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tv   Action News 11 PM  ABC  June 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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destructive storm and escaped killer david sweat is shot and captured the latest next on "action news."
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>> these were really, really dangerous men. >> nightmare is over those words from new york's governor tonight anouptioning capture of escaped prisoner and convicted killer on the run for weeks. sunday night aunt big story on "action news" is the capture of david sweat. just after 3:00 this afternoon a state trooper spotted sweat alone on a remote road just a few miles from the canadian border. he ordered him to stop and sweat ran and the trooper opened fire hitting sweat twice and so ends a massive manhunt that began more than three weeks ago with prison break that seemed like something out of a movie. and "action news" reporter jeff chirico. >> jeff. >> sweat is in critical condition after being shot twice as you said as he attempted to flee. this comes days after his partner was shot and killed by police. >> this is david sweat minutes after being captured this afternoon.
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shot and wounded in upstate new york and seen here being driven to the hospital. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> new york governor andrew cuomo announcing end to intense three week manhunt and 1300 law enforcement officers descended on upstate new york this weekend after sweat's accomplice richard matt was shot and killed by board border agent. cook spotted sweat in constable more than two miles from the canadian border and less than 16 miles where matt was gunned down. >> he realized sweat was going to make it to a tree line and possibly could have disappeared and he fired two shots from his service weapon. >> officials say stwaet and matt used a hack sal to bust through the wall and crowd through a sewer drain to freedom. meanwhile two prison workers were arrested for allegedlip helping the fair and cuomo says this was the prison aers first
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escape in 100 years and promise as i full investigation into how the two pulled it off. >> anyone who we find who was culpable and guilttive cooperating in this escape will be fully prosecuted. >> and officials believe the two may have eluded police for so long by using pep from a pepper shake to throw the tracking dogs off the trail. live in the satellite certainty jeff chirico "channel 6 action news". >> finding a car that crashed through his house on central avenue when he got home destroying his daughter's bedroom. lukely he was not home at the timech the wall is smashed in, books scattered. debris and drywall all over the bed. >> the damage to the house can be replaced. but if you heard someone in the house especially my daughter that is her room that with
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really have a lot of concern for myself and that person should come forward and notify the police of this incident. >> now witnesses told police the car was blue with damage to the rear side. and the driver was last seen fleeing towards alliance avenue. if you have any information call police. >> plea people including two children were injured in a fire this evening in north philadelphia. the blaze broke out shortly after 6:00 in apartment in the 2700 block of rhawn street. it took less than a half hour for fire fighters to get the blaze under ol. had control. as you can see the building sustained quite a bit of damage. a 2-year-old and 7-year-old and 36-year-old woman were all transported to aria torresdale hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. >> five full days after last week's destructive storms thousands of people in our area are still without power. frustration is growing and so are calls for the state to step in and provide more assistance.
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"action news" reporter wendy saltzman is live with more on the story tonight, wendy. >> we all know chris christie is expected to make the presidential bid in the next few days. residents in the storm ravaged community are saying not so fast this is the damage we are seeing across in fwlosster county downed trees and some power outages. they wonder if they're being iing ford since chris christie has sights on the whitehouse. >> governor chris christie with sandy was at the forefront declaring his home state stronger than the storm. leading federal daughter leading federal daughtererror funds. >> we have more outages xaishd to sandy. we got no response and got no communication from the governor's office.
