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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  July 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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start to the holiday weekend. wish we could keep this weather through tomorrow. that's not going to be the case but enjoy today while you can. currently in philadelphia we have felted sunshine the temperature 80 degrees, warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high only 77 with the clouds and showers. allentown is 81, reading 80, wilmington 78 degrees, trenton 79 and a pretty nice beach day. the boardwalk in atlantic city and sea isle city 75 degrees and the ocean temperature a mild 72 degrees. so, get out and enjoy it this evening. it's looking good. clouds will thicken in the overnight hours. at 7 o'clock 80, by 8 o'clock, 78, by 9 o'clock 76 and then by 10 o'clock, 74 degrees. those clouds thickening in advance of low pressure that will be diving just to our south, 3-d showing we have a stalled frontal boundary to the south. that low pressure will be moving due east. it will really miss us to the south. however, there's a piece of upper level energy that will
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help pull up some of that moisture in the form of some clouds and showers so future tracker showing by 9 o'clock we will have some showers around especially west of philadelphia and then we will have some occasional showers into the afternoon before things will be drying out by tomorrow night. most of the fireworks displays should be rain free. so, this is what to expect for the fourth of july. big turn around from today. plenty of clouds. it will be cool for july, scattered showers and perhaps even a period of steady rain midday if that low pressure can pull up enough moisture but again, the good news is we dry out by tomorrow night and i've got a gorgeous sunday on the way. i'll talk about that including the shore and the poconos in the full accuweather forecast. brian. >> all right, cecily, some good news in there. thanks very much. the main event for a lot of folks this weekend will be the fourth of july jam on the ben franklin parkway. today crews started setting up the fireworks as as they put the finishing touches on the stage in front of the art museum.
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john rawlins is live on the parkway for the wawa welcome america celebration will come in for a big finish tomorrow night. hi there john. >> reporter: hi, brian. soft laughing here, they just turned on the amplifier to make sure they're working. they're working very well. the folks here at welcome america have been putting on these big shows on the parkway for many decades and as far as setup is concerned it's a pretty well oiled machine. as you look behind me you can see down to the details. an army of stage hands and others assembling what will be the focus for tomorrow night. lighting will be tested tonight and sound checks tomorrow. a few hundred yards away, tucked behind the art museum fire work technicians carefully loading the explosive stuff that will produce the grand finale. >> there's a lot of work going on. it's full dave work here today. we probably started here like 7 o'clock in the morning probably will be here until 6 o'clock and continue until show down which is around 11 o'clock. >> reporter: as much as
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700,000 people expected to be in the city tomorrow. this man says he traveled from alberta, canada. >> it's the birthplace of independence, right, philadelphia. i love this country. i love the people that live here and i love being here, so. >> reporter: even though you're canadian. >> even they i am canadian yes. >> reporter: organizers well aware of national concerns of a possible lone wolf terror attack saying philadelphia remains vigilant. >> there's things that you will see much like tonight. you will probably see a little bit more of a police presence that is in uniform but there's things you will not see. and because you won't see it i'm not going to tell you what they are. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: well, that was the deputy mayor of public safety. he says the city is in contact with the fbi and other federal agencies here. he says given the nature of the attack at the boston marathon, the organizers here are asking people not to bring coolers tomorrow night, nor --
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they are discouraging being packs or bags or anything will i be that saying that they will be subject to search by police if police have any considerations about what is inside those packs. so, i guess you are four warned at this point. be careful about bringing anything along with you to the concert. live along the parkway, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." >> yes those amplifiers are working very well. concert organizers are trying something new to manage the crowds expected for tomorrow. if you are headed for the parkway you'll notice signs like these hanging from the lampposts. city officials are hoping they'll help people in case they get separated from loved ones during the show. they say it will also help them respond to an emergency in case they need to find someone quickly. of course 6abc so proud to be the official broadcast partner of wawa welcome america and that includes special coverage tomorrow. join matt o'donnell and tamala edwards for the celebration of freedom and the independence
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day parade that airs at 10:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. then of course tomorrow night tune in for the party on the parkway. cecily, rick, adam and karen all hosting the fourth of july jam featuring the roots jennifer nettles and miguel among others. you can also expect some surprise guests. our average of all of that starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp. for many people the long holiday weekend is a chance to get to the beach. and whether it's jersey or delaware we've seen big crowds enjoying the sunshine today. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in ocean city where she continues our team coverage and trish love the gig today. >> it's been a wonderful day alicia. we're here on seventh street along the ocean city boardwalk and there's lots of folks out here still some folks enjoying some ice cream walking around, some folks are packing in their beach gear for the day. between yesterday's rain and the storms predicted for tomorrow, the beaches were
