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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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up with a plan b after last week's fiasco and hope that this new approach is the fairest one possible considering the demands, only 201 of the 350,000 regional rail papal passes sold before the site crashed last week. now they say lessons learned. >> when have you a high demand but limited quantity of passes a real time ecommerce site is not a viable solution. >> the solution is a lottery system. you will have 24 hours to submit your question for a one day regional rail pass for the weekend of september 26th when pope francis is scheduled to be in philadelphia once the lottery ends at 11:59 fraudulent or duplicate entries will be mailed, including
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information on completing the transaction jerry williams says that this new approach is designed in part from stopping a mad rush of customers the moment they become available. >> no matter what time you enter your lottery submission, no matter what time you make your enry. >> septa will release more information next week, if you don't win the regional rail lottery, hope is not lost, you can still use their tokens and trans passes on city transit vehicles, it's not as demand or as anxious for them to get their passes. we'll have 750 transit passes to sell. so once again to be clear we are only talking about the
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regional papal passes, you'll have all of monday to submit your requests and the cost -- reporting live from center city. walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> you can keep up with all the latest on the pope's visit with our special twitter account. just follow at 6 abc pope. >> turning to the forecast we are back in the 90s feeling hotter than that in places, kids are trying to cope with the heat and humidity here in wilmington. madison street was the perfect place to keep cool. cecily tynan xroins us with the latest from accuweather, this could be the start of another heat wave, this heat wave has the potential to last a week depending on if we hit 90 on friday, it will be close we hit 90 today and philadelphia it's the current temperature and last hour 91 and allentown and reading and millville 88 and
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trenton 92 and closest to the ocean temperatures in the upper 80s and wildwood he 88 degrees and more humid there and dew points in the 70s along the coast. feels like 94 in wildwood and the same in trenton. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have one isolated thunderstorm cell right now in atlantic county, over route 30 east of egg harbor 11 lightning strikes with this and wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour, it's moving slowly and with all the humidity, north of route 30 the rain falling in the rate of 2 inches per hour. we could see a few more pop-up showers tomorrow afternoon, the big story is the big heat, the heat index tomorrow is along the i-95 corridor it will be up near 100 and not much better to
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the northwest and the southeast and the heat index the way it feels 95 to 100 tomorrow this is a good time to go over the common sense with the heat and humidity, and wear light colored clothing and it doesn't absorb the sunlight like dark clothing. >> go to to seep you on top of what is happening and our sky 6 cameras give you a first look before you head out. >> a chester county nurse is charged with stealing morphine and other drugs from the nursing home where she works the district attorney in chester says that 36-year-old carolyn howlit took the drugs and that she worked there for 15 years she was interviewed by police
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and then abruptly quit and later they found the stolen drugs in her home. a firefighter is recovering from injuries suffered while fighting a house fire in southern philadelphia. it quickly moved from the first floor to the second and neighboring houses were also damaged. the firefighter hurt his ankle while battling the blaze no word on what sparked the blaze. health check tonight, local doctors achieve aid huge medical milestone to help a young boy live a good life. they performed the first bilateral hand tran plant. ali gorman is joining us with the full story. this is amazing ali. >> reporter: it's truly an amazing accomplishment for the team here and life changing for
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a little boy, 8-year-old zion harvey was all smiles as he walked out for a news conference at the childrens hospital announcing his successful operation, he is the first child to receive a double hand transplant, simply put he feels -- >> happy. >> he had to have his hands and feet amputated years ago because of a serious infection and walkeded with prosthetic legs and learned to live without hands and he had a kidney transplant in the past and is already on anti-rejection medication and that made him a good decision for a transplant. >> i was willing to take the risk for him if he wanteded it to be able to play monkey bars and football. >> we rehearsed and we know our steps and we know each other and we know what we have to do. >> the surgery was a team effort
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by 40 doctors and nurses and special staff from chop and pen medicine and shriners. to attach all the bones and muscles and blood vessels to put the parts back together so they look like hands and eventually function like hans. >> i want to thank you guys thank you for helping me do this. >> everyone today also thanked the donor family that has chosen to remain anonymous. he is he doing intensive hand therapy and then go home to baltimore also the hands will grow with him but they cannot pro didn't how much you they will grow. >> that is some stories thank
