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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 30, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the prison crackdown. fallout over the escape of two convicted killers. the superintendent and 11 others suspended. the surviving fugitive revealing their escape. they ban began digging through cell walls six months ago. and the close call, hiding in a tree as police walked right by. the military jet crashing into a city overseas, smashing into a hotel just after take-off. more than 100 on board, rescuers searching through wreckage and debris for any survivors. up in flames. families return to their homes, dozens reduced to smoke and ash. our team inside the devastated community, the rubble still smoldering. >> world cup showdown. team usa takes on the best team in the world. for the american women, it's win or go home.
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and good evening. great to have you with us on this tuesday night. i'm amy robach in for david muir. we begin with stunning developments tonight about those escaped convicts. david sweat captured alive, talking to authorities. a hospital bed confession straight out of a hollywood movie, revealing staggering details from their days on the run, the close calls during that manhunt hiding in trees while police passed by and from inside that prison their months of preparation, the dry runs. tonight, 12 members of that prison staff now on leave. abc's linzie janis back on the story leading us off. >> reporter: tonight a major shakeup behind the walls of this prison. the superintendent security chief and ten guards and officials now on indefinite leave as investigators learn the two killers started digging through the walls of their cells way back in january. >> does this mean their cells weren't checked in six months? >> i think that's an issue.
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>> reporter: prosecutor andrew wiley telling me david sweat admits the two men broke out of their cells night after night to scout the inside of the prison walls. he and matt even doing a dry run before the big escape. and after they broke free they knew all too well they were among america's most wanted. >> they obtained an am/fm radio that they were able to listen to the news media. >> reporter: hiding out as more than 1,000 law enforcement officers scoured the forest with helicopters, atvs and dogs. sweat telling investigators that on at least one occasion the search teams just missed him. at one point, sweat says searchers were combing the dense forest and had no idea he was right above them hiding in a treestand like this one used by hunters. another time the killers were hiding out in a cabin when the police showed up. >> they could hear the
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conversation. >> whoever was outside left. another night of freedom for the two killers on the run. david sweat is in fair condition tonight, shot once in each shoulder. he'll soon be shipped off to another maximum security prison where he'll likely spend 23 hours a day in his cell. >> thank you. overseas to indonesia. major developments on that plane crash, a military plane slamming into a hotel minutes after takeoff, killing everyone on board, more than 100 people many of them families. a wheel recovered, the wresage still smoldering tonight. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us. >> reporter: the four engine cargo plane slammed into the suburbs just after noon hitting a hotel, houses tearing in two, body after body recovered as crowds gathered. then family members learning that none on board survived. why so many on board?
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the air force often transport members and their families to remote outposts. the plane takes off at 12:12 from the military base in north so you mat tra heading to the southwest but quickly develops engine trouble. the pilot turns right, saying he'll return to the airport. >> perhaps as he's turning back he gets distracted the airplane gets low. probably mechanical failure but the mishap likely caused by human error. >> reporter: at 12:14, two minutes later the plane goes down just three miles from the runway. the c-130 made by lockheed is a work horse. it can land on short dirt runways, be a gun ship carry cargo or troops. the plan that crashed was 50 years old. not a problem but indonesia's safety record isn't the best. >> they have almost the worst safety accident record in the world, whether it's military or civilian. >> reporter: some witnesses reported that at least one of the engines was on fire before
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the crash. the indonesiaens have are looking for additional victims. back here at home and to incredible images out of washington state, drone footage of that fast-moving wildfire entire sections of neighborhoods destroyed. more than four square miles of charred earth. what eye witnesses describe as a war zone. abc's neal karlinsky with the families returning home facing utter devastation. >> reporter: tonight, the homecoming no one here wanted. >> i love you, we're gonna be okay. it looks like a war zone, never seen anything like this. >> reporter: 24 homes leveled, mostly in this one, high end neighborhood. even though it's not smoldering anymore, it's so intensely hot out. we brought a heat gun. this brick is 151 degrees. photos of before and after the fire give a sense of what they left behind when
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people ran out with minutes to spare sunday night, flames blasting through the neighborhood. this was ira fagerland's four-bedroom house. >> we were not anticipating this, or ready for this. my wife and i came out and told the kids what to expect when we brought them. it's pretty surreal, pretty overwhelming. >> reporter: it's been a brutal fire season in parts of the west, where 45 large fires are being tracked, 25 of them just in alaska, where an astonishing 2,200 square miles are actively burning. in wenatchee, newly released drone footage shows the downtown fruit company being engulfed after burning embers landed on it from nearly a mile away. that fire continues to smolder, while the hillsides have calmed. this is one of the two dozen homes that burned. homes that was leveled by the wildfire. about the only thing you can make out is the barbeque over there. you can see a number of homes that look completely untouched. they'll be cleaning up here for
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some time and just feeling lucky that no one was hurt. amy? >> incredible pictures, thank you. from the wildfires in the west to the wild weather further east. take a look at this funnel cloud in westchester, pennsylvania. more severe weather on the way, 80 million in the storm zone from phoenix to philadelphia. meteorologist ginger zee with that storm track. >> tallahassee to philadelphia all under severe thunderstorm watch. when you're in that pink color, you got to watch out tonight. most of those expire between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. then we'll look at a flash flood threat that comes the next three days. this takes you through friday. take st. louis for example. they've had their wettest june on record and it doesn't look like july is going to treat them much better. out west the heat is on and rising. tomorrow 101 for boise. the southwest, the monsoon flow adds to that heat and thunderstorms could produce damaging winds near phoenix. >> everyone has something. thanks so much.
