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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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ation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at sunday august 9th i'm nydia han with eva pilgrim. here are stories we are following for you on "action news". teenager is shot during an argument at the his own colleging ago way party. donald trump refuse toss back down on his controversial comments about a female news anchor. rip current tear in the stretch of beach necessary avalon forcing some swim tours make alternate plans.
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nice weather-wise earnings but watch out for rip currents. meteorologist chris sowers it outside with more. >> good afternoon to you, nydia. fact that this is well advertised will keep everybody, safe down there at the new jersey shore this afternoon. national weather service is issuing a moderate risk for rip currents at jersey shore and delaware beaches. thinks second day in the row we are expecting rough surf. three to 5-foot breaks. we may see have foot waves, along the shore, and, the north zero to 15 miles an hour, and not expect to be quite as winnie as it was yesterday with high tides, right around 4:00 this afternoon. temperature wise we are shooting for a high of 86. we are up to 85. we may adjust numbers here. seventy-nine in allentown. reading 77. millville 82. wilmington 84. dover is 81 degrees. satellite six with action radar, quiet afternoon across the the delaware valley. a few clouds from time to time with the storm system responsible for those large
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swells, pulling off to the north east, and up into the canadian mar times. forecast for remainder of the afternoon, sunny, cloudy, very comfortable. 86 degrees. we are at 85. maybe we will go a degree or two higher then 86. fact that the humidity is so low is just nice, and pleasant. as we go wider on satellite six with action radar focus your attention to the center part of the screen. looks innocent enough. that area have low pressure will slam through here monday night into tuesday. may in the bring severe weather but it could bring quite a bit of flooding in parts of the area we will see you again and talk more about that in the seven day forecast. nydia. >> chris, thank you. we have a developing story out of wilmington delaware. a traffic accident has sent a police officer and two civilians to the hospital. action cam at the scene at walnut street and e street. police say car tried to make a left-hand turn from the right lane when it hit a unmarge police car that was park.
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impact threw it in the pole. officer in the car and two civilians in the striking vehicle were taken to the hospital non-life threatening injuries. so far no charges have been filed. philadelphia police say that speed was a cause of the deadly accident in center city this morning. a car carrying four young people went out of control and slam in the tree in the 400 block of lombard street. it happened just after 3:30 a.m. car that crashed in the wall outside a community center before landing on its side. the driver, died at the the scene, and the three passengers were not hurt. a fire in north broad street in philadelphia this morning is now considered, suspicious. action cam was at the blaze in the 2400 block of north broad street, just after the the fire broke out around 2:00 a.m. it started in the vacant home and then spread to another vacant home at a restaurant next door. restaurant owners got out safely but badly damaged as was their home above the restaurant. the investigators think the fire was intentionally set. a fire this morning forced people from their homes in
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philadelphia's frankford section. it broke out just after 6:30 on the 4200 block of romain street. when fire fighters arrived they found heavy smoke pouring from the up are floor of the home and had to call in additional crews. evacuated neighboring homes as a precaution. fire was under control in a half an hour no one was hurt. nineteen year-old college bound student is in serious condition after getting shot at his own going away party. it happened on the 16 hup block of locust street in west philadelphia. police say dozens of people were at the party for the 19 year-old but at 10:45 last night someone started arguing with the teen outside the house. investigators say minutes later the suspects pulled a gun and shot the young man. suspect ran off and remains on the loose. a stretch have beach in avalon, new jersey damage by strong currents remains off limits to swimmers this noon. the the beach patrol closed beaches from ninth to 24th streets yesterday after seeing cliffs as steep as 5 feet this morning patrol says it is still working on the cliffs but people air loud on the beach but not in the water.
