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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, done deal. the confederate flag at the south carolina statehouse will come down. we're live with details on the late night decision. controversial comments. republican candidates drawing criticism, what jeb bush is saying about how much americans work and donald trump talking about undocumented workers possibly helping to build his empire. under investigation. a bizarre video of ariana grande licking doughnuts on display and saying quote, i hate america. police now getting involved as the backlash grows. playing with paint. a little girl's masterpiece going viral this morning.
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and good thursday morning to you all. we begin with the breaking story overnight out of south carolina. the confederate flag is coming down. >> it was a historic vote. house lawmakers opted to remove the controversial flag from the grounds of their state capitol after a debate that dragged on for more than 1 hours. >> the governor now could sign the bill as early as today. the latest from abc's bazi kanani. hello to you. a day a lot of people couldn't imagine was coming. >> reporter: it is another historic vote in south carolina this week t.j. and reena. the house approved the senate bill by a two-thirds majority and it is now on its way to the governor's desk. these are the final days for the confederate flag flying over south carolina's statehouse grounds. state lawmakers voting early this morning to take it down after a marathon emotionally charged debate. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such
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as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. >> reporter: a stronger than expected show of support in the house after a week of heated debate that spilled from the capitol building to the streets. the state senate voting monday to remove the flag over the objections of those who call it a tribute to southern veterans and a symbol of heritage. >> what i've dong is taken people that i respect, their southern heritage and we will have kicked them in the teeth. >> reporter: but heavy on lawmakers' hearts the murder of one of their own. state senator clementa pinckney's desk still shrouded in black one of nine people killed in a charleston by an alleged gunman who posed for pictures with the confederate flag. the bill to remove the divisive symbol expected to be signed into law soon by the governor. governor nicki haley thanks the lawmakers for their service and their compassion calling it "a
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new day in south carolina." the measure requires the confederate flag to be removed within 24 hours after the governor signs it. it will be moved to a confederate relic room. t.j. reena. >> lots of people will be watching this one. bazi kanani live in washington thank you so much. well severe storms continue to plague much of the country. >> and missouri last night a tornado confirmed about 80 miles south of st. louis touched down only briefly. no reports of significant damage. just a lot of stuff tossed around. another reported 50 miles away. this storm system moving east threatening st. louis, chicago and the ohio valley and bringing heavy rainfall into the big cities of the northeast later today. storms in oklahoma could dump several inches of rain. it wasn't weather, it wasn't terrorism either but something shut down the new york stock exchange for hours. we're now told it was a computer glitch in fact bloomberg reports it was triggered by a software upgrade. trading stopped for nearly four hours, the longest such problem
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in more than a dozen years rattling traders already nervous about greece. it closed 261 points down. operations at united airlines also returning to normal after an unrelated computer flinch there, as well. it grounded flights for nearly two hours. thousands of passengers stranded across the country. systemwide router issues kept staff from checking in passengers and communicating with planes on the tarmac. it was the second such major computer problem for united in two months. the fbi director is again sounding the alarm on the sophisticated technology used by isis to recruit young people around the world. james comey told senatorers that isis is reaching out to more than 20,000 english speaking followers on twitter. then moving on to encrypted mobile messages that are difficult for law enforcement to intercept. >> so it's no longer the case that someone that is troubled needs to find this propaganda and motivation it buzzes in their pocket so there is a device almost a devil on their shoulder all day long saying
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kill kill kill kill. >> comey said americans' right to privacy must be weighed against public safety but companies insist smartphones with built in encryption technology help protect americans from hackers. turn to politics where there are more than a dozen republicans officially running for their party's presidential nomination. but just two of them grabbing all the headlines these days it seems with their controversial comments. it may be his worst gaffe yet in new hampshire republican front runner jeb bush saying americans need to work more. >> workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows means that people need to work longer hours. >> reporter: americans already work more than any other industrialized country on average 47 hours a week. hillary clinton's campaign reacting quickly. her campaign chairman tweeting americans are working pretty hard already. bush backtracking those comments overnight saying he was talking about underemployment meaning those who want to work more but can't. >> i think people want to work harder to be able to have more
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money in their own pockets not to be dependent upon government. you can take it out of context all you want but it means they work 40 rather than 30 hours. >> 6.5 million involuntarily work part time because they can't find full time employment. a sur vie finding 50% of those working part time want more hours at the same pay. the labor force participation rate at its lowest since 1977. billionaire presidential contender donald trump also tackling the topic of labor admitting that it's possible un undocumented immigrants helped build his empire. >> i can't guarantee it. how can anyone -- we have 34 million in the country of the i can say this we work very hard to make sure that everybody is legal as opposed to illegal. >> reporter: now the rnc chairman stepping in asking trump yesterday to tone down his controversial statements on immigration. tomorrow trump is speaking at a private dinner with hollywood conservatives and immigration rights group plans to protest with a pinata resembling trump.
