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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 6, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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an american mother who honestly believes that i have the right to note what's in the food that i feed my family. >> that's guaeth paltrow on capitol hill appealing to lawmakers about genetically modified foods. she's fighting a bill that would block states from passing their own gmo labeling laws and she was joined by actress blythe danner her mom. paltrow is the face of the just label it campaign a coalition of organic food companies. microsoft has now joined netflix innouncing a more liberal leave policy for new parents. >> it could prompt a significant shift in other industries, as well. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> i feel good to be on the offensive. >> reporter: it's the battle of benefits. netflix, the online streaming company behind "house of cards" now rocking the corporate world. announcing a whole year of paid leave for new moms and dads. just hours later, microsoft coming in with its own offer,
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upping paid parental leave to 12 weeks. >> in the tech world, it's incredibly hard to find talented people. the competition is really, really high. and companies know they're being judged on worker policies and their culture. >> reporter: in the u.s. new parents are legally entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. but silicon valley has often gone above and beyond with all kinds of perks. from facebook and apple footing the bill for egg freezing to airbnbs $2,000 vacancy stipend, google's even got an on site bowling alley. but are the generous leave policies too good to be true? >> these are very competitive companies. there's probably going to be a cultural stigma about taking full advantage of a really liberal policy. >> reporter: and with competition for talent heating up these family friendly benefits could soon extend beyond the tech world. for "nightline," i'm rebecca
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jarvis in new york. >> i'm all for it, but if i was running for president, my number one campaign issue would be universal child care. everywhere. everyone should be able to go to a little local daycare center drop your kid off in a safe place that we pay into. >> you'd do well. >> that would be my campaign issue. i believe france does it for instance. they serve you nice healthy foods, almost gourmet level. they have a chef prepare it and the kids learn manners. >> child care is one of the most difficult things for new parents trying to get back to work. child care is very expensive. >> you maybe should think about running. >> i have thought about it at times. i don't have the funds. >> i'll support you morally but not financially. we have a policy here. coming up how you can keep from being seen in the same outfit twice. >> okay. and you don't need a celebrity budget apparently. the new trend renting designer threads. that's next. we'll explain on "world news
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now if you want your wardrobe to be fashionable but don't want to break the bank how about renting. >> a new service lets you look like a million bucks for a lot less. becky worley checks this out. >> reporter: celebrities are rarely seen in the same outfit
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twice but for tus mere mortals having that many outfits is an expensive pipe dream or is it. >> like a dream closet. >> rachel gwynn was one confident first to try rent the runway unlimited like netflix for designer clothes. >> let's seats there closet. >> you red did? >> wow. you are serious about clothes. >> yes i love clothes. shoes, bags all of it. >> reporter: her shopping habit cost her a fortune. now she pays just $99 a month to choose clothes, jewelry and handbags and have them all delivered. >> this retails probably for about $350. >> plus she got this jumpsuit and a cute dress to wear a few times and then return. >> you consider the idea of rental retail that you can get 30 different outif is in a month for a lower cost than buying 30 different outfits you can see why the rental model is appealing. >> reporter: users can have up to three items at a time and swap them out as often as they like. shipping and dry cleaning are
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all a part of the fee. >> i'm constantly looking at what's new on rent the runway. >> reporter: other similar services are cropping up like maternity clothing lender mind for nine. rent the runway was so popular when it launched they have a waiting list to join. >> we're excited about all the nut inventory. we have a lot of great stuff coming to the site. >> reporter: that spans from couture to casual. >> i get to rent bags, accessories and dresses. tens of thousands of dollars a year. >> reporter: a rental reality that's making this fashionista a lot more frugal. becky worley abc news new york. >> would you do it? >> do they have that for guys? >> that's a good question. >> suits are kind of tricky for us. >> if you're a woman, would you spend the $90 a month? >> that's an awesome question. if i were a woman. let me ponder that for just a
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couple more commercial breaks and get back to you. >> do you need a couple more commercial breaks? into po ponder being a woman, yes.
