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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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shooting towards honey brook so from a safe distance because it was in fact a torn. the national weather determined it was an ef 1 tornado. the second lowest on the scale. it hit at 2:11, adam joseph was on the air with a warning, we had a 11 minute lead time thark is good with a tornado. maximum winds 90 miles per hour and the width was 90 yards long and that is the width of a football feel and stayed on the ground for 1.5 miles. and we had the hook south of the storm system with all the rain and hail to the north and that indicates the rushing winds han is why we take this seriously and take the tornado warning seriously so how does that form? they are formed by
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thunderstorms, but not just any thunderstorms, they are formed by the towering powerful thunderstorms called super cells, they are formed more than 30,000 feet in the air by vetcal motion rising air what kicks off the tornado is the rear flank draft. this comes from the back of the tornado, it pulls down and what it does it creates a spin, then the updraft, that creates the spin that can get the tornado rolling and keep it rolling and it creates a different temperature profile that can create a tornado, it resolves as a wall cloud and starts spinning and becomes a funnel cloud and if it touches down it is a tornado and also the national weather service is in lehigh county to see if a tornado touched down in lehigh county. fortunately i'm talking about much quieter weather on the way for the 4th of july.
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i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. lets switch now to eva pilgram live in whitehall township, that is where the weather service is working to determine if another tornado touched down this one in the lehigh valley. hi eva. >> reporter: hey monica the cleanup continues today and people are are assess how bad the damage is this is where the national weather service was moments ago trying to determine if this was really a tornado in the lehigh valley or just a really bad storm. >> the work started early this morning it pick up what mother nature destroyed. >> cleaning up all morning been out here since 6:30 this morning trying to get everything cleaned up and get it back to where it was. >> i didn't think it would bring this tree down. >> i called the insurance and it's nerve-racking. >> trees and power lines snapped and golf ball-size hail crashed through siding and rooftops.
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>> it sounds like someone was hammering on the rooftops and windows. >> maria came out to clean up broken glass and noticed something odd. >> i couldn't get my car out. the wind was so strong it pushed her garage off square if you look at the doors and window you can see the tilt and it makes it impossible to close the door and windows, today she did what they can to clean up on her own and now they like others can only wait. >> there are so many people that called in they have so much to do. >> now a state of emergency has been declared here in white hall township that will bring the additional resources to help people as they continue to cleanup, we are live in whitehall township eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you eva, whenever you see breaking news we invite you to join the action like the
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viewers did during yesterday's storm, submit your photo owes and videos on social media using #6abcaction or send us an email at and now breaking news to report, from gloucester county knowledge, where the search is on for a missing swimmer. gloucester county officials are searching a quarry for the missing swimmer, they were called to the scene in the 4600 block of jackson road just after 4:00 after a man that was swimming did not resurface, can you see the number of searchers there and various police crews and an ambulance as well. the man in his 20s and no word on his identity an active search underway here in gloucester county, a missing swimmer, we'll continue to update you on the story. we'll continue to update you as more information becomes valuable to us. >> police havewities to a fiery
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crash on the schuylkill expressway, employee people died after the driver lost control on the westbound lanes of the schuylkill and montgomery avenue overnight. the car hit the concrete median and landed on its side and burst into flames, a fourth person was pulled from the wreckage alive and that victim is recovering in the hospital the car is a black kia hospital ma with maryland license plates. two men were connected to an armed robbery at a wells fargo bank. a bank teller told police that the robber fled in a white vehicle, a short time later police found the vehicle at the interest section of adams avenue. they took to men in the car into custody and the teller side if ied one of them as the robber. and two men cuts on camera holding up a 7-eleven at gun point, the video shows one suspect asked for a pack of
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cigarettes and then pulled out a gun and hopped over the counter, i and an accomplice forced a worker to lay on the ground and another opened the cash register and they made off with an undetermined amount of money and cigarettes, anybody with information is asked to call police. >> captain clutch that is what they are calling soccer phenom carly lloyd a shining star for the u.s. national team and is from here in the delaware valley growing up in delran new jersey, make the ing country proud including her home town. >> she is the pride of delran new jersey, where she grew up. >> you hear delran new jersey on the tv and carly lloyd it's a special feeling to be part of this town. >> lloyd a captain on the u.s. national team scored a goal against germany in the win.
