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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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unveiled new maps that unveiled secure zones and fences. >> reporter: mayor nutter is urging everyone to get into the spirit of this once in a lifetime event and that may not work for the people that live in the city given the pedestrians that live in the city today. the maps spell it out. starting thursday, september 24th, security fencing go up on the red outlines here from city hall to the art museum along the parkway ain large area around independence mall, those areas are open to pedestrians only and they have to go through metal detecters to get inside and the black line is a security zone and no vehicles are allowed inside of that boundary, all vehicles will have to be removed from the streets by friday nights. >> parking garages and folks that park their cars in the
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garage, or garage to their house, multilevel garages, flat level garages but not on the street. >> however if your car is in a parking garage or lot, you will not be able to take it out if it's within that boundary. vehicles can move around freely in the yellow area of the map, the traffic box announced last week but the city is urging you not to use your vehicle at all, tough restrictions but mayor nutter says it's for public safety and enjoyment of this historic event, he doesn't expect it to keep people away. the level of enthusiasm and engagement across the city, across the country and around the world is significant. >> if you live or have a business in center city, the mayor is urging you to make preparations now. in addition to the new traffic
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and pedestrian areas, school is closed wednesday 23rd through friday and most of the city government is shut down from thursday to the following tuesday. >> thank you david. "action news" reporter john rawlins live in camden and new jersey transit officials stressed that those heading to philadelphia to see the pope must have a plan right? >> a plan at a number of levels, first of all if they thought they would jump in their car and go across the bridge, that is not going to happen, that area is reserved for charter buses only and if an individual comes in here they have to find another way in, they have to find someone to drop them off or the transit option and then the walk itself. >> this group set off on a 4.5 mile walk from camden across the bridge to the art museum and it
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took hours. >> i am relatively fit but i felt it and we are not done, this was part of the message that new jersey officials want people to ask themselves are they fit enough to make the walk. >> can i physically walk several miles, and return safely. >> those opting to set off via camden will find the bridge closed and no nearby parking, there is not enough parking spots in camden in this region to accommodate the people that want to go to the event. that is a fact. >> how many parking spaces are available for private cars? >> zero. with the exception of patco that runs to philadelphia, the plan is for charters, the river line to drop off city buss to drop oftens of thousands of people here to make the walk, wear comfortable schools and bring a flashlight and -- >> just in case our seniors bring an extra day of medicine
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in case for whatever reason you don't make it back that night. >> quite a few road closings announced by officials, some advice was given in advance of those not going to see the pope but who live within 25 miles of philadelphia on the jersey side, they ought to plan ahead as well because the road closures could pose a problem for them. >> thank you john. >> you can take a closer look at the security perimeters that mayor michael nutter announced on our website, you can read how new jersey is preparing for the papal visit including how the transit will be effected for that weekend. "action news" is headed to argentina right now to gather stories from pope francis' home town, jim gardner will be there to talk to the people and see the places that helped to form the pope's views and his faith. we invite you to see these
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reports from argentina all week here on 6 abc. a montgomery county judge is responding to a plea by attorney general, kathleen kane, she called on judge carpenter to release emails, and kane says that conspiracy led to criminal charges against her. >> and he says those were not part of the evidence in the grand jury investigation, despite the plea, kane has made no official request for court action. if you think this has been a violent year, there have been over 700 shootings, 160 of them fatal. the increased crime that has citizens and police on alert both. >> the explosion of gun fire this summer is stunning, these pictures are from recent nights in point breeze and grays ferry