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♪ finally this half hour the ride of the future is here. it's a skateboarded that never touches the ground. >> how does it work? here's abc's david muir. >> hey. i need to borrow your whoever board. >> who could forget michael j. fox in "back to the future" that great get away on board his whoever board. many of us wanted one ourselves. but what was back to the future is now here ♪ i've been waiting all night for you to tell me ♪ >> the new images just released by lexus of a skate boarder floating several inches bob the pave the, above the ramp even above the water. but hold on. it isn't easy. a project 18 months in the making beginning in texas. >> guy around the corner fast as we could and we city up the jump
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and making it higher and we progressed quick, really quick. >> reporter: here's how it works. super conductors bathed in liquid nitrogen inside the board create a powerful magnetic field and beneath the board a track embedded with magnets creating their own field. when the two combine they will repel one another creating that lift. the kind of science that made marty mcfly fly. david muir abc news new york. >> people still holding out hope. >> you never know. >> they'll be floating around the streets of new york one day. >> sometimes movies become reality. >> all right. here's a reality for one of our viewers here. award this week's mugshot winner. your mug is on the way. >> we asked viewers for your favorite of underrated or obscure summer songs. you delivered lots of great ones were submitted. we're going with jenny's submission on twitter, we've babies by honeymoon suite.
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>> you remember this one? >> oh, yes. ♪ >> good one. >> and wave babies it's a song that peaked at number 59 on the canadian charts in 1985. it didn't catch on at the time. maybe we can spark a resurgence for it. wave babies they're lying on the sand. wave baby and i want them in my hand. that's an actual lyric from the song. >> great song. >> you like that, jack? >> yes. reena hit us with this the other day on the air. she recited a lyric from a song that nobody here and a group nobody ever heard of. you know this one? ♪ they're just waiting hesitating ♪ >> that's natural selection. a hit from the 1991 doing anything is what it was called. >> smooth to the groove like sandwich bread. >> she spit it out like nobody's business. ♪
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this morning on "world news now," the stage is set. republican candidates getting ready for their first big presidential debate. some are studying hard. others like donald trump apparently not studying at all. the race to the white house officially under way. another attack a gunman enters a tennessee theater with pepper spray, faces off with police and ends up dead. but his gun wasn't lethal. nobody was seriously injured. why are movie theaters bookkeeping targets? a drunk driver plowing through fences at an airport driving on to an active runway. how he was finally caught after crashing through more fences and taking heat and a celebrity's natural sun screen brand being called out by parents leaving their children with serious burns. it's thursday, august 6th.
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3r6 from abc news this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. hey there everybody. thursday rights? it's thursday. >> sure is. >> oh this is a big wonderful day. >> you have waited you have done this past year nba finals. the big boxing match. right? with pacquiao. >> this is the biggest event of the year for me. >> i've never seen. you are ultimately a nerd is what i decided. >> that's okay. nobody accused me of being smart. this is awesome. but the republican candidates are getting in some final prep work. we're finally here for this big, big debate. tonight's first debate. hours away from it. all the candidates except apparently donald trump who says he doesn't need to rehearse. he abc's tom lam yas is covering this thing for us from cleveland. >> reporter: donald trump dealing with a surprising new report.
3:02 am
aides confirming to abc news that president bill clinton spoke with trump just weeks before he jumped into the race. this could fuel attacks from other candidates at the debate that trump is too cozy with the clintons. trump telling "gma" at the debate he won't be the pitbull. >> certainly i don't want to attack. if i'm attacked i have to do something back. i'd like it to be very civil. >> reporter: candidates like senator marco rubio say their target is not trump. >> brp was able to be re-elected because republicans spent a lot of time attacking each other. so i'm not going to spend a second making life easier for hillary clinton to get elected. >> hillary clinton hillary clinton slamming republican candidate jeb bush as is out of touch after he made this comment. >> i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues. bush later saying he misspoke. he meant funding planned parenthood. the republican front-runner trump says he's not preparing for the debate but others like mike huckabee and ben carson are
3:03 am
both seen in front of faux podiums. >> my idea is not azinger but is more substantive value argument they can make about why they should be president or what makes them different than the other candidates on the stage. it's going to be very difficult for any candidate to break through. there's ten people on stage, little time and all eyes will be on donald trump front and center. tom llamas abc news cleveland. we turn now to the latest violent attack at a movie theater. this time we're talking about nashville, tennessee. the gunman who was shot dead by police has been identified as that man it, 29-year-old vincente montano. police say he was wearing a surgical mask when he pepper sprayed two women and cut a man with a hatchet. but the gun turned out to be an air soft pistol that shoots plastic pellets. >> you look at the gun, if someone confronted you with it you would think it was a real pistol. obviously an air soft gun makes noise. when that initial officer who
3:04 am
