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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  July 8, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> hey everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday july 8th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us. here's what's happening. >> a delaware man is in the hospital after being hit way barrage of bullets overnight. >> a five-year-old boy falls more than 15 feet into a well is that pulled out alive. >> celebrity chef paula dean in the spotlight again after this picture her son in brown face appeared on her social media page. >> its another day where we're going to be sweating outside. let's go to dave murphy and matt pelman who is filling in for karen. >> you're right, matt. it's another warm and humid start. we have clouds giving way to a little bit of brightening here or there. take a look. out to the west of us showers and those are inching their way toward the east it looks like during the afternoon and early evening we'll be looking
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at some showers and in some cases a thunderstorm that could produce a drenching downpour. that will be something to watch out for. 79 degrees and dry right now in philadelphia. 71 in allentown. 77 in wilmington. 76 in trenton. and a bunch of 77's over south jersey and southern delaware we also have those dewpoints still very high, up around 70 and that means oppressive humidity once again today. as we roll through the afternoon, we roll through the 80's. 85 degrees by noon. by 3 o'clock 89. that is your high today and by 6:00 still holding i don't and to 86 and then again the later we go through the afternoon and into the evening the better chance we have of some spotty but drenching downpour producing showers and thunderstorms. couple of those storms could even be gusty. matt pelman we do have light at the end of the tunnel in terms of this muggy weather. details on that coming up. >> good news for sure. light in the sky now as the sun has come up. good morning david, good morning, everybody. we have been watching some activity here along 95 southbound direction right by cottman avenue. saw is some flashing lights a minute or two ago.
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o i don't see them right now but in the wake of that police activity we have seen a pretty substantial southbound backlog coming away from academy road through this point at cottman. earlier bridge opening we had right there at the tacony palmyra has wrapped up so everything opened and available to you there this morning. but speaking of bridges. want to remind you about the situation on the ben franklin bridge. westbound right lane right there now out of commission around the clock. that means big morning delays because you only have the three lanes available to come into center city unlike the normal four. so, this is like what we saw last year on the eastbound side of the ben franklin bridge. now it's westbound that right lane out of commission around the clock because of the patco track work. on the big picture a vehicle broke down on the westbound schuylkill near university. that's out of the way. so, no issues on 76 or on route one the roosevelt boulevard. but this is route one the super highway in bucks county by oxford valley road. i've been talking about the midday construction scheduled here. we have a crew out and about right now in the gore pointer but luckily all the lanes are
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opened. matt. >> thanks matt. new this morning on "action news" a gunman is on the run after opening fire on a man in wilmington, delaware. police say the shooting happened shortly before midnight near tenth and spruce streets. when police arrived they found a 20-year-old man lying in the street with multiple gun shot wounds to the back and the leg. he was rushed to christiana hospital and is in critical condition. police are searching for a motive for this crime. crews in upper darby still working this morning to clean up the scene of monday night's four alarm blaze. the action cam was on south 69th street early this morning where demolition is under way. the fire caused major damage to the payless shoe storm "action news" reporter katherine scott will have a live report on the cleanup. >> a delaware woman stole a fire department pickup truck then got into an accident before finally being arrested. authorities say a 42-year-old woman stole the vehicle from the new castle county police headquarters parking lot yesterday. officials say the woman took
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off. she was then involved in an accident and fled the scene. a couple of hours later police spotted her on dupont highway where they were able to catch and arrest her near the police headquarters. >> rescuers in bucks county pulled a five-year-old boy from a well. it happened in the backyard of the boy's home on swamp road in buckingham township yesterday afternoon. officials say the child had been standing on top of a sealed well that covered buckled -- the cover buckled and the boy fell 15 feet t the well had about 2 feet of water in it. a deputy chief went down the well with a rope carried the boy up a ladder and passed him off to medics. >> it's one of those calls where you're just amazed that this kid just went through what he went through and he -- i mean besides the scratch i saw on his leg he was in really good shape. >> the boy was taken to same saint mary's medical center and was released hours later. >> subway is suspending its
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relationship with jared fogle. fbi agents roared raided his home removing electronics from the property. two months ago the director of fogle's foundation was arrested on child porn charges. he became a spokesperson after shedding 245 pounds more than 15 years ago by eating subway sandwiches. celebrity chef paula dean is in the center of another controversy, this picture was tweeted out from her official account. the tweet was later deleted. in the picture dean's son bobby is wearing dark facial makeup appearing to look like ricky ricardo and dean is dressed like ricardo's wife, lucy. the photo was apparently taken back in 2011. in a statement dean says she's sorry and that her social media manager posted the picture. that person has been fired. >> solutions are very hard to come by when it comes to the problems of greece's massive debt and its membership in the european union. maribel aber has an update live at the nasdaq if times
