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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 4, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. >> the a dramatic rescue caught on camera in california's silicon valley. watch as a sheriff's deputy pulls a man from a car just before this train hits it. the vehicle stopped on the tracks. one report says the 20-something driver was incoherent. not responding to the deputies. another report says the driver may have caused the crash into a crossing gate. he suffered only minor injuries thankfully. >> my goodness. >> hard to watch. the food and drug administration warning hospitals to stop using a device because it could be hacked. >> it's a growing danger. millions of americans use medical devices that receive data wirelessly. abc's linzie janis has more.
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>> hospitals across the country scrambling to replace a common medical device being used on hows of patients. the fda now saying the device, a pump that delivers medications like painkillers and cancer treeps through an iv, may be at risk of being hacked. the agency explaining an unauthorized user with malicious intent could access the pump remotely and modify the dosage it delivers. vulnerabilities that experts say could be deadly liking a scene straight out of showtime's "homeland" where terrorists remotely hack into the vice president's pacemaker absending him into cardiac arrest. the former real life vice president dick cheney admitted to "60 minutes" he once feared the same thing could happen to him. >> i knew from the experience we had had and the necessity for adjusting my own device that it was an accurate portrayal. >> reporter: in recent years, cyberexperts warning the government hackers can easily
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tap into pacemakers and other life-saving medical equipment. >> every hospital should assume that its devices if connected to the internet can be attacked. >> reporter: linz zi janice, abc news new york. the company that makes the pump is phasing it out. in the meantime it's offering customers a security update. coming up, it's a seller's market. now is the time to make some changes to up your home's value. >> we'll show you the six tricks to attract buyers. born in joplin, missouri, was fascinated by anything with wheels and a motor. the odds of him winning both the daytona 500 and the brickyard 400 in the same year? 1 in 195 million. the odds of a child being diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i'm jamie mcmurray, and my niece has autism. learn more at
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i've been looking forward to this segment all morning. if you're thinking about selling your home, now is the time they say. median hope prices at an all-time high. >> you thinking about selling? >> you can increase your home's value with a few simple steps. rebecca jarvis shows us how. >> reporter: for this family, home, sweet, home isn't so sweet. >> i happen to love this house. i don't know why people aren't looking at it. >> the family eager to sell their house so they can move close other to mom's job in philadelphia. initially listing it for $325,000, they've already dropped the price twice.
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but so far, not one bite. so we brought in home design expert christianne lemieux. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: step number one, make a grand entrance. studies show upping your curb appeal can boost your home's value by as much as 17%. this house was hidden behind an unsightly fence. >> think about the exterior of your space. that's the first impression the buyer gets. >> reporter: she spent just $200 on paint and primer taking that first impression from this to this. step two -- think neutral. get rid of any dark or vibrant colors like this burgundy in the master bedroom. >> white paint goes such a long way. where you're allowing people to picture themselves in it your space. >> reporter: look what happened when she neutralized the family kitchen. step three, declutter and depersonalize. she says too many family photos
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and house plants make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves at home. investing just 100 fd in storage bins took the area around the fireplace from this to this. a week later, they're coming home. >> take a look. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. it looks so much bigger. >> reporter: and this independent real estate agent agreed with a budget of $2,000, are. >> based on the before and after, i think people will be willing to spend 10,000 to $15,000 more. they did a good job. >> reporter: happy news for a relieved family. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> that rebecca jarvis never lets us down. >> if she does, i am going to take note. i wasn't looking to sell my house in atlanta. >> if you plant a tree, it can up it by 2%. >> we have a tree out front. >> i would plant another one. >> i'm happy to help you with your roof too.
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tampax. power over periods. okay. first it started off as a sort of rare feeture around here. now it's got its own segment called this happened! our space for unique and special stories. this happened. a giant mignon on the loose. what happened here? stopping traffic. this is in dublin, ireland. it caused a traffic jam like you would not believe. but this is a 40-foot tall mignon. of course, you all know the popular movie. it's been a big hit this summer and what not. i don't know the deal with this big sucker. >> maybe it forgot to take its vitamins. >> what is this then? >> apparently the mignons are pretty busy in ireland. sometimes they like to dance if they're not deflated. >> what is this? >> it's an irish jig.
