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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 31, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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girls: (giggling) girl: he's so cute.
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what should we name him? (mixed gasps) (snorting) new pet? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy grime. with scrubbing bubbles for 100% problem solved. >> thursday night a big story on "action news" tonight is the search for a second car in last night's dadly crash in
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northeast philadelphia. two cars were going at a high rate of speed when one slammed into a tree. three people were killedch the other car kept going. also, tonightsh the dead have been identified. "action news" reporter sharee williams is live at sandmeyer lane near lion road. you have the latest. >> reporter: these young people connected through some level of friendship. investigation continues tonight in trying to figure out who was involved and where the other vehicle is. in the meantime this is what is happening. people are coming by, leaving their condolences at the spot with that vehicle crashed. we've soon a lot of tiers here we've soon a lot of tier we've soon a lot of tears that tree this evening. >> this tree a makeshift memorial mark the spot where an awful crash happened taking the lives of three young people ron burdone knew one of them. >> i never witnessed this in
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all my years and i don't know what to do i was at work late tonight and thought i should come her here and show my reexpect boredone is levering a bouquet of flowers in memory of he vet con sdal he's. her mom works at the restaurant her mom works at the restaurant. he just saw the teenager off the weekend. >> very nice girl out coming and i only met her maybe three or four times she came in and talked to mom at the counter. i actually seen her sunday. >> the deadly crash happened wednesday nights on sanmeyer lane this is what is left of the 2007 acura police say was traveling at a high rate of speed when it went airborne and smashed into a tree. >> i have not comprehend today yet i can't comprehend it now. >> police are looking into whether drag racing may have been involved is and investigators say the driver was 0-year-old christopher bloom field of philadelphia. he survived. also in the car 17-year-old bob artnof in critical
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condition and we spoke with his close friends who went to the hospital to see him. >> just knowing that he was part of this is just heartbreak part of this is just heartbreaking. among the dead are 0-year-old phillipea hernandez and sabrina rode a senior at jorming washington high school and she leaves behind parents and 7 sibling and karen lee is her aunt. >> when you see her pictures you remember that smile and her amazingly gorgeous eyes. and the love she had for absolutely everybody. >> a heartbreaking story for the family members and friends of those who are injured. and who are now gone. back to the surveillance video. investigators are looking through video that they say shows that second car traveling at a high rate of speed alongside the acura that crashed into the tree. police say they want the people in that second vehicle to come forward. they want to know what happened they
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want to know what happened. we're also being told it's possible the second vehicle may have transported one of the persons who were -- was inside that acura to the hospital. that person being the driver. 20-year-old christopher bloom 20-year-old christopher bloomfield. i did speak with the driver's father tonight. he did not go on camera to make any comments but it was very obvious, jim, from speaking to him that his family, too is disappointed and hurting from this incident. we're live in bustleton, sharee williams "channel 6 action news," jim. >> to say the least, thank you, sharee. -ly armed swat officers roamed the streets of delaware country neighborhood tonight and brought heavily armoured vehicles for protection all offer a intense standoff with protective mother. when child welfare workers paid a visit to the home in trainer at plaza and spruce streets the woman barricaded herself and two children inside. they are 3 and 4. she allegedly threatened to
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kill anybody trying to take her kids. >> children and youth services were not trying to take away her children they were just visiting her. unfortunately, for this woman, she had just lost her husband in june. so she has had some very difficult times. >> the standoff lasted three hours until 7:00 when swat entererd the home and the woman surrendered peacefully. the children are safe. . as expected today's storms broke the back of oppressive humidity and better things are now coming from accuweather. improving facts and figures from cecily tynan. >> jim, drier air will move in, in the overnight hours. we're still in a heat wave, heat wave number three. we officially had three days of temperatures in the 90s and tuesday and wednesday 39 and today 91 degrees. but it felt more than 100 with oppressive humidity now the dew points are beginning to drop north and west of philadelphia. in reading the dew point dropped down to 64 degrees and
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mount poconos down to 58. that's a very dry air mass moving down from the north and west and still pretty humid in philadelphia the dew point in mid 70s. but that will be changing as we head through the overnight hours. future tracker showing the dewpoint, 8:00 tomorrow morning and due minutes most viewing area except for along the shore with ocean influence. inland looking at dew points below 6 0. that's a dry air mass. that will make it feel much more comfortable than today. that being said, don't expect a big break in the heat. we'll likely still be in the 90 s tomorrow and with that lower humidity it will feel a lot better. today is felt like 100 with the heat index and tomorrow will feel about 10 degrees cooler although the heat istic ago around for a while. more details on that and the shore and poconos for the weekend coming up in the full you accu weather forecast, jim. >> thank you, cec limit so many rumors were fly around about the impact of the pope's visit to philadelphia in september.
