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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 1, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, the summer scorcher. two dozen wildfires tearing through the west. a firefighter killed. homeowners ordered to get out. the record temperatures making everything worse. breaking overnight, double drone danger. two near misses in the skies over jfk airport. pilots radioing in the close calls. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> i would say probably about a hundred feet below us just off the right wing. >> aviation experts saying it's only a matter of time before there's a crash. caught on camera, bent on revenge? the man was accused of trying to mow down a group of teenagers as they dive to get out of the way. what police say set this father off. and miracle survivor, asleep in her bed when a 5,000-pound
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tree crashes through the roof. she tells her incredible story. >> without them i wouldn't be here. >> how a matter of inches made all the difference. hey, good morning, everybody. also coming up this morning, the plane part that washed up on a remote island off the coast of africa has just now arrived in france where it will be analyzed by experts. the question, of course, could it help solve the mystery of that missing malaysia air flight. >> yes, it has a police escort but we do start here this morning with the extreme heat in much of america. the heat is making it really difficult to fight the more than 20 large wildfires that are burning out west. look at this map. rob is all over the story this morning, good morning, rob. >> paula, most of those fires are burning uncontained and weather is certainly not going to help.
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the rocky fire north of sacramento in san francisco, that is the biggest one right now. firefighters are desperately trying to battle from the air and from the ground. it's difficult to get there from the ground, so the aerial assault has been critical here. 18,000 acres burned so far and, again, no rain in sight. it is the dry season for pretty much the entire west coast. but the problem is we've got this heat too, especially across the pacific northwest. that's where the red flag warnings are for today. incredible numbers as far as the heat is concerned. and then the gusty winds and we're going to see some thunderstorms across california. potentially dry thunderstorms meaning just lightning and no benefit from the rain. seattle, incredible streak of 90-degree days, we've seen 11 so far this year. that is unprecedented. temperatures in portland will probably get to 99 again. july turned out to be the warmest month on record for washington after june was the warmest june on record there and then tomorrow really not cooling much off so we'll be watching this situation very closely. >> thanks, rob. it has happened again. two drones getting uncomfortably close to airplanes. both incidents happening at jfk
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airport. the pilot of a delta jet reported that the drone was getting too close as he was trying to land. that plane did arrive without a problem, but the faa is now investigating both incidents as aviation experts believe this is a disaster waiting to happen. marci gonzalez is at jfk for us this morning. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula. you know, so many of these drones look and feel just like toys and for a few hundred bucks, anyone can buy and operate them, but now after these two near misses here, aviation officials are again warning these could have potentially deadly consequences. this morning the federal aviation administration investigating two dangerous close calls. the first at 2:23 p.m. on friday. a jetblue flight from port-au-prince about to land at new york's jfk airport, the pilot spotting a drone just 100 feet below. >> it was a four bladed drone. the color or direction i'm not sure, ma'am.
