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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  August 9, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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on this sunday august 9th. eva will be along at noon. deadly crash, one person is killed, after a car, loses control and smash necessary to a tree in center city overnight. a fast moving fire burns three buildings, and one couple is now homeless. plus your last chance to see eagles in action before they begin the preseason. first outside we will go to meteorologist chris sowers and accu weather forecast. good morning, chris. >> good morning, it is beautiful out here. we have clear skies. a slight breeze on city avenue but very comfortable temperatures. we are sitting at 72 in the city. sixty-four allentown. poconos got down in the low to mid 50's this morning. we are up to 60 degrees. trenton 63. millville 63. avalon 66. here's satellite six with action radar. is there yesterday's storm.
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fortunately staying far enough out to sea so that south jersey and jersey shore only saw cloud cover. heavy rains were well off shore. as that storm continues to strengthen and pull off to the north east, it is generating some pretty good swells. matter of fact here's a live view looking down at the the atlantic city beach and we have three to 4-foot waves, good three to 4-foot waves battering the beaches once again this morning and that is producing those rip currents. matter of fact some beaches yesterday in avalon were closed because of the rip currents that were developing and some beach erosion that was taking place. the beach patrol is out there right now. they will be surveying things to see if they can open up the beach this morning. here's the call for the beach, rip current risk once again is on the moderate side, you have to pay close attention to the life guard. wind north at ten to 15 miles an hour. sea of three to 5 feet. rough surf. 86 degrees in the city.
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jersey shore around 80 with a combination have of sun and included in the poconos, mostly sunny, beautiful. 77 degrees. that is your forecast high up there. when we come back we will talk about the threat for trenching downpours, thunderstorms, monday night into tuesday, and then we are backup in the 90's by end of the week. all straight ahead in ten minutes. nydia. >> thank you, chris. stay on top of the changing weather conditions ahead for this week by checking out six you will fine access to satellite, radar images for your area plus hurley forecast from accu weather. remember to follow our team of meteorologists on social media for inside on all weather events. new this morning a young driver is dead after his car slammed into a tree in center city philadelphia action cam was on the 400 block of lombard street. police say the the driver, a 21 year-old man and three passengers were in the car when they hit the tree at the the high rate of speed. the the vehicle went airborne and smash in the wall outside old pine community center. it then landed on its side.
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the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the three passengers were not injured. and also new this morning a suspicious fire has gutted a north philadelphia restaurant and the restaurant owner's home. action cam was at the scene in the 2400 block have of north broad street. the the fire broke out a little bit before 2:00 this morning in the three story vacant home on the block. they quickly spread to another vacant home and then ripped through asian american restaurant on the corner property. owners were still in the restaurant at the time but got out safely but restaurant was very badly damaged and two store ace above the restaurant where the couple lives is also in bad shape. up investigators believe someone may have started the blaze. a 19 year-old man is in serious condition after getting shot, at his own party. the the action cam at the the scene in the 1600 block of locust street. police say dozens of people came to the party to support the 19 year-old who was preparing to go to college. but at 10:45 last night, someone at the party started arguing with the 19 year-old outside the house.
