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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 15, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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we've been changing things up with k-y love. oh yeah. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in places we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. driver intentionally hit an officer with his car, the scene recorded by the officer's dashcam. this happened within seconds after a traffic stop. the officer walked up to the car, weapon drawn demand ago the driver get out of the car. passenger runs off. officer steps in front of the car. driver hits the accelerator. three shots were were fired.
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the officer hits the pavement. help arrives moments later. a teenage driver has been charged. >> polices in vallejo, california are refusing to apologize in the girl kidnapping case saying they believe it was a hoax. >> despite fbi after thes and the suspect who is now behind bars. cecilia vega with the details. >> a resounding we told you so. >> today there is vindication. today is a fabulous day for denise huskins, for aaron quinn. >> tears of relief for the couple accused of staging an elaborate kidnapping hoax straight out of the blockbuster "gone girl." >> ridiculously stage your crime scene. >> the fbi arresting the accused mastermind, 38-year-old matthew muller, a harvard educated former lawyer. unsealed court documents revealing bizarre new detas. it was march 23rd about 3:00 a.m. the intruders wearing wet suits and carrying squirt guns with laser pointers attached.
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investigators say they tied up drugged and forced the couple to wear swimming goggles with tape covering the lenses and head sets a prerecorded calm sounding voice giving orders. huskins telling police the kidnappers had protocols in place as if they had done this before. two days later, she emerges 400 miles away near her father's southern california home. the fbi says near muller's home agents found goggles with a strand of long blonde hair the same color as huskins. but the police department that called the whole thing a hoax is not apologizing. >> does the vallejo police department owe them an apology. >> we're going to evaluate that when the investigation is complete and go from there into did you drop the ball? >> i don't believe so no. >> now different police departments in the are looking at past home invasions bizarre ones involving masked men. they're looking for possible ties to muller. cecilia vega abc news vallejo,
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california. >> that's a strange case. >> very strange. >> to hear the police department still saying we're standing by our story to a certain degree. it's fascinating >> yeah. >> coming up here flu insight into that barroom incident involving a florida state quarterback. we've got some new insight about this video. it's hard to watch. >> that's right. a young woman punched in the face promising football career a future ahead we'll explain in our abc news exclusive.
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promising florida state football player just a freshman is now facing battery charges after a videotaped incident at a bar. a 21-year-old woman was punched in the face. >> and an abc news exclusive, that football player d'andre johnson is telling the story with his mother by his side. here's abc's michael strahan. >> the disturbing video at a tallahassee florida bar. first a confrontation, then a 21-year-old woman punched in the face left bruised. the man who threw the punch, d'andre johnson, a freshman at florida state. thrown off the football team at one of the nation's top programs as a result of the video. now in an abc news exclusive,
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johnson tells his story for the first time. >> why didn't you just walk away? because a lot of people wondering why wouldn't you walk away from an incident like that. >> you're right. there is no explanation for that. i totally should have walked away. i'm sorry. if i could do it all over again, i would. >> did you have any drinks that night at the bar? >> no. i'm not going to comment on that. >> according to the arrest affidavit, the victim suffered bruising under her left eye, swelling to the left cheek and upper lip and a small cut. johnson was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. is he pleading not guilty. >> your lawyer has said that you're not the instigateorinstigator. that the young lady said some racial slurs to you and that was part of the equation. did that happen? >> it doesn't matter. i should have walked away. >> is he guilty of battery? >> that's going to be for the courts to determine. there are people who make mistakes. but don't deserve to pay for the rest of their life for them. >> who do you think you let down
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the most? >> my mother. she didn't raise me this way. you know? so -- she didn't raise me this way. you see she's -- kills me inside to know that i hurt her heart. >> i cry. i just cry, cried for three days. i still cry. because i don't teach my kids to raise their hand and for this just to happen i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> when this happened what did you say to dion day dra? >> i wanted to jump through the phone and wring his neck. >> have you ever been violent towards women. >> i've never been violent towards a woman. >> ever? >> ever. >> johnson says that he doesn't second-guess florida state's decision to kick him off the team but is he deb stated. >> do you believe you deserve a second cannes. >> yes, sir, without a doubt. what you saw on the video was not who i am. >> his attorney says his client is forbidden from the court from reaching out to the woman he struck but he has a message.
