just leftover showers. the upper level low is spinning its wheeled toward pittsburgh moving toward the northeast and cross over albany and boston this afternoon. today promises to be a much better day. phillies will get this in against the nationals. 1:05 start time. first pitch temperature
7:31 am
77 degrees, 9th inning, 79. there will not be much humidity auto here at all. the winds pick up out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour. if you're doing boating down the shore, we have a small craft at advisory in effect. be careful out there seas buildings 4 to 6 feet. could get rough, winds out of the southwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. with that said, maybe you're surfer, you want to hit the waves this afternoon, we have a moderate risk for rip currents. be careful down the shore you're cooped up yesterday, you want to get out, you want to be on the beach take it easier, mother nature not completely cooperating, but doing a better job than yesterday. when i come back in a few minutes, we'll talk about drenching downpours in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. heavy rain caught three people by surprise along red clay creek in stanton delaware. the victims were in the woods along the creek when a flash
7:32 am
flood overwhelmed them. they had to cling to trees as raging water raced by, rescue workers managed to reach the two men and one woman in stable condition at christiana hospital. saturday's rain was the last thing people without electricity needed. 27,000 customers are in the dark from the strong storms. trish hartman takes us to one community where people are getting help. >> reporter: red cross was here all day at kingsly regional high school giving out water to people who have been without power since tuesday. bags of ice and cases of water are loaded into trunks. >> you're going to wawa and different places buying the essentials you need and everybody wants water. >> reporter: folks drove back to their homes settling in for another night without power. >> long and tiring. no electricity since tuesday. >> you don't know how much you
7:33 am
need electricity until you don't have it. >> reporter: after the straight line winds brought down trees and power lines throughout south jersey showers are without electricity in gloucester county and growing wary. the red cross and county agencies are giving out supplies and trying to help people get by until the lights get back on. >> we have the power for mobile phones and food we're offering. >> reporter: this man's power came back on as he was heading out the door, so he is stocking up for the next storm. >> it was great. >> reporter: while some people are desperate we found one person who said he is managing just fine. >> you have to be patient because they have to get everybody. >> pack your patients that's right. that was trish hartman reporting. red cross will be back out atkinsly regional high giving
7:34 am
out ice and water and will continue to do that as long as needed. >> one person was killed in a crash in southwest philadelphia. the victim was in a car that took down a pole and wires on island avenue at 76 street. the car came to a rest on train tracks at 3:15. police are trying to sort out what caused the driver to lose control. a massive manhunt for david sweat is entering the third week. police hope he will give up because of the stress of little sleep and food and biting bugs. the killer he made his run with is dead. the final moments becoming more clear. elizabeth hur has more. an all out manhunt for david sweat with helicopters in the air and officers on the grounds. >> i had my husband look up to make sure his gun was handy. >> reporter: for law enforcement finding sweat is personal, the
7:35 am
convicted cop killer has been serving a life sentence after shooting a sheriff's deputy 22 times. it is believed he is hiding in the dense wood where on friday the border patrol agents shot and killed richard matt 20 miles from canadian border and 45 miles from the prison where the two disappeared from three weeks ago. >> bob called 911. >> they took two pairs of boots. >> reporter: matt had a 20 gauge shotgun with him refused verbal commands to surrender and shot dead. abc news learned when matt was killed he appeared to be intoxicated. as for sweat one official said he is prone to make a mistake now that's alone and desperate. elizabeth hur abc news new york. >> "good morning america" is following the search, "g.m.a."
7:36 am
against at 8:00. there's a new store in philadelphia where you can find all kinds of stuff for your house and while you're buying you are helping those in need. annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: habitat for humidity knows how to fix up homes, the new restore helps the organization fulfill their original mission. >> all the profits go to help us us build and repair homes. we built 184 homes this year we built 15 homes and we'll repair 100. >> i know that people need supplies like i do at times. i'm sure somebody can use the doors that i am bringing back, instead of throwing it in the trash, somebody can use it at their house. >> reporter: the gross family is in the middle of a major renovation. >> it's a give, give situation. >> reporter: we're getting and giving.
