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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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scam involving this house is costing victims thousands next. >> kathleen kane said swho not resign and in her words that would be a resignation of guilt and i'm not guilty. >> the big story on "action news" tonight is indietsment of
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attorney general kathleen kane. she is charged with extremely serious offenses. like perjury and obstruction of justice. montgomery country district attorney. >> when someone is entrusted with upholding the wall and violates that oath and violates the law he or she is bound to uphold we're all victims, every one of us. and when an elected official violates the public trust and violates his or her oath it is up to us to stand up and hold that person accountable. "action news" monica malpass has been looking at developments in this case and reaction to those developments. monica what stands out. >> reporteer: interestingly enough she has been dogged for controversy since she sa assumed office in 2013 this could be toughest battle yes. montgomery county da charged with charge her with deviceing a scheme to punish add sayrey and leaking grand jury information
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and lying about it. >> this was her war based upon the evidence conducted without regard to the rules without regard to the law and without regard to collateral damage the battle may intail. >> fir dman not leave out words when she blasted for playing hard politics. kane was sworp in firman said kane thought he was trying to undermine here. they called for kane to step down ooh after the charms. >> to have one filed against her compromises her just filing of that will make it difficult for her to do her job as top law enforcement officer while she has to at the fend herlself. >> she issued a statement refusing to resign her tone saying "attorney general kane conspired with none own at no
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time did she think she was asking anyone to do anything improper and unlawful. in explaining to the grand jury she uttered no lie. it is the public that is the big loser in all this. >> there's been a number of folks that faced all kind of allegations not good for any of us and it's forget about us. it's not good for public. >> this investigation and charges makes me pro fundly sad. >> kane is state ago 48th attorney general first woman and democrat ever elected to the office. we'll see where the legal show down takes her after the da governor all aligned themselves against her. >> thank you monica. one person is feared dead in a grinding crash along the white horse pike. the scene of the collision between a pickup truck and sedan is in area of manheim avenue galloway township. it happened after 8:00 and two people are in the hospital an a
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short strep of the highway was shut down during the investigation. >> and this was emotional scene in folcroft delaware county tonight a community coming together tonight to mourn 11 together tonight to mourn 11-year-old boy found dead in the darby creek on monday. dozens of people held candles as she shared grief and memories of laquan late i more. they released balloons in his memory. late i more drowned and they do not believe there was any foul play. philadelphia police are on the hunt for the man seen in this surveillance video chase this surveillance video chaseing a woman down the 700 block of passyunk avenue and 28 block of passyunk avenue and 28-year-old victim was running away after the suspect had asawlingted her a.m. last friday in queen village. he stole her cellphone before running off. and investigators are asking anybody who knows who the suspect is is to contact police suspect is is to contact police. >> and a tense standoff in the somerton section of northeast philadelphia was resolved tonight without violence.
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police officers originally went to the home on the 10,000 block of again street to get a man committed for mental helm reasons. >> first arrive >> first arriving officers pulled up and our suspect was on the front lawn and had a large sward which he dropped upon aapproach of officers and ran inside the house. and he indicated the officers that he had other weapons inside. >> after several hours swat officers used robots to locate the man inside and eventually took him into custody and he has minor injuries and is not facing criminal charges. police say they are sending him to get the mental health he needs. >> philadelphia police say they are closing in on 4-year-old man scaming people who want to rent his west oak lane apartment. dann cuellar is live with the story here. dann, what's the story here? >> . >> reporteer: jim here we go again we've seen these scams on
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craigslist again the only thing that changes are names of victims and accused. >> this is the guy they're looking for in alleged craigslist scam 4-year-old harry moore. since march he listed this house in the,000 block north fayet street for represent and taken deposit money from at least four people responding to the ad. but police say in each case they then fabricates stories that the property is no longer available and refuses to refound their money. tomorrow rosea and boyfriend are mopping the alleged victims are mopping the alleged victims. >> we answered a craigslist ad and we went to see the house and then gave him a deposit. >> and the couple gave him another1500 as the date aapproached an a neighbor thrilled to warn them moore was runing a scam. >> he was not getting bad vibes off him i gez he was good at it off him i gez he was good at it. >> how are you feel now. >> angry. >> tell me about it. >> now we're displaced and i have a two-year-old. >> reporter: in all moore made off with $10,500 in people's
