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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  August 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, the at 6:00 a.m. on this sunday august 9th, eva will be along at noon. deadly crash one person is dead after a car loses control and smashes in the tree in center city offer night. a fast moving fire burn three buildings. plus it is your last chance to see eagles in action before they bee gap the preseason. meteorologist chris sowers has the the exclusive accu weather forecast, in this glorious weekend. >> yes, yesterday. >> good morning, everyone. it is early. here's the the view in atlantic city. if you are just waking up down the shore this is another day featuring those rip current, so again, just like yesterday
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exercise caution if you are in the water. we had beaches closed in avalon because of the rough surf. it will be another rough afternoon if you are doing boating or swimming down there otherwise, fantastic day in the 60's and 07's right now. there is no humidity, very comfortable. the just slightest breeze out of the northeast at five to 10 . al than town at 63. philadelphia is better. millville 62. fifty-five in the poconos. trenton checking in at 64. satellite six with action radar we had a coastal storm develop off the del marva that threw back included cover across interior south jersey but that is all pushing east and we have nothing more than just a combination of sun and clouds. the out there right now. that is what you can expect throughout the day. combination of the sun and cloud, we will call it pleasantly warm. eighty-three. by 3:00 o'clock 86 and by 6:00 s anticipating a high of 86. sun silhouette at 8:06.
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we have much needed rain in the seven day forecast. i will go overtiming and how much you can expect when i see new a bit, nydia. stay on top of the changing conditions for this week by checking out six through will find access to satellite and radar for our area for the hourly forecast from accu weather. remember to will follow our team of meteorologists on social media for expert insight. new this morning a young driver is dead after his car slammed into a tree, in center city philadelphia. the action cam was on the 400 cam of lombard street. police say the driver a 21 year old man and three pass eveningers were in the car when it hit the tree at a high rate of speed. vehicle went airborne and smashed in the wall outside old pine community center. it then landed on its side. driver was pronounced dead at the scene. three passengers were not injury. now, also new this morning a suspicious fire has gutted a north philadelphia restaurant, and the restaurant owner's home. action cam was at the scene in
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the 2400 block of north broad street. the fire, broke out a little before 2:00 in the three story vacant home on the block. the it quickly spread to another vacant home. then ripped through asian american restaurant on the corner property. the owners were still in the restaurant at the time. they got out safely but the restaurant again very badly damaged and two store ace above the the restaurant where they lived was also in bad shape. investigators believe someone may have started the blaze. a 19 year-old man is in serious condition after getting shot at his own party. the the action cam at the scene in the 1600 block of locust street. police say dozens of people came to the party to support the 19 year-old who was preparing to go to college. but at 10:45 last night someone at the party started arguing with the 19 year-old outside the hoist. investigators say the suspect pulled the gun and shot the young man. the victim was at penn presbyterian hospital. the suspect ran off and remains on the loose. kathleen kane has been
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officially charge with perjury and on trucks of justice. pennsylvania's attorney general surrendered to authorities yesterday. kane and her attorneys continue to deny any wrongdoing. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the details. >> reporter: kane entered the montgomery county building that houses the the county detectives right on time saying nothing to reporters on the way in. on her way out using a different door avoiding the media all together, instead her attorney spoke pointing out holes in the state's case begins kane. >> these players, it leaves out players, it leaves out communications it is just a very small part of the story. >> reporter: kane was arraigned by a magistrate judge using closed circuit television on charges that she leak confidential information to the philadelphia daily news last year, from a 2009 grand jury investigation and later lied about it under oath. prosecutors say that she did it in retaliation against a former state prosecutor, who allegedly made her look bad. that prosecutor, frank fina who work under then attorney
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general tom corbett and prosecuted jerry sandusky n september a statewide grand jury which met in montgomery county recommended charges against cain. on thursday, prosecutors announced the charges against her. >> this is a important case for citizens of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. it is a sad day, in that there has been an arraignment now for the chief law enforcement now in the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: in 2012, kane became first woman and democrat elect as pennsylvania's attorney general. the scranton area native touted as a rising political star has said she will not resign despite these charges, a rocky three years in office and call for governor tomorrow wolf to step down. kan it is free, on $10,000 bail, until she intimidates any witnesses in the case. the prosecutors say that is a routine bail condition. as for the next time sheila peer in court she's scheduled for a preliminary hearing august 24th at 1:00 p.m.