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>> i would like to say to her and her family i am sorry. no words can describe this feeling. >> johnson says he's now focused on his education and he's volunteering at a battered women's shelter. tough, you know there's a court date set for later this month, as well. >> this is hard to watch. and didn't understand his answer. i'm not going to comment on that was he drinking or not. he's at a bar but he could say no if he weren't drinking. that should have nothing to do with it. you don't walk away. i don't care. she took a little swipe at him. to have that reaction is a little unnerving and unbelievable to a lot of people out there. doesn't matter. this is just standard rule folks, no matter what is going on in that situation, you do not raise your hand to a woman under any circumstance just ever. and for him to have that reaction his mother sitting there with him, you can tell she's hurt. but we'll see what happens to that young man in that case. >> later this month. >> stay with us folks.
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♪ so finally this half hour big movie news. but first this disclaimer. >> disney is the parent company of abc news. >> so good. >> we have spent so much money on that so we don't ever have to say that again. >> that's why we don't have birthdays flim. >> we can't afford the pictures. have you all noticed we don't do birthdays anymore? >> and the man opens today. stars paul rudd a super hero. his co-star, they're expanding horizons. here kabc's george pennacchio.
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>> you're like a bullet. you punch too hard it's a love tap. >> evangeline lilly brings action and heart to the movie and the man. she admits she was new to the series before she made this movie but she loves the fact that it's easily understandable for everyone. story begins at the beginning. io need a degree in marvel to get 100% of this. >> right. i actually felt the same way. i felt like oh man, this movie is super accessible to everybody. even a 5-year-old child can follow this movie and love it and understand it and really get into it. even i was like absorbed and really into it. i think it's for that exact reason. you don't have to stop. you're not questioning all the time. >> lilly who plays his potential love interest underwent some rigorous training to play the character convincingly. >> i had to learn how to punch like a boxer. and i had no aptitude for that
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type of action. i like the more graceful stuff. so that took some training that took some time. i would just get the giggles all the time when i would try to be serious and lift my fists up. i felt like an idiot. i put some work into that. >> her hard work pays off on screen and she hopes fans will be able to sit back and enjoy the ride. >> from the moment that scott lang gets the ant suit the antman suit to the end of the film you are so washed up in this tide of fun and action that you forget yourself. even i and i'm such a critical actor when i watch my own films forgot myself and was so bosched in the story and the fantasy. >> this is george pennacchio reporting for abc news. >> okay. >> looks fun. >> it does look fun. >> paul rudd. >> not even into sci-fi movies but it looks fun. vaeng gel lynn lilly is amazing >> he a super hero paul
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this morning on "world news now," historic agreement, after 20 months of talks, the far-reaching nuclear agreement with iran is a done deal about the celebrations and the backlash. >> it may be the worst diplomatic agreement in the history of the united states. >> the growing opposition here and overseas. >> escape route. a first look at a tunnel built for a nor o notorious drug kingpin who broke out of jail. who helped him find freedom. >> baseball's all-stars last night's big game between the american and national leagues and the standing ovation for a controversial veteran. >> and later, transgender trailblazer. she's been sharing her story hins childhood. and now this teen is taking her journey of transition before adulthood to a worldwide audience. it's wednesday, july 15th.
3:01 am
>> from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> and let's start with that landmark nuclear deal with iran. it goes before the u.n. here in new york later today for a first read through. >> allowing u.n. inspectors into iranian military sites was part of the agreement. abc's terry moran is actually in vienna where the deal was hammered out. >> here they are the jubilant negotiators in their moment of triumph, you can see it on john kerry's face. >> this moment has been a long time coming. and we have worked very hard to get here. >> reporter: 18 days in vienna two years of high stakes diplomacy, six years since president obama first reached out directly to iran's supreme leader and 36 years since this. >> khomeini. >> the 1979 hostage crisis. iran holding 52 american diplomats and citizens hostage for 444 long terrifying humiliating days. >> this deal offers an
3:02 am
opportunity to move in a new direction. we should seize it. >> iran now agrees to sharply cut back its nuclear program that has alarmed the world by dismantling two-thirds of all its key nuclear machinery for ten years reducing its uranium stockpile for 15 years and submitting to continuous international monitoring and inspections. the u.s. agrees to help iran thrive by ending the crippling sanctions recognizing iran's right to even keep a peaceful nuclear program and allowing them overtime to buy weapons, even ballistic missiles. >> this deal demonstrates american diplomacy can bring about real and meaningful change. >> among the first and fiercestcrit kick is israeli prime minister netanyahu who called it a mistake. kerry shot back in a spirited interview with us. >> the as a result is to what bomb them sanction them