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deposit monday. a neighbor is not feeling good about what was going on next door. >> uncomfortable and worried because living here next to him and the things he's done to so many people i feel my family and home in is jeopardy. >> rosa and fiancee are not out,000 but the lease expired at the other place and have no place to stay. >> it's heart wrenching that you could put a family out. i have a baby now we're out of the house. >> now you don't know what to do. >> now we have no place to go. everybody lives in jersey or delaware. so yeah it's going to be hard for us now. >> police say there are active arrests warrant for 44-year-old harry moore. they don't know his whereabouts and are asking anyone who knows where he is to contact police. we're live in northwest detectives i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, dann. police are warning a south
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philadelphia neighborhood about a window washer allegedly up to some dirty tricks. he has been going around the area near front and mckean washing windows without anybody's permission and then demand to be paid. most of the target are elderly. 78-year-old joan donnelly says the man walked into her house yesterday evening. >> i was thinking who is he you know? i mean he just walked in. and i said, who does he know? >> stop, leave our neighborhood alone. we don't need you to wash our windows we can wash our own windows and leave the held windows and leave the elderly alone. >> here's the photo of of the man they snapped and they're not identifying him because he was not charged with a crime and police are questioning the man before determining if any charges shoulding filed. >> the papal visit could mean additional day off for philadelphia school students and the district is asking for approval to keep schools closed
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on thursday september 24 and schools scheduled off that wednesday for jewish holiday. yom kippur and friday in preparation for the pope. >> we believe that they will need more time and want buses not on the road and students not transported during time in which they're getting ready for pope arrival. >> the school reform commission will vote whether to approve the additional day off on august 20. that's when the vote comes. as for monday after the pope leaves, no decision has yet been made currently schools are scheduled to be on. >> as we gather more details on the papal visit and its impact on region which will be substantial, we will be posting it all on rights now you can review the traffic boxes, bridge and highway closures and plus the pope's public itinerary for the end of sglpt word has come that the amoroso baking company is
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planning to close bakery in south philadelphiach the plan is 845 south 45 street and will close in fall and re on in bellmar, new jersey in joint venture with own orr's of ginsburg bakery. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the plant tonight and apparently the deal is 00 workers will be laid off and they can apply for the openings in new jersey. >> sgriming jim that's rates they can reapply layoffs will begin in october. they try they tried hard to keep the new facility within the philadelphia area. she says they have no chase but to move because they outgrew this facility and they needed a more modern one. >> amoroso's the philadelphia fixture will shut down the southwest location and relocate to bellmar new jersey working with ginsburg bakery in south jersey, 151 foods will operate the new facility and continue to produce amoroso brand
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products. the company began notifying employees wednesday nights and 200 employees will be laid off starting in october and can reapply for jobs at the new location through 151 foods. amoroso family began bakery in the 19 0s in den new jersey making the move here. residents say they will miss waking up to their favorite neighbor. >> i'm going to miss smelling this at 5:00 in the morning. smaeling the bread and i live on 55th. >> and company is also bringing in consultants to help those employees reapply for their positions and we reached out to the union tonight and have not heard back. one concern is for those employees who do not drive that may have a more difficult commute if they were to get a job in new jersey. for now reporting live in southwest philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you annie. after contentious debate
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neshimany school board rot sod ratify a tentative contact with the teachers and the deal is just for one year and includes a freeze on salaries and holds line on healthcare contributions. >> still to come on "action news" tonight a wake-up call and the government says schools should be doing something different to start the day and come to the help of sleepy students. >> the fireworks started early and the republican field did not disappoint. i'm karen travers i'll have a full recap tonight from cleveland. >> light rain showers have arrived and i'll let you know how much of a damper they put on friday and details on the weekend including shore and poconos in the accuweather forecast. >> rachel gets married and alas it is not to ross. we have details of jennifer aniston's secret wedding and ducis rogers with an update on chase utley's return to philly when's "action news" continues tonight
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>> for two hours tonight the top ten republican candidates
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for president at least according to polls took part in campaign first debate campaign first debate, debate before a before a large audience with booze boos. >> it sounded like a cleveland cavaliers game, jim, this debate did not -- lived up its name. no surprise donald trump commanded spotlight every chance he got. for most part opponents avoided getting down in the mudd with him. >> the fireworks started early. >> mr. trump. >> i cannot say i have to respect the person that if it's not me. >> he's already hemming bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> quickly put on the spot and asked to explain past comments as fox moderate as fox moderator called