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investigators say during that argument the suspect pulled the gun and shot the young man. the the victim is at penn presbyterian hospital. the suspect ran off and remains on the loose. kathleen kane has officially been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. pennsylvania's attorney general, surrendered to authorities yesterday, kane, continued to tea any any wrongdoing. "action news" reporter trish hartman has the the details. >> reporter: kane entered the montgomery county building that houses county detectives right on time saying nothing to reporters on the way in. on her way out using a different door avoiding the media all together. instead her attorney spoke, pointing out holes in the state's case against kane. >> it leaves out players, it leaves out communications, it is really only a very small part of the story. >> reporter: kane was arraigned by a magistrate judge in collegeville using closed circuit television on charge that he is she leak confidential information to
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the fill daily news last year from the 2009 grand jury investigation and then later lied bit under oath. prosecutors say she did it in retaliation against a former state prosecutor who allegedly made her look bad. that prosecutor frank fina work under then attorney general tom corbett and prosecuted jerry sandusky n december a statewide grabbed jury which met in montgomery county recommended charges against kane. on thursday, prosecutors announced charges against her. >> this is an important case for the citizens of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. it is a sad day, in that there has been an arraignment for the chief law enforcement officer in the state. >> reporter: in 2012 kane became first woman and democrat elected as pennsylvania's attorney general. the scranton area native first touted as a rising political star has said she will not resign despite these charges, a rocky three years in office and call from governor tom wolf to step down. kean is free, on $10,000
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unsecured bail unless she retaliates or intimidates any witnesses in the case. prosecutors say that is a routine bail condition. kane is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on august 24th at 1:00 p.m. in norristown trish hartman for channel six "action news". six is your home for continuing updates on this story. that is where you can find raw video of kane arriving for her arraignment, list of charges against her and details about the history of the investigation. activist stole the spotlight from democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders during a campaign stop in seattle. >> unaudible. >> your event will be shut down right new. >> sanders is just starting his speech to several thousand people yesterday when two black lives matter activist took over the microphone. after waiting about 20 minutes, zappedders tried to take the mike back but was shoved aside. he then waved good bye to the
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crowd. during a rally at university of washington later that night sanders addressed the issues raised by the protesters. told the crowd no president will fight harder to end institutional racism and reform the criminal justice system. on the republican side there has been a shake up in donald trump's campaign. campaign says trump fired roger stone, would be of the top advisors. stone maintains that he quit. he gave the campaign a resignation letter. in that letter stone said he was unhappy with the direction of the campaign, and the current controversies involving trump. trump has been under fire most recently because of his comment about "fox news" host megny kelly. said she had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. new information this morning on the deadly legionnaires disease you the break in new york city. officials believe they have contain the bacteria, that causes the disease. five more buildings in the south bronx have tested positive for potentially
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deadly legionnaires disease. all of the buildings have had their cooling towers cleaned. ten people have died and a total of 108 have been sick even in the out break. officials believe that the out break is now subsiding. we have now learn that an american soldiers was killed in an militant attack in a special operations base in kabul, afghanistan. we first told you about the attack yesterday morning. the the military says a green barrett was killed in an explosion outside the headquarters of the camp inn telling grit on friday night. the attacks came hours after a suicide bombing attacks outside gates of the police academy in kabul that killed 20 recruits. zero seven years ago today the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city of nagasaki, japan killing 74,000 people. during today's solemn ceremony in front of the cities memorial honoring those killed by the bomb, the cities mayor called for an end to all nuclear weapons. a bell told at 11:02 a.m. exact time when bomb exploded
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over the the city. japan surrendered six days later ending world war two. happening today, the eagles will hold their last open practice at training camp. it will happen at the link at 11:00 a.m. team will honor military personnel today. quarterback sam brad forward was very sharp yesterday hitting receivers in tight spots, chip kelly says bradford looks great and isn't showing any problem with his surgically repaired knee and we will have more on the eagles practice in the sports report later in this half an hour. rock band lar will take main stage for day three of music fest. it was a beautiful weekend for the musical festival, from fresh lemonade to frozen beverages there was plenty of things to keep people busy at the end. a record 550 musical acts and artists are scheduled to perform at this years festival. music fest runs through august . six abc is once again proud to be a media sponsor.
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is there still much more to come on "action news" sunday morning, caught drinking on the job? a a washington state high school teacher is now unemployed after we're told she was caught, drinking during a field trip. plus good news for phillies fans this morning their struggling team has for the their way out of last place in the nl east, chris. coming up, we are in desperate need of rain around here. it looks like we will get some this week. i'll let you know when in the accu weather seven day forecast.