3:03 am
further? no, you can't sacks them further. >> for decades the united states and iran have been sworn enemies but you got the sense here as this deal came to a completion that a new era has begun for better or worse. terry moran abc news vienna. >> and they were celebrating in the streets of tehran as word came that the agreement had been reached. many iranians have struggled under the tough economic restrictions imposed by the u.s. and other countries. much needed medicine has been in short supply bank investments and insurance have been severely limited. >> the deal sets up a major clash between hillary clinton and the republican presidential contenders. in a lengthy statement release the last night, clinton says she strongly favors the agreement. republican candidates have been highly critical with jeb bush calling the deal naive and wrong. the agreement also faces harsh criticism on capitol hill. here's abc's jonathan carl. >> walking the halls of congress, we found republicans unified in opposing the iran deal. leading the charge freshman
3:04 am
senator tom cotton. >> so what do you think of this deal? >> bad. terrible tragic mistake. >> cotton tried to derail the iran negotiations back in march by writing a letter signed by 47 republican senators and sent to iran's supreme leader. it warned the next president could undo any agreement with the stroke of a pen. now he says he wants congress to kill the deal. >> what's the bottom line? how bad do you think this ingredient is. >> it may be the worst diplomatic agreement in the history of the united states. >> really? why? >> because it's putting outlaw terror country on the path to a nuclear weapon. >> congress has 60 days to vote on this. president said point blank he will veto any effort by congress to derail the agreement. republicans would need a lot of support from democrats to override that veto. i don't see that happening but there is significant concern among democrats about this deal. jonathan carl abc news the white house. >> deliberations begin this
3:05 am
morning in the mass murder trial stemming from the colorado movie theater massacre. in closing arguments prosecutors insisted that james holmes was sane and he deliberately planned that shooting and killed 12 people and injured 70 others. the defense said though holmes was controlled by his schizophrenia and couldn't tell right from wrong. the jury has to testimony from 250 witnesses. >> as the international manhunt continues this morning for the world's most notorious drug lord three mexican prison officials have been fired. that includes the director. the word is getting a close look at the so fisty indicated tunnel the kingpin known as el chapo used to make his brazen prison break. gio benitez is there. >> our first look inside the tunnel used by joaquin "el chapo" guzman to escape from prison. >> all right. we're inside the el chapo tunnel. >> the first room filled with supplies generator, electric wires, bucks to move earth. >> he would have come up these stairs and then into this
3:06 am
underground section here. >> down that ladder a well lit ventilated tunnel custom built to his height just 5'6” tall leading from his prison shower into the house. >> and here it is. this is the house where he just walked into and disappeared. >> the house is set just a mile away from the prison where el chapo escaped from. three top officials at this maximum security prison now fired. authorities telling us someone on the inside must have helped him escape to this house. >> these thick brick walls are just concealing everything inside here. >> this is the most recent photo of el chapo. mexican officials offering nearly $4 million for information leading to his capture. >> it's going to be very difficult and we may never see him again. >> sources now telling us that el chapo's escape means more violence in mexico and more drugs into the u.s. gio benitez, nbc news mexico. >> relatives of eric gardener
3:07 am
say the $5.9 million settlement they reached with the city of new york is not a victory. the family stood with reverend al sharpton to call for federal civil rights charges against the police officer who put him in the chokehold. they will say the victory will come when this he get justice and someone is held accountable for garner's death. >> they deserve to be prosecuted. they treated my husband like an animal. and i think they give animals more respect than they give humans. >> and you'll rather garner's final words, he can't breathe spurred a national movement. the family says it's not going to end till there's change in policing here in new york. >> turning to politics and the latest polls showing a surge in popularity for donald trump. among the republicans 17% favored trump jumping six points in just a month in this poll. jeb bush is three points behind. scott walker, ted cruz round out the top four. all of the republicans now trail democrat hillary clinton. >> well, new jersey republican
3:08 am
governor chris christie gets just 3% in that poll but that's note due to fund raising. an interpret group of his allies say it's raised $11 million since february. the group is buying a million dollar ad campaign next week and already purchased nearly $3 million in ad time in new hampshire. and scott walker hosted his first campaign event at a harley davidson dealership in las vegas. walker rides a harley. he called himself a harley guy talking about his taking on the unions in wisconsin. he said he would terminate the nuclear deal with iran if he is elected. >> this next story a sports story. you want to do this one? >> you know, clearly. >> the all-star game. >> the producers want to give you more opportunities. >> you're the sports expert. why don't you take this one. sports with reena. here we go. >> last night's all-star game in chicago got off to a -- >> cincinnati. >> cincinnati. >> i'm thinking chicago bulls. >> oh. dang.
