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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  August 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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es >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. we are following a developing story here on this wednesday morning. >> a murder victim is found other ground still straddling his bike as police look for who shot him execution style. >> the fbi has joined in on the search for a missing delaware county boy. >> and you'll witness the rescue of a south jersey fisherman who treaded water for four hours waiting for a rescue. >> that's a lot of treading water. good morning, it's 4:30 here wednesday august 5th. let's head on over to meteorologist, david murphy. you were right it felt better by last night and matt pelman is in for karen rogers.
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good morning. >> there might still be a little bit humid in parts of the region to you tam, but the humidity is on the way down the looks like we'll have a couple high clouds passing through. overall we're expecting sunshine with patchy cloud cover today and that flow is going to turn out of the northwest already has or will shortly in parts of the region. there you can see that northwest flow in the northern suburbs and that has knocked your numbers down into the 60's in places like allentown and reading. 76 in philadelphia. still drawing a little bit out of the southwest over south jersey and delaware. this is the area where it might still be a little on the sticky seemed as we head out the door, dry conditions, you'll need your shades for that mainly sunny sky cover. 73 by 6 o'clock and the same by 8 o'clock. we get warm today but not as hot. 74 by 8 o'clock, 86 by noon, 89 at 3 o'clock and by 6 o'clock 85 degrees. we do have some rain on the way for at least parts of the region but there is a change in thursday-friday forecast
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and i'll have that in a couple minutes with the accuweather 7-day, matt. >> goodbye to the heat bave. >> looks that way. >> we won't miss. good morning david, good morning, everybody. on this wednesday morning so far so good. just some overnight construction here along 95. looking northbound you can see -- maybe you can see the cones taking out the right side of the roadway by the airport. traffic is getting by in those left lanes headed up towards the girard point bridge with no major issues. overnight restrictions between there and allegheny but most of our overnight restrictions along the schuylkill have cleared out. they were working westbound near gladwyne. that crew has cleared. eastbound near gulph mills that crew has cleared and let's see if they're gone from the spring garden ramp. yes, they are the on the eastbound side of the schuylkill they had at the off ramp closed overnight as advertised but it's reopened now and ready for you. crash in jamison blocking york road between valley road and sugar bottom road north of the
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work zone by almshouse road. stay on 611 or 232 but avoid 263 early on this wednesday morning. tam. >> thank you matt. this is new this morning the fbi and local police is searching for a missing boy in delaware county. this is la kwan lat more. friends say they last saw him riding a bike on monday. police say the fbi offered to help once they saw the flier put out by folcroft police they're calling this suspicious because this child has never run away or done anything like this before. they have no indication of foul play. police and the fbi are looking in the area of king avenue and chester pike in folcroft as of last night and that search will resume at 8 o'clock this morning. and developing right now a man riding a bike has been murdered in philadelphia's wynnefield section. police are out there right now trying to find that killer. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along the 5300 block of west berk street. she's got more details. good morning katherine.
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>> reporter: good morning, tam. and so far police haven't been able to identify the victim but they believe he's in his late teens or early 20's. they don't know yet what the motive is in the shooting that happened right near wynnefield overnight. just before midnight police were called out to the 5300 block of berk street. multiple 911 calls came in after shots were fired. when police arrived they found the victim on the sidewalk. he had been shot at least once in his head. he was pronounced dead on the scene. police say he had been shot at point blank range while he was on his bike. he was still on the bike when he collapsed. shooter then fled. >> according to witnesses, the shooter then entered a vehicle that was occupied by two other males and that vehicle went south on george's lane from berk street. >> reporter: and that vehicle is only described as a clark blue or black sedan. there are some surveillance cameras in the area, so police are hoping there's some footage that can help in this investigation.