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and the city officials have had to hold news conferences to didn't eye some of them. they've also pointed the finger at the secret service for requiring extraordinary tight security procedures. and as you would expect. but tonight the secret service says don't blame us. the federal agency says it is not forcing any abouts to close and has agents reaching out to local shop owners and center city residents. secret service says don't expect official details on road closures and security checkpoints until three weeks before the event the beginning of september. >> a university of cincinnati police officer poyingted bail tonight and is out of jail. he is charged with murder of a motorist on july 19. this is just one of a number of developments on the story today and "action news'" monica malpass malpass is here to bring us up to sglait two developments former university officer ray tensing was on a suicide watch before making $1 million bail.
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we also got a third angle and listen from another officer's body camera on just what happened july 19 the night of that faithful traffic stop. >> watch carefully as officer tepsing reaches for the door handle to get samuel dubose out of his car he reaches for the door and kensing ton says get your seat bet offch the car never moves and no physical assault by dubose. >> i thought was going to run me over. >> today the 25-year-old exofficer pleaded guilty to not guilt toy to. >> ladies and gentlemen this say com you conduct yourselves at all times. >> dubose family klapd in the courtroom saying he would not make such a high bail.
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he posted 10% later and is out tonight. police major mc guvy describes the exofficer's time behind bars. >> he was on suicide watch called security watch. he was checked every ten minutes. window that for high profile prisoners. >> but dubose sister has a strong message for the exuniversity of cincinnati officer. >> these two police officers said he dragged him down the street and dragged him and tried to kill him. this was outright execution. >> and the next hearing for the former officer now murder suspect is august 19 at 9 a.m. one month since case. it is a case, of course the entire country is sure to be watching. absolutely thank you monica. >> this was a heinous crime in north philadelphia. it has sent waves of anxiety through the neighborhood. somebody took a 5-year-old from his home and beat him in the backyard. and live at police special victims tonight is "action news" reporter dann cuellar.
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dann are police anywhere close to making an arrests. >> reporter: well, jim, police in fact have questioned several people in the savage attack. but so far no arrests. that being said, residents on the block are on edge. keeping an eye out for anything that might point to a suspect. >> we're on high alert doing everything we have to do to make sure this does not happen again. >> residents of north hutchen soin son alarmed by the vicious attack on the 5-year-old little girl keeping a close eye on her kids and looking for are leads that may kacht person responsible. >> this is something not accepted. it's not even accepted in prison nor on earth is this accepted. >> a photo sent to "action news" by the 5-year-old's family shows the extent of injuries she suffered. her mother, venica cop ipz kins and family friends recalled the moments they found the little girl laying in the we. d-filled yard.
