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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 5, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, holiday tragedy. the beach house deck collapse. a family posing for a picture, when the floor gives way. >> i need all the ambulances you can get! >> victims rushed to the hospital, some in critical. what went wrong? fiery fourth. fireworks blamed for setting this house on fire as well as others across the west. >> that's your house? >> yes. >> oh, my god. >> firefighters battling the intense flames in tinderbox conditions. the struggle to stay one step ahead this morning. crash landing. beach-bathers stunned a plane plummets from the sky. [ screaming ] >> tumbling upside-down, the scramble to help those hurt. and final countdown. team usa gearing up for the
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women's world cup final tonight against japan, a grudge match, renewing their rivalry. can the americans become world champs once again? we're live in vancouver for what promises to be an epic battle. >> all: good morning, america. hey, good morning. and on this holiday weekend, we have a little bit of breaking royal family news to tell you about. >> yes, much of the royal clan turning out for the christening of the newest family member, princess charlotte. it is happening right now near the queen's summer residence. our bob woodruff will have the latest on that coming up. >> that's coming up. but we start here with a dicey fourth of july in parts of america, we're covering everything, from fireworks mishap to dangerous heat, to a small plane that crashed in a small beach. but we start with the deck collapse in north carolina. just terrifying. 20 people hurt. adults, children. some of them critically injured
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and abc's phillip mena is right there in emerald isle. >> reporter: good morning, the family was huddled together on that enclosed porch there, they were trying to take a picture to commemorate the holiday fondly. instead, becoming an accident they'll never forget. overnight, a hour risk accident -- horrific accident on what should have been a happy holiday celebration. >> at this time i need all of the ambulances that i can get. >> reporter: a deck collapsing saturday saturday night. >> i have one critical patient with a broken limb bleeding from the head. >> reporter: more than 20 people, including children, were crowded onto the deck at the time of the collapse. >> heard horrible screams. not so much as the wood going down or the house -- the deck going down but more of the screams and my husband just came in running in, call 911. >> reporter: a family from virginia on vacation
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was preparing to take a group photo on the deck when it suddenly gave way beneath their feet. >> i believe they had several with broken bones, to scratches and cuts. >> reporter: two victims air-lifted to the hospital and three others in critical condition this morning. authorities telling abc news that there were so many injuries they needed to call a neighboring department to transport more than a dozen victims to the hospital. is this the worst-case scenario? >> it is, when we have multiple victims we use all the resources we have and then some. >> reporter: i spoke with the chief and he tells me, when the deck collapsed, the family fell more than ten feet to the ground. paula. >> oh, so frightening for that family. phillip, thank you. well, fireworks did not happen in many california towns because of the drought. residents were warned to be extra careful when shooting off their own. someone in sacramento however did not get that message, it
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sparked this massive house fire, and abc's kendis gibson joins us from los angeles with more on the drought this holiday weekend. good morning, kendis. >> reporter: good morning, paula, and this has been an incredibly restless night for fire crews. this engine is still warm to the touch. they have answered about twice as many calls this weekend as opposed to the last fourth of july, the reason for that, people setting off fireworks in these drought conditions. this morning, a shocking example of the dangers posed by fireworks. >> that's your house? >> yes. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a sacramento neighborhood engulfed in flames after fourth of july festivities got out of hand. setting trees on fire. spreading to nearby homes. >> when did you guys notice it flaming? >> reporter: fire crews fair the combination of epic drought conditions and explosive fireworks could spell trouble.