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we're live in wynnefield, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you, katherine. a bucks county neighborhood is in shock after a domestic dispute led to a fatal stabbing between a father and son. police were called to the 500 block of trappe lane in langhorne yesterday evening. they found a 66-year-old man suffering from stab wounds. authorities say it happened after a heated argument between the man and his 27-year-old son. the older man was rushed to saint mary medical center where he later died. word of the tragedy quickly spread through the neighborhood. >> oh, my god, this is shocking. unbelievable. this neighborhood is generally quiet. we've been here 30 years and never seen anything like this before in my life. >> the son is in police custody. >> local officials in concorde township gave a thumbs up to letting a chadds ford wawa sell beer but there are more steps that have to happen before you see that brew in the refrigerated case. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: this wawa is the only one with approval and changes still have to be made
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in order for them to be up to speed with all the state rules and regulations. with that said, beer sales could start here soon and that could change beer sales across the state. the township of concorde board of supervisors approved wawa's request to sell six packs of beer to go at their namaans creek road location in chadds ford. wawa's proposal complies with pennsylvania alcohol regulations. they plan on creating seating training employees and abiding by the supervisors list of conditions. somewhat what customers are asking what to took so long. >> i think it would be very convenient, absolutely. instead of having to go out to a liquor store or a beer distributor, i live right down the street so grab a sandwich, grab some gas, grab a six-pack. >> reporter: beer distributors are not happy. >> i don't know whether wawa needs to get into the beer business. >> reporter: pennsylvania beer distributors can only sell beer and the plcb rules
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limit how much at a time. just recently the state voted to allow them to sell 12 packs similar to wawa. several local grocery stores near the chadds ford wawa have too. jeff dill just wants an equal playing field but offers this. >> come here, i can recommend if you don't like this beer, if you want something similar if you want something different i can explain the differences in beer. so, we have the expertise here that they don't. >> reporter: reporting in chadds ford, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> the knights of columbus hosted catholic archbishop shops from iraq and syria at their national convention in center city yesterday. it's part of the group's effort to help christians in the middle east. with less than eight weeks to go before pope francis' visit the group took up the issue of religious persecution. it is topic that is important to the pontiff. the archbishop shops call the united states reluctant to offer asylum to persecuted christians unjust. tonight's focus is on the
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flight of christian loose are being persecuted in the middle east at the hands of islamic fundamentalists. >> in iraq and syria where christians have been murdered enslaved and driven from their homes in astounding numbers. >> the group's next step is the launch of a national advertising campaign to raise millions of dollars to help the refugees. >> happening today, a number of hiring events including one for security during the visit of pope francis. philadelphia works will be interviewing on the spot at pa career link at suburban station in center city but it will just be from 9:00 until 10:00 this morning. u.s. security associates is hiring for a three week full-time positions that will pay up to $10 an hour and potentially lead to permanent employment. discount grocery channeled deechainaldi is hosting hiring events. you can also stop by the
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philadelphia mall. aldi purchased all 66 bottom dollar stores last year with plans to reopen many of those locations. >> a coast guard crew based out of atlantic city helped rescue a south jersey fisherman who ran into trouble at sea. video shows the rescue from the perspective of a helicopter hovering above open water 44 miles off the coast of cape may. damien sexton was not wearing a life jacket when he was swept overboard from his 39-foot boat sea robin on saturday night. there was only one other person aboard and he didn't know thousand stop the engines but was able to make a critical mayday call. sexton swam for miles to catch up with his boat spending four hours in the water. >> thinking that i could die yes. it would be very easy for me to die if i don't give 110 percent. >> by the time we actually got out there we knew he had been in the water for a significant amount of time and that his chance for survival was just
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decreasing. >> sexton is out of the hospital and back home in williamstown with his wife and kids. he says it was quite a lesson learned. sexton plans to bi-state of the art life vests with overboard tracking systems. >> 4:40. much more to come here on "action news." new jersey governor chris christie just makes the cut for this first republican candidate's deb it. >> new pictures from space show the super typhoon that is swirling the pacific. david. >> get the sunshine ready as you're headed to the pool and the beach or even if you're just outside working today. we'll be back with your accuweather 7-day some changes for tomorrow and friday. that's all ahead.