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trish hartman channel six "action news". six is your home for fink updates on this story. that is where you can find raw video of kane, the the list of charges against her and details about the the history of the investigation. activist, stole the spotlight from democratic presidential candidate, bernie saunders during a campaign stop in seattle. >> if you do not... unaudible >> sandes just started his speech, several thousands people yesterday when two black lives matter act vice took over the microphone. after waiting 20 minutes sanders tried to take the mike back but was shoved aside. then, just waved good bye to the crowd. during a rally at university of washington late their night sanders a addressed the issues raised by the the protesters. he told the crowd no president will fight harder to instant institutional racism and reform the criminal justice
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system. on the republican side there has been a shake up in donald trump's campaign. campaign says that trump fires roger stone, one of his top advisor but stone maintains he quit and even gave the campaign a resignation letter n that letter stone said he was unhappy with the direction of the campaign, and the current controversies involving trump. trump has been under fire because of his comments about "fox news" host megny kelly when he said she had quote coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her where ever. new information on the deadly legionnaires disease out break in new york city. officials believe they have now contained bacteria that caused the disease. five more buildings in the south bronx have tested positive for potentially deadly legionnaires disease. all of the buildings have had their cooling towers cleaned the ten people died and a total of 108 sick even in the out break. officials believe that the out break is now subsiding. we have now learn that an american solder was killed in the militant attack at a
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special operations base in kabul, afghanistan. we first told you about the attack yesterday morning. military says that the green barrett was killed in an explosion outside of the headquarters of the camp integrity on friday night. the attack came hours after a suicide bombing attack outside the gates of the police academy in kabul that killed 20 recruits. happening today, the eagles will hold their last open practice, at training camp. it will happened at the link at 11:00 a.m. the team will honor military personnel today. quarterback sam bradford was very sharp yesterday hitting receivers in tight spots. chip kelly says bradford looks great and is not showing any problems with his surgically repaired knee. we will have much more on the eagles practice in your sports report later in this half an hour. the rock band oar will take main stage for day three of the music fest. it was a beautiful weekend in bethlehem.
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as i was there on friday night enjoying duran, duran. it was plenty of things to keep cool at the event. a record 550 musical acts and musical artists are scheduled to level at this years festival. music fest runs from august 16th and 6 abc is proud to be the media sponsor. that concert by the way duran, duran, thursday night not saturday night. still much in more to come this sunday morning lawmakers want changes to those extra fees we pay to fly. we will have details on what they will recommend. jersey shore beach had to be closed after strong rip currents formed. we will have word on whether avalon beaches will be opened today. chris? nydia, they will see strong rip currents down the shore once again this afternoon, plus we're tracking heavy showers and thunderstorms in the seven day forecast and we're heating up again by the the end of the week. i'll have details right after this. cain. more than a dozen of beachs
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in avalon could reopen after strong currents formed a dangerous cliff. according to published reports beach patrol closed beaches from ninth to 24th street yesterday after seeing cliffs as steep as 5 feet. the beaches are expected to reopen today, conditions, permitting. hopefully they do just a glorious really nice weekend. >> for such a small storm we were tracking developed off the del marva yesterday and produced rough surf and rip