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packed today. folks enjoying the beautiful weather. the sun was strong over the jersey shore on this third of july. the beaches were packed in ocean city full of visitors, some of whom were shaking off a little bit of cabin fever. >> yesterday was an indoor day an lot of cranky kids. >> reporter: no cranky kids here a sand mountain rather than a sand castle was the mission of this family from warrington. >> spending time with family and relaxing on the. that's it. >> reporter: the water was packed too. >> it started out cold but then it got to warm up. it's really fun. >> reporter: conditions were also prime for surfing and skin boarding. >> kind of crowded with all the fourth of july people but it's really nice, big waves but they're breaking pretty early so just flat and really nice day. four month old elly won't remember her first time on the beach but her mother rebecca will. >> excited. always a little nervous. you don't know how they're going to do, if they're going to enjoy it or be fussy but so
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far she seem to be pretty happy. >> reporter: now, a lot of folks have been wondering about the fireworks planned for ocean city tomorrow night at 10 o'clock. because of those storms predicted. now, the folks at the visitor's center say so far everything is set to go on as planned but if things get a little dicey you can call the visitor's center. they'll also update their web site throughout the day. the folks here in ocean city new jersey have a message. >> happy fourth of july reporter: we're live in ocean city tonight trish heart tan channel6 "action news." >> wow, nice to see you brought a few friends along with you trish. they are cute. thank you. >> reporter: i did. >> the beach fun continues to our south in delaware. umbrellas and blankets lined the sand in rehoboth beach today. kids spent their time playing in the sand or splashing in the water. other hit the boardwalk for treats and eats. everyone we spoke with agreed it's just a great way to start the holiday weekend. >> we can't ask for a better
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day to come out and hang out enjoy the boardwalk and the one. >> a lot of traffic down here but it's a really nice day today. >> and while lifeguards are out in force they do warn all beachgoers to remain vigilant while visiting the ocean. >> of course it is time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report 'cause of course you could see some traffic down the shore even some road closures this weekend in the city. >> you got it. we'll go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with all the details. hey, matt. >> hey guys. search saw some craziness last night on the roads. i think a lot of people got out of dodge at that point headed to the shore and the poconos. so tonight isn't quite as bad but we have seen people headed down the shore throughout the day today. right now on 42 southbound by creek road crowds not too bad. same on the a.c. expressway. we've seen delays on and off throughout the day especially eastbound exiting for the garden state parkway due in part to that construction on the off ramp to the southbound parkway. right now speeds in the low 60's so we can't complain about that. the delays there kind of come and go but they're not present at the moment.
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what we are seeing is a bridge opening at the tacony palmyra bridge so that's not the one to head for right now. go for the one in the background, the betsy ross. that will be a better bet at this point until that southbound ship can make its way through here on the delaware river. close by this is 95 of course no normal afternoon delays. it was a really quiet morning this morning and this afternoon is shaping up to be kind of the same. just a little moderate traffic by allegheny but no slowing. we do have a bunch of closures because of the holiday festivities. for instance, kelly drive shut down between strawberry mansion and fountain green for the independence day regatta today. you can stick with the mlk drive or even the schuylkill which believe it or not has no delays. inner drive of the inbound ben franklin parkway is closed. outbound inner drive is opened for the afternoon commute. it will close again after that and chestnut street closed in front of independent hall for preparations there. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this holiday friday afternoon. new castle county reports of an object on the road as you travel southbound on 495 by
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edgemoor road. so watch out for that and we will check it again brian and alicia coming up in the next half hour. >> very good. see you shortly. thanks. is your holiday weekend resource center. you can find storm tracker six radar and the hourly forecasts from accuweather. all the latest traffic conditions and traffic cameras on area roadways and for a full list of the wawa welcome america festivities and fire work displays in the tri-state area, check it all out and whether you're on the parkway enjoying the beach or just grilling in the backyard, we want you to share your holiday weekend with us. use the #6abc fourth on social media. we'll be showing pictures during our special coverage tomorrow throughout the day and night right here on 6abc. >> love it. >> ♪♪ >> still ahead the rash of shark attacks continues as we head into this holiday weekends. we'll tell was experts think could be behind it. >> plus, most of us will never do it once but he's tried to do it 50 times in 50 days. all for a good cause.