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>> we're in an extreme drought. you can't water as much as you have in the past. >> reporter: and overnight, those conditions leading to a 320-acre wildfire. in a bay area suburb. in bakersfield, california a special task enforcing a $1500 fine to make sure this grass incident sparked by a firework. it doesn't happen in the city again. >> already, wildfires are burning in eight western states, >> the way it raced past us was absolutely incredible. >> reporter: and this morning, crews are urging people that if they still plan to light fireworks to make sure they have water nearby and to wet the device before disposing it. dan. >> good advice, kendis. thank you. as kendis mentioned it's hot and dry, making the fire danger so
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much worse. so is there any relief in sight? let's get it over to rob. rob, good morning. no real relief in sight for the pacific northwest, seattle may very well break an all-time record of 90-plus-degree days. today will be the fifth. so heat advisories out. red flag warnings out east of the mountains. that's where those fires are burning. low levels of humidity. extreme heat isn't going to help things. above average temperatures. how far above average? ten degrees to 20 degrees above average. that slides all of the way back to california as well. not a lot of rainfall expected here. and we might see some thunderstorms out west, too, thunderstorms down across the southeast and severe thunderstorms across parts of south dakota, i think we'll see strong gusty winds and even tornadoes with this system later this afternoon. paula, back to you. well, a quiet fourth of july in the beach on carlsbad,
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california, took a dramatic turn. beachgoers watched in horror. as a single-engine plane crashes and flips completely over. abc's bazi kanani has the story. >> reporter: this morning, fourth of july beachgoers thankful to be alive after an airplane crash-landed on a crowded san diego beach saturday. watch as this plane plummets from the sky, bouncing into the surf and tumbling across the beach, then flipping upside-down and slamming into a crowd of terrified onlookers. >> tell everybody to get out of the way because the plane was coming down. >> reporter: the single-engine plane with only the pilot onboard was forced to make the emergency landing after losing enjoy power. the wing of the craft injuring a 12-year-old boy. >> it hit the kid in the head with the wing and three other people dove down and then it skidded into the water. >> reporter: rescuers rushing to help the boy, luckily, suffering
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only minor injuries. >> and then the pilot -- helped the pilot get out of the water and the father came and picked the kid up, who was bleeding from the head, from the left side of his head. >> reporter: amazingly the pilot walked away from the crash indiana jurd. it's not if known why the plane's engine lost power. no serious injuries in this crash. that's just incredible given how many people were on the beach at the time celebrating the holiday. >> remarkable after seeing the video of that. kudos to the pilot for looking for a clear area. wow, remarkable video. >> thank you, bazi. this morning, fresh trouble for donald trump, now it's not just his corporate partners turning on him, but also his fellow republicans -- mitt romney, marco rubio and chris christie all coming out
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denouncing the comment this week. jeb bush, whose wife is mexican, says he takes it personally. >> he's doing this to inflame and to incite, and to draw attention which seems to the organizing principle of his campaign. it doesn't represent the republican party or its values. let's bring in george stephanopoulos. he's taking heat from all angles. >> i don't think he minds it when his opponents attack him. he came right back at jeb bush and said that he's out of touch on immigration. those corporate sponsorships could make a difference for donald trump, it's unclear what this all means for donald trump's campaign. one thing we have seen in the last couple of weeks he's climbed up in the polls. he's second to jeb bush nationally and in new hampshire. how long that could last is anybody's guess. his game is to get into those
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debates and as you can see, that has a lot of republicans very nervous. >> let's go to the democratic side, there's an image from hillary clinton's campaign from yesterday, she's marching in a parade in new hampshire and the press, she got the press in tow, they're held back by ropes held by members of her campaign. staff, what does this say about her relationship with the media? >> well, the clinton campaign had some fun with it. the gop may want to spend a good yarn on this but let's not get tied up in knots. they were right to make it easy for the press to be on the parade grounds. but the image was horrible. no question about that. even though bernie sanders has been doing incredibly well in the last weeks, drawing thousands to various rallies across the country, right now i think the hillary campaign sees the press as their major opponent. they're just trying to ride it out, despite those unfortunate images.
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>> unfortunate image, although they say practically valuable. george, thank you. george has a big show this morning, he'll be interviewing republican presidential candidate rick perry. today on "this week," coming up later on abc. we want to check in with ron claiborne with the other stories. including that delicate situation in greece. >> that's right. good morning, everyone. we begin in greece where the polls are now opened for a crucial referendum vote that could decide the country's economic future and the financial stability of europe. abc's alex marquardt is in athens, greece, with the voters. >> reporter: good morning, ron, growing crowds across greece this morning at polling stations like this one, as millions are expected to turn out in this historic referendum that will not only impact greece's place in europe as well as the currency. and the global economy. over the past week, we have seen chaotic scenes. banks across the country have been closed.