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>> tornado strength winds toppled trees and power lines leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity. food spoiled and generators are being used at this elderly living facility where the power is still off you. >> should have paid more attention he was visible on sandy everywhere when sane hit and right now i think this was way worse for us at least. >> in today mayor of greenwich township help harsh words for the man he once supportd as a fellow republican i was good to him since day one as a community this township has been good to him the governor repaid under the circumstances by forgetting us in the time of need. >> he's calling on christie to issue emergency deck rarlation to bring immediate aid to the community and together on a press release said 99% of the pouter has been retoward r are stored and that is not good enough for the approximately 5,000 residence in greenwich still in the dark. >> it's just been extremely frustrating we cannot lost i can't tell you how many hundreds
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of dollars worth of food and we felt like be were foreten. >> area leaders estimate 7 plt 5 million of damage in the can't write and disaster deck rar ration could bring much needed business and municipalitys get back on the feet. >> to not hear from the gentleman supposedly running our state is frustrating. >> the last atlantic city customers out without power aexpected to have power tomorrow. the mayor says that while five years ago he would have been standing by christie's side when he made a presidential bid now he'll be standing right here in this community making sure he's helping his residents rebuild. live in greenwich township, i'm wendy saltzman, "channel 6 action news." >> wendy, thank you. there is good news to report late don't about some of those power out annuals. peco says it's now reconnected whovsh lost electricity from
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tuesday's storm. however, as we reported thousands of atlantic city electric customers remain in the dark. at last check 7800 remain without power half as many as we reported they had 6:00 tonight. so some improvement there. good news for people without power things drewed out and tomorrow is expected to be a nice one. meteorologist melissa magee is here now the with the first check on the forecast. sarah. >> today was a big improvement to the torrential rain around the region yesterday and temperatures reflecting the change with that west to southwesterly wind and 72 degrees currently in philadelphia. 66 reading and 59 of poconos along the coast in sea isle city coming in at 73. but you look the temperatures across the mid-atlantic reepingon 7 0s and upper 60s in rich mopped and you in the the pocket of cooler air north and west upper 50s binghamton and
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pittsburgh pennsylvania. >> we'll widen out the picture with satellite and action radar it's just to the east of the eastern great lakes and winds in this area of low pressure are clockwise. it's mostly cloudy across the region and some clouds sdrivrting southward across the mid-atlantic region. good news as we go through the rest of the over nights hours clear. back to work on monday. we're tracking showers and storms tuesday. plus the early call from accu weather for the 4tt of july. those details sarah coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> gearing up for that, thank you, melissa the "action news" team is tracking the forecast throughout the night tune into david, karen, matt, that starts 4:30 a.m. ♪god bless america . >> and it was a much better night tonight for fireworks over the delaware river and the
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display was postponed until tonight because of yesterday's rain. fireworks marked the end of this year's tall ship festival. >> that rain yesterday did keep the crowds away from the tall ships festival and they made up for it today and came out in big numbers to get a close-up look at historic vessels. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more along the delaware river. >> thousands of people showed up for final day of tall ship festival at penn's landing and after yesterday's rain they're ready to soak up the sun. >> fair weather say lorz that stayed home saturday were noult full force to check ut the ships before they set sale. >> we decided not because of the rain. it was terrible. >> nancy monday tear owe and 4-year-old son gabe waited patiently to make their trip across the delaware. >> we wanted to see the duck. >> mama duck had a rough couple days the mron toon ripped prompting mnl repair and on
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sunday even with the sunshine wind was too strong and 61 foot tall buck sat deflated. >> yesterday it was not inflated the duck was sleeping. >> the ship stood tall. thousands climbed aboard. crew members said in saturday withdrawan about3500 toured ship. >> we're proud of it. it's national symbol of portugal it's national symbol of portugal. and as port geedz military we're proud of her. >> the meier family came one cape may courthouse to sale on delaware as belated father's day sill operation. >> i love the ships and sales and history of them and this will be an opportunity my first time actually sailing on one later this afternoon. >> and at penn's landing trish hartman, "channel 6 action news." >> more to come tonight on "action news" people are lining up for blocks and greece trying
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to met money from the bank. while the country may be on the verge of financial chaos and day of self operation guy pride parades and the rule on same-sex marriage and phillies interim manager had critical comments about the players. yes yes has sports when "action news" comes right
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>> it looked like textbook launch but the space rocket exploded in the skies over cape an after ral florida. nobody was on board it was carrying supplies to the international misstation. this is third mishap in a year unrelated. q. it's important for all of us to realize through these failures and event we can learn more and get stronger and prepared to keep pushing envelope as we move into space. >> and nasa says not to worry. it has enough supplies only the face station to last until october. new fly is test to fly from rush quoo. they described a pressure overload in tank of liquid ovrm again sgle looming financial crisis turns atms one of the top tourist destinations in grease
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they around all week she comes homes for citizens when limited to 0 zero as someday. if you have millions of dollars of loans tuesday negotiations will have a bail out beautiful. >> this picture was posted on twitter account after he attended morning prayer serviced. nine people were shot to sdaeming at bible study at church last week. biden visits came hours before the church was set to hold funeral services for another of the victims. >> celebrations of gay pride took place in cities throughout the nation today
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>> all of this as some state and counties across the country are still refusing to issue licenses while awaiting further guidance. the issue is part of the campaign for the next president. >> i think they should be excused. system to come on "action news" a great night for a sweet treat and the price is right why kids in camden got a sfriingt mr. in camden got a sfriingt mr. softee for free. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when "action news" comes right
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>> the sound of ice cream truck always brings kids running. mr. softee was giving it out for free in camden thanks to the county police department. mr. softie broad a case of summer to neighbors. >> back to ice cream eating weather today. not so much yesterday but we're back in okay trenton.
