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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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y 6 hd here in cape may not a bad scene there now not a lot of folks on the beach but that could change for the weekend as the situation will hopefully improve as we go into the weekend, it's wednesday night and the big story is a day of street flooding after a stormy day in our region. lets getity latest from meteorologist, adam joseph you have the details. >> the worst of it is behind us now, we have no longer any flood warnings out there we have light showers from ocean city to long beach island and a couple of downpours in and around wilmington and west of philadelphia as we look at double scan live radar you see showers and moderate rain in parts of buck county and southern parts of montgomery county. this is the dividing line of more comfortable air moving in presently from the north and west and we have this flair up of heavy rain now on the blue route by the radnor and broomall
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exit. working to the north and that will sink to the south in delaware county in the next 15 minutes, so it is moving along and not creating any flooding issues at the present time. and the impressive rain totals super soakers, in plainfield, 4.5 inches of rain where there was a lot of flooding franklin township, 4.33 inches and atlantic city and east galloway township 3 and 4 inches of rain and limerick over 2 inches of rain earlier, but the dew points the measure of how much moisture is in the air we saw flooding downpours because the dew points were in the 70s and that releases a lot of rain and north and west the line of where the downpours are are falling into the 50s and 60s and the droir air is coming in from the northwest to the southeast, and will invade quickly overnight tonight and set up a couple of
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days ahead. and well talk about some spectacular weather in the full accuweather forecast. >> talk again soon, stay on top of the watches and warnings by going to, our live storm tracker images will show you what is coming and when. >> fire officials suspect lightning from the storms caused a house in feefrmville to catch on fire, six people are now displaced from the home at the 200 block of dayton street it broke out this morning as the strong storms moved through, the red cross is helping the families find a place to stay. the police are looking for four men that they say tried to break in a house in mt. airy, but they did not know that the home had surveillance cameras, they hope it will lead quickly to arrests. david henry is live now with the latest.
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this one hits close to home for police commission under charles ramsey, it happened right around the corner from his home in west mown airy, a frightening show of force that could have ended in a blood bath, it showed clear images of the armed men that showed up last night. the first suspect walks up to the door and knocks and looks directly at this security camera, it captured a clear image of his face, the homeowner answers the door. >> he opens the door slightly and you see this gentlemen produce a sawed off shotgun and another man rushes up with a handgun and they are rushed by two other men both with masks. >> with shotguns and very dangerous individuals. >> they grappled with the door
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and the suspects tried to find another way into the house and then ran off and they came ready for business. but at this point the police do not know why they picked this house, they may have gotten the wrong address. >> it doesn't appear that the individual that lives here knows the gentlemen it's a situation for us where it's important to get these goes off the street. >> he is a lucky man. >> very lucky. >> three of the four men are clearly identifiable. and you can get a closer look at them on live at police headquarters david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> police in chester county have released these images of men wanted for robbing a td bank, at east lincoln highway in exton the suspect drove to the bank on
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a red motorcycle and handed the teller a note announcing the robbery and got away with more than $4000 in cash. anybody with information should call west white land police. president obama is defending the nuclear deal with iran saying it will make the world safer and they have to take into consideration the alternative putting iran closer to having a nuclear weapon, they are drumming up support from lawmaker and from the public. >> i can say with confidence, but more importantly nuclear experts can say with confidence that iran will not be in a position to develop a nuclear bomb. we will have met our number one priority. >> the president was not the only one busy promoting the deal today. this morning he sent vice president, joe biden to capitol hill to believe house democrats. >> former president, bill clinton delivered the key note
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address for the last day of the naacp convention. he talked about crime and police and voting rights and called on people to use their voices to vote and not just in presidential election years can you hear more of president clinton's speech coming up you in the next hov hour. four of the philadelphia bridges will get a price break the port authority voted to bring back a discount program that ened in 2011. john rawlins live with more. >> reporter: hi monica, think about this as a frequent flyer program for bridge users to qualify the driver has to make a minimum number of trips every month and have an easy pass. >> it's great. >> you surprised. yes, absolutely, i moved here today and i will be commuting
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here every day. >> henry thomas, one of an estimated 30000 commuters who could save up to $216 a year they green lighted the discount plan for the high volume easy pass users. >> for anybody who crosses the bridge 18 times in one month they will get a $18 credit there is no applications to fill out. >> for those that qualify for the discount what is not to like. >> it's a great idea, they will get more people coming back into the city working, they had it before why take it away. >> in 2011, the darp killed the discount, and bridge tolls jumped from $3 to $4 to $5 in less than three years, but now it wants to honor the most loyal bridge users. >> not only a commuter discount