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hear the story of the man they call the iron cowboy coming up next. >> and it's a huge benefit for america's women in uniform. the change the u.s. navy just put into place for female sailors and marines.
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>> two people are dead two other in the hospital after a shootout on the street this morning in the tioga-nicetown section of philadelphia. police are still trying to piece together why it happened. they got the call before 2:30 this morning on the 1900 block of bruner street. they found a 26-year-old man dead at the scene. they rushed a 21-year-old man to the hospital where he died a short time later. an 18-year-old man was shot twice. he's in critical condition. a 24-year-old woman was also shot but she's expected to survive. police say they're still not sure exactly what set this off. they haven't told us the names of anyone involved, either. >> the prime minister of greece went on television to
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ask citizens to vote no in sunday's referendum on that country's debt. there's a plan that would see greece making more cuts in exchange for a bailout. greeks will said ed to the polls to vote on sunday but the government is urging people to reject it. so leaders can negotiate a deal on their own. agrees' prime minister says the deal with creditors is more or less done but germany's prime minister says that's not the case and there will be no deal before the vote. as millions of americans head to the beach this weekend there is concern off the carolina coast about possible shark attacks. there have been as you know a rash of them there lately. now experts are trying to figure out why they're happening and how to keep people safe. abc's marci gonzalez joins us live in new york with the details on this. hi marci. >> reporter: hi, brian. the most recent victim is still in the hospital after being bitten repeatedly by a shark on wednesday. he reloosed a statement saying he was fortunate to survive as
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so many people now hitting the beaches are wondering if they, too, could be in danger. a surge in shark bites creating a scare along east coast beaches. >> we either go waste or chest but not today. >> reporter: this shark pulled out of the water along north carolina's outer banks today then released. no one was hurt but already this year along the carolina coastline there have been 11 shark attacks, all but one happening in just the past three weeks. experts saying saltier water caused by a coastal drought along with the water's warmth and the increase in fish swimming close to shore are all factors drawing sharks towards packed beaches. >> it's something we are concerned about. >> reporter: creating concerns for swimmers and fishermen alike. this video shot off the florida coast and posted on the youtube channel chew on this showing the scare of captain ben chance see's life. >> there were about 10 bull
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sharks swimming underneath the boat while we were fishing. and it kind of makes you feel like whenever you watch the movie jaws. >> reporter: chance see accidentally hooking were you ever those sharks its strengths throwing him from his kayak forcing him to swim for his life. >> and i swam a lot faster than i ever thought i could have. >> reporter: some calling for beaches to close in response to the increase in sightings and attacks but so far no such plans. people are just being told stay close to shore and swim near a lifeguard. reporting live marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." alicia back to you. >> that was some incredible video. thank you. it u.s. military added an extra benefit for women serving in the never and marine corps. the pentagon tripled the amount of maternity leave for female sailors and marines. they're entitled to 18 weeks of paid leave. the navy secretary says this will help retain talented women who also want to have
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families. women do not need to take all of the leave at once but they do need to take it within a year of the birth of their child. a major merger was just announced for the healthcare industry. aetna will buy human in a. the deal is worth $37 billion. the new company will have more than 33 million members and will bring in $115 billion annually. the deal still needs to be approved by regulators and shareholders. >> a wild one here. a man has set up a pretty grueling challenge for himself all to raise awareness for childhood obesity. james lawrence is known as the iron cowboy. lawrence was in delaware today completing his 28th iron man. get this, his goal is to complete 50 iron mans in 50 states in just 50 days. >> whew. >> the best part, you can join in also. >> you can join in. he's doing a 2.4-mile swim every morning, 112 bike ride an marathon at the end and anyone that wants to join in can come join in and enjoy the
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fun. >> two and a half mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, a marathon every day all proceeds generated from lawrence's trek will benefit the jamie oliver foundation. lawrence's iron man for tomorrow is next door in new jersey. >> pretty incredible. there's only one other person i could see completing something like this, cecily tynan. >> yeah. >> i did two iron mans in my lifetime. both of them took me almost 11 hours to complete and about month to recover from so i can't see 50 days. good luck to him. meantime today a great day to get outside maybe do some biking or swimming or just doing this. we are live on sky6 taking a look at cape may where the beach is crowded. look closely. i think adam is in there someplace. i'm pretty sure he stayed down the shore after yesterday because it really sal beautiful day and the nice thing,, too is that this time of the year the ocean temperature not that cold. ocean temperatures generally in the low 70's and some areas in the bay, like bath water.