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and her team is bound for the world cup final. >> it's a dream come true this is what we train for and the blood sweat and tears and everything this is a great win but my eyes are on the final now. >> michael is a close friend of carly and her family and the boys soccer coach at delran high where carly went to scol. >> she always came up big in big games. >> lloyd is a home town hero and an inspiration to the next wave of young soccer players like these girls who play for the delran union. >> i watch her games and i knew i wanted to play soccer. >> i worked harder and harder because i watched her and i really want to be like her, she is my role model. >> carly is an awesome player on the field and those that know her has a big heart off the field. >> this is the pink jersey she signed. it was hand delivered to coach
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otto's mom who died of breast cancer. a great home town hero and a great person we are cheering them on in their big game come sunday. time now for a check of "action news" traffic report midweek, it is hump day and matt pellman is in the traffic center to help us get over the hump. >> the goal is to try and get home without too many problems but not really getting a kick out of traffic situation this afternoon it's slow in spots like here on 95 northbound side 452 to this point by the barry bridge, a crash mostly off to the side but giving us slow speeds on the northbound side of 5ur9 through the great northeast normal afternoon delays with speeds of 12 miles per hour, northbound by the betsy ross bridge and under the ben franklin bridge look for a crash.
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and a train is disabled at sixth and main and the 11 trolley is shuttle busing this after none. a crash at german town road by superior credit union. and west depford gloucester county look for a wreck at delaware street at 295, and we have issues on 295 with a couple of southbound accidents at the white horse pike just 10 miles per hour from route 73. we are not moving quickly. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a local medical student creates a smart pill box after being diagnosed with cancer how fighting the disease i spired him to come up with the invention. >> and wreckage from the world trade center, we'll have details on that next.
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and cecily is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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the u.s. will have an
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embassy in havana cuba one again. it's been more than 40 years since the u.s. had an embassy in cuba, cuba will also have an embassy in washington, d.c., republican senator ted cruz a cuban american denounced the agreement and plans to block any nominee for ambassador submitted by president obama. and now investigators are look into what sparked a fire at another african-american church in south carolina. it's the second church damaged by fire since last month's shooting they say there is no evidence that points to arson and lightning could be to blame and could take a week to determine the cause and the naacp is warning black churches
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to take any necessary precautions. in liberia a second case of ebola is found there months after that country was declared ebola free. ali gorman is at the big board with the details. >> yesterday we told you about the death of a 17-year-old boy there, and 33 people he had contact with are in isolation and at least one is confirmed to have ebola and two others are tested and three are in treatment centers, the rapid response is a sign that liberia is prepared to deal with another outbreak. they are not sure how the boy was affected and the boy was ebola free -- they have signed the toughest vaccine law in california, all children attending school must be vaccinated unless there is a
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medical reason not to be. this comes after the measles outbreak, 130 people were infebted with the contagious respiratory virus. finally i saw this all the time as a nurse people forgetting to take their medication or not taking as prescribed and now a group of entrepreneurs in philadelphia has an idea that can help. studies show that between a third and a half of patients don't take medications as directed. nick understands how this could happen. >> during my first week of medical school i was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia i went from taking 0 medications to 10 plus medications. this inspired nick and classmates to make a smart pill box, days and times but also electronic rye minders. >> it can do text phone or
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email reminders to loved ones it works on wifi anywhere in the verizon area, ibc was drawn by the reminder features and the ready to use trays. >> by having a pharmacist prefill the trays that takes that variable out of the equation. and nick is now cancer free and still takes medications it's power health the dream and health practical that helps companies to bring their ideas to fusion. >> rick, if the pilot program goes well we could see this device on the market. >> it's a good idea. >> it is. construction got underway on a new 9/11 memorial in buckses county called renew rebuild and remember.
