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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, toxic train fire. thousands of people forced from their homes as a train car carrying highly flammable and toxic liquid catches fire. >> based on the chemical flume and the direction it was heading, they've had to expand the evacuation area. >> hazmat teams on the scene. at least a dozen first responders rushed to the hospital. we have the latest right now. new overnight, summer slam. powerful storms all across the country in look at that. the whole building. >> a tornado tearing the roof off this home. cars washed away exploding transformers sending sparks flying and the record heat grounding planes on one of the biggest travel days of the year. shark scare. another attack in the water off north carolina. a man mauled in waist deep water by a seven-foot shark airlifted to the hospital as fears grow about this dangerous cluster.
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calls to close the beaches right now. ♪ holy guacamole. the recipe sparking the great guacamole debate. peas or no peas going so far it crossed the party line even getting president obama and jeb bush to agree. why so many are saying no to this new rec-i-pea. and good morning, america. boy, you'd never know what's going to light up the internet is now the debate over guacamole. where do you stand, peas or no peas? >> something tells me we have a taste test in our future. we will decide right here. but we want to begin with that breaking news that freight train carrying toxic chemicals catching fire in maryville, tennessee, forcing thousands from their homes. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest. good morning, david.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. talking one railcar but fire and officials say this chemical involved has led them to tell 5,000 people they need to evacuate get out of their homes and get away from that area. it is a toxic cloud on the move this morning near a tennessee town. one csx car caught fire in the middle of the night on a trip to georgia. >> i started hearing brakes being pulled. it sounded like brakes a lot of smoke and so i thought maybe something was going on. >> reporter: just one car involved but the chemical burning used to make plastics is toxic. so in a two-mile area firefighters are going door to door telling people to move away. >> based on the chemical flume and the direction it was heading they've had to expand evacuation area and our command post even had to relocate because it was in danger of being exposed. >> reporter: nearly two dozen first responders have been or are being taken to hospitals for decontamination as a precaution. now, this chemical is a
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crylonitrile. so far no serious injuries reported. >> thanks very much. we'll turn to that extreme weather across the country, tornadoes, flooding record heat ahead of the holiday. ginger watching it all. >> no injuries or deaths reported overnight but look at this stunning video. plenty of up close video from this tornado in lee's summit missouri. south and east of kansas city, one of the spots from coast to coast, california to montana to florida with more than 100 severe storm reports. we have to start in missouri. >> check this out. it took the whole building. >> reporter: ripping through a kansas city suburb sirens blaring. a tornado passing right over busy highways. >> look at the vortices. >> reporter: spitting out debris. exploding transformers sending
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sparks flying. >> as soon as we saw the rotation we knew it was time to leave. >> reporter: and for good reason threatening storms looming over busy neighborhoods. floodwater wiping out parked cars. one now parked on top of a tree. ferocious storms whipping through maryland tuesday. look at the boats on this dock. trees yanked from the ground landing on houses and decks. the roof on this gas station collapsing. farther west the sky filled with lightning. no mercy from mother nature ahead of this holiday weekend. the culprit from those storms and now this afternoon and evening will be this stationary front and low pressure system sliding right across it so we have to include amarillo oklahoma city all the way through northern arkansas and up to louisville and nashville all included with the damaging wind of course, we know it can do -- make tornadoes. we just saw that and you could see large hail. so this going into your
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afternoon and evening tonight when everyone is traveling. >> yes and the weather won't slow people down a bit, ginger. busy holiday travel weekend. a record number of americans expected to head out for the long weekend. hitting the highways airports alex perez is at o'hare airport in chicago for us. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. we are already seeing some big lines here at the airport. that long holiday weekend so many have been waiting for is finally here and it's going to be a busy one. this morning, more than 41 million americans preparing to head out of town for the big weekend. aaa estimating nearly 85% of those travelers are going to be hitting the roads. the big draw after five months of rising gas prices appeared to have peaked for the season. the national average, $2.78, that's nearly an entire buck cheaper than it was on the fourth of july last year. making filling up before your holiday road trip a lot less painful. >> the economy is certainly turning around. people are more secure in their
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jobs. but also we can't ignore those gas prices they're the lowest we've seen in five years. >> reporter: if you're headed to the airport, you won't be alone. air travel also up 3.2 million people expected to get on a plane this weekend. tsa already seeing increasing numbers screening about 2 million passengers a day up from the normal 1.7 million. and while it's usually severe storms that create delays out west they're facing a different problem. airport crews coping with record-breaking triple-digit heat. the heat in some cases so intense it's grounding planes. >> extreme heat means that the air is thinner, there are fewer air molecules to power the engine and lift the airplane off the ground to take off in. >> reporter: and travel experts say they haven't seen this many gearing up to take a trip on the fourth of july since 2007. george. >> been a while. thanks very much. law enforcement on high alert this long holiday weekend. the fbi and homeland security concerned about a possible terror attack warning everyone to be vigilant in the wake of
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those attacks overseas. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tracking it from washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. one day after that wave of isis attacks at security checkpoints in egypt killing 53 soldiers we're hours away from a holiday weekend that have u.s. law enforcement locked in. we spoke to officials at a number of police departments across the country who said they were stepping up high security for this independence day. fbi and intelligence officials are working full tilt. authorizes are on edge because recently every day isis is using social media to encourage thousands world much wide to attack wherever they are. last week there were attacks not only in egypt but also kuwait and tunisia and that proves that the followers are listening. no specific threat has been identified but holiday revelers can expect to see armies of police this fourth of july. there will be a lot of s.w.a.t. teams lurking in the shadows that they won't see, george. >> and, pierre we know these social media messages are hitting home here in the u.s. which makes law enforcement's job so difficult. so many people to sift through.