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the temperature in the mid 80's for the water temperature. air temperature pretty nice as well. philadelphia currently 80 degrees. allentown 81. reading 80. millville 78. and wilmington 78t and a little bit of a breeze off the ocean so on the beaches slightly cooler but comfortable, temperatures in the mid 70's. satellite6 along with action radar showing we started the day with bright sunshine but the clouds have been increasing from the south. there's really now filtered sunshine in philadelphia. over to the west you can see some of that scattered shower activity. that will be heading closer to us as we head into the overnight hours and tomorrow. showers arriving by dawn especially west of philadelphia. 68 degrees the low in philadelphia. warm night. millville 65. allentown 63. wilmington 65 and trenton's low down to 64 degrees. future tracker showing the clouds are here tomorrow. we are not going to see much sunshine at all, especially the first half of the day. at 7:30, you can see some
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scattered showers generally west of philadelphia. and at this point it doesn't look like all day heavy rain but we will have occasional showers into the early to midafternoon and the good news is it looks like things will be clearing out by the evening in time for the fireworks and if this system is progressive enough, we could even see some peeks of sunshine late tomorrow afternoon. so the fourth of july for philadelphia, lots of clouds with some areas of showers 75 degrees. association it is going to be a cool day. down the shore cloudy with showers, not a good beach day unfortunately, 74 degrees. and the poconos cool with some showers, the high in the poconos take a sweater if you're heading up there, only 65 degrees. so, the fireworks forecast for the parkway it's looking pretty good. the showers should be out of here, partly cloudy. the problem we could have some areas of patchy fog that could decrease visibility at 7 o'clock, 73 degrees and by 8 o'clock, the temperature 68 degrees. so, the four day at 4:00 showing tomorrow for the fourth of july we will have
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clouds with some showers the high only 75 degrees. so s-it will be a cool day. the good news is the sunshine is back on sunday and it warms up. 85 degrees for the high. monday increasing clouds, 86. slight chance of an afternoon shower or a thunderstorm on monday. we will have a better chance of some thunderstorms developing on tuesday. it will be warm and muggy with a high of 89 degrees. fourth of july weekend a lot of people want to get outside. the good news is that sun is not good for you. tomorrow you won't see much of it but it will be back. >> putting a positive spin on it. >> i'm trying my best. tomorrow is not going to be all day heavy rain. >> cecily thank you. >> it was the sight of one of the most important battles for american independence and the state of new jersey is taking steps to make sure more of it is protected. the christie administration has expanded the princeton battlefield park by about four and a half acres. experts say the area that's now included played a significant role in the tactics george washington used during the fight.
4:23 pm
the american victory at princeton came just a week after the battle in trenton which washington won after famously crossing the delaware. >> and up next here today four people pull off a bank heist and police think you can help catch them. >> coming up at 4:30 back to our coverage of the fourth of july festivities. a live report from independence mall where they're putting on one big block party today. >> ♪♪
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>> police in chestnut hill are looking for the group of armed men who robbed a bank there. it happened tuesday inside the td bank on the 8600 block of germantown avenue. police say four men walked into just before 7 o'clock and demanded money. one of them flashed a gun while the other watched the door. they got the money, split up and then ran off. police are asking anyone with any information to please call them. >> police in germantown are trying to finds the man who held up a cell phone store at gun point. it happened wednesday night at the cricket wireless on west
4:27 pm
chelten avenue. two blows were closing up when a man walked in with a gun. he handed one of the employees a shoe box and made them fill it with cash from the register and from a safe. he got away with about $5,200 but luckily no one was hurt. >> and still to come as "action news" at 4:00 continues from free concerts to free amusement park admission for our military, the first freebie friday of the month straight ahead. >> plus they say talk is cheap but the typed word is not. what made a michigan school charge a mother $77,000 for copies of e-mails involving her special needs son. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 4:30 and "action news" continues with the brilliant way a north dakota man summed up his life in a two-word obituary. >> you're not going to believe this. >> plus, from the classroom to the courtroom. >> this is the nicest kid in middle school. >> it was a tear filled reunion when two classmates met again on the opposite sides of the law. the message one childhood friend had for the other during the emotional judgment day. >> and pesticide poisoning. officials in the virgin islands reveal devastating details about a delaware family sickened while on vacation. why they say three of the edmonds will likely never recover. >> but first it may be the third of july but the fourth of july festivities are already in full swing in the city where it all began.