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>> i thought she was dead. >> he was mott moving. >> and then they started to come to. >> it was monday night into tuesday somebody broke through the home in first floor window intruder possibly a thief came across the 5-year-old in the hall. >> she told mother. >> a man came imfrom behind the closet door and grabbed my hand and made me to go outside. i said is it somebody you play with? somebody you have seen before? >> the little girl is in the hospital with head track turz and other injuries after being beaten and kicked. >> level of violence at the end of the day no matter how we define it is beyond the pale. >> and so police have a full speed investigation underway. they do have some leads tonight they do have some leads tonight. in fact, they're waiting for the results of dna that they hope will lead them to the person responsible. live at special victims unit dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann, in cape may
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an assistant troop master is charged with molesting children charged with molesting children. 68-year-old frank sandy thompson is held at the cape may correctional center thompson was trying to groom 11-year-old boy for sex by buying him expensive gift and investigators say thompson also sexually assaulted another boy years ago two and thompson was with the troop in west cape may and fresherror at the corinthian yacht club. >> chaka fattah intend to fight corruption charges detailed in the 29 count indictment. attorney lloyd george perry both prosecuted and defended indicted politicians gave this assessment to vernon odom. >> coming gress man fatah is in a week position. >> if federal prosecutors can establish what they say and indictment to sequence of event different financial deals and transfer of funds and then the government is in a strong
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position. it is not every day that somebody comes knocking at your door with scholarship money in south philadelphia tonight none other than philadelphia mayor nutter happening out that check. mayor nutter along with representatives from radio one and unity in the community surprised three college fresh surprised three college freshmen today with $300 scholarships. "action news" caught one the mayor as he present aid check to n xwr ree ken dixt nyree won thanks to a letter from his grandma. >> the philadelphia orchestra perform aid freebie tonight at the kimle center and philadelphians played bern stein, alios and rebel and it was free for anyone who wanted to escape the heat and take in the magical music. if you like classical you can't do better than this. >> more than a wing piece wash
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as shore in the middle asian mystery. next as to equine rescue mission and how these horse have been saved by folks in burlington county and will it page up the praise in the latest around of crash tests. america's most popular vehicle is redesigned with aluminum and tonight, evz is in on the f-150 safety. >> temple university sky6 shows another warm and humid night. details details on the weekend. plus get ready to see something in the sky you won't see again until january 20 18 i'll explain in the accuweather forecast. >> you better. >> tonight, ducis rodgers with reaction to the cole hamels deal. even though it is still not official. that and more when "action news" continues tonight
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sfwlvr tonight there's a new
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mystery to add to already confounding case of mall asia right 370 a battererd suitcase has been found on the remote island the wing turned up on. meanwhile the piece of wing is on the way to france tonight. where investigators will begin it analyze. it boeing engineers tell "abc news" the identification number on the part matches the 777 that is the same model as mall asia flight 370 which vanished in march of 2014 with 239 people on board. ford redesigned the best selling car in america with aluminum instead of steel and how does it fare in crash test a according to the instew tight for highway safety size really does matter. the f-150 come in several models the larger four door
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super crew got top ratings in all five tests. and the only full size truck on the market with institute's top safety pick rating. ford says it is by far the most popular model. but the super cab version with smaller rear door and backseat did poorly in one of the tests called a small overlap front crashsomeulateing a quarter of front bumper hit ago barrier like free or pole at 40 miles an hour. still the super cab did well in all four other tests. ford promises to mack a design change for 20 16 to improve crash performance even more. the iihs did note that one draw back exists that the aluminum pickups costs more to repair than steel bodied ones. >> "healthcheck" at 11 west chester surt warning employees that legenairs disease has been found on campus and one staffer
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tested pours for bacteria. it can cause pneumonia. efforts are underway to he rad indicate the bug found in high concentrations in several building cooler building buildinging touzers. student are not at risk m the disease is spread by inhaling water bacteria in droplets. currently the bronx is undergoing something of outbreak where 26 people came down with le dea nirs disease. >> in shamug burlington county, they're looking for homes for beautiful animals. forgotten angels equine rescue. the horses are been new glekt on a farm and now being pursed back to health. folks at forgotten angels found new homes for 17 new homes for 17