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county officials and residents were on hand for the ground breaking as well as representatives from the travis manon foundation securing funding for the memorial it will corporate a 220 beam from the wreckage of the world trade center.
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a marathon legislate your that lasts into hours the governor vetoed the entire budget. some fees go up including a $9 increase for late fees for your driver's license renewal and upgrades for delaware roads and bridges. it is expected to be a busy time for travelers the action cam saw many people making their way through security be aware of your belongings especially laptop computers because it's hard to retrieve anything you leave behind and check check point wait times to make sure
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you don't miss your flight. and a once blighted site in new jersey is now a residential complex, "action news" was there for the river run village in pennsauken this morning, the brand new development includes 75 energy apartments and townhomes and in place of an acme grocery store vacant for more than 20 years.
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play for fun. cash for life. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board cecily
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tynan is standing by talking about wild weather yesterday a much calmer afternoon. >> what a difference a day makes sky 6 hd taking a look in atlantic city, a lot of people on the boardwalk and beach enjoying the first day of july. we can say so long and good riddance to june, philadelphia recording close to 9 inches of rain making it the third wettest june on record wilmington and atlantic city the wettest. and wilmington receiving a foot and a half of rain and allentown it's fifth wettest on record with more than 7.5 inches of rain, it's nice to have a dry day for a change. temperature now are on it's warm side, philadelphia 86 degrees and wilmington 80 and millville 82 and warm at the shore sea isle city 85 degrees the humidity levels depend on where you are are we have dry comfortable air coming in in the
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suburbs, reading 58 degrees and philadelphia comfortable at 60 and still humid at the shore and wildwood the dew point is 72 degrees the ocean influence, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the low pressure that brought us violent weather yesterday is away from us but we are still in the troth there are disturbances our way and a clusser of showers and thunderstorms in the tennessee valley and that has an impact on the southern half of our viewing area becoming more humid in the overnight hours philadelphia 68 degrees and allentown 61 and millville 64 and wilmington 65 and atlantic city 69 degrees, future tracker 6 showing tomorrow morning we are looking at dry conditions and partly cloudy skies and thicker clouds down to the south and philadelphia 60 and allentown 65 and we'll see showers and perhaps thunderstorms develop but you'll notice it really will
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be just clipping southern delaware and extreme southern new jersey it won't get much farther to the north and everything we get will dry out in the evening, so down the shore are you dealing with showers tomorrow. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow south of philadelphia some showers, and otherwise a partly sunny day, and all in all a nice afternoon except for down the shore in southern delaware friday partly sunny and we call off 82 degrees as the boundary sneaks to the south and the 4th of july nice and warm with a high of 81 degrees, can't rule out the possibility of late day thunderstorms, i do not think it will be widespread and there is always an opportunity but 4th of july looks better every day. sun mostly sunny and 86 degrees
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and monday warm and a good amount of sunshine and temperatures climbing up into the upper 80s, will the warm trend continue into next week the 4th though looking nice. >> thank you. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. a new report shows a disturbing light on school building and just how bad it is. and dangers lurking offshores of the communities and people set their sights on a high priced item.
