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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 16, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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ohh! (laughs) can i get back in please? (all) no! you're being punished for groping. i didn't know it was your leg. which begs the question whose leg did you think it was? (bobby laughs) uh, bubbles stopped again. aw, man. the pump must be clogged with sprinkles. no bubbles? well, now we're just all taking a bath together. ohh. but it's a bath with... wine. oh, yeah. mmm. yeah. cheers. cheers.
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quality of his escape tunnel. >> new video showing how easy the breakout was. abc's gio benitez reports. >> this is the last look at joaquin "el chapo" guzman moments before his escape. watch as he checks out the shower floor, taking off the tracking bracelet monitoring his every move. going right back to that shower and disappearing through the floor. so well planned, he escaped through what authorities say is the blind spot in his cell. there even appears to be an
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electronic device next to his bed. where he went through this underground tunnel 30 feet below ground. this modified motorcycle used to build the tunnel and move dirt. he ended up at this half built house. we got a look at the tunnel. >> all right we're inside. >> the first room equipped with a giant generator to hour lights in the tunnel equip the that helped him make his great escape. several officers have told us off camera they may never find el chapo again. gio benitez, abc news mexico. >> second prison escape in 14 years. >> second escape. this is elaborate. this was you know what you may never hear from this guy again. he's got a billion dollars. >> yeah. >> he to work with. >> if he can get away this will be the one to stay on the run. 5 maryland they're saying likely put into this entire operation. >> wow. wow. wow. >> absolutely incredible. >> of all people this guy you think they would be keeping an eye on. he was right behind osama bin laden for a while.
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>> even u.s. authorities say we will give you anything you need. we'll help you make sure he was captured. what do we hear yesterday, it was clearly an inside job. they fired prison officials. >> shorty. you want him to change his name. >> i was just saying you are worth billions and you've killed people but people still call you shorty. can't change a nickname. you said what? >> i thought somebody was commenting. >> you said you've got your name. it's given to you, that's it. >> it's work ford him thus far. >> coming up the sounds of summer. it's always a good time of year for pop music. >> take a look at this year's hot hits.
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♪ ♪ saturday night will be in the spot don't believe me just watch ♪ >> that is the song that you play at every single dance to get people on the dance floor,
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at weddings. >> that was a huge song this past spring. what about the biggest songs of the summer. >> every year the new favorites. bruno del gra nad doe takes us behind the scenes with a look at this year's hits. >> hey, guys summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets. the battle for the top prize of song of the summer is heating up. here are my picks for 2015. >> ♪ you may may never got to work ♪ >> summer hitmaker david geta nails it this year with hey mama a track that fearings nicki minaj and fellow deejay afro jack. ♪ >> nikki's unique vocal prowess plus the fact that geta is the most followed artist on spotify with 7 million followers makes this track a serious contender. ♪
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♪ i want to want it ♪ >> that's jason derulo's latest top ten "want you to want me." ♪ i want it too i want it too ♪ >> it's got a feel good retro vibe reminiscent of prior summer anthems by justin timberlake and robin thick and rocketed to the top five in just a week. expect to hear this quite awhile during the next 12 weeks. you want a down tempo track, ten years ago mariah carey scored with the song "we belong together." this year's wiz khalifa "see you again" has been the number one song for 12 weeks and it shows no signs of slowing down. ♪ talk about family ♪ ♪ and now you going to be with me for the last ride ♪ ♪ it's been a long day without you ♪ >> the song was written for the
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emotional conclusion of furious 7, and it connected with the audience from the get-go. any song with summer in its title is definitely a contend for song of the summer. maroon 5 scored a major home run with this summer's going to hurt. ♪ this summer's going to hurt like a mother ♪ >> it's a massively infectious song that hooks you at first listen. you'll find yourself singing the chorus hours after you've heard the song and that's what makes a true summer anthem. as a bonus, there is an r rated version of the song and video that's helping generate a lot of buzz on social media. >> lots of great new music to enjoy this summer. but who will win in the race to labor day is on. back to you guys. >> oh thank you, bruno. we love it. >> they sent us a vets like big
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subject line in the e-mail. urgent what are your songs for the summer? the one i first said we couldn't use on the air from asap rocky. love you brother. this tells how old i am. this is from my college days. you all remember this one? ♪ i don't like it ♪ >> jermaine dupri. this was the song of the summer of the '90s, '96, '97, i don't know. him and jay-z. i love that one. >> i misunderstood the e-mail. your favorite summer song from this summer. cue my favorite song. >> what did you go with? ♪ you'll never be alone oh oh when i'm with you but i love it ♪ >> do not, stay on the one shot ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you, my loving ♪ >> the wink is what sold it. the wink is what sold it
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free. ♪ extraordinary moment in sports last night. caitlyn jenner received a major honor at the espys. >> but it was nearly 40 years ago that bruce jenner burst onto the national scene. abc's dan harris with this story. >> ladies and gentlemen, the courageous, the stunning caitlyn jenner. >> a standing ovation for an athlete who became an american hero at the olympics and may now be changing america itself. caitlyn jenner kissing her mother and then walking to the stage at the espys right here on
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abc to accept the arthur ashe courage award. >> it's been eye opening. inspiring, but also frightening. all across this country, right now, all across the world at this very moment there are young people coming to terms with being transgender. >> with help from angelina jolie jolie's stylist, she sparkled in a stunning versace dress, a stark contrast to bruce jenner the athlete we've known for decades. the chiseled sportsman with the all-american good looks setting a world record in the grueling decathlon in the 1976 olympics. perhaps the most emotional moment in her speech when kaitlyn thanked her children. >> i always wanted my children to be so proud of their dad. for what he was able to accomplish in his life. you guys have given so much back to me. you've given me so much support. i am so so grateful to have all of you in my life.