3:09 am
we tried. we tried. oh. she couldn't get past the first line. >> thank you for those words of inspiration. >> try it again, reena. go. >> last night's all-star game in cincinnati got off to a good start for the american league. mike trout of the angels became the first player in 38 years to lit the first inning leadoff home run. then with a score tied in the fifth, prince fielder singled, scored trout. and putting the american league ahead for good, trout becoming the first player to be named all-star game mvp two years in a row. the american league won it 6-3. its team will open the world series at home for the tenth time in 13 years. >> sports with reena, everybody. sports with reena. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> now, before this game started let's show you something else. pete rose made a rare on field
3:10 am
appearance receiving a long ovation. he's banned from baseball as you know after betting on games. baseball's new commissioner actually has said he hasn't set a meeting with rose to discuss his application for reinstatement but a nice moment for him coming back to the hometown field to get the stand ovation. coming up in the mix here transforming your cat into a donald trump look alike. yes, there's another new internet sensation. >> also ahead, the transgender trailblazer who shared her remarkable story hinschildhood. now she's an even bigger rowe model. >> first the young woman who survived a plane crash in the wilderness. >> and remember to find us on facebook and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures.
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take a look at this whoa, yes, that is not supposed to be a part of traffic. a small plane from a sky diving school you see that? was forced to make an emergency landing on a new jersey highway after pilot reported a sudden loss of power. the plane bounced a couple times, straightened out. the sky diving instructor had a small cut on his arm but the other people on board were not hurt. >> the washington state teenager who survived a terrifying plane crash over the weekend is out of the hospital. >> autumn veatch will have an amazing story to tell when she's recovered from her ordeal in the wilderness. but the 911 call she made
3:15 am
provides a bit of a preview. here's abc's rhinowens. >> a selfie in her hospital room. she's 16 after all. autumn veatch continues to recover even watching news coverage of her survival story. we hear the young woman's voice for the first time as she tells a 911 operator how she lived through a plane crash. >> yeah i'm the only one that survived. >> okay. are you injured at all? >> yeah i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm like kind of covered in bruises and scratches and stuff. >> they were flying from montana to washington state saturday afternoon when she says the small plane hit bad weather and slammed into the side of a mountain. >> she's kind of like -- >> started hiking down the mountain following a creek that led to a river. she kept walking the water's edge until finally on monday she found a road and flagged down a car. her dad says she learned how to
3:16 am
stay alive in this rugged wilderness by watching survival shows with him including discovery's "survivor man." >> survival. >> survivor man" should be very proud of her. >> after undergoing a battery of tests at this hospital on tuesday afternoon, autumn is cleared to go home. meanwhile, searchers are still looking for any sign of that downed plane. ryan owens, abc news brewster washington. >> heck of a story. >> it is an incredible story. >> calling her -- >> making it out. the idea of following a creek, i never knew that's one of the strategies for getting out. >> now you know. >> teaching us all something. apparently she's going to be all right. unfortunate apparently her step grandparents did not survive that crash. >> coming up here the transgender child who is making remarkable transition before adulthood. her name is jazz. her story unforgettable. >> and the fight for your dollars between two of the biggest retailers on earth.
3:17 am
deep discounts starting today and what could start a trend toward a black friday in july? you're watching "world news now." "world
3:18 am
♪ >> well, caitlyn jenner gave america its transgender moment but another much younger transgender trailblazer also paved the way. >> jazz jennings is her name and she began her transformation more than ten years ago. now a new reality television show will document her latest transition from child to adult. up "up all nightline" with alicia menendez. >> this is my like hangout chill place where i just do whatever. >> jazz has a room full of pretty things. >> i like flowy stuff.