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disparagey against women and no apology from the business mogul apology from the business mogul. >> the big problem this country has is being politically correct. >> the other kond enders trying to bring focus back to issues. >> illegal immigration hot issue and this field had differing opinions. >> a majority of candidates on this stage supported amnesty i never supported amnesty. >> i believe a great majority of people coming here illegally have no other option and they wanted to provide for their family but he need to control the border. >> firing debate between ron paul an eye doctor and isn't new jersey governor chris christie former prosecutesers of a government surveillance program. >> i want to collect more records from terrorists but less records from innocent americans. >> when you sit in subcommittee blowing hot air about this you can say things like that. >> you fundamentally misunderstand the bill of rights. >> talking about donald trump and his place notice spotlight
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the other nine candidates for the most partying in order him opting not tone gauge him. that didn't stop trm from getting in digs. >> our leaders are stupid and politicians are stupid. >> one thing the entire field can agree on hillary clinton. the republican candidates blasted democratic front runner and insisted they would take the country in a better direction. reporting live from cleveland. karen travelers "channel 6 action news." >> as for the democrats we have to wait until october to see those candidates face off. the field on democratic side significantly smaller, five candidates vie candidates vying for nomination candidates vying for nomination. they'll debate for first time on october 13 in nevada and five other debates will follow including show down in new hampshire which will be broadcast right here on channel 6. and the man that went on attack inside a move attack inside a movie theater attack inside a movie theaterner nashville yesterday was warmed with variety of items that police say he inend
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tended to use as weapons. montano was carrying propane, lighter fluid, pepper spray, hatchet and carrying what we now know was a fake gun. montano had a history of mental illness. inside the theater he released pepper spray and wounded a man with a hatchet. he was shot and killed by police. malaysian officials say more debris from flight 370 is wash ago sharon indian ocean island and french investigators say they're not shore the original piece of debris is from the from ill fated flight. united states and australia have stopped short of confirmation. those family on board the flight have waited days for infinitive information. a wake-up call from federal government about sleepy school students. centers of disease and control and prevention res leased a
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study showing more than 4 and 5 middle and high school students have to start school before 8 have to start school before 8:30 in the morning despite recommendations of american academy of pediatrics and u.s. education secretary to push back start times so youngsters can get enough sleep. they perform better with 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 hours of sleep. if they don't get enough sleep they're at risk to be overweight, suffer from depression and get in drowsey driving accident and engage in risky behavior such as smoking drinking and doing drugs. and that's on top of poor performance in school. the cdc reports two-thirds of high schoolers failed to get 8 hours sleep on school nights. >> let's get the accuweather forecast for the next 7 days and here's cecily tynan. >> jim we have light rain showers out there right now. stormtracker 6 double scan showing that they're really con find to southern half of viewing area and on the light
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side. we have stephier rainfall ago cross parts of burlington yount i and if you look at the line rain showers are not going to be advancing knowledge of the line. it will be moving down south as we head to morning hours. temperatures comfortable. you don't need air conditioning throughout or right now or inside now it's 7 33 outside and allentown 68. millville 72 in wilmington and trenton currently 74. our high today, 8 35 degreess in philadelphia that's one degree below normal and we have low humidity so it felt good. satellite 6 and action radar showing you see the ribbon of light rain over us and if you look south they're dealing with pockets of heavy rain across virginia and low pressure triggering the rain will move off the coast along the border of virginia and north carolina. we'll be missing out on bulk of rain. all about location tomorrow morning. norm of philadelphia, lots of clouds when you wake up.
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south of philadelphia we will see occasional showers and you really have to get far down south near atlantic city over to dover to get steadier light rain in morning and it will not last all day as we head through the day into the afternoon the low pressure says goodbye and high pressure builds in and we'll see showers fine along the coast inland and waiting for clouds breaking for sunshine but cool someday tomorrow with high of only 80. if you head to the poconos no rain in the poconos the next three days it will be nice, sun and clouds, 76 tomorrow. saturday mostly sunny, 78 and sunday partly sunny high of 78 deagrees as well. very comfortable on the mountains. down the shore tomorrow, lots of clouds and showers holding on looking at hon and off showers a good day for indur activities. 76 degrees. and saturday the showers move out, breezy partly sunny high of 8 0. and sunday shrug beautiful most and sunday shrug beautiful mostly sunny high of 8.