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>> reporter: yes, they are. isis has hundreds if not thousands of followers here in the u.s. imagine trying to figure out who is young and misguided and who is actually dangerous, george. >> such a difficult task. okay, pierre thanks very much. >> it really is. george. thank you. to the latest shark encounter, the seventh in the waters off north carolina in the past month. a 67-year-old man recovering in the hospital this morning after being bitten. now there are some calls to close the beaches there for the busy holiday weekend. and abc's phillip mena is in the outer banks with more. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: robin, good morning. fourth of july weekend is nearly here and the beaches will fill up but after another shark attack this time right here off of this beach, many are wondering if it's even safe to head into the water. this morning yet another victim recovering from a vicious mauling along a north carolina beach. authorities say andrew costello was swimming in waist deep water and attacked by a six or
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seven-foot shark wednesday. >> he bumped into the shark and that's when the shark bit him and pulled him under. >> reporter: the 67-year-old sustaining injuries to his hip, legs and hands. airlifted to a local hospital. this after 12-year-old kiesen weekly attacked in south carolina while wading in knee-deep water tuesday. the shark leaving this bite mark on his leg. >> i felt just a twinge of pain in my leg and i, like looked back and saw the shark swimming away. >> he raised his swimming suit and there was bite marks and starting to bleed down his leg. >> reporter: if you're keeping count, ten attacks off the coast of the carolinas in just the last three weeks. seven of them here in north carolina. >> we've got a perfect storm under way of a variety of environmental, biological and human factors that have enhanced the opportunity of the two getting together. >> reporter: so far no one has
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died in an attack but the series of life-threatening close calls alarming enough for some to call for communities to consider closing the beaches. so far we haven't heard about any beaches being closed. but the more people who head down here and into the water, the higher the risk of someone else being attacked. robin. >> all right, phillip, thank you. amy with the other top stories starting with a disaster at sea. >> just learning that some americans were on board a ferry that capsized in the philippines in heavy surf this morning with nearly 200 people on board. at least 36 are confirmed dead and dozens more are missing. one picture showing the ferry nearly submerged. three americans are among the survivor some of whom were saved by local fishermen. back here in this country the major airlines are beginning to turn over information to government investigators looking into whether they're colluding to keep airfares high by limping the number of seat as valuable. united, delta, american and
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southwest control 80% of the u.s. market but deny working together insisting they compete to keep seats full. the justice department is demanding all documents on capacity in the last five years. this deadly plane crash, a transasia flight before plugging into the water killing 43 back in february. well, investigators now say the pilot mistakenly shut down the plane's only working engine just seconds before that crash. here at home dramatic video from georgia as two young women jump from the window of a burning apartment, look at that. they are now recovering from their injuries 12 apartments were damaged in the fire. thankfully everyone made it out in time. and turning to politics hillary clinton is in the money. her campaign says she raised a record $45 million in just three months. but her top democratic opponent has some momentum. bernie sanders drawing the largest crowd of the campaign
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season so far last night. nearly 10,000 supporters in wisconsin. and finally, i don't want to burst your bubble but it looks like bubble wrap -- i am -- is losing its pop. the maker of the notoriously fun packaging material oh i remember that oh yeah rolling out a new version that isn't going to burst when you press it or stomp on it. >> why? >> exactly, i know. "the wall street journal" reporting it's all in a move to save space so bubble wrap can be sold in sheets to reduce shipping costs. bubble wrap in its popable form been around since 1957 but say its popularity has fallen flat recently not in my house. >> no. >> every time. >> i know. it's the best part of the package. >> of all the things you could fix. >> yeah. >> they are just a fun -- >> you looked stricken when you heard that. >> i was upset. >> it is upsetting. >> a lull in the studio. >> how do you feel at home? >> never too old. >> we'll all find out now. we move on because we have
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this woman who took down the confederate flag from the capitol grounds with her own hands climbing the flagpole before being hauled off in handcuffs. this morning she's speaking out for the first time to our linsey davis. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. bree newsome is an activist and filmmaker but most recently regarded as a hero. some revering her as a modern day rosa parks. still others say she's a criminal and charged with a crime punishable by up to three years in jail. >> ma'am, ma'am, get off the pole. >> reporter: this morning, the woman who made headlines for climbing a 30-foot pole and removing the controversial confederate flag from south carolina's statehouse is speaking out calling it a defiant act of civil disobedience. >> i'm coming down. i'm prepared to be arrested. >> i felt strongly we needed that moment to say enough is enough. we want an end to the hate. >> reporter: 30-year-old brittany "bree" newsome was arrested with james tyson both
7:14 am
charged with defacing a monument. the flag's presence becoming a hotly contested issue in the wake of the mass shooting in charleston after photos surfaced of the gunman would killed nine posing with a confederate flag. how much longer do we want to go forward like this? isn't it time to reconciles ourselves with the past and move forward into a better future where everyone has reall rights. >> reporter: she descended the pole quoting scripture. >> the lord is my shepherd i shall not want. >> reporter: online the #freebree trending and michael moore saying he would pay her legal fees. ava duvernay saying she is a superhero. jesse jackson saying we thank god she had the courage to take the flag down. raising more than $122,000 for her legal expenses. are you surprised how big this has gotten. >> the majority of people in this nation are good and want
7:15 am
peace. we want to eliminate racism. we want to have more equality. >> reporter: within an hour of you taking the flag down two black workers were ordered to put it back up. so were you able to accomplish what you set out to do? >> absolutely. because you have seen a lot of people have been inspired by that moment. >> reporter: newsome and dyson both maintain their innocence saying they did not deface the monument. south carolina house minority leader tomorrow rutherford says he plans to vote for the flag to come down also now representing newsome. a vote on the flag is expected next week guys. >> could come at the beginning of the week. thanks. move on. what a game last night. >> indeed george this morning you can call team usa the avengers because well they have a score to settle. we now know they'll be playing japan in the world cup final, the team that beat them for that title four years ago. abc's paula faris is here with more on the story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, lara. you know we are going to see
7:16 am
something that has never before happened in women's world cup history. a championship game repeat rematch. the u.s. team learning they will have a chance to avenge their heartbreak from four years ago. >> goal. >> reporter: they're back in the finals and this time with a score to settle. >> that's it. the usa is going in the finds. >> reporter: after shutting out the mighty german ss, team usa touching down in vancouver learning they've earned a rematch and a chance at revenge four years in the making. >> japan has done it again. >> reporter: they'll be facing the reigning champ, japan, the country that dealt them that devastating times loss in the last world cup. the japanese cinderella squad winning in penalty kicks earning its place in this finals however
7:17 am
against a tough england club on wednesday. >> she played it and did it go in the goal? >> reporter: after england devastatingly kicked the ball into their own goal in the final moments of extra time. >> absolute depression for england. >> reporter: they'll face a dominant u.s. team in the finals. and this time around the entire nation believing the u.s. will win. >> all: usa, usa. >> reporter: and the oddsmakers are favoring the u.s. by as much as 67% but want to say if you have english friends today you might want to give them a hug. photos have gone viral of that stunning moment when english player laura bassett scored on her own goal with less than two minutes to play you guys. so many tweeting sympathy for her, in fact almost 200,000 about game time spiking right at the moment of that goal. you know it's okay to lose but to lose on an own goal with less
7:18 am
than two minutes to play it's heartbreaking. >> yeah. >> i can't believe that picture -- >> i know. you feel so bad. >> you do. but we all -- party at my place on sunday. big screen. >> i'll bring the guacamole. >> no peas. >> don't bring the guacamole. going to show us fresno. >> you can see it our friends at abc 30 in fresno sent is this video this morning we have lightning coming with the heat. but it's a dry thunderstorm. it only sparks wildfire. the heat is on, look at the heat advisories sacramento valley. seattle could get close to a record at 91. let's goat to the holiday spots brought to you by macy's.
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>> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, a couple of early sprinkles and showers coming over southern delaware and there's additional stuff to the west and thunderstorm developing toward baltimore heading toward south jersey and delaware mainly this morning. we have cloud cover thickening up, a little bit of sun breaking it through more humid in in the south. high of 84. showers at times in south jersey and delaware, and perhaps some in our neck of the woods in philadelphia. >> wow.
7:20 am
>> we're not alone. >> no never are. >> it does look bad. >> thank you, ginger. much more ahead. the former cnn anchor lynne russell and her husband caught in a deadly shoot-out. what she says happened at their motel. terrifying home invasion. two teenage girls hiding in the cabinet calling 911. the intruder just inches away. "gma investigates." can you really win at those arcade games? david beckham is right. that is confusing. the other portion carries over but you have to use the whole portion of data from the current month before you use the rollover portion from the previous month. and that portion resets after one month. it's $15 for any additional gig over your data limit. that is not a good deal. it's a wireless revolution. what can i do for you? all i want is something unlimited and the phone that i want. all-in for one price. sure. anything for you david beckham. oh, and i want it for all my friends.
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>> good morning 7:26, let's go over to karen rogers looking at traffic. >> reporter: we rarely have good news in traffic. but we do this morning everybody starting to celebrate the july 4th holiday.