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long lines at atms, people only allowed to take out $67 a year. there are fears the country could run out of money this week. greeks are deeply divided. the possible outcomes and the question on the ballot itself are so complex it is impossible to say what will happen. whichever way this vote goes. lots of fear and uncertainty here here this morning. >> thank you, alex. now to a fourth of july barrage of air strikes by coalition forces against isis targets in syria. the defense department targeting isis capital of raqqah. 16 precision air strikes in all destroying several structure controlled by the terrorist groups. this comes the same day a new video surfaced purportedly showing a mass execution by isis in the ancient ruins of palmyra. inside that middle eastern country. here in the u.s., rescue crews will be back on the ohio river this morning, searching
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for three people still missing after their boat capsized, killing two people on that boat. nine people in all were onboard the pontoon boat on the ohio river near louisville watching fourth of july fireworks when that accident oh kurd. a dramatic fourth of july sea rescue. a carnival cruise line spotted a small boat between florida and the bahamas, the coast guard was called in and towed the boaters to safety. >> we ar to get this guy and bring him home to his family. >> it turns out, the pair had been stranded at sea for seven days. both are expected to be okay. and finally, special attention, sara, a new top dog is being crowned. matt stonie shocked the competitive hot dot eating world by taking eight-time reigning champ. this was on saturday. stonie finished second last year, scarfed down 62 dogs.
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>> i can't watch. >> 62 dogs in 10 minutes. >> he got championship belt. sara, there's more. >> can we not watch that? >> he took in more than 17,000 calories. 1100 grams of fat. 48 milligrams of sodium. it's amazing he's not on life support this morning. >> why would you waste those calories? >> i don't think those calories stay down. >> 17,000 calories, i would sit there and eat it so slowly. >> that's the difference between you and a champion. >> exactly. >> exactly. there you go. >> this contest brought to you by tums. >> what i loved about that, they covered it like a big sporting event. speaking of big sporting events, team usa doing battle with japan tonight. in the women's world cup final. the first championship rematch
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ever on the women's side. the americans couldn't be more ready and jesse palmer is in vancouver where it's all going down later tonight. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're here in vancouver, canada, it might as well be a home game for team usa. in the finals tonight. so many excited fans are here hoping to see the u.s. women bring home their first world cup title in 16 years. the countdown is on. one win away from world cup glory. >> that's it, usa is going to the final! >> reporter: after defeating germany in semifinal, team usa ready to face off against japan. for a shot to redeem themselves after a devastating defeat in the 2011 world cup final. >> it's a good game every time we play them, it's a good matchup. it's going to be a very exciting final. >> reporter: team usa taking to the pitch saturday for one last practice before the match.
8:16 am
midfielder morgan bryan taking to instagram to share this team selfie. throngs of fans streaming across the border following the team to canada. i have been asking your favorite player? >> definitely julie johnson. without a doubt. >> reporter: hard-core fans believing that the world cup title will come home with them. >> all: i believe that we will! >> reporter: all tournament long the u.s. back line has been nothing short of tremendous. playing their best soccer against the best offensive teams they faced. tonight again japan, that u.s. defense will have to be dominant and play with confidence if the u.s. is going to get the win. it's the usa versus japan in the epic showdown. the only question left do you guys believe? >> oh, we believe. we also believe that you can dance, jesse. highly impressed. >> i believe that dude you were
8:17 am
interviewing was a woman until he started talking. that was absolutely incredible. that's a loyal fan. absolutely. >> jesse, enjoy the game. >> yes, jesse, thank you. it's a big day for another reason. the british royal family and royal fans around the world, the latest addition is being christened today. her family will be joined by family members and charlotte's godparents for the ceremony. abc's bob woodruff is in norfolk, england, we the details. >> reporter: princess charlotte's christening will take place right here just a handful of family and friends. less than 30 people will be vieted. it will be the very first time we have seen william, kate and their two children together. many well-wishers camping out overnight here, wondering whether prince george, who has
8:18 am
mastered the royal wave, will steal the show, again. why did you come here? >> well, the royal family. we would like to support them. >> reporter: william and kate decided to forego tradition and instead selected their closest friends like they did during prince george's christening. >> laura fellowes and thomas van strubanzee. >> reporter: in a poignant nod to his mother, prince william wanted to honor diana who would have celebrated her 54th birthday a few days ago. the late princess of wales was baptized in this church and grew up nearby, right here on the sandringham estate. william and kate chose mario testino to take the family photographs. princess charlotte will be baptized with water from the
8:19 am