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officials are expect to how swimming later today. attorney general kathleen kane is due back in court august 24th, for a preliminary hearing on perjury charges. kane made no comment as she surrounderd to authorities in norristown yesterday. as she didn't enter a plea during her five minute video arraignment before a magistrate. she's accused of leaking grand jury information to the newspaper and then lying bit under oath. prosecutors say that she did it so she could retaliate against a former state prosecutor who she thought made her look bad. kane has resisted calls for her resignation. on the campaign scene this noonan this week with george steponapolus donald trump once again refused to apologize for a comment about "fox news" anchor megan kelly. trump told george steponapolus only a deviant would inter his comment as offensive. republican presidential candidate says when he was referring to kelly bleeding from quote where ever he was referring to her nose and
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ears. >> i made the statement blood was pouring from her eyes, and then i said blood was pouring from where ever. and, i just, when i said that i wanted to just get on to anything. >> you did misspeak then. >> i was referring to nose, ears, and only a deviant would think of what people said. some people said. only a deviant company even think that. >> jeb bush and several other g.o.p. candidates reject trump's explanation of what he meant and roundly criticized his comments. there is football at lincoln financial field this afternoon. bird opening the door on training camp and fans came by the thousands. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live from south philadelphia with those fans, hi trish. >> reporter: open practice is underway, we just heard national anthem, being sung inside and fans are still making their way inside here at lincoln financial feel. eagles officials expect tens of thousands of fans, to pack
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the stand to see the the bird on the second and final open practice, dedicated to the military. >> fans took their seats at lincoln financial field ready to see their favorite players and coaches, as they came prepared. >> get as close as you can possibly get but it is still close enough so i figured the advantage would be to have some binoculars and really zoom in. >> reporter: fans will be zooming in on quarterback sam bradford as well as tim tebow and demarco murray. fans hope under chip kelly's lead this could be eagles big year. >> no matter what, win, lose, tie i'm an eagles fan until i dianne that is where we are. >> reporter: before practice, military a appreciation reception for past and present members of the armed forces providing a meet and greet for eagles cheerleaders. >> this is a awesome event to appreciate the military. we're all services to come here, and, be able to watch camp, get a little bit of a look the at eagles. >> reporter: vietnam veterans from the veterans in emporial
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will home from vineland new jersey came to cheer on the bird and meet fellow veterans. >> so many, yes. soldiers, sailors, and we shook hand with them all. >> reporter: again, open practice is underway, at the link, this is last chance for fans to see the eagles practice, until when we see one week from today the first preseason game with the colts. live from south philadelphia, trish hartman channel six "action news". is there still much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon. volunteers held a flamingo get on his feet, literally. health reporter allie gorman introduces us to a man who change his life and health and inspiring others as well. plus, chris sowers will be back with that exclusive accu weather forecast, with that and more when "action news" continues. >> "action news" is sponsored by the american association for cancer research, finding cures together, support cancer research and donate today at
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hacr lonnie.
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was downgraded to a tropical storm as it hit main line china this morning but still packed enough pun to much leave 22 dead or missing. it brought flooding, brought down homes and trees and cut power to more than a million people. nearly 400,000 people were evacuated ahead of this storm. and time now for accu weather n our area it is a beautiful beach day. we have to be careful of the rip currents. >> it has been well fisted, life guard are all over it. pay close attention to the life guard. you will be okay. it is a beautiful forecast this afternoon and the start of the new workweek. we will go live on sky six. there we go, down in i believe that is the atlantic city. you can see the surf. it is churning about there.
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rough seas, waves of three to 5 feet expect to continue this afternoon and that will, likely, increase the risk for rip currents right through the evening hours. again, just pay close attention to those life guard. everything should be okay. 85 degrees in philadelphia dew .59. nice and low. comfortable out there. wind out of the east south east at 7 miles an hour. seventy's and 80's to the northwest. a lot of the area barely getting in the 80's. glassboro is only 8o hockessin 82. surprisingly philadelphia is up to 85. nobody else is close to that. buena 82. hammington 82. woodbine is 81. it is delightful afternoon out there satellite six along with action radar just a couple cloud, well west of philadelphia, some across south jersey as well but nothing will turn threatening. the next system we are watching is out here across the heart land of the nation, pushing into the northern portions of the ohio valley and southern great lake states. that will swing east over the next 48 hours, that is our next chance of measurable
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rainfall. future tracker six don't worry about any of. that we will stay dry this afternoon. just a combination of sun and clouds. partly cloudy overnight tonight. we will get into monday. monday humidity starts to increase. right away you will notice sky turning that milky white color that will represent moisture in the air. by afternoon. then as these clouds start rolling in a couple showers and then are storms are possible late in the day especially from our western suburbs. monday night into tuesday, here we go, this system we just showed you outside on the radar and we will see this thing moving in here during the the we hours of the morning. the let's say three or four or 5:00. heavy drenching driving downpours which could produce rainfall rates from one to 2 inches an hour. it will be very slow moving storms. we are expecting a possibility of some localized flooding with some of this. it will last right into the morning commute here on tuesday, and then another line is actually expect to develop tuesday afternoon. tuesday looks very unsettled at this point. and i will show you forecast