4:30 pm
"action news" reporter walter perez is live on independence mall where philadelphia's liberty block party is in full swing and that's the place to be walter. >> no doubt about it alicia. i'm having a good time here way few thousand of my closest friends. as you can see the conditions are ripe and the setting is perfect for this city to wish america another happy birthday birthday. the party is already in full swing here in olde city. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: thousands of people are here for the liberty block party billed as the biggest block party of the summer. this event kicked off at 1 o'clock and has been going strong with partygoers joining snacks from the city's fantastic food scene along with plenty of live entertainment. >> ♪♪ >> beautiful weather. a lot of people. nice atmosphere. good music. >> came out. had the day off today. wanted to bring the kids out have a good time, enjoy music good food.
4:31 pm
>> cradle liberty. out here every year at this time just for this, the people the diversity in the crowd. >> reporter: this massive celebration is serving as a prelude for tonight's pops on independence concert. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: action new was there as the philly pops held their final rehearsal before tonight's free outdoor concert on the steps of independence hall. the conductor says they'll perform some modern music but much of the program will consist of american classics. >> in addition to the philly pops orchestra we'll be having the voices of the philly pops so they'll be singing battle hymn of the republic, the star spangled banner god bless america. we'll hear all the great patriotic favorites. >> reporter: all right, back out live on the scene here i had a little tip to pass along. if you plan on coming out for the free philly pops concert you better get down here if you want a good spot. lots of people have already
4:32 pm
placed down their lawn chairs and blankets to stake their claim down there. also if you do come down, stop by the "action news" van. we'll be here all night long. reporting live from center city or old city, walter perez, channel6 "action news"." >> get walter's autograph there. >> you got it. >> walter thanks. >> a meet and greet. >> the beautiful day today. a few flies in the ointment when it comes to tomorrow. >> tomorrow cloudy, cool with showers but sunday will be nice. two out of the three days this holiday weekends pretty decent. let's go out to sky6 taking a look lake, it's pretty comfortable at 75 degrees. dewpoint 58 degrees. dewpoints below 60 this time of the year is a very dry air mass. winds are calm pressure 29.98-inches. life on sky6 atlantic city look at all the people on the beach and the boardwalk. yesterday was cloud dean rainy down there. a lot of people with cabin
4:33 pm
fever getting out and enjoying it. it's 75 degrees. dewpoint 66, a little more humid there. winds out of the east-southeast at 8 miles per hour and the ocean temperature is 73 degrees. double scan live showing this is the problem that low pressure over northern kentucky. that will be moving in just to our south during the day tomorrow so that will bring us cloudy, cool conditions with occasional showers but again moving out by tomorrow night and sunday is looking really nice. i'll talk about that and have a bit of a warming trend into next week coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right, cecily, thank you. >> and of course is your holiday weekend resource center. there you'll find storm tracker six radar and the hourly forecasts from accuweather, the latest traffic conditions and traffic cameras on area roadways and a full list of welcome america festivities and fireworks displays for the tri-state area. it is all right there for you right now on >> the federal government appears to be investigating the city of allentown's contracting process. the fbi spent several hours
4:34 pm
yesterday seizing documents from city hall and questioning top officials including mayor ed pawlowski. the city solicitor said agents checked records from several offices dating back to 2005. so far no officials have been subpoenaed to testify or told that they are the target of a probe. in a statement the city says its contracting process is fair open and honest and that they are fully cooperating with the fbi. philadelphia police are looking for the person responsible for robbing jim's stakes on three separate occasions. surveillance video captured the suspect entering that business along the 5600 block of spruce street in cobbs creek. police say the man pointed a gun at a worker and demanded money. he's said to have done this again on june 30th june 21st and back on june 13th. >> a delaware family accidentally poisoned while vacationing in the caribbean back in march will likely never fully recover. that will grim news came courtesy of the virgin islands governor.