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we made an affirmative action that we won't go up on tolls for the next three years. given the tolls in new york and the pennsylvania turnpike. >> rose mary johnson says she used the bridges easily 20 times a month and pays in cash, of learning of the new discount. >> that would be great. >> have you to have an easy pass? >> >> oh i'll get one. >> the discount is capped at $18 a month, no matter how many trips you make beyond the 18 and the row fund will show up the next month the hope is to have it up and running for new jersey pass holders by november or december and pennsylvania holders possibly the beginning of the year. that is the situation now live in penn's landing, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> fare hikes are coming for those that use new jersey
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transit, the incrosses average 9% for bus and rail drivers and they take effect in october. and that covers a $60 million budget gap. matt pellman is in the traffic center midweek, halfway through the week, halfway through the month and we are not fairing well on this hump day afternoon because they are really wet in delco adam was talking about all the rain coming down from the blue route 476, the broomall upper darby interchange and the rain has drained away and the rod is roly wet and the southbound is busy in this normally busy spot. seeing slowing on the northbound blue route towards the turnpike, eastbound on the turnpike itself. there was a crash that is off to the side, and in a backlog, a truck broke down in the center lane. we have a crash in white marsh
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township along stenton avenue but everything reopened there dry at our good buddy ben but the two right lanes are out of commission because of patco construction lasting the rest of the summer and through friday afternoon we have the work at the delaware memorial bridge taking out a lane in both directions, speeds there now are not too bad. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> much more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. a local childrens hospital is using a simple technique to calm down its patients ali gorman will explain how it works and how it can help one teenager every month. >> and a score card for area surgeons, find out the benefits it offers potential patients coming up. meteorologist adam joseph is back with the accuweather forecast next.
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tonight a local childrens hospital is using a simple technique to calm young patients. ali gorman is at the big board with the details. >> laughing gas is something you expect at a dentist's office and
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now it's making its way into some hospitals. >> 18-year-old cody coleman survived leukemia as a child but chemotherapy damaged his immune system so he gets an infusion once a month but starting an iv has always been a battle with cody. >> must husband would have to be on top of him and it took four or five hospital staffers to subdue him so cody's mother as a dental assistant gave her an idea. >> nitros oxide helps with dental patients. >> and dupont hospital has been using laughing gas for six years, steve is the leader of the team and says it has benefits. >> it offers amnesia and pain
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control and offers anxiety reduction as well and the mask can be customized for a child with different flavors of chap stick. >> cody enjoys cotton candy or bubble gum it depends on his mod. >> cody row laxes and then the iv is placed and the transfusion starts. >> if you give to much gas a child can get nauseous but the team avoids that. it's used for procedures and in the emergency room. >> any procedure 10 minutes or less it's great. >> it's great for him and everybody involved. >> they saidedate about 5,000 kids
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like this each year. >> check the performance of their doctors, pro public website scores doctors on their complication and death rates, at good hospitals death rates can vary another nonprofit consumers checkbook for $50,000s for 14 high risk surgeries. >> we hope that consumers will use it to choose surgeons where they have much better chances of getting good results and of avoiding problems. both websites are free and we have links to them on our website at >> children fighting for their lives are getting a chance to have fun and trying to escape their illnesses for a few days, case camp in middletown delaware, is the only summer camp for kids with cancer, from
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fishing to dances and games they get to experience a lot. >> people understand you here and you have so much fun here, there is so much activities and things to do they make it so interesting. children age 4 up to 17 currently battling cancer or in remission got to partake in the fun for free.
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today is the last day of business at a famous toy store in new york city, fao schwartz is closing tonight, it's owner announced the disecision in may. there is word that the store may reopen elsewhere in midtown manhattan. facebook is working on a new virtual assistant called money penny, it works through the messenger app and helps you with booking services, and it has thousands of monthly users already and money penny is after james bond's boss's assistant. the cuts happened last
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month, four years ago the plan had 6,000 employees and now it's under 5,000 union members say that more cuts could be coming. >> frontier airlines are installing new middle seats that offer more space they will not cost more money and be 19 inches wide, that is the broadest seat on any u.s. carrier, while the middle seat is getting wider the rest of are get thinner and will be prerow kleined.