confronted him reported that the gun was aimed at him, the trigger was pulled that officer heard noises. >> montano has a history of mental illness and he had been committed four times for psychiatric treatment. officers blew up one of the two backpacks he was carrying containing a fake bomb. >> this follows two other deadly theater shootings as millions head to the movies this summer. it's raising new concerns about safety in those venues. abc's cecilia vega reports. >> reporter: it's the question families across the country are asking how safe are they inside america's movie theaters. >> we're in the movies an someone started shooting people. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, that shooting in lafayette, louisiana, the grand 16. surveillance video shows john russell houser buying a ticket walking past the concession stand and down the haul to a showing of "trainwreck"." he opens fire killing two people injuring nine others before turning the gun on himself. just monday "trainwreck" star amy schumer making a plea for
3:05 am
gun control. >> i've thought about these vips each day since the tlajdy. >> reporter: we all remember this. >> seven down until theater nine. seven down. >> reporter: aurora colorado 2012 the century 16 movie theater, a midnight showing of the "dark knight rises." a lone gunman carrying multiple guns fires into the audience. a dozen people killed 70 others injured. james holmes pleading guilty by reason of insanity. he now faces the death penalty. some calling for increased security from bag checks to metal detector. there are currently fewer than 507b metal detectors at america's 5,000 movie theaters beefing up security would be an extremely expensive endeavor. those detectors cost about $5,000 apiece. cecilia vega abc news new york. families who lost loved ones aboard malaysian flight 370 vented frustrations after
3:06 am
conclusions about a possible part from the plane. the malaysian prime minister roorpt announced the part was confirmed to be from the missing jet but french experts say they're still working on confirmation which could come later today. in central missouri four small children kern who had been celebrating a birthday died if a fire that nearly destroyed the top floor of a condo building. flames and smoke tore through the units so quickly firefighters weren't able to reach the children in time. they ranged in age from 2 to 5 years old and were related. cause still under investigation. a texas attorney general ken paxton has been ordered to appear in fairly court next week for a contempt hearing over same sex issue. at issue is the state's refuse to amend a death certificate which lists a surviving spouse as significant other instead of husband. it's just the latest legal trouble for paxton who faces three counts of securities fraud, as well. animal rights activists are calling on the minnesota board of denytristry to revoke the license of walter palmer saying
3:07 am
he sullied the profession when i killed a protected lion in zimbabwe zimbabwe. he said he did nothing and blaming the african guides that set up the killing for any wrongdoing. ryan smith has the details. >> reporter: theo bronkhorst arrived at a court accused of putting american dentist dr. walter palmer in position to illegally kill cecil the lion rejecting the case against him. >> i think it's frib lous and wrong. >> reporter: he led the expedition for palmer losing his license after alleged lid luring the lion out of the safety of a wildlife preserve. the killing created an international uproar sending dr. palmer into hiding his vacation home vandalized. though he has said he believed the hunt was legal, a white house petition demanding his extradition has 230,000 signatures so far. delta and american airlines announcing they will no longer ship big game trophies.
3:08 am
on twitter the #boycott ups growing to pressure the international carrier which has said it will continue to ship them as long as the hunts are legal. the trial postponed till september. if convicted bronkhorst could face up to 15 years behind bars. officials intensifying their efforts to bring palmer back into this country to face yuts for killing cecil. ryan smith, abc news victoria falls dim zimbabwe. a potentially life serving benefit linked to birth control pills. a study found the pill reduces a woman's risk of end doe meetritorial cancer. researchers say the longer a woman uses oral or contraceptives, the greater the benefit reducing her risk by 25% every five years. spicy foods. yes? >> i love it. >> you're going to live longer than i am. every time you dig in you're doing yourself a favor. we're told according to a new study it says eating those foods
3:09 am
twice a week reduces the risk of death from cancer and heart disease by up to 10%. seven times a week reduces risk up to 14%. chili peppers act as an antioxidant possibly and other spicy foods possibly, as well. >> i love red peppers on my pizza, eggs. >> on your eggs? you're going to live longer than i am. how about now, one for those incredible small world type stories. it all started at the mayo clinic in minnesota. a guy named larry was a patient there in 1988. >> larry lost his wedding ring. it had his and his wife linda's name inscribed inside. a couple years later it was found in a pipe by plumber named dale. his wife kathy wore the ring for 25 years because she wanted to honor the bride and groom. two weeks ago she met larry and linda's son and they spoke about the son. kathy turned over the ring to
3:10 am
larry and linda. they're all planning to meet and swap stories about where the ring has been. >> is there a worse offense than losing the ring? >> it's pretty high up there. it happened to somebody in my -- >> home? whoa.whoa. who did it? did he? >> not me. >> he did not. >> look who has a wedding ring. >> where was his ring? >> in the bottom of the long island sound. >> he doesn't have it still? >> no. >> does he have a replacement? >> not yet. >> how long has this been the case. >> this is big. my wife keeps a drawer of backup rings in case i lose one. >> if i was your wife i'd do the same teej. >> my goodness gracious. >> coming up we'll show you the real darkside of the moon ahead "the mix." first the desperate search called for one of the greatest divers of her time. picking up the sport later in life. >> that's a tough story. also jessica alba this fight to defend her all natural sunscreen in the wake of the
3:11 am
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impact video this morning from the airport in new orleans where a drunk driver made impact with a fence. driving right into the airfield. he made another impact driving through another fence, leaving that airfield.