4:35 pm
steven esmond his wife theresa divine and their teenaged sons were exposed to a toxic pesticide while at a resort in saint john back in march. according to the virgin islands daily news the chemical left steven who worked as the head of tatnall middle school and his 14-year-old son ryan, paralyzed. the governor says 16-year-old sean is also unable to move and has been in and out of a coma since march. doctors say their mother is in good condition. the department of justice is still investigating terminix in connection to this incident. >> a port richmond teen has been charged with murdering a 21-year-old man in broad daylight. chopper 6hd was over the 4600 block of edgemont street as robert diluzio was arrested. police say the 18-year-old had gunned down daniel santiago about 20 minutes earlier. santiago later died of multiple gun shot wounds. diluzio is facing murder and
4:36 pm
robbery charges but a motive has not yet been released. philadelphia police say a man was able to make it into a tioga-nicetown bar early this morning despite having been shot in the groin. the shooting happened on the 2100 block of west hunting park avenue around 12:30 a.m. the victim only described as a man in his 20's staggered into walt's devil island bar for help. he was then rushed to the hospital in stable condition. no arrests have yet been made. >> a new jersey utility company's response to tuesday's storm is coming under review. lawmakers wrote to atlantic city electric to explain about a power failure. the company claims the review is standard protocol. legislators wandered governor christie to dee tear a state of emergency but christie says it wasn't warrant. >> a man was rescued after his kayak overturned while he was in the brandywine creek. a passerby on the south market street bridge noticed the man drifting down the creek.
4:37 pm
the wilmington fire department and the wilmington rowing club were able to get to the kayaker. a boat from the wilmington rogue center towed the man to the dock on eighth street. he was not injured. >> well, people all over the country are getting ready for the fourth of july festivities including of course fireworks. and officials are talking the opportunity to once again warn people that fireworks can be dangerous. "action news" anchor rick williams now live in the news room with details that you need to know once again. hi rick. >> all right, brian, that's right its that time of year and 2014 numbers are staggering, 11 people, 11 people last year were killed in five works related accidents in the u.s. and more than 10,000 people were injured. officials use dummies to demonstrate just how dangerous fireworks can be and coming up tonight on "action news" at 5 o'clock hear the story of a 12-year-old boy who is recovering from second degree burns from what's believed to be a homemade fire work. also coming up tonight at 5:00 find out the new security feature mastercard is adding for card holders. it's not a question or a
4:38 pm
fingerprint but something else that can identify you. we will explain. just some of the stories we're following for you when we see you on "action news" at 5 o'clock. until then back to the studio. alicia we'll see you in a bit. >> rick thank you. a family friendly barbecue took place this afternoon and it wasn't at a park or a beach. this one in marlton, new jersey was held at the family and company jewelers store. the goal of the event was for everyone to have fun but also to collect donations of care packaged items. the donations will be given to operation yellow ribbon which supports active duty military members and veterans. >> and still ahead here, concerts movies and magazines, just three of the things you'll get for free this friday if you stick around. >> got to stay with us. from tears of shame to words of inspiration. you wouldn't want to miss the emotional moment a burglary suspect realized just who was sitting on the bench in front of him. >> and short and sweet, that's how this north dakota man wanted to be remembered and well he got his way.
4:39 pm
the two words that perfectly sippled up his life ahead. >> and meteorologist cecily tynan returns with the full accuweather forecast for this holiday weekend when "action news" continues next flush
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of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. >> normally when you think about high school reunions or school reunions of any kind you think about hotel ballrooms or gymnasium but that was not the case for these two former classmates. mindy glazer was overseeing a bond hearing for a serial burglary suspect this weekends when she noticed something familiar about that man in front of her. >> i have a question for you. >> yes ma'am. >> did you go to nautilus for middle school. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here. i always wondered what happened to you, sir. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is the nicest kid in middle school. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's kind of awkward. judge glazer went on to say that she's confident that her
4:42 pm
middle school classmate arthur booth will be able to turn his life around despite the emotional reunion she still set his bond at 44 grand. so there's that . >> [laughter] >> a 10-year-old california boy is out of the hospital and talking about how he ended up wedged for hours in a most unusual place. >> we were relacing on the roof. we got on the chimney just relaxing. my phone fell into the chimney. >> yeah, that's dayton wailing forwards talking about the ordeal that began with as you heard chill-axing and ended up in the chimney. his friend tried to free him before running to get his grandmother who called 911. it took crews three hours to get him out. jayden emerged with a few bumps and bruises and a lesson. >> never knew how to get out and i'm thinking right now that i shouldn't do that again. >> but just to reinforce that,
4:43 pm
jayden's dad has grounded the adventurous little boy for fear of where he may decide to chill-a lax in the future here at the big talkers probably some of the most expensive e-mails we ever heard of. a mother in michigan asked her son's high school for some e-mail correspondence about her son. the school told her those e-mails would cost her about $77,000 and change. wait. how much? the school says that's what it will cost to pay for the estimated 4,005 hung hours it would take them to pull up the e-mails. >> it's just disgusting that they would ask that from a parent. >> so far it does not appear that the school is backing down from that original price and no word on whether mom is willing to pay it. now to yet another example of the power of social media and how it can affect self