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time now for accuweather, meteorologist, adam joseph is keeping an eye on the skies for the weekend. >> you don't want to skip the next two days, because they are the most beautiful days we have seen in over a month and then the weekend things change again and double scan live radar we have lingering showers at the shore and a couple of downpours in and around the 95 corridor as we look to the west in reading, live in the pagoda cam, brightening to the sky and drier air is filtering in from the north and west and that invades the region for the rest of the evening and overnight hours until the drier air comes in we have to have one last area
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of showers and downpours working into parts of mercer county trenton, and you'll get soaked in the next is a minutes and buck county and langhorne as that area sinks to the south and as we head to the south delaware county and the blue route and parts of the area in broomall, and another flair up in parts of salem county and the airport, as you can see scattered areas in and around newcastle county as well. this is the last area of rain to pass through. in philadelphia we only saw .75 inch of rain and other areas saw the flooding downpours in boyerstown and tucker ton 2.27 and vineland 2 inches of rain today. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s in most of area and 81 is the high if philadelphia today still very humid but that is changing as low pressure pushes off the coast and winds around
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the low are counter clockwise and we filter in the northerly winds around the low and that brings in the refreshing air from canada and 50s for lancaster and allentown and clear and comfy with the broez breeze from the north and toms river 62 and 70s at the shore tomorrow and aat the shore a northeasterly wind and a sea breeze tomorrow no matter where you are it's gorgeous and sunny and low humidity the five-day at 5:00, we'll repeat it here on friday and high clouds start to take over ahead of the next round of heat and humidity, and friday at 85 and muggy saturday and afternoon thunderstorms developing at 90 degrees, drier with respect to any thunderstorms on sunday it's humid and hot at 92 if we hit 90 three days in a row it looks good-bye monday and second heat
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wave of the year and more downpours with showers and thunderstorms. we'll have the seven day in the next what of hour. more ahead in the next half hour the hunt is on for a knife-wielding thief on a mission in northeast philadelphia we have surveillance video for you. and a hard look at what is on the school menu what they discovered about the district's ma'am and those that spent countless hours helping those in need we'll show you. when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. we are getting a first look at how one of the world's most notorious drug dolors escaped a maximum security prison it turns out cameras were rolling during the whole things and the solving of a cold case involving two sisters, sharrie williams has that update. and former president, bill clinton spreads a message of hope and understand, at the naacp convention.
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details, we get a better look at how mexican drug lorder joaquin el chapo guzman escaped prison he bens down and seemingly disappears, we now know he walked through an elaborate tunnel to fro dom. >> here is the moment that the world's most famous drug lord escaped prison. what is el chapo walking back and forth and taking off his tracking base let and walking calmly over to the shower and disappearing, the shower stall they admit was exploited. >> it was heavy coordination from the outside. >> and for the first time, abc news getting a close up look
5:31 pm
inside of sophisticated tunnel el chapo used to escape. >> we are inside the el chapo tunnel. deep underground authorities finding rails and this motorcycle. the tunnel runs nearly a full mile from under the prison to a house. here it is. here is the house. where he just walked into it and disappeared. >> the shock wave of el chapo's escape felt in mexico and here in the u.s. >> the escape of el chapo translates into two things more violence for mexico and more drugs coming no the united states. el chapo was responsible for a quarter of the drugs in the u.s. and 60% in chicago alone that city today has one again named him public enemy number one. >> we are hearing from the son
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of a boston police captain who the fbi says plotted an isis inspired attack the tape of the fbi questioning alexander was shown today. they blacked out the 21-year-old's face for fear that it could be used by isis for propaganda at one point the suspected terrorist defends isis's gruesome exkougss. >> the people you sew being excounted are criminals, they are the criminals, the lowest of the low. >> the group that calls themselves isis, are they doing a good thing? >> yes, they are. >> authorities say he planned to attack a college campus and a gay bar with pressure dock cooker bombs and world news
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tonight with david muir as more on the boston terrorist aarrest and more on the escape of el chapo. they disappeared four decades ago now the case of sheila and katherine lion is no longer cold. investigators say roy lee welch jr. is indicted on two first degree murder charges. the sisters were just 10 and 12 years old when they were last seen in 1975 walking from their home in maryland to a nearby mall. welch is now 56 years old and a convicted child sex offender at the time of the girl's disappearance he was an 18-year-old carnival worker and admits to leaving with the girls, but what happened next was a mystery. the documents were unsoled
5:34 pm
today. >> the next step in the process is beginning the trial process, and non-cooperation prolonged this investigation and made it difficult, whether or not it amounts to formal obstruction of justice charges remains to be determined. >> that is in connection to welch's aunt, she is set to stan trial for perjury for lying about this entire case. and now they will quickly file the paperwork to get them to their prison system so they can proceed with the trial. and more indictments and charges could be coming. >> thank you sharrie. >> the search continues for the man that shot a man in a parking lot, they found the victim outside of the i max theater, he was rushed to christiana hospital for treat.