3:15 am
the driver fled his car, arrest aid short time later and charged with driving while intoxicated and hit and run driving. no flights were affected by this incident though. a man in mississippi will make a court appearance today on gun and other charges in a case that raised fears of another attack against members of the military. those fears stepped from what was believed to be gunshots near a military baseballed camp shelby. alfred baria was stopped in connection with the case yesterday. turns out there were no shots. the loud noises that were heard was his old pickup backfiring. he was arrested because there was some guns in the trunk. baria can't be near fire arps because of previous drug arrests. his sons claim the guns are his. the underwater search for the woman considered the best free diver of all time has been called off. >> natalie mol chal know val disappeared while diving with friends off the coast of spain. mark gutman has is more on her. >> reporter: the search intensified for a champion of
3:16 am
the deep. natalia molchanova vanished into the depths. the mother fixed up the sport later in life holding dozens of free diving records, some of them unbelievable death defying feats. many of them chronicled on her website. including for breath holding, nine minutes and depth well over 400 feet. that's more than two statues of liberty stacked torch to base. but it was a shallow recreational dive barely 100 feet that may have killed her. sport officials saying she disappeared off the coast of spain sunday where currents were strong. while increasing popular, free diving is considered one of the deadliest extreme sports. divers are trained to ignore their body's cry for air. thee those convulsions? that's my body demanding to breath. >> breath breath. >> good job man. >> good solid five minutes. >> reporter: the sport has
3:17 am
claimed many of its greats and her family believes the depths she conquered may have claimed her. matt gutman abc news los angeles. >> it was so hard to watch matt do that. it makes me nervous. makes me very nervous. people who do this type of diving are called reckless and careless but she was passionate and loved what she was doing. >> the best at it. even the best at it can succumb to these extreme sports. that's so awful to hear. this is a recreational dive. she wasn't even try some record this time. that's awful to hear. coming up should you go natural in the sun? consumer reports weighing in on natural sunscreens. the debate has jessica alba on the hot seat. >> in our next half hour could your phone, yes your phone be hacked? one travel agent found out the hard way. how? he got a bill for $117,000. he got a warning here you do not want to miss.
3:18 am
you are watching "world news now." "world news now
3:19 am
defending a sunscreen sold by the company she cofounded. customers complaining it doesn't work. >> controversy is raising questions about the so-called natural sunscreens. abc's cecilia vega investigates. >> reporter: jessica alba on the hot seat nighting back amid controversy over the effectiveness of her company's spf 30 sunscreen lotion. criticism began earlier this week after parents weighed in online claiming the product is ineffective. >> it was like we used baby oil. this mom says posting a review on an another writing my daughter's back looked like a tomato and even blistered in one spot.
3:20 am
>> reporter: alba and her honest company co-founder chris gav gan defending their product explaining hers is one of many so-called natural sunscreens on market. >> my dream was to create the ultimate family brand. >> reporter: insisting the sunscreen has gone through extensive third party testing and passed all requirements. writing on their website we develop and use honest sunscreen to protect our own children. but those pictures reigniting a heated debate during the peak of summer do mineral-based sun screens work differently than sunscreens that use chemicals? mineral based sun screens are often zinc or titanium based creating a barrier between the sun and your skin while chemical substances use oxyto penetrate the skin and absorb the sun's rays. consumer reports did not test the honest company's product. but recently tested five other natural sunscreens where zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide
3:21 am
are the active greens. the magazine concluding mineral based sunscreens are less likely to offer skin the complete protection it needs. one of the reasons why mineral sunscreens may not perform as well as the ones with chemicals is because the mineral particles form an uneven surface on your skin and you may not be getting good coverage. >> reporter: in the end most dermatologists agree any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen. >> sunscreen is really important. you need to use it every day all year round even on cloudy days and no matter what your skin type is. >> reporter: cecilia vega abc news new york. apparently jessica alba's honest company has said they are promising to reach out to every single person who complained about the screen on social media and want to get to the bottom of this. >> i had no idea about that difference. one puts a barrier, one penetrates the skin. thank you, cecilia. i learned something. >> that's good. you know what sunscreen to use. "the mix" up next.
