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tv   Action News  ABC  July 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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r help catching a pair of atm bombers next. out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. ♪♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. >> violence erupts tonight at curran-fromhold correctional facility in the holmesburg section of philadelphia. a guard is stabbed 12 times. authorities say his attacker is awaiting sentencing for attempted murder. it wouldn't shock anyone if he's
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charged with the same crime again. wednesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the attack on a prison guard in philadelphia tonight. live at the prison is "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann first the condition of the guard. will he survive? >> the guard will survive. as a matter of fact, leave it or not, he is already out of the hospital recuperating. here anticipates -- here's the latest. the guy in prison under $5 million bail because he was dangerous and officials say he proved just as dangerous even in prison. officials say the notorious matthew early in here for firing shots into a septa train stabbed a prison guard. tyree holmes making it is rounds in a unit housing violent criminals b2 pod 1. union officials say early approached the guard from behind stabbing him multiple times.
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>> stabbed 12 times in the back neck and head. >> how is he doing? >> right now he is in stable condition. he is responsive. >> the union president, lorenzo north says that holmes was stabbed with a shank recovered at the scene. the prison is on lockdown and all even visits canceled. >> we are dealing with some dangerous inmates. corrections officers do a dangerous job each and every day. >> in december of 2012 matthew early and his brother eric were on the el trash talking with a fan after thes sixers game. and they got off the train and early turned and fired a gun. and the bullet went through one man and struck another man. charges against eric were dropped. and matthew early was charged and he was in out and of the hospital for competent city hearings and scheduled to go through another one when this
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happened. >> the correctional officers i say have the toughest beat. we are locked in within mates. we don't complain about the job, but it is a dangerous job. >> and again relearned the correctional officer, tyree holmes, has been treated and released from the frankfort aria-torresdale hospital. and he is with the police filing a complaint against early. a prison spokesperson says that early is now undergoing a mental health evaluation. live in the holmesburg section, dann cuellar for channel 6 "action news." a philadelphia recovering tonight and a 26-year-old man dead. the police say they showed up at this apartment in the 800 block of riverside drive early this morning to arrest devon guisherd wanted for the murder of 25 year polled megan doto last september. she was 8-months pregnant with she was hit by astray bullet. her baby also died. investigators say guisherd tried to run and then turned and shot
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the officer in the abdomen. the police returned fire hitting guisherd. he later died. "action news" spoke to his father. >> they are from jump street. they went there with the intent to assassinate, like they did. they have james bond license, 007 license to kill that's what they did. >> the officer was saved by his bullet-proof vest and it is the second time this officer has been saved by a vest. his name has not yet been released. a 16-year-old had a close call with a train tonight in derby derby -- darby. and he dropped his shirt and he went back to retrieved it and was brushed by a passing train. he was taken with a few bruises and the police call him extremely lucky. there is good news about a
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bad situation in four south jersey counties. president barack obama approved a disaster declaration in the wake of last month's destructive storms and it means money from washington. and "action news" reporter sharrie williams. >> jim, the four counties are atlantic, burlington camden and right here in gloucester county. the storms they were so bad that some businesses and homes like this one behind me were deemed too unsafe to occupy. you can see what is left of this home right here. but the homeowners are dealing with the insurance companies, but there is added relief that federal dollars are coming to their local townships. one look at russell's neighborhood and you can see where mother nature left her mark. >> a lot of siding damage some garage door damage some damage to my deck, damage to my roof. got one window damaged. >> his home was among the many caught in the june 23 storms. his shed completely destroyed. >> it flew into the farm back
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there. >> the national weather service said that it was not a tornado, but a macroburst with damaging winds that ripped through. >> every time a bad storm comes now we both my wife and i both freak out. >> one month later, getting back to normal is happening at a snail's pace. >> my insurance company has been good so far. it's been slow. i want to get everything done quicker than it's been going. >> just today president obama signed off on federal funds to help local governments with storm repairs. the request was submitted by governor chris christie weeks after the storm on july 14. >> i think it's great. i am surprised it took as long as it did. >> robert is trying to get back to normal, too. >> we are going through a lot of chain sawing. five trees came down that night. >> this was his yard the day after the storm. the car that was smashed in still sits in the yard. >> i didn't even know where to start at first when we started looking around. it was pretty tough. >> but he stays that he is glad to hear that the township may be