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new york police are investigate a vial than the hold up in a laundromat in the bronx. the suspect wore a mask straight out of the horror movie and slashed a gun. he grabbed an employee the gun point, pulled her behind the counter and then demanded cash. that employee was scared for perfect life. >> i was afraid to death,
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scared to death, i thought he would go going to kill me or something. >> you thought he was going to kill you. >> yes, i did. >> that suspect got away with $250 in cash. the employee and other customers inside are shaken up, but they are okay. more than a dozen beach necessary avalon could reopen today after strong currents formed dangerous cliffs. according to published reports the beach patrol closed beaches from ninth to 24th streets yesterday, after seeing cliffs as steep as 5 feet. again, beaches are expected to reopen today, conditions permitting. time for our accu weather forecast and it is nice beach weather. >> perfect beach weather down there lots of sunshine. we will go live to sky six. there will be a little bit of the breeze but unlike yesterday you should see more sun then included. yesterday we had more high clouds then sun. should be the the complete opposite today. it will be a lovely afternoon down there. is there view in cape may. you can see the surf, already
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building. we will sea sees of three to 5 p currents once again. pay attention to the life guard. national weather service issued a maryland rate risk right there on the beach this afternoon, from cape may all the way up to sandy hook. be very careful. sixty-one in quakertown. sixty-three martin's creek. tappersville 60. saint david 62. chester 61. center city is in the 70's. gloss bureau 67. buena a 63. quiet morning on the delaware bay, six 46789 ewing 62. hammington is the cool spot in at the 59. satellite six with action radar. let me step out real quick. is there the storm. that is the little will coastal storm that developed off the coast of the del marva as it blossomed and gathered energy and blew back waves on to the jersey shore. that started to throw out those rip currents. that is why waters got so dangerous yesterday. we are seeing similar conditions today but things will be easing after four or 5:00 he clock this afternoon as this storm pulls further away from the coastline.
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and then we will focus our attention on this guy, this next system we are watching monday night into tuesday. it will pre dues drenching downpours again. the here's future tracker six combination of sun and included this afternoon, easy, nothing going on. then we will get into monday, we will start off with a little bit of sunshine quickly increasing included. maybe a couple showers possible very late in the day, far western suburbs. most of us should stay dry though. monday night into tuesday when some of those slow moving storms capable of producing flooding and gusty wind start rumbling through here at 3:30 in the morning tuesday morning and look the at red, maroon, heavy drenching downpours. that is round level one. we will catch a lull late morning tuesday and then tuesday afternoon we will get line of showers and thunderstorms flaring up and that will pre dues gusty wind and drenching downpours. today is nice and quiet. things turn unsettled monday night into tuesday. mostly sunny, refreshing. seventy-seven in the mountains. jersey shore, ocean
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temperatures close to 7o we will see a combination of sun and included right there on the sand, 80 is the forecasted high, with that maryland rate risk for rip currents. your ocean temperatures throughout the area look pretty nice. mid 70's for delaware bay. look at delaware city buoy, 81. that is warm stuff there. off the coast of rehoboth beach 76. right here up and down the shore from cape may to surf city right around 70 degrees. the that is nice this time of the year. not as warm as what we saw two weeks ago but we will take it. eighty-six for philadelphia. sun and cloud. eighty-five reading. eighty-four in wilmington. dover 83. cape may 8o music fest taking place this evening. head liner is oar. they will hit stage at 8:30. very comfortable evening in the lehigh valley. partly cloudy, pleasant with temperatures pulling back in the lower 70's at that point. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 86 this afternoon. eighty-five tomorrow. turning mote isably more humid, increasing cloud throughout the the day. most of the day should be dry. there could be a renegade
7:17 am
shower for far western suburbs but most of the region is dry. monday night into tuesday when pattern gets active. eighty for tuesday's high. wednesday, thursday, friday, very comfortable and no humidity. friday and saturday we are close to 90 degrees again. >> all right. >> thanks, chris. cute video alert here this little one may still be too young to remember the stories of the three little pigs but not too young to enjoy night at the zoo event. pediatric cancer patients enjoyed face painting, food, live music and, of course, the animals. eagles fly for leukemia hosted annual event for philadelphia zoo. thousand kids and their families got free admission. ♪
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and the dance-off pros. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah find your pack. be yourself. kohl's. an estimated 231,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in woman in the u.s. this year
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alone. along with more than 60,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer. janel green is a survivor. she was diagnosed in december 2012 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. she used treatment as a wake up call to get serious about her health. she found a program at y a collaboration with wind shift cancer institute at emery university and ymca to help survivors improve their health and lower their risk of reoccurrence. >> i find that by eating well, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and having a safe movement program ape exercise program that they enjoy that they sleep better. they have more energy during the day. they can concentrate better at work and at home. maybe even, better then they did before cancer. >> green says that she now has more energy, and is sleeping better. there are new recommendations for when to use an epi-pen. anaphylaxis is a severe form of the allergic reaction that can progress if epi isn't
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issued immediately some times symptoms are in the immediately clear and that can cause a delay in treatment. two groups have experts have have issued guidelines they said overdose using epi-pens is rare so use a epi-pen whenever a severe reaction is expect. they remind anyone at risk for anaphylaxis to carry an epi-pen. a franklin county, pennsylvania man has come up with a unique way to help his wife, find a new kidney. mark hand uses decals to create back windows on his truck as a plea for a new kidney for his wife teen a she has a kidney diseases. she had it while pregnant with her son. it caused them to deliver their babe three i months premature. few years later tina had a kidney transplant. her uncle donated within of his kidneys. but now mark is making a plea on his wife's behalf for a new kidney. >> i think the stop and look at it, take a picture of it
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while they are behind us. >> you never necessity if you will get a call fork someone will be a match. the longer you wait, the more anxious you become. just waiting if are that day. >> tina has been receiving dialysis three days a week for three years. there has been some calls due to more advertising. couple hopes one may be a match. we will be right back.