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>> her words striking a chord with many viewers tweeting caitlyn jenner have you shown again that you continue to be a champion and caitlyn jenner equals courage. daughter kylie jenner saying i love my dad. and at the espys from our sister network espn also owned by our parent company disney that transformation continued. >> i know i'm clear with my responsibility in going forward. to do whatever i can to reshape the landscape of how transissues are viewed. >> dan harris abc news new york. >> what a moving and emotional night and all of caitlyn jenner's children including the kardashian sisters were there. >> what a night, the espys always a good show. >> you can follow us on facebook
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this morning on "world news now," political challenge. who's outraged over the long awaited nuclear agreement with iran. the president's tough talk and message to congress. >> who is she, the baby found dead on a boston shoreline. the new picture of the girl and the clues for police. >> and later, the dazzling tribute to caitlyn jenner. the heartfelt message to the world as she took home the arthur ashe courage award at the espys. >> and while it may not be easy to get past the things you always don't understand i want to prove that it is absolutely possible if we only do it together. >> the big moments on and off stage as we take you live to los angeles on this thursday, july 16th.
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>> from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> all right good thursday morning to you all. all the espy highlights. big night last night. you know it was a big deal. the espys on abc for the first time. not on espn. yes, we took them from espn. >> that's a big thing, huh. >> it was a big thing but a big night of the biggest stars in sports. but one of the biggest stars of the night couldn't actually be there. we're talking about the daughter of devin still, of course plays on the defensive line. there he is you might recognize him. his daughter has been going through a battle with cancer. a lot of people kept up with that battle. she couldn't be there. he's receiving the perseverance award on her behalf. the award is hers but she couldn't be there. doctors didn't give her the oklahoma to travl because of her immune system. she's in remission but her immune system still needs work.
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but he did it on her behalf. that story is unreal. that was one of the big moments of the night. >> also we can't forget the best u.s. women's soccer team team usa all dressed up accepting their awards, as well. we're going to get all the highlights in a moment. we'll get to that later this half hour. but our top story, president obama on defense over the historic nuclear deal with iran looking to knock down one criticism after another. >> the president made his pitch at a lengthy press conference making it clear the only other option was war. more now from abc's mary bruce. >> after the big deal comes the big sell. president obama making the case that the new nuclear deal with iran will make the world safer and more secure. >> i can say with confidence but more importantly nuclear experts can say with confidence that iran will not be in a position to develop a nuclear bomb. we will have met our number one priority. >> it's a historic diplomatic achievement for the president, a deal which would sharply limit
3:03 am
iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting the crippling sanctions imposes nine years ago. there are celebrations in the streets of tehran but in israel, the prime minister is blasting the deal. >> what a stunning historic mistake. >> and lawmakers in the u.s.s are skeptical, threatening to tank the agreement. >> it looks very much like he made -- they made a worse deal than even we had feared. >> critics say the agreement simply delays iran's nuclear abilities and frees up billions in funds for the country's terrorist operations. the president urging his opponents to evaluate the agreement based on facts not politics. and challenging them to explain what they would have done differently. >> what is your preferred alternative? >> now it is likely that congress could vote overwhelmingly to oppose this deal but the president has already vowed to veto any such attempt and congress would then need a two-thirds majority to override that veto and it's
3:04 am
unlikely that that many lawmakers will go against the president's will. reena and t.j. >> mary bruce for us there. thank you so much. the president turned to domestic issues during a visit to oklahoma. last night he spoke at a high school urging expansion of high speed internet to rural communities. today he'll become the first sitting president to ever visit a federal prison. the president will speak with inmates and prison officials as part of his effort to reform the prison system. back in washington his health care plan faces new criticism today on capitol hill. an undercover investigation revealed the federal health care exchange approved 11 phony applications. republican orrin hatch called it gross mismanagement at the expense of taxpayers. a spokeswoman says they're working to il prove the system. >> nearly 50 people under arrest in texas accused of smuggling drugs across the u.s. from the dallas fort worth airport. a federal sting operation revealed drugs were being carried on to flights in