5:35 pm
anybody with information is asked to contact wilmington police. northeast detectives are searching for the man in this video, they say he used a disguise and large kitchen knife to rob a sushi restaurant along oxford avenue on june 25th the suspect spoke with the clerk before demanding cash and then the man cleared out the register and took off. if you recognize the suspect contact authorities. please in barnegat want to talk to a man that offered a ride to a young girl because they believe he may be dangerous. officers say he pulled his white work van up to an 11-year-old girl and asked if she needed a ride and the girl said no and he drove off. two people of facing drug charges in newark they stopped brandon priest and searched his
5:36 pm
car and found moon rock, a substance similar to brown marijuana the investigation led them to another home. today it was former president, bill clinton that addressed the masses and he talked of acceptant and moving towards a brighter future eva pilgram has more. >> the crowd listened carefully on their phones as former president bill clinton addressed the naacp convention today. >> today is about the future and every day you have to bury your demons and it seem vuz to bury them every day of your lives doesn't it. >> he talked about everything from the confederate battle flag to voting rights and justice reform. >> now that the human geegnome
5:37 pm
is sequenced we know we are all colored people. and it's about time we started acting like it. >> the president also emphasized that we all have the responsibility in this including and making perfect this imperfect american union. those that came to the national convention say that this is one for the record books. >> you go home inspired to take the fight and you know, do what you can in your home town. >> this is probably my ten itth convention and this was one by far one of the best. >> philly had great food and i had an awesome time and going to get something to eat again. >> before they go home they will
5:38 pm
have more fun there is a gala here tonight and wrap up the convention tomorrow morning with a prayer breakfast. eva pilgram channel 6 "action news." >> matt pellman is in the "action news" traffic center once again with the update on the commute home. northbound especially jammed in the normally busy spot and southbound a delay forming as well as you head down to the schuylkill, lets head four miles into center city, this is completely dry along the expressway heading towards 76 and watching a crash in warrington buck county at limokiln pike and north of doylestown a downed tree and wires between 202 by the baptist church and anderson road,
5:39 pm
speaking of 202, the talliville shopping center watch for a crash near silver side rod and working toward westchester again expect wet conditions. >> thanks matt. >> still to come a group of philadelphia students turn the spotlight on their lunch menu and we'll tell you what they uncovered. and a man that spent countless hours making sure they got enough to eat. >> and low pressure that brought flooding downpours is pushing off the coast and a few lingering downpour as long 95 it's a big change, we'll have a change you like in accuweather. >> i'm waiting for the weekend and tomorrow is going to be a nice one. >> jaime apody has sports when "action news" continues tonight.
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can your card say that? what's in your wallet? ♪♪ ? the no child left behind law is one step closer to being changed. the lawmakers are voting on a new bill they are considering since last week, it will narrow
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the rules in public schools more power over testing, they will get rid of standards like common core, the vote is expected to happen tomorrow. students got a chance to do a mock audit of their school lunch program, students from the scol of architecture and design set out to see if they met goid lines. they do meet guidelines and they believe that the school should put more information online. >> the school should make readily available the news rigsal contend of each meal and give the students the most information possible. >> it's not all good news the students failed the school for not giving them access to the
5:44 pm
schools meal cost. >> two local major leaguers make a splash at the all-star game last evening. jaime apody is live with that. >> how did two local jersey boys celebrate success, they traveled back home in style. mike trout wins the mvp and todd frazier won the home run derby the night before so the two chartered a private jet to fly back to new jersey despite betting on baseball pete rose got cheers. and mike trout leads off with a home run and with the game tied at 1-1 trout came home on a single. after counting for two of the runs trout becomes the first ever to win back to back all-star game mvp's and along
5:45 pm
with the trophy comes a new set of wheels and he picked a corvette over a truck. >> came out with a w that is the big of the thing i go out there and play my hardest every day and it doesn't matter what the score is when i'm in there i'm playing nine innings hard and it's just an incredible honor to be part of the all-star game and win an mvp twice it's something special for sure. >> the sixers start their playoffs at the summer league in las vegas and okafor is excused to be in long for the espy awards. they need a point guard and now they have one but it's a guy they had twice before, jackson agreed to a deal, he went through the draft day with holiday and drafted him again in 2014 and he ruptured his
5:46 pm
achilles tendon he rehabbed and they paid for it so they like this guy. >> chip kelly has been named the third most influential person in the nfl for the upcoming season by "sports illustrated." >> and tomorrow the world's best tee off for the british open, all eyes are on jordan spieth the 21-year-old is trying to be the first golfer to win the masters and the british open in the same year. >> i feel good after last week heading into here, over the past couple of months heading into here so all in all, i'm excited it would mean the world to me to try to win this championship and to do it here would be even more special. >> they are of course playing at the legendry saint andrews. >> it's hard enough to hit a half-court shot but how about two, two at the same time. the assistant coach at stevens
5:47 pm
technology in hoboken, one behind his back and one behind the back, how long did it take to do that? i'm sure you do that all the time in your backyard rick. >> i do that with video games i make it all the time. >> the world's top athletes share the spotlight with hollywood a-listers on the espy awards, tonight caitlyn jenner accepts the arthur ash courage award, there will also be awards for the top female and male athletes. the espys start tonight at 8:00 followed by "action news" at 11:00.