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models to get a handle on what we're expecting. this is one of them. this is putting out three-quarters of an inch to as much as an inch and let's say a quarter throughout our western suburbs. watch this model here this one is showing a little bit more and it has more of the viewing area in that one and a half to two and a half inch category. so again we are expecting real good soaking downpours, monday night into tuesday morning. now, until then it looks nice. in mostly sunny. very comfortable in the poconos this afternoon. 77 degrees. it is the forecasted high. for new jersey shore, ocean temperatures right around 70. expect combination of the sun and clouds, little breezy. 80 degrees on the sand. once again watch out for rip currents. western suburbs, 82 lancaster. eighty-four allentown. beautiful out there sun and cloud, pleasant. eighty-six for philadelphia, wilmington eight . millville also 84 degrees. is there your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast. eighty-five tomorrow. difference is today is comfortable. tomorrow not so much. humidity increases let's say
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after three or 4:00 in the afternoon and that et cetera is up an uncomfortable evening. tuesday is uncomfortable, high humidity levels. drenching downpours during the morning. another round of thunderstorms by afternoon. and then it is easy, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, my little niece says that all the time. it stuck in my head. no humidity yesterday. very comfortable temperatures. >> thanks, chris. a flamingo name pink floyd has become quite the star at san diego zoo but he earn his time in the lime light. floyd was burned with crooked ankles. zoo keepers knew his legs would not hold his weight so they had two operations perform to straighten his ankles. zoo workers had to hold pink floyd up, 24 hours a day, for weeks. dozens volunteered their time, and fortunately, floyd is a cuddler so he loves the attention. now he is doing well and drawing big crowds. >> dedication. >> just a ahead on "action news" in health check spicy foods could have zest and years to your life.
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later the phillies notch another win as they take a big step in the standings. we will take a look at that and be back in a moment. consideration
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sunday, 81 degrees. sky six taking a look at ben franklin bridge. it is a glorious day, ben franklin bridge is one of the bridges and roadways that will be closed when the pope is here, what do you think about all this let us know, and at six abc pope. in health check this noon indiana health officials want to know if the group of brain cancer cases in one county is a coincidence or something more. they launched an investigation in henry county after community complaints. eight people in the county of glioblastoma. two lift next door to each other, another lives about a mile away and two patients are cousins. across the the country only
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about 12,000 cases of this cancer are diagnosed, every year. it is a wake up call from the federal government about sleepy school students. cdc says more than four out of five middle and high school students start school before 8:30 a.m. despite calls from the the academy of the pediatrics and u.s. education secretary to push back their times. student performed better with eight and a half to nine and a half hearst of sleep but cdc says 23rd don't even get eight hours of rest. in addition to better school performance more sleep can cut down obesity, depression and drowsy driving accidents. spiesing up your diet may help you live longer. new study done in the u.s. and chine found people who ate spicy food six offer seven times a week had a lower risk compared to those who skipped prices. chilly peppers in particular were link the two lower death rates and active ingredient in chile peppers have been link to other health perks as well. south jersey man who turned his life and health around is now inspiring
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others. health reporter and register nurse allie gorman introduces to us lonnie fresh. >> reporter: climbing this mechanical ladders at i island gym in absecon new jersey 31 year-old lionel dixon appears fit, strong and healthy but he was not always this way. >> the way i used to eat, my goodness. >> reporter: he used to eat a the rot have unhealthy fattening and sugary foods. this was him about ten years ago, he weighed 275 pounds. but at within point also tipped the scales at 315. and then he had a wake up call. >> i said, like, enough is enough. i was like you know something, this is last time. i'm doing something. i will make a change. >> reporter: he started by cutting out junk food and eating a low carbs high protein diet. he also got moving, but then, in the beginning, it wasn't easy. >> i was tired, grumpy, i felt like giving up and going back, but i know, psychologically i
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could not do that. >> reporter: he stayed focused and overtime people started noticing results. >> throughout the the years i have noticed him getting leaner, leaner, leaner. >> reporter: 9,000 followers, that is a a lot. now he is a social media star. he goes by the name lonnie fresh, and after losing 150 pounds, he started posting on instagram, pictures and videos of his journey. >> i know i had to conquer my fear. >> reporter: thousands follow him for motivation to see what he is eating and how he got healthy. he even competed in a body building competition, and has a deal to tell his story in a book titled out of the shadows. the goal now is to inspire others. >> at this point in my life new it is not about me. it is about others that is going through the same struggle that i went through. >> reporter: lionel also tweets his diet along the way. he eats now healthy carbs like
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vegetables, brown rice, and also lean meats. he has advice if you are an emotional either or eat out of depression he urges you to get help. go to the friend, church or a professional. if you want to follow lonnie fresh or hear more about his book go to six allie gorman for channel six "action news".