7:37 am
the restore and habitat for humanity does fantastic work. >> reporter: it's the real door with a wide variety of furniture and doors. organizers described the 17,000 square store. >> the prices are if a signal nominal. -- phenomenal. >> reporter: the new location will boost traffic for the store significantly. more than 30,000 vehicles can pass by here in a single day. that means more business and more funds for the organization to help families in the philadelphia area. >> it is tremendous how much more visibility we have and how much more access customers will have to buy all this great merchandise. >> reporter: they've so successful this weekend they are looking to replenish their showroom they are looking for new and gently used donations
7:38 am
all of them are tax deductible. in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the grateful dead is celebrating it's 350th anniversary with the mini tour that has begun. the four survivorring members of the legendary band entertained thousand in california. it took place blocks from where they played their first gig in 1965. they will perform in an santa clara again today and head to chicago soldier field. >> i've never seen the dead, i would like to do that. i like sugar magnolia. >> sky6 live hd taking a live look at one of the tall ships.
7:39 am
today is the last day to see the tall ships. fireworks are tonight. meteorologist chris sowers is back next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. pain from your day can haunt you at night, don't let it. advil pm gives you the healing sleep you need helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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>> investigators say heavy rains caused a deadly boat accident in new market, maryland. a boat carrying nine people went over a dam yesterday. a 62-year-old man drown a helicopter pulled others out of the water. people along the bank helped
7:42 am
rescue the victims. the 8 survivors are being treated at the hospital. there's no word on their exact conditions. heavy rain, high winds and lightning caused flash flooding and power outages in the washington, d.c. area. almost 3 inches of rain fell in the area. almost 12 inches have fallen on the nation's capitol this month the second highest total for june. >> reporter: i was going to say wilmington's got that beat, they have almost 12 1/2 this month. let's go to double scan, i don't know if we should celebrate or rye cry. double scan live as we scan the area the heavy weather closer to the shore is racing out to sea and racing east ward, it will not be an issue for cape may county. live on sky 6. philadelphia international airport. 66 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 62. winds are shifting out of the north at 7 miles per hour.
7:43 am
pressure reading starting to rise. cape may looks better, starting to see the sun shining down on the waves. it's going to be a choppy go of it waves 4 to 6 feet. wind out of the west at 15 to 25 miles per hour. cape may clearing skies ocean temperature, 69. 61 in allentown trenton 63. poconos, fall-like 55. millville, close to 70. dover, 73. a pair of 6s for wilmington. you look at the temperatures across the entire mid atlantic. you can see where the front is it's knocking on the door in philadelphia, 66. ten cooler in buffalo. 59 in pittsburgh, binghamton, 53. dewpoints, 50s no humidity out to the west, we're showing 60s from richmond into new york. the dry air will work east, later this afternoon it will
7:44 am
feel fantastic a nice breeze, combination ever sun and clouds, easy going no humidity, fantastic finish to the weekend. satellite and radar heavy stuff across new england upper level low across pittsburgh, that will not be an issue for us later this afternoon. at least directly there could be a pop-up shower or instability shower for some of us like five percent of us this afternoon that pulls to the north. that's about it, combination of sun and clouds, as we get into tomorrow the systems pull away, tomorrow is another nice looking did day. sun and clouds the rest of the way, here's the model hinting toward the possibility of an isolated shower. if you pick one up this afternoon, it's not going to last long, maybe ten to 15 minutes. 6:00 p.m., sun and clouds, overnight tonight partly cloudy, tomorrow we do it all over again sun and clouds, a refreshing comfortable day. for the poconos speaking of
7:45 am
comfortable, 67 degrees, that's almost too chilly for the mountains, feeling like fall. a stray shower possible, combination of sun and clouds, the jersey shore looks better this afternoon. beach haven brigantine, sea isle, cape may sun and clouds, winds out of the west 15 to 25 miles per hour, with the land breeze just like inland locations you'll be close to 80 degrees on the sand. philadelphia, 80 right only the dot. trenton, 79. reading and allentown 77. dover and millville 80 degrees, clouds and sun breezy, slightest chance of a pop-up shower. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and pleasant monday, 8 old degrees lots of sunshine, limited clouds. tuesday, heavy thunderstorms are possible late in the day. it's going to be a day that features quite a bit of sun to start, as afternoon wears on the humidity starts to build and that's what leads to the thunderstorms, some of them could be strong with gusty winds
7:46 am
and drenching downpours wednesday more thunderstorms thursday and friday look good, the 4th of july there could thunderstorms. it's a very repetitive pattern. >> thanks, chris. samsung is trying to solve a common safety problem on the road. the company developed technology that allows drivers to see giant trucks. a wireless camera goes on the front of the truck and live streams the view. samsung said the technology is still in the early testing phases.