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currents. once again there is a threat for rip currents down there this afternoon. you will to have exercise caution, just pay close attention to the life guards, the storm is pulling away but as generated quite a bit of power. that why is we are seeing rought seas out there out there. gorgeous shot. all is quite it this sunday morning and very comfortable. we are at 72 degrees. how nice is that. in the 50's once again we will remain in the afternoon. thinks another nice day. wind any/northwest at 5 miles an hour a iron that storm is starting to exit and pull out to sea. wind are shifting out of the northwest. sixty-three allentown. fifty-five in the poconos. sixty-six in wilmington. millville 62. due points staying in the confident zone, staying below 60 degrees. that will change after midnight tonight especially monday and tuesday as we start to see more moisture moving in. enjoy it this afternoon. it looks lovely out there satellite six with action radar is there the storm right
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now. it develop right in through here and fortunately the storm never came up the coast. yesterday would have been just flat out miserable. the it pull more out to sea but throwing back those waves and we saw rough surf off the shore there and that is why we saw rip currents with the enhanced risk, right here from atlantic city down to cape may which also included the delaware beaches. things will begin to wind down, late in the day but early on again you have to watch out for rip currents. sun and included throughout the afternoon is call from accu weather. future tracker seeing same picture. then we will get into monday, excuse me and there could be a morning shower, otherwise, a combination of sun and cloud early with the increasing cloud late. monday night into tuesday is when we're watching for potential of heavy thunderstorms. there will be very slow moving storms capable have downpours and flooding as well as gusty wind. they will pull out as we get into tuesday morning but then another batch moves in here tuesday afternoon. it is much needed rain but only fear at this point is we
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start to see too much rain in a short period of time. that could produce a little bit of flooding. we will have to watch tuesday morning closely and see how it pans out. poconos mostly sunny very comfortable. 77 degrees is the the forecasted high. new jersey shore ocean temperatures right around 70 degrees. we have that enhanced risk for rip currents. sun and clouds. 80 degrees is the forecasted high the on the sand. won't be as breezy as yesterday. as we look closer at the wave action generated from that storm. we have five to 6-foot swells right off the coast. the the waves will be pushing inland and slamming the shoreline throughout the day and that is what will cause those rip currents once again during the morning hours. eighty-five in reading. lancaster 82. allentown 48 this afternoon. sun and clouds. very pleasant. philadelphia 86. millville 84. cape may and atlantic city will check in at 80 degrees. exclusive seven day forecast turning more humid tomorrow, increasing cloud 85. monday night into tuesday, showers and thunderstorms
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drenching downpours will on degrees for tuesday. wednesday sun and clouds eight 46789 thursday partly sunny. eight two. numbers start to increase, saturday we are close to 90 degrees. right now early call for sunday puts us in the 90's. that could stick around for a couple days. so enjoy comfortable weather by mid week, it will turn hotter by even of the week. nydia. >> chris, thank you. there is a call for government crackdown on added fees whenever you fly. from choosing a seat, ticket or checking a bag even bringing a carry on, extra fees seem to be taking over, right? it is a billion dollar a year business for the the airlines but now some lawmakers have said, enough. abc's adidi roy has details. >> reporter: a call from major government crackdown on airlines for those added fees to ticket prices. recent report release by minority staffer staff of the senate commerce committee claims fees, checking baggage, change, cancellation charges are hidden, confusing and
6:17 am
unfair. according to the report between 2009/2014, 3 carriers increased baggage fees by 67 percent. more carriers increased domestic cancellation fees from $150 to $200, or 33 percent. for preferred seating it is one of the categories in which airlines offer the least transparency. >> sometimes it is very tricky. airlines will make it seem like only seats available are upgraded seats so you pay extra when you don't have to. >> reporter: experts say customers can protect themselves by reading the fine print. >> i go through the process to buy ticket look for fees associated with it. it should be easy. make sure you have added them all up were you get to the final click to submit button and fit seems more expensive go back and compare again and look at other airlines before you buy that ticket. >> reporter: airline industry is fighting back, saying it would be difficult to find an industry that is more transparent then airlines in their pricing.