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square. maribel. >> reporter: good morning to you matt. european leaders tell greece it has until sunday to reach a bailout deal with its creditors. if no deal is reached greece faces bankruptcy and expulsion from the euro currency system. the ultimatum comes after the greek prime minister failed to provide a solution to the crisis at a meeting yesterday. greece's banking system and economy face collapse without additional bail outfunds. banks remain closed in the country and limits on atm withdrawals are in place. after an early selloff stocks reversed course yesterday. right now futures pointing to a lower opened. sales of guns rose sharply last month. background checks tied to gun sales rose by 11 percent. more than 1.5 million background checks were conducted by the fbi. the checks are needed to buy a gun in a store but not required for sales between individuals or sales at gun shows. and time warner cable has to pay up for robo calls. a fratch judge told the cable company to pay $230,000 to a
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texas woman for harassing her with the calls. the woman received more than 150 calls in less than a year. they were intended for someone else who at one time that the phone number. the calls continued even after the woman complained and asked time warner cable to stop t erin that amounts to about $1,500 per call by the way. >> that's a lot of money maribel. >> i'll take your robo calls. >> i never answer the home phone any because it's always someone like that. it's never any one that wants to talk to me. >> you call the attorney general's office but even that takes time. you have to renew it. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry for the morning commute. a little hint of rain out to the west of lancaster and northwest of pottsville and harrisburg. doesn't look like we're going to see a whole lot until this afternoon but something could pop in this morning. as we take a look outside, we are looking at somewhat brightening conditions. still a lot of clouds around the airport but if you look straight above you over philadelphia right now you do see some patches of blue. 79 degrees currently in the
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city. 71 in allentown. 77 not only in wilmington but basically everywhere across the extreme south jersey. 76 in trenton and the humidity is once again very noticeable today. future tracker six showing that you it's clouds and sun to start out then more clouds by about midday, probably mainly dry. and then we get into the afternoon and that's really when the issue starts to erupt. not everybody is going to see this but at times in this very humid air mass a cold front coming in will trigger a fireup shower or thunderstorm and in some cases as you can see these could produce some very heavy downpours kind of like what we saw in a couple of spots yesterday and where these hit they will definitely slow you down on the road because they could be producing so much rain in such a short period of time that some of your storm drains might not be able to drain that all right away. so afternoon downpours not everywhere but if you see one look for heavy rain cells with flash flooding in poor drainage areas. could be a case where one has passed through and you're
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driving along and you can seal the ponding and puddling in the roadway. slow it down if you encounter this. allentown a spot where you could see a drenching storm, warm and humid 83 degrees. it will be muggy. down the shore another good day to get some relief at the beach. 84 degrees on the beach. it will still be warm and humid. ocean temperatures still running in the 70's and there is that chance of a possible thunderstorm. if you see the clouds getting dark and ominous or you hear a rumble of thunder you immediately get off the beach. warm and humid in philadelphia with a spotty drencher not out of the question, 89 degrees is the forecast high. winds on the light side. and here's how we're going to roll today. 81 degrees by 8 o'clock, 84 by 11 o'clock and we spend the entirety of the afternoon in the mid to upper 80's with that high of 89 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. and then tomorrow wave of low pressure around a frontal boundary that never really gets that far to the south of us brings that humidity back up during the day, 86 and we've got an area of low pressure giving us another round of evening thunderstorms that could also be drenchers. your exclusive accuweather
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7-day forecast, 89, humid downpours possible in some neighborhoods this afternoon and this evening. and then humid again tomorrow. we'll go 87 in philadelphia with afternoon showers and thunderstorms not out of the question. and then finally on friday we transition to lower humidity here. now it's still going to be warm with that high of 86 but it will feel lot better on friday. saturday 89, also lower on the humidity. a lot of sunshine. good for the union at night at ppl park. fireworks night, too. and then on sunday the humidity builds back in and you can see how we're a little unstable with a spotty afternoon shower or thunderstorm sunday, monday, tuesday. >> riding those 90's, too. woo boy. thank you david. 6:10. an emergency landing. hear from the plane passenger who recorded sparks flying off the wing during a scary descent. >> brand new at 6:00 a woman who gets bad takeout learns that 911 isn't the new yelp. >> it isn't. >> cottman avenue southbound side police activity has cleared out.