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it just popped right underneath our nose. >> reporter: the same happening just hours later as delta flight 407 from orlando was at just 1700 feet on approach to jfk. >> there was a drone flying just under the southwest side of this abandoned airport here. >> what altitude would you say that was? >> i would say probably about a hundred feet below us. just off our right wing. >> reporter: air traffic control warning other pilots and the nypd. >> we have a report of a drone over by floyd bennett at 1300 feet. >> okay, we'll head over there. >> reporter: both planes landing without a problem but experts warn with the growing popularity of drones, there is a serious potential for disaster. >> to ingest a drone down an engine or take a drone right through the cockpit, sooner or later we're going to lose an airplane to a drone due to a collision. >> reporter: the faa now reporting 25 drone incidents every month. just weeks ago a quad copter getting right in the path of a
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us airways flight just moments from landing in charlotte. in may near new york's laguardia airport, a delta pilot forced to suddenly pull the plane up 200 feet to avoid colliding with a drone. the faa banning remote controlled aircraft within five miles of airports now working to strengthen regulations even more. and one of the big challenges is tracking down the drone operators. the person or people behind yesterday's scares still haven't been caught. dan. >> this is not a problem that's going away any time soon, marci, thank you. now, though, to the story we mentioned at the top of the show. there it is, that piece of an airplane wing found on an island off the coast of africa. it has just now arrived in france for analysis. there's growing certainty that it is, in fact, from the malaysian airliner that went missing 16 months ago, so the question is, could it hold clues as to why that plane disappeared without a trace? we get more now from abc's bob woodruff in beijing. bob, good morning. >> reporter: dan, you're absolutely right. this morning the process is finally getting under way in
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france. now, after that wing part was found on the island beach off the coast of africa last wednesday, it has taken a lot of time being transported by plane and truck. most experts believe that debris is from malaysian airline flight 370 and hopefully they can prove it very soon. later this morning, that now famous piece of plane will arrive in toulouse, france, after being carried away from the beach in reunion island flown to paris and then driven four hours south where it will be analyzed by experts at a defense ministry laboratory. what caused the flap to break off? are there any traces of explosives or chemicals? this part called a flaperon helps the plane turn and slow down on approach for landing by pivoting down. the numbers, 657bb, found in this boeing 777 maintenance manual match numbers found on the barnacle-covered debris. and what does that barely damaged piece of wreckage tell us? it could possibly support early evidence that someone was at the
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controls, first deliberately turning off course and finally trying to make the plane disappear altogether. but there are many other possibilities. >> if you wanted to minimize the amount of floating debris, the best way to do that would likely be, ditch the airplane, land it on the water intact, open the doors, let it fill up and sink. >> reporter: as for the families who have been agonizing for almost 17 months, many are torn by this discovery. some here in beijing told me they believe that their loved ones could be alive and despite any convincing evidence, they won't believe the conclusions. now, all of the families i spoke to say they want answers as soon as possible about where this wing part came from and how it was torn off, but surprisingly, the paris prosecutor's office told us today this analysis will not start until wednesday. >> regardless those families hoping to have some clarity
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soon, bob, thank you. the new england patriots aren't just trying to defend their title, they're out to protect their reputation. the latest play from the deflategate saga has the team releasing never seen before exchanges between them and the national football league in which they accuse the league of, quote, a lack of control. all this as a federal judge has ordered both sides to resolve this before the season gets under way. abc's mara schiavocampo is on the beat this morning. hi, mara. >> reporter: paula, good morning. the patriots are getting ready for their first preseason game against the vikings in just over a week. now, while brady is eligible to participate in preseason activities, last week nfl commissioner roger goodell upheld brady's four-game suspension for the regular season, a move the star quarterback is now fighting. the patriots taking to the field to prepare for their upcoming football season while star quarterback, tom brady, is sidelined for four games. and this morning, off the gridiron, the team on the defense. the new england team leaking e-mails from february to support their case against brady's suspension. the exchange between the