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>> bk, why did you give us this? >> it's pretty funny into minions in ireland. >> this is irish dancing. minions doing irish dancing. >> my word. yes, exactly. next. what's happening here. a butter sculpture in ohio. this is the ohio state fair. this is the buckeye state, of course. so they are carving things out of butter here. and why not give us a statue, can you make out who that is, reena? you're the big sports person on the show. that is the ohio state football coach urban meyer. the earlier thing you saw. >> i don't think he would appreciate that. >> meyer and the buckeyes, that was made from 2,000 pounds of butter. >> what an honor, somebody took all that time to make me out of butter. >> you would be proud? >> very proud. >> i can do a peanut butter
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sculpture. maybe this would do it. jeff h throwing down some slam-dunks on this little tyke hoop. >> there's music that goes with this actually. can we hear this? >> space camp," right? >> this guy, believe it or not, this guy was laid off from his job. so he wanted to stay positive by doing this. this is him in the office after hours. he decided to do this and have a good time and make a video. there you have it. finally check out this dog sneeze. wait for it. here it comes. >> that's good. >> we sure that was a sneeze? >> oh, 6.5 million views and counting. more news straight ahead.
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this morning on "world news now," vicious storms from the circus tent pounded in new england to floods swamping florida, and the tornadoes in the midwest. the human toll across the country. burning up, the state of emergency in northern california and the northwest. the raging fires and explosive conditions. child handcuffed. the disturbing pictures of a sheriff's deputy restraining a boy to a chirico because of behavior problems. we'll tell you who's fighting back now. later, dietary dilemma, children who are picky eaters. the new link between problems at the dinner table and bigger problems later in life. >> they had hypersensitivity to texture and taste and also had a lot of conflict in the home around food. sounding an alarm for parents on this tuesday, august
3:01 am
4th. from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> that's not what we said. we're getting upset over the story about kids. >> when she says we, she means me. >> just the man on my left, on my right. their left, my right. >> good start. >> why is it a problem? if a child says i don't like salmon, what's the problem? >> but they're now saying that leads down the road in adult years, this is interesting stuff. you want to see that. we'll get to it. hello to you all. good to have you with us. it's tuesday morning now. we still have a mess in terms of storms and this nasty weather and it's deadly weather. we're once again talking to you about people being killed from something collapsing essentially. we talked to you yesterday. it was chicago. but now, we've got two people dead and more than 20 injured after a circus tent collapsed
3:02 am
during a severe storm. >> it happened during a performance at fairgrounds in northern new hampshire. both killed were spectators. at least 100 people were inside the tent. it was part of a violent storm system that left a path of destruction across several states. abc's lana zak is covering it all. >> a strong storm moving through lancaster, reports of a circus tent collapsing on to 250 people inside killing two. >> all of a sudden, it started raining outside and the flaps on the tent started going pretty rapidly. we're all looking thinking it's just a rainstorm. no big deal. then all of a sudden, the -- it went completely dark inside. and we see the circus people are starting to leave the tent and somebody's screaming get out, get out. >> reporter: those thunderstorms staying in new england through tuesday. >> what is that? >> that's a tornados. >> reporter: in owen dale, michigan an ef-1 tornado hitting
3:03 am
hard and fast. in grayslake illinois a twister tossed trucks, ripped the roofs off of buildings and toppled trees. >> look at this. >> reporter: another tornado confirmed near nevinville, iowa. in adams county, and the walter family lost everything on their farm except their house. near chicago sunday, sunday winds at a festival. its support pole sent flying injuring 15 people and killing this father of two. >> we decided to run in there to be safe. and next thing you know, it came so fast. i thought he was behind me and he wasn't. >> reporter: and no relief for waterlogged florida either. tampa has seen 10 inches of rain in the last six days and more is on the way. lana zak, abc news, new york. strong winds are also a factor in spreading a raging wildfire in northern california. they're now under a state of emergency. this is the rocky fire you've been hearing so much about. it's now consumed more than
3:04 am
62,000 acres, more than 13,000 residents have been evacuated. >> we packed up all our stuff, grabbed our animals and had to go because we saw the flames coming. we were like yeah, we're not going to stay here longer. >> the rocky fire is only about 12% contained despite the use of helicopters and planes dropping fire retardant on those flames. one of about 20 wildfires in california, several in oregon and washington state. a two-day manhunt for an ex-con accused of killing a police officer in tennessee is over. tremaine wilbourn is due in court telling police he is not a coward or a cold-blooded killer. here's more from abc's steve oh sun sampy. >> please hurry up when this manhunt began. a good samaritan passing by what should have been a normal traffic stop sees officer sean