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you. the final patient being treateded after the train track derailment in philadelphia is released. the derailment happened on june 12th. time for the "action news" traffic report tuesday night. matt pellman is inform traffic senger with the low down on the slow down, 95 is slow, and a crash to boot rick and monica here in tinicum township, blocking the ramp to 420 wanamaker avenue, it ran off the ramp into the shrubbery, they are trying to pull the vehicle out, you can exit at ridley park even slower here is the roosevelt boulevard extension coming off the schuylkill, parked to wissahickon, where a broken down bus is taking out the center lane. things are extra slow this
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afternoon. farther past cotman they are working on the water main break this morning and the outer lane it blocked, stick with caster avenue in that neck of the woods, and a crash at horsham road and upper motherland and a crash in north coventry at hanover streak by sal's pizza box 2 and look for a crash on the south side of route 1. well check it again coming up in the fext half hour. bikers and runners can now you use a new section of the schuylkill river trail in phoenixville, they have completed a nearly 2 mile section of the toe path the project cost $1.8 million it connects phoenixville to philadelphia. enjoy it. >> more to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight, the prison worker accused of helping two inmates in new york escape goes before a judge and we have details on her hearing today
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coming up. >> 1,000 new jersey state troopers are equipped with body cameras, nora muchanic tells us about the training involved in that ahead. and cecily is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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a midair scare for some 200 passengers on board this american airliners jet from beijing to dallas ft. worth hail hammered the jet so hard that the passengers were sure they were going to crash they say it felt like the plane was going sideways they were able to turn around and land safely with major dents in the nose of the aircraft. >> a new york prison worker plead guilty to her role in helping two inmates escape. joyce mitchell worked as a tailer shop instructor, she admitted to smuggling hack saw blades and other tools to two min mates to help them break out. they were on the run for two weeks before police caught up with them, matt was shot and
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killed and two days later spet was captured. and now new jersey state troopers will get body cams, to record their interests action nora muchanic explains. >> reporter: we can't always know exactly what happens when police are doing their jobs unless there is a camera there to record it. at a cost of $1.5 million, new jersey state police plan to equip 1,000 troopers that work on the road with body cameras. >> they will act as an objectivewity and for use of force and other indents so truth rules the day not emotions, not agendas and not personal bias. officials say that body cameras reduce complains against officers and improve their relationship with the community. >> the body camera gives us an additional angle on our
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activities. >> a number of south jersey police departments use the cameras already and saying that having interactions on video is an important tool for training and cases. >> it's a game changer for us we have the ability, even if we are wrong we can make corrective action and show what happened on video. >> it keeps everyone online with the needs of the communes and how people want to be treated and keeps your mind set focused on doing your job. >> the state is also offering $2.5 million in grant money for local police departments for body cameras for their officers. >> they hope to have the 1,000 troopers wearing them by the middle of next year. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." more health check news, south korea has declared the outbreak of the deadly mers virus over, they say there has
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not been a new case in more than two weeks mers killed three people and sickened nearby two dozen others 16000 people were put in isolate to stop the spread. well, three young women who were once premature babies are back in the same ne-yo natal unit they are now comforting patients of current preemys. alicia was just 1 pound 7 ounces and now she volunteers at the nick u. >> to give back, the nurses did such a great job so to help out here it helps to say this is scary but look how far the staff got everybody else. >> it has come full circle but the staffers themselves are also
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touched to seeing this women come back and being by their side and they were once their patient. >> thank you sharrie. quick break.
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state officials in delaware are trying to make it easier for reads to buy new homes, jack markell has programs that make home ownership more affordable. another new program sponsored by the delaware state housing authority will help potential home buyers by offering mortgage insurance at a lower cost. apple is expanding the sale of the apple watch beginning august 7th best buy will be the retailer to offer the apple watch online for its stores they will be able to pick from different models they will be available at 100 stores. the first dr. seuss book is
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available called with what pet should i get. random house printed 1 million company copy, it's from a batch of newly discovered manuscripts that dr. seuss's widow found in 1991, so random house says that they expect to establish more new books in the future. cute babies were stealing hearts at a contest in wildwood. age birth to 15 months competed to see who could walk and waddle as their families cheered for them at the edges, it was held on the lawn, very cute, the winners get four packs of tickets for moreys pier. >> up next on "action news" at 5:00, well check the hot and steamy forecast for you. looking outside at sky 6 hd at the shore in cape may where it's looking great.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan says it's a hot one when you come back.
