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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  July 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." the explosion on a packed beach that sent a woman flying into the air. families evacuated. the bomb squad on the scene. what triggered that blast? donald trump on the stump. his own party telling him to tone it down. but tonight, more people turning out to see the donald than any other republican candidate so far. and the protesters there, too. a close call in the skies. the packed passenger plane coming in for a landing, and a near collision with a drone. the pilot calling in for help. >> it was about 2,100 feet and it was just off of our left side. >> who investigators are searching for tonight. and straight out of a galaxy far, far away. the sneak peek sending "star
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wars" fans into an intergalactic frenzy. the first look at a princess we haven't seen since "return of the jedi." great to have you with us on this saturday. i'm seececilia vega. we begin tonight with a scare on a popular beach in rhode island that sent sunbathers scrambling. a bomb squad rushed to the scene after a blast that witnesses say felt like a gas explosion or an earthquake. the force of that blast so great, it sent a woman flying into the air. she landed on the rocks. that's her right there on the stretcher. no word yet on her condition tonight. so, what caused that blast? abc's mary bruce leading us off tonight. >> report of rocks fallen on a subject. unknown how many victims we have. >> reporter: tonight, officials in rhode island investigating what caused a terrifying explosion in the middle of a crowded beach. >> felt like an earthquake or a gas explosion. >> reporter: the blast coming
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from underneath the sand. >> people started screaming and running toward the area and yelling for help and to call 911. it was very busy. very chaotic. >> reporter: the force so strong it threw a 50-year-old woman onto a nearby rock wall. >> respond now, salty brine beach for a subject pinned under rocks. >> reporter: first responders rushing her to a local hospital. her condition tonight unknown. the beach immediately evacuated. a bomb squad scrambling to the scene. >> we have no evidence or indication that there was a device. this could be natural. it could be man made. at this point, it's still under investigation. >> reporter: late today, officials saying they have found no evidence of foul play. >> i have not been told of any evidence that would suggest that there is shrapnel or any type of device. >> reporter: at this hour, the cause of the explosion remains a mystery. and while some eyewitnesses tell
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us they smelled gas shortly after the explosion, the gas and electric company tell us there are no gas lines at that beach. cecilia? >> mary bruce, thank you. and now, to the race for the white house. thousands turning out today to cheer on donald trump. the republican contender taking his immigration speech to border states, as the billionaire businessman soars in the polls. the backlash inside his own party is growing. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump stumping at the epicenter of the immigration debate. trump in arizona, where 10,000 people are expected in phoenix for one of the largest crowds of any republican candidate this campaign. he's sharing the stage with arizona's sheriff joe arpaio, the controversial icon in the debate about illegal immigration. the real estate mogul surging in the polls as he doubles down on immigration. trump, now near the top of the gop presidential pack, rivaling former florida governor jeb bush. >> they're bringing drugs.
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they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> reporter: words that have sparked protests from l.a. to d.c. nearly every republican candidate worried that trump is hurting outreach to latinos. his statements denounced as offensive and inaccurate. >> he also said it in a way that's going to kill my party. >> reporter: the republican party chairman personally calling trump this week, asking him to tone it down. today, a hint of moderation. >> i love the mexican people. i love the spirit of the mexican people. >> reporter: for republicans, the race to the white house is now a race to the debate stage. just 26 days from now, the candidates will face off for the first time in cleveland. and with his surge in the polls, donald trump will likely be on that stage. cecilia? >> devin, thank you. and now, to college football. florida state university back in the headlines again. the second player in less than a week accused of violently attacking a woman during a night out at a bar. tonight, the coach is promising his team will do better. abc's ron claiborne has the latest. >> reporter: florida state's
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star running back dalvin cook is free on bail today, this after turning himself into law enforcement friday afternoon, on charges of battery for allegedly punching a woman outside a tallahassee bar. he was immediately suspended from the team. this comes just days after fsu quarterback de'andre johnson was kicked off the team, also charged with punching a woman at another tallahassee bar. an alleged assault captured on security video. >> to be at this level, for florida state to be this high in this rarefied air of college football and have this kind of behavior going on, it's the ultimate embarrassment. >> reporter: coach jimbo fisher releasing a statement about both cases, saying he does not tolerate the type of behavior alleged against both players. according to police, cook got into an argument with the woman at the bar. then, on the street outside, allegedly struck her several times. >> the next thing we know, dalvin cook just punched her in the face. >> reporter: both arrests likely to cast a shadow over florida state's highly successful football program.