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come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. and celebrate our 35th birthday with our new neighborhood birthday party parade. buy your 2016 pass now and get the rest of 2015 free. sesame place. ♪ go before they grow. for a six year-old cancer survive, braylen. he was head coach for the day at carolina panthers open practice. he has inspired thousands since video of him dancing after chemotherapy went viral. last night he gave the the team a spirited locker room
12:25 pm
pep talk. >> be positive, never give up, have a lot of heart, go cats. >> i love his little accent. >> braylen brought down the house by showing off his famous dance moves, the team says, it was a clause in his contract. >> yes, look at him go, love it. phillies hot streak continues and it is paying off. they are out of the major league cellar, jeff skversky has details on their latest win. >> hey the way phillies are playing it feels like 2008 all over again. phillies have been the the best team in baseball since the all-star break and they are no longer the worst team in baseball. phillies back in san diego. this is how phillies fans feel. look at padres ground crew guy, maybe next season on dancing with the stars. phillies stars of the second half, chase you the arely lead off double leads to this, rbi single in the first. herrera can hit like a bull
12:26 pm
and run like one too. late are in the first he scores on the wild pitch. to to nothing phillies. the then it is herrera happy hour up the the middle gets through. he accounts for their first three runs. the the phillies win four-two. the phillies are on a roll and out of last place. former phillies star jamie moy erin duck in the seattle mariners hall have of fame last night. moyer spent 11 seasons in seattle before coming to the phillies in 2006. the souderton native had his pal cole hamels on hand as well with the rangers in town. moyer has most wins in mariners history. new eagles linebacker kiko a alonzo remains sidelined at camp with concussion but everybody else just fine. michael kendricks, zach ertz and demarco murray all returned yesterday after missing time. demarco murray a full go back at training camp but running back is in the running with the starters yesterday. ryan matthews and darren sprawls got first team re ps. sam bradford continues to get majority of the first team reps at quarterback.
12:27 pm
by all accounts, bradford looks great but let's be honest, until he is thrown in the game, a week from today, it is hard to judge his progress. >> getting more comfortable, you know, more 11 on 11 he gets, pocket awareness and things like that but that is what we expect when we traded for him. >> he is a leader. obviously we all know he is a great quarterback with all a of the skills. i think, his calmness about him, i mean he will be a great player. >> that is sports, i'm jeff skversky, have a good day. you cannot say buffalo bills coach rex ryan isn't a team player. a at bills training camp ryan chowed down on, dog biscuits and it was in the for players but to show his support for society for prevention of the cruelty to animals. ryan says his house hold includes two dogs inn two cats, all from rescue groups. coach says his name is rex and that is a i good dog's name so
12:28 pm
eating the biscuits just fit. i don't know. that is gross. >> yeah, i think there are better dog treats i would try. >> there is a better way to show your support. another half an hour of "action news" is just ahead. >> here are some of the stories we will have for you. >> japan marks 70th anniversary of nagasaki bombing with the vow to wipe out all nuclear weapons. some philadelphia businesses make a tough choice can they stay opened when the pope comes to town. we will have those stories plus exclusive accu weather forecast and more when "action news" continues. say no to dog biscuits.