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delay not looking terrible at this point but closures in bucks county, chester county, delaware county coming up after the break. >> there are wildcats, big cats and then just cat-cats and this regular cat is causing big cat sized terror in a new york city suburb. that is later. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today. hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave
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>> and we have breaking news from ocean county, new jersey where a man who recently returned from africa is being checked out because he had ebola-like symptoms. he was hospitalized overnight with a fever and other symptoms. hazmat crews responded to the man's condo complex in lakewood. authorities told our sister station wabc they do not believe the man has ebola but they are still investigating the situation and it could take days before the tests come back. we'll keep you updated on this one. >> let's take a look at traffic with matt pelman. >> wasn't too close to home for sure. good morning matt and erin. for those heading away from home into the office this morning thingsy things don't look too bad on the highways. on bucks county route one at oxford valley road we have been watching this construction crew in the gore point. the crews are inspecting some of the work they did yesterday. they are expected to really return again at 9 o'clock this morning and block lanes in both directions as they work
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on the overpass for oxford valley road which is just up ahead. that overpass was damaged last week in a truck accident. meanwhile don't forget that our milling and paving work is now fully under way in the city in several spots like along walnut lane in roxborough midvale avenue in east falls and its uner chunk of the kelly drive. they've been in the process of tearing up all those roadways in advance of repaving them over the next few weeks. watch out for a bumpy ride. speaking of the drive mlk drive, the lower chink right by the art museum and eakins oval is going to close the next few nights starting at 8 o'clock for construction. at that point stick with the kelly drive or even the schuylkill during the overnight hours. here's an update on the situation in the malvern area along yellow springs road. the knox covered bridge remains closed because of the accident from a few days ago that damaged the bridge. we're now hearing they have to wait eight weeks to get the materials in to fix the bridge and then they're going to start construction so hopefully by the end of the year the bridge will be reopened but for now it remains closed and one more
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closure is in delco, edgemont township brayden gradyville road is blocked. stick with route three or barren road as alternates around that. matt. >> thank you matt. this is new. a united airlines flight will to return to the airport in hawaii after sparks began flying from the engine. passenger on the flight from honolulu to san francisco started recording this on his cell phone. you can see that constant streak of orange coming from the engine. the pilot returned to honolulu to make an emergency landing with only one engine still working. >> was i scared? yeah. 'cause at that point in time there's like there's nothing you can do except sit there and watch it play out. what was amazing was that the rest of the folks in the plane did not panic and freak out. >> the pilots also dumped the plane's load of fuel before landing. the plane touched down safely without further problems. >> 6:16 now. new this morning a los angeles unified school district is taking new steps
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to stop students from sexting. the issue will be the subject of a new education campaign starting in the fall. officials are creating a video, lesson plans and handouts which will be available to both students and their parents. the school district says the program will include information on both the criminal and personal consequences of exchanging explicit photos. >> microsoft is battling with spotify apple and pandora to get a piece of that streaming music pie. that tops today's tech bites. >> ♪♪ >> in today's tech bites microsoft making some big changes to its music streaming service. >> starting later this month xbox music will become groove music. the service will changes in conjunction with windows 10 will cost $10 per month or $99 for a one year subscription. >> twitter wants to help you celebrate your birthday users of the blogging site can now share their big day with their follower. >> get ready for overwhelming happy birthday posts just like on facebook those interested can make a change to their privacy settings.