3:05 am
exchange for thousands of dollars in payments. some of those indicted either worked at the airport or used inside information to bypass security screening >> police in boston asking for the public's help in identifying a little girl whose body was found dumped last month. hundreds of tips have poured in. so far the death remains a mystery. here now abc's ron claiborne. >> it is heartbreaking, a police computer generated composite photo of what the little girl may have looked like. ever since her body washed ashore nearly three weeks ago, the boston area has been blanketed with posters appealing for information. so far, nothing. now desperate for a break in the case, authors sets up a special telephone tip line and an anonymous text line. >> all we want to do right now is identify of this child. and someone out there can do it into investigators have little to go on. who she was, her family not even how she died an autopsy was inconclusive. all that's known is she was found wearing white leggings
3:06 am
with black polka dots and with a zebra print blanket. since then a facebook image has been seen by 53 million stirring grief. one person writing she is an angel in heaven. i hope they catch the person who did this to an angel. investigators are concerned if there are other children in the little girl's family, they too could be in danger. police say the person most likely to know the little girl's identity is a parent or caregiver. from them this emotional plea examine her conscience look into your heart and please tell us who she is. ron claiborne, abc news new york. >> breaking overnight, former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital this morning after taking a fall at his home in maine. a spokesman says the 91-year-old broke a bone in his neck. he won't need surgery but will be wearing a neck brace for the next few weeks. the spokesman says the former president specs to be back in texas by the start of football
3:07 am
season. >> now to the first comments from president obama over the bill cosby scandal. when asked about revoking his presidential medal of honor of freedom, the president rejected the idea saying there is no precedent for doing so. but he indirectly addressed the string of sexual assault allegations against the comedian. >> if you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. >> cosby received the medal of freedom from president george w. bush back in 2002. an advocacy group for victims wants the president to issue an executive order to rescind it or ask cosby to return it. >> the president says there's no precedence for doing that no mechanism. that was the word he used no mechanism in place to do such a thing but he got past that quickly. he wanted to say something on
3:08 am
the issue. you could tell he wanted to say something and he did, but he kept it on the issue of rape in general. he wanted to react and he did. that got a lot of attention today. >> a group of armed men broke into a los angeles home owned by chris brown, forced his aunt into a closet at gunpoint. they ransacked the home and took off with cash and electronics. his aunt was not injured. he was not there at the time though he arrived later and talked with investigators. >> police in austin, texas are looking for a cobra. grant thompson was found unconscious inside his parked suv outside a home improvement store on tuesday night when paramedics noticed the wounds they called animal control officers who looked through every inch of the suv. >> we got into the car, searched as well as we could looked under the engine under it the wheelwells. >> no sign of the cobra in the car or at his home. he later died after going into
3:09 am
cardiac arrest. family and friends say he was a long-time animal lover who worked at an exotic pet store. >> uber has a huge fine to pay in california after a judge ruled against one of the company's subsidiaries ruling the company isn't providing enough information about its business such as how successful its vehicles are and when its drivers turn down ride requests. the huge fine more than $7 million. uber will appeal. >> in other corporate news samsung unveiling its thinnest smartphone ever. it features a large 5.7 inch screen measures less than a quarter inch thick and weighs just 5.9 ounces. as of now, the device only available in china. >> also from the far east, a change of pace for mcdonald's. one of the its restaurants in tokyo going high class just for a night. >> called restaurant m happening on the 27th of the month. five courses on the menu starting with vegetable salad encased in gelatin.