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♪usic: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at morning we are looking live in atlantic city. you can see surf is rough again this morning. national weather service issued a maryland rate risk for rip currents. way to identify that you don't see any rip currents here but you will notice occasionally is the current kind of taking the water outward, just like
7:25 am
that. there is also an enhanced risk for rip currents around peers and jetties. that is in the a rip current but that is general idea. you will see the current taking water out to sea. be cautious if you are on the sand out there today. we have a moderate risk for rip currents. otherwise weather is perfect up and down eastern seaboard as high pressure is sitting right there. the next storm we are watching is right here starting to gather strength across heart land of the nation. that pulled east. gets in here monday night into tuesday. the there is a slight risk for severe wet's cross high planes and heart land of the nation and that will shift east as we get in the overnight hours monday night into tuesday morning. nydia. >> chris, thank you. turning to sports, fightin phillies are living up to that moniker these days. they are no longer struggling in last place in the nl east. here is jeff skversky with all of your sunday morning sports. hey, way phillies are replying it feels like 2008
7:26 am
all over again. phillies have been the best team in baseball since the all-star break and they are no longer the worst team in baseball. phillies back in san diego, and this is how phillies fans feel right now. look at padres grounds crew guy, maybe next season on dancing with the stars. phillies star of the second half chase utley lead off double leads to this odukeo herrera. herrera can hit like the bull and run like one too. later he scores on the wild pitch. two to nothing phillies. then in the third herrera happy hour up the middle gets through. herrera accounts for first three runs. phillies win four -two. the phillies are on a roll and out of last place. jamie moy erin ducked in the seattle mariners hall of fame last night. moyer spent 11 seasons in sat about coming to the phillies in 2006. solder ton native had his pal cole hamels on hand as well with the rangers in town.
7:27 am
moyer has most wins in mariners history. linebacker kiko alonzo remains sidelined but everybody else is just fine. michael kendricks, zach ertz and demarco murray all return yesterday after missing time. demarco murray a full go back at training camp but running back in the running with the starters yesterday. ryan matthews and darren sprawls got first team reps. sam bradford continues to get the majority of the work at quarterback. by all account bradford looks great after back to back left knee surgeries but let's be honest, until he is thrown in the game, a week from today, it is hard to judge his progress. >> he is getting more comfortable. the more 11 on 11 he gets and pocket awareness and things like that but i think that is what we expected, when we traded for him. >> he is a leader. obviously we all know he is i great quarterback. he has got all of the skills. i think his calmness about him. i mean he will be a great player for us. >> and eagles have an opened practice today at the link.
7:28 am
that is sports, i'm jeff skversky have a great day. president obama is enjoying his vacation in martha vineyard in massachusetts. he played a run of golf at the golf club. the president left washington d.c. on friday with the first lady and daughter sash a they are scheduled to be on vacation for another two weeks. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to?