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. animal control officials converge on this german town neighborhood after word of a suspected dog fighting ring, we are live with what they found a man doing his job is attacked and robbed on a philadelphia street and now police need your help tracking down the subjects. and septa reveals technology for
5:30 pm
making their train safer than ever before. sharrie williams has the details. and animal control shut down a suspected dog fighting operation today. officials signed a search warrant on north lambert street in german town. sara bloomquist is covering the story and has the latest tonight. >> reporter: wearing protective suits, philadelphia spca investigators removed the pit bulls from lambert street this afternoon, the animals are eemaciates and some have injuries trying to escape. they found four pit bull dogs on heavy chains and the place was totally unsanitary down there, and we found one dog in the corner of the basement that literally hung itself. >> that dog died after become entangled in its chains and they found two snakes in a filthy
5:31 pm
aquarium. they got a tip that the dogs were abandoned and they discovered what may be illegal drugs and paraphernalia. >> this is typical for broading and fighting operation. i don't know what happened here and why the individual all of a sudden absconded and left the animals to die. despite the deplorable conditions they believe someone is living here and found personal belongings. >> i hear the dog bark once in a while. nobody comes here. >> dog fight is all over the city and out of the city, it's a lucrative enterprise. >> meantime new jersey state police and glassboro police are asking for your help to find a woman missing for two weeks elana disappeared from her home in glassboro she was headed to
5:32 pm
a doctor's appointment in washington township. 5'1" with blon hair and blue eyes, contact state police if you know where she is. philadelphia police are looking for the group that beat up and robbed a pizza deliveryman on south street. the man was delivering an order from dominoes pizza on 7th and south, as the man when up lombard, the deliveryman was not hurt. and police ask anyone with information to give them a call. >> a woman used fake credit to buy a man's rolex watch. it happened on route 73 on may 23rd the woman used a credit card she obtained with false
5:33 pm
information to purchase the $88 hundred watch. if you know any information call the evesham police department. many schools are unsafe and unsanitary, allen buck shows mold and asbestos and cockroaches and in addition to this they only get janitorial services once a week. >> so if there is something in the bathrooms it stays that way for a week. you have waste material in bathrooms that is unattended. that is not something that happens in first world public facility. >> he is calling on the district to present a plan to fix these problems before students return from their summer break. >> at the "action news" big board, septa officials showed
5:34 pm
off new technology that they say is implemented system wide, it's caused positive train control, it controls train movement to make sure passengers and crew are safe. the congressmen got a firsthand look at the technology at septa's maintenanceance facility in frasier it shows how it makes the train stop even if the engineer makes an error or ignores all the signal. >> it's more sophisticated technology but the same, it it will stop hazardous oracle the positive train control could have prevented the deadly derailment in port richmond. they set a deadline across the
5:35 pm
country to implement the positive train control by the ends of 2015, but septa is one of only companies on pace to meet the deadline. more than half of its cars are outfitted with this technology. >> thank you. we are just days away from the 4th of july celebration and with that comes an increase danger on the roads and the water. here is a live look at penn's landing, people will gather on land and at the water as well. because of that penndot and the u.s. coast guard and philadelphia police and others are joining forces to keep revellers safe while driving and boating, they have established check points targeting those that have too much alcohol. the drive sober or get pulled over campaign. 11 people died last year across the state authorities say it doesn't take much to impair a
5:36 pm
driver or boater's motor skills or their reasoning. >> the reality is you don't have to be drunk to be a danger to everyone around you. whether on the roadways or waterways, the get sober campaign runs through july 6th. >> president obama will make a stop in philadelphia later this month he is scheduled to address the 106th annual naacp convention, he will speak tuesday july 14th and is expected to address local and economic challenge foz our nation, that runs from july 11th through the 15th. all right time for an update on the highways wednesday night. lets go to matt pellman. >> the first afternoon commute of july almost in the books. it's not problem free but could be worse an accident on the schuylkill just past the
5:37 pm
roosevelt. ideally with no delays those numbers would be 15. you see the backup to the schuylkill, and maintenance work overnight tonight starting at 9:00 on the burlington bristol bridge, that is blocked both ways so starting at 9:00 head for the turnpike connecter bridge instead. and an accident approaching haddonfield road and earlier crashes on 295 southbound but the accidents are gone now on it's mass transit front thorndale paoli 20 minute delays on those lines. still to come on "action news" wednesday night the white house announces it is doing away with a long standing policy how it will impact the next visit to the president's home. and major soccer excitement
5:38 pm
today as the woman's team is just a few days away from a possible world cup title. jeff skversky has details in sports. >> it's a quiet afternoon and seasonable temperatures in philadelphia, we are tracking a little bit of rain on thursday. future tracker is coming up in the full accuweather forecast.