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>> tinder wants to help the rich and famous find love. >> the popular dating app is granting verified status to notable celebrities and athletes in an effort to attract them to the site. so you too can date justin bieber. >> you have a verified site on tinder. >> no. >> have a great day. >> those are your tech bites. >> ♪♪ >> 6:18. next and new at 6:00, the woman who mistakes 911 for a consumer hotline when she complains to -- or calls to complain about her food. david. >> temperatures are in the 70's this morning and so are the dewpoints and you know what that means. anything 70 or better oppressive humidity. we're in for it again. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next and we'll check out national weather in case you're traveling. >> ♪♪
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>> new on "action news" an ohio woman used 911 to complain about her dinner and learn the hard way that that's
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actually not an emergency. >> i have bought some chinese food and it's not to par to me and i asked to get my money back and they acting like they don't understand me and took my food and won't give me my money back. >> and this is why you called 911. >> what. i supposed to do, jump over the thing and beat them up and get my money back. >> no, but you could have called the regular police line instead of the life-threatening emergency line. >> or maybe just deal a bad meal. the call got traced and she got charged with misuse of 911 and a date in front of a judge in few days. if they had a culinary 911 then maybe that would be the 911 to call but not regular 911. >> call up emeril next time. [laughter] >> something different next time. >> let's head outside along the roosevelt boulevard this morning here by fox street. seeing a little bit of traffic headed southbound towards the schuylkill expressway. if you drive the boulevard during the mid days, keen in mind between rhawn by the checkers and strahle going to have some midday construction each day this week from 9:00
6:22 am
until9:00until 3:00 in the local lanes,. express lanes will be opened and clear and ready for you. on the mass transit front we're on time so far but keep in mind on time is on a new schedule on patco that took effect over the weekend with lapses in service even during the rush hours. david. >> all right, matt, we're warm and muggy again this morning with temperatures in the 70's and by 9 o'clock, up to 82. if you are headed out to the bus stop or the el station not too bad during the morning, 85 by noon. still pretty humid. your high today will be 89 degrees so it does get more oppressive later in the afternoon and during the afternoon, there is that chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. some of these could be real drenchers with heavy downpours, so if you're driving or walking around you want to make plans to slow down or maybe take cover if some of that heads your way. traveling today, not a bad day to do it. there's a little patch of potential severe weather in the central portion of the country and little bit more in eastern new mexico and the texas panhandle. other than that our travel destinations are looking pretty good and at philadelphia international
6:23 am
airport this morning all green aircraft none rain in any of the most commonly traveled destinations. matt. >> thank you, david. the last place phillies beat a first place team. phillies pitcher chad billingsly faced the dodgers his former team and notched his first victory in more than two years seven to two the final. adam morgan takes the found in game three of the four game series tonight. >> time now is 6:23. up next a rabid cat goes on the attack in new york state. >> katherine scott is watching the fire clean up. >> a delaware county town. katherine. >> reporter: matt, work continues today at the site of monday's fire at a payless in up today. live with the latest on the closures here coming up at 6:30.
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>> new here, police say they found the body of a baby who was thrown in the connecticut river. the father of seven month old aiden is accused of throwing the child into the river on sunday right before he jumped. crews rescued tony more reno from the waters but they didn't find the baby's body until yesterday. more reno is now recovering in the hospital. no word yet on what charges he'll face. >> pope francis is scheduled to fly to bolivia today in the second leg of his south american tour. before mass yesterday the pontiff spent a few minutes taking selfies with disabled children in keto. the pope encouraged young latin americans to lead the way in protecting the environment. francis said the faithful have an obligation to care for earth. philadelphia is preparing for pope francis' visit in the fall. stay up to date on all the
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planning with our special twitter account. follow at 6abc pope for the latest on the world meeting of families. >> new on "action news," police or people in a new york city suburb are on the lookout for a small cat that acts more like a man eating tiger. the cat already attacked at least two people in rockland county plus some dogs. police believe the cat has rabies. they consider the threat so serious they sent out reverse 911 calls. it hasn't been seen in awhile so authorities now wonder if it has since died. >> 6:27 now. a former eagle responds to word of his recent arrest. >> a former prosecutor in the pa suburbs talks about the case he had against bill cosby that led to the entertainer's stunning admission under oath.
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this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. >> happening now on "action news," stifling heat sticks around for another day and so
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does the chance for afternoon storms. >> people need to learn. put the guns down. put 'em down. >> an eight-year-old boy makes an impassioned plea to stop the spread of violence in his community. >> fire cleanup continues on an upper darby block. we have an update on when shoppers can expect the damaged stores to reopen. 6:30 on this wednesday. tam saw. erin o'hearn joins us along with matt pelman in for karen. and dave murphy we sent him outside. >> a little muggy outside. you can phil feel it standing still. if you're working it will have an impact again today and we're also going to be impacted by some precipitation. right now it's off to the west especially as we get into the afternoon there is the chance of some drenching downpours developing along that cold front on its way with those showers. 79 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. dry for the morning commute. 77 in wilmington, 76 in trenton. 71 in allentown and look at all


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