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tv   Action News  ABC  July 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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gunman and several dead and others wounded and a raging fire leaves four families homeless in >> it is thursday night and jim off. i'm brian taff. we begin with breaking news tonight. it is happened again. another mass shooting at movie
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theater and it happened in lafayette, louisiana around 8:30 our time and during a showing of the amy shumer comedy train wreck. we're told now three people are dead including gunman and gunman apparently took his own life 7 others injured and don't know the except ever the injuries tonight a witness described the scene. >> we were buying popcorn at concession and a whole group of people teenagers mainly ruining out telling attorney run for their life and we thought it was playing a bravrping prank and i see another bigger group saying the same thing and my reaction was we saw a lady with blood all over her legs and i just grabbed my towel and we all ran. >> lafayette is about 60 miles west of baton rouge again. three dead including the shooter in this situation tonight we'll
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continue to follow breaking story and bring you more information as we get it throughout the newscast. >> this is how it looked from chopper 6 tonight as flames devoured four homes in lindenwald camden county this was a fast-moving fire and by the time crews got the upper hand two were destroyed. the others badly damaged. the two alarm fire left several families without a home to sleep in and it happened before 7:00 tonight in 700 block of colonial square drive where we find "action news" reporter dann cuellar and dann you have the latest details on that tonight. >> that's right brian firefighters remain on the scene colonial squi drive mean while as many as 14 residents and 11 adults and three children displaced from homes and looking for places to stay tonight. chop are hd over the scene after the fire broke. the fire quickly spread from 775 colonial square drive.
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residents were startled when firefighters banged on doors telling people to get out. >> they said get out there's a fire. flames were coming out of the original house. >> fire started to spread on my house and got worse and did damage to the roof i can imagine everything desgloyd it took 90 minutes to bring inferno under control. >> they had quite a battle out here. >> yes they did because of construction and amount of fire they had when they arrived on location. >> all four copied min yums were destroyed by the fire. >> kathy worries about the fate of her two cats oodles and nut ball. >> i don't care about anything but those two i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> i know they're doing the bust
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they can. >> i can't stay there sglont do you have -- what do you do now. >> unfortunately i have a friend that lives in magnolia. hopefully he's home and we can crash over at his house. >> there was one minor injury to a firefighter that suffered heat caution and cause of the fire has not been determined if believed to have started in a second floor bedroom. and the red cross is on location assisting displaced familys with food, clothing and a place to stay for the night we're live in linden wald new jersey i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> dap, thank you. a man was found murdered this evening in wilmington and he was shot several times in base the of the home in the 500 block of west fourth street so far no arrests made here. >> police have not released identity of a record found dead in wilmington park. we also don't know quite how she died and her body was discovered on a slide in cam bee park after
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10:30 this morning some of her clothing was around ankles at the time detectives combed over what looked to be identification cards. the woman's death is suspicious atlantic city police released this sketch of a man want ford touching a 12-year-old girlch the incident happened july 11 near beach annapolis avenue. the man swam up and grabbed her thigh. she moved away and swam up again and grabbed her privates. police are asking anyone that might recognize this man to please contact them. >> now to the videotaped arrest that is drawing allegations of police brutality in chester. the da there says he is reviewing the case tonight but from what he's seen so far it appears the officers acted properlych the struggle was captured on cellphone it happened sunday morning. police were responding to a burglary call when they say they ep encountered walter note driving the wrong way.