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horses. that leaves 16 more. >> had the rescue not intervened these horses could have been september to slaughter. >> hopefully we'll know when they've all been adoptd accuweather forecast meteorologist cecily tynan relief in store. >> yes, exactly. air temperature will probably be one degree lower than today. still in the 90s. with lower humidity it will feel tender. cooler. >> some relief is on the way. stormtracker 6 double scan showing storms moved off coast 6:30, really fall ago part nothing severe and even the clouds are breaking tonight. so the action cam was tag a look up and look at this the moon nearly full officially it will be full at about 6:54 tomorrow morning and what's so is special about this moon it's a blue moon. you do not want to hear me sing
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it. >> you saw me standing a loan jet he double dog dared me. >> a blue smoon defined as two full moons in a month. most years you have twelve. this year we have 15. this only happens every three years once in a blue moon. it won't happen again until january, 20 18 and fortunately the skies are clearing up enough we're seeing the moon tonight and we'll see it again tomorrow night. temperature wise it's a warm evening. 78 in philadelphia and down from high of 91. millville 75. trenton 75. allentown 72 and poconos dropping down to 63 degrees and air will continue to dry out as we head through the overnight hours. satellite 6 and action radar showing a cold front pushing off coast. what this is doing bringing winds north west. that is drier flow of air so humidity levels will be dropping substantially. you will feel a difference in the air mass. today the dew point in the 70s. oppressive. friday, saturday and sunday,
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dew points will be in the 50s. comfortable humidity levels and then humidity will begin to rise monday. that being said it's still going to be a hot day high of 09. heat wave will lookly continue loads of sunshine and again notably less humid and that 90 degrees will feel like 90 and wion't feel like 100 like today if you head to the poconos race weekend in the poconos and weather could not be much better. tomorrow for qualifiers lots of sunshine with a high of 80. for truck races on saturday, 80 degrees. few clouds here an there and sprint cup series looking gorgeous and bright sunshine and please went low humidity and high of 78 down the shore the ocean temperature dropped to 71. tomorrow, sunny, breezy 87 real lit same on saturday and sunday and mostly sunny high of 85. great weekend down the shore. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, hot tomorrow and humidity busted with a high of 90. saturday 92.
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sunday 90 again that humid any check and monday gets more humid with high of 93 degrees and late-day thunderstorms and tuesday one more day of 90 before a cold front bring us a around of showers and thunderstorms and finally ends the heat wave wednesday 87 and thursday temperatures lightly below normal high of 85. so the skies are clearing and when you drive home tonight take a look at the blue moon. >> okay. my singing is horrible you made me do it. >> it was wonderful. >> here's the sounds that might make you think of chilly winter day on muggy summer night♪ >> the numbers are here polish american string band performed a concert at the parish bizarre. this was port richmond in philadelphia and the band has been thrilling audiences
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>> more than 24 hours later there was still no official announcement on the cole hamels deal. >> it should come tomorrow we think and assume. >> we will assume. >> we don't assume anything. >> what is the holdup. that's what jim gardner would like to know. neither phils or ranger are answering that question. it's been 24 hours since word leaked cole hamels would betrayeded to the rangers. the contents of his locker remain and he never showed up at the ballpark today. hamels is to go to texas. ten years in a phillies uniform had world series mvp and last week action no hitter. the fullys get back six players the fullys get back six players. elfaro top catching prospect and two pitchers including matt harrison 18 game winner in 2012
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and dealing with back issues since and deakman reaked to being in limbo at the moment. >> i don't know if i feel anything right now. until something happens and still here and still in philly and i was philly when i woke up and during the entire game. >> phils and braves tonight. penn state coach franklin talks about five weeks from the opener against temple. phils down in the fourth. carlos ruiz, brings it two runs with a single and phils lead 2-1. ryan howard drives in hernandez ryan howard drives in hernandez. howard has 17 rbi in last 17 games. 3-1. and 6th inning sighting as rare as lossness monster. tom brown hits a homer. phillies one 4-1. they're 10 of 1 since all star break. >> jonathan paple bond make
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debut with he declared himself free of philadelphia. he is now 309 saves away from matching the all-time marquise covet. >> still ahead we'll hear from jake core check has he is set to >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance
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last season rerecorded career high 81 points in 82 games. he is thrilled to remain. >> i am pretty excited to be part of the organization for eight more years it means a lot to me. it's a good thing we came to the deal this quickly because now we can focus on everything else. >> vorachek got the news while golfing and it messed up his game. >> there you go. >> finally tonight a young woman is showing what girl power really means. 9-year-old anda mall opie wanted to contribute to positive programs for kids and so she raised money by selling live nice tee shirts she designed and tonight she gave 400 tlarz to a group called philly girls in motion at their lacrosse and leadership camp in south philadelphia. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, we'll be back at 4:30. good
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