3:22 am
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incredible image. i like space stuff. you called me a nerd earlier. >> you are a nerd. >> this goes in line with it. this is something we rarely get to see. check it out. that's the earth, but you're seeing the moon pass by all right? but you're seeing the darkside of the moon. this is something we rarely get to see. the dark side of the moon was only seen for first time back in 1959 when the russians actually captured it. jack is doing the commentary still. but we have a satellite up there called the deep space climate observatory monitoring the earth from a million miles away and it catches this image. only able to do this twice a year to catch this particular image. also on earth, of course we don't get to see the darkside of the moon. that is what we're seeing in
3:26 am
this i can. that is just cool stuff. >> do you like pink floyd? >> not a fan. >> you know that song by pink floyd? >> i don't think so. but i've heard. >> it's called "dark side of the moon," right? >> you want to sing it? >> no. ♪ i'll see you on the darkside of the moon ♪ >> is that really how it goes or did you just make it up? >> got my backing from jack. there's a turtle who has, it's incredible. is instagram followers apparently 15.6,000 people follow him. and this is the turtle. he is the owner is a college student named mike miller. this is dwight. he saved dwight from the gutter. he starred putting his videos up on social media twice a week he would film him. dwight the turtle got his big break when tyrese gibson you know from fast and furious, he loved the video so much he shared them.
3:27 am
now he has hit hollywood stardom practically. he's going to have a storybook based after him, a new children's book. he's going to have a smartphone app and a console game. >> the turtle? >> featuring this turtle. apparently the owner, the college student said to break the internet all you need is one cute animal. people love him because of his size and he's such a go getter. he measures 1.5 inches and viewed 60 million times on facebook. >> that's his pet turtle. making it big. >> that's what we need. we should have had a mascot around here. >> what would you consider as a mascot? >> we need a bear. maybe a bear would be good for us. >> i'm sure the network would love to have a bear running around. >> we've done worse here. one more thing to show you. how are you on your push-ups? probably not this good. roll that will beautiful push-up footage. this is a fitness expert her name is adele la garcia she posted this on instagram. this is how she gets down with
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," theater attack, moviegoers in tennessee hit with pepper spray by a gun wielding masked man. the bizarre new discoveries as to what the suspect actually had on him. conflicting conclusions. family members of missing flight 370, malaysia airlines flight 370 react in frustration as differing reports over the airline debris found last week. what we expect to learn today from investigators. fighting back, ben affleck denying reports that his divorce was jennifer garner was due to an affair with their nanny. the alleged relationship that may have broken up one of hollywood's biggest couples. and airport livestock. the new method of landscaping. at chicago's o'hare international airport letting goat, cheap and burrows graze.
3:31 am
a win-win for the goat farmers and, of course, the jet set animals. it's thursday, august 6th. from abc news, this is "world news now" with t.j. holmes and reena ninan. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with another horrifying attack on moviegoers. a man armed with a hatchet, pepper spray and what appears to be a semi-automatic weapon. >> this time the target a nashville theater that ended with the suspect shot dead. more now from hunter kelly. >> reporter: the sound of gunfire echoing outside a tennessee movie theater. the final confrontation between a gunman and police that left the shooter dead in the parking lot. late wednesday, authorities identified that man as 29-year-old vincente montano he's from the nashville area and had a history of arrests and commitments for mental health issues over the years. he was armed with a hatchet and armed with a weapon that strongly resembles a
3:32 am
semi-automatic pistol. but as we know now, after examination, it is an air soft gun. >> the 911 call went in just after 1:00. two officers working nearby ran to the theater, one went inside trading shots with montano before backing out. the inside of the theater was thick with pepper spray. which police say drove out the other people watching the movie. customers in other movies were told to stay put and watch out for a man with a gun and a hatchet. >> we heard screams, we assumed because ""insidious" was showing in a theater nearby. we thought that must be a scary movie. >> we heard screams and then a shot. and then a little while after that, metro police came in and they escorted us out. >> reporter: the gunman eventually went out the theater's rear door where police shot and killed him. the bomb squad detonated the backpack the shooter was wearing. that backpack contained a hoax device. montano's motive remains a mystery. hunter kelly, abc news, antioch, tennessee.