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the "action news" cam finds folks in flooded roads and some folks got stranded in it like these and other good samaritans came to the rescue and for kids the flooded streets were like a play grown theyured out with their scooters and mom
5:51 pm
watched watched. we do have some better weather on the way while your air is moving in as we look at double scan live radar we have downpours left over in a couple of spots and we close in to the north near trenton and mercer county and lawrence, some heavy rain pushed to the north of 73 and east of trenton as you head to trenton and langhorne you are encountering heavy downpours and they are moving along and no lightning strikes with that and light showers around and 76 the conshohocken curve and heading south of swedesboro and a few rain showers in wilmington, sin june 1st we picked up close to 15 inches of rain it's a very wet month and a half and overall a wet summer season after the bone dry may. 75 in allentown and 75 in trenton, and 78 in millville and
5:52 pm
shore upper 70s and the poconos already 62 degrees and the winds are picking up in chester county and reading 15 miles per hour and that air is filtering in and dropping the humidity this evening and overnight. the showers and thunderstorms are pushing off the coast and we are pulling in some very comfortable air overnight and it will be clearing out and turning breezy and 59 in the morning in the suburbs that will feel cool and fresh high pressure comes in from canada for tomorrow and 82 is the high temperature with the northerly winds low how many and a perfect combination and the high slips away on friday and it's close enough to see sunny skies on your friday afternoon the warm front approaches and high clouds push in with a comfortable high of 85
5:53 pm
degrees, at the shore the ocean is 72 and an enhanced risk of rip concerns swim where the lifeguards are on duty, it's breezy with the winds coming in off the water and overall a great day to hit the sand at 77 a refreshing breeze at 82 and the heat and humidity come back over the weekend and saturday 90 with afternoon thunderstorms, on sunday hot and humid and less of a chance of storms and 92 and heat wave number two looks to begin here on monday 92 with downpours and thunderstorms again in the afternoon stays hot on tuesday, before we try to back it off on wednesday at 88 degrees and rick is talking about lets get to the weekend, lets skippack two of the best
5:54 pm
days. >> i look at saturday and sunday, you are right saturday and sunday look good too. stay on top of the watches and warnings, by visiting, our live storm tracker radar images lets you know what is coming and when and our sky 6 cameras give you an early look before you head out.
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today a philadelphia charity took time to honor a charity, they honored steven corman by having an event in his name, they re giving the meals to those fighting illnesses. right now jim gardner and
5:57 pm
the "action news" team is standing by with these stories and more, lingering rains turned waterways into rivers at the jersey shore are, live reports on the effects of the flood. >> and stray bullets struck two innocent people yesterday. >> and firefighters are using the abandoned buildings for real life training, i'm nora muchanic i'll have that story coming up. for adam joseph cecily tynan sharrie williams, rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers cecily tynan and jim gardner. wednesday nightp officials are prove a commuter credit if you drive the bridges. and a surveillance system alerts a homeowner of four armed men trying to break into his home. and the big story is the downpours that dumped 4 inches of rain on to some shore communities. waltder perez is live on long beach island tonight. what is the situation there? >> well, jim things quickly dried out in lbi, even though it's raining again when we got here this parking lot was
6:00 pm
completely flooded out after 4 inches of rain fell on long beach island this morning. a whole lot of water fell on the jersey shore this morning it show what's an overflowing drainage system looks like. the water rose to two feet in some spots with poor drainage along a swath of long beach island. >> you drive over the island and you come to a corner and here is the water you look at the tide is it high tide or low tide and the rain has no place to go. >> this is the scene outside of kugel's liquor store even the parking lot looks like a river. >> i come outside to watch the cars go by because they send waves literally up to our front door. >> joey's pizza and pasta looked like it was on


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