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>> okay pope francis is celebrating mass in bolivia, the second leg of his trip to south america. the pope was greeted by the country's president who gave him a medallion featuring the communist symbol of the hammer and sickle along with several other gifts and heads to paraguay tomorrow. still ahead an nfl player's firework injury is now much worse than originally thought. happening now, three sisters missing for days lost in a forest. the new clue that just surfaced. and a sudsy surprise. people in one community waking up to a foam fountain. what in the world happened here?
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baltimore's embattled police commissioner has been fired after less than three years on the job. the mayor says anthony batts had become a distraction. since gray's death the homicide rate has increased by nearly 50% compared to the same time last year. well new details this morning about the gun used in the san francisco murder at the center of the immigration debate. it was stolen from a federal agent, a ranger with the bureau of land management. it was taken when someone broke into his car just days before kathryn steinle was shot. but it's not clear how it ended up in the hands of francisco sanchez, the mexican immigrant you see there deported five times who says the gun went off accident accidentally. microsoft says it will cut 7800 jobs and write off nearly $8 billion. that's because of its purchase of nokia phone, a move the company admits was a mistake on top of the 18,000 jobs microsoft trimmed last year.
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rita's a popular flavored ice company with 600 locations throughout the u.s. is dropping custard from its menu. oh no. why? well, the severe egg shortage caused by the bird flu epidemic. custard made with eggs. soft serve ice cream is not so rita's will offer that instead. not the sky rocketing price, it's that rita's says they can't get them. good news if you're in need of nacho, taco bell delivering. new service available to more than 90 cities as part of their deal with the delivery company dore dash. the delivery service was successfully tested in several locations, though it does admit there might be a few glitches. >> you know how i feel about that. when we come back rescue times three. a family pulled out to sea by a rip current, a selfie stick capturing this all. say cheese. a shark posing in midair for the camera.
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eastern gulf coast and also around the great lakes and up into the northeast. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in washington philly, new york and kansas city. well possible break in the search for three sisters who went missing while on a camping trip in the wyoming wilderness. searchers located their car last night but no camping gear was left inside. the girls left for a trip june 28th. they were supposed to return home two days ago. >> they called their mother june 29th but no one has heard from them since. they had enough food for five days. >> they have camped. they have never backpacked in the wilderness before so this is their first experience out in wyoming backpacking. >> the search for the girls ages 16 22 and 25 resumes at daybreak. more volunteers are joining in today. an entire family was nearly swept away off a massachusetts beach by a dangerous rip current and their ordeal caught on camera. the 16-year-old daughter was
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running a gopro on a selfie stick when she and her parents were caught by the current. thankfully all three were pulled from the water moments later. some more bad news for the nfl player injured in a fourth of july fireworks accident. espn now reporting that jason pierre-paul's index finger had to be amputated after the accident in florida. the new york giants withdrew his $60 million contract offer. team reps traveled to a miami hospital to check on pierre paul but they weren't allowed past the waiting room. also tampa bay buccaneers cornerback c.j. wilson lost his middle and index fingers. happened on the fourth of july. no word on what action the team might take. well time now for your sports highlights. a little less than a week to go until the all-star break. >> last night's baseball action from our guys. >> welcome to our "sportscenter" set. he's neil everett, i'm stan verrett talking baseball. >> wednesday night baseball you
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watched on espn because that's what you do. michael wacha, hamel left early. the cardinals feelings were hurt when pitches weren't called strikes. that was a full count on monteiro but mike me thena and yadier molina thought a couple pitches before that should have been strike three. wasn't called. they got caused. in the end they would celebrate thanks to johnny pierrehonny peralta. joe maddon not happen cards win, 6-5. dodgers and phillies. kershaw not an all-star. in the final five though winless in his last five starts. 22 innings against the phillies coming in that's who he was facing on wednesday. struck out 13 in this game. kershaw clearly finding his mojo against philadelphia once again.