3:10 am
>> beef chicken, fish patty. wedges with dipping sauces. also a full size burger as well as dessert and coffee. up to 20 people will have the honor of eating there. just 20? >> when they mean high class, they always cut the portions in bite size. i don't want to go home hungry if i'm having a fancy me at mcdonald's. >> they're trying to help you out. you don't need all that. >> i need more than a bite. >> this is why we don't go out to eat together. coming up "the mix," you want to build a sandcastle in the beach without getting your hands dirty. a solution here. >> all eyes on caitlyn jenner at last night's espy awards. we'll bring you the emotional moments line from los angeles. >> first the kidnapping case police thought was a hoax. disturbing new details about the suspect's state of minds. >> be sure to look at our behind the scenes pics on instagram. abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his wife smells this...
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surveillance camera here catching the moments when a four-story building collapsed in brooklyn. this was on tuesday afternoon. created a huge cloud of dust. people sent running. you see, running for cover. three people suffered minor injuries. the building was vacant at the time and was set for demolition but hey, guess it demolished itself ahead of schedule there. >> a third teenager died after a driver's training car col collided with a tractor-trailer outside new york city.
3:15 am
police say four high school students were in the car when it came to an intersection with a flashing red light and crossed into the path of the truck. they're calling for permanent rather than flash agtraffic signals to prevent future fatalities. >> more developments in the "gone girl" case. the fbi says it found four drones and remote control surveillance camera in a storage locker linked to the suspect. >> authorities are warning there may be more victims. cecilia vega has more. >> flu details about the alleged mastermind accused of plotting that stranger than fiction kidnapping. 38-year-old matthew muller spent four years in the marines serving in the middle east and japan and his lawyer says he suffered from bipolar disorder for years. >> it sounds to me like you're setting yourself and your client up for an insanity defense. >> it's certainly something we're going to think about. >> police investigating whether muller 0 could be behind as many as four northern california home invasions. last month, muller arrested accused of breaking into a house
3:16 am
in the middle of the night and polices in two other nearby cities it say he may have terrorized families there too. >> he restrained her, blindfolded her and threatened to rob her and sexually assault her. >> the stories all eerily similar to what happened inside that vallejo home. as for dennis husband kins and aaron quinn, the lawyers telling me they are happy the public finally realizes they were victims. this was no hoax. they want to get back to their lives. >> coming up surprises coming in from the far end of our solar system. it's truly where no man or manmade object has gone before. that's in our next half hour. >> but first the espys celebrating the top accomplishments in sports and on and off the field. plus caitlyn jenner's message about acceptance. that's next on "world news now."
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3:18 am
espys from team usa to caitlyn jenner's evening in the spotlight. >> abc's brandi hitt is live in las vegas where they're still celebrating at that this hour. good morning to you. >> hi good morning to you. yeah they're still celebrating here in los angeles right now. we're right in front of the theater where the show took place. what an interesting show. you had the biggest names in sports col colliding with hollywood's "a" list and so many myly emotional moments including when indicate rin jenner took the stage to accept the arthur ashe courage award. >> peyton manning. >> honoring the year's top athletes and best moments in sports the 2015 espys didn't disappoint. >> mo'ne davis. >> pitching against the boys in the little league world series mo'ne davis won best break through athlete. >> i just want to thank my
3:19 am
parents, my coach. >> best championship performance went to lebron james. >> all right. >> and this year's host joel hockey hail didn't hold back. >> it's great to be here at this gathering of future car dealership co-owners. >> best female athlete went to. >> please don't beat me up ronda rousey. >> i wanted to thank all the women, nominees and all the women here for being the change we want to see in the world. >> for best male athlete. >> steph curry. >> and one of the most highly anticipated moments of the evening caitlyn jenner standing before her peers for the first time as her true self accepting the arthur ashe courage award. >> and while it may not be easy to get past the things you always don't understand i want to prove that it is absolutely
3:20 am