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>> the report recommend to make it more clear that preferred seating is optional, limit change fees and refund back charges for flights delayed for more than six hours. adidi roy, abc news, los angeles
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and regular sewed ara top of the list of things people try to avoid in the diet. 62 percent avoid drinking diet soda. 61 percent say they avoid regular sewed a those are major changes compared to american soft drink habits a decade ago. young boy in the schuylkill county pennsylvania is getting quite the reaction, from his community. eight year-old, iain cook was upset when he saw a car and struck and killed a duck while driving, and so he wrote a letter asking the bureau council to add duck crossing signs. >> and my mom told me about if i wanted to, i could write a letter. >> good for him. council voted unanimously to install those signs. council members say that the boy will likely be on the other side of council chambers one day. i bet he will be.
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buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. welcome back everyone 6:25. sunday morning. we were talking about rip currents earlier for jersey shore. we had that risk yesterday. it is elevated again today. we have rough surf. there is i guy sitting there looking over the water. you can get a feeling for how big these waves are crashing on the beach. right now we are seeing four to 6-foot waves and it is all thanks to this area have low pressure right here. this storm generated these huge swells, that are pushing toward the coastline. virginia beach, dell marv, getting up toward manhattan. this whole area saw very high ziza djordevic yesterday thanks to that storm. now as we set satellite six with action radar in motion you can see that storm is long gone but we are feeling after effects from this in the form of those larger waves and gone fact that we will see rip currents later on. otherwise a nice day, sun,
6:26 am
clouds, temperatures right around 80 degrees from atlantic city down to cape may. delaware beaches slightly warmer about 82. nydia. >> chris, thank you. turning to sports now fightin phillies are living up to that moniker these days. they are no longer struggling in last place in the nl east. here's jeff skversky with all of your sunday morning sports. >> hey there, the the way phillies are playing it feels like 2008 all over again. phillies have been best team in baseball since the all-star break and they are no longer the worst team in baseball. phillies back in san diego, this is how phillies fans feel right now. look at padres grounds crew guy, next season buddy, with dancing with the stars. phillies, chase utley lead off double lead to the rbi single in the first. herrera can hit like the bull and run like one too. later he scores on the wild pitch. two to nothing phillies. then in the third it is herrera happy hour up the
6:27 am
middle gets through. he accounts for their first three runs. phillies win four-two. the the phillies are on a roll and out of last place. former phillies star jamie moy erin duck in the seattle mariners hall of fame last night. he spent 11 seasons in seattle before coming to the phillies in 2006. he had hamels on hand as well, moyer has most wins in mariners history. kiko a licenses owe remains sidelined at eagles camp with the concussion. everybody else fine. michael kendricks, zach ertz and demarco murray return after missing time. demarco murray a full go back at training camp but running back in the running with the starters yesterday. ryan matthews and darren sprawls got first time reps. sam broad forward gets the majority of the reps at quarterback. he looks great after back to back left knee surgeries but let's be honest until he is in a game, a week from today, it
6:28 am
is hard to judge the the progress. >> he is getting more comfortable, the more 11 on 11 he gets and pocket awareness and things like that but i think that is what we expected when we traded for him. >> he is a leader. obviously we know he is a great quarterback. he has all of the skills. i think he has a calmness about him. he will be a great player. eagles have an opened practice today at the link. that is sports, i'm jeff skversky, have a great day.