3:33 am
>> jurors deciding the fate of colorado movie theater gunman james holmes cos begin deliberating his fate as early as today. jurors finished getting emotional impact statements from family members. several jurors were seen crying hearing about the loss. they must decide between a death sentence or life in prison for holmes. deliberations begin as soon as defense attorneys and prosecutors make the closing arguments. aviation experts in france are asking for more testing on that bit of plane debris that washed up a few days ago, this after the prime minister of malaysia went on tv to announce the wing part was in fact from flight 370. >> david wright reports from the paris. >> reporter: we finally know what happened to mh-370. >> it is with a very heavy heart. >> reporter: the malaysian prime minister breaking the news itself. >> that the aircraft debris is indeed from mh-370. >> reporter: this part of the wing is for now the only piece of the puzzle. international investigators say
3:34 am
the item known as a flaperon definitely came from a boeing 777. mh-370 is the only 777 missing so the flaperon likely belonged to it. we still don't know why it crashed or where. and even though reunion island is an ocean away from the search area, it is consistent with where oceanographers predicted the wind, waves and currents would carry floating debris. >> it's not going to tell us what happened. to 370. the real answer to what's happened to this airplane is sitting at the bottom of the ocean 1,000 miles off the coast coast of australia. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that is investigators here in france have not found a serial number that would connect the part definitively to mh-370. so the language they're using is extra cautious. saying it's their strong presumption that it's from the plane. french authorities have not yet investigated the luggage that also washed ashore on reunion island. so we may have more answers in
3:35 am
the days ahead. david wright, abc news, paris. president obama trying to drum up support for the landmark nuclear deal with iran. the president use aid speech at american university to take on his critics of the agreement, calling republicans' opposition knee jerk partisanship. he warned that there's only one alternative to this deal. >> so let's not mince words. the choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now. but soon. >> the president referred to critics of the deal as armchair nuclear scientists. he says if iran cheats, we can and will catch them. japan marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of hiroshima, local leaders calling on president obama and other world leaders to help make the world nuclear free.
3:36 am
tens of thousands gathered this morning to observe a minute of silence near the epicenter of the blast marking the exact moment the 1945 attack that killed up to 140,000 people. 459 days until the 2016 election. mere hours before the first debate of the republican candidates. whoo, we are ready. florida senator marco rubio among the first to arrive in cleveland taking time out for a rally on the city's westside. much of the focus will be on the front-runner donald trump. he says he has no plans to rehearse. trump could face some questions about his newly revealed phone call with former president bill clinton during which clinton reportedly encouraged trump to run. >> that's curious, isn't it? >> what do they say, politics make strange bedfellows. >> was that call before hillary got in the race? >> i'm not so surprised. you got to talk to everyone, right? cast a wide net. >> you do. let's turn to weather now. man, i'm excited about that. extreme weather. we're going to start on other side of the world
3:37 am
taiwan getting ready for what's expected to be a direct hit from this typhoon, this monster sorm right now. the storm will hit tomorrow with maximum winds around 130 miles an hour that's thequiv lentz of a category 4 hurricane. the island of saipan is just starting to clean up from the storm which roared through on sunday. they say it could take a month or two to restore power to everybody there. fire crews battling the stubborn and unpredictable fire north of san francisco say they're starting to make some progress. the rocky fire is now about 30% contained but changing winds continue to spark flare-ups. flames scorched nearly 70,000 acres, destroyed more than 40 homes and threatening nearly 7,000 more. and in today's forecast, gusty winds from northern california up to the pacific northwest. oppressive from phoenix to oklahoma city, scattered storms in florida. severe weather from the upper great plains up to 2 inches of rain in the ohio valley. >> triple digits in phoenix and
3:38 am
dallas. 90ss in denver albuquerque, and new orleans. 80s notice portland chicago and boston. 70s in seattle and detroit. what could be considered a genius idea. >> this is good. >> you think so? >> i like this a lot. >> we'll let you guys at home died. decide. there's a pair of jeans that helps keep your iphone charged. >> this is how it works. they're called the hello jeans from a los angeles based company. the jeans vance twos discrete the idea is simple. the jeans have two discrete pockets one for your phone and the other for your battery. >> you can plug in your phone and charges. apparently the pocket for the phone isn't big enough to hold the iphone 6 but it does fit earlier versions. i would worry about it getting too hot. they get a little bit hot sometimes. >> they do, but i put my phone in ni back pocket all the time. if there was a way to put it in the pocket without having it charge, that is what i need. >> am i getting horrible radiation? >> do you worry about butt cheek
3:39 am
radiation? >> we've got enough to worry about. a tree lover protesting the old fashioned way by refusing to get out of the tree. >> one way to do it. what do you do if your phone bill says you owe them $100,000? how in the world could that happen? it's not your data plan. >> later in "the skinny," the stunning allegations surrounding ben affleck and jennifer garner's divorce. the reports of an affair with their nanny. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ou by colonial penn life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85 this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. it's a rate lock for your life insurance that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful.
