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tv   Hollywood News Summer Movie Preview  ABC  July 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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marilia: hello, and welcome to the hollywood news report. i'm marilia moreno your cinema guide for what's going on in movies today. it's summer which means theaters are packed with films that make you laugh and take you on a nonstop thrill ride. join us as we give you an exclusive look at hollywood's biggest and best summer blockbusters. all this and more on "the hollywood news report," where news is entertainment and entertainment is news. ♪ >> hold on, cowboy. ♪ >> let's all go to court. >> summer is here, but the summer box office season officially kicked off in april with “furious 7” and “avengers: age of ultron” setting box
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office records by claiming the 4th and 5th spots for highest grossing films of all time! here's a look at the films you have left to look forward to this season. >> we have learned more in the past decade from genetics than a century of digging up bones. a whole new frontier has opened up. we have our first genetically modified hybrid. >> you just went and made a new dinosaur? >> probably not a good idea. >> chris pratt and bryce dallas howard bring back the dinosaurs from “jurassic park” and create vicious new ones for “jurassic world.” >> we can't lock them in. >> come on close it down! >> somebody talk to me. what is happening. chris pratt: i just remember how i felt as a 13 year-old seeing this in the theater for the
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first time, and i just hope kids walk away with the same feeling that i had, just being captured, having their imagination tickled. hopefully they walk away with a new love of science and what is possible through science and imagination because i remember what it felt like as a kid, but now that i'm a parent i can imagine what it would be like to give that gift to my kids, to bring them to the theater, to have that moment, that memory of sitting in the theater the weekend we saw “jurassic world.” bryce dallas howard: it's been 22 years since the first film and i think what's so cool about it is it's the wish fulfillment. you know, it's john hammond dream come to life, it's a fully operational theme park. it's also very realistic because if there was a theme park where the attractions were dinosaurs that have been around for a decade or so, would people really be into dinosaurs? would their interest be able to be sustained for that long? and so the premise of this story is that in order to keep visitors coming to the island and coming to the park we need to create a dinosaur that's going to capture their imagination.
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>> she'll kill anything that moves. >> oh god. >> run! >> these are riley's memories. they're mostly happy you'll notice, not to brag. >> i wanted to maybe hold one. >> what happened? sadness! >> she did something to the memory. >> is everything okay? >> i don't know. >> change it back joy. >> joy, no! wait! let go! >> bill hader, amy poehler lewis black, and mindy kaling play the emotions of a little girl, in the animated film “inside out.” >> the really important ones are over here. i don't want to get too technical but these are called core memories. each one came from a super important time in riley's life. like when she first scored a goal, that was so amazing.
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amy poehler: we live inside our own minds, we have no idea what it looks like, so pixar was like, “i'm going to tell you what it looks like. this is what long term memory looks like, this is you know abstract thought, this is imaginationland, this is the place that produces your dream.” and they just do this thing that they do over and over again which is like, here's a world, we're going to build it. it takes a really big conceptual idea and it makes it really beautiful and small and universal. there's a lot of hard jokes and a lot of emotional stuff that they're not afraid to do and it's almost like they're not afraid of the minor key and they just play it a lot in the film. so it feels really fresh and exciting because of that. >> okay, only i'm too sad to walk. just give me a fewhours. >> ♪ let's all go to court. hey you lawyer guys, you don't know me and johnny are watching you. ♪ >> the thunder buddies return! mark wahlberg and his potty-mouthed teddy bear try to
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prove ted is a real person, in “ted 2.” ♪ >> alright, i'm going to ask you a few test questions now. >> are you ready? >> yep. >> bring it on. >> do you consider yourself to be human? >> objection! >> sustained. >> no. the witness can't object. overruled. side bar. guilty! speculation. hearsay. bailiff. briefcase. disregard. in m chambers. stop beavering the witness. i rest. we could totally be lawyers. >> we'll be right back with more of your favorite stars on the hollywood news report.
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>> we're back. now let's take a look at more films on the "hollywood news report." >> where is he?