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a large tree came tumbling down across a heavily used road in philadelphia leaving drivers stuck for a few hours overnight. a philadelphia playground becomes the scene of the shooting that send a man to the hospital in critical condition. on a much lighter note it will be a gorgeous day across the delaware and lehigh valleys. but prepare for rough wet's ahead in your workweek. meteorologist chris sowers here with your accu weather details. >> twenty-four hours, that is it. >> seven day forecast. >> we can handle that. >> lets get you outside and show you the view down in cape may, and it is another gorgeous morning out there, low humidity levels. lots of sunshine. everything is nice, and calm. the exception being the rough surf that we continue to see thanks to the coastal storm that is pulling away. is there a high risk for rip currents once again down the shore. early though that is the only
6:31 am
fly in the ointment. this is a beautiful day across the board from the poconos, down in delaware and new jersey shore. 65 degrees in martin's creek. fifty's showing up for mountains. tannersville 55 degrees. the pottstown 64. coatsville 61. new holland 66. glassboro checking in at 67. jamie's beach 63. smyrna 65. dover a very comfortable 63. your satellite six with action radar, skies are clear for the most part. a few high cloud to the west. we will see a combination of sun and included during the afternoon hours. sort of similar to what we saw yesterday. maybe not quite as much cloud cover across south injuries ace what we saw yesterday but very similar day here at least in terms of sky cover. lunchtime 83. by 3:86. by 6:00 o'clock 84 degrees. is there our forecast high of 86 right on par for this time of the year. that is our average. looking at that thunderstorm threat, we don't have any today. tomorrow we should stay dry. tomorrow night into tuesday is
6:32 am
when weather turns active. i will focus on that when i see new ten minutes. nydia. >> chris, thank you. new this morning part of the lincoln drive was closed overnight after a large tree fell over on the road. it happened just after midnight near, gypsy lane in fairmount park. city work crew where is called to cut up the tree and remove it from the road. many motorist were stuck on lincoln drive for several hearst because they could not turn around. new this morning, a man is in critical condition, after getting shot at a philadelphia playground. the action cam was at the scene, the play ground in the 5300 block of somerdale avenue in oxford circle. police say the victim, a 26 year-old man, was shot in the chest just before midnight. he was taken to einstein hospital. so far, police have not made any arrests or indicated a motive for the shooting. the search continues this morning for suspects in the deadly shooting in north philadelphia, yesterday evening. police were called to the 600 block of west mayfield street just have after 6:00 p.m.
6:33 am
that is where they found a 29 year-old man shot in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are also looking for a gunman in the triple shooting in kensington. it happened on the 3200 block of e street yesterday afternoon. police say a 46 year-old man was shot in the chest and killed. a three three-year old man was shot the in the back, and at temple university hospital in critical condition. a 59 year-old man is in stable condition with two shots to the chest. police say so far they have no motive for this shooting, either. pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer is now officially finding herself on the other side, of the law defending herself instead of prosecuting. attorney general kathleen kane turn herself into police this weekend surrounded by her lawyers and security detail. kane arrived at the detective's boro in norristown yesterday afternoon where she was quickly processed. she was then arraigned on several charges including felony perjury. prosecutors say kane leaked confidential information from
6:34 am
a 2009 grand jury investigation to a newspaper last year and then later on lied bit under oath. they also alleged that the 491 year-old democrat released the information to retaliate against a former state prosecutor because she thought he made her look bad. kane didn't enter a plea and refused to talk to the media. her attorney claims that there are holes in the state's case begins her it leaves out players, it leaves out communications. it is really only a very small part of the story. >> kane is free, on $10,000 unsecured bail. she will remain free, as long as she doesn't intimidate or retaliate against any witnesses in the case which prosecutors say is a routine bail condition. kane is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on august 24th. philadelphia police continue to search for the driver of a pickup truck, after they say someone in that truck stabbed and killed a man was just warning the driver he was going the wrong way on
6:35 am
a one way street 21 year-old thomas ewing was walking home with friend in the 7300 block of reveer street in the northeast just before 3:00 yesterday morning. police say ewing yelled to the driver of the pick up that he was heading wrong way. police say someone then got out of the struck, stabbed ewing three times, and then took off. those that knew ewing said he had a promising life ahead of him and dreams of becoming a police officer. >> we're all in shock. we just can't believe this happen. he was a up are guy. he had his whole future ahead of him and then this happened. >> police are looking at a surveillance video that shows a truck pulling out of the parking lot and going the wrong way. the truck is described as dark blue or black, maybe a ford f150 or 250. if you have any information to help police, you are urged to call them immediately. the police officer who shot and killed a 19 year-old man, is in south carolina last month has now released a statement describing what he
6:36 am
says happened. police lieutenant mark till are said he fired into zachary hammond's car because he was afraid hammond would run him over. incident happened at a fast food restaurant parking lot but lawyer for teen's family says the physical evidence from the shooting contradicts, his story. the lawyer says the evidence show ham and was shot twice through driver side window and that bullet entered his back. the fbi and arlington texas officials are investigating the shooting death of the unarmed black teen by a police officer. authorities say officer brad miller shot 19 year-old christian taylor several times during an early morning incident on friday at a car dealership. officer miller is described as a rookie who was nearing the end of 16 weeks of field training. >> no real problems, you know, a good man. >> the medical examiner has ruled taylor's death the a homicide.