3:05 am
bolton. he reaches into the officer's car and uses the radio to call for help. the relieved memphis police force has wilbourn in custody, a convicted bank robber out on supervised release. police believe he was in the middle of a drug deal when the officer approached his car. witnesses say they thought and wilbourn starred shooting. the 33-year-old officer was wearing a bulletproof vest but it wasn't enough to save him. the officer's family is calling wilbourn a monster. police say the amount of drugs was so small, wilbourn could have walked away with a written citation. witnesses say they're frightened and authorities are placing the accused gunman on the most wanted list and offering a reward. steve osunsami, abc news, memphis. >> we turn to mississippi now where investigators suspect that
3:06 am
retaliation may have been behind the fatal shooting at a rural courthouse. they say william wells, a former firefighter who had never been in any serious legal trouble killed career criminal kendrick brown. it seems wells, that's the firefighter, his mother had been scheduled to testify against brown, the career criminal. she was shot in the leg this past weekend leading some to speculate her son was trying to even the score. the police in california looking for an suv after they say a pregnant woman was shot during a road rage incident near fresno. the 1-year-old woman was hit in the left eye. her husband apparently passed a slow-moving suv when later caught up with the couple. someone in that suv opened fire, hitting the woman. to presidential politics a preview of the republican debate thursday night. 14 of the 17 declared candidates gathered last night in na new hampshire on a stage. each got a ten-second spot to
3:07 am
prove why they should be the nominee and mostly took shots at president obama. >> this president has done an awful job. >> we made it through jimmy carter, we'll make it through barack obama. >> donald trump declined an invitation to be part of the forum. that was a pretty good line. a little zinger there. >> i watched every second of this debate. trump said he didn't want to be there because he didn't think the union leader was going to endorse him. why show up to your forum? the top law enforcement official in texas is out on bail after arrested and charged with securities fraud. texas attorney general ken paxton took this mugshot as he was booked yesterday accused of misleading investigators in a tech startup before he took office seven months ago. prosecutors gathered at the courthouse calling for him to step down but paxton -- gypy carter recovering from a liver operation this morning.
3:08 am
carter had what was described as a small mass removed from his liver at a hospital in the atlanta. a spokeswoman says the procedure was elective and he's expected to make a full recovery. president obama is proposing tough new rules for the nation's power plants to reduce greenhouses gases. he made a personal appeal while announcing the changes yesterday. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: a standing ovation as president obama took another aggressive stand on climate change. >> i don't want my grandkids not to be able to swim in hawaii or not to be able to climb a mountain and see a glacier because we didn't do something about it. >> reporter: obama unveiled a tougher revised plan to curb carbon dioxide emissions from power plants in the u.s. >> the epa is setting the first ever nationwide standards to end the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from power plants.
3:09 am
>> reporter: those plants are the largest source of greenhouse gases in this country releasing about 30% of the u.s. carbon pollution. once president obama leaves office, new requirements include an order that carbon emissions be reduced 32% by the year 2030. but some republicans are joining business groups to say the administration's plan would be costly on the economy. >> they'll also likely result in higher energy bills for those who can least afford afford them. >> president obama says they're wrong. >> the nerdyer way to say that is we'll be keeping 870 million tons of carbon dioxide pollution out of who your atmosphere. >> reporter: the administration says states have till next year to draft up a plan under the new guidelines. reena, t.j. >> thank you so much. and a reunion to show you now which helps highlight an issue in the wake of the nation's overseas wars. >> it took place yesterday in texas. a dog reunited with army staff sergeant alex brown. they served together in in
3:10 am
afghanistan. >> they were brought together by a group called mission warrior rescue. as a way of helping former soldiers return to civilian life. i didn't realize they were split up. i thought they always stayed together. i did not know. you kind of serve together and go your separate ways. >> just like your folks that you served with side by side in the military, right? the warrior rescue, the mission warrior rescue doesn't know how many dogs are out there in limbo. they aren't in the military but don't have civilian owners either. they're in a weird place. copping up "the mix," the battle of the sexes. we do this battle every single day. you all don't know the this but i'm telling you 30 seconds before this show starred she did not have this jacket on. >> i didn't. >> she did not. underneath this jacket is a sleeveless shirt. >> it is not. don't make me take it off. don't make me take it off. >> wow. reena, slow down.
