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tv   Action News  ABC  July 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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gether in after ma'am of a tornado that ripped apart their school and cecily tynan has the forecast, next this weekend will be spent cleaning up after two tornadoes damaging a school and trailer sglark the big story on "action
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news" is the confirmation of tornadoes in newcastle and berks counties. crews will be at the blue mountain school tilden township all weekend long f was this tornado that slammed into the school last night. winds ripped the roof off and plenty of damage to the buildingself and principal as we mentioned was inside at the time and got out safely and says there was little warning that a tornado was about to hit. >> i heard hard rain. i mean it happens. we had a rainy summer. and i heard the wind. i was like oh wow and when the building started -- ceiling tiles started flying at me i knew this was more than strong winds. >> principal escaped from bumps and bruises and some say she had a guardian aenkle over her and they hope the students can atnd a sister school around the corner next month. >> newcastle delaware an ef 0 tornado touched down here last night. a viewer captured this ominous
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cloud. it wiped thought fwhal newcastle industrial complex and mobile home park was damaged you can see twisted metal and shattered windows. >> it peeled it back like a soda can. some ended up newcastle avenue and some ended up on the trailer. >> tornado was 75 yards wide and half mile long. so it was a very concentrated area. >> and time now to concentrate on weekend which is looking like a winner. get the latest from meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board tonight. hi cecily. >> what a defense a day makes last night at this time i was standing the same place i was showing you pictures of that tornado damage from berks county and we had a night of thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings and this is what we're dealing with right now. "action news" viewer william posted this on my facebook page from oak wood beach showing a beautiful sunset and this is the
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start to a very nice weekend. it's going to be a warm weekend. but it should be a dry weekend. and lots of sunshine. and low humidity. now, satellite 6 and action radar showing you can see moisture trying to stream in from west and weak low pressure over near west virginia and what's going on high pressure over us what that high pressure does it block, deflect storm sfrimz moving our way and that moisture should rise well down to the south. we will see some clouds mainly south of philadelphia and especially late tonight and early tomorrow morning and shore you'll probably wake up with good amount of cloud cover and that burns off as you head through the day. right now comfortable warm, 78 in philadelphia. allentown 69. millville 68. wilmington 74. the cold front that moved through last night that sparked violent weather is bringing us a big change in the air mass. due points tell the story. philadelphia really areas north look at due point 60 or even in 50s comfortable air mass and
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little more humid as you head down to the south. as we head to the weekend we'll have low humidity. and enjoy it while you can. because the dew points while they will remain in the 50s this weekend as we head into next week monday in the 60s and tuesday we get into oppressive humidity as well as stormy weather. i'll talk about that also have details on the weekend including shore and poconos coming up in the full accuweather forecast, rick. >> thank you cec limit day ahead of changes in the weather this weekend by visiting you can find satellite imannuals, street-level radar and hourly forecast from accuweather and plus get a personal look at the accuweather team by following our meteorologist on facebook and twitter. now to a developing story police are serving philadelphia's crescentville section for a gunman tonight around 9:45 a man was shot several times including in the face and happened 500 block hill
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creek drive. the victim was rushed to albert einstein medical center in critical condition. >> celebration and in south carolina as the flag was lowered permanent hi after 54 years and even president obama celebrate the move on twitter today. "action news" reporter sharee williams is live at the satellite center with the full story, sharee. >> rick, governor nikki haley says it's a new day in south carolina and the flag came down without incident and six minute ceremony and there's 10,000 people there. most of them chanting usa and hey, hey, hey, good-bye. with crowds gathered in person and millions more watching from across the country south carolina lowered the confederate battle flag for the last time and it has flown at the capital grounds more than five decade. >> this is a sure veal moment. standing out there and watching that flag come down. it felt like the biggest weight was lifted off the stage state.