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a large tree, came down, right across a heavily used road in philadelphia. leaving drivers, stuck, for a few hours overnight. and a philadelphia playground becomes the scene of the shooting, that send a man to the hospital in critical condition. and on a much lighter note it will be another gorgeous day across the delaware and lehigh valleys but prepare for some rough weather ahead in your workweek. outside to meteorologist chris sowers with all of the accu weather details. good morning, chris. >> good morning, nydia. we have low humid levels, gentle breeze, combination of the sun and clouds and temperatures down in the 60's for the most part. it feels pretty refreshing out here. slating ton, 65. need wood 65. quakertown good morning, 61. tannersville 60. warrington 65. chester and saint david at 62. glassboro looks like a warmer location across south jersey. you are at 67. dover 64. avalon is checking in at 66 degrees. here's satellite six with
7:31 am
action radar. you can see over last several hours how nicely things have cleared out for those shore points. we saw cloud cover yesterday afternoon, thanks to the coastal storm that was developing, but as that continues to race north and east and pull on out of here it takes those clouds with it. here's the call from accu weather your day planner in the city, 75 by 9:00, mostly sunny skies. during late afternoon hours we will see high, thin clouds mix in again so by 1:00 we will see sun and clouds and 84. by 5:00 same thing sun, cloud, low humidity levels, comfortable breeze and temperatures in the mid 80's. after a splendid sunday we're tracking heavy showers and thunderstorms in the seven day forecast. as a matter of fact tuesday morning's commute could be dicey. then we're heating up, potential is there for 90's in the seven day forecast. we will have it all in ten minutes. nydia. >> chris, thank you. breaking news now fire fighters were called to the 4200 block of row main street in the cities frankford
7:32 am
section around an hour ago. after receiving calls of the fire at a home, they found heavy smoke pouring from the upper floors. neighboring homes were evacuated as a precaution. the fire was placed under control in a half april hour. so far there have been in reports of any injuries. stay with "action news" and six for the very latest developments. new video this morning, part of the link than drive was closed overnight after a large tree fell across the road. it happened just after midnight at gypsy lane and fairmount park. city work crew where is called to cut up the tree and remove it. many motorist were stuck on lincoln drive for several hearst because they could not turn around. also new this morning a man is in critical condition after getting shot at a philadelphia play ground. the action cam was at the scene, in the target play ground in the 5300 block of somerdale avenue in oxford circle. police say the victim a 26 year-old man was shot in the chest just before midnight. he was taken to einstein hospital. so far police have not made any arrests, or indicated a
7:33 am
motive for the shooting. pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer is now officially finding herself on the other side. defending herself instead of prosecuting. attorney general kathleen kane turn herself into police in montgomery county this weekend. surrounded by her lawyers, and security detail. kane arrived at the detective's bureau in norristown yesterday afternoon when she was, quickly processed. she was then arraigned on several charges including perjury. prosecutors say kane leak confidential information from a 2009 grand jury up investigation to a newspaper last year, and then lied about it under oath. they also alleged that the 49 year-old democrat released the information to retaliate against a former state prosecutor, because she thought he made her look bad. plea didn't enter a plea and refused to talk to the media but her attorney claims there are holes in the state's case begins her. >> it leaves out players, it leaves out communications, it is really only a very small part of the story.