7:27 am
i-95 southbound look at the travel time 24 hin ride from woodhaven to the vine. that's nothing. sometimes we deal with rides for about an hour, some speeds logo, cottman -- speeds slowing at cottman. university city, the haz/mat situation has cleared. we have an accident that cleared on easton road. but there's trouble with the missing had an hole cover in abington on old york road. >> let's look outside across old city it's a beautiful day to head to independence mall where it is wawa hoagie day they will be handing out 6-inch sandwiches for free. david. >> reporter: one of my favorite days, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have showers and thunderstorms south of baltimore pushing toward the east.
7:28 am
cape may county might pick up a light sprinkle or shower in the next 15 minutes to 30 minutes. 70 degrees in philadelphia. not all that humid here, muggier south in the region. most of the showers and thunderstorms will be in south jersey and delaware, although some could clip philadelphia, as well. tomorrow, clouds and sun, 82 mainly dry spotty thunderstorm possible on the 4th but not a washout. >> "g.m.a." looks at popular games and the chances you have of winning. we'll see you in 30.
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, hazmat teams on the scene in tennessee after a freight train carrying toxic chemicals catches fire. 5,000 people forced to flee their homes. nearly two dozen first responders treated. also right now, we're tracking that extreme weather heading into the holiday weekend. six reported tornadoes touching down in the midwest. and the record heat grounding some planes. a record number of americans expected to travel this july 4th weekend. nearly 42 million people planning to hit the highways and airports. >> we do say good morning, america, on this thursday morning and we're going to take a look at this. ♪ rob marciano new york harbor near the statue of liberty trying something called flyboarding. >> whoa. >> well it's a type of jetpack that helps you get major air.
7:31 am
we didn't see it there but he's going to show us how it's done ahead. >> a little more practice coming up. >> good job, rob. >> nice try, rob. are we going to look again? there you go. >> he got a little air. >> and a belly flop. >> keep practicing. >> better than most of us. >> indeed. >> that is coming up. we begin with the wild story involving former cnn anchor lynne russell. you remember her. she and her husband involved in a firefight in a motel in new mexico shooting and killing a man who they say were holding her at gunpoint in her room. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: this morning a former news anchor is telling her own tale of survival. >> it's something that i'll really never forget. >> reporter: after she says she and her husband got into a gunfight with an alleged robber in that hotel room. lynne russell a former anchor for cnn headline news says she and her husband. >> this is chuck de caro -- >> reporter: a former investigative reporter green beret and consultant to the
7:32 am
pentagon stopped at this motel six in albuquerque with their dog tuesday night during a cross country road trip. russell says she left their room to get something from her car and that when she came back there was an armed man waiting near the door. >> he gave me a good shove and i was airborne and into the room. about that time my husband came out of the shower and found his wife being held at gunpoint. the guy was standing there with this big.40-caliber weapon and so we engaged in some conversation to try to get him to at least not level the gun at us. >> reporter: russell says as she and her husband who both dr. conceal carry licenses were trying to calm the gunman she managed to slip her personal handbegun to de caro. the suspect grabbed her husband's briefcase and started shooting. de caro fired back. the alleged robber killed in the parking lot. de caro was hit three times. this morning he's recovering in a hospital with non nonlife-threatening injuries. police still investigateing. >> we don't know what's the
7:33 am
motive was. we'll trying to piece everything together and find out what happened. >> reporter: this morning russell grateful for her husband's quick actions. >> he's my hero. he saved my life. he placed his in jeopardy and he saved my life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news san francisco. >> that's quite a story. >> something tells me we haven't heard the last of this one. >> i think we may hear more. we may. to a ter nying home invasion. two teenage sisters home alone when two men broke in. they hid in a cabinet. their fear captured on their 911 call. ryan owens has their story. >> they're in the house. please hurry. >> reporter: if they are frantic voice is a little muffled here's a look at why. >> we're in the very back in my parents' bedroom bathroom. please hurry. >> reporter: the 16-year-old girl is calling 911 from inside her parents' bathroom linen closet closet. her 13-year-old sister stuffed right next to her. >> they're in the house? are they in the house? >> yes, yes they are in the
7:34 am
house. >> reporter: the two sisters were home alone monday morning when they looked out this kitchen window and noticed two men trying to break into their nashville, tennessee, house. >> i want you to be very quiet, okay? i'm on the line with you. i have help on the way. >> they're getting closer. >> they're getting closer to the bathroom. yes. >> reporter: they arrested these two men both with lengthy criminal records. one of them locked himself in the same bathroom inches away from the girls before cops slapped the handcuffs on him. >> that's when i thought he's going to open this cabinet and something is going to happen. >> reporter: this morning the teenagers still afraid to show their faces. >> i'm most glad that i could help capture two guys that could have done worse. >> okay we're here we're back here. back here. >> reporter: a tiny bathroom closet barely big enough to hold these two teen crime fighters. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> wow, such quick thinking by those young girls. >> sure was. we move on to the dramatic
7:35 am
rescue of a california woman missing for two days. she disappeared on her way home from a run finally found trapped in her car after driving over the side of a cliff. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: this morning an incredible story of survival. >> her first words were i didn't think anybody was going to find me. >> reporter: watch as they lift jenifer duron up the steep embankment bringing to an end her terrifying 48-hour ordeal. duron vanishing on the way home from a run. her family reported her missing un unaware her vehicle was sitting 70 feet down at the bottom of this canyon stuck for two days and two long nights in her damaged suv with no food or water. >> i think from the time she was down there was wondering if anybody would see her. >> reporter: you could see why she went two days without being discovered. so quiet and her vehicle was at the bottom of this canyon. her rescue coming wednesday morning as a woman walking her dog hears screams coming from below and alerts the authorizes.
7:36 am
rescuers shocked to find duron alert and talking as they raised her to the surface. >> luckily a bystander notifyied. us. >> reporter: she's recovering from minor injuries. >> we're very happy that the patient we brought up was transported to the hospital. >> reporter: her family grateful she's found. >> the family has been through an ordeal looking for her searching. we're relieved that we found her and that she's in good condition. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. >> so glad she was gotten there. we move on to ginger right now and got a lot of flooding in missouri. fear weather and the tornado we showed you at the top of the show. you had two inches of rain in 40 minutes in parts of missouri. now the southern half of missouri through kentucky. we have flood watches in kentucky including bowling green. there will be a considerable amount of rain going through the
7:37 am
next several days taking you through the start of the holiday weekend. we have a stationary front storms roll over it and you get rain from little rock to huntsville alabama. remember to watch out for the flood watching. turn around don't drawn. >> reporter: all right ginger, some of the showers are clipping our area today. most of the action will be south of philadelphia, but philadelphia itself could get clipped a little bit. # 4 -- 84 is today's high. places missouri then you had idaho and right there in lyle. >> beautiful. >> really pretty. >> what is it called. >> a buck moon because the bucks just start to get antlers and thunder moon because of all the thunderstorms. >> thank goodness i looked that up before i came here.
7:38 am
>> you're always prepared ginger. never worry about that. ahead, nick jonas taking on one of the biggest fitness companies in america. the war of words right now. next on "gma," an investigation into those popular arcade games. inspectors on a mission to determine if they're really fair. grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at welcome back. 7:42 and "gma investigates" arcade games at amuse many parks and on the boardwalk. so much fun to play in the summer but when you lose and i inevitably do it leaves you wondering did you ever really have a shot. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> get a prize every time. >> reporter: arcade games, part of family fun in the sun. one classic game of chance the claw with players posting on youtube the thrill of victory. >> oh look at this. got two of them.