possible if we only do it together. >> that speech now getting so much attention online. in fact, the espys also one of the top trends on twitter overnight. the show which is usually obviously airing on espn on cable networks now in the primetime spotlight. i think there are a lot of people watching tonight, reena and t.j. >> you're absolutely right. what a night it was for caitlyn jenner. what are people saying about her speech? >> a lot of people online coming out on twitter supporting her. there are people who don't believe she should have been given this award. when she took the stage what i thought was one of the most powerful moments, she acknowledged this is not about me in this moment right now. this is about everyone out there accepting one another for who they are. and that's going to be her platform. she's learned so much in the last few weeks since that interview with diane sawyer about the transgender community. she's been educated especially about the unfortunate side the suicides and she spoke about that this evening. i think you're going to be seeing a lot more of her talking
3:21 am
on this issue. >> one of the biggest stars of the night couldn't be there. devon still's daughter. what a moment. too bad she couldn't be there though. >> i was crying when he was giving his speech. you also saw that he was crying when he was giving that speech. leah what a brave little girl. i interviewed her on the red carpet and said how is she doing? he says she's still fighting. she continues to fight that cancer and just such an inspiration to him he said and going back out on the field for her. what a bond they have. you're both parents. i'm a parent. i don't think there was a dry eye from any parent in that room tonight. >> we have been cheering her on and we are just so glad to see him up there. and she's been the spirit for people fighting with cancer and we just can't get enough of her. you also spoke to mo'ne davis. she's another one we've been cheering for. >> the number one interview i wanted to get today and she is a fighter. she told me before she got the award, if i get this this tells all girls that you can pitch
3:22 am
against the boys. you can be successful and to fight for your dreams. >> thanks so much brandy hit, live in los angeles. rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at ♪a one, a two, a three percent cash back♪ well, things in the bedroom have always been pretty good. yeah, no complaints. we've always had a lot of fun, but i wanted to try something new. and i'm into that. so we're using k-y love. it's a pleasure gel that magnifies both of our sensations. right, i mean, for both of us, just... yeah, it just takes all those awesome feelings you usually feel and it just makes them... rawr... dare to feel more
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so i know how important that is. ♪ be. >> all right. we start "the mix." you remember mtv cribs? that show. >> i loved watching. >> you siemeny pack can i you here. the show essentially goes into celebrity homes and you see how lavishly they live. is he living large. we can't all do this but we can make an mtv cribs kesk video at least. right? this is what one guy did. a dad to be. his name is brian. he decided to put it together a video showing off his baby's new crib. >> that's great. >> the crib. >> that's great. >> this is a blanket of hers. these are basically balloons and they float. oh. let's move onto the west wing of the house. follow me.
3:26 am
>> oh that's awesome. >> there's music and the camera angles he kind of nails it there. having a little fun with it. cecilia, the new daughter is coming. but he's having fun with this. >> his club looks fantastic. proof you don't need millions of dollars. >> there is creative. this is cool. >> love it love it. i love also going to the beach with the kids. there's so into building sandcastles. i don't like getting my feet and hands dirty. i'll admit it. >> why are you on the beach then? >> i like to stay under the shade and read a good book. >> nothing wrong with that. >> now there's a new service. other people out there apparently. it's called sandcastle butler. they'll build any type of sandcastle you want on the beach. you enjoy quality time with your family and you still have bragging rights. you just have somebody else build it for you. >> this is where we are? >> this is where we are. this comes first. a guest book with the service. then you have a brainstorming session. they elaborate and create.
3:27 am
gorgeous sandcastle. >> i'm missing something about the story. >> you're into sharks. >> i'm missing something. you go to the beach to have your own fun and somebody comes to have the fun for you. >> they come to do all of the harder work you don't want to do. then have you bragging rights. who is going to know they came through and did that for you? they don't bring beer jack sorry. >> that blows my mind. >> i think it's fantastic. >> you would. one last one here. we leave but the musical stylings of a musician out of cairo. okay a lot of people -- not a lot of people play the recorder right he's beat boxing. check this guy out. ♪ >> you like that? >> that's pretty good. >> you like that. >> yeah, i could never do that. i couldn't even play hot cross buns on that thing. >> why would you? you would hire a
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breaking news on "world news now." george h.w. bush is in the hospital. the former president's medical scare and what doctors are saying about bush 41. >> tough talk from president obama. the opposition he faces after the landmark iran nuclear deal in congress and from one of america's biggest allies. >> consumer complaints. the deep discounts promised by amazon and its competitors in what was supposed to be a black friday in july. why some shoppers are unimpressed. >> in the spotlight, caitlyn jenner and her prestigious arthur ashe award at at espys. last night's emotional moments, best jokes and stunning fashions on this thursday, july 16th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan.