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how about run support from the former philly jimmy rollins off adam morgan. this was in the bottom of the third but dodgers up 2-0. eighth home run of the year. kershaw 8 hitter 18th career complete game. dodgers win it 5-0. big news from the nba. deandre jordan does a flip-flop. he agreed to sign with the mavericks but heading to los angeles to play for the clippers. >> i'm wearing flip-flops. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> thanks fellas. for some homeowners they're not amused by this mess. >> they woke up to find this. a foaming fountain in front of the community gate in cape coral. once crews cleared away most of the suds what did they find? two giant bottles of dish soap. >> a warning those prankster, the fountain is now equipmented with security cameras. >> nice. okay looks bad but it's clean at least, right. >> looks like fun. that's where i'd like to head
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4:22 am
and the 22-year-old singer appears to win the dare. she licks the doughnuts and leaves them there. police in california are now reportedly investigating this as some kind of a health hazard she created. >> grande apologizing for saying i hate america after a new batch was laid out in front of her. she's extremely proud to be an american adding she was expressing frustration about the country's obesity problem. >> it's important to note also she has been pulled or she backed out i should say of her appearance that was supposed to happen at the mlb all-star game and had emergency dental surgery and that's why she had to pull out. the discovery channel's heavily hyped shark week well under way. >> to mark the occasion we show you this a seven-foot great white caught off the georgia coast. the fisherman a 12-year-old who reed in the shark all by himself. >> really. all by himself. then we have another one to show
4:23 am
you from south africa. look at this giant great white devouring a piece of tuna then a side show. another shark jumps suddenly out of the water in the back appearing to take a little pose there midair. >> the fisherman on that boat insisted they did nothing to lure the second shark in. we've heard sharks are smart but who knew they were hit to photo bombing. who knew? >> an amazing shot. >> that is a fantastic photo bomb. >> i know i went swimming with sharks but i'm still not completely over it. you don't have to do this to me. let's move on to proof that dogs will sometimes eat anything. this comes to us from a vet near pittsburgh. >> ask tiki. he had a tummy ache. she consumed enough hair bands for seven softball teams, enough underwear to last a week. >> the inventory, four rubber bands, a band-aid 62 hair bands, eight pairs of underwear. tiki is now recovered sent home
4:24 am
to the owners who promise to keep an eye on the diet now. the underwear is fascinating to me. >> how did that happen? got to put a little bit more in his dinner bowl right? a colorado mother's surprise when she found her daughter had painted a masterpiece, herself. >> mom was busy nursing her son when she realized her toddler was quiet. she had submerged herself in a bucket of paint. >> yeah what's worse, the 2-year-old left her footprints all over the floor and her parents are getting the house ready to sell. she cleaned up easily but cleaning the floor, what do you do, what do they call it turpentine. does that work. >> it'll probably stain the floor in some form or fashion. this is cute and went viral but i'm sure the parents were not too pleased. >> she's cute. for some of you your local news is next. >> for everybody else stuck with me and reena here. as "america this morning" continues. ine... as easy as it gets.
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>> good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 thursday, we're at a high risk for severe weather today, david murphy has details in accuweather coming up. breaking overnight, 13 hours of debate and the historic vote bring down the confederate flag at a south carolina complex. philadelphia police are on the hunt for a suspect that used an ak-47 to shoot two people. a wild sight in a new jersey rivera gator in the water put a community on alert. "action news" begins in 2 minutes 25 seconds. teenager from stockton california, would love to be a pop star but has no record deal and has been rejected from major singing shows on tv. >> but thousand a song she posted online is climbing the
4:28 am
itunes chart. tim daly with her story. ♪ our hearts are too wild ♪ >> reporter: california love professionally shot highly produced it has 137,000 hits but this music video wouldn't have happened if not for this one. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ >> reporter: she was 13 at home belling out "girl on fire." that video has 1.7 million hits. you can gather social media is playing a big role in the success of alyssa light. >> i started on youtube and then once i started on twitter and instagram and vine -- >> reporter: it was her long videos on youtube and short videos on vine that attracted southern california agents producers and writers, california love was a single months back an album released last week called never enough is her new project.
4:29 am
she checks her phone for itune chart rankings. >> it was 67 on the top pop albums chart. and then it -- the ep ranked 41 on the overall itunes. >> reporter: her manager says they're having conversations with record labels but check her followers on all those social media sites. it would seem a record deal is coming soon. >> this has been my dream since i was little. >> reporter: how little? at what age did you say this is it? >> well there's pictures of me when i was like 2 or 3 holding a hairbrush singing into it. >> reporter: it wasn't too long before alyssa learned it wasn't a hairbrush you use -- ♪ california love ♪ >> reporter: it's a computer program with a solid web connection. in stockton tim daly news 10. >> she does have an incredible voice. >> cool how she made it work for her. social media can do it. you know what i'm going to get it started over here. >> like a record deal. >> there's hope for me? what do you do? do you do country? >> i'll do whatever it
4:30 am
>> good morning we're following breaking news on this thursday, it took hours of debate, but the vote is in and south carolina lawmakers want the confederate flag off the state house grounds. >> delaware county is rallying around a woman who is in a same-sex marriage. >> a delaware robber disguised himself as a base bondsman. >> good morning tam is off eva pilgrim joins us. let's go


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