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to california now and a firestorm tonight over that controversial vaccination bill now signed into law by governor jerry brown requiring vaccines for virtually every child regardless of religion or what parents think is best for their child. abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser now. >> reporter: today, the governor of california signed into law one of the toughest vaccine bills in the country. all children attending school must be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical reason not to be. no longer will parents be able to opt out based on their personal or religious beliefs. california legislature ors responding to the largest outbreak of measles the state has seen in years. >> how many children have to die before we do something? >> reporter: while anti-vaccine parents protested. >> this won't change parents' minds about vac nation. it will not. >> dr. richard besser is with me now. you're a proceedediatrician. parents think this should be a personal voice. >> the problem is that no
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vaccine gives 100% protection. so you count on being around other children who are also vaccinated. take measles for example, you need to have 95% of the children in a school vaccinated to prevent an outbreak. in some schools in california 25% of kids have opted out. they're not saying you have to get vaccinated but if you choose not to vaccinate, you have to home school. >> dr. richard besser thank you. and the race for 2016 tonight, a familiar face joining the fray. new jersey governor chris christie the 14th republican candidate. christie's signature swagger on display, promising voters more of his plain spoken style and taking aim at hillary clinton. abc's linsey davis now. >> reporter: calling himself the tell it like it is candidate, new jersey governor chris christie says he's running for president in his words to change the word. >> there's one thing you will know for sure. i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america
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needs right now. >> reporter: announcing at his how old high school where he was once class president. he was once favored to become america's president, too. but then a hard fall. christie tangled up in scandal after top aides created a massive traffic jam on the george washington bridge apparently as political retribution. now christie is emphasizing his take no prisoners personality and the ability to work with democrats, but that didn't stop him from taking a shot at hillary clinton. >> after seven years of weak and effectless policy run by barack obama, we better not turn it over to his second mate, hillary clinton. >> reporter: the republican nomination will be decided far from these new jersey suburbs. there are now 14 republican candidates and counting. chris christie has a long road ahead. amy? >> thanks so much. and we move on to a landmark moment between the u.s. and cuba. abc news learning both countries will announce tomorrow plans to
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re-open theiremcees for the first time in 50 years. breaking news out of greece a dramatic day, thousands of protestors outside parliament and athens. atms out of money, long lines at bank. greece in a last-ditch effort asking for an emergency bailout. its creditors saying no. as of tonight, officially defaulting on that $1.8 billion loan. back here at home with the 4th of july holiday just days away more than 3 million americans expected to fly, and a new outrage for air travelers. jetblue announcing today the end of one of its most beloved perks, that first checked bag once free will now cost you 25 bucks. abc's rebecca jarvis with tips on how to save before you hit the road. >> reporter: tonight, just ahead of the july 4th travel crush, the one thing taking off other than the planes? the fees. jetblue announcing it will now
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charge up to $25 for checked bags. leaving only southwest, the last major carrier, still offering free checked luggage. some airlines like spirit, allegiant, and frontier are now even charging you for your carry-on. >> and so many consumers don't know they exist so i think those are the worst fees. the fees you don't know about. >> reporter: those fees a gold mine for the airlines racking in $1.6 billion in fees in just the first three months of this year. so how can you keep your money in your pocket? pay ahead. >> most airlines will give you a discount for paying in advance for your checked bags. >> reporter: check your credit cards. many now actually refund those fees. sgluntd, delta and american all have bag waivers on their credit cards. the capital one venture card and barclay card arrival plus, both allow you to wipe off any charge from the airline with your points. >> reporter: plus our experts say you don't necessarily need to pay extra for that extra leg
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room. instead of booking an exit row or aisle seat wait until you get to the airport and ask a flight attendant at the gate for an upgrade. if you're thoughtful and kind and the seats are available, amy, chances are you're going to get them. >> nice still works. >> be nice. >> thank you. pope francis and a first look at his itinerary when he comes to the u.s. this fall starting with the trip to the white house. a speech before a joint session of congress then to new york stops at st. patrick's cathedral and the united nations, as well as the 9/11 memorial and museum. then to philly for the world meeting of families. now to the world cup showdown american pride on full display. the women's of team usa, the underdogs taking on germany in the semifinals. the two best teams in the world, and tonight one of them is going home. abc's paula faris in montreal tonight. >> reporter: we saw them all over town tonight, americans cheering for team usa. swarming montreal for what's being billed as one of the greatest matches in women's