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eligible to receive additional funding because the clean-up is far from over. >> we have a lot of clean-up to do. i don't think we have the funds for it. if the government comes through with a little bit ever funds, that would be helpful. >> it would be helpful. as we take a live like $15 million earmarked for the four counties hit by the storms in late june. we are learning some of the money will be used to help prevent storm damage in the future. sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." tonight we have surveillance pictures of the man who robbed a pnc bank in hunting park in philadelphia. he walked into the location at broad and allegeny at 2:26 this afternoon displayed a semi-automatic hand gun. after getting an undisclosed amount of money, the bank robber took off. if you recognize him, you are urged to contact the f.b.i. or philadelphia police. and philadelphia lawmen have released surveillance video of
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two suspect whose blew up an a.t.m. we first told you did this last night at 11:00. seconds later the machine blew up and sent metal debris 50 to 100 feet down 6th. and it does not appear that the explosion from an m100 firecracker yielded any cash. police were on the scene today collecting evidence and clues. a post office employee faces six months in prison for failing to deliver more than 22,000 pieces of mail to tacony and wissinoming in philadelphia. accused of stashing the mail in his home and in his car. acourting to court documents holding on to first-class mail checks and magazines. he was responsible for mail delivery in zip code 19135 between may of 2014 and january of 20615.
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two men accused of carjacking off the streets. arresting sione lee and elijah maddox. lawmen are still looking for a female accomplice. the investigators say the 26-year-old victim drove to 70th and broad street to meet the woman on june 30. when he arrived, lee and maddox robbed him allegedly and then took off in his car along with the woman. a 61-year-old main woman behind bars accused of selling heroin. police arrested lynne twaddle in her home on pugh road in wayne. after a four-month investigation by the police. she showed the undercover officers 250 bags of heroin. a search warrant led them to 80 more bags and a pistol. and bail set at $50,000.
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in camden, a thirsty thief in a daycare center. his target -- juice. and he broke into the center in camden early yesterday morning. after sneaking around the building for a bit, he found what he apparently wanted. the thief made off with four 1-gallon bottles of juice. ikea is offering a free repair kit now following the deaths of two children including one from west chester. the 2-year-old died when a chest fell on him last year. ikea says in both cases the furniture wasn't properly secured to a wall. it is now offering free wall anchoring kits to the 27 million customers who bought certain dressers and chests. we have posted all of the details about which items are affected and how to get a free repair kit on a mural of bill cosby in
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north philadelphia is gone. the philadelphia mural parts program painted over the mural on broad street near indiana avenue. if went up in 2008 and has been deteriorated. there were plans to remove it anyway, but the plans were accelerated after dozens of women accused cosby of sexual assault. the pope's itinerary limited to philadelphia and winwood. but the officials in new jersey of busy making their own plans. it all has to do with transportation. the patco high-speed line a reliable means of bringing 100,000 daily passengers from new jersey into philadelphia so they can see the pope. it appears the ben franklin bridge will be open for walkers, but the bridge could close for drivers. >> there's certainly a possibility. most of it will be contingent on what roads are going to be open. you know so we're not right now
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thinking about closing the bridge for any particular reason, but we're waiting to see what the plans are. >> the world meeting of families has a new tool to help you navigate. the go philadelphia app, download it free for apple or android destroyses. it provides information about the region's cultural institutions and family-friendly events between september 18-29. keep up with the development the on the world meeting of families and the pope's visit with our special twitter account. follow at6abcpope for information as we head toward the papal visit in september. still to come a cholesterol-lowering drug is being tested in philadelphia. we will tell you how it works and you can find out how you can get involved in the study. dozens of people won't be sleeping in their own beds
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tonight. we have an update on a massive 5-alarm fire that tore through a new jersey warehouse this morning. and dry, comfortable air moved in with dupeewpoints and 50s. and i am tracking a return to humidity and i let you know when. and was today the final home game for jonathan papelbon? the trade deadline is looming and what he has to say when "action news" continues tonight.