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>> 4:43. chopper six just arrived at the scene of an accident that matt pelman just mentioned. actually we have action cam video right here. this is a ups tractor-trailer that caught fire after hitting a construction barrier in furlong, bucks county. this is at york road and sugar bottom road. the driver was being treated at the scene. as you see part of the cab did catch fire but the contents in the trailer we are told was not damaged. officials are on the scene also dealing with a fuel spill
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there so we'll keep you posted on what's going on there in furlong bucks county. and this is new. nasa is giving us a look at super typhoon sotolor. it had been the equivalent of a category five hurricane. this year's strongest storm in the world. it weak candy bit yesterday to a category four. the joint typhoon warning centers latest forecast shows it making landfall in taiwan on friday a category four strength. >> that is serious. >> sure is. nice pictures, too there from satellite. today is a bit of a break. might feel a bit humid to you this morning but the humidity is in the process of dropping. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we are dry. taking a look outside we have a tranquil morning, not a lot of wind out there just yet. might get a little breezy later on and there's center city getting ready to catch some sun on the side of those sky scrapers later on. 76 degrees right now philadelphia. your dewpoints still up there at 65. once you start walking around particularly as the sun starts hitting your shoulder it might
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feel a little humid this morning but we're in the process with northwest wind coming down out of the north in the northern suburbs dropping that humidity and in philadelphia still picking up a bit of a southwesterly component to the wind but that will change as the day goes on. satellite shows you there's a little bit of cloud cover out there this morning but it's high and thin enough where we think we're going to get some sun through the clouds fairly quickly this morning. overall looking at a day that features sunshine and cloud cover. now, our high is only going to be 89 degrees. actually rendered that graphic held the numbers from yesterday. 89 degrees is your high. 85 in allentown, 86 reading 87 trenton, 88 in millville and 86 degrees in cape may. less humid than it was yesterday especially as we go into the afternoon. and the areas that might hold onto the humidity a little bit longer would be down along the coast. as we take a closer look at the shore there is another renewed interest in rip currents today. so be careful to swim only near the lifeguards and pay
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attention to what they're saying. ocean temperature dipped to 65 degrees off of atlantic city. delaware in the mid 70's right at the mouth of the delaware bay. i think that number may pop up a little bit at times as we go through the day. but for now it's a little cooler and that might be the issue in some jersey shore communities. rip currents a possibility. for the phillies tonight looks like a pleasant night for baseball mainly clear, might be a couple of patchy clouds around. humidity should be on the lower side. 83 degrees for the first pitch and 76 in the ninth inning tonight. nice night for the phillies and dodgers. then tomorrow a change in the forecast. we are looking at an area of low pressure that will be approaching giving us a mix of sun and clouds but it now looks that low will be a little slower to arrive so we're expecting dry conditions and on friday as that low passes us by to the south it now appears that the best chance of rain and thunderstorms on friday will be south of philadelphia in south jersey and delaware, not great if you're down the shore but a better forecast for philadelphia and points north.
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your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we're going for a high of 89 degrees today. it will be the end of our heat wave if we can hold it at 89. if we do pop up to 90 it will be a nine-day heat wave and that will be the longest since july 2012 i believe when we had a 12-day cooker. sun and clouds on thursday, 85. staying dry. and then mainly looking at rain south of philadelphia. there might be something popping up in the city but the heaviest stuff and the thunderstorm activity probably to the south and a high of 82. then saturday it looks dry. clouds in the morning breaking for some sun 84. mostly sunny on sunday, a seasonable high of 86. and next week looking okay, 86 monday. by tuesday there could be a thunderstorm reemerging into the forecast. hey, it's still august and that's what happens. >> thank you, david. >> all right. >> new this morning the fbi is looking into the security of the e-mail server that hillary clinton used when she was secretary of state. that's according to the washington post. investigators have been trying to determine whether clinton sent or received classified
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information on unsecured e-mail. a spokesperson for clinton's presidential campaign says that the fbi is not targeting clinton. the roster for the first republican candidates debate has been announced. organizers say candidates were picked based on recent polling data. 10 of the 17 republicans will take part in tomorrow's prime time debate. the rest will be seen four hours earlier in the afternoon getting the highest poll numbers will be domhnall trump jeb bush and scott walker. new jersey governor chris christie just may made it at number nine. rick santorum will be part of the earlier debate. >> at the big board app now offers valets on the spot in parts of philadelphia t lux allows you to request a valet when you start your trip and when you arrive at that destination a driver will meet you there. it will go and park your car and bring it back to you when you are ready. luxe is only available from race to pine streets and from
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12th to 21st streets in center city for now. netflix announced employees who are new parents will be able to take as much time off work as they need during the first year after the child's birth or adoption. they will be kept on the payroll and won't be switched over to disability. netflix will allow parents to return full full or part time whatever they wish. the dow nasdaq and s & p 500 were all down yesterday and futures point top a slightly higher open. california is testing a program where you can buy lottery tickets right at the gas pump. the group called the cole will coalition against gambling expansion says the convenience will hurt the state's poorest people but many lottery players like the idea of not having to run into the store to get their tickets after filling up. >> it's 4:49. still to come on "action news" how new york city officials believe deadly outbreak of legionnaires' the disease is spreading. >> a grand jury clears officers involvedly in a deadly shooting in south jersey last summer.