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patriots and nfl's general counsel saying the nfl's handling of the deflategate controversy was completely inflammatory and profoundly damaging saying the league's refusal to release data about the alleged footballs showed a lack of control in the league. the e-mails exposed just days after the nfl upheld its four-game suspension saying brady concealed potentially relevant evidence in the deflategate investigation. overnight, the nfl players association and the league agreeing to find a final resolution about brady's suspension before the start of the regular season. the quarterback accused of cheating saying earlier this year -- >> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i mean, i feel like i've always played within the rules. >> reporter: and overnight, brady filing a counterclaim against his suspension in new york federal court saying the league's decision violates fundamental arbitral principles concerning fairness
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and arbitrator bias. the move is the latest attempt to put the ball back in brady's hand with the team to defend its title. >> what happened in the past happened in the past. >> we have to prepare our team for the opener and for a 16-game regular season schedule. >> reporter: the federal judge handling brady's efforts to overturn his suspension wants both him and nfl commissioner goodell to appear in court on august 12th. the patriots regular season opener is against the pittsburgh steelers on september 10th. that's just six days after the judge says the nfl and the players union need to make a decision. a lot of people watching to see how this is going to unfold. >> yes, definitely going back and forth. both sides needing to play nice, mara, thank you. >> thanks. >> definitely be watching it closely in my hometown of boston for sure. meanwhile, new developments this morning in the case of the american dentist who outraged people all over the world when he killed cecil the lion while on a hunting trip in africa. this morning, the government of zimbabwe says it now wants to extradite dr. walter palmer, meanwhile, palmer is in hiding but his
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representative is talking to the feds and abc's david wright is here with more. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right, dr. palmer emerged from hiding long enough to reach out to u.s. fish & wildlife service. the agency had been trying unsuccessfully for days to contact him. authorities here and in zimbabwe wondering where is walter, conservationists wondering will he ever have to defend this killing court? the protesters aren't the only hounding dr. walter palmer for killing cecil the lion. >> all: justice for cecil. >> reporter: zimbabwe's environment minister wants palmer to come back and answer for killing the country's most famous lion. >> we approach the american government. the processes have started, and we are looking forward to his extradition. >> reporter: but it's not at all clear the u.s. would agree to extradite him. zimbabwe's government is not exactly renowned for its commitment to due process of law. conservation groups say there are u.s. laws that might apply. for instance, the lacey act
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signed into law by president mckinley in 1900 to protect rare species of wildlife and plants. the gibson guitar company recently pled guilty to violating the lacey act for smuggling ebony and rosewood for use in their instruments. conservation groups are hoping the outrage at cecil's death will finally spur the u.s. government to put african lions on the endangered species list, something they've been calling for for years. >> it must happen soon to prevent the next crowd of walter palmers from going over to africa and killing lions in a headhunting exercise. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. singer ted nugent, also a bow hunter, now stepping out to defend walter palmer. >> you cannot deny that it is the hunting business that supports so many parts of africa including the zimbabwe area where this event took place. >> reporter: that would seem to be the minority view at this
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point. and conservationists say that these countries get a lot more tourism money from photo safaris than they do from hunting safaris, and, of course, it's nicer for the lions. >> yes, taking pictures, a lot safer. david, thank you appreciate it. we want to turn things over to ron with more on the stories we're tracking including a plane crash involving bin laden's family. >> that's right, good morning to you, paula and dan. saudi diplomats in london saying two members of osama bin laden's family killed in the crash of their private jet. four people altogether died including the pilot but their identities were not immediately released. we do know that they included relatives of bin laden. the saudi ambassador to the uk said the bodies will be returned to saudi arabia for burial. the cause of that crash under investigation. and hillary and bill clinton have released their tax returns showing that the couple earned $139 million over the past eight years. the clintons voluntarily disclosed their financial information covering the years 2007 to 2014.
8:14 am
they paid close to $44 million in taxes on their combined income. just over 31%. they also donated $15 million to charity. and now to washington where there were two scares at government buildings in one day. friday night, a woman jumped a bike rack in front of the white house, not the actual fence itself, but that still promised a half hour lockdown in the white house. secret service agents arresting that woman and earlier in the day, a man crashed his car into a barricade outside the capitol building. he too was arrested. former pro wrestler rowdy roddy piper, one of pro wrestling's biggest stars of the 1980s has died. known for wearing a kilt and trash talking in the ring headlined the first wrestlemania and later acted in movies. he died friday at his los angeles home. he was 61 years of age. and finally, talk about a roller coaster of emotions. now, check this out. two days ago mets shortstop wilmer flores fought back tears on the field after reports that he was being traded to milwaukee.