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last year, quarterback jameis winston was accused of raping a fellow student. those charges were later dropped. cook was gearing up for a key role in this season's team, after rushing for over 1,000 yards as a freshman. cook was suspended indefinitely, which does leave open the possibility, at least, that he could be reinstated in the future. obviously none of this is good for the image of florida state, their head coach clearly embarrassed, declaring the school's fans and supporters deserve better. >> ron, good to see you tonight. thank you. and we turn now to the weather, wreaking havoc on millions of americans. tonight, severe storm threats from the midwest to the carolinas. mother nature on full display. take a look at this. fans and players treated to a powerful light show after last night's rockies game in denver. the forecast in a moment. but first, abc's kayna whitworth with the great american divide between flooded and parched. >> reporter: missouri's finley river jumping its banks this week after as much as a half
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a foot of rain. this driver rescued from the roof of his truck friday. >> that truck is actually up against a tree. the only thing that stopped him from getting washed down the river. >> reporter: from too much rain to not enough out west. in seattle, this tree falling on a man's car. one tree expert telling our station drought is likely to blame. >> what you're talking about is referred to by arborists as summer branch drop, or sudden limb drop. >> reporter: that driver not seriously injured. near san francisco, officials are dolling out free recycled water. treated wastewater that people are using to keep their plants alive. >> without this water, we wouldn't be able to water the lawns or keep up our gardens. >> reporter: so many communities are looking for solutions. the major estimates that golf courses like this one in los angeles are saving hundreds of millions of gallons of drinking water by using recycled water on their greens. and cecilia, they plan on converting even more. >> kayna, thank you. and meteorologist sheryl scott
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from our chicago station, wls joinings now. much needed rain coming out west? >> reporter: yes. we are tracking some thunderstorms, scattered and isolated in nature, but this trend will continue overnight and into the day tomorrow. you can see it through parts of oregon and idaho. some intense rains and flash flooding here not out of the question but thankfully cooler conditions. but we're heating up in the plains sheer, ss here from northern oklahoma heat advisories stretching all the way up into south dakota. 90s here with heat index values in the 100s on sunday. so, stay cool. tracking the severe storms, they'll be pushing up the coast of north carolina, but into the ohio valley tonight and also parts of kentucky, some gusty winds. the severe threat is in place for sunday. the upper midwest, minneapolis, you're in the bulls eye zone. strong winds, large hail, a brief tornado. and this stretches right through parts of illinois and indiana. >> okay, sheryl, thank you. great to have you with us. we turn to severe weather overseas now. a powerful typhoon slamming into china, packing winds up to 90
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miles an hour. that typhoon dumping more than a foot of rain in some places, downing trees, knocking out power, damaging some buildings. more than 1 million residents evacuated and hundreds of flights canceled. also overseas tonight, massive crowds marking a somber anniversary. 20 years since europe's worst atrocity since world war ii. and two decades after this massacre in bosnia, emotions are still running raw. abc's jennifer eccleston has the story. >> reporter: tens of thousands gathering at the site of europe's worst massacre since the holocaust. 8,000 men and boys all muslim killed by bosnian serb soldiers. today, 136 more bodies laid to rest 20 years later. the anniversary drawing dozens of foreign leaders, including former president bill clinton. >> i am begging you not to let this monument to innocent boys
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and men become only a memory of a tragedy. >> reporter: serbia's prime minister entering the cemetery to pay his respects and lay flowers, was pelted with shoes, bottles and stones. the crowd's overwhelming anger forcing him to flee. two international courts recognizing the massacre as a genocide. the prime minister still careful not to use the term. despite today's attacks, he says reconciliation with his muslim neighbors remains a top priority. jennifer eck ms on the, abc news, london. and back here at home, today marks the first day in 54 years that the confederate flag is not flying at the south carolina state house. but tonight, the growing push to remove confederate symbols stretches far beyond that state's borders. here's abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: this slab of concrete tonight representing a new reality in south carolina. >> it's a sense of relief. >> reporter: the confederate
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flag now removed from state grounds. it will soon be in this museum. this, as the naacp announces tonight an end to its 15-year economic ban in south carolina. >> it's a step in the right direction. that progress has been made. but the bigger question is, what's next? >> reporter: what's next is a push by many to expand the confederate cleansing beyond south carolina. a debate now raging in washington over how to handle confederate imagery in the nation's capitol. these statues of confederate heroes are inside the capitol dome, national parks and cemeteries. the jefferson davis highway, named after the confederacy's first president, within walking distance of the abraham lincoln memorial. and then, there's mississippi. its state flag still clearly includes the confederate emblem. there are at least seven other southern states whose rebel history still appears to be woven into the fabric of its flag. >> reporter: and now, cecilia, the mowmentum moves west. in mississippi, civil rights groups there are trying to seize
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that momentum and get the confederate emblem removed from its state flag. cecilia? >> phillip, thank you. next to a bombshell over another southern icon. atticus finch, the shining symbol of social justice in the american classic "to kill a mockingbird," may have a dark secret that's about to be revealed in a much-anticipated new book. and as abc's john donvan reports, it is sending shockwaves across the literary world tonight. >> reporter: this is the atticus finch we know and love. epitomized in the movie of the same name by gregory peck. the father fighting for truth and fairness. the atticus in lee's new novel, "go set a watchman," as reported in "the new york times," sounds like a racist in touch with the ku klux klan. >> it would be a lot different. i might not be able to finish the book. >> reporter: for a fictional character, the response now feels awfully real. as in this, from twitter. "it's like finding out santa claus beats his reindeer." harper lee waited 55 years to publish her second novel one