7:47 am
7:48 am
a college party near the lehigh valley university campus got a bit wilder when an unexpected guest showed up. take a look at the black bear that crashed the party early yesterday morning. the bethlehem police department took the photos after the bear was tranquilized. the 3 to 400-pounder was seen near the athletic facilities on
7:49 am
friday. nobody was hurt in the incident. the bear was tranquilized and moved from the area. >> a stunning art collection is on display at the philadelphia museum of art from a promoter of iconic impressionists. karen rogers has his story in 6abc loves the arts. popular french impressionists monet, and others may not have received the notariety if it not for murrell. >> he becomes this great supporter financially of the artist and offers them moral support he didn't hesitate to buy as many as 90 works from an artist in a single day. >> reporter: nearly 100 works from his collection is on
7:50 am
display at the philadelphia museum of art. the combustion discovering the -- the exhibition called discovering the impressionists. >> he had an international outlook. he opened it to members of the public. you can visit one or two days a week, you can see the remarkable collection of works. >> reporter: philadelphia is the third and final stop for the exhibition which began in paris and london. >> from the early days in the 1870s up to the triumph and magnificent paintings of the 1890 and beyond, it's a visual treat. >> discovering the impressionist is on exhibition through september 13. get tickets at the arts in
7:51 am or loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> lady an -- ant bella and blake shelton performed last year. when you turn one one and your instrument is the banjo and the philadelphia native there's only one way to celebrate. the string band celebrated this afternoon, her children and grandchildren and friends were on hand. happy bird virginia. look at her go with the candles. she is very young for 100. >> she looks great. >> stay with us, we'll be right back!
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7:54 am
>> good saturday morning to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look for you over penns landing you can see the tall ships out there, yesterday was a little bit of a washout, if you wanted to go to the festival and check out all the tall ships. today looking to be a better day for that. >> reporter: i was going to say a little bit of a washout? >> i was trying to to be positive. >> reporter: you want to see something nice look at this live shot, down in cape may. look at this sunshine. we have folks strolling on the sand.
7:55 am
waves are choppy. seas four to 6 feet. be mindful of that if you're doing boating. otherwise sun and clouds down there, a lot better today than yesterday. this is the forecast for philadelphia, 80 degrees today and tomorrow, sun and breezy this afternoon no humidity at all, it will feel fantastic. same thing for monday, sunny and pleasant. no rain in the forecast for the next 48 hours, other than the stray shower possible this afternoon, maybe one or two of us see that that's about it. tuesday is the iffy day. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it will get humid tuesday afternoon there's a cold front sliding there -- sliding through, that triggers showers and thunderstorms. there's a chance of strong thunderstorms again. >> 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> hi nydia and eva. good morning philadelphia, coming up on sunday, the latest on the shark attack in north
7:56 am
carolina. yes, it happened again, this is the 6th attack in the past two weeks, many are wondering what's going on off the east coast. plus, storms rocking the east coast thousands without power, flash floods reported overnight. the weather out west, not much better, seeing the hottest days in years. rob marciano tracking it all. finally doo worn the ugliest dog conrest. >> no dog is ugly. >> it likes like a hyena.
7:57 am
"good morning america" is next. >> there's one day left to zee the largest fleet of tall ships in the country, we'll take you there live. >> plus, consumer reports put some of the top sun screens to the test, find out which brands are the best for your face. plus, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, for chris sowers, eva pilgrim, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you at 9 can am.
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good morning, america. happening right now -- deadly weather, a large and dangerous storm pounding the east, one man hit by lightning, trees no match for the winds. >> one, two, three -- >> and the reported tornadoes. rob marciano tracking the storms. summer of the shark, it has happened again, this time a 17-year-old boy bitten repeatedly. >> caller's saying someone's been bitten by a shark. >> this is the sixth time attack off the same stretch of beach. with the july 4th holiday coming up, is it safe to go in the water? caught on camera, take down, an activist's bold move, climbing the flagpole to remove the confederate flag.


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