3:11 am
slow down. >> cap sleeves, america. >> i don't know what ha means. most men watching, capped sleeves we don't know what that means in of. >> it means it has a sleeve. >> the battle over the thermostat, the reason it's really cold in your office, we'll get into it. >> riled up. a health alert to parents of children who are picky eaters. why it could be much more than a dietary issue. >> first the child with adhd seen handcuffed by a sheriff's deputy to a chirico. the outrage over these pictures. we'll tell you who's fighting back now. lots of behind the scenes pictures on instagram. check it out, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time,
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well, an eye catching display set up right now in brooklyn. leaders of the new york city borough have set up an open casket on the street containing pictures of recent shooting victims. and a mirror. it was put there following a particularly violent weekend in which there were 19 shootings across the city. the display meant to spark community action as a way of reducing gun violence will be there till friday. the jury in the colorado theater shooting trial is one step closer to recommending the death penalty. they needed just three hours to decide there were not sufficient reasons to excuse the behavior of shooter james holmes. starting today, the family members of the 12 people killed will testify before the jury
3:16 am
makes a final decision on the death penalty. well, here's a disturbing story. a kentucky sheriff is being sued after a video shows a school resource officer putting two disabled elementary students? handcuffs. >> the video is very difficult to watch and shows an 8-year-old boy crying as the officer tries to speak to him. here now abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: caught on tape this kentucky sheriff's deputy restraining an -year-old boy with handcuffs. >> i asked you not to kick. >> reporter: the sheriff now facing a federal lawsuit brought by the american civil liberties union for allegedly using illegal force. >> it hurts. >> now you can either behave the way you're supposed to or you suffer the consequences. >> it obviously traumatizes students and it interferes with their ability to receive an education. >> reporter: the third grader crying and kicking in this video 52 pounds with adhd, sent to the advice principal's office for misbehaving. the sheriff called in allegedly
3:17 am
using handcuffs twice on another student in the same school. a 9-year-old girl. the lawsuit alleges the sheriff violated federal law in how he treated children with disabilities. approximately 11% or 6.4 million children have been diagnosed with adhd. what can be done to calm the situation? >> well, i think you really need to use time and communication and patience. >> the kentucky sheriff's department declining to comment but the aclu says this happens more often than you would think all across the country. according to the most recent data, 4,000 students with disabilities were handcuffed in the school year. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. very difficult to watch. >> man, that is so hard to watch. >> 12% of the u.s. population suffer from disabilities of some sort. but 75% of those folks are the ones that tend to be locked up
3:18 am
retrained physically at some sense. so interesting stat to remember. >> all right. we'll continue here. something else parents want to pay attention to. you have picky eaters, your kids? almost every family has maybe one in there but a new study suggests there are serious reasons why a child might be super selective at the dinner table. >> ahead in our next half hour, the debate sparked by the death of cecil the lion continues. big game hunters defending their right to a legal hunt highway companies are helping to reventing those hunters from bringing their trophies home. you'
3:19 am
there are lots of families out there who know what it's like when the kids are picky eaters. we're laughing but it's true. a new study says it could be a sign of something more serious. >> yeah, draw the connection
3:20 am
between picky eing and mental health issues like anxiety and depression later on. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: for many parents, getting their kids to eat isn't just a food fight. it's an all-out war. >> i have a 2 1/2-year-old i have no idea how he's alive. all he it's is white bread. ketchup, and milk. >> reporter: even mom reese witherspoon whose instagram is filled with fun creative takes to entice her her 2-year-old son. 4-year-old liam sticks to hot dogs, chicken nuggets and peanut butter. broccoli is the only veggie he it's and no fruits. >> a lot of ways my friendsover come picky eating is to mix something in a smoothie but he won't eat a smoothie. >> reporter: he may be an average picky eater or selective with his diet but according to a new study severe picky eaters
3:21 am
were more likely to exhibit increased symptoms of anxiety, social anxiety and depression. >> they had hypersensitivity to the texture and taste. and they also had a lot of conflict in the home around food. >> reporter: the study found selective eating in younger years may even predict psychological issues later on. >> we don't note that picky eating causes psychiatric symptoms and want to be careful not to overstate that connection. but i think it's a good first initial study. >> reporter: so what can you do to get your picky eater to open wide? >> it's important to have fun with it. add attractive straws to a smoothie. you can always shape the fruit adding some spices. it's all going to be part of that positive experience. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> okay. so all hope is not lost. you know, just because they don't like something now doesn't necessarily mean they'll have horrible issues down the road. >> it does not. that was the most important piece or bite in there. she said this does not -- it's
3:22 am
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strong is beautiful.™ pantene. well, welcome. it's time for "the mix." ever thought about giving a group of elephants a go pro camera. >> hadn't crossed my mind. sounds like a good idea. >> someone did. take a look at this. they walk up to the go pro cam, sniff, sniff, sniff, pick it up and sort of end up playing football, soccer with the gopro cam. very inquisitive trunks. they're grazing the field little babies in tow and get the cam and kind of pass it along. who said elephants were not smart animals? clearly they know what's going on. they're not about the social media. >> where are these guys? >> there's their snout. have you ever seen up an elephant snout? >> i have not taken a peek.