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you can now bring your camera to your next white house tour, first lady, michelle obama tweeted a video of herself here today ripping up a sign that had prohibited visitors from using cameras during a visit. she did that to end the policy that the white house doesn't allow photos on tours. now you can take pictures with small lens cameras and phones but tripods, selfie sticks and removable lens are still on the banned list. the u.s. soccer team is one win away from a world cup title. after last night's thrilling
5:42 pm
victory over top seeded germany into what a game last night, delran new jersey's carly lloyd and the national team is the first country to ever win three world cups, but tonight they await the winner of the japan versus england match. the u.s. went nuts watching lloyd strike it big she helps to advance the team to the fightal game. here is a look back at the incredible night. >> i am finding myself in a position where i am one of leaders on the field and i need to get the job done. >> i'm confident taking them and i can step up at any moment. >> shoots and scores! >> i remain focused on what i needed to do and it was a pk that i needed to sink and my
5:43 pm
teammates were graciously waiting for me to sink that and it was great. it's a dream come tree you this is what we train for the blood sweat and teerz and everything, a great game and a great win, but my eyes are on it's final now. >> one more to go. >> unlike years past, the flyers are not expected to make a big splash and sign a big free agent this season. he will add a few small pieces here and there hextall sign a goalie today a two year deal worth over $3 million. he is going in his eighth year in the league and last year he played for the sabers and islanders. the worst of the worst back at it at the ballpark the phillies looking for the first w of the
5:44 pm
series against the bruins. they are looking to not lose their third straight. it'ser inharangue, he will try to avoid being the worst phil starters to lose eight straight starts. his last win came in the middle of may. >> he has not lost velocity. it's still there, it shows you how important it is when you talk about locating your pitches on both sides of the plate and keeping the ball down and it's hard to do and sometime a guy goes through a period where he is not getting it done. >> serena williams wins the grand slam, she advances with a victory in her second round match, the number one ranks player in the world won 20
5:45 pm
majors. and djokovic advanced to the third round in wimbledon as well. >> back to you in the studio. >> thank you jeff. the man known as britain's schindeler has died. the man that single handledly saved 13 million jewish children, at both ends to save them from almost certain death and he kept his exploits quiet and received accolades from queen elizabeth.
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a portuguese man o war is off the coast and it's sting is not only painful but could be deadly. chad pradelli has the story. >> the portuguese are are ininviting, the portuguese man o war a blueish ishish jelly fish with a deadly sting, there has been two dozen sightings over the last two weeks in stone harbor. >> the clear jelly fish the kids pick them up. these are more venomous and people have to be mindful of them for sure. >> keith is lifeguard for a decade and man o wars are deadly
5:49 pm
and people have to be mindful. >> they are probably more at risk fof the aquatic sting. >> when the winds blow from the northeast, it brings the warm water from the south and flent write of critters and creatures and the man o wars, the message is just be careful in the water keegan is a surfing instructor and is in the water every day. >> you see them? >> it's part of the gig, there is a whole bunch of different animals, shark stuff dolphins and all of that. it's really not an issue. >> most people at the beach seem unphased by our new friends and they continue to enjoy the water but with an alert eye for the man o war. >> i want them to go away but there is a natural balance in the sea where they have to be
5:50 pm
here. >> the best advice is go to the lifeguard stand and ask them the conditions and they will give you the rundown as far as portuguese man o war and surf and rip current and stuff like that. >> chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> meteorologist adam joseph is here and it's a busy week but calm and nice. >> it's quiet across most of the delaware and lehigh valley, the shore choppy waters but overall a big improvement from yesterday. looking at double scan live radar, we are not tracking any colors on the radar a clean radar sweep comes around and that is good news for anybody that parked themselves on the sand even a few folks here heading towards the beach bar, a few folks heading in with their gear. maybe take a stroll on the boardwalk or have an ice-cream