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the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow, clouds, some showers south of philadelphia and mainly in the morning and somewhat cool day for august standards with high of 80. we're back to 85 on saturday. any morning clouds giving way to sunshine and sunday sunshine low humidity high of 86. monday, partly sunny, 4. tuesday we get more humid and bit unsettled with some rain perhaps thunderstorms, 84. but then we clear things out on wednesday. partly sunny, 86 and thursday mostly sunny for high of 86 deagrees. just a few showers around mainly in morning tomorrow and all in all the weekend is looking really nice. >> thank you, cecily. >> well reports say jennifer san i stone has married her long time boyfriend justin thoreaux. it took place in front of family and friends at her bell air home. they met in 2008 and became
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romanicily involved 2011. this is his first. aniston's second of course she was married to brad pitt from 2000 to 2005. >> heroes come in all shapes and sizes even or four legs. we want to introduce you to "maverick" a mercer county sheriff officer k-9 that saved the life of a person who may have drowned without help. david smithson were honored tonight at council. on june 10 "maverick" and smith on june 10 "maverick" and smithson tracked a person to the banks of delaware river and they found that person in chest high water and saved his life. fat yogurt. it's a delicious choice you can feel good sipping. discover the goodness of dunkin's new smoothies today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> a lot of offense the question she did the phillies have enough of it. >> they did not. >> 28 hits in the game some 18 runs combined and if you look for pictures between phillies and dodgers sorry they were not at their best. wild high score ago fair tom brown three run blast from ten rose deep 5-3 phils. dodgers get runs back in second dodgers get runs back in second, adrian gonzalez three-run homerer 6-5 la after two innings and bu kansas 7 runs four innings and 10-6 la in ninth and franco drives in between phillies down. brown representing winning run double play to end the game. phillies lose 10-8. >> any time i score six runs off grenke you like to think
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you win the game. it did not pan out. we could not hold him down. >> it was impressive to put the runs we did up and give ourselves a chance. that's tough to do. >> . >> scoring that many runs off him and not getting a chance to win hurts. >> phils head out on nine game road trip and utley will be along for the ride. he's said to be off the disabled list and will play in sanding a owe. he plans to play utley four days a week. eagles coverage is ahead and they all fall down. why sam bradford and company are landing on their backside
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well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview
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and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing.
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and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. >> the eagles had an off day yesterday app i bet if you ask the players it flew by.
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back on the field today well most of them. squaim james explains. >> first significant injury of training camp linebacker alando everybody had high hopes for suffered concussion tuesday at the linc. he'll be held out for a while. demarco murry held out of camp today because of illness. he missed monday's workout with low hydration levels. everyone's eyes on the quarterback. tim tebow had a great day connected on some nice throws to few receivers. he looks sharp and sam bradford has not missed a beat. his knee held up well and he said he's pleased with how he's doing four days into camp. >> i think i feel better than what i was expecting and i thought my knee would hold up and i was not sure. hi not put it through four days of practice coming into camp. but the way it feels now it feels great. >> here's something i had never seen before after practice quarterbacks got a private lesson on how to fall properly
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included tumbling too. theory is if they fall right they'll be less likely to injury themselves. >> i hope so or we look foolish doing it. >> saw that ninja warrior workout intense in case we walk down broad street and rhonda rousey tries to knock us out. >> in a previous lifetime i taught karate and that's how we taught little kids how to fall. that's it from eagles training camp "channel 6 action news". >> i saw a picture of jamie doing a full kick. >> i've seen the same mikt. >> don't mess with her. >> it's impressive. >> jimmy kimmel is live. >> it was on face back wasn't it. >> a lot of people saw it. >> i'll post it tonight. >> "action news" continues what tamala edwards, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for "action news" i'm jim gardner, good night
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>> dickey: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jon hamm. from "masters of sex," lizzy caplan. comedian jesse eliasa. and music from sheila e. with cleto and the cletones. and now, from this point forward, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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