7:43 am
>> reporter: but more often the agony of defeat. >> maybe, maybe. oh. last try. he's going to slip. oh really. come on baby. ha should get them. slips right lew. >> somehow you don't win. >> reporter: is it possible the game's paters aren't playing fair? to make sure new jersey's division of consumer affairs inspects every single game in the state at least once a year. "gma investigates" tagging along with their team for surprise inspections. first up the balloon game. >> what are the things that would make it unfair. >> make sure the tip is pointed and sharp. >> reporter: though the inspector identifies one issue immediately. >> i see a couple of balloons that aren't up to par that need to be inflated. >> reporter: ov a basketball will fit through the rim. >> plenty of room around it. >> check that rim. she if it's level. >> reporter: this game also getting the seal of approval. >> yeah this is a good game. >> reporter: last up the claw game which can be the most
7:44 am
frustrating of all trapping that coveted prize even after the player grabs it. the inspector tests the tension on this game and it's fine. but the claw right next to it not so much. the inspector telling us the claw's grip is too weak to hold the prize. >> is there a way to increase the claw strength on this? >> i don't know how to do it. >> reporter: so the game is shut down on the spot. this employee telling abc news when prizes are changed they may sometimes forget to adjust the tension. the arcade company casino pier telling us, we were surprised of this violation and are immediately correcting the issue caused by the crane in question. still, new jersey's attorney general says his office doesn't play when it comes to game violations. what are you trying to ensure for the consumer? >> fairness. of course everybody can't win every time but don't want them to unfairly lose. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news new jersey. >> and the owner of that claw
7:45 am
game tells us they have fixed the problem. inspectors are expected to return there today to determine if the game can be re-opened and we'll waiting to find out. i long for that pink teddy bear. >> i remember once elliott actually got something out of the claw after spending -- never seen it. we were all surprised we couldn't believe it. >> yeah. >> shocking. >> so worth the -- >> a lot more than 50. >> i like to see those tickets come out and get a spider ring. >> i like whack-a-mole because even when you lose you win. >> yes. >> learning so much about you all. >> yes. >> hopefully you're interested in this america. we do have a lot more coming up. the dishwashing wars. so many cups battling over how to do it right and we'll have your answer definitive answer ahead. and in "the speed feed," the guacamole recipe rocking the nation. should we really give peas a chance? just give peas a chance. >> that's beautiful. >> thank you.
7:46 am
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♪ i like the music. >> are you craving -- >> it looks good.
7:50 am
>> watermelon. >> maybe some cottage cheese. >> ali had a lot of watermelon. >> but we digress. amy. >> yeah, you know you guys just talk amongst yourselves and i'll be talking about the talk of twitter. more than 63,000 tweets about the great guacamole debate. "the new york times" posted a recipe suggesting makers add green peas for sweetness and color. well the internet cried sacrilege as the world quickly wound its way around the web. this mom post inging go offline for three hours to take your kids to the dentist and return to a pea guacamole world. someone hold me because i'm scared. she wasn't alone. even the president chiming in not buying peas in guacamole, the president said onion, garlic hot peppers, classic. in a rare moment of partisan unity, we asked gop candidate jeb bush who found common ground e-mailing abc news about the added new ingredient saying "i have not nor will i start now." and this i think sups it up.
7:51 am
leave guacamole alone, new york. we're going to test it out now. you have the classic guacamole and the peas added version so guy, dive in and tell me what you think. >> you didn't have to ask us twice. we've been diving and -- >> i don't mind the peas. >> yes, i can't really taste them. >> so shocking. >> i prefer no peas. [ laughter ] ♪ mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.♪ ♪ don't let 'em pick guitars or drive them old trucks.♪ boys? ♪ mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.♪ stop less. go more. the passat tdi clean diesel with up to 814 highway miles per tank. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1,000 volkswagen credit bonus
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:56, thursday, july 2. let's go over to karen and look at the schuylkill expressway, good morning. >> reporter: we have summer holiday traffic which means the delays are not that bad. the traffic is heavy westbound from the boulevard to gladwyn a 22 minute ride from the vine to the blue route. not bad at all. the worst of it showing 17 miles per hour on the schuylkill expressway. otherwise mostly in the 30s. i-95 at cottman, 55 miles per hour. southbound jamming betsy ross bridge to girard. the case of a missing had an
7:57 am
hole cover watch for it in abington old york road at hart road. >> sky6 live hd taking a look at cape may. if you're going to an early start to the holiday it's looking like a perfect beach day at least in the morning. >> reporter: only for a little while. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing showers beginning to creep across delaware bay inland cape may county. and west of delaware. showers on the way. 72 in philadelphia. not all that muggy here. a little more so farther south. 84 is the high. the day will give way to thicker clouds and during the majority of the day we'll see passing showers and thunderstorms. mostly in south jersey and delaware although philadelphia can't rule out getting clipped a little bit. saturday, 82 not a bad day.
7:58 am
saturday, 81 is the high, there's a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening, but not a washout. >> time for deals and steals on "g.m.a." we'll see you back here in 30.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and one of the biggest travel weekends of the year. are the four biggest airlines in america working together to illegal drive up the price of your ticket your summer travel alert this morning. ♪ i know you lie ♪ nick jonas knockout. the pop superstar lashes out at one of the biggest fitness companies in america, an escalating war of words ♪ it's the final countdown ♪ kitchen wars. it's the sudsy issue that's got couples up in arms. >> is loading utensils into a dishwasher becoming a knife through the heart of your marriage? >> we're dishing out a diagnosis to settle the great dishwasher debate for good as we say -- [ cheers and applause ]
8:01 am
>> and we are getting you ready for the holiday weekend with our cool it down countdown. look at rob marciano out there in new york harbor getting airborne. whoa. he was airborne. >> that can't be rob. >> otherwise, he has it down quickly. >> did pretty well right there. we'll go back and get to amy right now. >> oh. >> because we do have some breaking news and amy, you have the morning rundown. police responding to the washington navy yard. >> that's right. there is word that police in washington are responding to reports of an active shooter at the d.c. navy yard. park police confirming they are responding again to reports but have not yet confirmed there is in fact a shooter. no casualties known at this time. this is though the same navy yard where 12 people were killed back in 2013 when the gunman opened fire. abc's pierre thomas is watching from washington. pierre what do we know right now? >> reporter: amy, so far law
8:02 am
enforcement officials are checking into this again, no confirmed that there actually is a shooter. law enforcement officials are concerned obviously. you can see that they have a heavy police presence down there at the washington navy yard. given all the concerns leading up to the fourth of july holiday celebrations law enforcement officials are taking no chances, they're going to check this out. we're speaking to federal law enforcement sources who are descending on the scene, as well. again, they want to go through this and find out precisely what's going on. as you said no reports of casualties at this point. >> all right, pierre thomas we know you'll keep our eye on that situation and we of course will keep you updated on abc news throughout the morning and day. also breaking this morning, 5,000 people evacuated from their homes overnight after a train hauling a chemical used to make plastics caught fire near knoxville, tennessee. a two-mile area has been evacuated because of the toxic fumes. at least a dozen first responders have been rushed to the hospital for decontamination
8:03 am
but no serious injuries have been reported. and now to the latest shark attack in north carolina as millions of americans head to the beach for the july 4th weekend. a 68-year-old man was bitten multiple times wednesday as he swam in shallow water in the outer banks. the seventh shark attack in that tate in less than a month. in south carolina, a boy is recovering after a shark left a row of teeth marks on his leg. so far local officials are resisting calls to shut down beaches. and it is an end of an era for our favorite children's program of all time maria, one of the most recognizable characters on "sesame street" has announced she will not be returning next season. the actress who played her for 44 years is retiring. sonia monzano an award winning writer and fans are taking to twitter to share their very best wishes for maria. you know she started back in 1971 on the show as a teenager.