3:26 am
but there you go. >> they take you where no cameras have gone. >> do you have one? >> no, i stay away. i'm like the elephants, who needs them. >> all right. all right, folks, ladies and gentlemen, this is the debate you've had in your offices maybe in your homes, as well. women are cold in the office apparently. and there is a reason why. we have researchers in particular in netherlands who now say the reason many women have blankets and absolutely reena, she has a blanket usually underneath the desk every day. she usually doesn't have this many. today's an exception. there's a reason. it's because that offices often calibrate the temperature based on a formula that was developed in the 60s for a man that's 154 years old and wearing a suit in the office. >> so you mean our air conditioning is based on the "mad men" series. >> let's not go "mad men." but men are wearing suits.
3:27 am
we weigh more so the temperature is adjusted for how we -- how our bodies need to react to that. not for a woman who is in a shirt that doesn't have sleeves and a skirt possibly. that's good stuff. >> even our air conditioning revolves around the men in the office. >> allegedly, according to this study, that is the case. >> so we've never left the "mad men" era in our office. >> no, we left the madmen era. we've got a woman who is the best tennis player in the world and a woman leading for the white house right now. >> if you're in the office it's still based around a 150-pound man wearing a suit. >> when she gets in the white house, she can adjust that the thermostat to whatever she wants. it says there's a reason for it and we need to consider that. >> i'm glad someone has gotten to the bottom of that. this is really truly how i am right before the show with my coffee. >> eskimo ninan in er
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," killer storms, powerful winds slam a circus tent with hundreds of people inside as florida gets drenched by downpours and floods. the damage and the heartbreak. explosive conditions for firefighters in northern california. the latest evacuation orders as powerful winds today fuel more fires. political showdown. last night's republican party forum. a preview of this week's first presidential debate. what the gop candidates had to say and who was missing. and celebrity love lives from gwen stefani to reba mcintyre and will smith. what all of these "a" listers and their significant others have in common and it's not all good news. that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, august 4th. from abc news, this is "world
3:31 am
news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> and we begin with breaking news. a father and his daughter are dead after a circus tent collapsed during a performance in northern new hampshire. the little girl just 6 years old. >> more than 20 people also injured, some seriously. abc's gio benitez is covering the violent weather. >> reporter: strong winds moving through new hampshire causing a tent to collapse at fairgrounds in lancaster. >> it was lifted up through the air and just as the canvas was taken off, it, the poles that were holding it all the way up through the top of the tent were just coming at people. >> reporter: police say at least 250 people were under that tent at the time of the collapse. tampa, florida, inundated. rains forcing dozens of rescues some by boat, some carried out on shoulders. more than 407b residents evacuated from floodwaters up to
3:32 am
four feet high. >> i've never seen it like this ever. >> reporter: further north deadly storms moving east after tearing up the midwest. this scene at a summer festival outside of creak. people were here trying to enjoy a summer festival when a at the present time came crashing down killing a father of two. the 35-year-old's family right there when tragedy struck. >> it came so fast. i thought he was behind me and he wasn't. >> reporter: that's a tornado. >> no. >> reporter: in owen dale, michigan, an ef-1 tornado with 95-mile-per-hour winds hitting hard and fast. another in cresston, iowa and in grayslake noyes a tornado tearing the roof off a high school. it was empty. just miles away here, that same tornado hit this pizza shop. it is completely destroyed. the owner says there were customers inside when that storm hit but amazingly none of them were injured. gio benitez, abc news, round
3:33 am
lake, illinois. we turn to another natural disaster, the incredible wildfires in the west. the rocky fire north of the san francisco till out of control after exploding in size over the weekend. the blas has now burned more than 4 square miles. >> it's a big fire. and these big fires have a mind of their own. >> the rocky fire is only about 12% contained despite the efforts of 3,000 firefighters. 3,000 homes have been destroyed. none in the past day though. 7500 homes right now are threatened. >> no relief in the forecast for firefighters in the west. 30-mile-an-hour winds and a cold front are heading toward california and the pacific northwest. storms and downpours hit florida's flood zone again. rain for parts of the northeast. >> 90s and triple digits from phoenix and dallas to washington, d.c. 80s in l.a., kansas city, chicago and boston. 79 in detroit. most of the republican presidential candidates gathered on a stage in new hampshire last