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when they stopped him he was trying to conceal a gun in his waistband. >> i can till from my review of the criminal history and very true of circumstances of the case he's dangerous. >> note has a long criminal record dating back to 1985 and been arrested more than four dozen times he's got 1 con vicks many for violent crimes resisting arrest. there's several witnesses to interview before a final determination is made. >> pto president accused tonight of stealing more than 19,000 in montgomery country kamisha khong wing was arrested today and served as president of pto from 2014 until past june. chung swing accused of making cash crawls from accountch perfecting 4100 in groceries and buying an airline ticket. bail is set at 25,000 this father son duo is accused of
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stealing. police say they took nearly 30 grand from springfield township em saxt burlington county. ronald and benjamin were volunteer members there and prosecutors office says the money was taken between 201 and 0 15 and during that time ronald knighton on the left served as squad treasurer. both were arrested today and released. they've been charged with theft by deception. >> tonight the water department is still trying to restore water in east falls. around 3:30 today a water main broke in 3500 block of scott's lane. as a result nearby shopping kepter was forced to shut don't and the goal tonight is to have the shopping center reopened tomorrow. >> department fixed a broken water main there this evening and this is the second time in two weeks residents experienced water problems. busted water main earlier this month said water flooding into
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the basement of dozens of homes in that neighborhood. in dollars and cents an act of kindness was not worth a whole lot. in tells of what it meant on the receiving end it was priceless. tonight what a burlington county waitress did for two customers is going viral and what they say goes around comes around and jeff chirico joins us live in delran with the story. this is a good one jeff. >> absolutely, brian. the waitress paid $ 15 for her two customers earlier today and they're volunteer firefighters and they were even more truchd which they learned about that waitresses family struggles. >> breakfast is on me today. thank you for all that you do. for serving others. >> shareished thank you note if a waitress brought this fire fight to tears he received it when he stopped at the 130 diaper in delran this morning.
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he told the waitress he spent twelve hours battling a warehouse fire in new brunswick. there was no total on the check just a heart felt thank you. >> when it came time for the bill we flipped it over there was no bill she decided to comp on her own. >> i started tearing up and it made me feel good us fire fighters are wanted and people care about us. >> young posted the note on facebook and it spread like wildfire pechd touched by liz wood's gesture. >> i know it's marked adds extraordinary act but it was small. >> a $ 15 gesture more humbling for the firefighters after they learned the mount laurel woman has been trying to raise money on go fund me together buy a wheelchair accessible van for her father steve par lised from brain aneurysm five years ago. >> he needs access to the outside world you know? he needs to be able to seat world outside of his hospital
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bed. >> haulings and young want to pay it forward. >> we want tonight starred a fundraiser we'll do something for her. >> i don't know what to say to that. it's incredible. what a morning what way way to wake up today. >> hi no idea today would go like to. >> good news story. there so far liz has been able to raise 30,000 over the baingt 7 months from folks here in south jerseych the man they need could cost $80 grand. they're going to help. if you are interested in learning payman houshmandpour you can help go to our web site we're live in delran township, burlington county, jeff chirico "channel 6 action news". >> i suspect they'll get a lot of help from our generous viewers. >> still to come tonight five family members found stabbed to death inside their home and tonight police are saying it's work of two teenagers and plus
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new jersey family discovers intruder and wait until you hear how many days he spent hiding under a bed in their home cecily. >> well, brian we've been in the comfort zone two days and temperatures mid to low 80s and low humidity and i'm tracking first warmer air and then return of humidity. i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> plus we catch up with one of the eagles a week before training camp to talk about expectations for chip kelly's third season when "action news" continues right
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snv we continue to follow breaking news out of lafayette louisiana where three people were dead, 7 injured after a man opened fire inside a crowded movie theater. this happened 8:30 our time at the grand 16 movie theater during a showing of new amy shumer comedy "train wreck" more than 100 people in that theater at that time and police wrapped up a conference where they said the gunman was white man in 50s when he took his own life and
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his identity is known to them and have not yet made that identity public nor a motive. we'll keep you posted on any new information about the shooting in louisiana tonight. as soon as we learn of it. >> and a horrifying crime at small oklahoma town five members of family stabbed to death inside their home and two teenage seasons are responsible it happened if broken arrow outside tulsa and killed were parents david and april and three children ages 12, 7 and five and two-year-old and 13-year-old girl were injured 18-year-old robert bevr and 16-year-old brother were arrested tonight. today, prosecutors released sandra bland's autopsy results and say her death in texas jail was, in fact, a result of suicide. preliminary that arey testing shows planned may have had a significant amount of marijuana in her system when she died.