3:31 am
>> and good morning. we begin with the breaking news overnight, a new health scare for former president george h.w. bush. >> the former president spending the night in the hospital after taking a fall here his summer home in maine. a family spokesman says the 91-year-old will not need surgery but he'll be wearing a neck brace. the former president uses a wheelchair or scooter to get around. wishes for a speedy recovery have been pouring in on social media. we'll stay on top of this story throughout the morning. again, doesn't look like surgery but will be some recovery time with a brace included. turning now to the showdown over the landmark nuclear deal with iran. >> president obama taking on critics at home and abroad making the case point by point challenging anyone to come up with a better plan. with more, here's abc's jonathan carl. >> the president came before the cameras ready to aggressively push back on efforts in congress to kill his iran deal. >> it looks like a large majority will vote to reject this deal. do you have any concerns about seeing a majority of the people's representatives in
3:32 am
congress saying that this is a bad deal? >> there really are only two alternatives here. either the issue of iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved diplomatically through a negotiation or it's resolved through force, through war. those are the options. >> the president bristled when asked about the four americans who are still either imprisoned or missing in iran. a reporter, a marine veteran, an evangelical pastor and a retired fbi agent. >> can you tell the country why you are content with all the fanfare around this deal to leave the conscience of this nation unaccounted for in relation to these four americans? >> the notion that i'm content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails, major, that's nonsense. you should know better.
3:33 am
>> the president dispatched vice president biden to capitol hill to meet with house democrats trying to convince them not to abandon the president on this. it's the beginning of a full-court press by the president's national security team and the white house to try to build support for this deal in congress. it will mean more visits from vice president biden to capitol hill and secretary of state john kerry. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is among the most outspoken critics of the historic nuclear accord. netanyahu made it clear he was not bound by the terms of the deal and could still take military action against iran. he called it a historic mistake. >> i looked at the deal, and i think something else comes out. i think the inspection regime is full of holes because instead of having instant inspections say within 24 hours, iran has 24 days to open up suspect sites. 24 days. imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days. this isn't going to work. it's like you know, it's north
3:34 am
korea really. >> president obama defended that 24-day window saying nuclear material leaves a trace. he actually said you can't just put the stuff in a closet or haul it off in a dolly somewhere. he suggested the u.s. has other means of monitoring iran's facilities. >> u.s. and mexican officials have been holding talks how the two the countries could work together to capture the drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. surveillance video shows the exact moment of escape el chapo walking into his shower stall and varnishing into the tunnel below. officials say they found a dead bird in his cell. they believe it was used to test the air quality in the tunnel. it's back to work this morning for the jury deliberating the fate for colorado theater shooting james holmes. the nine women and three men deliberated for more than seven hours yesterday. during that time, they asked the judge three questions. and requested a white board. they are considering whether
3:35 am
holmes was insane when he killed 12 people and wounded dozens more in the aurora, colorado attack. >> the family of a los angeles area man killed by police is calling for a federal civil rights investigation. the request comes one day after video of the shooting was made public. here abc's pierre thomas. >> the video disturbing. an unarmed man fatally shot after three police officers confronted his friends over the report of a stolen bicycle. >> the first time i saw the video i cried. >> ricardo diaz zeferino was shot eight times after he was repeatedly told by the officers to keep his hands in the air but he does not follow police orders. at different points dropping his hands. the third time he did so taking off his cap and holding his palms out, police started firing. but no weapon was discovered and the city decided to pay $4.7 million to settle a lawsuit. the police in the city of gardena, california, fought the video's release but it was disclosed this week after a federal judge said the public had a right to see the video
3:36 am
even if it was embarrassing to the police. zeferino's family devastated. his brother says zeferino was just trying to help him find his stolen bike. >> he was a good brother because he was supporting my parents and my sister. he was working seven days a week. >> the release came just a day after new york city agreed to pay the family of eric garner more than $5 million in connection with his choking death. in recent years, cities throughout this country have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits involving allegations after police misconduct. new york city and chicago each paying out over $400 million. the family is asking the justice department to open a civil rights investigation and the u.s. attorney's office in los angeles is reviewing the case. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> a smoky about brush fire in washington state forced evacuations south of seattle. the fire broke out on a hillside yesterday afternoon, quickly moved dangerously close to about 20 homes. fire crews worked all night, and
3:37 am
now say they have it under control. but they're standing by at least till daybreak to make sure there are no more hot spots. >> today's forecast, heavy rains in parts of the west from arizona, new mexico north to denver. afternoon storms could turn severe along the gulf coast and in florida. gusty winds, downpours and hail from a powerful storm system in the upper midwest. >> 90s cover the a third of the nation from albuquerque to atlanta. 80s in new york, washington, d.c. and denver. 70s in l.a., minneapolis and seattle. >> now to a consumer alert about a potentially dangerous defect in some toyotas. the auto maker calling 20,000 prius v wagons made from 2012 to 2014 can overheat and stall with no warning. toyota says the cars need a software fix. the prius sedan was recalled with the same problem just last year. >> frontier airlines trying to make the dreaded middle seat more appealing >> how do you do that? the budget carrier is offering free drinks -- i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding.