8:15 am
he wasn't traded. he stayed with the mets and friday night, check this out. >> a home run. >> flores smashed the game-winning walkoff home run to beat the rival washington nationals in extra innings by a score of 2-1. dan, the mets, by the way, are a team, a minor league baseball team that plays in new york. >> minor league. >> no way. >> sorry, sorry. >> major league. >> my mistake. >> yes. >> a lot of people were making fun of him for crying but first of all, there's nothing wrong with having emotions. second of all, i think he proved last night he's still a tough guy in that was great. >> that was great, wasn't it. >> that was the best revenge. >> absolutely. well said. >> one more reason to buy a flores jersey for all the mets fans out there, but you're a yankees fan so we'll forgive you. >> that was not public information. >> all right. we're going to move on to a very different kind of story. the intensifying search for a software engineer who went missing without a trace more than a week ago. police are now gathering dna from the man's apartment hoping to figure out what
8:16 am
happened to him and abc's phillip mena is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, a desperate search for this man, jeremiah foco, the 34-year-old engineer who worked in oracle's bellevue office has been missing in seattle since earlier this week. his friends taking the lead in a citywide search. >> our friend has gone missing. we have been looking for a week. >> reporter: the search for the software engineer now in its 11th day. this surveillance video believed to be his last sighting. that's jeremiah with the backpack walking down the stairs at a nearby bus station on his way to work july 22nd, but he never showed up there. >> if there was nothing else to do, we would just hope, but right now i feel like there's so many things that haven't been thought of. >> reporter: the only other clue is this video believed to be jeremiah driving into his apartment garage the day before he vanished. jeremiah is an avid golfer and snowboarder. his friends say he never misses a social event, which makes his disappearance more alarming. >> he got up, got ready for work
8:17 am
and fell off the planet. >> reporter: you saw his friends there going around passing out fliers. they've also taken to social media setting up a facebook page all in the name of trying to find any clue that might lead to jeremiah's safe return. >> sounds like this is something totally out of his character to leave and not tell anybody where he was. >> it is so perplexing. >> all right, phillip, we want to thank you. we turn to this next story, nothing short of extraordinary. a new york college student, she's lucky to be alive after a 2 1/2-ton tree, look at that, slams through the roof of her house, and it pinned her right in her own bed. this morning she's home from the hospital, and we are hearing from her for the first time since that freak accident. sara is all over this remarkable story. >> well, it was definitely a freak accident, but i don't really need more reasons to be scared at night. and this story is another one of those where it came down to a matter of inches as to whether this woman would live or die. >> without them, i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: bursting with emotion and gratitude. >> i cannot express in words how
8:18 am
thankful i am for everyone who saved my life. >> reporter: surviving a 5,000-pound tree crashing into the bed where she was sleeping, 20-year-old college student stephanie epstein speaking out for the first time about the two hours spent pinned under the massive tree and her miraculous survival. >> all of a sudden i heard a loud crash. thought it was a big strike of thunder and the next thing i knew i was pinned under the tree. >> her father rushing to her room in their long island home to find her trapped and begging for help. >> when you realize that there's a tree trunk laying across your daughter, i swear it's the most frightening moment of my life. >> reporter: it took dozens of rescue workers over two hours late sunday night to free her. >> trying so hard to breathe just focusing on shutting my eyes hoping that would help time pass and begging everyone to get this tree off me, please. >> each minute felt like ten years, and this went on for almost 2 1/2 hours. >> reporter: other than bruises and some muscle damage in her
8:19 am
legs, stephanie escaped without serious injury. a miracle doctors attribute to the fact that she was sleeping on her side saying mere inches separated her from a much more serious injury. >> the fact that you have a 5,000-pound tree falling on you and you're pinned to the bed without any life-altering injuries, i just think it's incredible. she's one lucky girl. >> now there was no proof -- they don't really know what happened yet, but they suspect there were some rots or roots that were rotting, and that caused the tree but it's so sad. you think about how much you love a huge tree in your front yard. you never think to sleep far from it on the other side of the house. >> i'm definitely going to sleep on my side from now on. >> another reason to change your sleep position, thanks. >> dan, i already sleep on my side. >> oh, you do, okay. you're ahead of the curve. >> rob, do you sleep on your side or your stomach? >> i do sleep on the bottom floor, not that i have two floors in my apartment but if you're in a storm, and you have trees by your