river jordan. the only person missing from the ceremony, uncle harry, who's spending the next three months working on various conservation projects in africa. now, after the ceremony the guests will now head over to sandringham house for a very intimate champagne tea party being hosted by the queen to celebrate princess charlotte's christening, dan and paula. >> i didn't know there was such a thing as a champagne tea party. yeah wow. >> one more reason to have a tea party. yes. lot of tea parties with daughter maddie. >> i do. take you to parts of alabama best of my knowledge -- birmingham huntsville, this is what they dealt with all day long, roads swamped and cars stranded. we have frawches that are out
8:20 am
today -- flood watches out today. northern georgia eastern participates of tennessee and eastern kentucky. a good swath of heavy rain checked from louisiana up into the carolinas but the bulls eye for the heaviest rain will be apart the western carolinas and gulf coast too thunderstorms will be strengthing as the morning goes along. across the northeast warming trend. 90 degrees in philadelphia -- 86 degrees in philadelphia. that includes boston, 71 in san diego, not bad. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. double scan crystal clear, we don't see need to see any rain, we're running 2 # -- 260% above
8:21 am
in rain. unfortunately, we will see it, monday tuesday 87, 88. numerous showers and thunderstorms wednesday 89 degrees. ed it. >> wow, all right, everybody. >> something's going on. coming up on "good morning america" -- shocking details on the shooting death of a woman on that popular san francisco pier, what the alleged accused shooter was trying to shoot. shark week again. new technology that can track the travels of the fastest sharks in the ocean. and body beautiful. "espn the magazine's" annual the body issue is out, the sexy snaps up ahead in "pop news." "good morning america" is brought to you by bush's beans. what is your favorite flavor?
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and coming up, the investigation into that senseless san francisco shooting. new reports on what the accused gunman was really aiming at. new reports on what the accused gunman was really aiming at.
8:27 am
>> early this morning in ocean city, new jersey, firefighters had to rescue a number of people trapped on the deck of a burning home. the action cam was on scene on the 900 block of saint charles park off the boardwalk. seven people including are a firefighter suffered injuries.
8:28 am
8:27. let's go outside to chris sowers. chris. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, not a bad morning, we have high, thin clouds up above. warmer this morning 87 degrees today. combination of sun and clouds. it will stay dry it changes monday tuesday wednesday spotty thunderstorms monday, tuesday, heavy thunderstorms wednesday. i had in i can't. >> that's it for now i'm nydia han. stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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♪ baby you're a firework ♪ oh, you're looking at a beautiful fireworks display from overnight, a rainbow of colors bursting in air over washington, d.c., it is so beautiful. it's even more beautiful if you're a child. i think as adults -- who here went to see the fireworks last night? >> i didn't go. but i could see them -- >> so one of us. i only went because i have children. >> in our hometown. >> no. >> in your town. >> i took my son for a walk in central park in the afternoon and then we both fell asleep. >> oh, quality time. coming up on the show this morning, a different kind of beauty than fireworks, this is a
8:31 am
more dangerous kind of beauty, we're entering shark week. this morning, what happened when they strapped cameras on to the fastest sharks on earth. they call these beasts rockets with teeth. very cool. but first here, the strange, new twist in that awful murder in san francisco, a young woman gunned down in front of her father. in a popular tourist area. the suspect a convicted felon who had been deported five times before. >> we're learning this morning about what he reportedly told authorities about told authorities about his real target. abc's aditi roy joining us now. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the suspected shooter remains here at the county jail this morning. we're learning shocking new details about what he allegedly told police. this morning a new twist in the horrific murder of 32-year-old kate steinle. san francisco abc station
8:32 am
kgo reporting that sources close to the investigation say suspected shooter, francisco sanchez told police he wasn't targeting steinle, when he allegedly shot and killed her he was instead of shooting at sea lions. >> no connection between the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: steinle was gunned down while she was walking with her father in broad daylight. the tourist spot filled with people at the time. her family devastated. >> i loved my sister so much. i'll never get to tell my sister that i love her again. >> reporter: witnesses on the packed pier snapping photos of the suspect at the scene, i.d.'ing him for police, leading to his arrest. sparking controversy why sanchez a felon, deported five times was on the streets in the first
8:33 am
place. >> what you got is two organizations that have, you know, they have a different mission. >> reporter: u.s. immigration and customs enforcements asked the san francisco sheriff's department to turn sanchez over but state and local laws prohibit turning over undocumented immigrants unless they have an active warrant or court order. telling sources that while it would have been sanchez had been deported they're not dwelling on that because it won't bring back their daughter. dan, paula. >> remarkable attitude. thank you, aditi, for reporting. more with ron. good morning, everyone. we begin with that collapse of a deck at a beach house in north carolina, medical choppers responding to the scenes saturday night. emergency crews say 23 people were injured, some of them critically. the family who lived there was apparently trying to take a group picture.