7:34 am
>> kane is free, on $10,000, unsecured bail. she will remain free as long as she doesn't intimidate or re2,588th against any witness it in the case which prosecutors say, are routine bail conditions. kane is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on august 24th. the search continues this morning, for a pickup truck driver, after a deadly confrontation in northeast philadelphia. police say a man was stabbed to death, after he tried to flag down the the driver who was going the wrong way on a one way street. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has the details. >> he was the hardest worker we ever had. >> reporter: family and friend mourn the loss of thomas ewing, a 211 year-old with dreams of keeping philadelphia safe as a police officer and is new one of the it is is latest victims of violence. >> we are all in shock. he was a super guy. he had his whole future in front of him. >> reporter: police said it happened on the 7300 block of reveer street at 2:40 a.m. ewing was walking home with friend when someone got out of
7:35 am
the pickup truck and stabbed him in the chest, shoulder, abdomen, and then took off. a witness said he saw ewing collapse. >> i looked down and i said something is wrong. he was standing and i saw one kid giving him cpr. then he said, come on, come on, get up, get up. >> reporter: ewing was pronounced dead at the hospital. police say confrontation began when the victim yelled to the driver that he was going the wrong way on a one way street. >> wrong way. >> i think something happened inside that bar at cottman and the boulevard and something happened as he was walking home. >> reporter: he says that ewing work for him at merck brothers pizza through high school and college and recently left to be a welder. >> my brother went over there this morning because we dropped off food. we saw mom, and dad. they are in pieces. they are still in shock. unbelievable that this could happen. >> reporter: philadelphia police are reviewing surveillance video from the dine their showed that truck pulling out of the parking lot, 30 he lease say, they are looking for a black or a dark blue, ford f150 or 250. if you know anything you are urged to call philadelphia
7:36 am
police. in northeast philadelphia, jeff chirico, channel six "action news". the police office are who shot and killed a 19 year-old south caroline man last month has now released a statement describing what he says happened. police lieutenant mark tiller says he fired into zachary ham on's car because he was afraid hammond would run him over. incident happened at a fast food restaurant parking lot during a drug buy. the the lawyer for the teen's family says physical evidence from the shooting contradicts his story. it shows hammond was shot twice through drivers side window and bullets entered his back. the fbi in arlington texas officials are investigating the shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a police officer. authorities say officer brad noah shot 19 year-old christian taylor several times during an early morning incident on friday at a car dealership. officer miller is described as a rookie and nearing the end of 16 weeks of field training. >> no real problems, you know,
7:37 am
just a good man. >> the medical examiner has ruled taylor's death a homicide. christian take already played defensive back at angelo state university. the football took has acknowledged taylor's death on their twitter page. peaceful march was held to mark one year anniversary of michael brown's death. unarmed black 18 year-old was shot to death by a white police officer in ferguson, missouri last august 9th. his death spark the black lives matter movement and months of protests in st. louis as well as across the country. moment of silence will be held later today at a memorial created in brown's honor. and then a silent march will take place to a church for a community services. a seattle high school choir teacher has been fired for drinking during a school trip. carol burden admitted to drinking chill during a school sponsored trip to new orleans with 39 garfield high school student. the seattle school district says burton violated several
7:38 am
serious rules including drinking in front of the students. good news this morning, you may continue to see more money in your pocket when you fill up at a gas station. average price for gallon of gasoline continues, to fall, in fact, they are falling at the fastest rate since january, at cheaper crude oil costs. we could see prices drop another 15 cents this month as they catch up with falling crude oil prices and as the switch is made to the less costly winter mix of gasoline. here in philadelphia we are paying 2.71 to fill up now. the south jersey the the price is 2.33. in delaware drivers are paying 2.47 a gallon. so, folks are busy outside the philadelphia art museum this weekend working on a project for pope's visit next movement it is called undoing the knot. people stopped by wrote statements on strips of cloth. many people wrote down their personal struggles. those strips are then woven into a large grotto.
7:39 am
today tens of thousands of strips have been collected. the artist says she hopes to collect many more. "action news" is your source for information leading up to the pope's visit and world meeting of families next month. follow us on our special twitter handle, the at six abc pope. there is still much more to come on "action news" this sunday, planning to go to church this morning? how big brother could soon let your place of worship know when you skip services. plus, why an ohio sheriff's office is defending an office shore handcuffed an elementary school child, with adhd. sky 6hd taking a look at philadelphia international airport. meteorologist chris sowers will have your exclusive accu weather forecast, word that changes are coming. it the is next when "action news" sunday morning continues.