8:04 am
she won 15 daytime emmys. she be missed. she is such a part of my childhood and so many others. but we wish her well. time for her to take a rest i bet. >> 44 years. >> 44 years. >> what a great career. she helped a lot of kids. >> she did. >> thank you, amy. over to lara in the social square. >> thank you very much george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." we begin with nick jonas taking on a fitness giant. what they said that has him fired up and firing back right now. and then a little dishwashing drama. so many cups battling over the best way to wash those dishes. now our expert has the real way to get it right. tim mcgraw's huge heart, huge move. what he's doing that's changed so many veterans' lives. all that and fourth of july "deals & steals" live on "good morning america". here in times square. hi, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] hi. how are you? hi. hey, guys.
8:05 am
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8:09 am
♪ i still can't -- welcome whack to "gma." time for the "heat index." this morning's hot button. nick jonas taking on crossfit. the pop star calling out the fitness company over a tweet about diabetes. neither side is backing down and abc's reena ninan has the story. ♪ >> reporter: this morning nick jonas facing off against a lead fitness group, crossfit. standing up for a cause that hits close to home. crossfit tweeting this pic of a coca-cola bought with the caption open diabetes along with a quote from george greg
8:10 am
glassman saying make sure you pour some out for your dead homies. the 22-year-olds singer who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13 firing back saying this is not cool. please no one understand the difference between type one and type two diabetes before making ignorant comments. sensitivity to all diseases and proper education on the cause and day-to-day battle is important. >> type one diabetes we tend to see diagnosed in younger individuals, sometimes even children reflects an inability of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. type two diabetes which we tend to see in older adults it tends to be associated with increased weight or obesity. >> reporter: crossfit's ceo telling abc news this is about the scourge of type 2 diabetes and its underlying causes. his sponsor, coca-cola is a significant contributor to the diabetes epidemic both with product and marketing spend. ♪ overnight a rep for jonas
8:11 am
responding nick has never had a deal or sponsorship with coca-cola. this is a company desperate for publicity but it's bizarre they try to achieve it behind such a thoughtless tweet. jonas an advocate since his diagnosis and currently a spokesman for the glucose monitoring system he uses even testifying in a 2009 hearing on capitol hill about the disease. >> it has not been easy but diabetes technology has really helped me to manage my diabetes. >> he's always wanted to empower his fans many of whom might be dealing with this disease. >> reporter: medical experts saying the conversation is an important one to have. >> i think or hope that the intention was to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle but in reality it came out as blaming people who are living with a chronic and potentially very serious illness. ♪ >> reporter: and i'd also like to add part of crossfit's response was so aggressive hmm, we can't say it on air.
8:12 am
it was pretty powerful and reached out to coca-cola and confirmed jonas is not a paid spokesman and adding they recognize the importance of physical activity and moderation. >> it was a short response but a powerful one. >> it certainly was. yes. >> use your imagination. >> we learned a lot in the whole experience. >> yes, definitely. i'm speaking to our dr. jen ashton and saying for anyone with diabetes your blood sugar level is going too high or too low is such a risk. >> that was my dad. critical and i think it's important he said, hey, know the difference between one and two. >> yes. >> and that's why he was speaking out like that. reena, thank you. >> thank you. up next in heath hee. dishwasher wars. i didn't know this was a war about this. >> wow. >> we have some dirty dishes from the guacamole we ate before and now we're -- ♪ final countdown." >> repurposing. >> we got to get them clean. but did you know that nearly half of all americans surveyed say they are argue over the proper way to fill a dishwasher and a story we found in "wall
8:13 am
street journal" said they're all doing it wrong. ginger, enlighten us. >> i know i'm doing it wrong. should the dishes go on the top rack? what about forks, spoons and knives face up or face down? nearly everyone has an opinion on how you should do the dishes including my husband but if you want to prove you're right, get ready for a fight. it's the heavy-duty debate soaking countless couples. how to load one of your home's most used appliances the dishwasher. >> i definitely have to rearrange things when he does it. >> it's double the work. >> reporter: stephanie says it's a sudsy issue she and her husband face every night. >> i do the dishes better. >> i do the dishes correctly. >> reporter: they are not alone. a recent study found the dish much washer is a battleground for more than 40% of americans. >> what's wrong with the way i did it. >> reporter: fighting over whether to point the knives up or down. >> prerinse versus no prerinse. >> speed cycle, half theenergy. >> reporter: where to place more delicate items like glass and
8:14 am
plastic. >> like that? >> no. >> loading utensils into a dishwasher becoming a knife through the heart of your marriage. >> reporter: appliance maker bosch capitalizing on the feud in this marketing parody. in the film "rachel getting married" it was all about speed. and to get them perfectly clean when it comes to the dishes my husband and i ben are far from a matching set. >> boom look at that. color coordinating. >> reporter: no matter how you tack them this may be the cleanest mess ever to hit the kitchen. this is the best dishwasher and he's the one that keeps this place together. >> i'm like mr. clean without the gorgeous pectoral muscles. >> and he's got a little more hair. the biggest argue many couples have about washing dishes whether to prerinse them or not. of those who argue over dishwashing, 61% disagree on whether you should hand clean your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher and that's my problem. isn't it the dishwasher's job and ben, he cleans it before it
8:15 am
goes in. >> you and ben, most adorable couple ever. let's just put it out there. bottom of it joining us lifestyle expert chi lan lieu. to prerinse or not to prerinse is the question. >> let's just squash the debate once and for all. the number one dishing etiquette, do not prerinse. that's because dishwashers are so much more advanced. take a look here. now, dishwashers are equipped with these intelligent sensors all the way around that seek out all of that dirt and muck in your dishes. so that's great. not only that but detergents now are so advanced they contain all these enzymes that dissolve the food. you don't need to prerinse at all. tick those dirty dishes in there and let your dishwasher do the business. >> don't wastewater. >> and saving time because you don't have another chore to do. >> win/win. all right. i didn't realize there are different personalities. we saw that a little bit with ben and ginger. what is that all about.
8:16 am
>> ge commissioned a survey about people that use their dishwashers and realized there are three personalities that always come up. now, the first one they're called the protecters. these people are so interesting. it has to do with just utensils. they always load the dishwasher with all the utensils facing down so when you grab it you only touch the handles, nothing that you would eat with. now, when it comes to the second type and that an organizer they don't care how the dishwasher is loaded as long as it's using every single inch appropriately. >> amen. >> is that you? >> just get in there. >> i'm more of a curator and like my tall dishes with the tall the bowls with the bowls and like it looking good coming in and coming out. >> i think she's on your team. show us the proper way. we got dirty guacamole dishes here. >> we need to get these clean and don't rinse these, guys of the lea tart with the top rack. a lot of couples argue go this. you want to do your glasses, as well as your plasticware face down on the top because the pressure of the water is not so
8:17 am
harsh up here. that means your glasses won't get a scratch as if you loaded them in the bottom. >> all right. >> when it comes to utensils don't be afraid to mix it up. forks and spoons mix it up in there with the knives facing down. have you ever noticed how spoons and forks nest in the drawer. you are don't want that to happen in the dishwasher. >> put the knives down because you don't want to cut yourselves. >> exactly. >> what else? >> when it comes to your cast iron and nonstick cookware don't use the dishwasher. for stainless steel pots and pans throw it this there, not prerinse rinse, of course and close it up. >> good to go. >> when you're ready to run it try not to always use normal. i am guilty of that for sure. >> but there's so many different cycles. >> when you're doing like those caked on casserole dishes or baking pans use the heavy and the pots and pans mode. when you're going to do something delicate like china and glassware you can run them in the dishwasher. use the delicate mode. >> run it during the middle of the day energy saver. >> try using energy saving mode
8:18 am
or eco mode because you're lighter on the environment which is always a wonderful thing. >> see, i read the note. >> yeah robin. there you go, girl. >> i have no credibility in this debate. i filled two dishwashers in the last year but -- >> oh! >> that's incredible, george. >> being honest about it but i don't see the harm in rinsing before. >> oatmeal. you have to prerinse because i have a lot of kids that like oatmeal all crusty. >> it's the enzymes. they latch on and dissolve it. >> i don't have those ensigns in my dishwasher then. it takes my elbow grease. >> i'm with you. i like a little mini rinse. i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> splitting it up. i'm going to follow your advice. thank you, thank you very much. back outside to ginger. >> yes, i knew it wasn't a prerinse. i'm here with jean from houston. all she wants to say -- >> good morning, america! let's start with the forecast.
