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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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center, live at the center is john rawlins. what is the reaction to the president's speech tonight? >> reporter: well, lets get to the message, it's known as mass incarceration, too many people in jail for the wrong reasons, to put it shortly, too many for long mandatory sentences for what he described as non-violent drug offenders. >> lets look at the statistics, the united states is home to 5% of the world's population. but 25% of the world's prissoner prisoners, think about that our incarceration rate is four times higher than china's. but over the last few decades we have locked up more and more non-violent drug offenders for
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longer than ever before and that is why our prison population is so high. as republican senator, and presidential candidate ran paul, has said, and to his credit he is consistent on this issue, imprisoning non-violent offenders for long periods of time does not make it safer, african-americans and latinos make up 30% of our population and make up 60% of our inmates. >> after the string of statistics the president shifted gears talking about widespread reforms from everything from sentencing guidelines for non-violent crimes as well as reforms in communities and more jobs for young people and reform
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in prison so people have a chance of reenry back into the real world a need for change from the president's perspective. >> thank you john. well, the president's day got started early with the announcement of a nuclear agreement with iran. it took 17 days of negotiations and months of diplomacy to reach the deal, stopping iran from developing a nuclear weapon for at least 10 years according to the president and secretary of state john kerry in exchange sanctions will come to an end in phases, lawmakers in washington have 60 days to review the deal. world news has more on the deal with iran next. it was traffic tragedy today
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on the 800 block of tell delaware avenue in the city of wilmington, a car being chased by police slammed no a scolhool bus and the driver of the car was killed. >> it happened on busy delaware avenue in downtown wilmington, the car was headed northbound and lost control of the curve right there and hit head-on into the school bus and witnesses say it was being chased by police. >> four cop cars were chasing the blue malibu lost control and hit head-on right into the bus. >> saw the whole thing. >> the whole thing. >> the car was crushed by the school bus and the driver was killed and fortunately there was no children on the bus and the driver of the bus had only a minor knee injury and the driver of the car was trapped inside and he got immediate assistance.
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>> a physician happened to be walking down the street and he was on the scene. rescould you worker his to cut the roof off the car to get to the driver, officers saw him driving erratically through the city and sideswiping parked cars they lost sight of him but saw him at south market but he sped off three blocks later he lost control on the curve where west turned into avenue. the car has delaware license tags but police are not releasing the driver's name while the investigation continues, they say that the chase had been broken off but witnesses say it appears that the police were in hot pursuit. >> i heard the sirens and the car speeding up this way wasn't paying much attention at first until i heard the wheels screeching and i turned around
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and saw him hop the mode median and he and the school bus hit head-on. >> the would not normally be here but it was here for a pickup. live in wilmington, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you david. mayor michael nutter's office says they cannot say if there will be changes regarding the homeless after a confront confrontation between the homeless and the mayor's detail. >> a young amateur photographer captured yesterday afternoon's confrontation, they were walking outside of the municipal building scamming problem areas in center city and that is when the man approached them yelling and cursing and the two tussleded and fell to the ground, once on the ground mayor
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nutter jumped in to row strain and calm the homeless man who was released without being charged. a philadelphia police officer surrendered and now faces charges. robert penn is charged with criminal solicitation experience and obstruction penn was off duty when he was shot outside of his home, he addressed mays to call the media and implicate penn's estranged wife in the shooting. monsignor william lynn is no longer residing at the jail while he appeals his conviction in 2012, pope francis is scheduled to visit prisoners there in september now he is back in the state prison in
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scranton he is searching a sentence for a child endanger conviction for his handling of child abuse allegations involving other priests. it's a while before you heard about the spotted lantern fly, and in berks county officials have to choice but to think about this spcays. >> we were invated by this pest, an unwelcomed pest by the way this fall. >> russel wedding is talking about the spotted lantern fly, the latest invasive species to show up in pennsylvania from overseas by way of commerce. they say that the spotted lantern fly say particular concern here because they feast on grapevines and apple trees and stone fruit trees and pine trees, all of which are key
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business in the keystone state. >> we have large industry and orchards, it's definitely introduced into a sensitive area. so far they believe it's contained to berks area, they have destroyed 100,000 eggs and nests. but people in lehigh and montgomery county are asking to look out for these destructive bugs. same for malaki in macungie county. >> when the information came out we were wondering what to do and we are still wondering and keep looking, anyone that finds spotted lantern flies in any stage of development is instructed to destroy them and take photos of them if possible. the can't information can be found on
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reporting from upper macungie walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> they have experienced sadness. but today was all about fun for fallen officers in new jersey plus police released new details on the second dui arrest of donovan mcnabb. >> we have flooding downpours earlier today and now tracking some storms to the west. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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in just one month shoppers have a place to go in gloucester new jersey the construction is on schedule and they are set to open on august 13th in edition to the 19 retail stores, it will feature five restaurants and the project took almost a year to build and expects to employee around 800 people. this was an extraordinary day in seaside heights new jersey a chance for families to come together to give each other support, these families have something in common they have all lost loved ones that were law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. nora muchanic has the story. >> it's a family that you don't want to be a part of. but you are blessed that they are in your lives. phyllis morgan lost her son michael a new york police detective were enjoying the memorial day at break water
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beach in seaside heights, a chance for families of law enforcement killed in the line of duty to enjoy themselveses. >> they get to talk to one another, one mom can talk to another mom and kids play with other kids. >> they gave the ultimate sacrifice they gave their lives protecting us. >> michelle lost her nephew in 2005 when he was hit by a casino bus while directing traffic. >> it's sad to see new people but great to see the same people but they know where you are at. >> you don't need sun for what they were getting together. >> a day to talk and talk about our loved ones and a day to spend a nice day, not just mourning all the time. >> the family of port authority
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police officer, dave, killed in 9/11 comes every year. >> being with family and good time and meeting other people and a lot of support. >> the people in uniform still support them and love them and thank them for their sacrifice. >> break water beach hosts the event, a group that assists the families of officers that died. in seaside heights, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news."
