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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  July 17, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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july and the three similar but separate crashes overnight. detectives are still trying to piece together the last moments of a drexel university graduate found dead in her apartment. jasmine wright was founded in her apartment she had been beaten and strangled. david henry is live with the story. >> >> reporter: we are learning more about the murder investigation into the death of this young woman who seemed to have everything going for her after graduating from drexel with a masters degree just four weeks ago. 27-year-old jasmine wright was found dead in the rear bedroom of her apartment she appears to have been strangled and suffocated. she was fully clothed and no signs of sexual assault and it appears she knew her killer because there was no signs of forced entry she may have been
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dead for 24 hours before being found by the property manager. jasmine's parents live in the brofrpg and she attended high school in richmond virginia and four woks ago she got her degree in occupational health from the drexel school friends are pouring out their grief on social media neighbors are frightened and upset. >> i'm so sorry for her parents, oh my god. >> this was not a case of stranger danger and they are making good progress with their investigation. live in west philadelphia, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 32-year-old woman is row covering after getting hit by a stray bullet while driving her car last night police say she heard several shots as she was
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near 17th street and susquehanna avenue in philadelphia one bullet sliced through the back of her car and hit her in the neck she felt the pain and did not realize she was hit, no arrests yet. police in tennessee tried to figure out a motive in yesterday's mass shooting that left four marines dead, 24-year-old muhammad aziz was the gunman born in kuwait but raised in the u.s. she was described as an all american boy. officials had warned of possible attacks across the country on 4th of july, and now they want to know if abdul aziz was
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connected to that threat. >> they was an athlete and college graduate his former high school coach is stunned. >> he seemed serious, but the more i had him in class he turned out to be a cutup a joker all the time. >> he has no known connections to terrorist organizations but investigators are look nothing the possibility that he was inspired by their internet propaganda, in the last year isis is urging followers in the u.s. to attack police and military installations, the group is posting photos and addresses of soldiers saying what are you waiting for kill them in their own land. this year alone the fbi has made arrests in at least five plots aimed at domestic military facilities. we see individuals motivated about the i ideology of a group but are acting independently of those terrorist organizations.
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now they want it know if the lone gunman in chattanooga was the feared lone wolf terrorist, harder to track and stop. now they are warning people to be vigilant. >> there are some 5,000 row cruting centers across the country at shopping malls they are the soft targets with lesser security that officials are concerned would be targeted by terrorists. we are enjoying pleasant conditions on this friday as mother nature plans to crank up the thermostat in a few days sky 6 hd spends time outside today, you'll likely be sweating it out next week. melissa magee is in for david with the preview. >> you'll want to spend time outdoors, it's really fantastic temperatures are comfortable so far in philadelphia we are
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coming in at 80 and 70 in the poconos and 78 in dover reading 77 and beach haven 78 the dew point is the level of moisture in the atmosphere, but it's not bad. any time you have them in the lower 60s, there is a slight uptick in humidity but we are in the month of july and it's summer, so we'll be okay today and even better if you head to citizens bank park first pitch at 7:05, as they take on the marlins clouds thicken and could be a spotty shower at the tail end of the game and once we get into the ninth inning the temperature drops down to 75. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we are tracking moisture still off to the north and west and it's a frontal boundary moving across the great lakes and through the ohio valley and a piece of that moisture moves in for the start of the weekend and what it will do is ignite this heat pump across the area, future tracker 6 showing you that by 1:30
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tomorrow afternoon it will be 90 in the city and upper 80s elsewhere and these numbers keep on climbing with heat indexes matt from 95 to 105, so coming up we'll take a closer look at the forecast and let you know how long the heat sticks around. all the details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. from our delaware newsroom police are investigating three separate late night crashes all involving a car and pedestrian. james duff jr. was struck and killed last night he was trying to cross route 4 and was hit by a jeep. two women were trying to cross route 273 in newcastle last night when they were hit by a silver car probably a nissan ultima that driver did not stop. one woman was seriously hurt. police believe alcohol may have
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played a part in this crash. >> and police say a woman jumped into a joe and drove on to the sidewalk and hit three people two parks cars and a fence but no one was seriously hurt. new jersey governor chris christie is back on the campaign trail after coming home to his home state. he hosted the town hall and breakfast at a diner in milford. the gop candidate toured a facility for male inmates and christie spoke about row sent polls in the republican race and why he is not worried about his numbers numbers. >> you have three different polls that have me from 3% to 9% the polls don't mean much that is why campaign matters.