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that appears to be an early draft of "mockingbird." the new book comes out on tuesday. mary mcdonna murphy, who made a documentary called "mockingbird" has her own theories about the story told in that until now unseen version. >> this is a first work. it's an early work. it's much more forcefully political and much more strictly a civil rights novel. it gives us a lot of insight into what her thinking was in the mid '50s. >> reporter: how upset are readers? some plenty. another tweet. "i refuse to read any book that makes atticus finch a bad guy." well, that's one way to see it. the other is this. this atticus finch will always be there, on film and between the covers of this american classic. john donvan, abc news, washington. still ahead on this saturday night, they are supposed to stay miles away from airports. so, why was one drone hovering alarmingly close to a passenger jet as it tried to land? what we're learning about this close encounter. and later, forget the composed courts of wimbledon. why serena williams is jumping
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find your walk near you at well, it has happened again. a drone hovering where it shouldn't be, close to a us airways jet trying to land. the pilot forced to radio in for help and it is happening more often than you may think. tonight, new worries about the dangers of these remote-controlled gadgets flying way too close to your flight. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration is investigating a close call for a us airways flight and a drone flying dangerously near one another. >> it was about 2,100 feet and it was just off of our left side and maybe 100 feet away? >> reporter: the pilot spotting the drone while landing at the charlotte airport wednesday. the wayward quad copter hovering
6:47 pm
2,100 feet in the air, according to the faa, and violating their rules which say, drones must stay 400 feet above ground, at least five miles from airports and well clear of aircraft. >> the reason that we don't want a drone anywhere close to commercial airliners is because of the possibility of one being ingested in an engine. and doing a tremendous amount of damage. >> reporter: close encounters between drones and planes becoming all too common. the latest numbers released by the faa report nearly 200 drone incidents just last year, including one in charlotte. the pilot of that passenger jet reporting a drone buzzing just 100 feet below him. and in may, a near-miss between a delta shuttle and a remote-controlled aircraft at new york's laguardia airport. back in charlotte, investigators say they are looking for the drone operator behind this latest incident. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. coming up on "world news tonight," the search for the most famous shoes on the planet. >> there's no place like home. there's no place like home.
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take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now with our most vitamin d three ever. and straight to the index now. starting with the queen of wimbledon. pulling off another serena slam. williams winning her sixth title, her 21st grand slam championship, jumping for joy here at the end of today's match. during the trophy ceremony, a moment of true sportsmanship when williams told the 21-year-old player she had just defeated, quote, don't be sad, you'll be holding this trophy very, very soon, believe me.
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and now, to a multimillion dollar masterpiece that was hiding right in plain sight. the mobile created by artist hanging over michigan's gross alexander calder has been hanging over michigan's gross point library since 1953. no one really knew just how much it was worth until it was recently taken down to be cleaned. the staff there stunned to find out it is worth $10 million. pretty sure they'll be keeping a closer eye on it from now on. and we know how much dorothy's ruby slippers are worth, a lot. but did the wicked witch finally get her hands on them? >> it's too late. there they are and there they'll stay. >> well, they didn't stay there for sure. the legendary pumps have been missing for years, but tonight, a new incentive to get them back. an anonymous "wizard of oz" fan is offering 1 million bucks for their return. the minnesota museum where they were stolen from clicking its heels together and hoping those shoes make it back home. and when we come back, another hollywood icon.
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finally, sorry, "star wars" fans, the new movie is not out for a few more months, but tonight, there is a fix to hold you over. a new trailer with clues of what's ahead, and even a han solo sighting. here's our resident "star wars" super fan, abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: you'd have to frozen in carbonite to not know that for "star wars" fans, this is a big deal. >> ladies and gentlemen, harrison ford! >> reporter: han solo himself, ford's first public appearance since a real-life golf course crash-landing back in march. >> how are you feeling? are you feeling good? are you feeling okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> good! >> how are you?
6:57 pm
>> reporter: reuniting with the cast and crew of episode seven, along with originals carrie fisher and mark hamill, at san diego comic-con to talk about a movie galaxy they haven't been to in more than 30 years. >> we're home. >> reporter: and in just released clips behind the scenes, we see leia again for the first time. new creatures and old. mark hamill says this film won't overload on computer-generated effects, perhaps a jab at the last trilogy that turned many fans off. >> real sets. keeping one foot in the pre-digital world. >> reporter: the night ended with another surprise. >> who wants to go see a live "star wars" concert right now? >> reporter: a concert for 6,500 people. everybody got a lightsaber. ford even used one as a cane. but longtime fans like me, to the younger ones -- who is this? >> chewbacca! >> reporter: "star wars" never gets old.
6:58 pm
>> lucasfilm is a part of abc's parent company, disney. move along. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> can't wait. we have to wait until december to see the movie, though. thank you for spending your saturday with us. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega in new york. have a good evening.
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as union push to the playoffs tonight they meet the hottest team in soccer. the the portland timbers won have of seven and challenging seattle and vancouver for western conference supremacy. union have some momentum of their own, after beating the seattle, a draw against montreal in challenging conditions. >> he ties it. >> over d.c. united in the u.s. open cup. meaning, union take on the portland timbers all next. the gorgeous day, here in


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