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>> we are getting more details on the second dui arrest of donovan mcnabb, they said his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit .17 the legal limit in arizona is .08, and anything above a .05 is considered extreme dui mcnabb stated he had nothing to drink
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and had taken cough sear rupp for a cold. if convicted he faces minimum of 90 days in jail. baseball's all-star game is tonight in cincinnati. phillies fans you have one player to root for that is if you are still a fan. he openly campaigned to be traded out of town. ruben amaro jr. says he knows nothing about how the front office works. the sixers are wrapping up the summer league schedule in las vegas they are taking on the knicks. golf's third major gets underway in saint andrews, jordin spieth is the hottest player on the planet now, he is the favorite. and what about tiger woods he won the event low times and twice at this convenient you but
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his game is a mess. >> i'm still young i'm not 40 yet. i know some of you think i'm buried done, but i'm still here in front of you. i love playing and love competing and love playing these events. >> you heard the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade. here is a boy that does more than that. >> peter zucka loves baseball for ever. >> i love the basic stuff like the four seam and two seam. but two years ago life threw peter a curve doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in his right leg and had to amputate it above the knee. >> i didn't know if i could play baseball game, it was hard to learn how to walk again. >> and yet nine days post on he
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was back on the mound throwing strikes, he was beating the odds all through life, he was only 10 months old when he was diagnosed with cancer. we came home to plan his first and last birthday party and planned that simultaneously with his funeral. we should never count peter out. >> more than a decade later peter is making a slash wherever he go i swims competitively and runs and when not in the dugout spends his time making a difference. >> my foundation is the peter powerhouse foundation and i started it to improve the lives of kids with cancer. >> they rowcently began this campaign with the red cross give blood give hope, give life and in peter's case give back.
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>> peter is cancer free right now, if you would like more information on the peter powerhouse foundation go to >> thank you. peter. adam joseph with the accuweather forecast.
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>> late word from accuweather. adam joseph. >> active tonight and a quiet stretch for the end of the week. as we look at double scan live radar around the region, some pop-up thunderstorms around but most of the region is quiet you can see the cluster of what was
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a thunderstorm is now pushing towards lawrence and clarksville rod, just some downpours at this point and eventually this will fade off the radar scope and another area to the south near red lion, the slit of 206 and route 70 a thunderstorm and three lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, some heavy rain drifting to the east-northeast and not sitting over one location, because southern new jersey parts of cumberland new jersey and gloucester county got 2 to 3 inches of rain this morning. the tropical feeling is back and we have endured quite a busy stretch over the last three weeks and that dew point temperature is back in the lower 70s, any time it's over 70 it's oppressive there are water droplets called water vapor and
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if you ring that out it literally pours and the busy stretch started three days ago and within our area three weeks we see three tornadoes and one macro burst and a micro burst it's basically the strong winds out of a thunderstorm up to 85 miles per hour and philadelphia international airport we saw the fourth peak wind gust, at philadelphia international airport up to 72 miles per hour. it is in the low 80s from ocean city to cape may, as you lift to the north with the wind coming in from the atlanticic ocean it's mild at 79 degrees most temperatures are below average for this time of year low 80s are but feeling uncomfortable out there with the spike in the humidity, as we look to the west there is a spin diving in from the great lakes and it pivots in through today and tomorrow and that is just enough energy to spark a shower or
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thunderstorm one comes in after midnight in spots and then again tomorrow afternoon. for your wednesday the low develops to the east, and tomorrow afternoon it looks like philadelphia to the south and east of new jersey, that sees the downpours or thunderstorms, and after midnight anyone is fair game and high pressure settles in and low humidity and a refreshing broez and temperature of 82. and thursday longs to be the best days of the summer so far with the low humidity and low 80s tomorrow and humid and a soggy afternoon and downpours developing and the same goes for the beaches in delaware. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, after the unsettled day tomorrow it doesn't look like severe weather but heavy downpours and thursday and friday setting up to be back to back beautiful day, low humidity and highs in the low 80s and the tropical feeling comes back over the weekend as the temperatures rise
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back up late saturday could be an isolated storm and better chance for pop-ups sunday and monand by next tuesday we have heat wave number two for the summer season so far. we have not had many 90 degree days but maybe we'll tag on a few mores. >> now a baby story that even two "action news" producers could not have scripted. this is sydney eloise who entered the world sooner than expected. her parents were planning to spend a few days at rehoboth beach, the first chance vacation before the birth of their child in six weeks, well six weeks disappeared and the two of them hitched a ride in the ambulance but the time it reached the hospital there were three of them. sydney came six weeks early but
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is a robust and healthy young lady who gave her parents fair warning that she will have a mind all her own. our congratulations and much love to vanessa and matt and sydney. >> abc world news is next on channel 6, "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, adam joseph and ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking stories. the historic deal with iran. the backlash here at home. the president saying it will make the world safer. tonight, israel calling it a stunning historic mistake. what does it mean for american security? martha raddatz in iran. also breaking at this hour new video of el chapo, from inside his cell just a short time before he escaped into that mile-long tunnel. authorities set to release it. swept away. multiple homes gone in seconds. the search for the missing at this hour. the deadly system not moving east. the miracle survivor tonight. the daughter walking out of the woods, two days after a plane crash. and the other plane tonight landing in the middle of traffic. and we're just hours away tonight. christmas in july? it's amazon versus walmart. and our reporter tonight with the


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