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after an investigation, the sheriff's office in kentucky, is defending the actions of the school resource officer seen in this video. video show deputy kevin summer hand cuffing an eight year-old boy at le tony elementary school. parents had a wide range of reactions. >> if i found out something like that i would withdraw my child. >> as a parent we need to find out what happened, the 30 minutes before, he showed up and resource officer was called. >> it turns out that the student has adhd and investigation has concluded that the deputy did the right thing in order to ensure the student did not injure himself
7:43 am
or others. listen to this when a burglar broke in the fresno, california home yesterday the two sisters inside ages eight and 14, thought fast on their feet. they didn't have cell phones but they ran in the bathroom with their tablet and tapped in the google hang out. that allowed them to send messages. a friend of the family saw their message and called police. dispatcher struggled with the concept at first. >> where did they text you from. >> from a hang out app, there is no phone. >> no. >> there is no phone out there. >> i got message from her asking me to call the police and she's completely freaking out. >> police arrived one minute later and nabbed the suspect. the girl's father says he will buy his daughters a dog and maybe a cell even if. in northern california, a second fire fighter has been killed while battling wild fires. the u.s. forest service says fire fighter was killed last night in the lake tahoe area he was hit by a tree battling
7:44 am
the blaze. the cooler weather is helping fire fighters gain an upper hand. all evacuations have been lifted and people are allowed back into their home. wild fires now more than 70 percent contained after burning through almost 109 square miles. time now for accu weather, beautiful. >> it is, finally temperatures have gone back to normal around here as well. lets get outside and show you what is going on after that heat wave last week, we have had nice stuff around here. several days in the 80's with low humidity levels and to take will be the same exact thing. eighty-five, 86, very comfortable and pleasant. there is shot of the camden waterfront, battleship new jersey, all is quiet on a sunday morning and we're sitting in the 60's and 07's now. flipping over the numbers, in philadelphia is the only location in the 70's. seventy-two. trenton 63. mid 60's up and down the shore points. sixty-three in millville. wilmington 66. reading is 65. dew points staying in the 50's today. all of these numbers will be
7:45 am
going down at the afternoon wearing down. as we see couple of 60's which would indicate slightly humid conditions, they will drop back down to the 50's by afternoon. look at what happens by tuesday. these numbers are all the way in the 70's. it will turn very humid out there. monday night, into tuesday. actually tuesday is oppressive again. and tuesday will feature quite a bit of heavy showers and thunderstorms especially during the morning hours. we will get to that in a spending. here's the satellite six with action radar a, it is quiet up and down the mid-atlantic. high pressure in control. settling in across virginia and carolinas this afternoon. slight breeze out of the northwest at ten to 15 miles an hour. especially down the shore. we will get into monday. monday the storm will to have watch this guy. this is a smaller area of low pressure but potent area of low pressure that will be knocking on the door monday night. it will get through here after midnight monday night and into tuesday morning and we can see a hefty round of showers and thunderstorms especially with the passage of that cold front. as a matter of fact there is a potential for some severe
7:46 am
weather. here are the risk, machine night, after midnight, high probability of cloud to ground lightening strikes, frequent downpours and these downpours could be in the range of let's say one to 2 inches of rain in a 40 minute time span. so again, heavy rain is possible with this, strong wind as a maryland rate risk inn large hail, tornadoes. we cannot rule that out but we will keep that on the low side, again, machine night into tuesday with that approaching system. lehigh valley this afternoon, beautiful, partly sunny, pleasant. 84 degrees is your forecast ted high, low humidity levels. jersey shore, same thing, breezy but not as windy as yesterday. sun and included on the sand about 80 degrees. moderate risk of seeing rip currents though. you can see swells off the shore here. there is atlantic city. four footers breaking on the beach right now and some of these higher wave heights will start to push their way closer to the jersey shore, just like what happened yesterday, so we could see five and six footers before the day is out and that will ultimately increase risk for rip currents. pay close attention to the
7:47 am
life guards. if you venture in the waters today. sun and clouds in philadelphia, real nice one. 86 degrees. slight breeze out of the north and partly cloudy ape tranquil overnight tonight. 63 degrees in the suburbs. seventy for center city. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast turning active monday night into tuesday. it is like a 24 hour window where we could see showers and storms. rest of the seven day forecast it is not looking too bad. eighty-six today. eighty-five tomorrow. turning humid. monday night into tuesday, showers and storms. tuesday is a cooler day but with all that humidity it will feel like 80 degrees. wednesday we will lose humidity. that 84 will be very refreshing. thursday 82. friday and saturday low humidity levels even though numbers are creeping up there there is no humidity. we will feel okay. >> without humidity we're okay. >> we're all right. >> enjoying music last night as part of the first ever soul school of music festival. >> ♪ >> again, this morning, two playground at 19th street and
7:48 am
washington avenue in south philadelphia. philly's own vivian green, music soul child and big daddy kane head lined the free festival. it showcased local up and coming r and b and hip-hop artists, we will be right back. let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target, and upgrade to a shiny new everything. and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place.