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she was found with a garbage bag around her neck. she was stopped on a traffic violation and charged with assaulting a police officer and put in this cell herself despite this note on intake that bland admitted to attempting suicide last year. pile was in the cell across the planned and talked to her the day before she die sfwld she was crying and i could barely understand her. i just was like it will be okay. i don't know what to think about it. and i know that the -- i don't think think the guards did anything. >> planned's family insists she did not take her own life. they've ordered independent autopsy. >> and new jersey family discovered a man hiding under their bed in their home. turns out he may have been there five days. police say jason hubbard snuck into the home in a on door in may. he used to date the homeowner's daughter five years ago and the family says they have not heard from him since until they hard a
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noise and found them hiding under her daughter's bed. >> well, politics tonight donald trump made a campaign stop in texas today to talk about immigration and boarder security his controversial comments about mexican immigrants stirred up the campaign as you know in recent weeks. trump says his trip to loredo texas where the population is more than 90% hispanic comes as support grows from position on immigration. on the latest poll half of all potential republican voters opposed a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants. 34%% of that group support trump 34%% of that group support trump. >> a lot of heat first week and second week everybody realized i was right. >> trump was set to meet with the border union in lor aid owe and that union pulled the plug on the meeting at the last minute. >> and a new business is opening in upper darby tonight and you can enjoy dinner and a movie at
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the very same time. tonight "action news" reporter sharee williams got a sneak peek of the new studio movie grill. >> which is seen as local renaissance to communities. >> the heart this area has long been 69 street and shopping district. >> it was energy of community and also backbone of finances for employment, taxes. >> the district declined rapidly when big shopping malls pulled the people and money away. but now that is changing. >> the newest addition to 69 street is studio movie grill in the making two years it's state of the art theater complex that offers a full kitchen with fresh made to order food and it's expected to bring people back to the district and plus 250 new full time jobs to upper darby. >> our job growth has grown in upper darby. we're positive side now.
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and our unemployment rate is down. >> dinner and movie all under one roof. this is test run before the doors on friday. >> of course the big difference about this movie theater is full menu. see what you want, press the button. >> enjoy. >> thank you. >> and voila spiked kerry lime aid and black entered chicken salad and you can pick where you want to sit before you get here. >> go online and reserve seat so you don't have to be stressed about getting into the movie or rushing and ending up in front row. >> movie goers are excited about it. >> i think it's a great opportunity for people to get out of their homes and sit in comfortable chairs and have food. >> hope is new theater will help push 69th street forward for good of the township and residents. >> from image perspective upper darby is now place to be. >> in upper darby, sharee williams "channel 6 action news." >> and going to be a hot spot. and the thing i love you press the button and poof.
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>> i asked sharee about the salad she said it was fantastic. >> great. >> and next week would be a great week to go to the movies it will be hot. >> look how you put a spin on that there. >> when it's hot you want to go to the theater because they are air conditioning and it's always chilly there. tonight, mother nature bringing us air conditioning, stormtracker 6 making a segue into the weather and dry conditions out there tonight, no rain very few clouds. and just very comfortable air and we're live on sky6 really a great shot tag a look at broad street center city line the temple university sky cam and we have quiet conditions out there and conditions will stay that way for the next couple days. right now down the shore it's very comfortable. avalon 73. ocean city 74. margate 7. surf city 72. cape may 76 degrees and little moreland millville cooled down to 64. wilmington 69 and philadelphia still holding at 57 and allentown 65 and reading 66 and poconos may need a jacket for
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the evening. current temperature already down to 55 degrees. little chilly in the mountains. satellites 6 and action radar showing we have high pressure over the ohio valley and it's very broud and it's not moving quickly and what this is doing is really keeping clouds at bay and any showers well down south across the carolinas and it's also keeping heat an humidity out to the west for the next two days. and so tomorrow will be another beautiful day today today's high 83. tomorrow warnler. still low humidity still pretty comfortable and plenty of sunshine 8:00. 71 at 11:00 and 80, 2:00 and 84 and by 5:00 86, seasonable day and humidity level in check and next two days we will stay with temperatures in 80s but low humidity on saturday afternoon we'll see a few high thin clouds begin to drift in and sunday is really the day you feel a change in air mass. it will get hotter high near 90. more humid and with this front
