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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  July 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." burning up, fireworks misfire leads to blazes like this even wildfires in california. out-of-control celebrations fanning the flames in the drought-ravaged state. holiday horror. a family's fourth of july vacation ends in the hospital when a deck collapses at their beach house in the middle of a group photo. nearly two dozen injured. tonight, what investigators are saying about that floor now in pieces. crash landing. the plane that made a sudden nosedive onto a san diego beach. >> look out! >> tonight, the new crash video. an update on the boy injured and those terrifying final moments from an eyewitness nearly hit in the crash. running on empty. with banks closed and the country nearly out of money, the greek vote that could now push the cash-strapped country to the
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brink of collapse and what it means for your 401(k). and payback. >> all: usa, usa. >> the grudge match four years in the making as america takes on japan in the women's world cup final. can team usa beat the defending champions? and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas, and we begin tonight with what's shaping up to be a dangerous holiday weekend from coast to coast from heat and fires to accidents by air, water and on land, this is what's left of the deck of a beach house in north carolina that collapsed under the weight of one family posing for a group photo injuring 20 people, adults and children some of them critically and near louisville rescue crews have been combing the ohio river for three people missing since last night after their boat crashed and capsized while they watched fireworks. and look at these fireworks in florida upstaged by mother nature's own pyrotechnic
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display. but it's that deadly combination of lightning and fireworks that's sparking some out-of-control wildfires in california and that's where we begin tonight with abc's kendis gibson. >> reporter: firefighters working around the clock this holiday weekend battling dozens of fires including this one in the hills above oakland, california. >> a bunch of hikers told me to stop and turn around. they said there was a big fire that had just happened, they just witnessed some fireworks going off. >> reporter: investigators say that's what caused the blaze -- extinguished before it damaged homes. and this frightening scene unfolding in sacramento. >> that's my house! >> that's your house? >> yes! >> reporter: watch how quickly a single firework can spark an inferno. >> when did you guys notice that it started flaming up? >> somebody did fireworks, of course! >> wow! >> reporter: those trees igniting after someone threw a firework which landed in them. two homes damaged. the west is a tinderbox, the epic drought in its fourth year. >> we are in an extreme drought. the vegetation is even drier
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than it has been in past years cause you can't water as much as you have in the past. >> reporter: the result? fires like this four-alarm blaze in vacaville, california, forcing evacuations. tonight, officials say those evacuations are lifted and residents retuning home. with the holiday weekend now winding down, fire crews know they're not in the clear just yet, but take solace in one thing. as of today fireworks sales are illegal in many communities. tom? >> good to know. kendis gibson in glendale for us tonight. kendis, thank you. that record heat is expected to continue at least through the middle of the week. let's bring in abc senior meteorologist rob marciano. >> it's been so hot there, tom. yesterday, july 4th, the hottest on record for seattle. the dry season in place now after not much of a wet season. here's the drought. we talk about california but washington, they've increased it by 30% in the last two weeks. tomorrow's highs 90 plus in seattle that will probably break a record and last through the middle of the week. a mess across the southeast but the severe stuff is across the plains nebraska in through
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parts of south dakota. severe watch and minnesota in the ago. strong front coming through the midwest from wichita up through la crosse. usually strong. >> rob, thanks so much. we turn to that deadly family vacation in north carolina that ended up with more than a dozen people rushed to the hospital. a deck collapsed at their beach house during a group photo. phillip mena has the latest from emerald isle, north carolina. >> reporter: tonight pieces of a celebration turned disastrous. >> at this time roll them, yes, ma'am, i need all the ambulances i can get. >> reporter: a wooden deck collapsing at this beachfront home in north carolina. shoes and sandals left behind. police say at least two dozen people together on the deck to take a family photo when the deck suddenly gave out. alma arnold was staying next door. >> i heard screaming and everybody essentially was on the ground. >> reporter: mass casualty ambulances rushing in. 24 people injured, 2 airlifted to the hospital.