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neighborhoods, dozens and dozens of shots fired, people terror if ied by the gun fire, folks cry out for relief. >> you can hear them but the innocent people that get caught in the crossfire, it makes you scared to come out of your house, i have a wife and two kids. >> we have an uptick in gang activity especially in south philadelphia, with shootings and so forth and we are looking into the people responsible for that. >> city wide the murder and violence rate is running significantly ahead of last year, 693 people shot this year and 161 murdered. in 2014 at this point, 621 wounded by gun fire and 141 shot dead. >> i am absolutely concerned about this, the trend over the past few years is in a downward direction and we have a decent am of this year to make up
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ground. >> this is happening all off the country and police agencies as well as social service agencies are trying to work together to get an explanation as to why it's happening. >> i hatedy bear memorials and explaining to parents why they lost their child and innocent victims that are just in the way. >> the question is, this year 2015 simply an aberration or are we embarking on a whole if you era of carnage on the streets. two philadelphia police officers made the cover of time magazine this week, the story is what it's like to be a cop in america one year after the shooting in ferguson. 19th district police philadelphia officer sean devlin in the passenger seat and his
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partier, michelle mottos. face more scrutiny but still enjoy their work, there are 6 8,000 police in the u.s. they are requiring more to protect students against sexual assault. they held a meeting to explain the campus save act. the law was one of casey's bills that sets up standards for colleges nationwide. starting this fall, all schools must report sexual assaults the same way and be required to give students clear guidelines about sexual assault policies. some little volunteers helped to spruce up a playground in the port rich section of philadelphia. the children got serious play time and the city of philadelphia got a $50,000 grant
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from disney for the renovations. coming up tonight shoppers packed the newest outlet mall to open in south jersey, we'll show you what all the excitement is about, and an update from training camp, the notable not on the field today. >> gorgeous weather and temperatures in the low to mid r, low humidity and heat and humidity will come back this weekend. i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. perfect weather in strathmere, adam joseph you are working hard today? >> really hard and i just filled my stomach with lobster tails, we are in strathmere on the bay side and beautiful weather and low humidity and great food i have to say. coming up i'll have the forecast for friday, saturday and sunday. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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outlet shopping is availableable in seasonal tonight, the premium outlets opened in gloucester today and brand name stores are attracting shoppers from all over. >> i'm already buying so -- >> it didn't take long, gloucester premium outlets are open for business and shoppers were there when the doors opened. they normally log miles to do their outlet shopping but not anymore. >> we go to the atlantic city ones a lot so i'll be here even more, this is close.
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>> i'll end up spending more money i don't know if this is good or not. >> this simon mall offered 267,000 square feet of shopping and stores with 25% to 65% a day. >> we invoked the heritage of the city. >> mayor davis says this is the largest economic development project in the city's history. the location off 42 make its easy to access. >> very conconvenient for people to get to, whether they are traveling down the shore or coming over from philadelphia. shoppers were out scoping the deals and checking out the grounds and being here for the first day activities and hilda got off the plane in time. >> my brother-in-law picked me up and i met my five sisters here for a day of shopping. >> there will be extended hours
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over the next few days. 10:00 to 10:00 and then sunday 10:00 until 8:00. a dream come true for a boy from delaware, armando was told he and his family would go to disney world. the grant foundation gives wished to children with medical issues, the family vacation will now give them a much needed break from all the medical concerns. enjoy.
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jeff is here for ducis and faces are missing for eagles practice. >> what is going on hopefully we see them in action on sunday. chip kelly rode his bicycle to camp this morning and hopefully we can use the expression like
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riding a bike when demarco murray is finally in a game. guess who missed practice again today. jaime, he is in, he is out. what is going on today? >> the wheels keep on turning, that there is something wrong with murray, but everything we are told is this is par for the course an overworked running back that is not being worked when he doesn't have to be. look at murray today he didn't bother to put on pads or pants, was out there for a brief amount of time and maintained yesterday he is not injured. you are ready to see big name new editions play on -- and he will flip-flop his corners, something he did not do in seattle when he strictly played on the right side.