8:20 am
house, not a bad idea to go down to the bottom floor o all right we take you to the phoenix where the wind was blowing because there were thunderstorms around the area. the wind are kicking up the dust. there you see a rain shot at the airport. not a ton of rain, but enough to kick around the dust, the problems with the storms this time of year in the monsoon they can drop a whole lot of rain it doesn't take a lot to cause flash flooding. flood watch for the texas oklahoma pan handle there. it's humid this time him year out there. there will be thunderstorms smattered throughout the area. it's been so wet from tampa to jacksonville. you'll get more rain with today. miami got 2 inches of rainfall today, they need it. that was a record. north of that front is where we
8:21 am
saw the beautifully dry air that the east has been enjoying and will continue to enjoy throughout the weekend. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: thanks, rob, i'm meteorologist chris sowers, skies are crystal clear, high temperatures top out at 90 degrees, the humidity is nice and low. enjoy it. enjoy it tomorrow, more sunshine, low humidity, 90. monday, things change more humid, 98. feeling like 895. heavy thunderstorms possible by tuesday evening. wednesday, showers and thunderstorms, 89 degrees. rmo o south america, guillermo. we'll talk about that -- >> language with rob. >> well done. >> thank you, marciano. >> heading towards hawaii although they shouldn't be too worried. mahalo. >> so many languages. good morning, thank you, rob. >> mahalo.
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coming up on "gma," look at this, why police say this father tried to run down a group of teenagers with his suv. the charges he's facing this morning. plus, the surfer versus the shark. new video this morning of mick fanning's all too close encounter and how he lived to tell that tale. "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your tex car at carmax. start here. this guy first roamed the earth over 65 million years ago. like our van. yeah. we need to sell it. hi. need an appraisal? yeah. we do. vo: when selling your car, start with a written offer, no strings attached. carmax. start here. creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast.
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make 110% price match guarantee for school happen. staples make more happen. pilgrim. philadelphia police have a murder mystery on their hands this morning. officers found a dead woman in a shot up car in kensington after 5:00 a.m. the car was at a place that helps women get back on their feet stay with "action news" and
8:28 am for updates. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: good morning to you, eva. it's warming quickly. temperatures top out in the low 90s, just like yesterday we're not expecting much in the way of humidity. # 1, sun and clouds, another 90 tomorrow, heat wave continues, hazy, hot and humid monday, high of 93. >> "action news" is back at 9:00 a.m. with the latest on the kensington murder. for now stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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♪ everything is purple ♪ everything is blooming in front of me ♪ ♪ everything is purple >> okay, that is a bird. >> i don't believe it. there is a person off screen -- >> i feel like there's a person -- >> no, it's princess yellow feather. one of our producers said it's supposed to be "everything is awesome" and he goes, if you listen closely it's everything is purple. >> it does sound like purple. this is supposed to be a legitimate impression from princess yellow feather from a pet store in florida. do you think talented or annoying? >> that would drive you crazy very quickly. >> i think -- i think there's somebody behind the camera. >> it's like listening to a sibling constantly saying -- shut up. >> or sitting next to sara haines. >> my brother used to do that. >> i'm kidding. we love you, sara.
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coming up, a more serious animal story. the shark that tried to swallow a surfer during a competition. terrifying. we now have new video surround this all too close encounter. but first we're going to start with the dad who allegedly got so angry at the teenagers fighting with his daughter that police say he resorted to truly drastic measures. >> the frightening moments caught on camera. how he allegedly look at this tries to run over this group of teens with his suv as they dove out of his way and now not surprisingly he is facing a slew of charges and abc's aditi roy joins us in studio with more. hi, aditi. >> reporter: hi there, paula and dan and what you're about to see may make your heart race, an suv barreling towards a group of teens. they say the man behind the wheel an angry father seeking revenge. this morning, an angry father in jail facing 12 counts of assault and attempted battery after police say he tried to run down a group of kids in what he claims was defense of his daughter.