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>> there was a young man here laying on the ground and his foot had a pretty big cut right here. >> reporter: tonight two people remain in critical condition. >> everything went down. i believe they had some with several broken bones all the way from that to scratches and cuts. >> reporter: a 5-year-old boy among the victims. >> little kids lined up on the grass there watching their parents essentially and grandparents screaming. it was pretty sad. >> reporter: a swinging bench here dangling above the massive hole 14 feet from the ground. >> we had seen them rocking in rocking chairs in that little screened in porch throughout the week you know, and more people came. i guess they had a family reunion. it was really tragic. >> reporter: and you can see that splintered mess still on the ground there. a preliminary investigation revealing tonight that rusted nails are what caused this wooden deck to collapse. tom. >> phillip, thank you. both local and coast guard search and rescue crews have been working overtime near louisville scouring the river for three people still missing after their boat capsized
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last night during a fireworks display. two thrown overboard were killed. abc's mara schiavocampo has the latest. >> reporter: a frantic search for three people including a child after a deadly fourth of july boating accident near louisville, kentucky, as thousands gathered to watch a fireworks display along a local waterfront park saturday evening. >> it's a very tragic occurrence here on the ohio river. >> reporter: nine were aboard the 20-foot pontoon when officials say it became wedged under a work barge near a bridge under construction, completely overturning the boat, killing two. four others were immediately rescued and in stable condition tonight. two of the missing now identified by family and friends as joyce wright and donell sweeney. sweeney's daughter is the missing child, friends say. >> this current that's out here on the river, if you were to get pinned against something, it's pretty hazardous. >> reporter: the owner of the boat rental company telling the local affiliate he had rented
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the boat before to the individuals involved in the accident. now, the coast guard has established a "safety zone," blocking miles of river traffic as part of a multi-agency rescue mission that as time passes many increasingly fear may turn into a recovery operation. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. escaped prisoner convicted cop killer david sweat has been moved from the hospital to a new maximum security prison in upstate new york. sweat spent a week being treated for a gunshot wound from a new york state trooper ending his three weeks on the run. his accomplice, richard matt, was shot and killed by authorities two days before sweat was caught. tonight sweat is in the five points correction alal facility in upstate new york where he's now under active suicide watch. and also in custody tonight the murder suspect in san francisco who has reignited the nation's heated debate on immigration reform. mexican national francisco sanchez is a convicted felon who had been deported five times before and tonight we're learning more about the
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patchwork of often conflicting laws and jurisdictions between state and federal authorities that apparently allowed sanchez to slip through the cracks. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: tonight, growing outrage over the shooting death of 32-year-old kate steinle at a popular tourist spot. >> we got one victim, gunshot wound to the back. >> reporter: new video now showing the arrest of francisco sanchez less than an hour later. but now questions about why the alleged shooter -- a convicted felon and undocumented immigrant who had been deported five times -- was even on the streets. federal immigration officials turned the suspect over to the local sheriff back in march when they discovered he had an outstanding warrant here for drug charges, requesting notification prior to his release so they could take him into custody again. but i.c.e. says the detainer was not honored. >> we have a city ordinance and a city law which makes it very clear that we don't turn people over to i.c.e. >> reporter: san francisco is
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what's known as a "sanctuary city" for undocumented immigrants one of dozens of cities throughout the country. >> the police want to separate themselves from doing immigration enforcement, because it causes such consternation in various communities within san francisco. >> reporter: steinle's family not pointing fingers. >> hopefully maybe a legacy of kate that because of this, it won't happen to somebody else's daughter. >> reporter: sanchez remains here behind bars at the county jail but he could face charges in court as early as monday. tom. >> aditi roy reporting tonight from san francisco, aditi, thank you. overseas a historic referendum in cash-strapped greece has voters rejecting the tough terms of a european bailout but this voter backlash could end up pushing their country and the rest of overeurope over a fiscal cliff sending economic shock waves across the globe from tokyo to wall street. abc's alex marquardt has the latest from athens. >> reporter: tonight a celebration in the center of the greek capital.