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>> obviously i'm not used to it, i was on the right side, like i said it's an opportunity though so i'm looking forward to it, i really am, once you start followi following guys. >> maxwell told me he is impressed with sam bradford and never saw a more accurate passer and that is saying a lot. >> two aties and nobody has left yet and getting prepared for the colts. >> all right jaime thank you. we'll see you later. while the eagles kick off the preseason sun here at 6 abc, we'll kick off "action news" sports sunday at 11:30, eagles line backer, brandon graham joins ducis rogers for highlights and reaction startsing every sunday night
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starting at 11:35. for years and years it was tiger woods on top of the leader board and now there is another familiar name leading the way. major after major. dustin johnson, opening round at whistling straights in wisconsin, rory mcllroy back on the golf course, after an ankle injury 5 for par, 1 under and he iscil on the course, tiger woods his famous fist pump nowhere to be found. misses yet another putt, shoots 3 over and is tied for 98. johnson also had a first round lead at the u.s. open and the british open and still looking for his first major win. while the eagles are in the trenches of their camp, we are just a month away from flyers training camp. coach hextall on hand teaching
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the game to kids in camp. he is looking forward to the season as they try to score a trip to the playoffs in his first season. >> it's right around the corner, a month away from training camp and you start to look to the immediate future and it's an exciting time of year and work to be done. >> flyers open training camp on the 14th day of september the same day of the eagles opener in atlantic a. meantime the philadelphia union and all state teamed up to rehab a school in chester, they cleaned out classrooms and built bulletin boards, and it's new partnership will mean they work together in the new school year to combat bull yessing in chester schools. patients recently rated their care experience at
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over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. only seven percent received five stars. including four of ours. learn more at
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summer celebration sale's so hot you're gonna need shades. not those shades. these shades!
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take a cool 20-35% off all sun shades, cascade shades, basswood and more. shades on sale. there's nothing cooler than that. blinds to go. blinds for life. cecily is here with accuweather, a gorgeous summer day but the heat is about to be on. >> it felt like fall, but the summer time heat and humidity is building back over the weekend, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have rain free conditions and last night i stayed up until 2:00 in the morning watching the meteors, if you missed it this is time lapse video, he captured it from quakertown and i posted it to my facebook page. millville 82 and wilmington and trend 81 and sea isle city 82
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degrees, part of why it feels so good, dew points are unusually low for this time of year, philadelphia is 49 degrees, that is an extremely dry air mass, that is tough for clouds to form and satellite 6 along with action radar showing there are a few clouds to the south and west and they are evaporating as we head through the evening hours, tonight another clear and comfortable night and a good night to open up the windows and give your air conditioning a break, millville 57, cape may 65 and wilmington 60 and allentown 54 degrees, enjoy tonight's weather because things change over the weekend and the jet stream will build up to the north, north of the great lakes, this creates a classic heat pump with winds from the southwest and temperatures in the 90s and humidity is building as well, heat wave number four begins this weekend, meantime, this is a cake assignment, adam joseph
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someone gave him keys to a jet ski, are you having a hard time down there, this is a really hard job cecily, as you may or may not know, having fun on the jet skis in strathmere, the upper township beach patrol here an ocean kayak festival going on here first quarter you head to the shore take a look it's beautiful for the next three days and sunny and pleasant and low humidity and sun and clouds, and 83 degrees, we bump it up here and it's bright and humid and warm and the ocean is 75, cecily what a view on the bay here from the daeuville inn we have quite the fan base here. >> look at that jet ski there. >> the mom in me wants to know did you put sunscreen on today?
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>> yes. >> i think is he lying. put it on that is the mother in me coming out. what a beautiful day for that. >> the overnight low is down into the low 50s and tomorrow loads of snipe and feeling a bit like fall, 79 degrees and could have an isolated thunderstorm late in the day and at night and warm and humid with a high of 86, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we warm up to 88 tomorrow and humidity is still low and then hot and humid on saturday and 91 and sunday and monday, 93 degrees, the beginning of heat wave number four if you are headed to the union game, dress for the weather, on tuesday it gets more humid and 92 degrees and more storms on wednesday and then our heat wave should break with a high of 88, tomorrow 88 and low
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humidity, enjoy it, it gets steamy over the weekend. philadelphia students took to the stage for the annual fire prevention contest, seven winners performed their skits, the performance was auto fun way to teach school age children about fire safety. world news is next on channel 6, and then joining fous "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6, for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, and jeff skversky, have a nice night.
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tonight, breaking news in a case that shocked the country. the mother and daughter's tortured and killed in their own home, the house set on fire. tonight the killer's lives have now been spared. reaction coming in moments ago. the massive explosions and tonight the deadly aftermath. hundreds of injuries miles away, and now the mysterious cause. bob woodruff takes us to the scene in china. two horrific accidents here at home tonight, the school bus straight into a building and the rigs colliding during a commute, the driver right there on fire, the samaritans who run to rescue him. the big move by donald trump tonight, republicans trying to catch up. also tonight, a blast from the past, could al gore be considering a run. the lightning struck


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