5:51 pm
cone temperatures at our location right now right around 80 degrees on average from surf city and long beach island going down to 84 in avalon and the numbers are flipping back and form from the upper 70s to mid-80s, the sea breeze tries to kick in and then the land breeze takes over and then back to the sea breeze inland all the winds are southwesterly and 86 in philadelphia and millville at 82 degrees, satellite and radar the storm center that brought again the violent weather yesterday and again at the wee hours of the morning, a lot of us jolted out of bed at 2:00, 3:00 this morning, and some of us out of nova scotia that pivots to the south for a brush of rain for the jersey shore, for tonight partly cloudy and slightly humid and 61 to 68 degrees, and the upper level
5:52 pm
pattern, the highway system to steer the weather systems will create a big ridge in the western part of the u.s. the heat will build and some record heat in the pacific northwest, the jet stream from the northern plains from the south near the virginias and carolinas and that brings ripples of low pressure along it it north of that, we'll stay seasonable. we'll be close enough to have a little wave of that energy, hitting the southern areas tomorrow afternoon however as we look at future tracker at 7:00, a decent amount of sunshine and it's a bright start to your thursday and then again in the afternoon you see the round of rain anywhere from wilmington to millville and as far north as lakehurst and the city of philadelphia north and west. the mix your of sun and clouds and the shore will clear late in the afternoon and evening hours. we still have the moderate risk for rip currents we have the
5:53 pm
strong wind coming out of the east-southeast, piling up the water and bringing in the really warm waters of the gulf stream of 75 degrees, tomorrow is not the best of beach days, 79 with afternoon showers, better on friday 74 degrees and better on 4th of july with 77 and partly cloudy skies and afternoon showers and southern areas drier from the city and north and west at 84 and partly sunny and low humidity and beautiful on friday at 82 and the humidity stays low here on the 4 and of july, warm and comfy overall it's dry and could be an isolated thunderstorm in the after none, most of us are dry and we start to heat up and the humidity returns on sunday, 86 and upper 80s building before the storms arrive on wednesday at 87 degrees, overall the holiday weekend is looking good on both ends. you should have a barbecue and invite us.
5:54 pm
>> maybe i will, we'll never be there. stay ahead of the summer's every changing weather with the storm tracker 6 app get updates on social media by foming the "action news" weather team on facebook and twriter. >> meantime today is a special day for the philadelphia zoo it's on this day back in 1874, that is first opened its doors this is a picture of what the front gates looked like back then. it had 1,000 animals and only cost a quarter to get in.
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5:56 pm
we are getting our first sneak peek to the latest edition to the rocky franchise sylvester stallone revised his
5:57 pm
role as rocky and he trains creed's son. and now it's up to rocky to help his son, now a boxer years later, creed hits theaters in november. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. the national weather service is evaluating areas and determining if a twister ripped through chester county. and the fiery crash that killed three people on the schuylkill expressway. we'll have the latest. for rick williams sharrie williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night security officials rundown preparations for the 4th of july and police search for a man they say is behind six burglaries in philadelphia. and the big story is confirmation from the national weather service, that was a tornado in honey brook chester county, the ef 1 twister had maximum sustained winds of 95 miles per hour. and the tornado caused all kinds of damage over a mile and a half path but the width of destruction is 100 yards at most. if there is good news here it's
6:00 pm
that no one was injured. lets go live to chad pradelli what is the situation there one day later? >> reporter: repairs and cleanup are now underway i'll show you the damage look at in barn behind me the roof is ripped off a temporary tarp is placed on it until a permanent roof is in place a similar scene at the home a block away. scores of damage in between and talking to people that witnessed it, and whose property was damaged it was a terrifying two and a half hours. >> jim took the brunt of the ef 1 tornado, his home and barn and roof took damage and he rents a mobile home to a woman and it was picked up and moved off its foundation. mcelha


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