3:19 am
nothing too like you know showy. >> but inside this case something she considers a godsend. >> so this is like this is the pill that i take. >> jazz is transgender and at 14 years old she's staving off male puberty and introducing fee may hormones all before adulthood. >> i started getting breasts, softer features everything more feminine. it's what i've always wanted so i mean this little thing is a power pill. >> known publicly at jazz jennings she is perhaps one of the most well-known transgender kids in america. >> can i come in your house? >> yes. >> first sharing her story nearly a decade ago in this landmark interview with barbara walters. >> if people say to you, are you a boy or a girl, what do you say? >> a girl. >> uh-huh. >> ola. >> the trail blazing teen now has her own reality series on tlc called "i am jazz," which
3:20 am
chronicles her life as a transgender teen about to navigate the challenges of high school. >> on national television you're sharing some very intimate details. why? >> i just want to be as open as i can. it will show other people that being transgender is okay. it's not something negative at all. it's something that i embrace that my family embraces. >> the boys for sure are. >> assigned male at birth she was a toddler when her parents jeannette and greg noticed something different. >> she liked sparkly. pink she was really into it. so feminine. >> doctors told her parents she had what is now called gender disforia feeling different on the inside than you look on the outside. >> i was dumbfounded. i didn't know that a child could have issues like this. >> her parents decided to let her live as a girl allowing her to grow out her hair and to wear dresses. when she was 11 the jennings chose to medically intervene with the support of doctors and
3:21 am
experts staving off male puberty with an implant in her arm that blocks testosterone production. >> do you worry about the decision to use these therapies. >> i feel that it was the right decision to make. even though you're worried about it what would be the consequences if she didn't? she didn't want a child that was going through life just hating herself. >> you've been called a trailblazer for transgender kids. is that how you see yourself. >> it's a not about me but my message. in the end everyone deserves the right to be their authentic self. be who they are. i hope we can come to that place one day. >> for night line i'm alicia menendez in southern florida. >> what a powerful story. thanks to alicia for that. the bravery also of the parents to stand by her and these pills are actually very expensive. some insurance companies do cover them but it varies from state to state. >> you think about an adult going through that transition a child doing that now having to go through high school? jazz we applaud you.
3:22 am
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♪ all right. time for "the mix." latest poll that comes out has donald trump has the front-runner on the republican side about now. he's very popular these days. there he is. you know his popularity a lot has been talked about his hair over the years. >> yeah. >> it's been a part of pop culture. now they're having a good time on it on the internet by doing this it's called, the #is trump your cat. brush your cat and you take the hair that comes out of the brush and you form a little layer piece. that's supposed to look like cat. are you buying any of these? >> oh look at that. that kind of looks like donald trump with those eyes yeah. >> that's pretty scary. >> the final one here they brushed all the hair off that cat apparently. could use a hairpiece.
3:26 am
this thing is going crazy online. people having some fun out there. >> okay. interesting. >> it looks kind of trump -- it could be a trump cat. >> a trump cat. >> we, how about we move on. they always say young people are on their iphones digital devices, don't care about the world, saving people. this kid problems everybody who says that wrong. look at san francisco giants game versus the philadelphia phillies that ball goes in boom. he catches it before it hits dad's head. do you know how fast that was going. >> dad was too busy washing down food. we think with something focused on his food and didn't see that but his son reached over and here it comes, here it comes, here it comes. boom. in the glove. it could have been a very bad
3:27 am
situation into that's a good catch by the kid foo very good catch. >> usually the dad catching the foul balls holding their babies and beers and everything. >> there's hope for the next generation. >> we've got another one here. star war" episode 7 coming out december. everybody's getting excited. we're getting little dribbles and drabs from the trailers and what not. so people are making their own videos. this guy put this together online, a gopro. he's a jedi with a gopro. he's out in the desert somewhere and he's fighting storm troopers and what not, deflecting these lasers. we'll tell you. >> it looks like fun. >> looks like a lot of fun. >> this is actually pretty well done. the groe gopro. he submitted to our video today contest. everybody is excited about the new movie. >> totally psyched. i'm excited about this, too. i told you i'm going to do my princess leia hairstyle. >> donald will hook it up i'm sure. >> he does my hair every day. >> i love your hair today. i love when your hair's up. you look amazing >> t.j. holmes i think you did something wrong and trying to
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," to the jury. deliberations set to start today in the james holmes theater shooting trial. the big question in colorado, was holmes insane when the shots were fired. >> landmark deal. iran's nuclear agreement going down in history. the celebrations going on now as a political fight is just getting started. >> fertility fight. the husband and wife battling over their frozen embryos. how their divorce case is shaking up the legal system. >> and later in "the skinny," the member of one direction whose life is going into a new direction. boy band star taking on a big personal commitment now. off is taken. it's wednesday, july 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> we start right now with that
3:31 am
movie theater massacre trial in colorado. after months of testimony and years of agony for families and survivors, the case in the hands of the jury now. >> deliberations following an emotional day of closing arguments. both sides squaring off over the insanity defense. with more, here's abc's clayton sandell. >> after an 11 week trial, more than 250 witnesses, this morning the jury in the aurora theater case begins deciding james holmes fate. >> seven down. seven down. >> prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for his 2012 rampage that left 12 moviegoers dead, 70 injured at a midnight showing of the "dark knight rises" in closing argues asking the jury to reject the gunman's insanity claim. >> that guy was sane beyond a reasonable doubt and he needs to be held accountable for what he did. >> the defense admits holmes was the gunman but says his mind was controlled by schizophrenia. >> this is a disease that you
3:32 am
get because you inherit it, just like you get cancer. we don't blame people for getting cancer. so you can't blame someone for coming down with schizophrenia. >> families of victims cried in court, sandy and lonnie phillips lost their daughter, jessica. >> there are a lot of people, millions of people in this country that are mentally ill that don't go out and kill people. >> one of the jurors has a history with mass shootings. he knew both the shooters and victims of the 1999 columbine high school massacre just a few miles away. now one of three men and nine women deciding what will happen to the man who killed tom's son. >> what would you tell them? >> that it's not okay to walk into a theater and start shooting people. >> clayton sandell, abc news, centennial, colorado. >> president obama expected to defend the nuclear deal with iran when he holds a press conference later today. that deal meant to keep iran from building a nuclear bomb.