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"action news" will be right back. blank blank
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use parental controls or the v-chip. learn how at >> welcome back on a wednesday morning. does not look like a wet and wild one unlike yesterday morning when we had those storms. this morning things are nice and dry and that means overnight construction here on the northbound side of 95 in the ongoing zone they're still blocking the right lane. you might see the flashing lights there.
4:53 am
they should be clearing out within the next 10 minutes but then we expect delays later on this morning here as we still get used to that new northbound traffic pattern. in fact, as we watch i think the overnight crews are clearing out from that right lane. should be gone here any second. there they go. see you again overnight tonight t well, also on 95 on the northbound side by the airport still have work going on on the right lane. in furlong bucks county we still have that accident involving the ups tractor-trailer that ran into the construction barrier and then caught on fire. so, york road, 263 shut down. stick with 611 or even 232 as alternates. on the turnpike watch on the for work going on at the fort washington interchange this morning but at least eastbound is opened unlike laughter evening between willow grove and bensalem. overnight zones on the northeast extension are gone so good to go on 476. tam. >> thank you matt. a camden county grand jury has cleared six police officers of wrongdoing in the deadly shooting of a suspect last summer.
4:54 am
the incident happened on the 400 block of berlin new freedom road in winslow in august of -- august 1st of 2014. prosecutors say 42-year-old daniel saint pierre had a gun and was struggling with officers before he was shot. audio of the confrontation was picked up by a dashboard camera. none of the officers were hurt. >> a deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease has struck new york city. 86 people have been infected and a total of seven people have died. the bacteria can be fled a mist from air conditioning towers which are on buildings all over new york. mayor deblasio is asking anyone with symptoms including fever, causing and shortness of breath to seek treatment right away. >> it's 4:54. we have a developing story coming up at 5:00. smoke and flames damage a berks county apartment building overnight. >> up next new video released from the church in new mexico where a small bomb went off during sunday services.
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good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'. >> newly released video shows the moment a small bomb explode at a church in new mexico. >> this is my -- >> the explosive went off in a trash can near the door of the church in las cruces. later a police police officer went up to the pulpit and asked everyone to leave a second bomb went off at another church in las cruces on sunday morning. no one was hurt there. the fbi is investigating both cases. >> new this morning, a remarkable case of lost and
4:58 am
found 70 years in the making. elgio ramos lost his wallet while serving in world war ii. it went missing when his battalion took shelter in an austrian farmhouse. ramos says he's happy to have that and other documents which are are a treasure to him back. >> "action news" will be right back with the story of the two men accused of cooking up more than just fast food at a taco bell in iowa. >> from the stands to the dugout chewing tobacco could soon be banned at boston's fenway park.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 5th. we're on a developing story. >> a man riding his bike is murdered execution style overnight. he was still straddling the bike when police arrived. >> also developing a multi alarm fire forces dozens of residents out of a berks county apartment building. >> a dermatologist claims he


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