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>> get out. >> he said he'll be back and he meant it! arnold schwarzenegger is out to stop judgement day with a brand new terminator cast, in “terminator genisys.” james cameron: i feel like the franchise has been reinvigorated, like this is a renaissance. if you look at why the films became classics, they had characters that you like. >> the terminator. >> it is nice to meet you. >> i've been trying to teach him to blend in. i know it needs work. >> in the new film which in my mind i think of as the third film we see arnold take the character even farther. >> i got a little treat for y'all tonight. we're going to see if he's got some magic in that mic. >> channing tatum reunites with his dancing pals for one last
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epic show, in “magic mike xxl.” >> i mean if this really is our last ride, what if we make up some new routine? >> in this game it's evolve or die. >> are you ready to be worshiped? are you ready to be exalted? >> what are we? >> we're like healers or something. >> yes, man. >> oh yeah. >> welcome to villain-con. the biggest gathering of criminals anywhere. >> any evil talents? not bad. >> what about you? >> any evil talents? that's not evil or a talent. >> the “despicable me” accident prone lackey's are getting their own spinoff with “minions.” >> [speaks minionese
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>> gentlemen don't steal ladies crowns! you backstabbing little trader. >> scott, i've been watching you for a while. you're different, and i believe everyone deserves a shot at redemption. >> do you? >> absolutely. my days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over. what do you want me to do? >> i want you to break into a place and steal some stuff. makes sense. >> marvel is out to set more box office records this summer with their newest superhero “ant-man.” >> the suit has power. you have to learn how to control it. paul rudd: this was so far away from my thinking really but when it happened i was
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giddy. and i'm so excited about it and it's a different kind of thing for me and i'm really like, i'm really looking forward to the challenges and differences. and you know, at the same time it's still a character and it's still a story you know with relationships, this one just has a lot more special effects and action. >> you're just a thief. >> no, i'm ant-man. quot i know. it wasn't my idea. >> monogamy isn't realistic. >> monogamy isn't realistic. >> again. >> monogamy isn't realistic. >> i didn't understand that word at the time but now i know exactly what he was talking about. >> comedian amy schumer deals with her commitment issues in “trainwreck.”
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>> i think you butt dialed me. >> no, i dialed you with my fingers. >> what did she say? what did she say? >> shhh. >> hang up. he's obviously like sick or something. amy: it really is about a girl named amy who has been spreading herself too thin and drinking a lot and just has been doing these things that have been cute but things aren't cute anymore. her life is catching up to her and she meets a guy and he kind of throws her off her path and she kind of figures out hopefully how to love herself. that it's not about being saved or anything. ♪ >> when we come back, more from hollywood's biggest films. only on the "hollywood news report."
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>> thanks for joining us again. now let's get back to more entertainment news on the "hollywood news report." >> his name is mr. sherlock holmes. >> was that him? >> have you ever been bitten? >> stung. bees don't have teeth. >> have you ever been bit? >> no, i have never been bit. >> sir ian mckellen comes out of retirement to solve a mysterious case, in “mr. holmes.” >> you know, a few years ago i could have told you everything about the woman in that photograph. certainly i'd recall what had become of her, whether she was victim or culprit. but that night i couldn't remember any of it. >> i believe that some alien life force sent down real life video games to attack us.
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>> that makes sense. >> adam sandler, josh gad, and peter dinklage put their old school video game skills to good use in “pixels.” >> the only way to take down pac-man is with ghosts. >> you want ghosts? >> these are your ghosts. >> let's hit it! chris: pixels starts in 1982 when 3 good friends attend a thing called the world video game championships. and the world video game championships were based on the fact that our video game arcades existed and the best kids from those arcades went to these championships and competed for the best score. in 1982 we sent up a space capsule into outer space. the aliens saw the footage of the video games and took that as a declaration of war. so when the games start attacking us and destroying our cities and great monuments, the president can only get these three losers together to help fight the video games because the military is useless. so these three guys band back together to fight the alien.
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>> we got this, if we don't the world ends. >> she was arguably the most gorgeous creature that god had ever created. margot's life was a series of unbelievably epic adventures. i need to borrow your car. >> when cara delevingne goes missing after a night of misadventure, nat wolff and his friends go on a quest to find her, in the bestselling young adult novel turned feature film, “paper towns.” >> you love her, right? >> yeah, i do. ♪ >> the more you get hit the harder you fight. i get it. >> let's go! >> only now you're taking way too many hits before you get off. >> jake gyllenhaal stars as a world champion boxer whose life falls apart after the death of his wife, in “southpaw.”