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world cup history. number one versus number two, germany and team usa. and america is the underdog. >> in a sense this could be our last game of the tournament. we're treating it like a final. it's our most important match right now. >> reporter: going into tonight's game the german squad scoring 20 dpoels. they're the tournaments top offense, taking on team usa, the top defense. and top goalkeeper. hope solo allowing just one goal. as for team usa scoring, some calling it boring only seven goals to speak of. to that american carly lloyd says -- >> i don't see them out here so it might be a little easier said than done. >> reporter: this stadium is the largest, yet its capacity crowd is 66,000. team usa is the underdog. it's sure going to feel like they have home field advantage with this heavily pro american crowd. amy? >> thanks so much. there's still much more
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ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the distracted driver no idea what's right in front of him, caught on camera jumping the open drawbridge. the device that police say made him take his eyes off the road. and the superstar couple calling it quits 24 hours after marking their 10th anniversary. and the american dancer who defied the odds the inspiring young woman told she had the wrong body to be a star delivering a powerful message to her critics. her dream coming true and making history tonight.
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here it is again, the car even busting through a safety arm before going airborne. but it turns out, this driver is not a daredevil. >> it was a distracted driver incident. it was suspected that the guy was messing with his gps. >> it's not the first time technology behind the wheel has gotten drivers into trouble. a gps fail and a series of wrong turns stranded the cooper family in the desert for three days. >> radio. >> reporter: sometimes it's the car itself trying to get those voice activated systems to understand you can be its own distraction. >> call david muir. >> i didn't understand you. please try again. >> reporter: that floordriver in florida earned a ticket for reckless driver. >> stay focused. you have a 2,000 pound vehicle you're in charge of. when we come back, new trouble for donald trump and his miss universe pageant. and the hollywood super kl
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mexico announcing they will not send a con tes ent to the miss universe contest and trump filing a $500 million lawsuit against the spanish language network. a fashion faux pas, genie bouchard slapped with a sports violation over her black sports bra. umpires say players must wear quote, attire that is almost entirely white, including undergarments. in 2013 banning roger federer for wearing those nikes because of those bright orange souls. when we come back the dancer told she had the wrong body to be a star, making history tonight. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it
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the shingles rash can last up to 30 days. it hurts. it's hard. don't wait until you or someone you love develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. finally tonight, the young american dancer with that powerful message to the critics who said she would never be a star now making history. abc's mara schiavocampo. >> take a bow. >> whoo! >> reporter: a moment in history shared on instagram.
6:57 pm
dancer misty copeland celebrated with her fellow dancers after learning of her promotion, becoming the first african-american female principal in the american ballet theatre's 75-year history, the highest honor for a performer. >> my dream has been to be abt since i was 13 and to be a principal dancer is reaching those heights. >> reporter: calling herself an unlikely ballerina, the 32-year-old didn't even begin dancing until she was 13 old for ballet and was often told she was all wrong for it as she shared with our david muir. >> what did you hear? >> i'm black. we don't exist in the ballet world. i'm too muscular too short. my bust is too big. >> reporter: one of six kids raised by a single mother, she gracefully leapt over countless
6:58 pm
obstacles, becoming one of the most famous ballerinas in the country, even inking a sportsman apparel deal with underarmour. a new kind of ballet star now preparing for her next act. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> congratulations. and thank you for watching. i'm amy robach. i'll see you tomorrow for "good morning america". for david and all of us here at abc news, good night.
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i'm meteorologist cecily tynan with this accu weather update as i continue to track some strong storms, rolling through, our region, we do have, a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00 o'clock tonight and most of our viewing area, all of southeastern, pennsylvania new castle and kent county and the the western half, of south jersey and that is exactly where we are seeing some strong storms rolling through right now not severe but dropping some very heavy rains and haddonfield, cherry hill headin


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