8:34 am
when the deck buckled. and millions of greeks are going to the polls now, greece is deeply divided whether to accept the terms of an international bailout plan. the outcome of this referendum could decide the country's economic future. pope francis on his way to south america, the first latin america pope will be visiting the continent where he was born. he's from argentina. and finally, last year, talk about a dollar in a dream, this is peter of connecticut, years ago, he and his late wife, grace, each signed a one dollar bill pledging their eternity love. peter pledging never to spend them. he accidentally spent it. last year, peter took his granddaughter to this subway restaurant, when the cashier gave back his change, he got the
8:35 am
$1 bill signed by his wife. >> what a great story. >> what are the odds? incredible. >> very high. >> very low. anyway, let's get it over to the weather. >> let's talk about the chances of rain. percentages, i don't want to do that, either. let's go to myrtle beach, lks in the carolinas have been dealing with showers and thunderstorms throughout the holiday weekend. right now it is dry temperatures in the 70s might get another shot of thunderstorms later on today but you're very very good at dodging them, especially on a holiday weekend. a little wave along this front that will spawn showers down to florida. they will get into the carolinas, temperatures will be down because of the cloud cover and storms. we have flow out of the gulf of mexico that will instigate things. the beach forecast, 80 degrees. 69 in jones beach.
8:36 am
bearable. toward the hamptons, 65. off the cape, 60. much cooler out west of you have the northerly current 69 degrees, 60 degrees in santa cruz. seaside, 52 degrees, that's where you go to cool off. that's why don't have air-conditioners in seattle. they get 90 degrees five days in a row. 98 degrees sweating it. that's a check on the national outlook, here's what's happening locally. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, chris sowers with this accuweather update. nothing on the radars, just a little cloud cover upstairs. rain gets in here after this weekend, showers and thunderstorms, monday, and tuesday.
8:37 am
i say, ron? >> you said there's no air conditioning in seattle. >> there's no air conditioning outside seattle. >> argue about this later. >> can we get security? >> paula, i'm on your side. >> i'm glad we cleared it up. coming up on "good morning america" -- amidt the rise of shark attacks it's more important than ever to understand these animals. the new way to track sharks that are able to exceed some highway speed limits. and billy joel's surprise guests attending his fourth of july party were treated to a whole lot more. up ahead in "pop news." ♪ ♪ ♪ order a summer priced $2.50 double combo at mcdonald's and get a mouthwatering
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♪ ♪ cue the ominous music, we're ready to kick off shark week on "gma" and discovery. >> but we have been talking about sharks for a while because of the recent attacks. that makes it clearer than ever how important it is to understand them. and more on how scientists are working to do that. hi, mara. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, shark week is not only thrilling us with the stories of these predators but they're also teaching us a lot.
8:42 am
with technology, giving us new insights of the world's fastest shark allowing the viewer to tag along for a swim. discovery's shark week is back. the tv phenomenon that brings us within chomping distance of the ocean's deadliest predators preparing to blow 2014 crops of sharks-crentric shows, great white serial killer, out of the water. tonight, the shack trackers of monster mako, strapping a new system of cameras and sensors to the back of a mako. giving us a fins' eye view of the world's fastest shark. >> it's a rocket ship with teeth. we had to have the ability to track it. we had to have the ability to film every single aspect of it. >> reporter: the team of scientists tailing the vicious swimmer miles offshore. >> our goal was to capture in insights into the way this
8:43 am
animal hunts and behaves, and we did that by going after it in the water and also out of the water. >> reporter: new insights into sharks becoming more crucial than ever as millions of americans flock to beaches. 11 swimmers have suffered bites off of the carolina coasts so far this season. experts say that higher prey population, warmer temperatures could make beaches more ripe than ever for more attacks. while families are sticking to the shore -- >> it was the biggest shark that i had ever seen in person. it was quite scary. that has kept me out of the water. >> reporter: others like this dad are willing to literally fight off the threat of sharks to hit the beach. >> kind of punched down and i think i had two hands right where i hit off of it. >> reporter: but thanks to shark week, we all now can get an upclose and personal view from the safety of our couches. apparently we can't get enough. shark week is one of tv's longest running summer events.