4:44 pm
perception. this is m ford of my pale skin a beauty blog. m has acne. when she posted photos of herself without makeup the responses were bonds hurtful. they were hateful. people writing things like i can't even look at her. you look disgusting. what is wrong with her face. and imagine waking up to her in the morning. m says she came clean and got real after realizing she was hiding because she came to believe she was "unacceptable" for social media. she posted a media blog where they applies a full face of makeup to cover up the acne. she got compliments this time but even more hateful comments from this is false advertising to this should be illegal. m's message stop comparing yourself to today's false images of per session. are you beautiful. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. love her message. finally loving this. he wanted it short and sweet and, well, the late doug legler of north dakota got the
4:45 pm
obituary he always dreamed of. two little words, doug died. well you might match? thin doug was al pretty funny guy with a unique sense of humor. he even wore a t-shirt that read i hate everybody and was famous for his goofy faces. >> he didn't try. he just was charismatic and funny and just quick witted. >> in case you are wondering about his other interests and accomplishments, doug was a singer, country music fan and a car enthusiast and apparently brian all he wanted was good final last laugh. so, anyone who opened up the paper there in north dakota heard it like it is. doug died. he's not with us us any. >> time for a check of the roads. matt pelman in the traffic center. matt can you do this in two words. >> i don't think i can. >> too late. >> just a few more. i'm already overboard. good afternoon brian. short and sweet though i think would describe the way you're
4:46 pm
headed home this afternoon. it's really not a bad ride. this is the scene in south philadelphia along 95 at broad street. taillights headed northbound toward the walt whitman bridge. we were all jam packed here yesterday with people head for the bridge and headed down the shore. this afternoon the traffic is flowing freely even on the a.c. expressway as you pass the garden state parkway we've seen delays come and go throughout the day today but right now speeds are in the 60's so no big complaints. if you're on the way to cape may or maybe wildwood or stone harbor still a little bit congestion on the southbound side of 47 there in dennisville from 347 merge down to 610 petersburg road. go forth on that towns end inlet bridge between sea isle and avalon. that reopened one week ago after the long term construction so that bridge is available to you once again. in new castle county a crash to avoid along 95 northbound right at 141 but at this point speeds aren't too bad. headed towards the poconos there was a wreck on the northbound northeast extension by quakertown but it's off to the side so again speeds in the mid 60's. we're not complaining about that and by the plymouth
4:47 pm
meeting mall watch out for one more wreck along germantown pike at long fall road. just a couple things to avoid but overall not a bad ride on this friday afternoon. brian and alicia. >> not bad would have been a nice summary. >> two words. >> next time. >> give him another chance at that. >> meteorologist cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> the weather.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> meteorologist cecily tynan joining us with the all important holiday weekend forecast. >> not bad. >> that's it. >> no, it's a little more complicated than that. i'll show matt pelman how to do it. let's go live on sky6. down the shore in cape may new jersey where a lot of folks are out and about enjoying the weather today. we do have overcast skies
4:50 pm
right now. the clouds are beginning to thicken but certainly a lot better than yesterday when we had some heavy rain in cape may but storm tracker6 live double scan showing locally we are clear but there is low pressure that's going to be moving in in the overnight hours. so, enjoy the weather right now. temperatures along the beaches pretty nice. margate 73, ocean city and avalon 75 and cape may 76 degrees. in philadelphia little bit warmer 80 degrees. millville and wilmington 78. trenton 79. allentown 81 and reading 80 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing you can see how the clouds are already increasing really streaming in from the southwest. ahead of a low pressure that's over northern kentucky and what this low pressure will do is skirt to our south along a stalled front. the problem is there's a piece of energy in the upper atmosphere that will begin draw up the moisture from the south so it's not going to be a direct hit but this will bring us a wet day tomorrow. so, future tracker showing by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning the clouds are thick and
4:51 pm
showers developing, the heaviest west of philadelphia. as we head into the afternoon some heavy rain along the shore around 1 o'clock in the afternoon but look at what happens as we head into saturday night. things clear out by 9 o'clock nothing more than a spotty shower. a lot of people have been asking me on facebook and twitter accounts what i would do about a barbecue. my advice, the later in the day, the better. because that's when things will be clearing out. a lunchtime barbecue not looking good. the evening though should be pretty decent. the fireworks forecast partly cloudy, some patchy fog developing, temperatures pretty comfortable at 7 o'clock, 73 degrees. by 11 o'clock, 68 degrees. so if you're heading to the poconos tomorrow, take a sweater, take an umbrella. it will be cool with some showers, 65 degrees. sunday definitely the nicer of the two days. sunny and warmer with a high of 77. down the shore yet again a moderate risk of rip currents so do be careful and definitely listen to your lifeguards. tomorrow, though, i don't think a lot of people will be swimming.