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>> it was not just the flag but the pole that flew the controversial people came to celebrate the removal. others came to protest. >> flag respects history of the civil war and people of the south hating big government and high taxes. >> here in philadelphia the naacp kicked off its five-day national con can vengs and it is the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization and its chairman reacted to flagging taken down. what a proud moment it is not for the state of south carolina only but for this republic the united states of america. >> but on the same day the confederate flag was taken down a stunning admission from fbi director the accused killer of church massacre dylann roof
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should not have been able to buy a quun. but the fbi background check failed to generate information about his prior drug arrest. >> the fbi is continuing to investigate exactly what happened. >> and the flag that came down today will now have a new home. it will go to south carolina confederate relic room in a military museum rick. live in the satellite center, sharee williams, channel 6. >> federal agents raided city hall today in reading after allentown government offices were searched and associate press says it may be related to michael fleck and one of its employees he worked for ed polaski ski's campaign and was also for ridding mayor on spencer. >> a charter school teacher in exton is accused with having a relationship with a teenage student. katie cross of phoenixville was arrested jewel 1.
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police caught her having sex with 17-year-old in a car on scenic driver in east bradford township and she's teenager teacher at collegeyum charter cool and the teen told authorities they were intimate since february. >> in the city fishtown section they say the prayers from have been answered. st. laurencia church was scheduled for demolition but not any more. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in fish down with the full story john. >> hey, rick, archdioceses said it will appeal the decision to pro thekt this khur. the. they point out it's in bad shape that's there to protect passerbys from falling debris this may create happy feelings for folks here. it doesn't answer the big we. who will few fix it. >> a piece of philadelphia
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history now protected and the former st. laurencis church with ornate paintings and hand crafted alter has been saved from the wrecking ball. >> it was right decision and clearly historic property. >> first and oldest polish catholic church in the city at a hearing today the historical society designated it a historic place removing the plans to demolish it. the church was closed last year an butting it showing its age. neighbors are happy about the decision. >> i think it's a beautiful historic structure and i would like to stay. a lot of people have love and remorse. >> hopefully they can do something to keep it structurally sound. >> me living here i have renters insurance in case something happened. >> marijuana say it may be
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giving false hope. >> aj thompson who represent those that want to soft church believes money is available preserve a fishtown history. >> there are federal state grants for this type of rehabilitation. whether or not it's a church again we can't say. that's up to the ash 67 eye cease. >> the oarch die sees said it could cost 3.5 million to restore this church and they'll keep it on the market hoping to sell it while they appeal a detention. >> jeff, thank you. thousands of people spent the evening listening to gospel music in strawberry mansion. was part of inspiration celebration gospel store at the dell music center and donald lawrence and yolanda adams and ricky dill hard were some ever the performers and there were upset fans because they have tickets which were free and the venue was at capacity.
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>> it does not make sense if you give out all these tickets you knew how many seats there with were. why would you give out all thetic fets you were not going to allow everyone to come in. >> they had given away all of the free ticketsen and had a waiting list of 2,000 more people. >> an early morning accident involved not a plane but car that jumped curb at the arrival terminals and two women injured. the driver tried to avoid a car that stopped abruptly and lost controlch the car went up on the curve and hit two women on the sidewalk and one woman suffered a broken leg and other minor injuries and no word if the driver was cited. >> we haven update on a buck county couple whose home was destroyed by 27 ton septic truck. crews removed from truck from mid of the house. it was two days ago when the driver lost his breaks and nroud
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into the back of this home in spring field and no one was injured but the home owners are pretty devastated and just returned from their honey sgloon and still to come on "action news" tonight, the warping labels are changing on some popular pain relievers and the risks you face every time you pop one and celebration continues in new york city tonight. we'll tell you to the big apple for a big parade honoring women's soccer team and hometown hero carli lloyd. cecily. >> our weekend will be something certainly to celebrate and dry with warming trend and next week the humidity and the storms will return. i'll vl details on that and the shore and poconos in the accuweather forecast. >> and plus the phillies facing yet another west coast opponent tonight. that own more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> tonight the empire state budding is shining in red white and blue lights in honor of women's soccer team winning world cup and the day began with a giant parade in new york city attended by thousands and of course, most of the fans turns out to see carli lloyd, the team