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a resounding victory for greece's government. voters clearly saying no to a tough international bailout plan. >> i have a dream for all these people, we say no because we have dignity. >> reporter: for most in this divided country today's referendum came down to two bad choices. >> i think it's the most historic election in the history of modern greece. >> reporter: 28-year-old manoliss who graduated with an mba from stanford voted yes to the bailout. he's confused as to what the vote actually means. >> we are forced to choose what's bad option but hopefully it will be the less bad of the two. >> reporter: the showdown splitting the country apart. a chaotic week of closed banks and endless lines at atms. desperation that greece's finance minister told abc's george stephanopoulos can end with this result that will now lead to new talks. >> where there is a will, there is a way. there's so much to lose for both
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greece and for its creditors if we fail and so much to gain if we don't fail. >> reporter: as people celebrate there is an immediate problem looming and that is cash. without a new emergency injection from europe, greece will run out in the coming days. tom. >> abc's alex marquardt reporting tonight from athens, greece. alex, thank you. so what could this deepening financial crisis in greece mean for americans' bottom lines at home? let's bring in abc news chief business and economic correspondent rebecca jarvis. rebecca, this is a huge deal. >> very significant. tom, this is not the outcome that wall street was expecting and already stocks are pointing to a much lower day. what you're seeing right now is stocks pointing to a much lower open tomorrow morning. the dow is pointing down 250 points. we could see stocks sell off as much as 1% even 2% tomorrow and the big issue here is not so much greece it's a small enough country, but it's the ripple effect. there are a number of other countries in europe facing similar problems. italy, spain, portugal that ripple effect is what really has
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wall street on edge tonight. >> and for folks back ear at home who are monitoring their 401(k) should they expect a dip tomorrow? >> he should expect a dip tomorrow. somewhat of a sell-off here but the important thing to keep in mind is context. stocks are near all-time highs still. >> rebecca, thanks so much. now also on this side of the atlantic. pope francis as the pontiff arrived in ecuador he took on mother nature. a gust of wind blowing his zucchetto right off his head. this is a homecoming of sorts for the first latin-american pope kicking off a tour of the three poorest nations in south america. along with ecuador, bolivia and paraguy. the vatican says the theme of this week-long trip is reconciliation and renewal. the goal to show solidarity with the region's poor. in north america a major power play is kicking off in canada as team usa squares off against japan in the women's world cup final. among those fans, vice president joe biden and his wife jill who tweeted out this photo. after a stinging defeat both are
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facing off again to battle for global supremacy and abc's jesse palmer is in vancouver where the excitement is building to a fever pitch. jesse. >> reporter: good evening, tom. you know, here in vancouver, the streets are alive with team usa fans. so many fans are excited and hoping that the u.s. women will bring home their first world cup title in 16 years, it feels like a home game here for team usa. the u.s. team, set to take the field shortly putting everything on the line. members of the team taking to instagram to share this team selfie hashtagging "one more," this showdown with japan, no easy opponent. the reigning world cup champs, dealing team usa a devastating loss in 2011's final. >> it's a good game every time we play them. it's a good matchup, and it's going to be a very exciting final. >> reporter: the u.s. has played dominant defense, pitting u.s. power against japanese finesse and fans here in canada -- so just by a hand gesture, who is going to win this game today?