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>> that's kimberly cisneros she's been camping out in that tree in washington state since tuesday, basically she's trying to stop a construction company from taking the 75-foot douglas fir down while it builds a housing development. people say that the company is willing to not press charges for now. >> she's not going to get arrested. it's more of just a waiting game just wait for her to decide to become uncomfortable enough where she doesn't want to be in the tree anymore. >> how do you go to the bathroom? don't you need to eat something? apparently the company indicated there's a limit to its patience. cisneros' supporters say she's got plenty of food and water and the right disposition for a standoff like this. i guess that explains the bathroom issue. disposition. >> okay. let's turn to police now. those police trying to track criminals by using cell phone locations need to get a search warrant first. a federal appeals court made that ruling involving two men convicted in a series of
3:44 am
armed robberies near baltimore. the court found investigators who tracked their movement through cell phone towers violated the constitution's ban against unreasonable searches. interesting. we'll stick with the phone theme of sorts here. a phone bill for a small travel agency in california was $427.52 for the month of june. so imagine the shock in the month of july when the bill came in at $117,000. >> even stranger, all of those charges happened over the fourth of july weekend when the office was closed. kabc's leticia suarez has the story. >> reporter: chris pohren runs a small family travel agency in red lands. he uses his phone lines to book his clients on exotic trips, never expecting the same phone system would take its own international trip thanks to hackers. >> they were able to rack up
3:45 am
over 5,000 minutes in calling to africa which was in the $7 a minute range. so yeah when i got my bill it was $117,000. pohren says the hackers used his call forwarding and international long distance services to commit the fraud over the fourth of july weekend. his carrier verizon alerted him and shut down his phones but he says the company could have warned him and prevented the holiday breach because he had two smaller hacks just days earlier. >> i got a call on my cell phone saying hey, we can't get through to your business line. we're getting an adult hot line. it's like my word. >> reporter: he says verizon quickly restored his phone system in those two instances but never told him to change his phone's password. we reached out to verizon. a spokesperson says it is the responsibility of the phone owner to secure their own phone system. but that verizon is working to resolve the issue. >> how did they not catch this a little sooner?
3:46 am
have a cap on it at $1,000 or $2,000? >> he has since canceled his call forwarding and long distance plans. it's been a tough and stressful lesson, but pohren says he has this is advice. >> reset your passwords from time to time on your phone system. >> yeah. >> i'm wondering whether he had to pay those charges, but -- >> i would hope not, right? >> kind of crazy. >> who knew that was possible. hack everything. >> got to be careful there. >> we've got to get rid of our devices. >> i've been telling you that wired corded phone for the 1980s is pretty good. >> that's what he had. >> well -- >> it was a land line. >> but i don't know. i don't know anymore. stop using the phone. maybe that's the advice. >> we've got "the skinny" coming up next. what may have ended the marriage between jennifer garner and ben affleck. say it ain't so. >> and mariah carey photo bombed. "the skinny"" up next. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
>> and mariah carey photo ♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ >> topping "the skinny" this morning, a shocking claim about what might have ended the hollywood marriage of ben affleck and jennifer garner. >> the reports are out there ben affleck is having an affair with
3:49 am
the nanny. affleck's reps are strongly denying this. this nanny is a 28-year-old by the name of christine ozounian and she used to be the live-in nanny for neil patrick harris. >> it appears she no longer works for the family. "people" magazine reports the marriage was on the rocks when the family went on vacation in the bahamas in june. it was there garner found out about the affair which she called "the ultimate betrayal." the couple announced their split on june 30th. garner right now filming in atlanta has the kids with her. affleck holed up at his home in savannah, georgia. >> john tour the, his 16-year run as post of the daily show," it comes to an end tonight. >> the guest list is secret tonight. the producers say the show will run longer than usual. last night comedian louis c.k. told stewart your time was up. >> i think the most reliable way to take a good thick and make it go bad is to hold on to it too long. >> i think that's right. >> so you've got to let it go.