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mvp. nora muchanic was in new york and filed this report. >>reporter: i was extreme sog loudly i could not continue my excitement. >> serena kirka of pensville was among thousands lining broadway for ticker tape parade honoring u.s. women's soccer team and rib don'ts of paper floating through the air fans cheered adds champions road an float for the canyon of heros. >> the women's national team inspires me so much and i love them to death. >> being here is just a dream come true and i'm so happy i could make it. >> to see them in person. >> oh, my god incredible. >> it was incredible too for the team after receiving keys to the is they from new york's mayor top tournament player and delran native carli lloyd was overwhelmed with gratitude. >> jersey girl philly fan and new york city you guys are awesome. >> world cup was a dream come true and having this parade in new york city was one of the
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best moments of my entire life. >> i believe that is the reason why we won this world cup. it's because none of us ever stopped believing and neeminger should you guys. thank you guys so much. >> crystal everett of hamilton brought her own homemade cup to the festivities. >> it's the first new york ticker parade for women's athletics so this is awesome history right here. it's gate to be here. >> four of the tem members are from new jersey including christie ram bone from point please sglents she was christie pierce then we've been cheering for her for quite a long time. >> carli lloyd and usa joined lines of charles lindburg and nelson mandela and select other people that had ticker tape parade in their honor along the canyon of heros. lower man hat han. nora muchanic, "channel 6 action news." >> pope francis is in paraguay for last leg of south person tour. they declared today and tomorrow national holidays.
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the pontiff was created at the airport with the please and children's chair and while in paraguay he will celebrate two passes. >> for updates on pain ill visit follow twilter handlele@6abcpope. >> hollywood is mourning death of omar shareff he jiption actor that pass away. in cairo it was revealed had he alzheimer's. he later won a golden globe for dr. he later won a golden globe for dr. chavago and enjoyed a representation as one of the world's top bridge players. >> "healthcheck" tonight a warning of a popular type of pain reliever. fda is changing labels on drugs like advil note rit and aleave and these type of nsaid drugs
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can increase risk of heart attack and stroke by 50% and says it begins with the first dose the more you take and longer you take tractor-trailer higher the risk will be. doctors say it should not be a serious concern for everyone. >> people who are occasionally taking one of these drugs for pain or for fever there really is not a lot to worry about here. but for people who have underlying heart disease or taking these drugs every day you need to think about this and look at what your openings are. >> dr. besser warns switching to a different type of pain reliever is not necessarily the way to go and they have all potential side effects. >> in philadelphia mantua section it's a night of healthy evening and gardening tips. it was sponz order by first urban earth ship and judging by turnout it took off. dozens stopped by 41 south ever lancaster avenue and were able to pick up herbs and vegetables and get morning information on heating healthy on a budget.
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>> also in mantua tonight dozens spent evening giving back to the community. "action news" was there as philadelphia area masons team one chosen 300 ministries they prepared meals and gave them out to the people who needed them. >> a closer look at the weekend. it looks nice. >> the weekend is looking nice. we deserve it. we had a long, stormy week taken was oppressive with humidity and things are changing. stormtracker 6 double scan getting much-needed break after working over time last night tracking the storms we have dry conditions and it's a friday night and we're live on sky6 in old city where a lot of folks are out and about, enjoying this dry, comfortable friday night and temperatures will be rising as we head through the weekend. but the humidity will stay low. today's almanac shows that we had a warm front to the day, 7 afternoon high 86 one below normal and look at this it can
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get hot in july. 104 setback in 1936. right now 78 degrees in philadelphia and on the warm side 68 millville and trenton 7 and sea isle city and the poconos a little con the cool side currently 59 and dew points are pretty low that will be the case as we head through the weekend. satellite 6 and action radar showing we're not completely clear and have clouds streaming in from the west and low pressure diving down to the south as we head through tomorrow and you cake up in the morning 8:00 there will be clouds. especially areas south of philadelphia, knowledge of philadelphia, good amount of sunshine. and the shore likely will be sokd in with clouds early in the morning and high pressure willing flexing muscles as we head through the day. i like rick when he works out. 4:30 in the afternoon loads of sunshine. looking really nice and on sunday, temperatures will begin to warm up. we'll make it up to about a high