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police continue to hunt for killer of the philadelphia man. and, trying to help a wrong way driver. and hughes ton police tried to find a motive for violent spree that left eight people dead. immigrants, put their skills into creating a masterpiece, for pope francis. more on those stories in a moment but first a check of the beautiful accu weather forecast. and meteorologist chris sowers gets to be outside. >> you guys are throwing it to me just in time. it hads been so loud, they are not locust, or something humming in the trees. they are so loud this afternoon. it is almost distracting as we are's standing out here on city avenue. they are nice and quiet right now. lets get this in this here. 85 degrees.
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very comfortable. eighty-four wilmington. seventy-seven in reading. seventy-nine in allentown. seventy-three in the poconos. trenton checking in at 83 degrees. we don't have any humidity at all out here. very refreshing afternoon. here's satellite six with action radar. you can see that system off the coast. that was the the coastal low that developed yesterday, produced though four to 6-foot waves, and battered beaches. it produced cloud cover across the jersey shore yesterday. you can see how it is pulling off to the north east and up in the canadian mar times. as that continues to pull away seas will calm down. those rip currents will start to ease up a a bit, and it should remain comfortable out here. that is later this afternoon. we have that maryland rate risk for rip currents, right through the first part of the afternoon with things starting to ease up, later on in the evening. full forecast, sun, cloud, burn index remains high. temperatures holding steady right around 86 degrees. if you don't have luxury heading in the backyard and jumping in the pool how about heading here to atlantic city,
12:32 pm
all those shore points looking fantastic. good have afternoon, today, we will see quite a bit of sunshine throughout the afternoon, and, so jealous right now looking at all those folks out here on this land. that is quick check of the forecast, when i come back in a few minutes we will talk more about the severe threat for tuesday, and have cooler numbers in the seven day forecast, guys. >> thanks, chris. search continues for pickup truck driver who stabbed to death a 21 year-old man on a northeast fill street. police say thomas ewing was walking home from the bar with friend around 2:40 yesterday morning when a man got out and stabbed ewing in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> we're all in shock. it was a super guy with his whole future in front of him and then you hear this happened. >> investigators say the confrontation started when ewing tried to tell the driver he was going the the wrong way down a one way street. they are still trying to figure out if the two had any other interactions before the attack. and a man is in critical condition this noon after
12:33 pm
being shot at a city playground in oxford circle overnight. it happened just before midnight at the the tarken playground on the 6300 block of somerdale avenue. police say the 26 year-old victim was shot once in the chest. there is no word what sparked that shooting. police in houston, texas are looking for a motive in the murders of the eight people, including, five children. when police were called to the home late last night to check on the residents a man inside began shooting at them. after an hour long standoff the gun man surrendered and officers discovered the dead. police say the gun man had a warrant begins him for an assault on a family member. the the fbi and officials in arlington, texas are investigating the shooting death of the unarmed black teen by a police officer. authorities say officer brad miller shot 19 year-old christian taylor several times during an early morning burglary call on friday at a car dealership. officer miller is described as a rookie nearing end of 16 weeks of training. taylor played defensive back at angelo state university.
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zero seven years ago today the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on the city of nagasaki, japan killing more than 74,000 people. the anniversary was marked with a new call to wipe out all atomic weapons. a bell told and thousands prayed as the the city stopped at 11:02 a.m. the exact time when the bomb exploded. wreaths were laid at cities memorial for those who died in the bombing and in the months following it. during the ceremony the japanese prime minister pledged to work to abolish all nuclear weapons. japan surrendered six days after that 1945 bombing ending world war two. new york city health officials think out break of legionnaires disease is subsiding. no new cases have been reported in the past few days, but cooling towers at five more buildings in the south bronx including two courthousees and a high school have tested positive for the bacteria. all five have now been cleaned, ten people have now