3:34 am
night in a preview of thursday's big debate. missing though was front-runner donald trump. he refused to attend. abc's serena marshall with the highlights. >> reporter: it's the kickoff to debate week. the largest gathering of the crowded republican field yet. 14 of the 17 presidential contenders participating in a debate-like event in new hampshire. but no one was throwing punches. >> i'm really impressed with the caliber of the people that are running for president. >> i'm not here to criticize my party. >> reporter: instead using the forum stage to take digs as at president obama. >> this president's done an awful job. >> we'll make it through jimmy carter and president obama, trust me. >> issues like immigration and foreign affairs took top billing but all candidates stuck to their talking points. breaking out lindsey graham getting laughs. >> i'm fluent in clinton speak. when he says, bill says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. i understand this crowd and i can beat them.
3:35 am
the next president needs to be sure of who he -- he or who he she -- i'm sorry, i can't talk. the next president needs to have their act together. >> reporter: noticeably missing donald trump, telling the forum's host since he's not likely to get the paper's endorsement, he would pass and none of the candidates mentioning the republican front-runner by name. come thursday though, the donald will be hard to ignore. the forum had no cutoff allowing all the presidential contenders to participate. but the first debate will only allow the top ten candidates based on the last five polls to be in attendance. while all those slots are still to be determined, with trump's surging at 26% in the latest fox news poll, it will be interesting to see if the jabs start flying. reena, t.j.? >> thank you. a republican-led push to cut federal funding for planned parenthood has failed in the senate. this comes after secretly recorded video showed planned
3:36 am
parenthood officials discussing the use of fetal tissue for research and how to set prices for it. democratic senators were among those speaking out against the effort. >> many of these women who rely on planned parenthood have nowhere else to go. and i think it's about time that the women in this country say leave our bodies alone. >> louisiana governor bobby jindal took action on his own removing planned parenthood from the state's medicaid system. the man accused of killing a police officer in memphis has surrendered ending a two-day manhunt. 29-year-old tremaine wilbourn a convicted bank robber will be arraigned today. police say he shot officer sean bolton multiple times as he interrupted a drug deal. the search continues this morning for the bomber or bombers who targeted two churches in new mexico. no one was injured. police say the explosive devices were intended to do harm. they went off sunday morning at a baptist and catholic church in las cruces near the texas border four miles and 20 minutes
3:37 am
apart. there was mine damage to the buildings, but the parishioners faith remains unshaken. samsung is creating an $85 million fund to compensate sick workers and their families. about 200 workers were stricken with cancer which an activist group blames on exposure in samsung factories to radiation and dangerous chemicals. the company apologized for that a year ago. the fund will also be used to improve worker safety at samsung plants. kraft recalling some american cheese slices. there's a potential choking hazard from the plastic wrap. the recall is only for three and four-pound packages that say best when used by dates which run between december 29th and january 4th. the 36,000 recalled cases have a manufacturing code of s as in sam, 54 or s-55. no other varieties are included. all right. mcdonald's is out with its newest menu item. this initially sounds like stung
3:38 am
you'd be interested in. a lettuce burger. >> like a lettuce wrap with tofu inside? >> not quite. they're rolling this out in australia first. we don't know if it's going to make it here. >> this is lettuce leaves you see here. usual burger and toppings apparently. figure it's targeted toward customers who want to avoid carbs. >> yeah. but you do get the meat in there though. >> do you see the meat? >> this is the problem. it's tucked in there. if i brought this to you, you would be upset with this if you bit into this. >> i would be very upset. if there was a big beef patty in there. >> mcdonald's is not the first chain to try something like this, but the largest to do so. mcdonald's often test new menu items overseas before bringing it to the u.s. the lettuce burger is the latest example. the lettuce just replaces the bun. you still get everything else. >> are we too good to be tested on when it comes to new things? >> we're just a big market for it. let somebody else be the guinea pig and then we bring it. >> would you eat lettuce with eggs inside? >> why would i do that? >> like a new breakfast burrito?
