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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  July 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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more uncertain than ever, good morning, everyone, 4:30, tam is off, eva pilgrim joins us. let's get weather and traffic
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from matt pellman in for karen rogers and david murphy. >> reporter: i hope you enjoyed your weekend, all that is in the rear view mirror. we have a system to the south that's passing us by. we have showers in our direction hindering areas south and west of philadelphia. 73 in wilmington. 65 in allentown. 70 in trenton mid 70s along the boardwalks. as you head out to catch the bus or grab the car. 70 degrees by 6:00. 75 by 8:00 a.m. 5 by 8:00 a.m. noon 83, 3:00 p.m., 86 the high will be later in the day around 3:30 or 4:00. 87. at times this afternoon or early evening there's a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. matt pellman i'll show you that on future tracker 6 and set you up for the week ahead.
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how was the holiday weekend? >> reporter: not bad. >> reporter: i hope you enjoyed yours. looks like we have a traffic stop on 42 southbound side approaching 55. all the police activity is off to the side. we expect extra traffic on the garden state parkway and ac expressway and 42 as people make it back from the beach to get into work. construction crews had the holiday weekend off, the vine street expressway is open by 76. no problems on i-95. headlights coming southbound approaching cottman no complaints this morning. farther south we had a crash on i-95 south at bartram avenue. that's cleared out. and city avenue, by the bala shopping center. all gone now trees were in the road on 422 eastbound near
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sanatoga, that's been picked up and looking good. >> police say robbers broke into a west philadelphia home and stabbed a man over his cell phone. they tell "action news" at least two men broke into the home at 2:00 a.m., there was a confrontation with the man inside and one of the robbers pulled a knife stabbing him in the abdomin. the robbers took off with the victim's cell phone and dropped the knife as they ran from the scene. the victim is in serious condition at presbyterian hospital. the u.s. woman's soccer team is bringing the world cup home for the first time in 16 years. carly lloyd made history scoring a lightning-quick hat trick. katherine scott is live in delran. >> reporter: it was a huge night for team u.s.a., people in delran were going crazy as they watched their native daughter
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score three gores to lift team u.s.a. over japan. >> it will be wild going back to new jersey. >> reporter: her home state was going wild for carly lloyd as she scored three goals. family and friends gathered in her hometown of delran to cheer her on. >> i can't believe how carly lloyd is doing. nchts lloyd was awarded the golden ball as the prayer of the tournament. her hat trick was the first-ever in the world cup final. she complains the score-success comes from hard work. >> i'm running and i am doing sprints and it's hard and it is burning, i zoned out i dreamed of and visualized and playing in a world cup final and visualized
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scoring four goals sounds pretty funny but that's what it is all about. >> reporter: a lot of celebrating in delran, as you can imagine in a huge game like this there's a lot of traffic on social media and twitter president obama gave carly lloyd a shoutout as he invited the team to the white house. >> a lot of screaming and cheering in center city as carly kicked all those goals. u.s.a.! >> reporter: the irish pub at 15th and locust was a popular spot to watch the women's world cup, people showed their spirit by sporting red white and blue. bethlehem steel stacks held a large outdoor world cup viewing party last night hundreds of people filled the square. see what other people are saying
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about the team win on the "action news" facebook page for for continuing coverage. police say a body they found in the inlet in north wildwood friday night matches the description of a 16-year-old boy. the autopsy results will be available in the coming days. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a neighbor after at dispute in the feltonville. someone who lives on the 5200 block of penway street got into an argument with another person and pulled a gun and shot the neighbor in the leg. the victim is in temple hospital. no word on his condition. >> the delaware state fire marshal office is investigating a fire that was intentionally set at the shell crest swim club in wilmington. the manager said the area was
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deck -- decorated for the 4th of july party. we had two american flags burned, it was utter -- ridiculous. >> if you have any information built crime call crime stoppers, the number is 1-800-tips-3333. a stray bullet wounded a woman at an amusement park at kenny wood park. no arrests have been made. this morning, david sweat is waking up behind bars again over the weekend sweat was moved from the hospital to the five points correctional facility in new york, he is is on suicide watch and held in solitary
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confinement. sweat was captured and shot near the canadian border, 23 days after he and richard matt broke out of a prison in upstate new york. >> greece's finance minister has resign after the referendum where a major of greek voters said no in exchange for and you say at aster -- auster ity measures. >> get a hand with towels and beach toys on your next trip to a local beach resort. >> reporter: temperatures in the upper 70s, dewpoints in the upper 60s and 70s, it's
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>> new this morning 14-year-old boy is home safe after being rescued from flawed waters from too son arizona. the boy was with his friends when he dropped his glasses in
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the water and he tried to reach for them. tucson firefighters set up rescue units downstream. the boy pulled himself out unharmed. >> 4:42. we're hoping for good weather. matt has to play golf today. >> reporter: you have to? >> it's part of his job. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're mainly dry this morning, as we take a closer view there are a couple of sprinkles and showers back into the state of delaware and back in through maryland and parts of cumberland, before too much longer, there's another cell down south of cape may you want to look out for later on this morning. as we look outside we're cloudy across the region. expecting sunny breaks, it's going to be a clouds and sun mix and more humid than the last couple of days. 72 temperature dewpoint up
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there, 678, if we get up to 70 it's going to feel oppressive. winds are light at 5 miles per hour out of the east/southeast. clouds and sun through the morning we're mostly dry, a couple of sprinkles and showers here and there. as we get into the afternoon there's a chance of showers and steadier stuff and pop-up thunderstorm at times. doesn't look like it will be anywhere all at once, and some of you won't see anything at all. we get up to 11:00 we'll see that fall away. temperatures will be warm. 75 degrees by 8:00. 81 by 11:00. 85 by 2:00. late afternoon high of 87 around 3:30. mid 80s by 5:00 p.m. a pop-up shower or thunderstorm here or there is possible. wherever you see a thunderstorm take cover. 84 is the high in allentown, 83 in trenton. 85 in wilmington, 86 in
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millville. we're ranging from cape may to 83 in atlantic city. warm and humid from north north to south today. along the ocean front. 77 in surf city, 83 in atlantic city. 75 in the water so warm in the water, on or about 80 along rehoboth beach and cape may and bethany beach. future tracker 6 picking up a story tomorrow, sun and clouds mix. through the afternoon there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm, as well. wednesday will be unsettled before he get back to a more tranquil pattern. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and humid, look out for a spotty shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow sticky, 89. still unsettled shower or thunderstorm around. wednesday, hot and humid 90 degrees, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms there, as well. particularly in the afternoon and evening. mainly dry thursday, clouds and sun, 86.