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a massive fire that tore through a north brunswick, new jersey warehouse overnight is under control tonight. firefighters remain on the scene putting out some hot spots. as a precaution about 75 evacuated residents will spend this night at a shelter. the five-alarm blaze broke out at the plastics business at 2:30 this morning. they do not know what sparked the fire. a woman found dead in a texas jail three days after
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being arrested at a traffic stop, told the guards she are previously tried to kill herself according to the sheriff's office. sandra bland found hanging in her cell with a plastic bag around her neck. her family says she wouldn't kill herself, wouldn't have killed herself and they want an investigation. an independent probe. the texas state police and f.b.i. are investigating. the f.b.i. releasing details about the shooting in chattanooga leaves five service men's dead. the shooting took place in 3-5 minutes. the suspect was pursued by police when he crashed his rented mustang convertible through the gates of the naval operations support center. he then went on a shooting spree before being shot and killed by a police officer. up to 1,000 f.b.i. agents are now assigned to this case. and in new jersey governor chris christie ordered flags today to fly at half staff in
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honor of the victims. confessed charleston church shooter dylann roof facing federal charges. indicted today on 33 counts. he killed nine people in an african-american church last month. he told the police he wanted to start a race war. prosecutors haven't said if they will seek the death penalty against roof. his trial scheduled to begin next july. health check, a new cholesterol-lowering drug is being tested in philadelphia. a doctor a philadelphia health affiliate is taking part. it is an auto-injector that the patient uses once a week. the doctor says that statins are good but don't work for everyone. >> a significant number of patients did not reach their goal, determined goal to control the ldl cholesterol. >> some patients develop side
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effects with statins and that's where this new drug could help. globally it plans to enroll 30,000 patients. we have more information at >> camden county police hosted a family fun night at 4th and clinton street park tonight. this officer had some fun dancing with the kids. there were games, health screenings, giveaways and even a visit from the ice cream truck. and they are holding neighborhood events throughout the summer. ♪♪ happy birthday to you >> and tonight we wish dorothy may robinson a happy 100th birthday. dorothy may's family celebrated the milestone with her at the nursing care center. she credits her longevity to her worth ethic. she worked until she was 90 years old. that is some work ethic. >> it certainly is.
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let's get the accuweather forecast from cecily tynan. >> and great weather for her birthday. this weather is sticking around about three more days. and showing not a drop of rain out there. a dry night. and sky 6 capturing the sunset tonight over the center city skyline. this is time laps the sunsetting at 8:24. and just enough cirrus clouds to create video as the sun was setting behind the city. and i also got a lot of great pictures on my sunset other than my facebook and twitter account. and you can see the lie, thin cirrus clouds reflecting the red in the sky and also reflecting very nice off the lake. and we have a few more beautiful sunsets to go before the heat and humidity returns. today, what a day! our morning low 70 which is the normal or average low for this time of the year. the afternoon high 85. 2 degrees below normal.
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remember this day four years ago, i remember it well, it was sweltering. 103 degrees. we haven't hit a temperature that high since then. and fortunately we won't be anywhere near that for the next week. although we will probably sneak back into the low 90s early next week. down the shore very comfort. margate 75 ocean city 75. the same in avalon. and cape may 78. and muggy with the winds off the ocean. inland comfortable, allentown 66, wilmington 72 trenton 71. philadelphia 77 and millville 68. satellite 6 and action radar showing we saw loads of sunshine. we are getting high thin clouds drifting through tonight, but they will be dispersing in the overnight hours. and tomorrow right back into the mostly sunny skies and sitting pretty right through saturday. this is a very strong area of high pressure, and it's moving at a snail's pace. what this is doing is pushing
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all the heat and humidity to the south and stuck with temperatures mid to upper 80s, low humidity and sunshine. by sunday the high pressure moves to the east, getting what is known as the return flow out of the southwest bringing us the return of more sticky conditions and temperatures up near 90. if you're on the beach tomorrow put on the sunscreen and enjoy it. lots of are sunshine 82 degrees with the sea breeze kicking up late in the afternoon. it should be a beautiful day on the beach. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast you like today, you'll like tomorrow. mostly sunny and comfortable with low humidity. 85 degrees. turning it up a notch to 87 degrees friday. again, low humidity. and saturday still nice. humidity in check, high of 88 degrees. on sunday, it won't be sweltering, but the afternoon high up near 90. a little bit more humid with a possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. keeping the humidity monday. and then hot and humid on tuesday and wednesday.