12:35 pm
died and 108 have been sickened by the worst out break of the difficult ease in years. contaminated waste water from an abandoned gold mine in colorado has reached new mexico. the water which has lead and arsenic has turned the river yellow. it because again spilling from the mine wednesday when a clean up crew for environmental protection agency accidentally cut through a debris dam. the epa says flow has been reduced. we are here at the the big board now and look at this, there are just 47 days, 20 hours, 39 minutes, until the start of the pope francis visit to philadelphia with last week's announcement of the three day traffic block, many businesses are trying to figure out if they can even operate that week even. "action news" reporter catherine scott says that includes some of the best known names. >> we will have limited staff but we will be opening. >> reporter: planning has long been underway for merchants at reading terminal market but what is sure to be a popular attraction for visitors but
12:36 pm
also within the restricted traffic box. >> we're kind of expecting the same kind of flow through the market like the flower show, maybe double it. >> reporter: at termini brothers cannolis can be sure to be stock up but logistics will be tricky for businesses with no incoming deliveries a allowed. a three square mile traffic zone in center city and part of west philadelphia, will ban cars from entering starting friday evening. 25 miles of highway will be shut down, and ben franklin bridge will be closed. the market has prepared for this. >> i understand reading terminal market is making provisions for us to have extra storage so we will be able to get our products in. >> reporter: for smaller entities the challenges that weekend are too big to overcome. street vendor melvin at 19th and vine right here near ben franklin parkway will shut down despite and because of the crowds of people expected in that area. >> my garage is on south
12:37 pm
street, coming in and out would be hard. even if i have a lot of stuff you will run out, how can i get back to the garage. you need tools and stuff. no way to do it. >> reporter: we have heard about bigger businesses hiring planners to help handle the logistics. this could be a very profitable weekend but there is a lot to keep in mind. on the parkway, catherine scott for channel six "action news". a lot to keep in mind indeed. group of immigrants, day laborers in new york are on a special mission for the pope's visit. they are making the chair pope francis will use when he celebrates mass at madison square garden. normally his construction workers would be building homes, businesses but now they are sawing and shaping wood for the chair that the pontiff requested. >> generous, hard working, devoted, they know how to work together. >> i just can't describe it. it is a feeling that i'm excited for, really glad. i'm glad to help. >> new york's archbishop
12:38 pm
timothy dolan paid a visit to the team and praised their work. while they are building the chair their wife's are meeting special woman for the mass. stay with "action news" for all of the information you need leading up to the pope 's visit and world meeting of families. the just follow us on our special tritter handle at six abc pope. for eagles fans it is sunday, fan fun day, the team is holding open practice today so fans can get in free to see birds and the team is honoring the military as well. "action news" reporter trish hartman has been among the fans and she joins us live from south philadelphia, hey, trish. >> reporter: hi there, that is right, fans lined up for more than an hour before the gates opened here at lincoln financial field and some of them are still making their way in to the stadium now. fans are excited for another year under chip kelly, proudly proclaiming in chip we trust. lower level seating at the link was free and first come, first serve. lots of folks we spoke with are exited to see sam bradford. chip kelly says he looked
12:39 pm
sharp in practice. demarco murray returned to practice and back on the field today after missing a if you days due to illness. today's open practice is dedicated to members of the the military who attended a special reception, had a meet and greet with eagles cheerleaders and treated to special seating. for many it was their first opened practice and much appreciated event for them and their families. >> this is just an awesome event for them to appreciate the military. all services to come here and be able to watch camp, get a spirit for eagles. >> there is just a privilege for so many. soldiers, sailors, and we shook hand with them all. >> reporter: and practice is underway at this hour, and the eagles jerseys featuring camo numbers in honor of those members of the armed forces. we will have more on today's second, final open practice late are at 6:00. live from south philadelphia, trish hartman for channel six "action news".