3:33 am
easing crippling economic sanctions against iran. republicans in congress and gop presidential candidates have been highly critical of the agreement saying it will bring violent chaos to the middle east. >> this deal offers an opportunity to move in a new direction. we should seize it. >> it looks very much like he -- they made a worse deal than even we had feared. >> hillary clinton has come out strongly in favor of the agreement. she calls it the most effective path for the u.s. to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> word of the agreement sparked jubilation in iran where many have suffered under economic sanctions. abc's martha raddatz the only network correspondent in iran's capital. >> coming to you from the very noisy streets of tehran where spontaneous celebrations have been breaking out, celebrating the historic deal between america, its partners, and iran. all of these people know that those punishing sanctions will be lifted within the next couple of months and many civilians, many of these people have
3:34 am
suffered under those sanctions. what is even more remarkable is we're about two miles from the former american embassy where in 1979, 52 americans were held hostage for 444 days. that event changed the relationship between iran and america for 35 years, but here we are. >> martha raddatz, abc news, tehran. >> turning now to the hunt for the mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. new video showing him in his prison cell before that bold escape getting a look inside the tunnel that went from his prison shower to a house a mile away. there's a ladder, motorcycle and a generator there, and it's custom built to his height, it's 5'36” high. the mexican government acknowledged he had inside help on a grand scale. so far three top prison officials have been fired. >> well, a regional airline is being punished by the faa
3:35 am
because of a recent incident in which one of its crew stalled an aircraft. the skywest airlines crew was operating a flight for united express in april when the stall occurred. the plane lost about 12,000 feet of altitude. the faa says skywest flights now must fly at a low altitude and must maintain minimum speeds. ska west says no stall took place. >> much of the nation hammered by heavy storms triggering widespread flooding. in new york a woman slipped down the side of a creek and rescuers finally managed to pull her to safety. this morning, kentucky is where those storms are hitting hardest, killing at least two people. abc's kendis gibson with the details for us. >> reporter: the power of a flooding river shoving this house underneath a bridge and tearing off the roof. just one of many homes in kentucky carried away by flash floods.