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meteorologist cecily tynan is here taking a steam bath as predicted. we are stepping out live looking at sky 6, at the skyline seeing
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sun and billowing clouds and we have had some pop-up downpours primary across south jersey this afternoon stormtracker 6 live double scan showing north and west of philadelphia it's very quiet and all the humidity these are dropping a pretty heavy amount of rain, and you have this one line of heavy downpours, through camden county and cherry hill and crescent highway and across haddonfield this is a heavy downpour sitting there, and we have three lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes associated with this cell and across the atlantic city expressway. this has received two inches of rain and they have posted flood advisories from the national weather service, if you are traveling you need to avoid the flooded roads because they can be very dangerous. this is why the dew points show you it's tropical really south of philadelphia this is where we have dew points in the low to mid-70s, north of philadelphia not quite as oppressive with the
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humidity. allentown the dew point 62 and philadelphia the dew point is 68 degrees that is very humid you add the temperatures in the 90s and it feels like 94 in philadelphia and the actually air temperature is 94 and atlantic city airport 94 degrees and beach haven along the coast though with a heat index of 87. most of thunderstorm activity is down to the south and west virginia look at this cloud pattern, this is the ridge of high pressure that will keep us in the heat and humidity in the only through the middle of the week. and also through the weekend, you'll have to get used to this, clear and warm and feeling tropical 74 in cape may, 6 in allentown and wilmington 72 degrees, tomorrow it's hotter
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and more humid than today. 94 in philadelphia and heat index, and close to 100 and 92 in wilmington and trenton, and cape may, winds and a sea breeze of 84 degrees those that have asthma asthma and respiratory problems, 94 degrees and thursday 92 and a heat index of gusty thunderstorms. hot and humid 92 on friday and relief is on the way early next week and adam will have the answer in the accuweather forecast. >> we hope so. thanks cecily more to come in our next half our of "action news" at 5:00. a philadelphia man is recovering after being bombarded at his front door by three men in a mask. but this is no coincidence and
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patriot's quarterback's tom brady's decision in deflate-gate deflate-gate. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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hello again the search for two teenage fishermen continues off the coast of florida, hear why they are not giving up hope yet. and two thieves caught on video and sharrie williams has that story and residents in one delaware neighborhood are fed up with a smelly problem and they say it just keeps getting worse. >> it's still very possible that 14-year-old perry cohen and austin stephenos are alive and awaiting rescue. they disappeared during a fishing trip and their boat was
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discovered capsized in the deep waters but two life jackets and a color were missing. >> these boys could still be alive their families believe they are out there somewhere in the atlantic hanging on the coast guard is expanding their aggressive search. an intense search up and down the coast of florida you but the search for the boy moves towards georgia, a good so you mar tan flying in the area spot aid cooler but it turned up nothing. >> they have experience on the water and hopefully some other personal floatation devices. >> they were seen at a florida marina reportedly filling up for a trip to the bahamas. >> this shows the 19 foot boat discovered sunday in the water about 67 miles east of ponce de
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leon inlet. they passed out flyers saying they believe the boys made floatation devices. >> when they told me they found the boat capsized it was a relief in a way and horribly scary. >> we know that the concentration will be so much stronger now. >> last night hundreds gathered in soup ter inlet and lit lanterns hoping that the young but experienced boaters will find their way home. the criticism is growing after the teens were allowed to set off on their own and their parents say they grew up in the boating community and both are very capable. >> back here high temperatures are making it difficult for crews trying to make progress fighting wild fires in california the biggest one is effecting 400 homes west of
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fresno right now it's only 5% contained and entire communities are getting prepared in case they have to evacuate and some firefighters are working through steep terrain, with helicopters and air tankers. meanwhile crews contain wild fires burning in the state. >> president obama wrapped up his visit to kenya and ethiopia for the african union is he on his way back to the u.s., and before he left he told african leaders that creating jobs should be there priority. and african countries to clean up corruption and supporting human rights, we must uphold the dignity of every human being. dignity. >> that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity month matter where we come from, or no matter with what we look
5:34 pm
like we are all born equal. >> president obama added the importance of treating men and women equally. and world news tonight with david muir has more on the president's africa trip and more on the citizenship for the two young fishermen. watch that after "action news" at 6:00. breaking news now from the west kensington section of philadelphia chopper 6 hd over the scene of a shooting of what was a shooting here it happened just after 5:00 tonight along the 2800 block of orms street. the victim was shot multiple times in the head and we are told now he was shot and killed this is a deadly scene now and as far as a motive police are investigating it a deadly shooting here in the west kensington section of the stow a man shot and killed here and well follow the story for you.