12:40 pm
>> thanks, trish. there is still so much more to come on this "action news" this sunday this teen couple's public display of affection may have saved their lives during a thunderstorm. summer is far from over. we will idea with fun with family on six abc loves the arts. taking a live look at sky 6hd the at ben franklin bridge, we've got some clouds up there but how nice a day will it be? meteorologist chris sowers has our full accu weather forecast when "action news" continues. consideration
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i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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we have breaking news from ocean city new jersey, a large boat is burning 3 miles off the coast of the shore resort. coastguard has rescued the two people on board, and they are safe, and they are being evaluate todd determine if they need any medical attention. you can see the smoke right there, parentally people are seeing it all over jersey shore right now asking what is causing it. this is a boat that is on fire. but so far there is in word whether the dog was on the burning vessel, or was on a
12:43 pm
nearby boat. stay with "action news" and six for updates on this breaking news story. young couple in southern california has what you might call electric love. dylann and lexi were walk ago long a tree line street in claire mount and it felt lick they were hit over the head with metal. doctors think they were hit from lightening from a passing thunderstorm. >> next thing we're on the ground and we gave each other the most terrifying look you could possibly imagine, you know, something weird. i thought there was an earthquake. >> the teens, said he saw lightening bolt. doctors say holding hand probably saved them by helping diffuse the electrical current. the two will be fine, calling this another chapter to add to their love story. >> yes. >> they are connect. >> yes. and young. not sure we're buying that. >> don't be so cynical. >> okay, fine. we will go with it. >> sky six, and show you the view we are looking into
12:44 pm
philadelphia international airport, nice and quiet, out there this afternoon. the it is very comfortable as well. just the slight breeze. we are getting a combination of sun, clouds which adds to the comfort because sun cannot beat down on you like we see during month of august. quake are town 79. slatington 77. tappersville very cool only 73. martin's creek ten better. center city 82. glassboro 82. buena also 82 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar. the there is low working its way off to the north east. there is nothing going on out here. there is high pressure it ising over the appalachians and that is keeping area very quiet. next system is out here across the high plains. you can already see area we have highlighted for severe weather. when areas have low pressure developing here. then we have jet stream running like this across the northern tear states. well this area of low pressure will ride that jet and slam into our neck of the woods into monday night and tuesday
12:45 pm
and with this added energy aloft, there could be not only heavy drenching downpours but there can be a round of severe weather where we see 60 miles an hour wind. nothing like whether we saw last in but only takes 58 miles per hour to make a storm severe. we can see that with this system as we get into monday night and tuesday. here's surface maps today. low pressure out to sea. high pressure dominating the weather. then we get into monday. here comes the low. we will start off with sunshine. clouds on the increase, humidity is also quickly on the increase and then monday night into tuesday these funnel system sit overtop of us. heavy downpours. then again a lot of thunderstorm activity is possible. here's the risks, monday night into tuesday morning, high probability of both downpours, and numerous cloud to ground lightening strikes. also good probability that you will see strong, potentially damaging wind. at least for a brief time as frontal system pushes through. the that is not until monday night into tuesday. remainder of the afternoon
12:46 pm
looks nice. partly sunny, pleasant for lehigh valley. eighty-four is the forecast ted high for allentown, bethlehem. speaking of bethlehem 73 for music fest this evening as, oa ther takes main stage as the headliner. 8:30. partly cloudy a and pleasant. temperatures pulling back into the lower 70's. nice and refreshing. no humidity. jersey shore sun and clouds, breezy, wind north/north east at ten to 15 miles an hour but not as windy a as yesterday. yesterday those wind were whipping around. 80 degrees. we will have good wave action down there and a higher than normal probability of rip currents. pay attention to the life guards. sun and clouds for philadelphia, nice, 86 is the forecast ted high. wind out of the northeast at five to zero. overnight tonight partly cloudy, tranquil, 63 degrees. and 70 for center city. your exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, humid for tomorrow. increasing clouds. 85 degrees. tomorrow for the most parties a quiet day. far western suburbs slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm after four or
12:47 pm
5:00 he clock but most of the day dry. monday night into tuesday, showers and storms. eighty for tuesday's high with high humidity levels. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, nice and quiet, temperatures increasing, close to 90 by next week even. eva? thanks, chris. and don't leave home without checking six find satellite and radar for your area plus the the hourly accu weather forecast. remember you can follow our team of meteorologists on social media for expert insights on weather events. just over a month after its launch apple music already has more than 11 million members. three month trial membership is free, after that users will to have pay $10 a in month if they want to continue. families up to six people can pay $15 a month for unlimited access. on of the music streaming plan it includes a free internet radio station and media platform for artists up to load songs and videos for fans. good sunday afternoon to
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12:50 pm