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of 90 with lots of sunshine and that's a dry heat. a term i have not used all summer. low humidity. that 90 bill not feel all that oppressive and high pressure skirts east and we get warmer more humid air next week. poconos, temperatures in the 50s overnight. and the afternoon high tomorrow 80. wall to wall sunshine and sunday mostly sunny high of 83. and down the shore the water temperature has cooled off a bit with a land breeze today. 70. tomorrow we're looking at morning clouds and afternoon sunshine 81 degrees and sunday mostly sunny and looking really nice for a high of 82. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, warm and pleasant, great weather. if you head to the union game tomorrow 89 degrees on sunday it will be hot. but again the humidity in check with high of 90 mostly sunny and on monday we get back into the more humid air mass and could show off a few thunderstorms 88. tuesday will be the real
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oppressive day with very high humidity and dew points in 70s looks like we could have an active night of showers and thunderstorms and 89 and chance of lingering storms into wednesday, 88 and then things begin to dry out on thursday, partly sunny 87 and sun with few clouds high of 88 degrees and all in all the weekend looking nice and storm-free and low humidity and great weather for july. >> i'm going to work out tomorrow just because of that forecast. >> flex your husband muscle sgrz for five minutes and then going inside. >> thanks. >> tonight people running for their lives speaking of running for cult classic the mooty "the blob" fans of the film clear out of the colonial theater for "blob fest" to create the scene from the placeic and it includes a street fair and costs tomb
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>> the philadelphia soul celebrated their whipping season in manayunk and the team and soulmates had a town takeover at northern children services and dozens showed up and were able to get autographs and practice with football players others posed for pictures with the players and members of the dance team. >> phillies hoping for a win against the giants what do you think. >> they need runs. they've been shutout the last
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two games. cole hamels not all his fought. he's not won a game since may 23 and faces the giants tonight and take a look at right side of your screen enter ball boy. day-to-day with a bruised ego. fourth inning 1-0 gianst. solo homer breaks a 23 inning scoreless for the phils. right now tied at 1 in the fourth inning. >> still going strong on aaa tonight against bob tucket. givers up two runs and gets a no decision. since promoted to aaa lehigh valley noah 3-0 2.5 era how long before he's called up to the big leagues bring him up now, come on. >> king's trade from a week ago is official. nick stosix 8th overall pick a year ago.
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the sixers also land jason thompson and kyle landri who is from mount laurel. >> the fast is almost over eagles training camp begins 23 days soon we'll be happy again but will we be satisfied. eagles are a new look team. chip kelly made major changes at key positions like quarterback and running back and eagles saferty malcolm jenkins likes what he sees especially on his side of the ball. >> defensively we should be better and obviously it's all depending on how we contain and how office is playing. but i really am encouraged app i know the team sent courageed and we look forward to putting things together. >> jevrping inz was in northeast philadelphia today. his foundation and pep sixt co provided food and senlz for families in need. >> a soccer geelly makes biggest
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gasp you will ever
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last year jokavitch got federror and both are back in the final. we start top seed straight set in six matchs in this event djokovic lost three in this set. federror add vans to willble done final for the eightth time.
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second around u.s. women's on, roseette on the par 4. eagle too. tied for twelfth. amy yang leads minus 7. union hosts portland timbers tomorrow. catch the action on 6abc at 7. finally tonight don't cry for me argentina low level match in argentina the goalie tried to throw the ball down field and did that just happen? he threw it into his own net. never seen that before and for his sake i hope he never does it again. papz he wanted to score. >> he got on tv didn't he. >> thank you ducis rogers "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline". for now all of us here on "action news" i'm rick williams
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, andy samberg. from the seattle seahawks, russell wilson. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from butch walker. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if that's not enough, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy.


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