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christie says he has taken clearer stances on more issues. >> hillary clinton says no thanks to a donation from the mayor of allentown ed polaski donated $1000 last month and it was refunded. they seized documents related to a probe and bidding process. polaski has suspended his campaign to assist in the investigation. more story as head including new frustration from the woman that was hurt in a mysterious explosion on a rhode island beach and the beach reopened of the next day and that has her upset. later a shark tank investor visits philadelphia to make dreams a reality and sits down with alicia vitarelli.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities.
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military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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the woman hurt in last week's mysterious explosion spoke out again this time exclusively to abc news she was not happy that the beach was open in the strange event and arena ninean has more. >> is it started as a beautiful day at the beach with her two sisters and niece olivia the water was calm and the beach was clean. the women were getting ready to make a sand castle with olivia. the beach exploded and my chair was sinking and that was of the last thing i remember. >> kathleen was thrown out of her seat and landed on a jetty. >> i heard a loud blast like an m 80 nearly a week after that event kathleen laura and rebecca spoke out for the first time about their frustrating search for answers of what
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caused the explosion. we don't want anybody to be hurt. the beach is open and someone is climbing the rocks as we speak. the electrical line pulled from the sand had nothing to do with it it. >> we know it's a dead end and a dead cable. >> the kids need to be safe and off the rocks and you need to investigate investigate further. >> these ladies wonder why the beach would be open because they don't want it to happen to anybody else. >> there are k-9 units. >> investigators and seismologists and nobody seems to know what happened. >> i can't explain it they are missing something. >> a jury took 12 hours to return a guilty verdict for shooter james holmes of murder. we the jury find the defend
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james holmes guilty. they found him guilty of all 165 charges and found him legally sane when he killed 12 people and injures dozens of other the same jury will decide if holmes gets the death penalty. the teenager that survive aid plane crash and two days alone in the wilderness of washington state is describing how she made it out alive. autumn was flying with her step grab parents when they lost visibility and the gps stopped work and they crashed into a mountain and the teen burned her hand trying to save her family member sfwlz it took no time for the fire to come from the front and i made my way out. i was doing what i could to get them out. >> she could not save them autumn says that tinct kicked
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in after that. people waiting for the bus in pittsburgh can now take in jazz mousse you can, the bus shelt ser now known as the smault smallest jazz club. the project is so popular they want to expand the idea throughout the city. >> this weekend is fyi phillies annual ice-cream social a full half hour devoted to frozen treats ducis rogers has a preview. >> john's water ice in south philadelphia kept it in the family forever seven years third generation owner anthony has been serving water ice since he was 10 years old.