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afternoon highs in the low 90s, could be the beginning of heat wave three. until then three more days of beautiful, comfortable weather. >> thank you, sounds good. she is still the one. shania twain is back and tonight rocked the wells fargo center. ♪♪ >> this is her first tour in over a decade. shania twain also says it is her last and she wants to go out with a bang. the country superstar turns 50 next month, can you believe it? shania twain also working on a new album.
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>> some extra-inning drama at citizens bank park. >> it is fun down there. back-to-back series wins the first time since last september. way back there. no question a dark cloud has been hanging over the phillies but a much-needed ray of sunshine. the phills won five of six since the all-star break. the rays are having problems with the phills and oh, by the way, the phanatic as well. crazy finish. tied at 6-6 in the sixth. ben revere to first and it is boosted and the 1-run lead. it doesn't last long. and diekman leaves it out and over the plate. and tie the add 4-4. and the rays about to take the lead and jonathan papelbon in
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trouble and he is bailed out, what a play. and in the 10th two outs and herrera pinch-hitting. the little bull with the big hit. phills the 5-4 walk-off hitters. back-to-back series the first time this season and check out papelbon he tackles and punches herrera. >> the players are playing with energy and they're playing to win games, at least so it seems to me. so everybody on the bench is, you know, into it. guys are pulling for each other and that's the thing we're looking for the most right now. chase utley increasing his hitting and fielding and barring a setback from his ankle injury, he is close to starting a minor league rehab assignment. utley on his way back and is jonathan papelbon on the way out? the trade deadline a week from friday. and the bluejays clubs and dodgers, the three teams after papelbon the most are no longer
11:29 pm
actively pursuing the phills closer. and pap has little to say about that tonight. >> i can't speak for anyone else other than myself. and i go i show up and prepare to win and close ballgames no matter where i am at. >> how do you feel putting it out of your mind? >> it don't bother me. i just show up to play. >> thinking at all that it could be your last time of pitching here in >> no, never thought that. >> and papelbon always with a little edge but he is pretty loose here. pap putting the sign up trying to sell the first baseball for whopping $2,000. hopefully no-takers. back at it on friday. and lloyd picks up another honor and we're right back.
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with volvo. carli lloyd is racking up awards in south jersey just as quickly as the goals she scored in the women's world cup. the soccer star today at the blue barn where she is honored and gets a key to the complex after leading u.s.a. to a title this is one. places where she's been training much they are so proud, they named the blue barn court after her as well. lloyd has had such an impact on little soccer players everywhere. >> i am realizing the impact i've had. i had numerous amounts of messages and texts and emails from people just saying how much of an inspiration i am. and to me that is the most important thing. and that is priceless. >> she has to get ready for a
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match coming up in rochester playing for the women's pro league. >> thank you. this is kayla and keira set to be euthanized when a volunteer snapped the picture. in a few hours it went viral getting the attention of a rescue organization that came in and saved these girls. and tonight they are safe and sound in a foster home and looking for a good forever home. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6. his guests tonight, ed helms, brie larson and music from joss stone. actions continues for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night. "action news" is sponsored in part by --
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, ed helms, from "trainwreck," brie larson, the 9th annual belly flop competition, and music from joss stone. with cleto and the cletones. and now, you guessed it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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