8:44 am
19 hours of original this year it features 19 hours of original programming. it kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. on discovery. >> they do have a big pr problem. shark attacks are really rare and these are a dangerous but endangered animals. >> absolutely. >> conservation efforts. >> thank you, mara. coming up on "good morning america" -- a toothy target. a little girl taking aim at her stubborn molar. what happened next? sara has the scoop in "pop news." so what did happen? you're going to have to -- my hair hurts. this is what it can be like to have shingles. a painful, blistering, rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. well i had to go to the eye doctor last week and i have to go back today.
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♪ ♪ very exciting. time for "pop news."
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what do you got? it sure is exciting. the piano man is once again a married man. bill j joel shocking guests at his fourth of july party by turning it into a wedding. uptown girl and former wife christie brinkley posted this photo. congratulations to the glowing bride and groom. wishing the growing family every happiness. >> wow, that's remarkable. >> joel and his new bride alexis roderick have been together for six years. he's 66, she's 33. they're expecting a baby girl this summer. >> a wedding, a baby. >> why don't i go to those parties that turn into weddings? i love weddings. and athletes comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing
8:49 am
they have in common -- fearlessness. they're not afraid to show a little skin. two dozen athletes are featured in the magazine celebrating some of the best bodies in sports. in these morning-friendly versions, bryce harper says he's got 8% body fat. wow, i came out with more than that. but admits that he does have his cheat days. aly raisman -- in this striking pose says, there's no one perfect physique. and tomorrow, nba star kevin love of the cleveland cavaliers will be on "good morning america" to reveal his photos for the magazine. athletes do -- they are perfect specimens. >> dan has 7% body fat. >> yes. >> let's not stretch the definition of someone who someone takes a spin class. >> i have athletic tendencies. and talk about fearlessness
8:50 am
an 11-year-old got impatient with a loose tooth that wasn't coming out. so, she used a slingshot to help do the trick. >> man. >> no, she didn't. >> yes, she did. >> oh. >> oh, she's tough. >> tough. >> open your mouth and show everybody. >> believe it or not, alexis said it didn't hurt. i think fearlessness runs in her family. her dad is an alligator farmer known as gator wrestler. >> i think she got that idea from darryl on "the walking dead." >> i woke up with the slamming the door thing. that never worked. and no one likes making the bed on sunday morning except for these kittens, dan, having the time of their nine lives. they're full of joy and plenty of pouncing. look at this.
8:51 am
>> those are cats? >> yes. >> that's very cute. those are your hairless cats. >> not balding, just hairless. >> they're having a good time. >> they slowed the process down. but i have to say that's the cutest bedmaking i have ever seen. >> that's cute. >> the question as we continue to watch this, ron claiborne, what did sara get todays as a grade? >> just a "b." >> you're bringing me down. >> give her some positive reinforcement. >> thank you, sara. >> a solid b. we'll be right back. 'll be right back. listerine® total care helps prevent cavities strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by lyrica. and coming up soon on "this week," george's exclusive interview with republican presidential candidate, former texas governor rick perry. a big show for him. make sure you tune in.
8:56 am
we want to say thank you for watching this july fourth holiday weekend. >> absolutely. george's going to do his show with the jacket over his shoulder. >> are your serious? >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. coming up on "action news" this sunday morning. a teenager is dead after she is stabbed in a parking lot in philadelphia. we'll have the latest on the developing story. >> a concern about an increase of mosquitoes in one part of the area after record rainfall. >> reporter: tomorrow we'll be back to that stuff along with showers and thunderstorms.
8:57 am
i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone.
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>> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, july 5. we're following developing news this morning, a teenager is dead after she was stabbed in a parking lot at a philadelphia pharmacy overnight. >> seven people are hurt
9:00 am
including a firefighter when a home catches fire near the boardwalk in south jersey. >> we could have downpours later this week. today is going to be nice. >> reporter: it seems like a broken record. every other day we have showers and thunderstorms. we'll get you to cape may, we have fishermen enjoying the dry weather down there. yesterday turned out to be beautiful on the sand. we were worried about showers ruining the day instead we got sun and clouds, showers and thunder west of the delaware river of today it's sun and clouds the whole way. 74 in philadelphia. wilmington, 74. allentown, 68. trenton, 71. millville, 73. the visibility has gone up, as well. improving in lancaster and allentown. from this point on the forecast is sun and clouds,


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