6:37 am
christian taylor played defensive back at angelo state university. the the team has acknowledge taylor's death on the twitter page. a peaceful march was held yesterday to mark one year anniversary of michael brown's death. tomorrow, marked a year since the unarmed black 18 year-old was shot to death by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri. his death sparked the black lives matter movement and months of protest in st. louis as well as across the country. a moment of silence will be held later today at a memorial created in brown's honor. then a silent march will take place through a church for a community service. here at home it has been more than seven years since a young couple was killed, execution style, inside their chester county home. yet today investigators are no closer to finding their kill are and their families are in closer to finding closure. here's rick williams with his crime fighters report. >> reporter: betsy branch feels the pain have losing her
6:38 am
daughter every day. >> my daughter was everything. she was my only daughter. she had a very, very bright future. >> reporter: at the time of her death 21 year-old shawnta peterson had been in the relationship with cornell parker for nearly a year. on saturday night, july 5th, 2008, she had gone out with family and friend. peterson stayed behind in the parnel's house in the 200 block of coatsville. parnel return home early july 6th alone. police say sometime after 2:30 d peterson were shot. parnel's younger sister was also in the home but she was unharmed. >> this is a very bold attack, by these perpetrators. these two individuals were taken to the living room of the home, and then shot in the back of the head, execution style. >> i'm very, very, very angry. i'm mad, inside. this didn't have to be.
6:39 am
>> reporter: the citizens crime commission is administering a $10,000 award for arrest and conviction for person responsible. just call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> i just want answers, i want these people put away. >> reporter: for branch, the seven years that have passed has not dulled her pain. >> it is just not right, when a mother has to put a child in the grave, it is just in the right, it is in the right. it is not normal. >> reporter: for crime fighters, i'm rick williams for channel six, "action news". folks were busy outside the philadelphia art museum this weekend working on a project for the pope's visit next movement it is called undoing the knot. people who stopped by wrote anonymous statements on strips of cloth. many people wrote down their personal struggles. the strips were then woven into a large great grotto for pope's visit in the end of september. today tens of thousands have
6:40 am
been collect for the artists who says she hopes to collect even more. "action news" is your source for information leading up to the pope's visit in the world meeting of families next movement just follow us on our special twitter handle at six abc pope. there is still much more to come on "action news" sunday morning, planning a wedding, but strapped for cash? why a funeral home may be your answer. plus, a wild fire burning in northern california has turned deadly for those trying to bring them under control. and sky 6hd taking a live look right now at wilmington delaware. meteorologist chris sowers will have your exclusive accu weather forecast. "action news" returns in just a moment. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are
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not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care.
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we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. killed battling wild fires in north california. a u.s. forest service official this morning said one of the fire fighters were killed last night. he was struck by a tree. fire fighterser beginning to gain ground on containing the blaze in northern california. all evacuations have been lifted and people are finally being allowed back inside their home. cooler weather has helped crew as lot. wild fire is now more than 60 percent contained, after burning through almost 109 square miles. time now for accu weather. it has been a really pleasant weekend. >> yesterday was great. fantastic. that is my ideal weather yesterday. >> yes. >> let's show you what is going on. i love when you have the sky like yesterday with high thin cloud and the sun kind of of
6:44 am
still shines right through it. but because you have those thin cloud the sunnies not blasting you like on a complete thely sunny day. today should be similar. we will see a combination of sun and cloud. we will lose breeze we had yesterday but still should be very pleasant out there. we have low humidity levels and temperatures in the low to mid 80's for high temperatures across the region. sixty-three in allentown. eighty-four today. poconos 55. philadelphia 72. wilmington 66. millville 62. cape may about 66 degrees. humidity stays in check this afternoon. as long as we are's in the 50's, that is pleasant. you can see that number increasing and it will be higher then 60 monday have afternoon. it is a reading taken during the morning hours but by afternoon it will be more like 65 and 66. tuesday is high humidity levels. then a cold front pulls through. look at this, we will go off the scale again, 50's and 40's. we only have 24 to 36 hours, of uncomfortable weather across the delaware valley this entire week. everything else should be all right. we have satellite six with action radar.