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and then it becomes seasonable warm as we head into the weekend. friday, 88. saturday 89 degrees, the union at home getting the mls schedule back on track, that's a 6abc game and fireworks at ppl. can't shake summer in the seven-day forecast, that's for sure. >> deteriorated nails caused a deck collapse in emerald isle in north carolina. of the 24 injured five are in the hospital. the properly was a retle and -- a rental and the company is cooperating. 8 people were killed in chicago. a vigil was held for the boy who was shot and killed while
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watching fireworks. the bullet was meant forked father a high-ranking gang member. windows ten software was set to be available on 5:29. many who reserved a copy can upgrade next followed by businesses and schools. jet blue has offered direct flights between new york city and cuba. the flight returns at 8:00 p.m. while jet blue is operating the flight all travels for the flights must book with a company called cuba travel services. the markets fell on friday, with the vote of the austerity vote in greece, futures are down. farmers could spot problems and cut down on water and
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pesticide use. faa has approved 50 drones since january. >> pretty cool. getting the best spot to put your stuff on the beach, can be a battle many of us know too well. a simple solution helping you take the stress away. a rescue caught on camera, a baby drifts out to sea half a mile from her family, we have video later.
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>> reporter: time to make the donuts and get back to it on a monday morning after a holiday weekend. no problems on i-76 montgomery drive, eastbound traffic is heading toward the vine moving just fine. the there was no closure on the vine, because it was a holiday weekend. now it's a new week and that means construction projects, those in east falls and roxborough, you'll have a much smoother ride. first, milling work along stretches of walnut lane and kelly drive between ridge avenue and hunting park.
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they will be milling all three of those streets the next few nights and paving over the next couple of weeks that work starts at 7:00 each evening. in west conshohocken we're still without balligomingo road they are removing the mud and stabilizing the slopes, so that remains closed for this this morning's ride. stick to 320. burlington bristol bridge is open tonight but will -- was open overnight but will close tonight for construction. >> as thousands pack beaches for the summer, one new jersey shore community is making things less stressful for those going to the beach. >> because they don't have to carry anything. trish hartman explains. >> reporter: for so many people the jersey shore is a home away from a home, a sandy summer respite from the everyday grind. there's just one little problem.
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>> when you have three little children and hold hands and cross streets and carrying bags, it's hectic. >> reporter: the peterson family hope their trip to the beach will be less hectic with the help of the new app called beach caddy. >> you can go into the app and click on a green flag which is one of our caddies walking around on the new jersey beaches. >> hi i'm nick. >> reporter: the caddies come to your house and load up your stuff and take it to the beach. >> it saves sanity and time and the fun of the day there's no arguments. it's just let's go to the beach. >> reporter: when you arrive your caddy will set up your chairs and umbrellas for you. you can summon a beach caddy for your walk home. >> they should have a general knowledge for the tide schedule for the day and events in the
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city. >> reporter: the cost is ten dollars per one way trip plus the option to tip. all the payments are done through the app which launched memorial day. >> we had several customers who said i feel like a princess, this has taken the stress off my vacation. >> reporter: always for the peter sons they are spending more time splashing around and less time setting up. >> we can walk calmly down the beach, brilliant. >> carly lloyd and her teammates are waiting for the world cup win to sink in. we'll have a live report from lloyd's home town at 5:00 a.m. >> the royals are out together for the first time in public.
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america runs on dunkin'. may i please have an application? thank you. [music] [announcer] skip the drama. get your diploma. find free adult education classes at a road trip turned terrifying when a bus caught fire along the new jersey turnpike. almost 50 passengers were on board when the flames broke out yesterday evening. this is a picture posted on instagram. here's another. ment bus had broken down and pulled to the side of the road in salem county when it caught fire. they highway had to be shut down it has since reopened. a man drinking and celebrating during the fourth of july, tried to launch a firing off the top of his head. he was killed instantly.
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friends tried to stop him but it exploded. the first fatality in maine in 2012 when lawmakers appealed a 1949 ban on fireworks. coast guard saved a baby girl who drifted out to sea in an inflatable raft. the parents didn't realize she was gone until others spotted her floating on the water. the girl was half mile out when rescuers brought her back to her family. princess charlotte made her second public appearance. dressed in a lace christening gown. she was baptisted in the same church as princess diana. he peeked at the cameras while holding on to his dad's hand and
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. on this monday, july 6. tam is off, eva pilgrim joins us, here's what's happening. the rain is over for japan. the south jersey native hat trick leads to the u.s. woman's first world cup title in 16 years. >> lawmakers debate whether to take down the confederate flag for good. >> we have weather and traffic preview. matt pellman in fore karen and david murphy. >> reporter: saturday we had cloudy skies there clouds are coming back, the humidity is rising up around a wave


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