8:32 am
the chaos caught on camera, watch as this suv jumps the curb and charges toward a group of teens who scream and scramble. >> everybody was scared. they thought they was going to get hit. they just started running. >> reporter: fortunately no one was hurt. police say the man behind the wheel is 56-year-old roy williams. investigators say williams' 13-year-old daughter was involved in a fight with two other teenage girls. when williams found out about it, authorities say he threatened the girls with his cane. then got in his suv and the rest was caught on tape by 15-year-old nathan villas. >> i knew we had to get out of the way before he hit us. >> reporter: jolly santiago was one of the teens in the path of the careening car. >> i heard somebody say he better not hit us, so i turned around and looked and then i seen him coming and took off running down there. i didn't know what to do so i jumped to the car. >> reporter: incidentally authorities say it was williams who called police to the scene to report the fight.
8:33 am
once they got there and heard what allegedly happened they arrested him. vellas and santiago relieved that williams is off the road and behind bars. >> i'm just scared of silver cars now. >> reporter: now, no one was injured or charged in the fight that sparked the incident. this morning williams is being held on $150,000 bond. he was not available for comment on what happened. it's amazing that no one was injured. >> yeah, i mean, obviously it's wildly inappropriate if you're trying to hurt other kids but you can understand a dad being -- >> you understand that impulse, absolutely. >> aditi, thank you. >> he's lucky that everyone was able to get out of his way. they were all able to dive. thanks, aditi. we want to send things back over to ron for another look at this morning's headlines. hi, ron. >> hi, paula and dan, good morning, everyone. in the news that piece of a plane found on an island off the coast of africa is in france now for analysis. this could, could solve the mystery of the missing malaysian airlines flight that disappeared some time back. there is now growing certainty it is from that airliner that
8:34 am
went missing 16 months ago. it could hold clues as to why the plane carrying 239 passengers disappeared without a trace. there's a breakthrough this morning in the fight against ebola. a world health organization study published friday says an experimental ebola vaccine tested on thousands in the western nation of guinea seems to be working. and it could stop the spread of the virus. ebola has killed the outbreak began last year. pro basketball player jordan hill was arrested for allegedly speeding. police say they clocked him going 107 miles an hour. he was caught on police dash cam. take a look at this. that's hill's black range rover up there weaving in traffic. the speed limit was 65 miles an hour. and finally in texas, a blast from the past on friday, the staff of a houston post office opened a time capsule from 1962. the capsule contained front pages from houston's newspapers and pictures, photographs of then president john f. kennedy. there was an envelope inside with a stamp on it.
8:35 am
the cost of a first class letter at the time, 4 cents. >> 4 cents. >> 4 cents. >> they didn't have forever stamps back then? >> they did not have forever stamps. >> quite handy. >> finally, everything is purple. >> all: everything is purple. >> i love that. >> if you're lip-syncing and you don't know the words, just say peanut butter. that works. >> a chance to earn an "a" today. >> really? >> in "pop news." >> don't tease me. >> no more singing unless here's a picture lake shore drive, a streak of 90-degree days all week long. it is hot and beautiful this morning. paula ferris you're correct. temperatures in the upper 80s. today across parts of iowa and nebraska, large hail and damaging winds as the cluster of
8:36 am
thunderstorms start is to develop along the front. the cold front will mix up a little bit and create thunderstorms. cold front trying to get through the northeast. it's weakening, i don't expect to see a whole lot of thunderstorms. there's a slight chance in upstate new york and new england. this is hurricane 1,000 miles away from hawaii. it will be heading in the direction of hawaii, it's difficult to get there, it will make a go at it, but it should weaken by the time it reaches the big island. temperatures 99 degrees in houston. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers, nothing going on on double scan. nothing out there, but it's warm. high temperatures in the low 90s and same deal tomorrow and 93 by
8:37 am
monday. my allergies are killing me. no, never from you. >> if ron keeps singing "everything is purple," we're all -- >> we're all going to be relieved. >> i thought it was mellifluous. >> coming up on "gma" mellifluous -- good use of the word. also incorrect. the surfer who survived a shark attack. now the pictures you didn't see. more of what happened during those chaotic moments in the water, and, sara, what's happening with you? >> i haven't gotten anyone to dance yet, but we're periscoping live on the show. oh, we're getting dancing. we're getting dancing. last week we had the hustle. the second we get dan to actually dance, it's a drop this phone minute. >> it won't be mellifluous. >> it won't be mellifluous. >> it will be superfluous. >> that was correct. >> well put. >> and gratuitous. ♪ i want to want me that ase is the f outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. there it is, the heart-stopping moment that a surfer came face-to-face with a great white. >> mick fanning was blindsided by that hungry maneater and he lived to tell the tale but now never before seen video after that horrifying attack and the moments leading up to it.