5:35 pm
a man is in the hospital tonight after leading philadelphia police on a chase through port richmond chopper 6 hd was over where the chase ended on tulip street and not clear what started the case and the driver slammed into a fence and no officers were taken into custody. a mantua man was taken into custody and pistol whipped. it happened on ogden street this morning, and what he heard his ex-shouting outside, seconds later three masks men appeared as well and pushed him back inside. he they demanded drugs and money and knocked him out. they were able to free themselves and called 911. >> now more on a big break with a series of burglaryies that
5:36 pm
happened in south philadelphia, the to men here, tony kim hong and cho kim are accused of targeting several businesses that the pair started on april 30 and and continued through july 16th they are accused of hitting businesses along oregon avenue and east passyunk and south street just to name a few detectives say they caught up with the men last thursday morning when they were allegedly trying to break into the saloon bar and restant on south 7th street. >> authorities are looking for to men that attacked and robbed a woman sitting on her own front steps, take a look at the video it happened sunday at midnight on south 46th street the video shows the two suspects walking up to the woman and one man pointed a gun at her and held her back and then demanded her pass code to get into the phone
5:37 pm
now once the victim gave it to them. both the suspects took off running the woman though was not injured. if you have any information about this crime or who these suspects may be call southwest detectives division. we have posted this surveillance video on our website at so that you can take a closer look. >> sharrie thank you folks in one newcastle delaware neighbor hod, trash lining the sidewalk for three weeks which is mostly comprised of rental properties they spoke with them and of trash at 20 houses hasn't been picked up in weeks the county has fined the rental company but can't do much more than that. >> unsanitary, a safety issue with temperatures like they have been for two and a half to three weeks it's just bad.
5:38 pm
>> "action news" reached out to the rental company, but so far our calls have not been returned. now a look at the traffic situation on a tuesday night. >> the ride home is often garbage and tonight is no exception, plenty of issues to avoid. including this crash on the ramp from 95 northbound to 420, wanna maker avenue in tinicum township, the car ran off the ramp over the guardrail no the shrubbery. use ridley park ramp instead. one you get off 95 on to the vine westbound, tonight at 9:00 they close that off ramp until 5:00 tomorrow morning at that point exit at washington avenue. and on the vine you see plenty of busy traffic in both directions this is roosevelt boulevard stacked to the xouk at wissahickon and farther north at
5:39 pm
cotman the water main is patched. rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you again. much more to come on "action news" tonight. two men scale to the very top of one liberty in center city on a special assignment and only "action news" is there for the ride. alicia vitarelli has the details. plus history made in the nfl as the league welcomes their first female coach. >> most of the country is dealing with extreme heat and humidity and the most of it is an extended period of 90 degree weather. all right adams the stories and phillies are running out of time. ducis rogers has that in sports and much more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
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hey above center city from one of the city's signature buildings, a behave photographer climbed to the top of one liberty and climbed to the top of the spire and took pictures for a new attraction. and alicia vitarelli joins us
5:43 pm
with the details amazing to look at. >> how is that for a view? only 6 abc got a sneak peek as they worked on a special interactive component of one liberty observation deck which come fall will be the city's tallest standing attraction. >> early this morning you climbed the top of this building to the spire? >> that is correct. >> to get the shots? >> yes the long of the ladder i ever climbed. >> more than 1,000 feet up in the air. >> it's about telling the story your city's story. he is the co-owner of panorama photographers that they decide as an experience. >> the way goggle earth works
5:44 pm
where they shoots high imagery around the earth but instead of a satellite it's from a human vantage point. >> did you take some selfie? >> i did a little video selfie. >> it will be available to see at the one liberty observation deck giving people an up close look around town. >> there are pin drops with a pinpoint of what is in the vista you are looking over the ben franklin bridge there might be a pin drop there and it will zoom in. >> they have done similar projects for the space needle and one world trade center in new york. >> when you got the whole 360 degree view -- they promise a visit will be a thrill experience a surprise element i am trying to get the scoop on.
5:45 pm
>> it's an engineering marvel and people will be amazed by what we accomplish 57 floors above the ground. >> i'm doing to get the scoop on that, and i'll bring it to you as soon as they divulge they are not done yet they are going back up tonight. the one liberty observation deck or philly from the top as they call it opens in november and it will be pretty cool up there. >> i will find out how monica enjoys it. >> i'm checking it out. >> turning to sports now the trade deadline is fast approaching and the phillies are getting ready to deal. >> ducis rogers is live now with more. >> hey there the phillies and cole hamels are still in a holding pattern but we expect things to happen soon. they have told the team they want the final offers for hamels
5:46 pm
by tomorrow. the trade deadline is not until friday but hamels scheduled to pitch on thursday at least eight teams showed interest but there are three favorites. >> it's not a mather of whether the dodgers rangers or cubs are ready to give up the elite prospects that the phillies are asking them to give up. i think it's safe to say that they can draw in the teams that are on the periphery, that they are not totally happy with the offers so far. >> espn is reporting that jonathan papelbon will likely be traded to the nationals, he only has 17 save tuns but has saved all 17 of them. the phillies are in toronto to take on the blue jays and there is word that papelbon is not yet in the clubhouse.