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[ cheers ] and watching back at home, hoping this team recaptures the magic of 16 years ago when team usa beat china. who can forget brandi chastain celebrating that winning goal, mobbed by her teammates. this team, now one win away from world cup glory. and all the die-hard fans here believing that the u.s. women will bring home the world cup title tonight. tom. >> looks like a great time. go team usa. jesse, thank you. still ahead, take a look at this. a small plane using a crowded beach to make an emergency landing. how beachgoers jump into action during those frantic moments. you see it right there. and later in our show, why the crew on the international space station is saying the third time is a charm. those stories coming up. there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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this weekend one through into trouble over a crowded california beach turning the sandy strip into a makeshift runway. tonight the video of that crash landing and what beachgoers are saying about those frightening moments. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: the single-engine piper making a beeline for beachgoers losing power, barreling toward children in the water. >> my brother and my dad are running down the beach telling everyone, move, move, move flailing their hats in the air. "you need to move! the plane's going down!" >> reporter: the plane plunging into the surf, landing upside down on the sand terrifying carlsbad beach packed for the holiday. >> i told my kids to run and pushed my wife down into the sand. it flew ten feet over our heads. >> reporter: one 12-year-old boy was not so lucky. eyewitnesses say the plane clipped him on the left side of the head as it came down. tonight, the hospital reports he's in serious condition. karlee silva narrowly escaped. >> she yelled my name and i turned around and i felt something like zoom past me and
6:48 pm
so i turned back around, and i saw like a plane. >> reporter: a plane out of control and less than ten feet from hitting her. >> the wing was like above me and almost hit me. and i kinda fell back in like shock. >> reporter: as onlookers raced toward the plane, silva says the boy appeared stunned. >> the kid was just like laying on the shore. >> reporter: rescuers found the boy bleeding from the head, rushing him to san diego children's hospital. the 23-year-old pilot of the plane, who was towing an ad banner, amazingly walked away unharmed. >> you weren't expecting this at the beach today, were you? >> oh, not at all. >> reporter: a fourth of july scare for beachgoing families tonight thankful to be alive. devin dwyer, abc news, new york. when we come back a tale of two cities brought together by some famous rockers. our "instant index" up next. ♪ ♪ wave that flag ♪ across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar
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a russian cargo ship loaded with tons of supplies including food and oxygen arriving safely at the iss. this mission was watched so closely because the last two attempts to get supplies up there failed big time. so, how happy is that crew? astronaut scott kelly floating with some fresh fruit tweeting christmas in july. great gift for my 100th day in space. only 250 more to go, not that i'm counting. and a big day for the little princess. the royal gathering for the christening of princess charlotte, the baby dressed in an ivory lace christening gown, her mother the duchess of cambridge holding her. not to be outdone by his little sis, prince george sporting bright red shorts as he makes an entrance. thousands of grateful dead fans. in a new york state of mind, you could say. ♪ red and white blue suede shoes ♪ >> the famous empire state building grooving in sync to the grateful dead as they performed live in chicago.
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the skyscraper putting on a spectacular light show, fans at chicago's soldier field got to see it all on wide screens during the show. still ahead tonight on "world news," he body cam capturing an officer in action a baby's life is suddenly in danger. he says he's not a hero but wait till you see what he did. that story when we come back. ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ yeah! yeah. so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices.
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finally tonight, a special reunion. a family getting to thank their guardian angel, a police officer who says he was just doing his job when he saved an infant who appeared to stop breathing. the baby's family calling him a hero, and you may too after seeing his body cam that captured the rescue in action. here's abc's john donvan. >> is she breathing? >> reporter: you're not going to see her face -- not yet. but focus on her hand, fingers motionless, that's what a cop's lapel camera recorded when the call came. baby unconscious, possibly not breathing. martin smith, alberquerque
6:57 pm
police, got the call. >> anybody that's had that training would automatically like you say go on autopilot and start responding and dog that. >> reporter: that means he started to doing cpr on the kid. >> i started rubbing her chest and blowing in her face. >> reporter: and it takes a few tense seconds, and now the fingers, they start moving. there she is. hi. hi, baby. hi. >> reporter: and there's a glimpse of her face. she starts opening her eyes, so carly who was 7 months old when this happened in may is fine now and getting medication for seizures. of course, officer smith is getting the hero treatment now. >> congratulations. >> if it wasn't for him, who knows what the outcome of this situation could have been. >> reporter: and, of course, as cop and kid were reunited just the other day, he's saying it's undeserved. >> that's what makes this job good. that's the good part of it. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> i'm sure karly will thank
6:58 pm
officer smith as soon as she starts talking. "gma" first thing in the morning and david muir right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening. good night.
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