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>> this court is aware of the tragedy your family has suffered, mr. hope. none the less, you have chosen to demonstrate dangerous behavior while having custody of your daughter. >> dad? >> you need help billy. it will be a year before your suspension is up which means zero income. >> legal custody of the child shall remain in family services until the father can demonstrate the ability of a responsible parent. >> what the bible has taught you is the truth. a demons greatest threat is not to your body, but your soul. >> sweetie? >> god is going to see you through this. >> something is coming and then something bad is going to happen. >> michael peña tries to perform an exorcism to save a woman's soul, in “the vatican tapes.” >> you tell them i am here.
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>> how did we get this far? human beings have an immeasurable desire to discover, to invent, to build. >> director josh trank is infusing new blood into the “fantastic four” franchise with the help of kate mara, miles teller, michael b. jordan and jamie bell. >> don't let any of these lab coats give you any crap, alright? >> well if i do i know who to call, the muscle. jamie: i think the tone is really real. the movie is really about young outsiders who, you know, they take this journey to this different universe, that's very dangerous and they have this physical transformations and they have these amazing abilities all of a sudden. but i think the heart of the movie and what josh trank is really good at in terms of
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directing this massive ship is grounding it in reality. that these are real young people with real human problems. >> if you want to stop him it's going to take everting you have. >> hello. >> i've been trying to call you. it's julie, our daughter. max left her. >> what? >> yeah, just the one. >> whoa. mom, you're here. it's like the 80's all over again. >> meryl streep is a rock musician trying to repair her broken family, in “ricki and the flash.” >> it really doesn't matter if your kids love you or not. it's not their job to love you. it's your job to love them. >> call in sick, go to the old neighborhood. sometimes a girl just needs her mother. >> there's more hollywood news
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thanks for coming to movie night. yeah, of course, so fun. so fun, right. yeah. i'm gonna go check. ok. well? we're all the way up to 4%. that's great! yeah. i could do this all night. i'm just gonna go check again. ok. leave slow downloads behind. 100% fiber optics is here. rashida? get out of the past. get fios. rashida? call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> we've returned and we've got a lot more movie news to show, on the "hollywood news report." >> we've recently discovered the existence of an international criminal organization with ties to former nazis. rumor has it they've built an atom bomb. >> we have no choice but to work together to infiltrate this organization. >> we'll leave you two to get acquainted. >> henry cavill and armie hammer star in the big screen adaptation of the popular 1960's espionage tv show, “the man from u.n.c.l.e.” >> shall we? come on! >> hold on cowboy! >> for a special agent you're not having a very special day, are you? >> where the money at? >> yo, why you gotta be so ruthless, cuz? >> gotta make a few changes. >> where you think you going? >> i'm just trying to get home. that's my son! >> you need to get back in the house or i will ruin your night. o'shea!
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why you gotta talk to my moms like that? >> ice cube and dr. dre put their producer caps on to tell the true story of how they rose to fame in the rap group nwa, in “straight outta compton.” >> the world needs to hear it. >> they want nwa? let's give them nwa. >> this is only the tip of the iceberg gentlemen. what's going on? what do you have in that bag? are you kidding me? you can't take that on the bus! >> you don't stop evil. you can only protect yourself from it. >> i'm worries about dylan. >> why? >> he's just different. >> shhh. >> i have something to show you. >> there are references to bagul across all cultures. some believe that it fed off the corruption of innocence. >> a sinister monster attempts to claim a young family, in the supernatural horror film “sinister 2.”
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>> your family is in danger. >> why? >> he's going to hurt us. >> i won't let that happen. >> hey, stop. stop doing stuff to my car. >> jesse eisenberg learns he is a secret government agent, in the action-comedy “american ultra.” >> we made him. he is a security risk. ♪ >> you're going to blow up a town? >> catch! >> what exactly are you? >> an assassin. >> and you're here to kill who? >> you should really let me go.
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>> zachary quinto and rupert friend reload the popular video game franchise turned feature film, “hitman: agent 47.” >> he's an engineered human being, stronger, faster, more intelligent than other people. zachary: i think it takes this really popular video game as an exciting launching point and takes characters and expands on them, and takes the world an build's on it. and visually this movie is really stunning but it's anchored in a real connection between these characters. and i think that there's hopefully more substance than can usually be expected or sometimes expected and that's what we're working for. >> that's it for this week. please join me next time on “the hollywood news report”, where news is entertainment and entertainment is news.
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