3:50 am
and also, it's really time to go. >> no, it's not. he could have done another ten years, right? >> he could have, but he makes a good point. you go out on top. >> ""the daily show"" is a comedy show, but it's had a pretty big impact on public affairs and yesterday, the newseum in washington, d.c. announced they will acquire ""the daily show"" set and put it on display so people can come there and visit and see it. >> they've done solid reporting on that show. >> they have. couldn't they have waited till the elections were over? >> i would have been okay if he waited one more week to get past the republican debate tonight. >> you're right. >> i would have loved it. mariah carey got the 2,556 star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> paparazzi lined up to watch the unveiling. the honor marking her extraordinary success 18 number one hits, more than 200 million albums sold and five grammys. >> she was upstaged. her 4-year-old twins moroccan and his sister monroe were during
3:51 am
the accept tense speech demanding that they had equal time on the microphone. it took an entire team of kid wranglers to keep them away from the program. that's awesome. eventually, she had to cut her speech short saying the kids were taking off -- her off stage. you can't predict that moment. that is a fantastic moment. >> that is great. "vanity fair" out with their idea of who is the best dress including three american newcomers. >> number one, samantha cameron, the wife of britain's prime minister. she does have to dress up for events at buckingham pal palace but number two on the list, there she is, you know her well. taylor swift graces the "vanity fair" cover this month. third this star here, misty copeland, new principal dancer at the american ballet theater, the first african-american to hold such a post. >> fourth the countess of wessex back to some familiar territory, fifth place, amal
3:52 am
clooney, not an american but married to one and sixth, rihanna, yellow gown for the met ball last may. gorgeous. >> look at that thing. e'll be back. thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at ♪a one, a two, a three percent cash back♪ sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. ever since darryl's wife started using gain flings, their laundry smells more amazing than ever. (sniff) honey, isn't that the dog's towel? (dog noise) hey, mi towel, su towel. more scent
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♪ urrow burro. burro. finally, this half hour at o'hare international airport in chicago, passengers taking off for places all over the globe can now look out the window and see a virtual petting zoo. >> farm animals that like to eat grass are doing the landscaping. as paul meinke of our chicago station reports, they have just the right crew for the job. >> reporter: run, creatures run. 'tis time for chow. well, actually come to think of it, you can eat anytime you want because the grass grows here at o'hare just beyond the fence where the airplanes land. goat, sheep, llama and burros are the landscaping alternative
3:56 am
to humans because the animals can go where the mowers can't. >> what one animal doesn't eat, the other animal does. so you have less invasive plants. >> reporter: less invasive plants, slow grass means fewer rodents, means fewer birds. birds and planes don't get along and all this animal mowing done at low cost. there have been no demands for wage hikes. >> they don't charge any overtime either, do they? >> no, they just nibble away. >> reporter: they do take breaks. they are allowed to take baths. sometimes they get confused. dude, the camera is not edible, okay? they were so excited to see us, one of the goats tried to commandeer a car and another interrupted our interview. >> as the sheep is approaching us, but it's not a killer sheep. >> yeah, it is. this one's pip. >> reporter: pip is a sheep with an ornery disposition who without just cause headbutted two photographers and had to be cooled from further offense with water spray.
3:57 am
>> let's keep pip that way, please. >> reporter: take a hike. butch the burro is supposed to maintain order but he's young. and needs to get his feet firmly planted. no alpha male yet. all this is called the sustainable vegetation initiative. government speak for green grazing. in its third year, it appears to be a success. six acres far north of o'hare looking good. there's a big fence. no concern with the noise and the animals are happy. all except for pip who needs an attitudinal adjustment. at o'hare, paul meinke, abc news >> cute? >> cute. i do love my animals. you're not such a big fan. >> of animals? love animals. that was a cute turtle we had earlier, wasn't it? >> don't miss updates on facebook more news. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. now,"
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, theater attack. another movie interrupted by vice. a man wielding more than just a gun. what we've learned about the suspect and the officer who came face-to-face with him. hours away from the highly anticipated gop debate the candidates making last-minute preparations and how bill clinton helped donald trump get into the race. we're live in washington. major mistake, a home surrounded by bounty hunters. they ended up at the wrong house and wait until you hear who lives there. and signing off. jon stewart preparing for his final "daily show." it's a moment from last night's show that has everyone talking.


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