4:52 pm
it will be cloudy with showers especially midday, 74 degrees. sunday though, put on the sunscreen, sunny and very comfortable with a high of 78. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, cool and cloudy tomorrow with some showers especially midday, a-75 degrees. but sunday sunshine is back, it's warm, it's bright, 85 degrees. monday looking pretty nice as well 86 degrees. we will see some increasing clouds during the afternoon on monday with app possibility of a pop-up thunderstorm but a better chance of some thunderstorms tuesday afternoon, 89 degrees and then on wednesday the heat is on. 90 before a cold front brings us a round of thunderstorms and behind that temperatures drop back into the mid 80's on thursday and friday. so certainly not a perfect weekend with clouds and showers tomorrow but sunday will be beautiful. we'll forget about tomorrow by sunday. >> you got it. >> tomorrow stay home, watch you guys fireworks. >> exactly. >> and have your barbecue on sunday. >> there you go.
4:53 pm
>> freebie friday coming up next.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> it is freebie friday and we start obviously with the largest free concert in america. tomorrow's wawa welcome america philly fourth of july jam on the ben franklin parkway features our own hometown band the roots jennifer nettles miguel and some surprise guests. after the show you know it, the grand finale fireworks over the philadelphia museum of art. if you can't make it out there you can watch it all live right here on 6abc. but first tonight the philly pops celebrate with a free concert on independent mall. that kicks off at 8 o'clock. bring a lawn chair. the awesome fest is back every friday night. there are free films and free fun tonight at liberty land park it is the turbo kid playing at 9 p.m. and they'll have free films every friday night through august 14th.
4:56 pm
for members of the military active and retired dorney park is offering free admission this weekend and if you are traveling hudson news is offering free coffee to the military at airports. this is a really fun one for parents to be who do their baby registry at target. a free welcome gift way bottle pacifier and coupons total value 60 bucks. get all these freebies and beach reading magazine subscription a bonus on >> lots of great stuff. thank you. finally at 4:00 i think we can agree a holiday weekend would not be right without a video from our favorite hamster and her tiny friend. hello dennison has released another masterpiece it called tiny hamsters, tiny barbecue. this time the title character chicken relaxes pool side or chill-axes with a guinea pig hedge hog an bunny. human caretaker grips up a
4:57 pm
mini meal of corn kebobs. they prove they have big appetites by cleaning up their patriotic plates. >> i hope they got a teenie watermelon 87 month wash it down at the end. >> they do that corn-on-the-cob really with one colonel at a time. >> they've got the technique down. >> that will do it for now t i'm brian taff
4:58 pm
i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> the beaches are already busy with folks wanting to soak up sun this holiday weekend. of course the parkway in philadelphia getting ready for a big concert event to entertain hundreds of thousands. the fourth of july fun has begun. friday night the big story on "action news" is the kickoff to a long holiday weekend to celebrate independence day. >> we have team coverage tonight. eva pilgrim is in south philadelphia, john rawlins is on the ben franklin parkway but first we get that all
5:00 pm
important fourth of july forecast from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> hi rick and monica. a beautiful start to the fourth of july holiday. unfortunately it's not going to stay this way tomorrow. the temperatures really tell the story. the sunshine is back with some high thin clouds so filtered sunshine 82 degrees in philadelphia currently, 80 in allentown, wilmington and reading and dover 78 degrees. millville 77 and along the beaches much nicer beach day than yesterday. 75 degrees with the ocean temperature of 73 degrees. so, if you're out and about this evening it's looking pretty nice. temperatures will be slow to drop. part of the reason why, the clouds will be increasing really inflating the earth so at 7 o'clock 80 degrees. by 8 o'clock 78. by 9 o'clock, 76 and by 10 o'clock 74 degrees. so a-very comfortable evening for the third of july. the problem though, for the weekend, double scan live showing there's low pressure,


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