you sky 6hd taking a live look, other center city with our temple university camera. so some clouds out there but another beautiful day shaping up, 80 degrees right the now. a shot is back in its rightful hand 35 years after it was stolen. about a month ago a woman brought violin to an appraiser said she received it years ago from her deceased ex-husband. at praiser recognized it immediately and called law enforcement officials. it was confirmed as being a 1734 violin owned by renowned musician roman toteberg. his daughter, an npr correspondent says seeing it again was an unexpected delight. >> i never contemplated getting this instrument back. there was some thought that maybe when my father died, in 2012, that the the thief would try to he will is it. but, as it turned out my father, died at the the age
12:51 pm
of 101 and was practicing a couple of weeks before, out lived phil johnson the man he always suspected had taken the violin will. >> johnson was an aspiring violin player seen loitering around boston concert the night it disappeared. toteberg family says two antique bows are still missing but they hepp they will be returned, as well. in a few weeks kid will head back to school and why not send them back with great memories of time spent together and something more, a love of the arts. david murphy tells us how in six abc loves the arts. >> ♪ >> with over 500 guests per day art splash at the philadelphia museum of art gives people of all ages an opportunity to spend quality creative time together. >> our central program is call the splash studio, where kid can make art together, and this year we have an enclosed studio space that people can really become and hang out,
12:52 pm
and feel comfortable and at home. >> reporter: families can take tour was museum educators where, they utilize the museum's first ever ipad app which tracks your m through galleries. >> it gives adult ideas for what they can do with their kid in the galleries and how they can have really creative productive conversations. >> reporter: across the street you can continue family fun outdoors, cities park and recreation department and fairmount park have joined forces yet again to convert eakins oval in a summer oasis. >> we have free activities, games for kid, we have miniature golf, we have disk golf this year for the first time, we have fan boxes. we have a spray ground. we have chess, checker piecers, ping-pong, all of which is free. >> for grown ups is there live entertainment, food truck fare, free knightley classes, and a beer garden built from recycled materials. >> we're place making here by making the oval a cool temporary space for people to
12:53 pm
come to for six weeks. people think of it the not only as a place to host our major special events but how to be a place to hang out. >> reporter: summer season runs through august 23rd, art splash continues a few more weeks until september 7th. for ticket and museum hours go to the arts in or visit six the arts to learn about other area events. for six abc loves the arts, i'm david murphy. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes. buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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recapping our top stories on "action news" a traffic accident in wilmington, delaware has landed a a police officer and two civilians in the hospital.
12:56 pm
civilian's reek will ram unmark police car park, injuries are in the considered to be life threatening. and the eagles are holding their last, open practice at training cam top day, it started at the link at 11:00 this morning. chris sowers is applauding and team is honoring military personnel at today's practice. i will broad that as well. >> yes. >> and actually first game is tonight, hall of fame game, and, you know, i'm sure you are real excited, here. >> yes. >> over the next few days sun and clouds today real nice 86. monday increasing cloud, humid with a high of 85. monday into tuesday, showers and storms some on the heavier side, 80 on tuesday. looks good rest of the week mid to up are 80's low humidity levels. >> thanks, chris. finally this afternoon oregon man who has been an auto mechanic for 20 years has offered a whole new vision about work, and life. christopher good man become legally brian. he realized his vision was
12:57 pm
failing in 2010, two years later glaucoma and detach retinas robbed him of his sight but after getting vocational training he decided to apply for a job at a salem auto shop. owner dann hammond says gamble he took on good man has paid off. good man is a mechanic to help in ways that had amazed his new co-workers. >> all these people need to know and i want to be one of the people that show them if they just make their mind up to go do it and work we can do it. >> such a good message. oregon commission for blind is supporting good man in his new job. he hopes that his experience will help forge new paths for others, with similar disabilities. i like he was thinking about the kid. >> yes, good for him. fyi philly is next. >> "action news" continues tonight at 6:00. >> for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great weekend. we will see you next sunday.
12:58 pm
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>> i'm melissa magee. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. >> saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> it's the last gasp of summer and we're soaking up every second! >> from amusement parks to free outdoor yoga & new café dining! >> plus it's prime crab season karen tastes some of the >> finest around. >> and it's blockbuster movie time. >> we'll take you to a new theater serving dinner and a show. >> hi everybody, and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are 10 stories with amazing views of the center city skyline. >> (not to mention a pretty inviting swimming pool.) >> we're atop the new goldtex luxury apartment building. >> there's the pool, a hot tub and a state-of the art fitness center up here. >> and when you get hungry, just head down to ground level >> there you'll find a brand new tavern called brick and mortar. brick and mortar's décor is a nod to the building's textile manufacturing history. >> you'll see the coffered concrete ceilings.


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