3:39 am
>> okay. >> it's a good idea. >> who has this. >> get your roughage. >> reena ninan mcdonald's. new and different. in the back kitchen over there. >> this is why i haven't been to your place for a meal. coming up in "the skinny," billy joel's hometown honoring his hits. his hits, hometown honor. no, no, no. wait a minute. his hometown honor. there's an honor for him and it's hitting a roadblock. there we go. >> you got it, ding, ding. >> it's tuesday. i don't get this wacky till thursday. >> but also ahead, nashville's biggest stars and why they're sharing the same stage. if you love country music, don't miss this. but first, we've got a jaw-dropping scene at a construction site. two cranes collapsing. you see what happens here. but what happens next? you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather,
3:40 am
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all right. some impact video for you here. oh, you see this impact? that's a garbage truck. a couple of cars near pittsburgh. surveillance video showing one worker, you see him running there. then another running down the street trying to catch up to the truck. it had already done the damage at this point to three other cars. police say the truck's brakes somehow disengaged when the driver got out to talk to a supervisor. nobody injured in this mess. >> i'm sure the insurance companies got a call. >> yeah, those guys might have gotten called in. >> also on camera, a crane collapsing in the netherlands. seconds later a second crane
3:44 am
that's been moving a section of a bridge also crashing down. >> that bridge section came down, as well. all of it crushing five homes. up with man was pulled from the wreckage. he was the only person injured here. we turn now to the american dentist who shot and killed a beloved lion in zimbabwe. in the wake of his death and public outcry, delta air lines has now banned animal trophies from its planes. >> the case sparked heated debates as more american game hunters are defending themselves. abc's cecilia vega has more. >> reporter: big game hunters on the defensive. >> the hunter is the true conservationist for the lions. >> reporter: sabrina corgatelli and her boyfriend speaking to us while on safari in south africa. the idaho huntress not backing down despite fierce backlash after posting these photos on online, saying "i got an amazing old giraffe. i couldn't be any happier." >> so many people are calling me a poacher because they don't
3:45 am
even think it's legal to hunt giraffe. >> reporter: sabrina says the hunts she's on are legal, and that is often the case. but zimbabwe authorities now accuse a second american of illegally killing a lion. pennsylvania doctor jan seski seen on a hunting website proudly posing with a slain hippo as the minnesota dentist accused of illegally killing cecil remains in hiding. big game hunting is big sport for americans. one conservationist group says americans import 64% of all lion trophies. that's any part of the animal the hunter keeps. but now, airlines, like delta and emirates, are making it tougher to bring those trophies home. as for corgatelli, she says her hunt in south africa is not only legal, she calls it 100% ethical. cecile yeah vega, abc news, new york. >> this is the big debate now. people are focusing on something that we just haven't focused on. we don't think about that kind of hunting here in the united states. people go deer hunting possibly
3:46 am
and what not. >> some people say she's at least being vocal about the fact that she's passionate about hunting and that she's doing it in a legal parameter, which is supposedly considered the right way to do it. there's also the other side of it. ty, the company that makes beanie babies, are going to create, look at that, cecil the lion. they're going to sell these to commemorate cecil and all proceeds go to the wildlife conservation research unit at the university of oxford. they were the group tracking cecil since 2008. >> something positive will come of this. coming up, some surprise celebrity breakups. >> plus, the one thing billy joel apparently has to do to have a street named after him. i assure you he does not want to do it. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues af
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ skinny, so skinny we begin with sad news for celebrity marriages. >> we start with musicians gwen stefani and gavin rossdale. the two met each other as their bands no doubt and bush rose to fame in the '90s. they married, had three children. last night word came that the couple filing for divorce. >> they said in a joint statement they came to the decision they no longer would be
3:49 am
partners in marriage but will remain partners in parenthood. they were married for 13 years. and another couple calling it quits after double that amount of time. >> yeah, country star reba mcentire and manager narvel blackstock are separating after 26 years of eric. they said in a statement that this is the end of their marriage but that they will continue to work together. in the face of these celebrity splits one couple wants you to know that they are not splitting. there they are. the smith family. >> look at them there. the rumors about will smith and jada pinkett smith have been tabloid fodder for a long time. after the recent round, will took to facebook with a message jada and i are not getting a divorce with a lot of exclamation marks and also a smiley face. >> she followed up on twitter by saying my king has spoken. so hopefully, that's the end of that. they have to face this every couple of months it seems. people talk about that. we have to say congratulations for not breaking up.