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>> my grandfather came from cecily in 1945, and opened this place up. >> this recipe he took over from italy with him. >> what is the recipe. >> basically fresh fruit sugar and water. >> he has served up water ice to celebrities and even president obama. >> you say water ice and i say water ice. >> i don't hear the difference. >> water ice is from italy but gelati is a philly creation, it's water ice topped with ice-cream and then more water ice. >> i am in who is with me? >> you can watch fyi philly ice-cream social after world news here on abc. coming up a check of
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the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. melissa magee is here and the party should be outside. >> you may want to come back inside this weekend, right now it's dry and quiet no issues with precipitation but we are tracking a warm front that will move on through and that could spark off a shower later on tonight. the heat is building into our weekend, we'll show you the picture outside, this is the place to be down the shore in cape may, look at all the beach umbrellas, you can see the flag by the lifeguard station, flapping in the wind, a nice southerly broez and comfortable at the shore and that is where you'll find the relief from the oppressive heat and humidity. neighborhood numbers center
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city 82 and 78 in chester. 78 in hammonton and 72 in ewing and 71 in cinnaminson and smyrna 78 and dover at 80. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we had sunshine earlier today sun giving way to a few more afternoon clouds and it's all because of this frontal boundary draped out across the eastern great lakes and the ohio valley so this front moves on through and could be some showers during the overnight hours and first thing tomorrow morning, this front is going to transition us from relatively quiet humidity levels to oppressive heat and humidity as we get into the weekend. here is the setup today a sunny start we are tracking the afternoon clouds and high pressure to the east and temperature in philadelphia 84 and we track the warm front that moves on through later tonight future tracker 6 showing you it's all about that as we head
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into the weekend, 1:00 in the after none those are not just the air temperatures, the heat indexes tomorrow region in the afternoon will be in the lower 90s and it gets even worse as we get into sun by sunday afternoon, look at this heat index 102 in lancaster, feeling like 99 in philadelphia, and 9 miles inland in comparison to boardwalk locations, no heat advisories up as we get closer to our weekend if something was issued. 84 degrees and wham with a pop-up thunderstorm, as we get into saturday it sunday it's warm and humid a temperature of 88, do want to keep you up to date with the rip currents aware and. people are going to the beach this time of the season, there is always a risk for an enhanced threat swim parallel to the shore and swim close to the
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lifeguard stations here is the call from accuweather sun and increasing clouds and high of 84 and turning cloudy and humid and we drop down to 70 sun and clouds today a high of 84 saturday turning hot and a thunderstorm around in at 90 sunday heat index up to 100 or higher with the actual air temperature of 95 still steamy on monday and a high of 92 and 90 on tuesday if we get three straight days of 90s it could be the second heat wave of the summer. shark tanks own jason don gave people a chance to hit it big in philadelphia. alicia vitarelli has more at the big board. >> you know him as one of the members of ruthless panel on the hit abc show, as they do on shark tank all the time, john was in town to help someone's
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dream come true, he was at world cafe live in university city to judge a regional competition and the winner earned $20000 and a spot in the national finals which by the way john says launched multimillionaires and it's about who can master the art of the pitch even from you not a businessman those skills can come in haney every day, there are things when people watch the show that you can take into your own life, we are pitching all the time, everyone of us. we are always pitching and the art of success, is a series. shark tank earned an emmy nod yesterday and it shows how anyone can turn hard work into success. >> every day people are doing exactly what they can do as well. and realize that they can do
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things, bring families together and debate it. >> aside from the emmy nomination john got another big honor, he was presented by president barack obama as an embarrass for globeal entrepreneur ship, and is headed to enya to help people there start their own bits. new episodes start in september and matt and i are both tremendous fans of the show. >> and for that reason i'm out. thanks alicia. >> i'm in. paul rudd and michael douglas team up for the action hit, ant man is a super hero that allows him to shrink down to ant size and has an ant army. and train wreck starts today
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starring amy schumer and wouldy allen's irradiational man.
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lunch alfresco. >> sounds like a great idea, let do it. lets see what is going on outside. sun to clouds this afternoon kfrnlts even though the humidity is coming up a bit. the high in philadelphia 84 degrees 81 in trenton and 79 down the shore and cape may a nice afternoon sea breeze kicking on in. and 90s for the weekend here we come. >> thank you melissa, here is a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a new edition of freebie friday with free cheero's smores.
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and and swipe right in you like and swipe left if you don't it's not just the premise of the popular dating app tinder anymore it's a way to pick out baby names. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for sara bloomquist and melissa magee, i'm matt o'donnells have a great friday and a great weekend.
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