8:19 am
in louisville it's a rainy place, north of the front it's cold and so not like july. look at chicago going to the upper 60s for the high. that's the big picture. let's get a which can closer to home. >> reporter: well, ginger we have a little bit of precipitation moving into the region. we have thunderstorms coming off eastern maryland some of this is coming over the delaware bay and might make it up to philadelphia over the next couple of hours maybe snoorn than -- sooner than that. we have increasing clouds and showers in south jersey and delaware clipping the i-95 corridor occasionally. 82 tomorrow. "pop news." i know.
8:20 am
>> twice in a year. >> he's very honest. >> yes, he is. >> i told him -- you were talking and i said, you have a good life. >> we all do. >> yes, we do. >> we are blessed. ali, you are the best. in "pop news" this morning, we are feeling the music, megastar love this morning. gearing up for gavin degraw's performance in just a few minutes and a country music superstar also feeling the love this morning. tim mcgraw giving away 36 mortgage-free hopes to veterans this summer working with operation home front and chase bank and mcgraw is handing over the keys to one deserving family each city on his shotgun tour. mcgraw has a long history of supporting our servicemen and women. he's already given away more than 100 homes to date. >> it comes from the heart with him. it really does. >> thank you, tim mcgraw. i love that story. how is this for the mother of all movie casts? julia roberts, kate hudson
8:21 am
jennifer aniston and a little jason sudeikis to top it off. all expected to star in garry marshall ensemble called "mother's day." the third of marshall's holiday themed ensemble comedies. >> "new year's day." >> valentine's day and new year's eve. the interintersection of several moms as mother's day approaches and fourth time julia worked with marshall and, of course her breakout hit, "pretty woman." >> we love you, garry. >> if i forget to tell you, i had a great time today. the line from "pretty woman." >> it was like o.oh, i had a great time today. >> is she leaving? >> no. [ laughter ] >> ah. also in "pop news" an investigation, everybody, listen up. we do have new evidence this morning supporting the case for
8:22 am
why we're all really just overgrown toddlers. if you're feeling a little crabby this afternoon around 1:00 do yourself a favor. everyone around you, frankly, take a little nap. according to researchers from the university of michigan and our "pop news" team even a little afternoon siesta is proven to help grown-up ss handle frustration so much better. a supercomplicated design one group, the fortunate group broke it up with a nap. others were made to watch an hour long boring documentary in the midst of doing this. the nappers were willing to keep at the task for twice as long as their tired and frustrated counterparts. >> i believe it. >> when your temper starts to boil please enjoy a nap. >> where did you get the actors who are like this? did you see those pictures. >> part of the "pop news" team, amy. >> i like it. >> i could be in a mood. i take this -- >> not you, robin. >> i'm telling you. take about a 20 25-minute
8:23 am
nap -- ? right at that time too. >> yes, key. >> so, everybody, just take a second if you can. >> if you can. >> your bosses won't mind. tell them we said so. no actually don't. please don't. then finally, you have to see this to believe it especially you, ginger. a zebra who is willing to sing for -- that's my cue to roll it. his supper. ♪ >> no. >> watch. watch. >> you got something to say. ♪ i love you ♪ >> no. >> mr. ed. ♪ ♪ >> okay maybe it's just a funny dad with really good timing. watch. watch. ♪ ♪ no gray area here. this one is just black and white. >> oh. >> nice! nice! that was good. [ applause ] very good.
8:24 am
>> that's a drop the mike moment. >> you win. all right, we'll try to move on, lara because this morning we are going to improve the backyard challenge. two dyi experts going head-to-head right now and had them start earlier and go out to jesse palmer to see how they're doing right now >> that's right amy, the competition is going so strong right now and here's the goal. to create the ultimate fourth of july picnic table display. first i want to show you a look of what these tables looked like before. now, both of our competitors have had tons of supplies from our "gma" warehouse to choose from. we have two fierce diy competitors here first tyler wisler has 50,000 followers on pinterest which is impressive. a ton of great design ideas and making use of the jeans and denim. >> i'm trying. jeans are something that everybody has around the house that nobody fits into anymore so why not make use of them. >> throw in the bandannas, trying to get votes. >> hey, doesn't hurt right? >> he's going up against jenni
8:25 am
radosevich. an internet superstar taking normal everyday items turing them into home decorment you can smell the fumes. >> already making a mess. >> very patriotic. >> it looks great so far. >> you're painting stars on the ground, i see, a little spray paint in the morning. >> smells good over here. this is amazing. the big reveal it's coming up ahead. you won't want to miss it. >> that is up a wheelhouse. >> lara was taking notes. >> i was, i wrote denim. also ahead on "gma" this morning, look at that. our rob marciano hanging out by lady liberty right now look at him go. he's airborne. one of the coolest ways to beat the summer heat. it's called flyboarding. he's been practicing -- whoa. he was practicing all morning long. we'll see how high and how long he can fly in just a few minutes. i believe in rob. he can do it. >> okay. >> this is day two. i wish i was there.
8:26 am
>> this is day two.
8:27 am
good morning we've got breaking news coming to us from washington, d.c. police and s.w.a.t teams are reporting to a shooter at the washington, d.c. navy yard on active lockdown. we heard a press officer calling it a potential incident. no reports of a casualties, this is the same navy yard where 1 people were killed in 2013. reports of a shooter at the navy yard in washington d.c. we'll bring you details as soon as they come in. 8:27 i'm tamala edwards let's look at traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: good morning, we're seeing overall lighter volume, so many people have off for the 4th. i-95 northbound traffic approaching the commodor barry
8:28 am
bridge. usually we would be jammed sold, but not bad now. 17 miles per hour from the betsy ross bridge to girard, 55 at cottman, not that bad. 21 on the schuylkill expressway from the boulevard to gladwyn. we have a disable train washington avenue at grays ferry. at 250th street. watch for that. >> now let's finds out what to expect with accuweather and go over to david murphy good morning. >> reporter: clouds are getting thicker, tam. clouds and showers coming into new castle county, delaware and southern chester county and heavier stuff west of dover and some of it crossing the delaware bay toward cape may county. 72 and dry in philadelphia, a tad humid not too bad. this afternoon's high, 84. sun and increasing clouds and we're looking at showers most of us them will be in south jersey and delaware, the city of philadelphia and i-95 could get
8:29 am
clipped. >> we'll see you back here in 30.