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years the philadelphia museum of art and a little pocket of the ben franklin parkway has transformed into a hub for family fun. our kids just love it. david murphy has more in this weeks six abc loves the arts. >> ♪ >> with over five hundred guests per day art splash at philadelphia museum of art gives people of all a ages an opportunity to spend quality, creative time, together. >> our essential program is called splash studio where adults and kid can make art together. >> this year we have an enclosed studio space that people can really come, and
7:51 am
hang out, and feel comfortable and at home. >> reporter: families can take tours with museum educators or guide themselves utilizing museum's first ever ipad app which tracks your movement through galleries. >> really give adult ideas for what they can do with their kids in the galleries and how they can have have really creative, productive conversations. >> across the street you can continue family fun outdoors, cities park and recreational department and fairmount maker group has joined forces yet again, to convert eakins oval into a summer oasis. >> we will have we have all kind of free activities, games for kid, miniature golf. we have disk golf this year for the first time. we have fan boxes. we have a spray ground. we have chess and checker piecers, ping-pong all of which is free. >> for grown ups, live entertainment, food truck fare, free knightley classes and a beer garden built from recycled materials. >> we're making the oval a cool, temporary space for
7:52 am
people to come to for six weeks. people think of it not as only a place to host major special events but where we can hang out. >> reporter: oval summer seasons runs through august 23rd. art splash continues until september 7th. for ticket and museum hearst go to arts in or visit six to learn about other area events. for six abc love the arts, i'm david murphy. just to get youinging this morning, keep track of who shows up for worship services and doesn't. a facial recognition software company has developed a program to help churches track attendance. they captured someone face through photo, video and then identifying it by comparing it with those in the data a base. same technology used by facebook, dating apps and traffic stop lights. founder and ceo of the app says about 40 churches have signed on so far, in the sure if those are in our area churches have the option of using the the software to track regular attendance or just to see who is missing.
7:53 am
you know, chris sowers will have a final look at the accu weather in just a moment when "action news" sunday morning, continues. we will be right back. ♪
7:54 am
to the superhero legends, and the rubik's bros. to the sweet talkers, the sky walkers, and the dance-off pros. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah find your pack. be yourself. kohl's.
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>> it is, it will be a perfect gem, 86 degrees today, sun, clouds, very comfortable in the humidity department. that will change tomorrow but increasing cloud more humid 85 . showers, thunderstorms will be possible monday night especially after midnight, into tuesday morning, some of those will produce gusty wind and drenching downpours, possibility is there that some areas could see one to 2 inches out of that. rest of the seven day forecast is dry and we will heat up friday and saturday. >> not bad, thanks chris. it is now 7:55.
7:56 am
we are a few minutes away from saying good morning to good morning america. here's dann harris with the preview. >> hi, good morning. coming up on gm a at the height of the summer tourist season in one of the america's most popular national parks is there a killer bear. missing hike inner yellow stone was found dead and authorities are on the hunt for grizzly that they say kill the man. deadly police chases are happening all over america and put suspects, police officers and especially innocent bystanders at reallies being but are the days of deadly pursuits coming to an even. the new technology some departments are using to cut down on these chases. finally on a much lighter although perhaps just as dangerous note, take a look at this picture why is this guy who also happens to be one of the finest, richest men, why is he standing on top of the plane? sarah haines has latest on this this morning all coming up on gm a. we will see you very soon. >> thanks, dann, "action news" continues a little later this morning. here are some stories we are working on for you.
7:57 am
eagles fans will be getting their first look at teams second and final open practice, we will take through live. and, cutting down the cost of child care, how just a few steps can save parents a lot of green. plus chris sowers will have more in the exclusive accu weather forecast. for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm nydia han. have a great sunday. we will see you at 9:00a in m.
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good morning, america. new overnight, bear attack. a hiker killed by a grizzly at an iconic national park. the trail where his body was found is closed. the bear traps now set. this morning, the thousands of visitors to yellowstone, are they in danger, too? there's new trump turmoil this morning. the presidential candidate parting ways with his top adviser. but who fired whom? the major shake-up inside team trump, as the republican party tries to figure out how to deal with trump's latest controversial comments. fbi investigation. the feds now called in to look into the police shooting of a college football player by a rookie cop. what was the teen doing at this car dealership, this


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