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moving in possibility of some scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and doesn't look to be widespread and this high pressure will move east early next week and that will really on the door for heat and humidity by middle of next week. could be next heat wave. if heading to the poconos though looking beautiful tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. 77. saturday 80. and sunday possibility of afternoon thunderstorm and 79 degrows and down the shore what a week it's been down there and tom another beautiful day. 83. on saturday, 83 and seasoned a little more in the clouds mixing in and still pretty nice with high of 81. so the exclusive accu quaernl 7 day forecast warmer tomorrow. still low humidity. another winner. 87. on saturday sun with clouds and especially late in the day. 88 degrees on sunday. and it gets hot more humid, not oppressive with a chance of so they thunderstorm with a high of 90. on monday, still a chance of -- let me say that again a chance of isolated thunderstorm and 88 degrees and had to get that out
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and tuesday hot and humid 90. we bump to 92 wednesday and thursday this is when it gets oppressive. 94 likely heat wave number three next week. but two more beautiful days to enjoy so really try it get outside because things will change by early next sgleek it sounding look i started to say chance of pythons. >> i was thinking about the weather the other day eight feet long. >> like shark made owe. >> thank you, cecily. >> on "healthcheck" we know cpr saves lives and if you have not taken time to get sure certified another substitutey may change your mind aivrpt statewide initiative launched in north carolina 2010. goal to train ordinary people to perform cpr and use automated external defibrillators and found over the next three years rates of bystanders performing cpr rose significantly and the study shows non medical personnel can make a huge difference when it comes to saving lives. >>
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get the wi-fi you need for better streaming. the 100% fiber optic network, is here. tea? get out of the past. get fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> >> jeff skversky along with sports tonight. very soon we'll start to get some sense of chip kelly's vision and where all thees pieces will end up. >> we can't wait to see if it will work out. chip kelly's entire plan and season could come down to one arm and one knee that of sam bradford and eagles quarterback is expected to be 100 ready to go come training camp. he's been battling from back-to-back acl tears the true test will come on third
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preseason game and dress rehearsal for week one. like eagles fans the players can't wait to kickoff camp with bradford and how his plan plays out. >> the guys in the locker room and bond we have is so much different. i have not been on other organizations i heard demarco talk and other organizations i heard it's not like we have. it will be great here. >> let's hope they're right tim tebow is the guy as well trying to make this roster and wolf is better with his knee injury as well you have to wonder will cole hamels ever return to philadelphia trade deadline say week from tomorrow and trade talks heating up and hamels among coveted players on the market. phils gm reuben amaro say they will only move their ace for the right deal. cubs. rangers, red some are among front run areas cording to jason stark. pete mccannon says trade talk is not the talk in look not the talk
11:29 pm
in looker room. >> it happens every year. i'll be perfectly honest. in the club house and coach's room nobody talks about it in the the club house i don't see anybody talking about it they might talk about it but i don't see an issue still to come in sports. one ever joel's teammates stepping ford without their big
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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>> when joel embiid steps foot
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the sixers are expectsed to announce when and where he'll have that bone graft any day now. embiid by all accounts has remained upbeat by this difficult time and the sixers center reported no pain his teammates feel for him. >> it's a minor setback we have key guys that can help and other guys have to step up now that he's having surgery. it's a matter of us adapting that's what other teams have to do. >> sixers forward roberts covington hanging out on a court of drink kind tonight tennis court at the freedom match and heling" it there by the way they won. union booted their longest tenured player we yumz traded. williams has been here since 2010 and union first ever surprise they're back in action this weekend. >> jeff, thank you very much. >> wanted to get one last check
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on breaking news out of lafayette, louisiana tonight three people are dead and 7 injured in shooting at a movie 1/3 as we mentioned the gunman is among the dead and apparently he took his own life. police say he's a white man in 50s. they have not publicly identified him yet other indicate whad his motive may have been. it happened 8:30 philadelphia time during the amy schmuer movie train wreck. schumer tweeted my heart is broken and my heart goes out to everybody in louisiana. >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline" and with guests farrell and megan trainer. for jim gardner, cecily tynan jeff skversky, ducis rogers, have a great night, see you
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live.” tonight, colin farrell -- meghan trainor -- and "this week in unnecessary censorship." with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the duration, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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