8:42 am
newly released footage from espn and the world surfing league showing the moments rescuers came to pro surfer mick fanning's aid and slugfest with the great white shark and his fellow competitors watching in horror. >> oh. >> get mick fanning immediately. >> reporter: as fanning's brush with death plays out on live television. >> i felt something grab like -- got stuck in my leg and i like instantly just jump like a lion, and it just kept coming at my board and kicking and screaming. >> reporter: fanning barely escaping after the massive great white shark pulls him underwater. >> i was just cruising. i was sort of just like cruising and then all of a sudden i felt my -- i started to get pulled underwater. >> reporter: fanning becoming an online sensation after fighting off that deadly predator as it snatches him off of his surfboard during the
8:43 am
world's surf league's j-bay open competition in south africa and today on abc, espn's world of x games bringing us inside the competition that was jarringly interrupted by the attack. also, never before seen footage from fanning's harrowing encounter. >> it's not something that you really believe would happen and to see it unfold on, you know, live vision is incredibly scary for everyone. >> reporter: the traumatic experience leaving the champion and his competitors visibly shaken. >> i was like, oh, he's gone -- like he's gone under, and i felt like i couldn't get there quick enough. >> i mean, i don't know. i'm halfway between crying and laughing. i'm sort of lost for words to be honest. >> reporter: and although that final was canceled, fanning taking home the ultimate prize, his life. >> to walk away from that, i'm just so stoked, and i just want to let all my family and friends at home know i'm okay. >> he is a tough dude. >> i've seen that video probably 15 times, and it actually gets
8:44 am
worse. i get more terrified every time i see it. >> it is frightening stuff and something that professional surfers i guess have to deal with. >> i know. those moments -- he was legitimately concerned and in tears. and you can see much more of the surfing competition and the shark attack on world of x games on abc at 3:00 eastern. and coming up on "good morning america" -- "mad men" memorabilia. how you can own a little piece of tv history straight ahead in "pop news." i can have a little bit of don draper. >> a little bit. >> don? >> well, not don. >> okay. hi! what happened to your hair? i got it. walgreens has all you need to keep it all under control. from a little touch-up... come on, guys! to finding that perfect finishing touch... to making memories at the touch of a button. all without missing a beat. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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8:48 am
>> you look -- >> you're welcome. i begin with a public service announcement this morning. luke bryan is on tinder. >> what? >> yeah. don't get too excited. he's not looking for love. 'still happily married which is a good thing but he is using the app to debut his brand-new single. it's called "kill the lights and you'll definitely want to swipe right on this one. not that you guys will understand that reference here at the table because it's the title track for his upcoming album. now, if download iing tinder might cause a few problems with your significant other, good news, you can get it on itunes on tuesday and even better, you can see the country star live on "gma" on friday as part of our summer concert series. >> where he will publicly apolo apologyize to all those married couples who downloaded -- >> and his own wife. >> i wasn't looking for other men. i was looking at luke bryan. >> trying to get a new single on this dating app. >> i like country music. i'm on tinder. >> good story. john legend and chrissy teigen are heating things up this summer.