6:45 am
a few high thin clouds across central pennsylvania, schenn dough a valley, baltimore, d.c. metro area. that is bit. fair weather cloud. nothing will turn threatening. very quiet morning around the mid atlantic. looking at surface map today that low pressure system that produced large waves yesterday still producing large waves today and working its way out and pushing northward in new england. it will be replaced with high pressure this afternoon. as we get into monday we will watch this small area have low pressure that is quite potent. it will have have a line of showers and then are storms that will cross monday night into tuesday, and when it does so these will be slow moving storms, with the potential to produce flooding. as a matter on have fact, here are risk for monday night into tuesday morning. high probability of cloud to ground lightening strikes and heavy torrential downpours expect after midnight monday night into tuesday morning. strong wind, moderate risk. large hail and tornadoes not completely, off the board but it is a low risk for those.
6:46 am
future tracker six showing again after midnight monday night into tuesday morning, we will see those drenching downpours. we will catch a lull in the action late morning in the first part of the afternoon. and then by two or 3:00 on tuesday, we will see another line of heavy showers and thunderstorms. that line as well will pre dues those drenching downpours. monday night into tuesday in the looking very nice at this point. today looks gorgeous. partly sunny, pleasant in the lehigh valley. 84 degrees. low humidity levels. jersey shore, very nice day, sun and included. be on the the look out for rip currents. pay close attention to the life guard just like yesterday we will have four to 6-foot swells battering beaches. 80 degrees is the forecasted high in the sand. you will lose that breeze. gusty wind yesterday of 25 miles an hour, maybe five to 10 miles an hour out of the northwest. not a bad day. sun and cloud. real nice one for philadelphia a86 degrees. the wind north east at five to 10 miles an hour. then very quiet overnight tonight. partly cloudy.
6:47 am
63 degrees in the suburbs. seventy for center city. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 85 degrees for monday. notice increase in humidity by the afternoon. increasing cloud. the monies dry, monday night, into tuesday, you can see the showers and thunderstorms with the heavy downpours, only 80 degrees tuesday. wednesday pleasant 84. thursday kind of cool for august standard, 82 and then friday and saturday we're heating up again 87 and 89. >> thanks, chris. dozens of philadelphia police officers, rode their bikes this weekend to remember a fallen police officer. the bike race started at the philadelphia police academy and ended up at the living flame memorial at sixth and race street in northeast philadelphia. the philadelphia fire department, provided a fire truck with a ladder extended over state road with an american flag. lieutenant sean lynn took his own life in february. before the race began, organizers presented lynn's family with the american flag to recognize his services to law enforcement.
6:48 am
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it is 6:49. 72 degrees. feels terrific. sky 6hk taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. it looks terrific feels terrific. have a great day, everybody. there is a new trend in wedding location that is may offer a strange solution for cash strapped couples. funeral homes are opening up their doors to couples for wedding ceremonies and receptions and other events. it may sound a little creepy but it is cheaper for couples who are having a smaller ceremony or who are on a strict budget. >> for me, it wasn't anything exception or different because we are in the business of hospitality. the event happens to be funeral but there are also other events here. >> aside from weddings, funeral homes are being made available for other events, including birthday parties. sometimes shopping on your cell phone can be frustrated.