3:38 am
no. they're increasing the width of the seat to the 19.3 inches. sorry, noel. the window and aisle seats will remain at just over 18 inches. the tradeoff is that the seats will be prereclined to eliminate arguments between passengers. what do you think? >> probably a good idea. they always ask you to not recline your seats before takeoff. is that okay? >> an extra inch? >> you'd rather get a free drink coupon. >> the middle seat is the worst. >> it is the worst. you never know who you're sandwiched between, right? >> yeah, and it's never the fantasy you think. right? it's never that. >> oh. >> shall we move on to bacon? >> wow. >> and seaweed? >> okay. >> as we reported already, bacon has all but taken over the world in the last few years. but you might even think there's no new ideas when it comes to bacon. >> what else is there? how about bacon flavored seaweed being developed by researchers
3:39 am
in a lab at oregon state university. seriously, they patented and they say it's good for you. >> just how good, teej? the stuff has twice the nutritional value of kale. supposed to be a great source of minerals vitamins proteins and anti-oxidants. >> if my bacon is not in a pan with some grease, i don't want anything to do with it. >> we can put that in a pan with some grease, no problem >> bacon and kale cannot be compared to each other under any circumstance. >> we should get some for you to try. you might be a convert. >> i've tried worse on the set. we've got "the skinny" coming up in "the skinny," highlights from the espys including the best jokes and the hottest fashions >> and the amazing tribute to kaitlyn jenner who had the audience laughing and even crying. >> first an emotional scene at the supermarket. two guys took their rage over a parking space into the deli. >> ouch. >> you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather,
3:40 am
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okay. reena, what you're seeing here, this is not a brawl inside a bar, not outside a sporting event. knockdown dragout fight took place in the middle of a grocery store in orlando, florida. the argument took place over a parking spot. it escalated in front of the deli. are you kidding me right now? >> i thought it was over the last bagel that someone took. >> there's no bagel. are you kidding me right now? you know what? we just on edge.
3:44 am
>> i like the smart shoppers did not intervene. >> you intervene. we're standing around watching this? >> this is pretty aggressive. i don't know. >> look. look, we got spectators here. >> you know what the problem might have been, teej? >> i got to hear this. >> it was a sad day for toy lovers. maybe they heard the news. >> out of new york city. this is painful. this is painful. >> it is. >> in new york city, the fao schwarz, the flagship store on fifth avenue closed its doors. real estate in that part of town apparently too expensive. some shoppers stopped by for old time's sake. >> i came today because this is like a sad day. i mean, to see fao schwarz closing and it's like the end of an era. >> there might be a silver lining. the store says it will reopen in times square in time for the holiday shopping season. >> that store, are you kidding me. >> timeless, yep >> amazon promised its prime day would have more deals than black friday. some customers say it was
3:45 am
quantity over quality, however. >> many said it was more of an online garage sale than a big event. here's more from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> amazon saying prime members shopping at record levels, order rates surpassing even black friday. selling 35,000 "lord of the rings" blu-ray sets, even 1200 $999 tvs in less than ten minutes. but surprisingly, quite a few shoppers tweeting complaints about the super sale for members of amazon's $99 per year subscription prime service. some sarcastically writing they've been waiting weeks for all the sales on products like this chef's hat or that you would be super lucky to snag this electric pencil sharpener. but retail experts saying that's because they're only seeing what's left over after the best deals have been snapped up often in just minutes. >> comparing these prices to the best black friday prices, what did you find? are there good deals on the sale?