3:50 am
another big congratulations to actress zoey deshanl and her husband, giving birth to a baby girl. >> she also got married to the baby's father jacob in a secret wedding ceremony. the 35-year-old "new girl" star seems to like to announce things in two. last time we heard from her she was pregnant and engaged. >> so now she has a baby and she's married. no word yet on the name for the baby girl. billy joel and the debate over whether a long island new york street should be named after the legendary singer and songwriter. >> he fits most of the requirements. he's one of the most famous artists ever to come from long island. he grew up, still resides there. he's written new york state of mind. his first album called coal spring harbor. for those opposing the plan to rename a stretch of road in his hometown, he doesn't meet one requirement. he's still alive. apparently members of the state senate and assembly think renaming a road is a posthumous honor.
3:51 am
so future generations may know about their contribution. >> you need to die before we give you this. supporters argue other major new york thoroughfares were renamed when their namesakes were alive. perhaps it will be a topic of conversation tonight when joel closes out the famed nassau coliseum just as he did for shea stadium. an update on actress valerie harper. she was taken to a local hospital just before she was to perform on stage. >> we have good news coming from harper herself putting down the rumors she was in a coma and that she had a reaction to a medication as she bravely battles brain cancer. she was given three to six months at the beginning of 2013 to live and has been doing well since her diagnosis. >> she has a sense of humor here. sheehy says "the highlight came when i was escorted by two handsome young men and a pilot as the full moon lit the sky. movie magic." >> very rhoda-esque. right? coming up, time to rock country style. >> yes, we've got a behind the
3:52 am
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♪ go on and leave me baby, i don't need you like jim and jack and hank ♪ that's right. ♪ >> and it's good to see country music musician alan jackson on that list. for 30 years in the music business, and he's still churning out major hits. >> he was one of the many country superstars to play at the cma music festival in nashville. abc's rachel smith was there for us. >> reporter: it's a country party unlike any other. ♪ fans from all over the world flock to nashville for the cma music fest. the biggest names in the business are all here. luke bryan performing his hit "i
3:56 am
see you." >> starting out being a new artist, i remember dreaming of the opportunity to come, i just love being a part of the experience. ♪ superstar act lady antebellum belting out a long stretch of love. >> they're getting to see pretty much every one of their favorite country artists in one weekend. and that's rare. ♪ >> reporter: and keith urban lighting up the cma stage with his guitar skills duetting "race them up" with eric church. >> there's a huge amount of people that have come to nashville. a lot of people have never experienced anything like it before. >> reporter: but cma fest is about more than just big names. it's a chance for the fans to get up close to their favorite country idols. >> really connects the fans with the artists and i just think it's a really cool thing that we do every year. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rachel smith in nashville, tennessee. >> a fun night.
3:57 am
if you didn't make it to nashville, you can catch the cma fest television event tonight. >> it starts at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. >> it's going to be good. all this talk about music got us thinking of some of our own favorite summer jams. we were having fun at the break with that one. >> yes, we were. instead of us telling you about our favorites, tell us about your favorites. this is mugshot time, folks. mugshot contest now. here's the question. what are your favorite underrated or maybe even obscure summer songs? >> we want to see what's on your play list. surprise us. share stuff we haven't heard of. the best answers win "world news now" coffee mugs. >> we look forward to that. we getting low on these mugs yet? how we doing? >> google natural selection, do anything. >> totally obscure. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, wild weather across the country. florida swamped after days of downpours, high winds being blamed for another deadly tent collapse. wildfires on the west coast still rapidly spreading and a tropical storm watch issued overnight. we're tracking it all. debrate countdown. nearly all of them on one stage overnight with one big absence, where was donald trump? also, the harsh words the candidates have for hillary clinton. shackled in school, hands behind their back, children with special needs restrained with handcuffs. the deputy now facing a lawsuit. plus, runaway trash truck. barreling down a street smashing into cars and the workers racing after it.


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