3:36 am
>> they can't get out. oh, you know they're scared to death. oh, my god. >> four inches of rain in one hour, forming a wall of water that ripped these homes off their foundations. the stapleton family barely escaping clinging to a tree as their house floated away. husband and dad paul rescuing them by boat. >> it wasn't pretty. >> it wasn't pretty. >> it wasn't a pretty sight at all. nothing pretty about this. >> at least they're alive. >> they're alive. >> the floodwaters washing out roads leaving debriser from making it harder to search for survivors. up to six people still missing and at least two people have died in the floodwaters. luckily, no one was injured when this tornado with wind speeds topping 160 miles an hour swept through hutchinson, kansas, destroying a farmhouse and a cabin. just one of 500 severe weather reports across the country in the past 36 hours. and there's more to come. kendis gibson, abc news, johnson county, kentucky. >> there's more heavy rain in today's forecast. lightning and downpours from the rockies to the great plains. a cold front from canada brings thunderstorms and heavy rain from new england to the mid-atlantic. heat advisories posted in texas
3:37 am
and the mid south. >> 90s in dallas, new orleans and memphis. 80s in minneapolis and new york. 70s in l.a., chicago and boston. some sunny skies possibly thought to return for struggling ice cream maker blue bell. the company stopped production and recalled products in april after the ice cream was linked to listeria illnesses and at least three people died. now blue bell has received a big investment from a prominent texas businessman which the company says will ensure its return to shelves. no date has been given just yet. >> anyone who's been married knows a groom and a bride can't control everything or everybody on your wedding day. case in point, what happened to a group of bridesmaids in wales. >> some variables always. this is a fun shot. isn't it? here are the bridesmaids hitchhiking trying to get to the wedding. why? because their cab broke down, didn't have time to wait for a replacement. luckily for them they along with the bride's mother were picked up by a woman and brought
3:38 am
to the venue. >> the bride reached out through facebook and was able to offer the driver a personal thank you note afterwards. >> this is why -- that's why they're picked to be bridesmaids because they're good friends and do what they have to do to be there for you. >> this happened to my mother on her wedding day. >> what happened? >> the car broke down, the fancy car. >> while she was on the way to the wedding? >> yeah, she was late to the wedding >> how late? >> an hour. >> dad waited? >> yeah, with his bell bottoms and all. >> what fashionably late. he's a better man than i am. your dad's patience is why you're still here. >> still together. >> you're here right now. >> you think i'm going to wait an hour? i'm gone. 15 minutes you ain't here. >> he's a good man, daddy. >> he's a better man than i. coming up in "the skinny," a scandal involving two pro athletes pregnant with twins. their very brief marriage and the run-in with police. >> also ahead, why the woman who endure cat calls and harassment while walking through new york is suing the man who made the viral video. >> later how you can cash in on
3:39 am
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how you doing? >> a lot of people might remember this video. it went viral for a little while, about cat calling, ten hours of walking in new york city as a woman is what it was called, it's been viewed more than 40 million times online. the actress there you see has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the guys who made the video. shoshana roberts claims they
3:43 am
failed to get her signed permission before making the video. to sell advertising. she says she was only paid $200 for it. >> a california couple is heading to court in what could become a landmark legal case. >> the issue is whether one party in a bitter divorce can keep the couple's frozen embryos. abc's kayna whitworth with the details. >> each fantastic in their own right. both harvard educated mimi lee, a juilliard trained me pianist and doctor specializing in neuroscience married steven finley, a financial analyst. just before they tied the knot, mimi was diagnosed with cancer. in a race against type, they decided to freeze embryos knowing her treatment would render her infertile signing a consent form that they would be destroyed if they divorced. now five years later and divorced, they're on opposing sides of a historic case as they fight over the fate of their embryos in california superior court. >> the court needs to give
3:44 am
individuals more direction, it needs to give the fertility clinics more direction. what should be in those contracts that can make them impenetrable. >> in court documents obtained by abc news, lee says the embryos now represent the destruction of my last and final chance at fertility. >> she's currently infertile given her age and also a cancer survivor. we think of her infertility, the balance will tip in her favor. >> lee says finley who wants the embryos destroyed would have no parental responsibility. >> he's the biological father, courts will be reluctant to wholesale give him a pass. >> this modern age dilemma fought publicly by sophia vergara who made a similar decision as she told gma's amy row back. >> i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself. >> her ex, nick lobe, has filed a second lawsuit seeking custody of the frozen embryos they created, something vergara doesn't want. meanwhile, the court will decide if the consent form signed by
3:45 am
lee and finley is a binding contract or if it can be voided for a variety of reasons. either way, it will be precedent setting. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> this has become a really big issue for a lot of couples across the country, in fact. our gma's dan abrams weighed in and he said that the cases where it's gone through and they've actually allowed this to happen have been where women say this is a one-shot deal. men usually get another chance but largely the women, you know, is the issue. so when they say this is our last shot at fertility, some of those cases do go through. >> fascinating legal case. yeah. >> well, when we come back a boy band heartthrob about to become a daddy. >> and "rolling stone" magazine taking heat over its latest cover girl. "the skinny" next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc statio
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> what's up in "the skinny" this morning one direction's louis tomlinson is going in a new direction, fatherhood. >> the british pop star expecting a child now with an la-based stylist, breanna jung worth, there she is reportedly a very private person. she hasn't even been to a one direction concert till recently. >> "people" magazine reports the pregnancy was a surprise to him at first but he's happy and excited about it. although he and breanna are not in a relationship, he plans to be a hands on dad when the baby arrives early next year. >> congrats to them. i haven't seen a lot of stuff that's been going on online about this. but one direction fans are something else. >> i wonder what the lady fans and people who love tomlinson might feel. >> but they should be happy for him. congrats. >> is he off the market now? >> not in a relationship. he's going to be busy. >> that makes sense, teej.