8:30 am
♪ it's the final countdown ♪ >> the countdown. [ cheers and applause ] welcome back everyone to "gma"ment a lot of fun ahead. jesse, oh that great design that you were in the middle of. >> yeah no doubt about it. you can spell it out here can't you? a lot of paint. wake you up. >> it's all part of our backyard bash challenge. >> that's rye. >> we have two diy experts and assistants going head-to-head trying to design the ultimate fourth of july picnic display. time is running ow. you see them going. big reveal just moments away but right now while they work inside to amy. >> we have our own big reveal right now. tory johnson and this morning's "deals & steals" celebrates july 4th in style and all starting at $5 are made in america. >> there you go. made in america. >> speak of the american theme we can begin with these awesome
8:31 am
pillows. >> i love this. >> interest a company called southern sass and what's amazing they are inspired by the old travel road maps so there's all kinds of beautiful all artist designed by an artist in mississippi. the company is based also in mississippi so all the production is done there. all 50 states obviously available. just beautiful quality. >> i like the back with the burlap. >> down filled burlap back. a great deal normally $44, slashed by 55%. every pillow 20 bucks. >> what a great gift too. >> i feel like this is such a good gift. this is also very great. >> another american classic. burt's bees in durham north carolina. eight different products to choose from. all promise assorted stuff from reducing fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles to just nourishing your skin it's one of their newest collections. so that's always a favorite around here. also a really big deal on these. all of the products depending on what you choose ranking from $10 to $20 but slashed in half so $5
8:32 am
to 10 for today only. >> a great deal. i don't know anyone who doesn't love burt's bee's. >> i know. another favorite you and i were talking about commando. so commando makes all kinds of great undie, tanks, you name it and they are known for their elastic free -- invisible underwear. >> that's the name. commando. so feel it. it's super, super soft. >> that's nice. >> big assort many on a variety of styles so there's everything from these great little ballet boy shorts. >> tank tops. >> classics. >> tanks, cammis a lot of colors as well starting at $44, everything from commando today slashed in half so just 22 and it's like 22 for a double set. >> that's fantastic. >> i'm a softy for anythings that a shout-out to happiness and joy. one of our favorite companies. check this out. i am blessed.
8:33 am
it's their great tank. the razor back tank "u" neckline and i love sundays that oprah wears on instagram. big deal from peace love world produced in l.a. normally $55 all slashed big time. 20 bucks for any tank. >> i'm very excited about this. >> from a jersey shore institution, johnson's popcorn. no connection to me though i wish there was. three different flavors, two different sizes, great great price. normally starting at $29, these are all slashed in half so 14.50 and includes shipping so ship something included in that and what's amazing about this deal when you buy it today you can choose any date to ship through the end of august. so if you're going somewhere, you want to treat somebody, a birthday holiday, whatever coming up today is your day to buy it. >> really really good tory. thanks to all these companies for providing all of these great deals. you can find the codes and two bonus deals on our website, george. >> thank you. i am here with j.k. simmons from
8:34 am
"terminator genisys." had a big opening wednesday. he plays a detective teaming up with the terminator and his gang so take a look. >> why are they always trying to kill you? i want to help you, i do. i think. but i got to understand. i know what's going on here has to be really really complicated. >> we're here to stop the end of the world. >> i can work with that. >> and j.k. simmons is here right now. we can work with that. must have been fun to do that movie. >> absolutely. yeah. >> had you worked with arnold before. >> no never met him before. >> any workout tips? >> he -- well, we met again at the christmas party and he had since seen "whiplash" and i asked him -- i went fishing for
8:35 am
a compliment you know. he was telling me he liked the movie and i said what did you think of those biceps? he said you biceps are okay but your triceps were impressive. >> that's a very good arnold right there. you did not have to fish too hard for compliments after "whiplash." what a performance. what a run you had and we were all watching you all through the awards season. every single time best supporting actor, j.k. simmons. what was that like? week after week after week? >> well i mean it was great. honestly at the oscars it was -- when you know, when, you know the oscar goes to it was really more like whoo because everyone was telling me it's going to be you. if it's not me i'm a schmuck. >> you gave sup heartwarming speech as well telling everyone to call their mom and dad and i was just reading right here. your kids are actually musicians. >> yeah and actually both percussionists yeah. >> no kidding. >> yeah yeah my daughter plays the drum set more and my son plays in the l.a. youth orchestra among others.
8:36 am
we just got -- we were in prague yesterday chasing my son's youth orchestra around on their european tour. >> both percussion ifs, never got the -- >> no no. try to keep it mellow at home. >> that's pretty good. and tell us about what happens to someone when they have you know, you're one of these overnight sensations after a 20-year career. >> yeah. >> everything explodes. >> it really does ramp up exponentially and i certainly had no complaints before. you know i've been very blessed and in my life and in my career and now it's more and more opportunities and the coolest thing now is people come to me with this nice script and they want me to be the first guy to attach and go we'll shoot in atlanta or texas or romania and i go man, i'd love to do it but i'd rather be home with my wife and kids so i'm going to hold out for something in l.a. all right, we'll shoot it in l.a. >> bam. that's not bad. i also know you just finished a foreword for a new book close to your heart called "a short walk
8:37 am
home." >> david cry is a guy i met through mutual friends in new orleans a while back and he runs a foundation called the ald foundation agreen leuko leukodystrophy is a horrible devastating disease that he's afflicted by and that is generally fatal in young boys when it attacks them and it's just a memoir of his experience with his stepson and what he and his wife went through and it's heartbreaking but it's a very very uplifting story and the book just came out two days ago actually. >> touched your heart. we look forward to that and "terminator genisys" in theaters right now. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> out to ginger. >> oh let's get started out -- you know what j.k. simmons, you don't have to ask me for a compliment for "whiplash." i loved that movie. we love waking up o in seattle it's another hot one we can see mount rainier it hadn't had a break to hide
8:38 am
because it's sunny and hot. 91 in seattle. las vegas above 105, 18 days, the longest stretch in june. >> reporter: it's like seattle has our summer heat so far ginger. we have showers and thunderstorms in eastern shore of maryland. they are pushing toward the east. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows 84 for the high increasing clouds and showers and perhaps a thunderstorm mainly south. as always. i love that little -- whatever we're doing right there. our cool it down countdown. sing it new edition much we've been checking in with rob marciano in new york harbor all morning. he's been practicing flyboarding. all right, rob, show us what you got.
8:39 am
>> he can show us. we just can't hear him. >> all right. >> i think what he's trying to say is it goes high in the air. >> looks like he's going to go try it right now. >> yes, he's got -- i believe -- >> he's standing -- it looked like he was in deep water. there he goes. oh, oh. oh oh. he got it. >> come on come on come on. >> it looks like fun. >> not bad. >> that's really good. >> oh. >> he's back. whoa. >> that was a little close to the other guy. this is the beauty of live television. i keep thinking -- >> he doesn't give up. >> he does not give up george, you're right about that. >> i don't think that guy should be so close to him.
8:40 am
i'm -- >> he's practicing his dives. >> yeah. >> all right. >> and the beauty of live tv as you see it it might be breaking up just a little bit. >> but you know what again, he will not give up oh, well. okay. >> we're glad that he cooled it down for us in a way that is so unbelievable. in new york harbor. statue of liberty in the backdrop and rob going way high in the air and, yes, another perfect 10. >> thank you for the play-by-play lara. we want to thank the coast guard, also thanking brian of connecticut flyboards for helping out this morning and new york media boat. they provide adventure sightseeing tours here in new york city. >> good job, rob. >> all right. >> good job, buddy. >> the big reveal from our backyard bash challenge coming up next. >> one word, denim.