3:46 am
>> definitely on the big name electronic items, the cheapest laptop the cheapest tv or tablet, it's right in the ballpark or better. >> amazon says they continued to introduce new deals throughout the day to keep up with the demand. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> we're going to turn to the espys in a moment. we'll have the winners, jokes and the fashion. >> and the "skinny" up next. "world news now" continues after
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> "the skinny" all about the espys. you can't talk about the big show last night without talking about caitlyn jenner. >> she actually skipped the red carpet. the first we saw of her was she she came onto the stage to accept the arthur ashe courage award. she said she was fortunate to be a star football player in high school. bullying wasn't a problem at the time. but not every child is not that fortunate. >> if you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions go ahead because the reality is, i can take it. but for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn't have to take it. >> this was actually her first major public appearance since coming out as transgender months ago. what surprised me was she admitted the transition has been
3:49 am
harder than she could have ever imagined. jenner got a standing ovation. you saw our diane sawyer there who actually did that interview with caitlyn jenner on that whoa coming out, if you will. got a standing ovation after a ten-minute speech. accompanying her her mother and kids. as you see, the jenner and kardashian clan all together. another award for the best team, i mean who else, right? u.s. soccer team. also lebron james honored for best championship performance. he wasn't the top male athlete. that honor went to steph curry of the golden state warriors. he was also the league mvp this year. >> the top female athlete was mixed martial artist ronda rousey who was also named best fighter over floyd mayweather. she wondered how the boxer who has had several domestic violence arrests feels about being beaten by a woman for once. >> all right. good for her. she could probably beat him up pretty easily. >> i would not be surprised,
3:50 am
teej. >> plenty of other jokes during the awards ceremony. >> most weren't quite as pointed as that but here's last night's host joel mchale. >> it's great to be here at this gathering of future car dealership co-owners and team usa took home the first women's world cup. yes. yes. since we started caring about it 11 days ago. thank you, ladies. ufc champion ronda rousey who is here tonight may be the most dominant athlete in all of sports. ronda's knocked out more women than bill cosby. >> oh. >> yeah. >> wow. >> he did that. >> it was a rough day for bill cosby yesterday. president talking about him, talking about the espys. but yeah, ronda rousey and serena williams, most dominant athletes on the planet are two women.
3:51 am
>> what have i said, teej, this is the year of women athletes, female athletes. right? >> what would an awards show be without talking about what the stars were wearing. u.s. women's soccer team dazzling on the red carpet. look at that group there. >> just gorgeous. one of the hottest couples was seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson and ciara matching in black. >> not sure about some of the others. >> who is that? >> oakland raiders punter. this is the punter? why are we talking about a punter? this is why he's wearing that. >> does he wear that on the field? >> we don't ever talk about a punter. you got to do something to get talked about. this is marquette king. >> he made the news, teej. he made the news. >> he's a punter. we don't talk about punters. this is what you have to do. >> super hero at night, punter by day. >> no wonder he changed during the show. >> you know what in maybe you should consider putting your cape on every now and then. >> why do you always want me to
3:52 am
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to go the distance with you. go long. ♪ >> you ski? >> no. >> okay, i don't either. if you're looking for some of you looking for a place to ski, what about pluto? the surprising photos coming back from the nasa space probe showing ice mountains about as high as the rockies. how about that? >> really? those pictures of pluto's largest moon are also startling and the bbc's david shookman has more. >> on the edge of the solar system, a mesmerizing view of pluto revealing in close-up extraordinary details of mountains made of ice and a new view of pluto's largest moon charon, an unprecedented sight of an alien world with dramatic scenery including an unexpected and vast canyon.
3:56 am
>> it's a small world with deep canyons, troughs, cliffs, dark regions that are still slightly mysterious to us. >> all this began back in january, 2006 with the fastest ever launch. the "new horizons" spacecraft sent hurtling towards pluto. after flying for 9 1/2 years, it arrived 72 seconds early. even the approach transformed our view of pluto. the images becoming clearer, reaching a peak with the closest encounter. this is a model of the spacecraft on the mission to pluto. it's packed with instruments to measure everything from the atmosphere to its structure to its surface because the spacecraft is now so far away that job will take 16 months in all. today is just the start. >> we have a healthy spacecraft. >> a key stat came when mission control confirmed the spacecraft had survived the flight. >> it's totally exciting. when we started off, it was a tiny little dot, and now it's a
3:57 am
real world, a real world with geology and so on and five moons. >> and because pluto is not alone but is one part of a huge outer zone of the solar system called the kuiper belt, this mission becomes the first to a totally unexplored realm of space. this is just the beginning of our exploration of the farthest reaches of our solar system. david shookman, bbc news at mission control in maryland. >> poor little guy. i'm glad to see pluto get some love. when they launched nine years ago, pluto was still a planet. a few months afterwards, they demoted it. it's no longer a planet. look at this. >> we learned this from our nasa space training. all these facts t.j. holmes can rattle off. >> people don't know this. that's a true picture. graphics didn't make that up. >> i joined for the space ice cream, teej. >> the what? >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, overnight, this morning, former president george h.w. bush hospitalized for a broken bone if his neck. we're live with the latest on his health scare for the 91-year-old. pushing on president obama taking it to the opponents of the iran deal and making an unprecedented trip today where no sitting president has gone before. in the spotlight, caitlyn jenner and her big moment at the espy awards last night. her strong message to the world. >> if you want to call me name make jokes, doubt my intentions go ahead. >> who she's really fighting for now. the rest of the major moments from the biggest awards show in sports stars, including some tough words from one fighter to another.


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