3:49 am
a more troubled pregnancy for wnba star glory johnson carrying twins and demanding $20,000 a month in spousal support as her marriage is ending. johnson's relationship with her estranged wife fellow wnba player brittney griner has been a roller coaster from the start. >> get this. they played against each other in college. johnson played at tennessee, griner played at baylor. then they got engaged last august. in april, though, they were arrested after a domestic violence incident. that didn't stop the wedding though that took place in may. didn't stop the pregnancy either but as we are talking about now, griner has filed to annul that marriage, again just happened a couple months ago and johnson is demanding financial support, hope they can get it together. >> very messy situation. >> that's been a tumultuous relationship. >> i just hope they're not on facebook where they do their year in review. they post all the photos and everything and then it's hard to watch when break up. a rough ending
3:50 am
>> well, sinead o'connor has found a new target for her rants. >> the irish singer has strong opinions and lets everyone know what her opinions are is bashing rolling stone magazine for its cover. kim kardashian is on the cover and featured with an in-depth interview. she's a self-promoting reality star but she's also married to an industry powerhouse in the music world. but on facebook, sinead writes what is this is blank doing on the cover of rolling stone? music has officially died. who knew it would be rolling stone that murdered it. >> geez. >> but even some of her fans say language is a little over the top. >> she has a problem with it. a lot of people have a problem with miss kardashian west, mrs. car dash within -- kardashian west i should say. sinead o'connor is someone who has made inroads in the music industry, a lot of people respect. i'm sure she looked at this magazine. this is a music bible in a lot of ways. what is this girl doing on the cover? she let loose. >> wow. you don't put them together in the same party.
3:51 am
>> no. i'd love to be at that party. >> there's word of a new hollywood couple this morning. real housewives new york star bethenny frankel reportedly dating "modern family's" eric stonestreet. >> what do you think? >> they've been out and about a number of times in new york and l.a. >> i love this guy. neither of them confirming that they're dating but frankel did tweet recently, i'm very happy right now, stay tuned. >> very interesting. >> that is the perfect reality star answer, right? >> can i just tell you, he is such a fun dude. i spent a white house correspondents dinner with him once. and he was amazing. just so much fun and so down to earth. so he would be the guy i'd want to party with too. >> that was one of the last places i saw him was in d.c., the correspondent's dinner. then i saw him in vegas. >> so you probably had an even better night with him. >> different stories. >> well, coming up, get ready, set, shop. it's christmas in july. a new shopping season. >> big discounts from amazon and
3:52 am
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♪ all right. a lot of insomniacs may be watching right about now and online. you're watching tv but online, as well. maybe doing some shopping. amazon and now walmart, as well are promoting some giant sales today. >> it's been six months since the holiday shopping ended and
3:56 am
retailers want your business. abc's mara schiavocampo with some of their deals. >> online shopping showdown. megaretailers amazon and walmart going head to head with virtual doorbusters in what some are hoping will be christmas in july. amazon naming july 15th prime day, a super sale for members of its $99 per year prime service. on items like bose headphones at their lowest amazon price ever and a 32-inch led tv for $75. walmart following suit announcing more than 2,000 special atomic deals on online purchases the very same day. bargains like $174 off an ipad mini 2 and more than $250 off a toshiba laptop. >> july is a quiet time for them in shopping terms. it's changing now though. we're shopping mobile. this year's christmas in july promotions might do better
3:57 am
because we can shop while we're sitting in the park. >> all leading to deals promising to be as hot as the weather. and it's not just online. lots of major retailers offering big deals right now, including best buy, planning a major sale for next week. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> reena, i really hope that's me you're shopping for my birthday is next month. i see you online i really hope you're shopping for me right now. >> it is a mini 2, walmart 16 gigabytes is $239 on walmart at this very moment and a 16 gigabyte apple mini 2 is $295. $5 less. wait, do i have that right? no, it's $239 at walmart. $239 and almost $300. >> get a call from walmart and amazon. >> that's at this moment. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. now," informing insomniacs for two deca
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
s. making news in america this morning, playing politics with the historic agreement with iran now a done deal. a new round of debate just beginning. vowing to fight the new deal. trump on top. the new poll numbers putting the donald ahead of the field. his opponents forced to take him seriously. cybersummer. americans hopping online to take advantage of bargain sales but it's christmas in july living up to the hype? something borrowed like a ride on the big day. the bridesmaids who had to improvise on the way to the wedding by hitchhiking. well good wednesday morning. president obama expected


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