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will follow us back to work on monday. we'll show what you is going on stormtracker 6 double scan radar you see that's dry. radar is taking a break today after hev ying rainfall aco the region, south jersey, delaware, anywhere from 3 to 4 from rain and philadelphia 1.56" in all of that it's moving on out. we'll show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd. folks are sal ofaging second half of the weekend. down the shore in atlantic city a lot of people enjoying the conditions out and about on boardwalk this sunday night. currently in philadelphia coming in at 7 for a high today of 79 still 7 owe degrees shy of average in comparison so chilly eye of 71. winds coming in out of the west southwest tonight it is a little better than yesterday 69 poconos and 72 along the coast inale aisle city. there's the moist tour we he are across the region last night.
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we have been there across northern sections of new england and through southern sections of canada and there's this upper level low currently sitting and spin ago cross upper new york and great lakes. the area will pressure counter clockwise. you have that cool pocket of air and cloudy conditions moving across the mid-atlantic range joan and direction north app east will become clear during the overnight hours and as you wake up tomorrow morning here's the setup tomorrow. it's a nice,er is day. sunshine and clouds. high pressure in control. it's moving just to the south. once again tomorrow we'll tap into south south wrlly wind temperature 5 below average. there's an area of low pressure across the future tracker 6 showing you 10:00 in the morning mostly cloudy. showers approaching from west to east direction by then and retire as we goat peak heating of daytime hours. showers and storms will be
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approaching later in the afternoon some could turn strong to severe tuesday afternoon. we'll keep you posted with that. ner term, morning rush showing you sunshine and clouds, comfortable, 6 a.m., 62 and 66 is the number at 8:00 tomorrow morning. and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. high to 81. tuesday the humidity comes back high of 87 with showers an storms and feel it wednesday high up to 87. popup thunderstorm likely. not was warm thursday 8. friday nice minimum of clouds and sun and 84. friday for start of holiday weekend we're tracking unsettled pattern not washout but humidity returns and any time that happens you have a threat of popup shower or thunderstormp we'll keep you posted 4th of july saturday and temperatures upper 80s sarah. >> thank you melissa. >> day cooped one yesterday today was a welcome event. big brothers big sisters hosted a picnic at franklin square.
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>> jeff is here now to talk about phillies. interim manager not mincing words. >> not at all straight shooter out of the gate few days on the job. it's been anything but subdued weekend for the phillies. ryne sandberg walks away and wipes hands and pete mccannon taking a shot at don brown saying his numbers don't justify him playing. he puts dom brown in the cleanup spot against nationals and perhaps it's a wake-up call. brown two hits today including this in second phils take 4-0 lead and gonzales hangs it down the middle. sarah bloom quiingt could hit this ian desmont crushes it. thats get within one and a fourth and another game by franco rookie two more hits drives in three more runs
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indkluling this bottom of fourth, franco has 14 rbis and phils win 8-5. mccannon picks up the first twm. here's the loan good news. second inning of game one jeff rancora and steven straussberger 1-0. in the fifth. girard stand kevin core a aand then some. watch this. it leads to run at the -- calling it mental mistakes in the field. unbelievable. mccannon taking a shot at jake deetman saying hose not comfortable with pitching. phils left down losing game three. >> i like hitting in second gaixt i didn't like the way we approached some of the defense. we were a little lack -- i won't
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say lax daysicle we should have made plays we said we would make. they're learning plays and this is tough level to learn out this is the only place to learn how do you play major league baseball. >> phils hanging heads and mets celebrating. mets starter steven match drives in four runs. he's first in history of baseball to do. it there's proud papa going nuts. mets beat the reads. who needs the next four days maybe in a battle between the wovt two taimz in baseball thanks to --
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