6:51 am
abc's becky worely talk to bloggers for their secrets mobile deal hunting. >> reporter: shopping on your phone, first off, the the streaming is kind of small and the screen is small. most people window shop but they don't hit the buy button until they get on the computer. how come. security code. entering your information is labor us. >> this part it is just a pain. >> in a study by comp score shoppers said they struggled to find discount codes on their phone. >> probably about 90 percent of our purchases on my mobile device. >> guess who loves to shop via smart phone millennials so we turn to some of you tube's finest. >> my name is sonya castaneda. >> reporter: they see shopping as entertainment. >> i discovered a lot of new products because it is in the
6:52 am
palm of my hand. >> i find at least 40 percent more items on line then i ever would if i was shopping inside the store. >> it is fast facial. >> reporter: next we tax he will two complaints with one solution. instead of shopping on your phone's browser. >> most big retailers have an app on the app store and they save your credit card mowers of the timereport if you you do buy through browser. >> i'm obsessed with using pay pal and which i know i hate filling out. >> reporter: sony uses apple pay that is gaining tracks. >> set up your card fur once and after that everything is shopping at a click of the button. >> reporter: finally they say shopping through retailer's app offers more discounts, and reward then trying to find pro mow codes. >> they offer push notification toss let you know when things are on sale, providing coupons and things like that. >> reporter: i took their advice, used their app, hit the buy button. moment of truth. i like it. i like it.
6:53 am
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at 10:00 o'clock followed by "action news" at 11:00. a fire destroyed building number four of the columbus farmers market in mansfield warren county. it has been a tough nine months since the blaze but new construction and light at the end of the tunnel are looking to spare merchants and customers alike. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the latest. >> reporter: columbus farmers market ace live and well and on the road to recovery after a devastating fire last year. steel frame is up and construction is underway on a brand new 15,000 square foot building at the center of the market on route 206 in mansfield. >> we're accommodating a brand new food court with lots of indoors and outdoor seating and five brand new restaurants and other stores. >> reporter: it was back in november a major fire destroyed building four and the ten businesses inside. the rest of the market reopened just a couple weeks later. >> a lot of people thought the whole thing would close. i'm glad they were opened right away. this is a stapel in the area everybody loves coming here.
6:57 am
>> it is eye opening a lieutenant to look at. it is a century overload but i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: managers are hoping that the building undercover trucks will breathe new life in the market which has been suffering a bit since the fire. the outdoor flea market hasn't taken many of a hit but business has been down at the stores inside. >> it changes the track of flowing. it slowed down a little will bit. it would be good to have it up again. >> reporter: since the fire customers have had to go outside through a walkway to connect to the other buildings and new construction will eliminate that. >> that has been what we have been waiting for, because we need the traffic flow to get back to normal. >> reporter: new building will feature bathrooms instead of the portable poddies outside and vendors welcome additional seating in the food court a lot of people have their food and eat but they have in place to sit. it would be nice. >> reporter: building four of the columbus farmers market is expected to be completed this fall n mansfield i'm nora muchanic for channel six
6:58 am
"action news". is there another hour of "action news" sunday morning straight ahead. here are some of the stories we have got for you. a pennsylvania man creates a unique ad to find a wife a new kidney. a washington state high school teacher is out of the job, for having a little bit too much fun on a school trip. we will have another complete update from meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather, we will be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, at 7:00 a.m. on this sunday august 9th. eva will be along at noon. deadly crash, one person is killed, after a car, loses control and smash necessary to a tree in center city overnight. a fast moving fire burns three buildings, and one couple is now homeless. plus your last chance to see eagles in action before they begin the preseason. first outside we will go to meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning, it is beautiful out here. we have clear skies. a slight breeze on city avenue but very comfortable temperatures. we are sitting at 72 in the city. sixty-four allentown. poconos got down in the low to mid 50's this morning. we are up to 60 degrees. trenton 63. millville 63. avalon 66. here's satellite six with action radar.


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