8:41 am
8:42 am
tt2wút&mútt bt@qnq, tt2wút&mútt
8:43 am
"a@qí]h tt2wút&mútt bm@quvd tt4wút&mútt " dztq wgp tt4wút&mútt " entq 'c0 tt4wút&mútt " gzt& >dh tt4wút&mútt " hnt& .j$ tt4wút&mútt " iztq d#é tt4wút&mútt " jntq vs< tt4wút&mútt " lzt& n>@ ♪ it's the final countdown ♪ >> all right. time now to improve this! and today our backyard bash challenge sponsored by lowe's we are ready for the big reveal. tyler wisler versus jenni radosevich online superstars for their ideas and creations. did i say radosevich. >> radosevich. >> okay. >> but these two are online superstar, pinterest, beyond both started out with bare
8:44 am
picnic tables and challenged them to do an overhaul using basic stuff, tool household items. jesse, you've been keeping an eye on it. >> this has been creative mayhem all morning with tyler and jenni going head-to-head and had access to a warehouse full of supplies you could find at your local home improvement store and were able to use tools you could probably find in your own garage and basically what they did is took just a very plain picnic table and turned it into something epic. i think everybody will be very very impressed when you see what these two have done. >> however, only one can take home the trophy. our audience in times square here will be actually making the call which is really fun and now the final results. tyler, you're up first. let's get one last look. the before. >> drum roll, please. district drum roll ] >> this is the before and tyler show us the after. >> tah-dah. >> wow!
8:45 am
very nice. >> well oh come on. there we go. >> so guys it's up to you, everybody here in times square. you guys are the judges. we want to know tyler, why you think you should be the winner and what you've created here with some pretty basic household items to celebrate the fourth. >> well you know the biggest thing about the fourth of july is it's a one-off party. only doing it once a year, not a reason to break the bank. go into your closet and garage and get stuff you can use. old jeans, i mean who wouldn't think of using denim, placemat little holders. super cute. >> really cute. you put the pant legs and spread them out and turned them into place mats. >> and throw them away afterwards and you're good. >> funny. that's great. anything else that our viewers can take away from this. i love pipe cleaners. >> pipe cleaners are amazing. this was like a two second thing but kids love this. >> they do. >> so does this kid. >> well hey. >> all right, so tyler,
8:46 am
awesome. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> i love it. reusable recyclable. >> reusable recyclable and so many ideas came off pinterest. it's there for us to use. >> so there's tyler, now let's see jenni, the before plain table. the after. drum roll please. [ drum roll ] open that wall. >> open it guys. >> wow, very nice. >> and she throws beads. >> i got to bribe the audience a little bit. >> i like the paint. >> oh, thanks. i wanted a big impact so decided to spray paint the entire or paint the entire table and kind of love how it turned out and then we wanted to do some plants in the front and that way people can take those home at the end of the day so they have a little takeaway. >> really cute. >> yes. >> cute too. i like the napkin olders using denim. >> to wrap for the place holders. >> so that's it. now it's up to the audience. >> time to cast their votes, guys and all the audience have the cool gadgets that can tally the votes instantaneously.
8:47 am
take a close look at both of these designs, use your gadget cast your votes right now and the results, there they are, showing on the jumbotron. >> wow. >> yes. >> i hate to say it tyler, but jenni with a fourth of july land landslide. thank you, audience for participating. we all win. great ideas from both tyler and jenni. we thank you. >> you get a trophy. >> i believe we constructed this trophy using household eyes we found in my drawer at the desk. thank you so much. check out our website for more ideas. thanks jesse for helping me. needtobreathe, gavin degraw performing live. don't go anywhere. congrat, jenni. "gma's" improve charge! is brought to you by lowe's. lowe's, never stop improving.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
are you ready to rock? how about you at home? great to have grammy nominated rock band needtobreathe here with us. their latest album is "rivers in the wasteland." they teamed up with rocker gavin degraw who killed it opening for shania the other night. yeah you did. yeah you did. he is here on their new single. they are together with "brother." great to have you guys here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ♪ ♪ ramblers in the wilderness we can't find what we need ♪ ♪ we get a little restless from the searching get a little worn down in between ♪ ♪ like a bull chasing the matador is the man left to his own schemes ♪ ♪ everybody needs someone beside
8:51 am
'em shining like a lighthouse from the sea ♪ ♪ brother let me be your shelter i'll never leave you all alone ♪ ♪ i can be the one you call when you're low brother let me be your fortress ♪ ♪ when the night winds are driving on be the one to light the way bring you home ♪ ♪ face down in the desert now there's a cage locked around my heart ♪ ♪ i found a way to drop the keys where my failures were now my hands can't reach that far ♪ ♪ i ain't made for a rivalry i could never take the world alone ♪ ♪ i know that in my weakness i am strong but it's your love that brings me home ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ brother let me be your shelter
8:52 am
i'll never leave you all alone ♪ ♪ i can be the one you call when you're low ♪ ♪ brother let me be your fortress when the night winds are driving on ♪ ♪ be the one to light the way bring you home ♪ ♪ and when you call and need me near sayin' where'd you go ♪ ♪ brother i'm right here and on those days when the sky begins to fall ♪ ♪ you're the blood of my blood we can get through it all ♪ ♪ brother let me be your shelter i'll never leave you all alone ♪
8:53 am
♪ i can be the one you call when you're low ♪ ♪ brother let me be your fortress when the night winds are driving on ♪ ♪ be the one to light the way bring you home ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ brother let me be your shelter i'll never leave you all alone ♪ ♪ i can be the one you call when you're low ♪ ♪ brother let me be your fortress when the night winds are driving on be the one to light the way ♪ ♪ bring you home be the one to light the way bring you home ♪ ♪ hey ♪ [ applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we are breathless after hearing needtobreathe, "brother," gavin, thank you. have a wonderful day, everybody. we are. good morning the action cam at the national constitution center early this morning for hoagie day as part of the wawa
8:57 am
welcome america festival. 150 associates formed an assembly line to build a 5-ton hoagie. you can get yours for free at independence mall. this is dedicated to our soldiers and hometown heros. let's go over to karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: this is the schuylkill expressway not jammed at all looking good on the the schuylkill expressway. we had an update on the travel time, 18 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine. normally we would be seeing 35 to 40 minute ride. no delay at all. i-95 southbound traffic at cottman moving just fine, some days you might get nearly an hour, today a 17 minute ride on the blue route and the schuylkill. >> let's head outside to talk to david murphy about the weather. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing showers
8:58 am
inching up i-95. steadier stuff highlighted in yellow. the temperatures is at 73 degrees in philadelphia. not particularly humid more humid the closer you get to the coast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 84. early morning sunshine quickly giving way to uncreased clouds and showers and thunderstorms around. most of the action today tam will be in south jersey and delaware, but obviously some might clip philadelphia, as well. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, we continue to follow developing news, authorities are responding to reports of a shooter at the washington, d.c. navy yard that complex on lockdown. no reports of casualties so far we'll bring you the latest when it comes in. we'll send you now to "live" with kelly and michael.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the drama "under the dome," marg helgenberger and one of the stars of "once upon a time," jennifer morrison. plus, another day, another challenge, another prize for someone in our audience as we continue our stars & stripes celebration games, all next on "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheering] singer: ♪ we got bad blood, now we got problems and i don't think we can solve ♪ kelly: whoo! singer: ♪ you made a deep cut and now we got bad blood... ♪ [michael humming] kelly: thank you. mi


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