5:47 pm
this one for the nfl was in federal court goodell upheld the three game suspension because brady ordered his cell phone destroyed. this steps from the patriots using underinflated footballs is he not slated to return until october 6th and is due to miss a game guess the dallas cowboys. justs days away from the drama chip kelly's roster overhaul included the trade of sam bradford and espn points out 10-6 last season was not good enough for the coach. >> chip kelly decided to tear everything up and start over. especially at key positions like quarterback and running back and wide receiver you start with a rookie wide receiver that is expected to carry the load on
5:48 pm
the outside, that is really important to watch during training camp, how does nelson agholor cover bump and run and can he get clear of the line of scrimmage and make plays. that is important in this offense. the floirs have resigned sean catore to a three year deal. minor league baseball blue wa hoo's manager is tossed out for arguing balls and strikes. and kelly gets so hot under the color he has to remove his jersey he stopped just there. >> i wondered just how naked he would get. ducis thanks. >> you were wondering too. >> the arizona cardinals is the
5:49 pm
first team to hire a female coach, the team named jen weltner to its camp and coaching staff believed to be the first female ever to hold a coaching position in the national football league, she will coach the line backers and is no stranger to football first she played rugby in college and then on amen men's pro team. >> everybody wanted to see oh my gosh wa will happen when she gets hit for the first time. and i got hit and i lined back up and did it again that is football. >> weltner took to twitter and said i am honored to be part of the bird gang, love the football family here with the arizona cardinals and pro baller patrick peterson, tweeted one team, one goal, lets go to work coach.
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hot getting hotter it's going to be here for a while. >> come on rick. >> it's weather. >> she was looking at me. >> no comment. >> take a look now at double scan live radar it's hot and humid and some locates colling off with a quick downpour or thunderstorm but a little too
5:53 pm
much of a good thing in parts of atlantic county and just to the south of burlington county near lower bank, flood advisories excess water on the roadways they saw a quick 2 inches of rain and this moved away at this point but along the atlantic city expressway and south of hammonton a slow drive with slow moving downpours are drifting here and really releasing a lot of rain ringing out the atmosphere. if you are traveling along the atlantic city expressway. south of hammonton, just be cautious, there is a little bit of water on the roadways, the high temperature above the normal of 47 and balmy at and because of the rain in atlantic city, down to 75 degrees and tropically humid beach haven 85 and cooking and
5:54 pm
land with 90 to 95 degrees, the high pressure is to the north and that river of air is staying well to the north and we are just pumping in heat and humidity with one front that comes through on thursday to give us an opportunity of widespread downpours and thunderstorms and for the next few days. 99 is the heat index tomorrow and 101 on thursday and the best place to be to boat the heat and the shore is the sea breeze once again and and the breeze off the ocean will help to cool you off. no heat advisories or warnings as we go forward through the week we are not looking at the dangerous heat we had last
5:55 pm
sunday, but the culmination of back to back days of 90 or above some of that humidity can slow you down and hit the body hard, if you are outdoors any days wednesday through next monday with high temperatures in the low 90s, you definitely want to take breaks and drink lots of fluids, and drops the humidity on friday and hot over the weekend and dry humidity and a break by thursday as we get back to normal with a temperature of around 88 degrees. >> all right adam. quick break.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00 now septa came up with a plan to sell the passed for the pope's visit in september. for sharrie williams and rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:58 pm
iran keeps their nuclear facilities. military sites can go uninspected. restrictions end after 10 years. then iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. iran has violated 20 international agreements and is the leading state sponsor of terrorism.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
the moment this coming sunday night turns into monmorning you'll have 24 hours to enter septa's rail lottery. you'll be able to purchase one day regional rail passes for the weekend of september 26th that of course is the weekend that pope francis was scheduled to be in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. once it ends on monday night fraudulent entries will be removed the follow thursday august 5th. the lottery system is chosen in part to avoid the mad rush of


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