8:49 am
the star couple has been photographing images for chrissy's upcoming cookbook and things got a little bit spicy when the supermodel used a poolside suit to show off a rather unique skill. >> shake it, baby. shake it. >> the reason the ribbon is there, this is morning tv. >> thank you, sara. >> clearly a bikini is too much for people over breakfast, some people. i don't know those people. so that's our safety ribbon. now she's fully covered but how cool does he have it? i mean, they are an adorable couple that have a great sense of humor and her food, if you follow her on instagram, she's an amazing cook. >> i mean she's a supermodel but she eats bacon and chicken wings. she likes real food. >> she eats real food. >> real food. >> i love how real food for you is bacon. >> everything plus bacon. >> paula -- ♪ everything is bacon hollywood's new favorite bffs are making waves. check out jennifer lawrence and amy schumer vacationing together. schumer posting this shot of the
8:50 am
pair having a blast jet skiing. and this one cooling down with a bunch of gal pals. that's awesome. >> that's awesome. >> this is even better. mastering the human pyramid. >> oh, on a boat. >> now, they've been friends for awhile now. you remember j. law campaign ing for her buddy to be the new bachelorette but we're still holding out for that one. how amazing would it be to be friends with either of these two girls? >> i think -- schumer. >> schumer. >> schumer would have you cracking up all the time and she'd make me feel appropriate because she's inappropriate. >> are they on tinder? >> oh, gosh, rob. your wife is watching, rob. let's not. >> and if you're struggling to let go of "mad men" which i know ron claiborne is, have a piece of television history. it might soothe the pain. more than 1300 props are up for auction through with prices starting at just $50 which is not low enough for ron claiborne. >> exactly. >> gentlemen can channel their inner don draper and bid on this classic gray suit or denim jacket from season
8:51 am
7 or if you're feeling especially ritzy, his cadillac coupe deville is up for grabs, that's not $50. also on sale, joan's rocking horse. oh, i used to have one of those. a vintage zenith color tv. >> ron used to have one. >> ron still has one of those. >> i still have one of those. >> and, of course, an ashtray right from the boardroom of sterling,cooper and partners. now, get your bids in online because the auction closes next saturday, august 8th. >> ron still has one of those tvs. he actually occasionally answers messages on his beeper. >> he moves the rabbit ears. >> so sara gets a "b" for this "pop news"? >> she rambled. >> i would have given-- >> rambling is my strength. that's where i shine. >> yeah. >> all right, we'll be right back with more rambling. keep it here. >> there's no minus on an "f." the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it.
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this isn't just the start of school, this is the new year. find the styles and brands they'll love for every big moment. where? famous footwear.
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by famous footwear. famous for brand name shoes for the whole family. >> have a great saturday,
8:56 am
everybody. >> yes, it was except for the singing. otherwise it was perfect. >> and a "b" in "pop news." >> a solid "b." >> happy august, everybody. >> solid "b." >> yeah. i'm eva pilgrim, next "action news," breaking news, a woman is found shot to death inside a car in kensington. governor of california declares a state of emergency as firefighters continue to battle two dozen wildfires across the state. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast all next on "action news" saturday morning. ♪
8:57 am
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saturday, august 1, i'm eva pilgrim. here's what we're following on "action news," breaking news, philadelphia police are searching for a gunman after a woman is shot and killed inside a car. tearful family and friends come together to remember a 22-year-old mother murdered in her own home.
9:00 am
a piece of history relee leased in a digit -- re-released in a digital age. those stories, but first, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: you know what's happening on the first day of august? >> what. training camp. i'm very excited about that. cape may we have another beautiful weekend coming up if you liked yesterday's weather you'll enjoy the weekend because today and tomorrow will be very, very similar. you can see the folks trying to find a spot is on the sand. it will be enjoying enjoyable along the water. 78 degrees is the number. wilmington, philadelphia, # 0. cape may, 8 old degrees, atlantic city at the airport, 81. trenton, 7 #, the poconos got down to 54 degrees this morning they are now up to 62 and dover 80. dewpoints are slightly humid we


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